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Posted: June 12, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I know I’ve mentioned before that the hosts of Sports Time Radio live in the Chicagoland area. That means that I’ve seen quite a bit of Kyle Long during his playing career.

Now Long kind of surprisingly retired after the 2019 season, but to be fair he dealt with a lot of injuries in his career. Long spent seven NFL season with the Chicago Bears and in only two of those season did he play in all 16 games do to injuries. So while his decision to retire was only kind of a surprise.

What may have been more of a shock than Long’s retirement was the fact that he decided to return to the NFL this season. Long signed with the Kansas City Chiefs this off season.

The Bears took Long with the 20th pick in the 2013 NFL draft and while Long’s time in Chicago wasn’t as lengthy as some offensive lineman he did make three Pro Bowls while with the Bears.

It’s became very clear in the Super Bowl that the Chiefs where very much in need of offensive line help. So with Long’s desire to return to the NFL he may as well sign with a team that gives him a very good chance to go to and win a Super Bowl. Now that’s something he wasn’t going to get with the Bears.

Unfortunately for Long his old nemesis the injury bug struck again. During practice on Wednesday Long injured his knee and while the Chiefs are hoping that he be able to avoid surgery it’s unclear right now what the injury exactly is. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid mentioned that Long had been injured. Reid also went on to say that the Chiefs still evaluating the injury, but didn’t think he suffered ligament damage.

Now if Long can avoid surgery there’s a chance that he could be back for Kansas City’s Week 1 game against the Cleveland Browns. Now if Long has to undergo surgery even if it’s minor that timetable for his return may change.

It’s another tough break for a player who when healthy was considered one of the top offensive lineman man the entire NFL.

Chiefs fans will now have to wait and see what is exactly wrong with Long’s knee and if he’ll need surgery or not. Of course you do have to wonder if the Chiefs now need to try and add some depth to that offensive line.

If Long does end up missing regular season games it looks like Laurent Duvernay-Tardif would be the player to step into Long’s spot. Now the Chiefs do have other guards who may get a look. Andrew Wylie, Nick Allegretti, Trey Smith and Yasir Durant are also on their roster.

Alright; so what do you see Kansas City doing? Do they go out and add a guard? Or do they stand pat with the players they have on their roster and hope for a quick recovery by Long?

While we’re on the NFL. Was anyone really surprised that Aaron Rodgers didn’t show up to the Green Bay Packers training camp. I’m sure Packers fans where hoping that he’d be their, but come on is it really breaking news that he didn’t show up?

As of right now it appears that the Packers are still holding their ground with Rodgers and he either plays for them or he doesn’t play at all. The Denver Broncos still seem to be the team that everybody thinks will be the landing spot for Rodgers if he is traded, but as of now I don’t think there have been any actually trade talks between the two teams; just media rumors.

As for the Packers themselves they appear to be working with a plan that Jordan Love may be their starting quarterback in Week 1 against the New Orleans Saints. Love has been taking all of the first team reps in practice which makes a lot of sense to do with a quarterback that didn’t take a snap last season.

As Packers fans and just fans of the NFL sit and wait to see what happens with Rodgers the Packers seem to be doing their best to move on if they have to.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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The NBA has been handing out their awards for the regular season and yesterday they hand out the biggest award they give; Most Valuable Player. There where some interesting candidates, but after looking at the voting results there was one clear winner along with a couple of surprising votes cast.

Your MVP for the 2020-21 NBA season is Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets. Jokic received 91 1st place votes, 8 2nd place votes and 1 3rd place vote. No player received more than 5 1st place votes. Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors was that player who received 5 1st place votes.

Even though Curry received the second most 1st place votes he finished 3rd in the voting overall. Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers ended up finishing 2nd in the MVP voting. Embiid only received 1 1st place vote, but had the most 2nd place votes with 62. Embiid also picked up 23 3rd place votes, 8 4th place votes and 3 5th place votes.

Rounding out the Top 5 in MVP voting was Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks who won the MVP award the past two seasons finished in 4th place this season and Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns ended up in 5th place.

Now the Top 5 received every 1st place vote, but one and it was quite a surprise who that 1st place vote went to. Believe it or not Derrick Rose who’s now with the New York Knicks received a 1st place vote. You might not remember this because Rose’s turn took a down turn after some injury issues, but he actually did win the MVP award following the 2010-11 season. Coincidently Rose was playing for Tom Thibodeau who is now Rose head coach with the Knicks.

