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Jake Arreita comes into this game trying to preserve his lossless record and the boys “Trying not to Suck” would help him tremendously against left hander Brandon Finnegan.  Dexter Fowler would lead off the game continuing his hot streak with a double. Heyward would would strikeout but Kris Bryant would send a line drive to left knocking in his third home run of the season.  Finnegan would get through the first but would give up a lead off home run to Ben Zobrist. David Ross and Jake Arrieta would single but Ross would score on a force out by Fowler. The second inning would end with the Cubs up 4-0.

In the fourth, David Ross would walk and reach third on an Arrieta single up the middle.  The throw to third would be backed up by Finnegan but his wild throw to first trying to catch Arrieta would score Ross putting the Cubs up 5-0.

David Ross would lead off the top of the sixth with a line drive to right field for his first homer of the season.  Fowler would reach on a walk and move over to second on a single by Kris Bryant.  Anthony Rizzo would step to the plate belting his fifth home run of the season!  Reds pitcher Tim Melville would end up making it through the sixth but not with out giving up four runs, putting the Cubs up 9-0.

Drew Hayes would come into the seventh getting Ross to ground out but he’d end walking Arrieta.  Fowler would single, then Heyward would walk ,setting up Kris Bryant with the bases loaded.  He would do exactly what every Cubs fan wanted… Grand Slam to right field or as the MLB would refer to it this season, “Papa Slam!” Tyler Holt would come into the eighth getting the only 1-2-3 inning for the Reds.  Blake Wood started off the ninth with two groundouts to Jake & Dexter but would give up singles to Heyward & Bryant.  Rizzo would reach first on a pass ball, dropped third strike.  Matt Szczur would come into the ninth and send a line drive to right scoring Jason Heyward.  Zobrist would smack his fourth double of the season, scoring both Bryant and Rizzo!  Russell would end the inning and be the only one to go hitless.

Saving the best for last, Jake Arrieta would walk Jay Bruce in the second, Eugenio Suarez in the fourth, Scott Schebler in the sixth and to lead off the ninth.  On his 119 pitch he would get Suarez to pop up to second base, throwing his second no hitter in 11 months!

According to Jake it was “Business as usual!”







Rivalry tied @1

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Game two features 1-0 Jason Hammel vs Jamie Garcia who is also 1-0.   Jamie would open the game with a walk to Dexter Fowler who would be forced out on a ground ball to Ruben Tejada.  He would the. Give up a single to Kris Bryant but would get out of the inning.  Hammel would start with a 1-2-3 inning but would give up a lead off single to Matt Adams to start the second and one to Randal Grichuk.  Adams would be caught stealing third with Yadier Molina at bat.  He would end up launching what would appear to be a home run to Soler, who would run into the wall missing the catch, giving Molina a triple, scoring Grichuk.  Both men would have easy third innings.

Top of the fourth, Garcia would load the bases, walking Soler and giving singles to Ben Zobrist and Miguel Montero.  With two outs and bases loaded, Hammel would get to the plate, smacking a ground ball in between short and third, scoring two runs but he’d get Jason Heyward out on a called third strike.  Seung Hwan Oh would come into the sixth getting a 1-2-3 inning.  Hammel would have a perfect bottom half of the sixth.

Kevin Siegrist would come into the seventh hitting Javier Baez but would be overturned after managers review. He would then strike out. Dexter Fowler would double but both Heyward and Kris Bryant would fly out.  Adam Warren would come into the botaztom half of the seventh

Former Red, Jonathan Broxton would get into a littl trouble but would get out of the inning.  Travis Wood would give up a lead off single in the bottom of the eighth and that would be all she wrote and Pedro Strop would face Jeremy Hazelbaker and the next two batters to get out of the eighth.

#67 Matt Bowman would come into the top of the ninth and get the Cubbies out 1-2-3.  Hector Rondon would come into the bottom of the ninth for his possible to third save of the season. He would give up a lead off single to Yadier Molina and would get th next two batters to fly out and then get a huge strikeout to close out the series and make this a 1-1 series.


