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If you’ve read the blog before you know that I normally save the questions for the end of it, but today I actually have to ask ne to start off.

Are the Brooklyn Nets not only the biggest joke in the NBA, but in all of professional sports?

Right before free agency started Kyrie Irving made it official that he would be accepting his player option. That means Irving will make $36.5 million dollars for the 2022-23 season. Now Irving did give the Nets a list of teams that he would be interested in being traded to, but apparently the only team on his list that had any interest in him was the Los Angeles Lakers.

After the drama with Irving was wrapped up the drama for the Nets wasn’t over as Kevin Durant made it known that he would like Brooklyn to trade him. I don’t believe that Durant gave a reason for wanting to get out of Brooklyn, but apparently, he’d like to move on.

Durant is signed to a max contract that still has four seasons on it, so the team that acquires him will have him under contract until the end of the 2025-26 season.

There have been reports that the Nets received quite a few calls once the news of Durant interest in being traded came out, but right now the front runners seem to be the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns.

So, we had the Irving news and then the Durant news, but that’s not it for the Nets. There have also been multiple reports that the Nets would also like to deal Ben Simmons who hasn’t even played a game for them. Simmons was acquired last season from the Philadelphia 76ers in the deal that sent James Harden to Philadelphia. Due to injury Simmons never played a game last season even though there were quite a few reports that he would return in last year’s playoffs, but he didn’t. Simmons is signed through the 2024-25 season, so if he is traded that team will have him under contract for three seasons.

So, the Nets spent all of this money to build a “super” team and what did they get for it? They didn’t win an NBA championship even though they’ve been everybody’s pick the last couple of seasons. The Nets have made the playoffs the last four seasons but have only managed to win one playoff series with the likes of Durant and Irving in their lineup. This past season the Nets were swept out of the playoffs in the 1st round by the Eastern conference winners the Boston Celtics.

I’m not sure what teams would be willing to give up acquiring a player like Simmons, but a player like Irving could bring the Nets some quality players or draft picks in return and a trade for Durant could be the key piece to a quick rebuild for Brooklyn. You’ve already seen multiple 1st round draft picks traded in deals for players that aren’t the same caliber player as Durant.

Of course, any trade for any of these three players would have to meet the NBA’s salary cap standard rules, so the Nets would probably have to take some big contracts back in return.

Oddly if the Nets make the right deals, they could still end up being a playoff team in the Eastern conference and they might even manage to land a higher seed than they did this past season when they went into the playoffs as a 7th seed and had to go into the NBA’s play-in portion of the playoffs.

As we watch teams try to align themselves with what everyone says you need to win a title “The Big 3” the Nets could be a precautionary tail for those teams. Brooklyn didn’t win anything when they had Durant, Irving and Harden as their Big 3 and Simmons never even took the court for them, so we never saw if the Big 3 of Durant, Irving and Simmons would’ve put anything together.

I guess it’s time for teams to start asking themselves if they really need a Big 3 to win a championship or can they get by with two stars and the right amount of role players.

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Have a safe and Happy July 4th.

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Now the major sports league always like it when the big market teams are good, especially the New York teams. That explains why the majority of the focus in Major League Baseball has been on the New York Yankees with the New York Mets also getting their share of attention. While this is all well and good, it’s just how the media works. Unfortunately, when they do this, they miss out on other teams.

Is the media sleeping on the Houston Astros?

The Astros just finished a homestand that wrapped up with a two-game sweep of the Mets. The Astros then went to New York and split a four-game series with the Yankees before moving over to Citi Field to face the Mets in a two-game series.

In the last seven games against the New York teams the Astros are 5-2 with one game left in New York against the Mets before heading home to host the Yankees for one game.

After tomorrow the Astros only have two more games against the Yankees. Houston will host the Yankees for a doubleheader on July 21st. If the Astros were to face the Yankees again it would have to be in the American League playoffs, and they won’t face the Mets again unless they meet in the World Series.

Now you might not think that a split against the Yankees is that impressive, but both of the games the Astros lost went into extra innings, so that means they used that incredibly stupid runner on 2nd rule. If things would’ve went a little bit different in New York for the Astros, they could’ve won three of four from the Yankees or possibly swept them.

I’m sure a lot of the media that talks about the Yankees and only the Yankees hasn’t seen much of the Astros since they’re in the American League West and their games are generally on at 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. East coast time.