Now there were some well known players that picked up just one MVP vote this season Russell Westbrook of the Washington Wizards received 1 3rd place vote. While Embiid’s teammate Ben Simmons received 1 4th place vote. James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets, Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers and LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers each managed to get 1 5th place MVP vote.

Now Embiid and Simmons weren’t the only teammates to receive MVP votes Rose’s Knicks teammate Julius Randle picked up a number of votes. Randle received 12 total MVP votes; 1 3rd place vote, 2 4th place votes and 9 5th place votes. Randle actually finished one spot ahead of Rose in the MVP voting as Rose only received that 1 1st place vote.

By getting that one lone vote James kept a pretty impressive streak alive. James has received at least one vote for MVP since his rookie year back in 2003-04. That means James has found a way to get at least one vote for MVP in 18 straight NBA seasons. I’m not sure if will ever see anyone do that again. There’s also a good chance the streak will continue as long as James decides he wants to keep playing.

Don’t forget that during the first half of this NBA season there where a lot of people who had James winning the MVP award. Injuries ended up slowing him down in the second half of the season as he played in just 45 of the Lakers 72 regular season games.

James suffered a high ankle sprain and played in just four games over the final seven weeks of the NBA’s regular season. With James injured the Lakers slipped into the NBA’s play-in tournament and while they did advance into the actual 1st round of the NBA playoffs they where knocked out in six games by the Suns.

As you know I’m not a big fan of the NBA, but from what I’ve seen, heard and read it sounds like they got this award right. I’d like to know what you think. Did the voters choose the right player as MVP? If you disagree let me know who you think should’ve won the award.

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Now I was one of the most surprised people out there when the Los Angeles Lakers where eliminated from the 1st round of the NBA playoffs Thursday night 113-100 by the Phoenix Suns. The Suns won the series games to 2. I don’t like to use the term fixed when I talk about the NBA, but there is always something odd that goes on and for the most part the NBA gets the teams or team they want into the finals and we all know they wanted the Lakers in the finals. I guess they couldn’t come up with a good plan to move the Lakers along without making look obvious; so they’re done for the season.

As the Suns move on in the playoffs I hope that the NBA can find a way to shine a light on some other players not named LeBron James as they tend to focus on him. James is still one of the best players in the NBA and it’s understandable why the NBA spends so much time and money getting and keeping his name out their, but let’s face it there are some other really good players in the NBA. Let’s hope the league steps up and tries to push these guys into the spotlight, but I have a feeling that the NBA will just turn their attention to the New Jersey Nets.

I’m sure you have some players in mind, but since I started off talking about the Lakers/Suns series I think that Devin Booker should be given the opportunity to get his name mentioned a little more. Since the focus was almost always on the Lakers in this series or they where talking about Chris Paul being injured you may not have noticed that Booker was the leading scorer in the series.

Booker averaged 29.7 Points per game while chipping in 6.2 rebounds per game and 5 assists per game. Booker was the only Phoenix player to average over 16 points per game in this series. James had very comparable stats as he led the Lakers in scoring with 23.3 points per game, 7.2 rebounds per game and 8 assists per game. Of course we heard about how James did after ever game in this series and even though Booker had a 47 points in the close out game of the series. Booker also scored 47 points in Game 4 of this series.

Now there are a few reasons why the Lakers ended up losing this series. The biggest one was injuries of course; especially the one to Anthony Davis. Davis tried to play in Game 6 to help keep the Lakers playoff hopes alive, but could only give them 5 minutes before he had to come out of the game and he didn’t return. Davis didn’t attempt a shot in his short Game 6 appearance, but did grab 1 rebound and dished out 1 assists. Would this series have went differently if Los Angeles had a healthy Davis? Unfortunately we’ll never know that, but there are always people who will speculate about that.

It also didn’t help the Lakers that Dennis Schroder really struggled in this series. Now Schroder played 38 minutes in Game 6 and did pitch in 20 points, but he was 6 of 14 shooting to get to those 20 points. In Game 5 Schroder didn’t even score in his 26 minutes of action going 0 for 9 from the filed including 0 for 4 from the 3-Point line. Obviously with Davis missing this game do to injury the Lakers needed Schroder to step up and unfortunately for the Lakers he didn’t.

