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We’re not quite 15 games into the 2021 Major League Baseball season, but that hasn’t stopped people from overreacting. You have to remember tat this season isn’t a 60 game sprint like last season, but it’s a 162 game marathon like it always is. That means just because a team might be off to a 5-8 start like the New York Yankees are doesn’t mean they won’t end up winning the American League East like almost everyone predicted they would. It’s just way to early in the baseball season to panic.

Believe it or not I actually saw someone write that this three game weekend series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres was a battle for supremacy in the National League West. Now these teams will face each other 17 times during the regular season. Does the first three game series against each other really set the tone for the entire season? The Dodgers won game one of this series last night. What if they go on to sweep the Padres this time around; does that mean that San Diego has no chance to win the other 14 match ups?

I think everyone expects the Dodgers and the Padres to get into the playoffs this season and it would be a big surprise if one of them misses out. Let’s just say that the Dodgers do pull off the sweep this weekend and then San Diego rebounds and wins the next 14 games against them. Would that make the Padres the decided favorite if they met in the playoffs?

It very much the same situation when Aaron Rodgers told Green Bay Packers fans to “relax” when they where upset about how the team was playing very early in the season. No team has even played 15 games; so relax.

As of right now the Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and New York Mets are the 1st place teams in the National League while the Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners are the 1st place teams in the American League. How many of those teams do you have not only hanging onto 1st place, but actually getting into the playoffs?

Now their is one early season debate that I think might make some sense nd I’d like to know what you think about this. Has Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Atlanta Braves supplanted Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels as the best player in baseball?

This was the first time in quite a few years that trout wasn’t the #1 rated fantasy player coming into a draft. Believe it or not in Yahoo’s rankings Trout was ranked a #7 while Acuna Jr. was #1. In between then was Fernando Tatis Jr. at #2, Jacob deGroom at #3, Mookie Betts at #4, Juan Soto at #5 and Gerrit Cole at #6. I don’t necessarily agree with these rankings, but that’s how Yahoo had it laid out for fantasy players coming into this season.

Currently the Top 5 in Yahoo fantasy for the season so far has Acuna Jr. at #1. He ‘s followed by Jake McGee, Corbin Burnes and Joe Musgrove at 2,3 and 4 then we get another position player to round out the Top 5 as Manny Machado makes an appearance.

Now if Acuna Jr. hasn’t taken over as the best player in baseball he is currently the most exciting. Of course being off to a great start has helped Acuna Jr’s candidacy to become the best player in baseball. He’s currently the stat leader in eight offensive categories including home runs which you know the analytic experts love. Adding to Acuna Jr’s case is the fact that he’s scored from 3rd base on a pop up to the second baseman and a routine ground out.

You may not realize this, but Acuna Jr. is just 23 years old and won’t turn 24 years old until December. A lot of everyday players don’t hit their peak until after the age of 25; so it’s quite possible that Acuna Jr. may become a better player than he is right now.

Trout himself is off to a good start. He’s hitting .386 with on On Base of .526 and a Slugging Percentage of .750. Those aren’t bad numbers to start a season off with and they’re close to being in line with numbers Trout has put up for entire seasons with the exception of the batting average.

Now is Trout’s 10th full season in the majors and he’ll turn 30 years old this August; so if he does slip back to the 2nd or even 3rd best player in baseball it wouldn’t be that big of a regression and unfortunately it’s bound to happen soon or later, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be this season.

Let me know who you think the best player in baseball currently is. I’d be interested to know who you’re picking.

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For quite a few years now Major League Baseball has been trying to get younger fans to watch their games. Somewhere down the line they decided that the way to do this was to speed up the game, but that doesn’t seem to have worked. Then they went back to something that had worked for them before by having more home runs hit. After the last strike in the 90’s fans where really turning against the game of baseball, but the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa home run chase brought fans back to the game. This time baseball allowed the baseballs to be “juiced”; so more home runs would be hit by everyone this time, but it didn’t seem to work this this time around. Then they decided that the games where too long and they added some new rules to help shorten them. Unfortunately some of the rules they’ve added aren’t helping the game at all, but will have to get into those another time. The thing that makes baseball tough to watch is something that they can’t control and that was the addition of analytics. As teams started to embrace analytics what no one realized was it would turn baseball into almost exclusively a three outcome game. By using analytics baseball has become a home run, walk or strikeout game and let’s face it that no fun to watch even for someone like me who’s been a lifelong baseball fan.

Now fortunately for us long time fanes there are those moments in baseball where it shows us the actual beauty of the game and reminds us why we love it so much. Last night we had one of those moments.

For the first time in the history of the San Diego Padres they had a pitcher throw a no-hitter. Joe Musgrove threw 112 pitches and struck out 10 Texas Rangers last night on his way to the first no-hitter in Padres history.