In case you’re wondering the Astros are 46-27 and in 1st place in the American League West. Houston has a 10-game lead over the 2nd place Texas Rangers, so it looks like the Astros will cruise to their 5th American League West title in six years.

Now it’s easy to dislike the Astros since they had the cheating scandal after winning the World Series in 2017 and while there are still a few players remaining from that team on the current Astros roster it is probably time to let that anger go.

While we’re on Astros vs. Yankees there’s a chance another battle these two teams will have might be over the American League MVP award.

It seems clear right now that the media is favoring Aaron Judge of the Yankees as the MVP favorite, but Yordan Alvarez of the Astros might not be too far behind him.

Judge is hitting .289, Alvarez is hitting .321. Judge has 28 home runs and 57 RBI’s while Alvarez has 23 home runs and 56 RBI’s. Judge has an OPS of .992 while Alvarez is at 1.081. Judge is Slugging .629 while Alvarez is at .667.

Any way you look at it these two are neck and neck. Of course, Judge is going to have that East coast media behind him and I’m sure if they stay this close with their numbers Judge will win the MVP, but I hope the voters are smart enough to look at what Alvarez has done before they make it a slam dunk for Judge.

Now it’s time for you to chime in. Do you feel that the Astros have been overlooked? Looking at it right now do you think that either the Astros or the Yankees will be the American League’s representative in the World Series?

Of course, I want to know what you think about the MVP debate as well. Right now, would you vote for Judge or Alvarez? Maybe it’s possible you’re not leaning towards either of those players. If that’s the case let me know who your front runner for American League MVP is.

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The NBA draft was held on Thursday night and while there was no clear cut #1 pick there are forecasted to be players throughout this draft that will be able to help teams.

There were three players whose name was associated with being the first player drafted, but in the end the Orlando magic decided to select Paolo Banchero of Duke with the #1 pick. With the 2nd pick the Oklahoma City Thunder selected Chet Holmgren of Gonzaga and that left the Houston Rockets to select Jabari Smith of Auburn.

In days leading up to the draft it appeared as though that Magic would take either Holmgren or Smith, but early in the day on Thursday there was more and more talk that Banchero was moving up teams’ draft boards. In the end that’s the route the Magic went with their pick.

Now the team that seemed to draw the most interest during the draft was the New York Knicks, but not for the players they drafted, but for the trades they seem to just keep making.

The Knicks used the 11th pick in the 1st round to select Ousmane Dieng. Now in the NBA you can’t trade the actually draft picks, so you have to select the player and then deal. That’s what the Knicks did here as Dieng went to Oklahoma City for for three 2013 protected 1st round picks. The Knicks where then involved in a three team deal where they didn’t receive anything, but they were able to move Kemba Walker and his salary to the Detroit Pistons. In this deal the Pistons also received Jalen Duran while the Charlotte Hornets picked up a 2025 1st round draft pick that was originally property of the Portland Trailblazers.

These were some very odd moves by the Knicks, but being able to move Walker’s salary from their books might open up something in free agency for them. There are quite a few rumors out there that the Knicks are going to target Jalen Brunson when free agency starts at the end of the month.

Interestingly Brunson’s father is currently an assistant coach with the Knicks and Brunson’s agent is related to Knicks President Leon Rose. I’m not sure if this will give the Knicks an inside track to signing Brunson, but it makes for an interesting set up for it to happen.

Since this was supposed to be filled with a lot of quality players it will be interesting to see if one of the players who was selected later in the 1st round or maybe even a player who was picked in the 2nd round end up being one of the players who breaks out from this draft class.

As I mentioned free agency starts for the NBA at the end of the month and there are quite a few players who will have to decide if they’re going to accept their player option and stay with the team they’re currently on or if they’ll go out into the free agent market and see what kind of deal they can get.

It’s possible that James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal could be free agents if they all choose to decline their player options, but it’s very doubtful that any of them will.

Even though the NBA has moved away from pounding the basketball inside to the big man there are a couple of young big man free agents out there. Mo Bamba and Deandre Ayton are both just 23 years old and seemed to bright NBA futures. There’s also 22-year-old Bol Bol whose career hasn’t quite went the way a lot of people thought it would, but if he signs with the right team maybe he gets back on that track.

Once the end of the month gets here will start to see who signs where, but before free agency starts will know if any players have opted out of their player option and are headed into free agency.