Now the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs actually gets underway today, but we’re not quite done with the 1st round just yet. There is still one 1st round series that hasn’t been decided yet.

Kawhi Leonard scored 45 points and led the Los Angeles Clippers to a 104-97 win over the Dallas Mavericks last night. The Clippers win forces a Game 7 which will be played tomorrow afternoon in Los Angeles.

The road team in this series has had a great deal of success; so you have to wonder if the Mavericks will find a way to win Game 7 and move on. Or will the Clippers pick up a big Game 7 win on their home court. Just think if the Clippers end up losing Game 7 both of the Los Angeles team will be gone after the 1st round. How many people had that happening?

Let me know who you got in tomorrow’s game. You going with the Clippers at home? Or do you like the Mavericks to win this game?

With the Lakers now eliminated I’d also like to know who’s your favorite to win the NBA title?

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Well it looks like the saga between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers is back as the main story this NFL off season. For a while this story disappeared as everyone focused on the draft, but with that in the rearview mirror I guess people needed something to talk about.

In case you haven’t heard this story before it’s pretty simple. Rodgers informed the Packers that he o longer wanted to play for them. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone when the Packers said they had no interest in dealing him and that they’d like to work whatever this is out. Again no one was shocked when Rodgers didn’t report to Green Bay’s OTA’s and the Packers reiterated they have no desire to trade Rodgers.

Rodgers just won his third career MVP last season and you can certainly understand why Green Bay would like to hang onto a quarterback like that. It seems like the questions are; will Rodgers sit out or retire? Or will Green Bay give in and deal the player most consider the second best quarterback in the NFL?

If Rodgers is traded it seems as though the Denver Broncos are the front runners to land him, but what would a deal for a players like Rodgers look like. While the Packers do have Jordan Love on their roster you’d still have to think they’d receive one of the Broncos quarterbacks in this type of deal be it Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater, but what else would be included? I’ve heard different analyst say three 1st round picks would be part of this deal, but is that enough for a quarterback of Rodgers caliber?

I’m not sure what the internal problems are that Rodgers is having with the Packers, but they must be very serious if he’s willing to leave a team that is a Super Bowl contender every season with him under center. Could it really be that the drafting of Love in the 1st round in 2020 instead of taking a offensive weapon for Rodgers really have pushed him over the edge?

Maybe Rodgers saw the same scenario that led to him taking over the as Green Bay’s starting quarterback. Before Rodgers was the Packers starter they had another Hall of Fame quarterback taking snaps for them in Brett Favre. Now unlike the Favre situation Rodgers still has three years remaining on his contract with Green Bay.

If the Packers have decided to trade Rodgers it’s going to happen now. By waiting until after June 1st the Packers free up $16.05 million dollars in cap space. Of course by trading Rodgers the Packers would still be have to absorb a salary cap hit of $21.152 million dollars. Now that’s not as much as some teams had to handle this off season when a lot of teams moved quarterbacks, but that’s still a pretty big number for a team like Green Bay.

Now if Rodgers is actually traded you’d have to think that the Packers would word this deal very much like they did when they dealt Favre to the New York Jets. Remember when it became known that Favre would be available the Minnesota Vikings where the prime landing spot for him, but there was no way the Packers where going to trade him within their own division and have to face him twice a season. When Favre was traded to the Jets there was a clause in the deal that prohibited the Jets from trading Favre to an NFC North team. There’s no way the Packers would want to see Rodgers in someone else’s uniform; so let’s say he goes to the Broncos in a trade. I’d be willing to guess that there will be another clause that says that Rodgers can’t be traded to an NFC north or maybe even an NFC team.

I know there are people out their going wait Favre ended his career with the Vikings. How did he do that? Well the Jets released Favre and that made him eligible to sign with any team of his choosing and to the surprise of absolutely no one he decided to sign with Minnesota.

Now Rodgers does have one other option. He could just retire and walk away from the NFL, but he’d be leaving about $72 million dollars in salary and bonus money on the table. Now to be fair you’d like to think that Rodgers doesn’t need the money as he’s made close to $241 million dollars in his career. Of course we’ve seen situations like this where said player comes back because he wants that money, but is Rodgers that type of person?

