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The first two weeks of Thursday Night Football had good games. In Week 1 the Super Bowl rematch saw the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 21-20. In Week 2 the New York Jets beat the Buffalo Bills 37-31. In the next two match ups we got a 27-0 blow out as the New England Patriots with a 3rd string quarterback starting beat the Houston Texans and this past Thursday the Cincinnati Bengals easily handled the Miami Dolphins 22-7.

Even in these bad games the ratings are still good. This week the game started off with an 8.24 rating and reached a 11.44 rating; easily winning the night. Now I’m not going to try to pretend I understand what these numbers mean, but they draw two to three times the amount of any pother show that’s on against them. It seems as though people will just watch football. Even bad football. I’ve been disappointed with the NFL for the past couple of seasons and these Thursday night games don’t make me feel any better about the league, but I do still tune in; even if it’s just for a short period of time.

Now some of the reason we get bad games is the match up itself. Miami seemed to be an improved team under new coach Adam Gase, but Cincinnati is a playoff team and it showed. The biggest surprise was the way New England handled Houston. Now looking at the next three weeks the match ups don’t seem much better. Next week we get the Arizona Cardinals at the San Francisco 49ers. In two weeks the Broncos play again on Thursday night this time they’re in San Diego to take on the Chargers. Then in three weeks we’ll get to see the Chicago Bears in Lambeau Field to play the Green Bay Packers. If you’re not a fan of one of these six teams; do you like these match ups? Do you see the 49ers or Chargers pulling off an upset at home? Then if the Bears don’t make a marked improvement you have to wonder how many points the Packers will beat them by. Are we going to have to wait until October 27th when the Jacksonville Jaquars are at the Tennessee Titans to get a good Thursday night game. Just looking at the Thursday night schedule that looks to be the next even match up out there. Even as bad as these match ups might look; we’ll still be watching.

Ask pretty much any baseball fan who the best player is and the majority of them will say Mike Trout. I’m in that group as well thinking Trout is the best, but is there anyone out there who could knock him off the top of the baseball mountain. Don’t forget that Trout is just 24 years old and could be the top guy for a long time. After the season he had in 2015 it looked as though Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper would challenge Trout for that top spot, but injuries have knocked Harper out of contention. Harper is just 23 years old, but seems to have one minor injury after another that holds him down. When Carlos Correa was brought up by the Houston Astros last season he was looked at as a guy who one day might be the best player in baseball. Correa is just 21 and has some time to develop into that, but maybe we’re on the right team. Jose Altuve has put together three very goo seasons in a row and maybe it’s time to start looking at him as a challenger to the top. Altuve hit .341 in 2014 and led the league with 225 hits, but he only hit 7 home runs. You can add a league leading 56 steals to that stat line. In 2015 the average came down to .313, but he still led the league with 200 hits and added some more power with 15 home runs. The stolen bases where still there as he led the league with 38 steals. Now this season Altuve’s average is up; he’s hitting .337. The home runs are up as well; he has 24 home runs and is 4 RBI’s away from his first 100 RBI season. He’s still leading the league with 213 hits and while the stolen bases are down a little he still has 28 steals. There is one stat with a big discrepancy in these three players, but no one cares about that anymore. Trout has 136 strikeouts to go with 114 walks. Harper has 113 strikeouts and 106 walks. Altuve has 69 strikeouts and 59 walks this season. Altuve is listed as being 5″6 and you have to wonder if people look past him because of his height. All three of these players are Gold Glove caliber defenders; so you can’t separate them that way. Now I don’t expect anyone to switch over from Trout to Altuve, but isn’t it time that Alutve starts getting some notice for the numbers he’s put up and the way he plays the game.

