Dan the Man


“Dan the Man” grew up watching sports from the Cubs to WWF. As a kid, he played little league but in his 20’s pursued a life long dream of becoming a pro wrestler. That’s where the Big Jack comes in. Since that fateful day in 2003, they have always remained friends and always talked sports. So, it was only natural that they start Sports Time Radio.

Daniel’s other passion was radio. Growing up in the 80’s but mostly 90’s, he watched an era of independent radio disappear and it all become “corporate.” But the passion and desire never disappeared, and early in the spring of 2012, Daniel approached the Big Jack about doing an online sports talk show and the rest is history. Since the induction of the show, the Big Jack was able to get Dan the Man to play fantasy sports. 2013, they started the first ever fantasy basketball league that Dan won. For the 2014 baseball season Dan placed 3rd in their auction style league.

Amongst the guys disagreements arise and in 2013, Dan the Man proclaimed the Dodgers to be the best team in baseball. Mr Fantasy, disagreed and said they would not be the second best team in California. He ended up buying a New Era 5950 Los Angeles Dodgers Hat for that bet. The new Bet is who will make the playoffs first, the Cleveland Browns or the Minnesota Vikings.

Daniel graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2005. He was the production director for the school’s radio station WCRX 88.1fm and graduated with honors to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Radio Broadcasting.

You can follow him on Twitter @danzeeeman


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