Now no matter where this leads you have to give the Packers a little bit of credit for just standing their ground. In most of these cases the team in question is quaking in their boots about losing their star player in general make a bad trade to try and get something for that player. I guess now will just have to wait and see how this plays out between these two parties.

So what do you think. What uniform do you see Rodgers wearing when Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season comes around? Or let me know if you think Rodgers will simple walk away from the NFL.

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There seem to be quite a few injuries this season in Major League Baseball and we’re just coming up to June 1st. It seems like most of the injuries I’ve seen have something to do with the players legs as I see the word hamstring a lot. These injuries are piling up and we’re not even counting the obligatory arm injuries that pitchers suffer every season.

Now just to be clear what we’re talking about here: the hamstring is a group of three posterior thigh muscles that are in between the hip and the knee from medial to lateral semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. I’m sure we’ve all seen a player running down the baseline grab that back of his leg. Well what that player is grabbing at is the hamstring.

I’m not sure why we’re seeing so many of these injuries this season, but there always seems to be one injury that pops up quite a bit during a baseball season. You might remember that a few seasons ago it seemed like everybody had an oblique injury of some sort. this season it looks like the hamstring is the injury everyone is going to get.

Now the only explanation I’ve heard anybody try to give for this rash of injuries is the short season in 2020, but I’m not really sure that’s a contributing factor. While they did only play 60 games plus the playoffs last season they had a full off season and a complete spring training unlike the NHL and the NBA.

Now early in the NBA season their where some injuries that where blamed on the short off season, but you never heard anything from any NHL player about their off season. I can’t say I’m surprised by that as the NBA features the biggest bunch of complainers in professional sports.

Now if you look at the short 2020 season as the reason for these large amount of injuries that means we’re saying that a player who had an entire off season and a full spring training didn’t prepare himself for a full 162-game baseball season. Do you buy that? Because I don’t think I do. These players and coaching staffs know what needs to be done for the longest season of any professional sport and there’s very little chance a player who wasn’t injured either coming into the off season or in spring training didn’t prepare themselves for a 162-game season.

Now there are a few things that can cause a hamstring injury, but obviously in baseball these injuries happen when a player is running. It’s possible that the player has poor flexibility in his hamstring muscle and as he pushes it to beat out an infield hit or maybe get an extra base the muscle strain itself. It’s also possible that the player has a muscle imbalance If the muscle in the front of a players thigh (the quadriceps) is stronger than the hamstring muscles this can lead to a hamstring injury.

Those are two pretty solid medical reasons for a player to injury his hamstring, but there is one more not so much on the up and up to that might be contributing to these injuries. I’m not saying that any of these injured players are using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s), but the extra strain that PED’s have shown to put on muscles and tendons can easily lead to more injuries. Now to be fair there have been no reports that any of these injuries players have tested positive for PED’s and their have been no suspensions issued to any of these injured players, but unfortunately it is a possibility.

I did have one other thing that might be why we’re seen so many more injuries in baseball this season. It might be something as simple as the advances we’ve made in medicine and trainers, doctors and other staff members being able to diagnosis more injuries than before. Obviously it’s clear when a player grabs a body part that there’s something wrong, but how many times has a player come out of a game when it didn’t look like he was injured? It’s amazing how much these people know about the human body and how it works and what is wrong with it when something happens to it.

You also have to remember that more or less players are investments for teams and owners. When a player like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper or Fernando Tatis Jr. or any other star player gets injured their team is going to take extra time to make sure that they’re 100% before they’re allowed back onto the field. Owners have hundreds of millions of dollars invested i these players and while their contracts are insured to protect the owner if he truly wants his team to win he needs that star player healthy and on the field. Let’s not forget that it also helps the owner when it comes to attendance as these type of players put fans in the stands.

What do you think might be the cause of this what seems like a large amount of injuries?

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Have a safe Memorial Day

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Kristaps Porzingis of the Dallas Mavericks was fined $50,000 by the NBA for visiting a topless strip club while the Mavericks where in Los Angeles to play the Los Angeles Clippers in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs.

Porzingis’s visit is in violation of the NBA’s COVID-19 rules banning players from clubs or bars whether or not they’ve been vaccinated. Luckily for the Mavericks the NBA has decided that Porzingis won’t have to quarantine and also will not be suspended.

