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Tonight in Pittsburgh Jake Arrieta takes on The Cutch, Andrew McCuthen and crew.  On The Podcast, the other day, which I don’t remember, the Big Jack had mentioned an interesting theory the Bucs had in store for The Great One, pitching him inside to get him on base.  I’m not sure if this was a ploy to knock him off his game but to me that’s not something you throw out, you just do it because if so, he definitely had time to prepare himself. Either way it would seem he started off shaky but we’ll get to that in a sec.  Dexter Fowler would leadoff the game with a hit to continue his hit streak but would be out on Soler’s 5-4-3 double play.  Arrieta would walk the first two batters, John Jaso and McCutchen but would strike out David Freese and get the next two batters out.  

Going into the 2cd Johnathon Niesse would hit Rizzo to lead off the game.  Zobrist would move him to third on his double.  Baez would ground out scoring Rizzo. Russell and Federowicz would walk to load the bases.  Now that theory about pitching Arreita inside didn’t seem to work because Jake would single to center scoring Ben.  That would be all the runs scored in the second. Bryant would get a single in the third but that would be all the action for the third.  

Russell would leadoff the fourth with a walk and end up at third on Tim Federowicz’s double.  With Fowler in the box, Niesse would throw a wild pitch scoring Russell.  It my have thrown him off his game because he walks Fowler, then gives up RBI singles to both Soler and Bryant.  Rizzo would also join the RBI club of the night hitting an RBI double.  The inning would end but the Cubs would be up 6-0 After four.   And the Pirates, well The Great One is no hitting them through four.  Niesse would make it through the fifth but that would be all for him. AJ Schugel would start the sixth inning off and get a 1-2-3 inning in the sixth seventh and eighth. 

Arrieta would continue his no hitter with two outs in the bottom of the seventh. Francisco Cervelli would single to Soler in left breaking up Jakes possible second no hitter of the year.  Jake would come out in the top of the eighth and be replaced by Trevor Cahill who would give up a lead off single to Sean Rodriguez.  Chris Stewart would pinch hit for Schugel and reach on a throwing error by Russell.  John Jaso would ground out but Rodriguez would score the Pirates first run of the game. 

Jared Hughes would come into the top of the ninth giving up a lead off line drive single to Kris Bryant. Rizzo would hit his second double of the game. Zobrist would a sac fly to McCutchen scoring Bryant.  Hughes would get out of the inning giving the Bucs a shot at redemption.  The bottom of the ninth would be Trevor Cahill’s.  He would get David Freese to ground out but would walk Matt Joyce.  With 2 outs and one man on and Starling Marte comes to the plate and grounds out to Rizzo.  Gregory Polanco would be the last hope but would also ground out to Rizzo ending the Pirates only chance at getting close to catching up with the first place Cubs.  

Another great performance by the Cubs pitching staff.  Jake “The Great” Arrieta would give up only 2 hits and only walk 2 batters while striking out 5.  Trevor Cahill would only give up 1 hit and only walk 1 batter while giving up the only run and striking out 2.   

The Podcast

It may be the 1st day of October, but September went out with one of the most exciting MLB playoff games that I can remember. The American League wild card game had the Kansas City Royals finding ways to come back time after time against the Oakland A’s. The Royals scored 2 run in the bottom of the 12th inning to get a 9-8 victory and advance to face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the divisional playoff series. Salvador Perez’s only hit was the game winner in the bottom of the 12th and reliever Jason Frasor picked up the win as the 6th Royals pitcher to come out of their bullpen. While both starter Jon Lester for Oakland and James Shields for Kansas City will get big money free agent contracts this off-season neither guy pitched like the staff ace that he had been during the season. Lester hung around for 7 1/3rd innings giving up 6 runs on 8 hits while striking out 5 and walking 2. Shields only pitched 5 innings for the Royals; he gave up 4 runs on 5 hits while striking out 6, walking 2 and giving up 1 home run. The Royals had 7 stolen bases in the game and Christian Colon’s in the 12th inning set him up to score the winning run on Perez’s single. Let’s hope tonight’s National League wild card game is just as exciting. The San Francisco Giants are starting left hander Madison Bumgarner who was 18-10 during the regular season. While the Pittsburgh Pirates send right hander Edinson Volquez to the mound. Volquez was 13-7 in the regular season. The Pirates line up is already up and I was surprised to see Gaby Sanchez getting the start at 1st base and Travis Snider making the start in rightfield. I’d like to bill this game as a battle of the last two National League MVP winners; Buster Posey for the Giants and Andrew McCutchen for the Pirates.