With the NBA season starting at the end of the month you have to start wondering if the Philadelphia 76ers are jinxed. They had the #1 pick in the draft and they selected Ben Simmons; who was the consensus top pick. Simmons didn’t shoot great in summer league, but that wasn’t a real concern. He added some weight so he could handle the grind of the NBA season, Now it’s being reported that Simmons broke a bone in his right foot and there’s no timetable for his return. To add to the bad luck Simmons was hurt in the final scrimmage of training camp. X-rays and an MRI revealed a fractured fifth metatarsal. You may have heard of this injury before as it’s commonly called a Jones fracture. The estimated recovery time with surgery is 8 weeks. Add Simmons injury to the list. In the 2014 draft the 76ers selected Joel Embiid with the 3rd pick. Embiid has yet to play a game in the NBA due to multiple surgeries on his right foot. In 2013 the 76ers took Nerlens Noel with the 6th pick in the draft. Noel ended up missing his rookie season with a torn ACL. Even last years #1 pick and #3 overall Jahlil Okafor played in just 53 games last season. Okafor after tearing the Meniscus ligament in his right knee. Okafor has actually had to take some practices off due to soreness in that knee. You add Simmons injury to this list and you have to wonder how much more bad luck the 76ers could have.

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Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline ended Monday afternoon and there where a lot of players that ended up changing teams. Now I’m not going to try and breakdown every trade that happen, but I want t talk about the way the trade deadline was rated. As you know by now they either rate a team as a trade deadline winner or losers. The one team that everyone seemed to continue to jump on and make sure everyone knew they lost at the trade deadline was the Chicago White Sox. Now the White Sox did trade set up man Zach Duke to the St. Louis Cardinals for minor league outfielder Charlie Tilson. This deal was not enough for the experts or anyone breaking down the trade deadline moves and the White Sox got the brunt of it.

The reason the White Sox where being considered the biggest loser at the trade deadline is the fact that they didn’t trade starting pitcher Chris Sale. This of course is just a huge joke. Sale is one of the top pitchers in baseball and to trade him you’d have to get quite a bit in return. There’s no way the White Sox should’ve traded Sale anywhere unless they could’ve gotten 5 prospects Double-A or higher who are major league ready. Now you’re really limiting which teams you can deal with by handling it that way, but you have to get value if you’re going to move a talent like Sale. So the White Sox couldn’t get a deal done for Sale and I don’t know why it’s such a bad thing for them to hold on to him.

The White Sox are 51-55 and find themselves 10 games behind the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central. They are 7 1/2 games out of a wild card spot, but they have 5 teams they’d need to jump to get one of those spots. It’s starting to look like the White Sox will not be a playoff team; so it’s a viable option to deal Sale, but if and only if your asking price is met. Sake is just 27 years old. He is 14-4 with an ERA of 3.17 in 20 starts. He has 3 complete games this season with 1 of them being a shutout. He has placed in the Top 6 of the Cy Young voting the last 5 seasons and he’s sure to end up there again. He led the American League in strikeouts last season and is currently 2nd this season with 133 strikeouts. So Sale is the best player on the White Sox and would easily bring the most in return if traded, but since the White Sox didn’t trade him they’re losers.

How about a team that is 10 games under .500 at 48-58. They’re 13 1/2 games out in their division and 10 games out of a wild card spot. Now this team didn’t trade it’s best player and they could’ve gotten a lot in return for him maybe even more than the White Sox would’ve gotten for Sale, but I didn’t hear this team lambasted like the White Sox where and put into the loser bracket. Why did no one jump up and down on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for not trading Mike Trout? Aren’t the Angels farther away from competing than the White Sox are and couldn’t a rebuild really get started by dealing Trout for a boat load of prospects. Let’s keep looking for another team.

How about the 43-64 Arizona Diamondbacks. They are probably the most disappointing team in baseball this season. Now they paid big, big money for Zack Greinke in the off season and they also have Paul Goldschmidt on their team. Even though the Diamondbacks are going nowhere this season Greinke and Goldschmidt are still both with the Diamondbacks. It was just laughable that the White Sox where expected to move Sale, but these other under performing teams aren’t expected to move their best players to fix there teams. Are these guys just upset because Sale had that clubhouse freak out and cut up those throw back uniforms and that’s why he has to be moved. Either that or they where secretly rooting for Sale to be dealt to a team they want to see win and he could be the piece that puts them over the top. Anyway the guys breaking down the trade deadline where way, way out of line putting the White Sox where they did and expecting them to just more or less give away a top pitcher in baseball. Stupidity just plain and simple stupidity.