Last night Porzingis pitched in 20 points and grabbed 4 rebounds as his Mavericks beat the Clippers 127 to 121 in Game 2 of their playoffs series. The Mavericks won both games in Los Angeles and have a 2-0 lead in the series as they head back home to Dallas.

What this story leads to is the fact that over the weekend LeBron James attended a outdoor party that also did not meet with the NBA’s Covid-19 guidelines. It was a good thing that the NBA didn’t try to make Porzingis quarantine or even to go so far as suspend him because they leveled no penalties what so ever against James; not even a fine. The NBA would’ve looked pretty bad if they had punished Porzingis while James walked away with nothing.

It been made quite clear that there’s a double standard for James as well as the Los Angeles Lakers; so even before the fine for Porzingis was announced the NBA was already covering their tracks on why they took no action against James. Even TNT analyst Charles Barkley said that “the NBA didn’t have the balls to suspend LeBron”.

Now this isn’t the only incident with the Lakers that the NBA is going to be watched on how they handle it. This one involves Anthony Davis.

In last nights 109-102 win over the Portland Trail Blazers last night Davis not only helped the Lakers even their series at one game apiece, but he pitched in 34 points and 10 rebounds. Along the way to those numbers he also managed to kick Trail Blazers forward Jae Crowder in the groin.

Now there are a lot of people out there that are saying it was unintentional because it happened while Davis was taking a jump shot, but go out and find the video for yourself and make your own decision.

Let’s face it since Davis plays for the Lakers absolutely nothing is going to come from this, but you have to wonder how the NBA would’ve handle this if it would’ve been any other player or someone like Draymond Green.

When you look back at Barkley’s quote he seems to have it 100% correct not only with James, but with anyone on the Lakers. I’m not sure why, but the NBA sees the Lakers and James as their meal ticket to success. Now it is true that the league does better when there are good teams in Los Angeles and Boston, but don’t forget that the Lakers where in the NBA finals last season and those finals generated some of the lowest television ratings in NBA history. Don’t forget that these finals took place while the majority of the country was stuck at home do the the Covid-19 pandemic. What else was their to do that no one wanted to turn on the NBA finals with James and the Lakers in it?

There may be people out their that don’t know this, but there are 29 other NBA teams besides the Lakers. Most of these teams also have up and coming young stars that the NBA could build their future around, but instead they chose to focus their commercials and their other attention towards the 36 year old James. Now I don’t have a degree in marketing, but that seems like a terrible business plan for a league that has teams all over America and is considered to be worldwide.

So let me know what you think. Was the fine for Porzingis fair? Do you think that James also should’ve been fined? Or possibly forced to quarantine for attending that party? Also should the NBA punish Davis for his groin shot last night? And if so what should that punishment be?

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Last night in Major League Baseball there where multiple games with multiple home runs as well as multiple players with hit multiple home runs and while that’s what you’re going to see on the highlights and they are exciting it’s not the issue baseball has right now.

Last night the New York Yankees beat the Chicago White Sox 2-1. Now they’re going to try and sell this game to it’s fans as a pitchers duel what it really is was a showcase for how analytics has ruined the game of baseball.

Jordan Montgomery was the Yankees starting pitcher while Carlos Rodon started the game for the White Sox. Montgomery pitched 7 innings and allowed 4 hits and struck out 11 while Rodon pitched 6 innings gave up 2 hits and struck out 13. In total the Yankees struck out 15 times in the game while the White Sox struck out 11 times. That adds up to the White Sox putting the baseball in play for 16 outs while the Yankees struck out more times than they actually out the baseball in play. New York made 11 outs in the game that weren’t strikeouts.

Major League Baseball has been trying to figure out for years how to get younger fans interested in their game. Well I have a feeling that putting the baseball in play and not striking out 26 times by both teams combined might help. Now I am a huge baseball fan, but I don’t want to sit their and watch batter after batter strikeout.

Unfortunately analytics has preached to players that swing plain and launch angle are more important than being able to actually put the baseball into play. Players used to cut down their swings with two strikes and try to put the baseball in play and some of them even used to choke up on the bat to shorten their swings. Now even with two strikes batters swing just as hard as they can and try to hit the baseball out of the park. This has led to more and more and more strikeouts with probably even more to come. How exciting is that going to be for fans to watch?