Well our Week 4 NFL picks weren’t that great. Schaumburg Stu and Mr. Fantasy tied for the winning record at 7-6. There’s a quote Schaumburg Stu and I use all the time. It’s from professional wrestling legend Buddy Rogers. In an interview he said “They don’t ask you how you won; they ask you if you won”. Hopefully I got that right; if not Schaumburg Stu will straighten me out. Dan the Man and I finished Week for with 6-7 records. For the season Dan the Man is still holding the lead at 35-26, Mr. Fantasy is just 1 game behind at 34-27 while Schaumburg Stu and I are tied at the bottom with a 32-29 record. Let’s hope Week 5 draws out some better records from us.

Let’s see how Mr. Fantasy did with his individual player picks for fantasy high scorers at each position for Week 4. He went with San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers to be the high scorer at that position. Rivers had a good week, but finished 6th among quarterbacks. It was Eli Manning who was the highest scoring quarterback last week. At the running back spot Mr. Fantasy choose DeMarco Murray as his high scorer. Murray finished 3rd among running backs for Week 4 as he was beat out by Matt Asiata of the Minnesota Vikings who finished 2nd and Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs who bounced back from injury to be the highest scoring running back of Week 4. At wide Receiver Mr. Fantasy went with Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers as his high scorer. Brown finished 2nd at wide receiver in Week 4 being beat out by only Steve Smith Sr. of the Baltimore Ravens. We use the Yahoo scoring system for our leagues and Smith beat out Brown by .46; so Mr. Fantasy missed by not even half of a point. At tight end this week since Larry Donnell put up such big numbers during the Thursday night football game we went with the 2nd highest scoring tight end in Week 4. Mr. Fantasy went with Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. Graham was the 3rd highest scoring tight end in Week 4. Donnell was #1 like we thought he would be. Heath Miller of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the tight end that slipped in and took 2nd place for Week 4. Another close call for Mr. Fantasy as Miller outscored J. Graham by .65 of a point. At kicker Mr. fantasy went with another New Orleans Saints player; Shayne Graham. This Graham didn’t do as well for Mr. fantasy as S. Graham finished as the 19th highest scoring kicker of the week. The highest scoring kicker for Week 4 was Blair Walsh of the Minnesota Vikings. For his sleeper pick of Week 4 Mr. Fantasy went with Minnesota Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater was making his 1st NFL start after coming in to finish the Week 3 game for the injured Matt Cassell. Bridgewater himself got injured in the Vikings 41-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Even with the injury Bridgewater finished as the 13th highest scoring quarterback of the week. I’d have to say this was the best week Mr. Fantasy has had making these picks; so will see if he can keep his momentum going for Week 5.

If you’ve listened t the show you know that we’ve put together fantasy leagues for the upcoming NHL and NBA seasons. We still have a few openings in these leagues. If you’re interested in playing in the hockey league with us follow this link and sign up. If basketball is more your cup of tea use this link to sign up. Dan the Man and I will be in both of these leagues, but Mr. fantasy is just going to play in the basketball league.

The other game, I have Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy playing against each other is picking the winners of the MLB playoff games. I’ll also throw in one other thing to pick. I’m scoring it with 2 points for a correct pick and -1 points for a negative selection. Last nights 2nd question was; who would be the winning pitcher. They could’ve picked any pitcher on the teams roster; not just the starting pitcher. After the 1st wild card game Dan the Man has the lead 1 to -2. Dan the Man had the Royals to win the game and James Shields to get the win. While Mr. Fantasy went with the A’s to win the game and Jon Lester to be the winning pitcher. In about an hour an a half (5:00 p.m. CST) they’ll pick tonight’s game between the Pirates and the Giants; they’ll also have to predict who will get more hits Andrew McCutchen or Buster Posey. They are allowed to make the same picks.

Let’s call this.

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Big Jack and I began Sports Time Radio on BlogTalk Radio at the open of the 2012 MLB season and it was only fitting that we predict who we thought is going to win the major titles. With the end of the season creeping on us, here is our picks:

Big Jack
NL Champ — San Francisco Giants
ALChamp — California (Anaheim) Angels *
AL MVP — Miguel Cabrera
NL MVP — Andrew McCutchen
AL Cy Young — Jarod Weaver
NL Cy Young — Roy Halladay

Daniel K.
NL Champ — Philadelphia Phillies
ALChamp — Texas Rangers *
AL MVP — Prince Fielder
NL MVP — Matt Kemp
AL Cy Young — C C Sabathia
NL Cy Young — Doc Hallady

Mr Fantasy
NL Champ — L A Dodgers
ALChamp — Texas Rangers
AL MVP — Ian Kinsler
NL MVP — Matt Kemp
AL Cy Young — Justin Verlander
NL Cy Young — Matt Cain

* World Series Winner

With looking at the numbers Sunday September 23, 2012, Big Jack & I agreed that Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey should win their leagues MVP awards. We will definitely break down the 2013 season more in depth but I’ve gone record to say its the Dodgers year in 2013 but we’ll discuss that later.