The San Francisco Giants (7-7) have plummeted to third place in the National League West behind the Los Angeles Dodgers (8-5) and the-gasp-Colorado Rockies (8-5), and the alarm has been sounded. Fortunately, I have the means to shut that sucker off, unlike the alarms that go off at 11:30 PM, out in front of the house.
A guy far more famous than I once said, “The race is not just for the swift but those who can endure.” With two weeks of the season already registered in the books, the Giants are somehow not 14-0. Huh. Weird. I was sure they would be, or at least that they were going to go wire-to-wire. Or not.
So here’s the deal: The Giants have dropped another close game, this one in the eleventh to the Arizona Diamondbacks, after coming within one strike of winning in regulation time. After jumping out to a 6-2 start, San Francisco is now at .500. 

Before you push any Panik buttons not named Joe, keep in mind that there are vast numbers of reasons to be optimistic, beginning with the 25-man roster, but I will confine myself to prattling on about seven in particular.

I’ll start with Jeff Samardzija (3 GS, 1-1, 19.1 IP, 3.72 ERA, 1.45 WHIP) whose poor stats last season have been blown out of proportion. One of the main selling points for The Shark was that in a new venue (AT&T Park) he would thrive.

Unfortunately, his first three starts have not only come on the road, but in three cities where he may well face his toughest challenges: Milwaukee (No decision, 5.1 IP, 3 ER, 8 H, 3 BB, 6 K), Colorado (W, 1-0, 2 ER, 6 H, 2 BB, 5 K) and Los Angeles (L, 1-1, 3 ER, 6 H, 3 BB, 3 K). 
The guy has not even had the opportunity to start a game in his own home park. Samardzija has not allowed more than three earned runs which is good (3.72 ERA), but his WHIP is at 1.45, due in large part to the eight walks. For Samardzija to be successful, he has to get that WHIP reduced. He has surrendered twenty hits in 19.1 innings, which is fine if he can cut down on the free passes.
I have watched him pitch from my sofa, which affords a reasonably good view, and his pitching impresses me. He keeps the ball low at all times unless he wants it otherwise, and he has excellent movement. One issue last year was the rate at which he served up the home run ball (one per every 7.2 innings).

So far in the early going this season, he has given up two big flies in 19.1 innings (one every 9.5 innings), so there is significant improvement there. Again, the schedule will balance out as the season progresses, and he will get a run of three straight starts at home, and then we will compare notes.

Next there is Johnny Cueto, whose 3-0 win/loss mark, belies the fact that he has given up the same number of earned runs in his three starts (8) as Samardzija, but has been bailed out by the offense of his teammates.

The key element about this charismatic player from the Dominican Republic, is that his entire presence resonates the fact that he loves the game and he loves to be the center of attention. He is a resounding success in terms of blending in with his peers, and I’m pretty sure some of that enthusiasm rubs off on his mates.

Unlike Jake Peavy, whose demonstrative exterior can be quite overwhelming to a rookie player, Cueto does not appear any different on the outside when the bases are loaded, than he does when he is putting them down at record pace. The word unflappable springs to mind.
Speaking of offense, the Giants have one. They are near the top of the heap in terms of home runs and fewest strikeouts. The lads worked Kenta Maeda for three walks on Sunday night after Maeda had given up only one free pass in his first two starts, and they finagled four from Archie Bradley Monday night in their 9-7 loss. That is a veteran team which has to be able to take advantage of every element of the game.
Part of that offensive explosion is Trevor Brown, who was kept on the team after spring training over Andrew Susac as Buster Posey’s backup. The decision has proven to be a sound one over the first two weeks of the season, as the rookie has a double and three home runs (five hits total) in his first thirteen at-bats, for a blisteringly hot line of .385/1.154/1.538. Not too shabby.
Fifth on the list is Giants GM Bobby Evans, whose acquisitions over the winter are not only a huge boon to the team, but prove that management is determined to support the core group of players, who have already brought three world series rings to San Francisco in the last six seasons.
With Brian Sabean still in the front office, Giants fans have every expectation that Evans will continue to monitor any weak spots that crop up (Sergio Romo on the Dl and Santiago Casilla’s two blown saves) so that when the trade deadline arrives, he will be prepared to make a move, should that prove necessary.