Now baseballs answer to this appears to be moving the mound back because almost every pitcher throws 100 m.p.h. Is this really going to help? NO! At this point why don’t they just move the pitchers mound back to 2nd base and see how that works for them. Instead of going back and teaching hitters how to hit with two strikes Major League Baseball is blaming their strikeout problem on hard throwing pitchers. It might be true that hard throwing pitchers strikeout more batters if a batter knows how to hit with two strikes and is willing to take the ball the opposite way they can get hits off of even the hardest throwing pitcher.

Maybe you have a better solution. What would you like to see Major League Baseball do to try and cut down on strikeouts? Do you agree that moving the pitcher mound is the thing to do? Or do you have another maybe better idea for them to try?

Well if you’re one of the very, very few people who are interested the actual first round of the NBA playoffs starts today with four games today and four games tomorrow.

Today we start with the Milwaukee Bucks hosting the Miami Heat. Then it’s the Dallas Mavericks at the Los Angeles Clippers. Next we have the Boston Celtics at the Brooklyn Nets. While the final Saturday game has the Portland Trail Blazers at the Denver Nuggets.

Tomorrow we start with the Washington Wizards at the Philadelphia 76ers. Next it’s the Los Angeles Lakers at the Phoenix Suns. Then we have the Atlanta Hawks at the New York Knicks. Then the final game of the weekend has the Memphis Grizzlies at the Utah Jazz.

So are you watching the NBA playoffs? If so why?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: May 19, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

On Monday Yermin Mercedes of the Chicago White Sox hit a home run on a 3-0 count against Minnesota twins utility player Willians Astudillo despite getting the take sign from his manager Tony LaRussa. Now obviously with Astudillo on the mound the game was already out of hand; so you wouldn’t think this would become much of anything, but sadly LaRussa has made this an issue.

LaRussa actually called Mercedes “clueless” and mentioned that their would be consequences for his actions. Now maybe there is a fine involved for missing a sign, but Mercedes was in the White Sox line up last night and is also in the White Sox line up this afternoon. At least LaRussa was smart enough to keep Mercedes bat in the middle of the White Sox line up. With Jose Abreu missing the series against the Twins the White Sox offense would really suffer if Mercedes was held out of the line up by an out of touch manager.

The game of baseball has changed quite a bit since the last time LaRussa found himself in the dugout as a manager and it’s clear that he hasn’t caught up to where the game is right now. Don’t forget that earlier this season LaRussa didn’t know the extra innings rule and actually had Liam Hendricks go out and run the bases in extra innings when he could’ve had the pinch hitter who made the last out go out to 2nd base.

Now I get that White Sox owner Jerry Reisdorf and LaRussa go way back and that makes LaRussa untouchable, but you have to start wondering if he’s still a quality manager or if he was just given a team that ready to win. As the season moves on it’s becoming clear that LaRussa is lost in today’s game and you have to wonder if in the end the White Sox will be the one’s who pay the price.

LaRussa said yesterday that he didn’t think the issue he had with Mercedes has caused any kind of “rift” in the White Sox clubhouse, but other players on the team have already came out against LaRussa’s treatment of Mercedes. wouldn’t that be considered a “rift”?

Now LaRussa has tried to sell this as a “teachable” moment to the media and has also said that he believes that “sportsmanship” and “respect” are still important in baseball. This just goes back to the point of LaRussa losing touch with the game that he used to be involved in.

There was at least a couple of players outside of the White Sox clubhouse who said something about this situation and I guess no one will be surprised to find out that one of them was Trevor Bauer now of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bauer went onto Twitter and said “Dear hitters: If you hit a 3-0 homer off me, I will not consider it a crime. Dear people who are still mad about a hitter hitting: kindly get out of the game. Can’t believe we’re still talking about 3-0 swings. If you don’t like it, managers or pitchers, just be better”. Alex Wood who’s ow with the San Francisco Giants added “If there’s a position player pitching in a big league game all “rules” are out the window imho. Plus do y’all realize how hard that is to launch a 49 m.p.h. pitch 400 feet lol? Give the people what they want”.

Now realize that these are two pitcher who are commenting on this situation and it doesn’t seem to bother them. I’ve yet to see anyone who’s come out on LaRussa’s side in this.