Now when it comes to signing free agent the Pistons have the most cap room and you have to wonder if they’ll try to sign a veteran or two to go along with the young core of players, they’ve put together from the last two drafts.

After the Pistons it’s the Magic, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and the Trailblazers with the most cap room among NBA teams.

Do you think that any of these teams will spend money and sign a top name free agent?

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Now it’s not even the end of June yet, but since the New York Yankees happen to have the best record in the American League and the New York Mets just so happen to have the best record in the National League there are already people saying will have an all–New York World Series.

Now it’s possible that these people saying this are right. The Yankees appear to be a very good team and should be a player in the American League come playoff time, but it’s actually the Mets that might have the better chance of getting to the World Series.

Now the Yankees have the best record in baseball at 50-18 while the Mets have the second-best record at 45-25. You’d think with the Yankees being about five games ahead of the Mets for the best record that they’d be the odds-on favorite to make the World series, but I’m not sure about that.

While the Yankees have had a couple of injuries in their bullpen, they’ve had a full complement of starting pitchers going out and taken their regular turns in the rotation. The Mets on the other hand haven’t been that lucky with their starting pitchers, but they’re still finding ways to win.

The Mets have built their record without a start from one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball, Jacob deGroom and they’ve only gotten 8 starts out of another of baseball’s top starting pitchers Max Scherzer. I’m not sure how many teams could lose their top two starting pitchers for long periods of time and still find themselves in 1st place.

Now this could play out well for the Mets. Scherzer is expected to make a minor league rehab start on Friday and if all goes well could be back in the Mets starting rotation by the end of next week. deGroom is expected back after the All-Star break which would give him plenty of time to build up his arm strength for a playoff run.

Getting Scherzer back and then adding deGroom into the starting rotation would give the Mets one of if not the best starting rotation in baseball. Of course, if both deGroom and Scherzer are healthy heading into the playoffs it would be the best 1-2 punch of any playoff team.

Of course, you can’t predict injuries, so you never know what a team is going to have to deal with down the road or how they’ll react to it. As we stand now though I think it’s the Mets that should be looked at as the New York team that has a better chance at making the World Series.

The NBA off season is up and running. The NBA Draft is tomorrow and then NBA free agency starts at the end of the month, but a lot of free agent talk has already started.

One of the biggest possible free agent stories revolves around Kyrie Irving. Now, Irving has a $36.5 million dollar player option for the 2022-23 season, but he wants a long-term deal. It’s clear that Irving is a good player, but the issue of course is how much will he actually play?

Irving played just 29 regular season games for the Brooklyn Nets last season. Irving refused to be vaccinated for Covid-19 and had to sit out games in New York due to their law. The season before Irving sat out quite a few games for personal reasons. Brooklyn is already in an odd spot after trading for Ben Simmons last season and then not having him play a game. Can the Nets afford to have two players that seem to have some type of mental issues on their roster?

It’s also been mentioned that Irving might opt-in and then be traded by the Nets, but what team would want him? Humorously it’s been mentioned that the Los Angeles Lakers might be a landing spot for Irving if he’s dealt. Oddly if that deal happened it would probably involve Russell Westbrook coming to Brooklyn. That would mean Irving would reunite with LeBron James while Westbrook would be reunited with Kevin Durant.

So let me know what you think. What do you see Irving doing? Does he stay in Brooklyn? Or do you see him possibly entering free agency. Or will we get a sign and trade deal with him? If you think Irving will be traded, where do you think he ends up?

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For the first time since 2018 and the 4th time in 8 years the Golden State Warriors are NBA champions. Golden State closed out their series against the Boston Celtics on Thursday with a 103-90 victory and a 4-2 win in the series.

Now any time a team wins a championship there is a lot of discussion about where they fit all-time. Now it’s clear that this Golden State team that has featured Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green is a dynasty. They’ll go down as one of the best teams of all-time, but where do their players fit in?

While Curry just won his first finals MVP it’s kind of unclear where he’d place among the greatest players of all-time.

Just from watching we all know Curry can shoot and he is probably the best pure shooter to ever play, but in all honestly, I don’t think he’s in the Top 10 players of all-time.