This area has always been one of strength for Giants management.

Then there is Bruce Bochy, the best manager in the big leagues, the consummate conductor of the orchestra that is the bullpen. He must juggle the seven or eight personalities in his ‘pen, so as to keep all of them sharp-and happy-at the same time. 
Oh, and Bochy has to keep his position players loose at the same time.

It is a performance that many have managed to botch in the past. When times are tough, it is easy to get frustrated and start pointing fingers. Depending on which finger is being pointed, and to whom it is being directed, the team will have to persevere and move on. 

That’s the part of the quote above about “those who can endure.”

I left Hunter Pence for last in my discussion of reasons to be optimistic, because I think he may well be the most important of all. Certainly his actions from 2012, when he assumed the identity of the Very Reverend Preacher Pence, were crucial in helping the Giants to their second championship win recent times. 
Jessica Mendoza, color analyst for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, took a fascinating glimpse at Pence’s reading material during the series finale, which included books on philosophy and books on the greatest thinkers of our time. Mendoza reported that Pence said he read them to be better able to understand the actions of his teammates.

The better he understood what was driving his colleagues, the better Pence said that he would be able to motivate them. To me that is an amazing goal and one that is in short supply in the major leagues.

There is a lot of “me first” when huge egos start throwing their weight around. To find a player whose thoughts are on his teammates as much as on himself, in such a positive way, is one of the most significant reasons to be encouraged for the remainder of the year.

Yes, times are hard, and games have been lost, but it is better to go through the rigors of savage defeat and disappointment early, while the team is still gelling, than later when hard times can create fissures of discontent, out of which the steam of forward progress evaporates.

This particular team, with the likes of a stubborn Madison Bumgarner leading the way, will not lie down and die. Nor will they cry tears of agony for what has come down so far, because there is another game to be played tonight.
In a marathon, a team cannot afford to place too much emphasis on either winning streaks or losing streaks. Would I prefer the the club was in the midst of a hot spell? Yes, but the fact that it is not, simply means that the scales of baseball justice have yet to be balanced.

For those who can endure, the race need not be swift at all times.



There’s a special edition of Sports Time Radio today (Saturday) at 11:00 a.m. on Mr. Fantasy and I have our first fantasy draft of the upcoming baseball season tomorrow (Sunday) so will discuss our strategy and what we might do with the 14th and 15th picks. Will work our way deeper into the draft and find some sleepers for you to use to win our own fantasy league as well. This is an interesting league for whatever reason outfielders seem to hold less value. I’d have to guess it’s because it’s not position specific or maybe the fact that there are so many more outfielders than other positions. It’s always fun to do and depending on how your season goes sometimes the draft is the most fun. Hopefully you’ll be able to listen live, but if not you can always find the show in the Blog Talk Radio archives or look for the show at

How’s your NCAA tournament bracket going? It looks like no one is perfect as I saw a blurb that nobody will win the Warren Buffet billion dollar bracket challenge. I was a respectable 25 of 32 correct so far. Luckily I got some upsets right and of course lost some games because of upsets. While we don’t talk much college basketball on the show it’s always fun to put a bracket together and who doesn’t want to win a billion dollars. I was unhappy to see the way the tournament committee treated Wichita State. The bracket they made them the #1 seed in was so stacked against them winning it that it makes you want to root for them. I get it they don’t want the smaller schools to advance to far in the tournament. If they go to far it’s bad for television ratings and of course that means less money. Just to put it out there; so no one can say I lied about it; here’s my final four. I have Louisville, Virginia, Creighton and Florida. I have Florida and Louisville in the championship game with Florida winning the tournament. I showed you mine; what does your bracket look like?