White Sox pitcher Lance Lynn added this. “The way I see it, for position players on the mound, there are no rules”. “Let’s get the damn game over with. And if you have a problem with whatever happens, then put a pitcher out there. Can’t get mad when there’s a position player on the field and a guy takes a swing.”

How do you think this will affect the White Sox going forward? Going into today’s game the White Sox are currently in 1st place in the American League Central, but they did drop their game last night after LaRussa’s comments. Did LaRussa somehow submarine not only his team, but his relationship with his players by not being up to date on the game of baseball? Let me know what you think because right now I’m waiting for him to go and stand out in front of the White Sox dugout and start yelling at players to get off his lawn.

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How was your week

Posted: May 15, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I’m not sure how many people know this or are even paying attention to it, but the NHL regular season ends tonight and the playoffs actually start tonight. Did you know that?

The NHL playoffs kick of with just one game as the Washington Capitals host the Boston Bruins in an 1st round game in the East. Puck drop is schedule for 6:15 p.m. and the game will be on NBC.

Of course the one thing that the NHL has yet to work out is what will happen with the Canadian teams. On the plus side at least we know which four teams have qualified for the playoffs out of what was called the North division this season. One of the drawbacks is they still have regular season games to play do to some of them being postponed due to Covid-19. The other issue will be can whichever team wins the divisional playoffs be able to have whoever they’re scheduled to play come into Canada for playoff games.

The first two rounds of the playoffs are played within each of the four realigned divisions created for the 2020-21 season, including the all-Canadian North Division. But in the third round, the final four teams play each other. Currently, U.S. teams would be prohibited from playing in Canada without mandatory quarantines that would be impossible within the postseason calendar. The lone Canadian team remaining would either travel back and forth across the border against a U.S. opponent in the semifinals or, instead of playing its home games in Canada, would be housed in a U.S.-based arena for the semifinals and possibly the Stanley Cup Finals if the Canadian team advances to those.

The NHL had a conversation with the Canadian government eight days ago and presented them with a list of questions that they’ll need answered. The NHL has also set a June 1st deadline for the Canadian government to respond to them.

The NHL has looked at moving those playoff games into the U.S. if they have to and the oddity behind that is there would be actually be fans at these games. Fans are not currently permitted at home games for Canadian teams, while every U.S. team has been allowed to have fans at a limited capacity in its arena. In theory, the Canadian teams would have fans at home games played at neutral site U.S. arenas.

What may help the NHL will be the fact we’re only talking about one Canadian province. Right now there are four providences that are being dealt with, but obviously only one of those teams will advance out of the divisional playoffs.

The NHL is also hoping that since they’ve had very strict guidelines when it comes to their Covid-19 protocols that the Canadian government will be more receptive to their travel needs.

Here’s hoping that the Canadian government will allow travel between the United States and Canada; so the NHL can hold their playoffs.

One of thing I always like to pint out at this point in the Major League Baseball season is that it’s only May, but there are a lot of people especially in the media that just don’t seem to understand that.

If you remember just a couple of weeks ago it seemed as though everybody in the media was trying to figure out what was wrong with the New York Yankees. Now the Yankees where the trendy pick coming into this season to represent the American League in the World Series, but they got off to a slow start and their was nothing but panic for those media personalities that went on television somewhere and picked them. I just laughed every time I heard someone bring it up and we even discussed it on the Sports Time Radio podcast.

Well look here we’ve played just about 40 games in this baseball season and the Yankees who where in last place in the American League east at one point in time very and I mean very early in the season are now 20-17 and 2 games behind the division leading Boston Red Sox in that A.L. East.

Of course now that the Yankees seem to be back on track the media had to turn it’s attention to another team that a lot of them where backing to go to the World Series out of the National League; the Los Angeles Dodgers.

After getting off to a 13-2 start to the season everyone was convinced that the Dodgers would run away with more or less everything. Yeah after just 15 games this was the consensus; ridiculous right.

Well unfortunately the Dodgers suffered some injuries and their pitching hit a bit of a rough patch. Of course they weren’t going to continue winning 13 out of every 15 games, but the media led everyone to believe they would. As the Dodgers began to slip back to the pack in the National League West the panic set in and every show about baseball asked the question; what is wrong with the Dodgers?

They answer is plain and simple. They play 162 games in a full baseball regular season and teams are going to have to deal with injuries and they’ll have their ups and downs. Did the media really think that the Dodgers where going to continue to win at a .866 clip? If any of them did they’re incredibly stupid for thinking that.