Musgrove faced 28 hitters last night as the only Rangers player who managed to reach base against Musgrove was Joey Gallo who was hit by a pitch in the Top of the 4th inning.

Musgrove’s family have been long time Padres season ticket holders and Musgrove wears #44 in honor of former Padres pitcher and former Cy Young award winner Jake Peavey.

Musgrove in in his 6th major league season and was acquired by the Padres this past off season from the Pittsburgh Pirates in a three team trade that also involved the New York Mets. To get Musgrove the Padres sent starter Joey Lucchesi to the Mets. San Diego also sent four minor leaguers Omar Cruz, Drake Fellows, Hudson Head and Dave Bednar to the Pirates. Pittsburgh also received Endy Rodriguez from the Mets in this deal as well.

This was actually the third time in Musgrove’s career that he had been traded. He was originally a 1st round draft pick of the Toronto Blue jays, but they traded him to the Houston Astros who he made his major league debut for on August 2nd of 2016. After the 2017 season Musgrove was sent by the Astros to the Pirates as part of the trade that brought Gerrit Cole to Houston. Musgrove spent three seasons with the Pirates, but injuries limited him in two of those. He’s now made two starts for the Padres and so far so good as Musgrove is 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA over 15 innings with 18 strikeouts and 0 walks. Not a bad start for the team he’s rooted for since he was a kid.

This was the first no-hitter for a franchise that is in it’s 53rd season as they started play in 1969. For those people who like this kind of thing last night was the Padres 8206th regular season game. Until last night the Padres had been the only team in Major League Baseball that hadn’t had a pitcher throw a no-hitter for them. Well that can no longer be said as Musgrove changed that.

How about one more odd fact from Musgrove’s no-hitter last night. Before Musgrove threw his no-hitter last night the last no-hitter was by Alec Mills of the Chicago Cubs on September 13th of last season (2020). The catcher for Mills no-hitter was Victor Caratini who was acquired by the Padres along with Yu Darvish this past off season from the Cubs and he just happened to be catching last night for Musgrove.

Did you get to see Musgrove’s no-hitter? Either way; what do you think of Musgrove’s no-hitter and the Padres finally getting a no-hitter in their history?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Now at this time of year you can almost always as yourself; do the New York Jets know what they’re doing? Now there are plenty of good reasons for that question and will have to see if the latest move they just made falls into that category.

The Jets gave into what almost seemed to be pressure from the media and traded Sam Darnold. Darnold went to the Carolina Panthers and for a former #3 overall pick the Jets didn’t get much in return. New York will receive a 6th round pick in this upcoming draft along with a 2nd and a 4th round pick in the 2022 draft.

The Jets own the #2 overall pick in this upcoming draft and it’s now clear that they will also be taking a quarterback and it appears as they’ve settle on Zach Wilson out of BYU. Now the Jets hired a new head coach this off season and in a lot of cases new head coaches like to have their own quarterback when they take over and the Jets are doing that for Robert Saleh. Now will have to wait and see if it’s the right quarterback.

As for Darnold it’s been reported that he’ll be the Panthers starting quarterback next season even though Teddy Bridgewater is still on their roster. You have to wonder if the Panthers will try to use Bridgewater as trade bait with some of the other teams out their that are still looking for a quarterback. Dealing Bridgewater could also help Carolina recoup some of the draft picks they just gave up to get Darnold.

Don’t forget that Darnold will be just 24 years old at the start of the season and never really had much of a team put around him in New York. The biggest question about Darnold might be; can he stay healthy for a full season? Darnold has never played more than 13 games in his three year career; so that may be some motivation for Carolina to hang on to Bridgewater just in case Darnold gets injured during the season.

Adam Gase was the Jets head coach that was supposed to develop Darnold into and NFL quarterback, but obviously that didn’t happen. In 38 starts for the Jets the team went 13-25 with Darnold. He threw for 8097 yards in those 38 games with 45 touchdowns and 39 interceptions. Last season Darnold actually threw more interceptions (11) than he did touchdowns (9). That’s never a good stat for a quarterback. One thing for sure that would help Darnold improve immediately would be if the Panthers can find a way to keep him upright. In his three seasons with the Jets Darnold was sacked 30 times in 2018, 33 times in 2019 and 35 times last season. Those are big sack totals for a young quarterback to dal with and it’s not like Darnold can’t run a little.

Now it’s Carolina’s head coach Matt Rhule’s job to turn Darnold into the quarterback people thought he’d be when he was the 3rd pick in the 2018 draft.

Let me know what you think of this trade. Did the Jets get enough in return for Darnold? How do you think Darnold will do with his new team?