On Sunday the NASCAR race was postponed do to weather and moved to Monday. There where just 21 laps left when the Monday race had to be red flagged because of fog with rookie Chris Buescher in the lead. Buescher had to wait 80 minutes as the NASCAR officials decided what to do. With threats of severe weather and no lifting of the fog, NASCAR decided to end the race and Buescher had his very 1st Sprint Cup victory. Buescher along with 3rd place finisher Regan Smith hadn’t made their final pit stops when the caution flag came out for that fog at lap 132.  The drivers stayed on the track under caution for 7 laps as NASCAR decided to throw the red flag at lap 139. While there was some rain in the area the majority of the drivers pitted either because they needed fuel or because they thought the race would go longer. No one could predict the fog rolling in and ending the race. Buescher became the first rookie to win a Sprint Cup race since Joey Logano did it in 2009. What can be considered an odd win for Buescher had to use an odd Victory Lane. They moved Victory Lane into the garage since NASCAR couldn’t use the real Victory Lane because of the threat of lightning. While Buescher did get the win he hasn’t yet qualified for The Chase for the Sprint Cup. Buescher sits six points behind 30th-place David Ragan in the Sprint Cup standings. A driver has to be in the top 30 to qualify for the Chase via a race victory. Buescher has 5 races to make up those 6 points and get himself into the Top 30 in points and qualify for The Chase. NASCAR Schedule

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The American League beat the National League 6-3 in the All-Star game last night. The win for the American League means that the team that represents them in the World Series will have home field advantage. Home field advantage in the World Series is one of the things that makes baseball’s All-Star game different than any other sport. Baseball has the one All-Star game that is similar to what actually happens during a regular season game. That’s the one reason I’ll watch the Baseball All-Star game over the other three sports NFL, NHL, NBA various All-Star games. They will actually play defense in baseball’s All-Star game and if you’ve seen the other sports All-Star games you know that defense is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Now there are always complaints about the fan voting or who should’ve been selected for the team, but when the game is on the field it’s an actual baseball game not a facade of itself.

Now you know that the network executives at Fox where doing cartwheels when Mike Trout led the game off for the American league by hitting a home run. While Trout is the best player in baseball right now by hitting that home run he allowed the broadcasters to bring his name up all night without having to find a reason to. You also had to know that as soon as Trout hit that lead off home run there was nothing any other player could do to win the MVP.  The home run was Trout’s only hit in 4 at bats during the game. He did walk and score another run later in the game. While the MVP pretty much has to come off the winning team.  You’d think Trout was a good of a choice as any, but I really thought that Prince Fielder deserved the award more. Lorenzo Cain was the only player in the game to get more than 1 hit and he also stole a base, but I don’t think he got much consideration for MVP. The most impressive player might’ve been Wade Davis the Kansas City Royals relief pitcher. Davis pitched the 7th inning for the American League and struck out 2, but once he gave up a hit you knew they wouldn’t consider him for MVP.  While I’m not sure that Trout should’ve won MVP no one else stood out enough for anyone to jump up and down about it and scream. Trout becaomes the first player to win the MVP award in back to back All-Star games.

How did your favorite player do last night? Locally for us Anthony Rizzo was 0-2 and Kris Bryant was 0-1 with a walk. Besides Trout’s lead off home run there where 5 other extra base hits. Cain and Manny Machado doubled for the American League and Brian Dozier homered in the 8th inning. On the National League side Ryan Braun tripled in the bottom of the 9th and Andrew McCutchen homered in the 6th inning. On the mound Jacob deGrom is getting rave reviews for his inning of work. deGrom pitched the 6th inning and struck out all 3 batters he faced. Aroldis Chapman of the host team Cincinnati reds also struck out all 3 batters he faced pitching the top of the 9th inning for the National League. National League pitchers totaled 15 strikeouts in the game while the American League pitchers stuck out 9. There were only 13 hits in the game and Clayton Kershaw was the pitcher who gave up the most with 3. Kershaw also gave up 2 runs and took the lost for the National League. David Price worked the right inning for the American League and picked up the win.