The panic set in even more when the Dodgers fell into 3rd place in the N.L. West behind not only the San Diego Padres who where expected to be the Dodgers main competition this season, but also the San Francisco Giants. It’s actually the Giants who are holding onto 1st place in the N.L. West, but before you think it’s all gloom and doom for the Dodgers like you’ve been told it’s not. Los Angeles has won it’s last three games and are just 2 games behind the Giants in the N.L. west with a record of 21-17.

I guess the moral of the story here is any time you hear or see some baseball reporter loosing their mind because a team is struggle don’t but it just yet. It’s still way too early in the season to worry about any team hitting a rough patch and losing a few games in a row. A good team can easily turn things around and win just as many games in a row as they lost and be right back on track. Remember it’s only May!

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: May 12, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I don’t believe that it’s become official yet, but it appears as though Tim Tebow will be returning to the NFL as a member of the Jacksonville Jaquars. Now the Jaquars just used the 1st pick in the draft to select quarterback Trevor Lawrence as their franchise guy; so you might be wondering why they’d bring Tebow in. Well Tebow is actually going to do something that was suggested to him the last time he was in the NFL back in 2012; switch positions. Tebow will try to make the Jacksonville roster as a tight end.

Now it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that if Tebow decided to return to the NFL it would be for his former college coach Urban Meyer. Tebow spent four years playing under Meyer at the University of Florida. Of course Tebow was a quarterback for Meyer at Florida: so will see how the position change goes.

After college there was a lot of discussion about Tebow’s future in the NFL, but the Denver Broncos liked him enough to trade up in the 2010 draft and select Tebow in the 1st round with the 25th pick. Tebow spent two years with the Broncos and started 14 regular season games and 2 playoff games. Tebow record as Denver’s starting quarterback is 8-6 during the regular season and 1-1 in the playoffs, but that didn’t stop people from criticizing him.

After the 2011 season Tebow was traded by the Broncos along with a 2012 7th round pick to the New York Jets. I exchange Denver received a 4th and 6th round pick in the 2012 draft.

Tebow appeared in 12 games for the Jets during the 2012 season and started two games, but not at quarterback. After the 2012 the Jets released Tebow and he signed with the New England Patriots, but didn’t make the roster and was cut again. After not signing with any team for the 2014 season Tebow joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, but he didn’t make the final Eagles roster and was cut. That was Tebow’s final attempt to make an NFL roster until what looks like this coming season.

It looked like Tebow may have given up on his NFL dream or maybe just put it on the back burner and turned to a different sport. Tebow decided to give baseball a try and ended up signing with the New York Mets.

Tebow spent four years in the Mets minor league system and made it to Triple-A in 2019, but was just a career .223 hitting coming through the minors and it didn’t look like he would find his way onto a major league roster.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Tebow didn’t play baseball in 2020 and in February of this year Tebow announced his retirement from baseball.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I gave you a Tim Tebow retrospective. Well it’s mostly because I’m interested to see if he’ll be able to make it in the NFL at the age of 34 and I’m actually rooting for him to make the Jaquars just because I’m disillusioned by the way the media is treating Tebow as well as Urban Meyer over Tebow’s possible signing.

There have been a few multi-sport athletes in my lifetime with Bo Jackson being the best of them all. Both Dion Sanders and Brian Jordan played football and baseball and it was clear in both cases that football was their best sports. Now no one in the media jumped all over any of those players for trying to pay two professional sports, but there’s something about Tebow that just brings out the worst in the media and it seems like they’re almost rooting for him to fail and I don’t understand why.

I actually wonder if the media treats Tebow like this because he puts his faith front and center, but I don’t know why that would be an issue. I’m sure you’ve heard many interviews where the player being interviewed thanks the Lord before he starts talking, but for some reason it seems as though the media has taken exception when Tebow does it.

Help me out here. Did I miss a reason for the media to treat Tebow the way they do? I get that he wasn’t a great baseball player, but he never made it to the “show”. Don’t forget that Russell Wilson tried his hand at minor league baseball and wasn’t very good either. Was Tebow wasn’t a Hall of Fame NFL quarterback, but he did find ways to win games as a starter; isn’t winning the objective?

Let me know what you think.

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