With the Darnold trade it looks like we’ll see quarterbacks taken with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks in this upcoming draft. It would be a huge shock if the Jacksonville Jaquars didn’t take Trevor Lawrence with the #1 overall pick. Now it looks like the Jets will go with Wilson at #2 and all report seem to have the San Francisco 49ers; who now own the 3rd pick in the draft from a trade they made a week or so ago taking Mac Jones. There are no real questions in the draft until we get to the 4th pick which is currently owned by the Atlanta Falcons.

There was some talk and even in some early mock drafts that the Falcons would also be selecting a quarterback, but that has changed lately. The Falcons themselves have come out and said that they would listen to trade offers for that #4 pick and now in most cases if the Falcons end up holding onto that 4th pick most new mock drafts have them adding Kyle Pitts the tight end from Florida.

What the Falcons do will they a lot about where their franchise might be headed very soon. They have a veteran quarterback already in Matt Ryan; so you have to wonder if they would take his successor in this draft or if they would wait another year or two. The Falcons have Ryan under contract until the 2023 season; so if they where to draft a young quarterback he’d have some time to sit behind a veteran quarterback and learn the NFL game unlike a lot of quarterback do in today’s game.

While it may not make sense for the Falcons to draft a quarterback trading that pick could bring them the windfall they need to compete in a division that features the New Orleans Saints and the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Is it possible that a team like the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears or the Washington Football Team be willing to give up enough to move up to that #4 pick. San Francisco gave up three 1st round picks and a 3rd round pick to move up from #12 to #3 you have to wonder if Atlanta would want a similar return for a team to move into that 4th spot.

We’re just 22 days away from the NFL draft; so it won’t be long until we find out who ends up doing what.

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How was your week

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We’re two days into the Major League Baseball season; so it’s a way, way too early to start to worry about how your favorite team started off the season. Now of course there are people who do that and to be fair there are some good and bad in the first couple of days, but it’s so, so early in the season let’s just stick with the good.

Now I had multiple fantasy baseball drafts and as I’ve mentioned the drafts we have linked to the Sports Time Radio podcast have 20 in each of them. Now in none of the leagues I’m in did I see anyone pick Yermin Mercedes of the Chicago White Sox. Now I can understand why no one including myself selected Mercedes in their fantasy drafts. He’s the White Sox third string catcher and it was unclear how much playing time he’d actually get. Well he got his start start at the major league level last night for the White Sox as their Designated Hitter. So how did Mercedes do; well he became the first player in the modern era of baseball to go 5 for 5 in his first career start.

Now the last player to get 5 hits in his first career start was Cecil Travis of the Washington Senators who went 5 for 7 in his first career start in 1933. Before Travis you have to go back to 1894 to find another player who picked up 5 hits in their first career start. Fred Clarke of the Louisville Colonels was the player who accomplished that feat in 1894.

Mercedes had singles in the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th innings before ending his 5 hit night with a two run double in the 9th inning. Mercedes also drove in two runs with his first hit of the game; so not only did he go 5 for 5 he also drove in four runs in the White Sox 12-8 win over the Los Angeles Angels.

Mercedes started his career with the Washington Nationals in 2011, but after three seasons in their minor league system where he never played above their Dominican Summer League he was let go. Mercedes then spent three years playing in Independent league and the Dominican Winter League before being signed by the Baltimore Orioles in 2015. As Mercedes was making his way through the Orioles minor league system where he made it as high as Double-A he was left unprotected and the White Sox selected him as a Rule-5 pick. Now Mercedes actually made his major league debut last season, but he only got one at bat at the big league level; so it was a little bigger platform for him last night.

Now it is odd in this day and age for a major league team to carry three catcher, but with the White Sox being in the American League they do have that DH spot they can use for an extra spot. You also have to wonder if Eloy Jimenez hadn’t suffered the injury he did if the White Sox would’ve kept Mercedes on the roster or if he’d be catching at the alternative training site instead.

Luckily after the unfortunate injury to Jimenez the White Sox made the decision to keep Mercedes on the big club and while I don’t think anyone expects Mercedes to continue to produce like he did last night it is good story to start off the Major League Baseball season.

Now the other item I really liked from these first couple of days of the baseball season is the fact that the first home run of the season was hit by Miguel Cabrera.

Cabrera’s team the Detroit Tigers where facing the Cleveland Indians who where starting 2020 Cy Young award winner Shane Bieber on opening day. Since the Tigers are in rebuilding mode and they where facing a pitcher who was dominant last season in Bieber it looked like Detroit would start the season off 0-1. Well in baseball things don’t always go as planned.

After the Indians didn’t score in the Top of the 1st inning Bieber took the mound to face the Tigers line up. Robbie Grossman lined out to left field for the first out of the inning. Jeimer Candelario singled to left field for the Tigers first hit of the 2021 season. Bieber then recorded his first strikeout of the season by getting Willi Castro swinging for the second out of the inning. That brought up Cabrera. Now the fan fair isn’t quite what it was for Cabrera since he’s had some down years, but he’s still a future Hall of Famer. Cabrera took the first two pitches in his at bat; one for a ball and one for a strike. The third pitch of the at bat was a fastball that Cabrera hit through the snowflakes just far enough to get over the right field wall or a two run homer.