Patrice Bergeron and Carl Soderberg each had a goal, Chad Johnson stopped 31 shots for his third career shutout, and the Boston Bruins beat the Colorado Avalanche 2-0 on Friday night for their 11th win in a row. The Bruins became the 1st team to clinch a spot in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Boston has 101 points and is the leader in the Atlantic division of the Eastern conference. I saw some talks about who is going to win the Hart (MVP) trophy; there seems to be three top candidates. It’s looking more and more that Sidney Crosby is going to win this award, but there are a couple of other players who will get some votes. How about Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks. Getzlaf has put up career highs in points per game at 1.15 and goals with 29. Then there’s Phil Kessel, Toronto Maple Leafs. Kessel has 35 goals and 39 assists and Toronto is in 4th place with 80 points in the Atlantic division. It will be difficult to give this award to anyone else but Crosby, but Getzlaf and Kessel should get special mention for the seasons they’re having.

Did you get up at 3:00 a.m. central standard time to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 1st game of the baseball season in Australia? The Dodgers won the game 3 – 1; Clayton Kershaw pitched 6 2/3 innings striking out 7 and giving up 5 hits. Scott Van Slyke doubled and homer while driving in two runs for the Dodgers. Wade Miley took the loss for the Diamondbacks while Paul Goldschmidt had two hits. Kenley Jansen did save the game for the Dodgers. The two teams play again tonight.

So how was your week?

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A quick apology for not having a show Wednesday this week. There was a scheduling mix up and when I went to get the show set up for Dan the Man and I it was too late. I’m sorry about that.

Alex Rodriguez walked out of his arbitration hearing this week after it was ruled that Bud Selig wouldn’t be called to testify. This was all planned by Rodriguez’s legal team to try to get the public on his side. I could only imagine Rodriguez pounding on the table and getting up and leaving and I had a good laugh about it. Rodriguez is never going to admit that he used P.E.D’s and then lied to everyone about it but I think any real fan knows he did. I found it very interesting that his legal team had a press release ready to go right after the walk out happen. Even more proof that this was a planned event. Rodriguez ended up on the radio at WFAN in New York, but that interview was a huge joke as well. It was Rodriguez blaming Selig for everything and then denying any and all of the accusations that have been made against him. I also found it interesting that Rodriguez and his team wanted Selig to testify at the hearing but Rodriguez wasn’t going to testify at the hearing. Why Selig, but not Rodriguez?

A couple of big trades in major league baseball this week. On Wednesday the Detroit Tigers sent 1st baseman Prince Fielder and $30 million dollars to the Texas Rangers for 2nd baseman Ian Kinsler. This may actually be a trade that ends up helping both teams in the long run. With the trade of Fielder; Miguel Cabrera will move back over to 1st base and prospect Nick Castellanos will get a chance to play 3rd base. Also Kinsler can move into the lead off spot in the Tigers batting order and take some of the pressure off of Austin Jackson. With Fielder’s money off the Tigers book they’ll be able to look into resigning Max Scherzer. Cabrera is also getting close to the end of his contract and you have to figure it’s going to cost between $25 – $30 million a season to keep him in Detroit. On the Texas side of the trade Fielder will add power to the line up. I’d guess he’ll split time at 1st base with Mitch Moreland and also be a designated hitter. Fielder plays as close to everyday as any player in the majors; so the Rangers should get a lot of quality at bats out of him. The other trade happened yesterday when the St. Louis Cardinals sent 3rd baseman David Freese and pitcher Fernando Salas to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for outfielder Peter Bourjos and minor league prospect Randal Grichuk. There where a lot of rumors that the Cardinals where looking to make a trade, but that they where trying to acquire a shortstop. By trading for Bourjos I have to wonder if the Cardinals are out of the Carlos Beltran free agent derby. Looking at the trade you have to wonder if it’s the first move for each teams and that they have another trade in the works.

Last night the Chicago Bulls lost 98 – 95 last night to the Portland Trailblazers. Derrick Rose left this game with is what’s being called a non contact knee injury. Bulls fans went through this last season, but this time it was his right knee. He left the stadium on crutches and there hasn’t been any time-table as to this injury. Rose is schedule to have an M.R.I. in Los Angeles on Saturday. Rose was injured in the 3rd quarter and the Bulls went on to blow a 21 point lead in this loss. Rose had 20 points in about 28 minutes last night before getting injured. There was always talk about the Bulls giving the Miami Heat a run at the Eastern Conference and a spot in the NBA Finals. Without Rose it will start to look more and more like last season when Rose was gone for all of it. I guess Bulls fans will hold their breath until the M.R.I. results are known.