As it gets closer and closer to the NFL season there are 4 top players who haven’t signed their franchise tender. Those 4 players are Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos, Justin Houston of the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants. Most of the talk has been about Bryant and if he’ll skip mini camp or sit out regular season games if he doesn’t get a long term deal. Now these 4 players have until today to sign a contract or else they have to play for whatever the franchise dollar amount is for their position. It’s been reported that Thomas and the Denver Broncos have had some contract talks, but Thomas wants more money than the highest paid receiver in the NFL Calvin Johnson. You have to think that Thomas and his agent realize they have to cash in before Peyton manning retires and someone else is quarterbacking the Broncos. The Kansas City Chiefs and Houston were expected to meet on Tuesday, but they’ll have to move quickly if they want to get a deal done. It’s been reported that there hasn’t been any negotiation between the sides lately. There seems to be some optimism about Houston getting a long-term deal as Kansas City has made it clear they’d like Houston to be a Chief for a long time. Now Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants are in a unique situation and  after Pierre-Paul suffered injuries from fireworks that included having his right index finger amputated. Don’t forget the fiasco that occurred when the Giants personnel went to visit Pierre-Paul and weren’t allowed to see him. The franchise tag for Pierre-Paul would be $14.8 million, but there have been some reports that the two sides are discussing a lower dollar amount. Will any of these 4 players get the long term deal they want before the deadline. If they don;t get that long term deal will they skip mini camp or would they actually sit out one or more regular season games to get that deal. How much would it affect these 4 players teams if they did decide to sit out during the regular season?

Now we don’t talk much golf if any on the podcast, but the British Open starts tomorrow at The Old Course at St. Andrews. Jordan Spieth has won the first 2 majors of the season and is the odds on favorite to win the British Open. Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler and Justin Rose players with good odds to win this week. I’m not going to pretend that I know anything at all about golf except for the fact that I play the game poorly, but I’d like to see Spieth win and continue to chase the grand slam.

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Who’s the ____ in CF

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Again our outfield is position specific; so I’m trying to focus on guys who’ll start the season in Centerfield.

The Best; Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Trout is the best player in baseball and won his 1st A.L. MVP last season. Even though I’m not a big spring training numbers guy Trout appears to have picked up where he left off last season. Trout is hitting .468 with 4 home runs this spring. If you’re in a league that deducts for strikeouts Trout could hurt you there; he struck out 184 times last season. If his strikeout total comes down he’s far and away the best player in fantasy and the #1 pick in almost every league; depending on format. There are quite a few good centerfielders, but Trout is far and away the best of them.

Underrated; Ben Revere, Philadelphia Phillies. Of course you’re not going to get a lot of power out of Revere, but if you’re going to draft him you know that. What he will give you is a good batting average; 306 last season and .291 for his career. He’ll also give you speed; a career high 49 steals last season. If you’re in a category league he can add to your triples category; he had 7 last season and don’t forget he had 184 hits last season even though a lot of them are singles. Being in the lead off spot means Revere will get at least 4 at bats a game and that could mean extra at bats for the season; so it’s more chances to put up stats for your team.

Bounce Back; Michael Bourn, Cleveland Indians. There are some questions that Bourn needs to answer going into the 2015 season. Can he stay healthy? Bourn played in 106 games last season. Have these injuries taken away his speed? Bourn had just 10 stolen bases last season. Can he get his batting average back into the .270’s? Bourn hit .257 last season and .263 in 2013. If there’s an issue with Bourn’s speed I might’ve been better off putting him in the stay away category. I think if Bourn is healthy he’ll get his numbers back closer to his career averages. If Bourn could get back to .270 and steal 40 bases a fantasy owner should take that.

Stay Away from; Melvin Upton Jr, Atlanta Braves. This should be an easy player for most if not all fantasy owners to do unless you think he’s going to finally produce. Upton hit 12 homers last season; up from 9 in 2013. His batting average went up to .208 last season; it was .184 on 2013. He drove in 35 runs last season; up from 26 in 2013. The only possible plus you could get out of having Upton on your team is he’ll steal double digit bases for you. If you need one more reason not to draft Upton; he struck out 173 times last season.