Humorously with it snowing Cabrera didn’t see the ball go over the wall and as it bounced back into play after hitting off a rail Cabrera slide into 2nd base not knowing he had just hit a home run.

Cabrera’s home run gave the Tigers an early 2-0 lead and Detroit went on to win their season opener 3-2 over the Indians.

I’d be interested to know what you enjoyed from the first couple days of the Major League Baseball season.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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We’re just two days away from the start of what Major League Baseball hopes will be a 162 game regular season. I honestly hope they’re right because I’d love to see a full season of baseball.

As we head into the season it seems that a lot of people think that we’re going to get a classic World Series match up between the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees and I can understand why people think it’s going to come down to those two teams, but just for fun let’s take a look at some other teams that might factor in before it’s all said and done.

While the Dodgers went out and signed the best free agent pitcher on the open market in Trevor Bauer the San Diego Padres traded for three quality starters to add to their rotation. It’s clear that the National League West is the most top heavy division in baseball. If somehow the Dodgers don’t finish in 1st place the Padres probably would, but both teams should end up in the playoffs. Not only should both teams make the playoffs, but it appears as though they’re destin to meet in a seven game National League Championship Series. If they do get their who knows which team might win that and move on to the World Series.

Over in the National League East there are a few teams that have drawn interest from a lot of people. The Atlanta Braves still have a quality young core of players; so they’ll definitely be a factor in this division again. The New York Mets made a big time addition in trading for Francisco Lindor and they already have some quality starting pitching; so they might also be a team that wins this division. The Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies seem to be just a step behind New York and Atlanta in what is easily the best division in Major League Baseball. This should be the most interesting division to watch this season.

While the National League East is the best division in baseball the National League Central is the worst. The St. louis Cardinals made the biggest addition by trading for Nolan Arenado, but they also have three pitchers on the Injured list to start the season; so while they look like the favorite it’s not clear cut. The Milwaukee Brewers do what the Brewers do every off season. They added some lower tier pieces through trades and free agency and they’re hoping that’s enough to help them compete in a very weak division and it might be. No one seems to know what the Chicago Cubs or the Cincinnati Reds are doing and while the Reds have a everyday line up that can compete if they deal Sonny Gray and Luis Castillo like they’ve been trying to do all season they’ll have to win their games 12-11. As for the Cubs. Instead of dominating this division for years like they should’ve Theo Epstein ran away and the owner didn’t allow them to spend any money; so they’ll fade away like the Cubs used to.

Now the Yankees look like the best team in the American League East, but the Toronto Blue Jays seem to be up and coming quickly. Toronto added George Springer in free agency and they also brought in Kirby Yates to close games, but he won’t be pitching for them this season and will undergo Tommy John surgery. If Toronto can find someone to fill Yates’ role effectively maybe they can compete with New York. After get to the World series last season the Tampa Bay Rays decided to trade their #1 starting pitcher and try something different. With the exception of Tyler Glasnow; who’s now their #1 starter Tampa Bay is going to try to use eight to nine starting pitchers getting 100 innings out of each of them. I guess will see how it works for them, but I doubt it leads to them being able to hang with New York or Toronto.

The American League West looks like another weak division with the exception of Houston Astros and possibly the Los Angeles Angels. The Astros will have to manage to get through this season without Justin Verlander, but luckily they’re in the right division to do that. The Angels where unable to add a top of the rotation starting pitcher, but they did bring in some arms that upgraded the bottom of their rotation. Unfortunately it looks like the Oakland A’s took some big steps backwards this off season, but they do have quite a few young pitchers; so maybe they’ll find something with a couple of them. It looks like the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers will battle it out for last place in this division.

The American League Central could end up being a three team race. It appears as the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox are just slightly ahead of the Cleveland Indians, but the Indians may have the best starting rotation out of those three teams and that could help them stay with the Twins and the White Sox. The White Sox where dealt a blow when Eloy Jimenez torn a pectoral muscle; he had surgery yesterday and will be out 5 to 6 months. The Twins will probably need a full healthy season out of Josh Donaldson as well as Nelson Cruz being able to continue to hit like he isn’t 40 years old. So there are enough questions about the Twins and the White Sox that if the Indians don’t sell off pieces like they’ve been rumored to do for the past couple of seasons they might be able to hang around in this division.

Let me know who you think is going to win which division and which teams will grab wild card spots.

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How was your week

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The Miami Dolphins shook up the 1st round of the upcoming NFL draft by making not one, but two trades involving 1st round picks. Here’s what the Dolphins did yesterday.