Now you know from listening to the show that Dan the Man and I rail on ESPN quite a bit. In week 1 or 2 of the college football season the network decided that the Heisman trophy would go to Florida State red-shirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston. Now Winston has been accused in a sexual assault case where his DNA has been found. Let me state that there have been no charges filed against Winston as I write this and I’m not hear to decide what the verdict here should be. The reason I bring this up at all is I’m interested to see where and or how ESPN gets themselves out of this. It doesn’t matter how this case plays out it looks this situation will cost Winston any chance at the Heisman trophy. I haven’t watched a lot ESPN as of late, so I don’t know if there running away from their early award. I’m guessing they are. The voting is still a few weeks away and I’ll be interested to see who comes out as the front-runner.

So how was your week?

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If you’ve listened to Sports Time Radio you know that we’re not a huge fan of the way the major league baseball All Star teams are selected. So I tried to have us put together our own All Star team. Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy, Schaumburg Stu and I all made list of our All Stars. Here’s how we went about it. Each person ranked the top 3 players at 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, Shortstop and Catcher. We ranked 9 outfielders, 6 starting pitchers and 4 relievers. A player got 10 points for a 1st place vote. 8 points for a 2nd place vote. 6 points for a 3rd place vote and then 5 points, 4 points, 3 points, 2 points, 1 point and a half of a point for positions 4th through 9th. Here how are voting came out. The player’s point total is in parenthesis. Others getting votes will be listed.

National League

Catcher: Yader Molina (38)

Buster Posey (34) Wilin Rosario (12) Evan Gattis (12)

1st Baseman: Joey Votto (34) Paul Goldschimdt (34) Tie!

Adrian Gonzalez (16) Freddie Freeman (12)

2nd Baseman: Brandon Phillips (34) Matt Carpenter (34) Tie!

Marco Scutaro (16) Daniel Murphy (6) Jedd Gyroko (6)

Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki (36)

Jean Segura (34) Everth Cabrera (26)

3rd Baseman: David Wright (36)

Pablo Sandoval (26) Michael Young (16) Ryan Zimmerman (12) Pedro Alvarez (6)

Outfield: Carlos Gonzalez (28), Carlos Beltran (18) Andrew McCutchen (15)

Dominic Brown (14) Carlos Gomez (14) Dexter Fowler (13) Hunter Pence (11) Michael Cuddyer (11) Bryce Harper (8) Justin Upton (7) Shin Shoo Choo (6) Ryan Braun (5) Gerardo Parra (5) Jay Bruce (4) Norichika Aoki (2) Starling Marte (1) Matt Holiday (1/2) Alfonso Soriano (1/2)

Starting Pitcher: Patrick Corbin (30)

Adam Wainwright (27) Jordan Zimmerman (23) Matt Harvey (22) Clayton Kershaw (13) Shelby Miller (11) Mike Minor (6) Cliff Lee (5) Jeff Locke (4) Travis Wood (3)

Relievers: Jason Grilli (40)

Edwin Mujica (22) Craig Kimbel (14) Rafael Sorinao (10) Aroldis Chapman (8) Sergio Romo (6) Mark Melancon (6)

American League

Catcher: Joe Mauer (40)

Carlos Santana (28) Jarrod Saltalamacchia (8) Matt Wieters (6) Salvador Perez (6)

1st Baseman: Chris Davis (40)

Prince Fielder (28) James Loney (14) Edwin Encarnacion (8) Adam Lind (6)

2nd Baseman: Dustin Pedroia (32)

Robinson Cano (28) Jose Altuve (16) Howie Kendrick (12) Jason Kipnis (8)

Shortstop: Jhonny Peralta (38)