So this may be the slowest sports week of the year. Major League Baseball is on their All-Star break. Most of the big name free agents in the National Basketball Association have signed with teams. National Football League training camps don’t open until next week for most teams. The National Hockey League gets pushed to the side unless they’re actually playing games. Even the World Cup has ended; oh what to do.

If you’ve been following NBA free agents and where they ended up signing, did you notice that the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t sign any players? Could that be because Donald Sterling still owns the team? This is going to be the case right into the regular season unless something big happens. Even though Sterling was offered a unbelievable $2 billion dollars for the Clippers I don’t think he wants to sell the team and will do everything he can legally to hang on to them. While I don’t side with Sterling or the comments that he made he is allowed due process like any other American is and we have to deal with this. I don’t know why he didn’t take that offer and run; since it was way over what the team is worth, but he didn’t. It looks like his family would like him to take that offer, but that might end up being decided in court as well. As it looks, this will drag out into the NBA regular season and how will this affect the Clippers? Would you go to a Clippers game if Sterling still owns the team? Why would Sterling hang on to this team if attendance drops and the Clippers start to lose money. Who knows when this will wrap up as it looks like Sterling is going to go through every and any legal channel he can find to some how try to hang onto the Clippers. It’s a tough spot for the NBA and new commissioner Adam Silver to be in to start the season.

Did you watch the MLB All-Star game last night? I think the MLB All-Star game is far and away the closest to an actually game than any of the other sports. The American League defeated the National League 5-3. Max Scherzer was awarded the win while Pat Neshek took the loss. Glen Perkins of the hosting team the Minnesota Twins got the save for the American League. Mike Trout won the Most Valuable Player award. Trout was 2 for 3 with a triple and 2 RBI’s in the game. While Trout was a good of choice as any, weren’t you secretly rooting for Derek Jeter to win the MVP in his last All-Star game? I can honestly say that I was and Jeter did enough to win the award, but Trout did a little more. Jeter went 2 for 2; leading off the bottom of the 1st with a double and scored the 1st run for the American League. Maybe it would’ve been overkill had they given Jeter the MVP award, but hey Mariano Rivera won it last season pitching just one inning. Jeter got his moment to say goodbye after 6 innings as Alexei Ramirez came out to replace Jeter after the American League had taken the field. It was a nice moment for the 14 time All-Star as Jeter waved to the fans and tipped his cap. Jeter waved multiple times at the National League dugout and I think he hugged everyone in the American League dugout.

The British Open starts tomorrow (Thursday) or as it’s just being called now The Open. ESPN has the coverage and you know they have to be jumping up and down that Tiger Woods has decided to play. While I think it would be a bit of a surprise if Woods ended up winning this tournament, but it would be a great scenario if it happened. Woods isn’t that far removed from being injured and you have to wonder if he’s 100% healthy. I’m sure Woods is most people’s pick to win this weekend, but there are some other golfers to watch. Lee Westwood should’ve won The Open last year at Muirfield and he may bounce back and win this year. How about Bubba Watson? He can play big in big tournaments or he could go out and double bogey the front nine, but he’s fun to watch. Graeme McDowell may surprise some people this week. He’s from Northern Ireland and should be familiar with the course; so don’t be surprised to see his name high on the leaderboard though the weekend. So there are a couple of other names other than Tiger Woods to look out for over the weekend for you.

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We didn’t talk a lot of Olympics on the show but yesterday (Friday) I made Mr. Fantasy play NHL owner while discussing the Olympics. If you’re the New York Islanders owner or a fan of the team; how are you feeling about NHL player going to play in the Olympics now? The Islanders are 23 -30 – 8 and in last place in the Metropolitan division of the Eastern conference. If you’re an Islanders fan you realize that they’re not going to make the playoffs this season, but you had a reason to go to the games and see one of the top players in the NHL John Taveras. While playing in Sochi for Team Canada in the Olympics Taveras tore the MCL and meniscus in his left knee and will miss the rest of the Islanders season. The 23-year-old Taveras was leading the Islanders with 66 points this season; he has 24 goals and 42 assists. Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit Red Wings), Mats Zuccarello (New York Rangers), Paul Martin (Pittsburgh Penguins) and Aleksander Barkov (Florida Panthers) where all also injured playing for their countries in the Olympics. Zetterberg has back issues and most report are saying he’ll miss the rest of the season like Taveras. Zuccarello has a hand issue and is scheduled to miss 3 – 4 weeks. Martin had surgery on his broken right hand and will be out 4 – 6 weeks. These are just some of the injuries that players suffered while playing in the Olympics. Will have to see how this affects the rest of the NHL regular season and if it will cause any of these teams trouble in the playoffs.