When you start talking about players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and others it’s difficult to find room for Curry in the Top 10. I didn’t even mention some of the great big men like Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Wilt Chamberlain. I’d have all of these players ranked ahead of Curry as well as players like Elgin Baylor, Jerry West and Pete Maravich. That means the highest I could rank Curry would be 10th and there are still players I haven’t brought up that I would put ahead of him. It’s not that Curry isn’t a great player, but there have been many, many great players that have graced the NBA.

While we’re on the topic I’d like to know where you think Curry fits among the all-time greats of the NBA. Would you have him in your Top 10?

Not only did Curry win his 4th NBA title and his first finals MVP award, but yesterday it was announced by Davidson’s athletic director Chris Clune that the school will retires Curry’s #30 on August 31st. Curry will be the first Davison athlete ever to have a number retired.

Not only will Curry have his number retired, but he will also receive his bachelor’s degree. Curry completed his Bachelor of Arts with a major in sociology in May but could not attend the commencement ceremony during the NBA playoffs.

There’s also one more award for Curry coming from Davidson. Curry will also be placed in the Davidson athletic Hall of Fame.

Curry is Davidson’s all-time leader in points scored, 3-pointers, free throws, field goals and steals. Curry played at Davidson from 2006 to 2009 and led the Wildcats to an Elite Eight appearance in the 2008 NCAA tournament.

To be fair Davidson has retired six other men’s basketball numbers before Curry’s, but what makes Curry number retirement special is that the school will never allow another player to wear that #30 again.

One of the conditions Curry had to meet to have his number retired by Davidson was to graduate. Davidson only retires number and jerseys of players who have completed their degrees.

It appears as though August 31st will be an exciting day for Curry at his Alma Mata.

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It’s a big of an odd post season because for the time in I think ever the NHL playoffs are going to run longer than the NBA playoffs. Now of course due to Covid-19 the NHL regular season started later than normal which is the reason that the playoffs are going later than they would normally.

Tonight, the NHL drops the puck as the NHL Stanley Cup finals start. The Colorado Avalanche will host the two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lighting.

The Avalanche reached the Stanley Cup finals by beating the Nashville Predators in the 1st round, the St. Louis Blues in the 2nd round and the Edmonton Oilers in the Western conference finals. The Lighting got here again by beating the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1st round, the Florida Panthers in the 2nd round and the New York Rangers in the Eastern conference finals.

Both teams come into the Stanley Cup finals on four game winning streaks even though they went about it in different ways. Colorado swept their series against Edmonton while Tampa Bay lost their first two games to the Rangers before running off four consecutive wins.

The Avalanche had 119 points and 56 wins in the regular season which got them the #1 seed in the Western conference. In the regular season the Lighting racked up 110 points and 51 wins which placed them as the 5th seed in the Eastern conference.

Generally, in the playoffs scoring is down, but Colorado is averaging just over 4 goals a game while Tampa Bay has been scoring just over 3 goals a game. Will we see a little more offense in these Stanley Cup finals than we’re used to?

A lot of time in the NHL playoffs the team that wins a series is the team with the hot goaltender, but since both teams are on winning streaks which goaltender is considered hot? I’m guessing you’d lean towards Tampa Bay when it comes to goaltending. Andrei Vasilevskiy has been in goal as the Lighting won the last two Stanley Cups, so that’s a pretty solid advantage. Colorado has used two goalies through these playoffs as Darcy Kuemper suffered an upper body injury in Gam 1 of the Western conference finals, but he did return for Game 4. In Kuemper’s absence Pavel Francouz filled in.

Colorado hasn’t announced who will be in goal tonight, but it appears as though Francouz has the hot hand even though Kuemper has been the #1 goaltender.

There is quite a bit of star power in this series, so it will be interesting to see who steps up and leads their team to the Stanley Cup. Will we see Colorado win their first Stanley Cup since 2001 or will Tampa Bay win the 3rd Stanley Cup in a row?

This is a tough one to pick, but I’m going to go with the Avalanche to unseat the defending champions, but I think it’s going to take them seven games to do it. Of course, I want to know what you’re thinking. Who do you have winning the Stanley Cup and how many games will it take them to do it?

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From 1986 until 2007 Tony LaRussa was considered one of if not the best manager in Major League Baseball.

LaRussa managed the Oakland A’s from 1986 until 1995 before moving to the St. Louis cardinals in 1996 and staying their until 2007. While managing the A’s LaRussa took them to three consecutive World Series appearances in 1988, 1989 and 1990 winning one. LaRussa also managed the Cardinals to three World Series appearances winning two of those.