Miami started the day with the #3 overall pick in the draft and believe it or not there where quite a few experts who thought that the Dolphins should use that pick to take a quarterback. Now remember these are also the same people who thought that the Dolphins needed a quarterback in last years draft. In the end the Dolphins used the 5th pick in the 2020 draft to take Tua Tagovailoa: so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the Dolphins to take another young quarterback in this draft and luckily their front office was smart enough to not listen to the those “experts”.

The first trade the Dolphins made yesterday saw them send that #3 pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 12th pick in the 1st round as well as a 1st and 3rd round pick in 2022 and a 1st round pick in 2023. Then the Dolphins took that 12th pick they had just acquired from San Francisco and sent it to the Philadelphia Eagles for the 6th pick in the draft. Now the Eagles also got the 123rd pick in this years draft and a 2022 1st rounder. Miami also received the 156th pick in this years draft.

So in the end the 49ers are now picking 3rd; the Dolphins will pick 6th and the Eagles will pick 12th in the first round of the upcoming draft.

After the trade was made the questions started on what the 49ers might do with that #3 pick. San Francisco announced that they didn’t have any plans to trade their current quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, but it’s assumed that the 49ers traded up to get one of the young quarterbacks in this draft. Now there have been plenty of reports about how the 49ers where ready to move on from Garoppolo; so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they selected a quarterback with that newly acquired #3 pick. It also wouldn’t be a bad thing to keep Garoppolo on their roster as that newly drafted quarterback learns the system and adjusts to the NFL game.

I’m not sure how many people remember this, but that’s how teams used to groom starting quarterbacks. They would draft a young quarterback and then he would normally sit behind the incumbent starter for a season or more and just watch and learn until the team felt he was ready to take over as the starter. Somewhere down the line things changed and young quarterbacks are rushed into starting roles in a lot of cases when they’re not ready to be an NFL starter.

In the end this deal may work out well for the 49ers; if they land the right quarterback in this draft, but they did give up quite a bit of draft capital to get into that 3rd spot.

With the move back to the 6th spot in the draft it’s clear that the Dolphins have settled on Tagovailoa as their starting quarterback and that they’ll try to build their team around him. With this pick Miami will have an opportunity to get Tagovailoa weapon on offense.

The Dolphins added wide receiver Will Fuller in free agency, but Fuller will miss the first couple games of the 2021 season as he serves out a suspension he received last season.

By moving back in the draft it not only allowed Miami to add more draft picks down the road, but at #6 they should still have their choice of the top receivers in this draft. Baring another team moving up in front of Miami in the draft they should have their choice of wide receivers Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle or Heisman trophy winner DeVonta Smith. If the Dolphins don’t go with a wide receiver it’s possible they might take tight end Kyle Pitts who a lot of people think is the best overall receiver in this draft.

What was really interesting was that the Eagles decided to move back in the draft as they appear to be in sort of a rebuild mode. Obviously adding the extra 1st round pick will help them in this process and if they hit on that 123rd pick in this upcoming draft this trade will turn out well for them.

I’m sure the Eagles hope that moving back to the 12th pick won’t hurt them too much and that one of those receivers will be available when that 12th pick rolls around. Philadelphia has already made the decision that Jalen Hurts is their quarterback; so ow they need to find some receivers to put around him; so if I had to guess I’d say that’s where they’ll go with that 12th pick.

Now I’m sure you’ve already heard who won this trade and all of the things that come along with trades like this, but do we really know yet? We have absolutely no idea which team is going to take which player or how that player is going to work out in the NFL. We also don’t know if these teams are done dealing even though it looks like they are, but you never know.

The funniest thing about this trade is that the biggest winner out of all of this may be the New York Jets. The Jets currently hold the #2 pick in the draft and if they decide that Sam Darnold is their quarterback imagine what they could get for that pick if they traded it.

There are still a couple of teams in the market for a young quarterback and it looks like if they want one they’re going to have to move up in the draft to get one. You have to wonder if one of those teams would be willing to give up multiple 1st round draft picks to get what they’d hope is their franchise quarterback?

Now if the Jets decide to move on from Darnold they’d probably use that #2 pick to select their future quarterback. That means that Darnold would be available for one of those teams that is looking for a quarterback and he’d probably come a lot cheaper in a trade than that #2 overall pick would.

In all honesty I think that the Jets should hold onto Darnold and sell that #2 pick to the highest bidder, but since the Jets will be coming into this season with a new head coach and coaching staff it’s possible they might want their own young quarterback to work with.

It won’t take long to see how this all plays out as the NFL draft is only a little over a month away.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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With their young players developing and the addition of a few veteran free agents the Toronto Blue Jays have been a trendy pick this off season. Well yesterday the Blue Jays chances for the 2021 season took a big hit as two of the veteran free agents they signed where injured.