The New Orleans Saints put the franchise tag on Jimmy Graham yesterday as a tight end. I’m sure no one was surprised at all that the Saints used their franchise tag on Graham. The question all along would be if he would be tagged as a tight end or a wide receiver. Again it wasn’t a surprise that the Saints tagged Graham as a tight end. He’s been listed as a tight end ever since he’s been on the Saints roster. Of course this is a money issue as the value of the one-year franchise tender for wide receivers is $11.6 million, about $5 million more than the tag value for tight ends. Graham’s agent has already said that they’ll file a grievance on this position issue. Graham is a great player at tight end while being covered by linebackers, but when matched up against defensive backs he doesn’t fair as well. Graham doesn’t line up like a traditional tight end would, but the Saints are careful in getting the match ups they need to make him successful. This will be one of the bigger off-season NFL stories to follow.

Spring training has started for baseball and it’s time to look forward to the start of the regular season. You can never put a lot of stock into your teams won, loss record during the spring. You just have to hope that the players get there work in and that no one suffers any kind of injury. I’d have to think the biggest story starting off spring training was the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim giving Mike Trout a one (1) year deal for $1 million dollars with the hope of signing Trout to a long-term contract. This has brought out some big, big numbers on what a Mike Trout contract might be. I’ve heard numbers between $40 and $50 million dollars a season. WOW! It’s always difficult for me to discuss money when it comes to contracts. I fit in the category of these guys make way, way too much money as it is, but you can never fault someone for getting paid the most they can get. Trout is the best player in the game right now and I’ve said on the show a few times already that I believe that he’ll win the M.V.P. award for the upcoming season. They’ve been trying to give Trout the M.V.P. award for two (2) seasons now and I think this is the year that he’ll win it. I have no idea what Trout will end up getting contract wise or dollar wise, but it will far and away big the biggest deal in major league baseball history. What do you think Trout’s contract will end up being?

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If you’ve listened to Sports Time Radio you know that we’re not a huge fan of the way the major league baseball All Star teams are selected. So I tried to have us put together our own All Star team. Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy, Schaumburg Stu and I all made list of our All Stars. Here’s how we went about it. Each person ranked the top 3 players at 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, Shortstop and Catcher. We ranked 9 outfielders, 6 starting pitchers and 4 relievers. A player got 10 points for a 1st place vote. 8 points for a 2nd place vote. 6 points for a 3rd place vote and then 5 points, 4 points, 3 points, 2 points, 1 point and a half of a point for positions 4th through 9th. Here how are voting came out. The player’s point total is in parenthesis. Others getting votes will be listed.

National League

Catcher: Yader Molina (38)

Buster Posey (34) Wilin Rosario (12) Evan Gattis (12)

1st Baseman: Joey Votto (34) Paul Goldschimdt (34) Tie!

Adrian Gonzalez (16) Freddie Freeman (12)

2nd Baseman: Brandon Phillips (34) Matt Carpenter (34) Tie!