J.J Hardy (32) Alexei Ramirez (8) Elvis Andrus (6) Jed Lowrie (6) Ben Zobrist (6)

3rd Baseman: Miguel Cabrera (40)

Adrian Beltre (16) Manny Machado (14) Josh Donaldson (14) Evan Longoria (12)

Outfielders: Mike Trout (33) Adam Jones (30) Tori Hunter (18)

Alex Rios (15) Coco Crisp (12) Jose Bautista (12) Nate McLouth (9 1/2) Alex Gordon (7) Brett Gardner (6 1/2) Jacoby Ellsbruy (6) Curtis Granderson (4) Nick Markakis (2) Melky Cabrera (1) Nelson Cruz (1) Mark Trumbo (1)

Starting Pitcher: Clay Buchholz (30)

Max Scherzer (27) Yu Darvish (23) Hisashi Iwakuma (16) Bartolo Colon (14) Justin Masterson (10) Justin Verlander (8) Felix Hernandez (7) Matt Moore (6) Chris Sale (3)

Relievers: Mariano Rivera (40)

Joe Nathan (24) Addison Reed (11) Aaron Crow (8) Tony Sipp (6) Jim Johnson (6) Andrew Bailey (6) Jessie Crain (5) Glen Perkins (5)

We made our picks on Friday’s show for the 2013 baseball season and here they are.

American League playoff teams and World Series representative.

Dan the Man has the Angels to win the West, the Tigers to win the Central and the Blue Jays to win the East. His wild card picks are Rangers and the Yankees. Dan has the Toronto Blue Jays going to the World Series.

Mr. Fantasy has the Angels winning the West, the Tigers winning the Central and the Blue jays winning the East. His wild card teams are the Rays and the A’s. Mr. Fantasy has the Los Angles Angels of Anaheim going to the World Series.

I have the Angels winning the West, the tigers winning the Central and the Rays winning the East. Mu wild card teams are the Rangers and the Orioles. I have the Detroit Tigers going to the World Series.

National League playoff teams and World series representative.

Dan the Man has the Dodgers to win the West, the Reds to win the Central and Washington to win the East. Dan’s wild card teams are the Giants and the Braves. With the Los Angles Dodgers going to the World Series.

Mr. Fantasy has the Giants to win the West, the Reds to win the Central and Washington to win the East. Mr. Fantasy’s wild card teams are the Braves and the Cardinals. With the Atlanta Braves going to the World Series.

I have the Dodgers winning the West, the Reds winning the Central and Atlanta winning the East. My wild card teams are the Cardinals and the Giants. With the Atlanta Braves going to the World Series.

Dan’s World Series winners are the Dodgers.

Mr. Fantasy’s World Series winners are the Angels.

My World Series winner is the Braves.

Award Picks

Dan the Man has Jose Bautista in the AL and Joey Votto in the NL.

Mr. Fantasy has Miguel Cabrera in the AL and Joey Votto in the NL.

I have Albert Pujols in the AL and Jason Heyward in the NL>

CY Young

Dan has Felix Hernandez in the AL and Matt Cain in the NL.

Mr. Fantasy has Justin Verlander in the AL and Steven Strasburg in the NL.

I have Felix Hernandez in the AL and Johnny Cueto in the NL.

Rookie of the Year

Dan has Will Myers (Tampa Bay) in the AL and Adam Eaton (Arizona) in the NL>

Mr. Fantasy has Aaron Hicks (Minnesota) in the AL and Jedd Gyorko (San Diego) in the NL.

I have Aaron Hicks (Minnesota in the AL and Rob Brantly (Miami) in the NL.

Manager of the Year

Dan took John Gibbons (Toronto) in the AL and Don Mattingly (Los Angles) in the NL.

Mr. Fantasy took John Gibbons (Toronto) in the AL and Mike Matheny (St. Louis) in the NL.

I took Ned Yost (Kansas City) in the AL and Fredi Gonzalez (Atlanta) in the NL.