First the Blue Jays announced that George Springer suffered a Grade 2 oblique. Toronto signed Springer to a 6 year $150 million dollar deal this off season and now it’s unclear if he’ll be available for opening day. While it seems that the team thinks Springer will be ready at the start of the season we’ve all seen these type of injuries linger; so will have to wait and see how his recovery goes. On the plus side the if Springer is healthy enough the Blue Jays could plug him in as their DH until he’s fully recovered and ready to play in their outfield.

Right now the bigger issue for the Blue Jays is; who’s going to close games? Toronto took a chance and signed former San Diego Padres closer Kirby Yates to a 1 year $5.5 million dollar deal this off season. Last season Yates only pitched 4 1/3rd innings for San Diego before he was sidelined with arm trouble and now it looks like he’s having trouble with his arm again. It’s been reported that Yates suffered a flexor strain on Monday and it appears as though he’s headed for Tommy John surgery.

Now the Blue Jays had handed Yates the closer role and didn’t even bring another pitcher in with any type of closing experience.

So who will the Blue Jays turn to at the end of games? Well it seems as though they’ll be going with a closer by committee set up and it appears as though there are four pitchers that may try and close games for Toronto.

Jordan Romano has 32 games of major league experience, but did have some success out of the Toronto bullpen last season picking up 2 saves and posting an ERA of 1.23. Rafael Dolis also had some success out of the Toronto bullpen last season. Dolis appeared in 24 games picking up 5 saves and posting an ERA of 1.55. David Phelps is another option at the end of games. Phelps is entering his 9th major league season, but only has 6 career saves; so he’s been used as a set up guy and has never closed on a consistent basis. Tyler Chatwood seems to be the other option to close games for the Blue Jays. Chatwood is entering his 10th season and has appeared in 197 games, but 143 of those appearances was as a starter. Chatwood does have 3 career saves and spent quite a bit of time the last two season coming out of the bullpen for the Chicago Cubs.

Now if Romano and Dolis can continue with the success they might be able to split the closer workload and give the Blue Jays what they need, but if they struggle Toronto might have to look elsewhere and there are a few options still available.

Toronto’s former closer Roberto Osuna could be an option. Now Osuna only pitched in 4 games covering 4 1/3rd innings last season because of arm trouble. It was recommended that Osuna undergo Tommy John surgery, but he chose to rehab his arm instead. On March 12th Osuna held a showcase for teams to take a look at him, but I don’t know if the Blue Jays where one of the teams that attended.

David Robertson could be another option for Toronto. Robertson missed all of last season and only pitched in 7 games in the 2019 season. He had Tommy John surgery, but with almost two full years off should be ready to go. Now Robertson will be 36 years old next month, but he does have three seasons of 34 or more saves on his resume.

A. J. Ramos is still a free agent. Ramos appeared in just three games for the Colorado Rockies last season as he’s another pitcher coming back from Tommy John surgery which cost him the entire 2019 season. Ramos has had a 40 save season, but the issue with him is he’s always been that closer you’re concerned with as he seems to get himself in trouble in a lot of his saves.

Shane Greene is the final pitcher still on the free agent market that has closing experience. Last season Greene pitched out of the Atlanta Braves bullpen as a set up man. He appeared in 28 games for Atlanta and posted an ERA of 2.60. Now before being acquired by Atlanta Greene was closing for the Detroit Tigers and had a career high 32 saves in 2018.

What do you think Toronto will do with their closer role? Will they stand pat and hope that the guys they already have on their roster can fill the void that Yates injury created? Or will they bring in one of these four veterans that have closing experience and see if they can help the back end of their bullpen? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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How was your week

Posted: March 20, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The new NFL season officially started on March 17th. That means all of the trades and signings you heard about before that date have now become official. I do find it odd that a league like the NFL has to have a start date for their next season, but that’s how they do it.

Like every NFL off season when teams are allowed to sign free agent the action gets hot and heavy. In what came as a surprise to a lot of people this off season the New England Patriots where one of the most active teams in free agency. After a down 2020 season the Patriots had some holes to fill and they wasted absolutely no time find the players they wanted in free agency and getting them signed.

Now of course since it is the Patriots we’re talking about there where quite a few people who criticized the moves they made, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by that.

New England landed the top two tight ends on the free agent market. First the Patriots signed Jonnu Smith to a four year $50 million dollar deal. Then the next day New England inked tight end Hunter Henry to a three year $37.5 million dollar deal. Now I heard a lot of people who get paid to talk about this kind of stuff on television take shots at the Patriots for signing two tight ends. I guess these people forgot about the success that New England had when they found ways to use Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez on the field together.

I understand that the thing to do is take shots at the Patriots any chance you get, but this one didn’t make a lot of sense to me. You also have to remember that Henry has never played a full season in his five year NFL career. I guess these analysts also forgot that Smith missed about a game and a half last season due to injury.