Marco Scutaro (16) Daniel Murphy (6) Jedd Gyroko (6)

Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki (36)

Jean Segura (34) Everth Cabrera (26)

3rd Baseman: David Wright (36)

Pablo Sandoval (26) Michael Young (16) Ryan Zimmerman (12) Pedro Alvarez (6)

Outfield: Carlos Gonzalez (28), Carlos Beltran (18) Andrew McCutchen (15)

Dominic Brown (14) Carlos Gomez (14) Dexter Fowler (13) Hunter Pence (11) Michael Cuddyer (11) Bryce Harper (8) Justin Upton (7) Shin Shoo Choo (6) Ryan Braun (5) Gerardo Parra (5) Jay Bruce (4) Norichika Aoki (2) Starling Marte (1) Matt Holiday (1/2) Alfonso Soriano (1/2)

Starting Pitcher: Patrick Corbin (30)

Adam Wainwright (27) Jordan Zimmerman (23) Matt Harvey (22) Clayton Kershaw (13) Shelby Miller (11) Mike Minor (6) Cliff Lee (5) Jeff Locke (4) Travis Wood (3)

Relievers: Jason Grilli (40)

Edwin Mujica (22) Craig Kimbel (14) Rafael Sorinao (10) Aroldis Chapman (8) Sergio Romo (6) Mark Melancon (6)

American League

Catcher: Joe Mauer (40)

Carlos Santana (28) Jarrod Saltalamacchia (8) Matt Wieters (6) Salvador Perez (6)

1st Baseman: Chris Davis (40)

Prince Fielder (28) James Loney (14) Edwin Encarnacion (8) Adam Lind (6)

2nd Baseman: Dustin Pedroia (32)

Robinson Cano (28) Jose Altuve (16) Howie Kendrick (12) Jason Kipnis (8)

Shortstop: Jhonny Peralta (38)

J.J Hardy (32) Alexei Ramirez (8) Elvis Andrus (6) Jed Lowrie (6) Ben Zobrist (6)

3rd Baseman: Miguel Cabrera (40)

Adrian Beltre (16) Manny Machado (14) Josh Donaldson (14) Evan Longoria (12)

Outfielders: Mike Trout (33) Adam Jones (30) Tori Hunter (18)

Alex Rios (15) Coco Crisp (12) Jose Bautista (12) Nate McLouth (9 1/2) Alex Gordon (7) Brett Gardner (6 1/2) Jacoby Ellsbruy (6) Curtis Granderson (4) Nick Markakis (2) Melky Cabrera (1) Nelson Cruz (1) Mark Trumbo (1)

Starting Pitcher: Clay Buchholz (30)

Max Scherzer (27) Yu Darvish (23) Hisashi Iwakuma (16) Bartolo Colon (14) Justin Masterson (10) Justin Verlander (8) Felix Hernandez (7) Matt Moore (6) Chris Sale (3)

Relievers: Mariano Rivera (40)

Joe Nathan (24) Addison Reed (11) Aaron Crow (8) Tony Sipp (6) Jim Johnson (6) Andrew Bailey (6) Jessie Crain (5) Glen Perkins (5)


I’ve been waiting to do this one for a while now, but here we go.

The American League Most Valuable Player is Miguel Cabrera. There should be no real doubt about this, Not only is he a triple crown winner the real bottom line to this is the Detroit Tigers don’t win the American League Central without Cabrera. I hope the people who vote on this don’t screw it up, but I have a feeling they will. Don’t hit me up with all the other stats to try to make the guy you wan to win sound better. The Tigers win because of Cabrera.

Second on my ballot is Mike Trout. Trout had a great season and will get a ton of votes and support for this award, but he doesn’t deserve to win it this season. I’ve heard all the stats that they try to work in because ESPN really wants to see Trout win this award. Again here’s the deal; Trout couldn’t get the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim into the playoffs. Trout looks like he has many years to try and win this award; just not this year.

It’s wide open for the rest of my ballot, but at number three I’m going with Fernando Rodney. Rodney was 2-2 with and e.r.a. of 0.60 with 48 saves; yes you read that right 0.60.He gave up 5 earned runs in 76 appearances. Tampa Bay contended all season and Rodney had a lot to do with keeping them in the pennat race; so he ends up on my ballot.

Adrian Beltre ends up fourth on my ballot. I know Josh Hamilton gets a lot of the attention in Texas, but Beltre was the guy who carried them though the summer months. He ended up with a .321 batting average, 36 home runs and 102 R.B.I.s. I’m interested to see how many voters where paying attention and put Beltre on their ballots.