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Now we all know that the Houston Astros will be heading over to the American. The first team to switch leagues this side of the millennium. The Milwaukee Brewers did it in 1998 when the Tampa Bay Rays & Arizona Diamondbacks joined the MLB. Despite the new designs being leaked, owner Jim Crane, still went on with the unveiling of the new uniforms this Friday night at Minute Maid Park. With a stage near the base path, guard rails lined to and surrounding the pitchers mound and tunneling towards the dugout. The 5000 fans anxiously waited, Crane, GM Jeff Luhnow and new manager Bo Porter spoke to the crowd and then played a short teaser video on the center field screen. Justin Maxwell OF and All Star Jose Altuve 2B climbed out of the dugout sporting the new white home jerseys with orange lettering. After posing at the mound and doing a little handshake, they took to the stage as Lucas Harrell SP and prospect Jared Cosart wearing the alternate orange jersey with blue lettering gave the Japanese bow at the mound. #1 2012 overall draft pick Carlos Correa & first round draft pick George Springer strolled up to the mound, without skipping a beat gave each other a pound and straight to the stage in the traditional grey uniforms with blue lettering. Now what everyone has been waiting for as P Jordan Lyles and C Johnathan Singleton gave the old body building pose wearing the batting practice jersey that will be worn on select home games and Sundays. And then a special news story broke inside Minute Park about NASA retrieving something that crashes and was on its way to the stadium. The video was followed up by the return of the Astros mascot Orbit!

To be honest when I first saw pics of the jerseys, I didn’t think too much of them. So I jumped on Bing to search articles on the unveiling and for every search that’s earning me Microsoft points and other things email me about it. Anyways, I was shocked to discover that even though I was searching for Houston area newspapers, no one really covered this event at all. It was not even an after thought. There has to be a writer that covers the team that was there. I could only find two real articles on it. One from of course the Associated Press and another from Brian McTaggar, reporter for Really one Article some of the local papers websites either had the AP story or just a little snippet. Whatever. I learned from these two articles that Owner Jim Crane spent time and research to find out what the fans liked and going back to its inception style in the 60’s through the rainbow jersey introduced in 1975. Understanding why they chose these jerseys makes me appreciate them much more. Of course I have to throw in what I would have done, I would have tried to incorporate a pinstripe on the Home jerseys but, I’d still choose the tribute to the rainbow jersey over all.

I hope the Astros all the luck in the AL West in 2013. Its going to be a tough division to compete it and I think it’s going to make it exciting again for baseball fans in Houston. The biggest change next to the uniforms is the DH. As I say it the first name that pops into my head is Mike Napoli. Not only can he DH but also play 1B, C and I’m sure if needed 3B also. He’s a for average hitter but spending the last 6 years playing on the two of the Wests best teams the Rangers $ Angels, that experience of playing in the AL and in the West would add on the field and in the locker room. The Astros have reportedly been in talks with Lance Berkman. Will 50 year old Roger Clemens have what it takes to pitch again. As much as I look forward to next season, I’m looking forward to the off season, mainly the December meetings. Can’t wait!



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I’ve been waiting to do this one for a while now, but here we go.

The American League Most Valuable Player is Miguel Cabrera. There should be no real doubt about this, Not only is he a triple crown winner the real bottom line to this is the Detroit Tigers don’t win the American League Central without Cabrera. I hope the people who vote on this don’t screw it up, but I have a feeling they will. Don’t hit me up with all the other stats to try to make the guy you wan to win sound better. The Tigers win because of Cabrera.

Second on my ballot is Mike Trout. Trout had a great season and will get a ton of votes and support for this award, but he doesn’t deserve to win it this season. I’ve heard all the stats that they try to work in because ESPN really wants to see Trout win this award. Again here’s the deal; Trout couldn’t get the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim into the playoffs. Trout looks like he has many years to try and win this award; just not this year.

It’s wide open for the rest of my ballot, but at number three I’m going with Fernando Rodney. Rodney was 2-2 with and e.r.a. of 0.60 with 48 saves; yes you read that right 0.60.He gave up 5 earned runs in 76 appearances. Tampa Bay contended all season and Rodney had a lot to do with keeping them in the pennat race; so he ends up on my ballot.