Maybe I missed this memo, but do NFL teams no longer carry more than one tight end on the roster. Going into to training camp last season the Chicago Bears actually had nine or ten tight ends listed on their roster.

I’m hoping there’s someone out there that can explain the thinking behind taking shots at the Patriots for these moves. Is it anything more that it’s the Patriots and they’ve been good for so long that people just want to find ways to tear them down.

Now tight end wasn’t the only offensive skill position were the Patriots brought in multiple players. New England also added two wide receivers in free agency. Kendrick Bourne signed a three year $15 million dollar deal while Nelson Agholor agreed to a two year $22 million dollar deal. It also appears as New England is going to go with Cam Newton as their quarterback again. Newton was signed to a one year $5.1 million dollar extension by the Patriots.

Now it wasn’t just offense the Patriots where after during this free agent signing spree. They also added one of the best pass rusher available in the free agent market. New England added Matthew Judon on a four year $54 million dollar deal. Judon is a two-time Pro Bowler and has 34 1/2 career sacks with 6 of those sacks coming last season as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Now of course no one can tell how these signings will work out, but it appears as though most people are hoping that they all fall flat on New England. I’m not a fan of the Patriots, but I also don’t root against them either; so I find it odd that people who actually get paid to talk about the NFL actually come off as rooting against a certain team.

It appears as these moves all make sense for New England and they need them to work out as they’re in a division with the Buffalo Bills who look like they’re in a position to win again. Then there’s also the Miami Dolphins who improved greatly last season and if Tua Tagovailoa improves as their starting quarterback they’ll be a contender in the AFC East as well.

What do you think about the free agent singings the Patriots made? I’d also be interested to know if you’re a fan of the Patriots? Or if you’re someone who wants to see them fail?

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament started yesterday and I’m sure to no one’s surprise there where some upsets on Day 1. A couple of the bigger upsets involved two Big Ten teams as #2 seeded Ohio St. fell to 15th seeded Oral Roberts 75-72 in overtime. Also in overtime #4 seeded Purdue dropped it’s game to 13th seeded North Texas 78-69.

Those weren’t the only two first day upsets. Here are some other lower seeded teams that got past higher seeded teams on the first day of tournament action.

I’m not even sure if it’s an upset anymore when a 12th seed beats a 5th seed, but 12th seeded Oregon State beat 5th seeded Tennessee 70-56. As a #10 seed Rutgers was able to get past #7 seeded Clemson 60-56. 11th seeded Syracuse beat #6 seeded San Diego St. 78-62 and a lot of people had San Diego St. as their lower seeded team that would make a tournament run.

Will have to see how the rest of the first round goes today and if there are any more upsets.

One final question for you. How does your bracket look after just one day?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: March 17, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Do you have your NCAA tournament bracket up and ready to go? If not you better get gong on it because the tournament play-in games are tomorrow.

How many brackets do you actually fill out? I’m not over the top like some people. I do two brackets every year, but this year I did a third as I helped Dan the Man out with his NCAA office pool. Now I have Gonzaga winning in one of my brackets and then I went with Illinois in my other bracket. Now that might’ve been a homer pick as I live in the Chicago suburbs. What that also means is neither team will win the NCAA title and will probably be upset early in the tournament because I picked them. It just seems that’s how things go for me when it comes to my NCAA bracket and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Not the Big Ten was clearly the best conference in college basketball this season and it showed in the NCAA brackets. Illinois and Michigan are #1 seeds while Ohio State and Iowa grab #2 seeds. Purdue also made the NCAA tournament field and they where seed at #4. You can also add four other Big Ten teams into the NCAA field. Wisconsin is an 8th seed while Rutgers is in as a 9th seed. Maryland is also in the field as a 10th seed and the final Big Ten team in the field is Michigan State who is an 11th seed and will be facing UCLA in one of tomorrow’s play-in games.

Does this mean a Big Ten team will win the tournament; not necessarily. I did hear quite a few experts say that they thought Illinois was playing the best basketball coming into the tournament, but will that carry over into the tournament since they’ll be off for four days before they play their opening round game.

Now don’t forget that the 1st round will be on Friday and Saturday this year. Normally it’s Thursday and Friday, but not this season. The 2nd round games will be played on Sunday and Monday. Will still have a lot of college basketball over a four day period; it’s just going to start a day later than we’re used to.

Now the Big Ten wasn’t the only conference that got a good number of teams into the NCAA tournament. The Big 12 and the ACC each got seven teams into the NCAA tournament. The SEC got six team in while the PAC 12 got five teams in. The Big East got four teams into the NCAA tournament while the American, Atlantic 10, Mountain West, Missouri Valley and the West Coast Conference all sent two teams to the tournament.