Last, but not least for me on my ballot is Derek Jeter; yes you read that right I said Derek Jeter. He played in 159 games this season and hit .316; he;s te leader of the best team in the American League and they’ll be a tough out in the playoffs. I know there are other guys who I could drop in this spot and I lot of people who just don’t like the Yankees, but Jeter belongs on the M.V.P. ballot this season.

Now over to the National League.

Your National League Most Valuable Player is San Fransisco Giants Buster Posey. After the leg injury last season Posey put up a .336 batting average, 24 home runs and 103 R.B.I.s while catching the majority of the game for the Giants this season. The Giants do a nice job of finding Posey extra at bats as a first baseman. After the Giants went into first place they where able to pull away from the Dodgers and ended up winning the division by 8 games. Posey came up big for San Fransisco while they where building this lead and he’s the right choice here. I didn’t even mention he ended up winning the batting title this season as well.

Second on my ballot and so, so close to winning this award. Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates. I believe that McCutchen is the best player in baseball right now; sorry Mike Trout fans. I think if Pittsburgh could’ve found their way into the playoffs this season McCutchen might have even won this award. McCutchen is one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball and ended up finishing behind Posey in the batting race. I think McCutchen will end up winning this award sooner rather than later.

Put Craig Kimbrel third on my ballot. 3-1 with a 1.01 e.r.a. 42 saves 116 strikeouts and just 14 walks in 62 and 2/3rds of an inning. He’s the anchor in the Braves bullpen and is lights out when it comes to closing games. He’s the biggest reason the Braves ended up with a wild card birth and if they can turn over a playoff lead to Kimbrel they have a great shot at moving on.

Another catcher ends up on my ballot in the fourth spot. Yader Molina lead the St. Louis Cardinals into playoffs and they wouldn’t be here without him. He’s the best defensive catcher in baseball and if he’s not the best handler of a pitching staff in baseball he’s right there. His offense has improve making him even more dangerous. A batting average over .300 (.315) and 22 home runs add a much-needed bat to the St. Louis offense. So you have to find a spot for Molina on your ballot/

I have to admit that I’m not all that happy about this, but I have to include Ryan Braun in the fifth spot on my ballot. He’s put up good numbers after winning the M.V.P. last season and beating a P.E.D. suspension on top of that. He was able to put up these numbers without Prince Fielder batting behind him this season. .319 batting average. 41 home runs and 112 R. B. I.’s this season. He can ever steal a base 30 this season.

There are my ten guys. I’d love to know your’s.

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It’s that time in the baseball season where everyone starts talking about who’s going to win what award. I thought I’d start with the Rookie of the Year for each league.

I think the American League is kind of a lock for Mike Trout. There’s a better than average chance that he’ll be a unanimous selection, but who’s next. I think if I had a ballot I’d put Yoenis Cespedes from Oakland 2nd. I know there are people out their that will ay he’s not a rookie since he played professionally in Cuba before this season. According to Major League Baseball he’s a rookie and 2nd on my ballot. Now if anyone had an issue with my 2nd place rookie then they’ll have the same issue with my 3rd place rookie Yu Darvish. Same deal as Cespedes; he played professionally in Japan before this season, but again he’s a rookie here. To fill out my top five I’d vote for Wei-Yin Chen from Baltimore and Jesus Montero from Seattle at four and five.

Now the National League is a tougher choice for myself. I know that everyone wants to give the award to Bryce Harper, but I’m no sold that he’s the Rookie of the Year. Harper is hitting right around .245, but he has played solid defense and his team is in 1st place. I think my 1st place vote would go to Wade Miley from Arizona. He was their only All-Star this season and they’re in contention for the wild card spot in the N.L. He leads all rookie pitchers in wins right now with 14 and his E.R.A. is 2.80. I even think I would lean to putting Yonder Alonso ahead of Harper on my ballot. I know Alonso only has 6 (six) home runs, but he plays his home games in San Diego. I think to fill out my ballot on the N.L. side I’d vote Todd Frazier from Cincinnati 4th; even though he’s making a late run and could move up by the end of the season. I’d give Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs my 5th place vote. He’s only had about half a season to put up his numbers, but he’s hitting in the .330’s and will end up well int double digits for home runs.

Who are your choices?

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