Adrian Beltre ends up fourth on my ballot. I know Josh Hamilton gets a lot of the attention in Texas, but Beltre was the guy who carried them though the summer months. He ended up with a .321 batting average, 36 home runs and 102 R.B.I.s. I’m interested to see how many voters where paying attention and put Beltre on their ballots.

Last, but not least for me on my ballot is Derek Jeter; yes you read that right I said Derek Jeter. He played in 159 games this season and hit .316; he;s te leader of the best team in the American League and they’ll be a tough out in the playoffs. I know there are other guys who I could drop in this spot and I lot of people who just don’t like the Yankees, but Jeter belongs on the M.V.P. ballot this season.

Now over to the National League.

Your National League Most Valuable Player is San Fransisco Giants Buster Posey. After the leg injury last season Posey put up a .336 batting average, 24 home runs and 103 R.B.I.s while catching the majority of the game for the Giants this season. The Giants do a nice job of finding Posey extra at bats as a first baseman. After the Giants went into first place they where able to pull away from the Dodgers and ended up winning the division by 8 games. Posey came up big for San Fransisco while they where building this lead and he’s the right choice here. I didn’t even mention he ended up winning the batting title this season as well.

Second on my ballot and so, so close to winning this award. Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates. I believe that McCutchen is the best player in baseball right now; sorry Mike Trout fans. I think if Pittsburgh could’ve found their way into the playoffs this season McCutchen might have even won this award. McCutchen is one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball and ended up finishing behind Posey in the batting race. I think McCutchen will end up winning this award sooner rather than later.

Put Craig Kimbrel third on my ballot. 3-1 with a 1.01 e.r.a. 42 saves 116 strikeouts and just 14 walks in 62 and 2/3rds of an inning. He’s the anchor in the Braves bullpen and is lights out when it comes to closing games. He’s the biggest reason the Braves ended up with a wild card birth and if they can turn over a playoff lead to Kimbrel they have a great shot at moving on.

Another catcher ends up on my ballot in the fourth spot. Yader Molina lead the St. Louis Cardinals into playoffs and they wouldn’t be here without him. He’s the best defensive catcher in baseball and if he’s not the best handler of a pitching staff in baseball he’s right there. His offense has improve making him even more dangerous. A batting average over .300 (.315) and 22 home runs add a much-needed bat to the St. Louis offense. So you have to find a spot for Molina on your ballot/

I have to admit that I’m not all that happy about this, but I have to include Ryan Braun in the fifth spot on my ballot. He’s put up good numbers after winning the M.V.P. last season and beating a P.E.D. suspension on top of that. He was able to put up these numbers without Prince Fielder batting behind him this season. .319 batting average. 41 home runs and 112 R. B. I.’s this season. He can ever steal a base 30 this season.

There are my ten guys. I’d love to know your’s.

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Big Jack and I began Sports Time Radio on BlogTalk Radio at the open of the 2012 MLB season and it was only fitting that we predict who we thought is going to win the major titles. With the end of the season creeping on us, here is our picks:

Big Jack
NL Champ — San Francisco Giants
ALChamp — California (Anaheim) Angels *
AL MVP — Miguel Cabrera
NL MVP — Andrew McCutchen
AL Cy Young — Jarod Weaver
NL Cy Young — Roy Halladay

Daniel K.
NL Champ — Philadelphia Phillies
ALChamp — Texas Rangers *
AL MVP — Prince Fielder
NL MVP — Matt Kemp
AL Cy Young — C C Sabathia
NL Cy Young — Doc Hallady

Mr Fantasy
NL Champ — L A Dodgers
ALChamp — Texas Rangers
AL MVP — Ian Kinsler
NL MVP — Matt Kemp
AL Cy Young — Justin Verlander
NL Cy Young — Matt Cain

* World Series Winner

With looking at the numbers Sunday September 23, 2012, Big Jack & I agreed that Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey should win their leagues MVP awards. We will definitely break down the 2013 season more in depth but I’ve gone record to say its the Dodgers year in 2013 but we’ll discuss that later.