Now everybody is always looking for those 1st round upsets when they’re filling out their brackets. The best bet for these upsets seems to be a 12th seed beating a 5th seed. That means teams like Georgetown, Oregon State, Winthrop and UCSB will be popular upset picks in Round 1. It’s a very good bet that all of the #1 seeds win their first game as only one time in NCAA tournament history has a 16th seed beaten a #1 seed, but with the way this year has went we see an upset like that again?

There also always seems to be one lower seeded team that makes it farther than anyone expected. In my bracket I have San Diego St. advancing to the Elite Eight. San Diego St. is a #7 seed; so they’ll have to pull off an upset or two to get to the Elite Eight, but they where my surprise team. Of course since I’m picking them they’ll end up going out in the 1st round.

I’d be very interested to know some things about your NCAA tournament brackets. How many brackets do you fill out? How do you have winning the tournament? Who’s your sleeper team or teams?

I wish you good luck with your bracket and I hope you’re not someone who ends up with the bracket being a complete mess after these first couple of rounds of games.

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How was your week

Posted: March 13, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I look forward to the NFL draft and I’m one of the few people who will end up watching all three days. All I want now is for the draft to get here so I can stop seeing and hearing about these mock drafts. Let’s face it very few of the people who put these out every get any of the picks correct and now that they’re all putting out about 100 mock drafts each there seems to be a new one everyday. I just need it to be over; please.

Here’s what I’m finding humorous about these mock drafts. If you remember just last season both the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills needed to draft new quarterbacks because Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen weren’t what these teams needed. Now I understand that I’m getting older and my memory isn’t what it used to be, but didn’t the Browns and the Bills not only make the playoffs last season didn’t each team also win a playoff game? Would they have done that if they had listened to the draft experts and started over with a new quarterback? I doubt it.

The Bills tied for the second best record in the NFL at 13-3 and Josh Allen’s name was mentioned in the MVP conversation. The Browns went 11-5 in a division where they were the third team to win 11 games or more. Again I ask; would either team have done this if they had listened to the draft experts and started over with a new quarterback?

So we get to this upcoming draft. Now it makes perfect sense for the Jacksonville Jaquars to select a quarterback with the #1 pick. I believe every mock draft I’ve seen has them taking Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with that pick and it will probably be the only selection a lot of those mock drafts get right. Oddly the majority of the mock drafts I’ve seen has the next three draft picks also being quarterbacks with a fourth quarterback going in the Top 10. Does this make sense?

After the Jaquars the New York Jets have the 2nd pick and a lot of the draft experts think it’s time for them to move on from Sam Darnold. Does this sound familiar? Now Darnold was the 3rd pick in the 2018 draft. Mayfield was the 1st pick in that draft while Allen was the 7th selection. I’m not sure if the Jets are in the same position talent wise as the Browns and the Bills where last season, but should they give up on Darnold after just three seasons?

The 3rd pick in this draft belongs to the Miami Dolphins. Now the Dolphins used the 5th pick in last years draft to take Tua Tagovailoa, but there are draft experts out there that have suggested the Dolphins need to move on from a quarterback that only played in 10 games last season. The Dolphins might be better off trading this pick as they have another 1st rounder as it is. If they acquire more draft capital they can surround Tagovailoa with the weapons he needs to be successful. Who gives up on a quarterback 10 games into his career?

Now at #4 it would be just fine if the Atlanta Falcons selected a quarterback. Matt Ryan will be 36 years old at the start of next season. Would it be terrible for the Falcons to draft a quarterback to learn under Ryan for a year or more? Ryan is signed through the 2023 season. Now that may be a long time to have a young highly drafted quarterback to have to sit and wait for the starting job, but I believe Aaron Rodgers sat for a number of years and he turned out just fine. I’d like to see the Falcons hang onto Ryan for at lest one season to work with whoever their possible draft pick could be, but you know how teams are now everybody wants to see that young quarterback even if he’s not ready.

Now obviously there could be trades as teams that actually need or think they need a quarterback try to move up in the draft to get a guy. It appears as though the Pittsburgh Steelers are looking for someone to take over after Ben Rothlisberger retires. The Chicago Bears only have Nick Foles under contract; so I’m sure they’d like to land a young quarterback. There’s been talk that the Carolina Panthers are interested in trading up to get one of those quarterbacks even though they have Teddy Bridgewater. The New England Patriots resigned Cam Newton yesterday, but his deal was only for one year; so I’m sure they also have some interest in a quarterback to take that spot. Don’t forget that the Washington Football Team is also probably in the market for a quarterback after they agreed to release Alex Smith.

Of course you’re going to hear a lot of these teams names mentioned in the Deshaun Watson Russell Wilson situation, but don’t believe those rumors. Eventually Watson may be traded if he doesn’t report to the Houston Texans, but it’s highly doubtful that Wilson will be playing anywhere except Seattle next season.