Before managing the A’s and the Cardinals LaRussa managed the Chicago White Sox starting with the final 54 games of the 1979 season and managing until he was fired 64 games into the 1986 season. The White Sox made one playoff appearance with LaRussa as their manager in this stint.

After not managing for ten years LaRussa came back to take over the White Sox last season and led them to an American League Central title and a playoff appearance. The White Sox were eliminated from the playoffs by the Houston Astros 3 games to 1 in the American League Divisional Series.

The White Sox have had their issues to start the 2022 season. The White are currently in 3rd place in the American League Centra with a record of 27-29 which puts them 5 games behind the 1st place Minnesota Twins and game behind the 2nd place Cleveland Guardians. Now just 56 games into a 162-game season it’s not quite time for the White Sox to panic, but there might be some questions about LaRussa’s managerial ability.

This week during a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers LaRussa ordered and intentional walk to Trea Turner. Now there’s nothing odd about intentionally walking a batter, but at the time LaRussa ordered this intentional walk Turner had a 1 ball 2 strike count on him. I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw a batter intentionally walked when he had two strikes on them.

Obviously after the game the media had some questions about this especially since the batter behind Turner Max Muncy hit a 3-run home run.

During his interview LaRussa brought up an odd point about how Turner had a certain average with two strikes on him compared to Muncy’s average with two strikes on him. It was almost like LaRussa thought that the count Turner had would carry over to Muncy’s at bat after the intentional walk. Didn’t he realize that Muncy wouldn’t start the at bat with two strikes on him?

You may remember last season that LaRussa didn’t understand the runner starting on 2nd base rule and actually had closer Liam Hendricks start the inning on 2nd base because the White Sox had lost their designated hitter due to some lineup changes.

When Ken “Hawk” Harrelson was the White Sox broadcaster he used to say that a good manager would get his team five extra wins a season while a bad manager would cost his team five games a season. At this point in his managerial career, it looks like LaRussa might be costing the White Sox five game or more this season. With the way things are going for the White Sox LaRussa’s managing may even cost them a playoff spot.

Now this season we’ve already seen two well-known well-established managers fired. First the Philadelphia Phillies fired Joe Girardi and then the Los Angeles Angels followed suit and canned Joe Maddon. Would the White Sox actually consider firing LaRussa?

What may be unfortunate for White Sox fans is there’s no chance that LaRussa would be fired by the White Sox. LaRussa and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf are very close friends, so a firing isn’t going to happen. About the best that the White Sox fans could hope for is that LaRussa sees the writing on the wall and that the game has passed him by, and he resigns, but I doubt that would happen either. I do think that LaRussa would walk away from the White Sox managers position of the team won a World Series, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this season.

As always, I’m interested in your opinion on this. What did you think of the two-strike intentional walk? What are the chances that the White Sox would actually fire LaRussa?

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Yesterday I heard an interesting debate and I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on this question. Is Frank Gore a Hall of Famer?

Now just looking at Gore’s stats you’d think he’d easily be a Hall of Famer, but there are some questions with him. Gore is 3rd all-time in rushing with 16,000 yards. Gore trails only Emmitt Smith whose 1st and Walter Payton whose 2nd and if Gore would’ve played one more season, he may have been able to go past Payton as he trails him by just 726 yards.

One of the biggest questions is did Gore just accumulate stats by playing as long as he did. Gore played 16 seasons in the NFL which is amazing for a running back. Gore had nine 1000 yards seasons in his career, but never led the NFL in rushing for a single season. Gore’s best year was 2006 his second year in the NFL when he rushed for 1695 yards. Gore only had one season when he rushed for 10 touchdowns. He had exactly 10 rushing touchdowns in 2009 and has 81 career rushing touchdowns which puts him tied for 19th in NFL history with Otis Anderson.

Just to put it in perspective Emmitt Smith is the NFL’s all-time leading in rushing touchdowns with 164, so Gore is 83 rushing touchdowns behind Smith.

Gore was a solid receiver out of the backfield and caught 484 passes in his career and scored 18 receiving touchdowns in his career. Gore’s best season catching the football was also 2006 when he caught 61 passes, but he scored his most receiving touchdowns in a season 4 in 2016.

Gore was voted to 5 Pro Bowls as well as being selected for the All 2010’s team. Gore was also the 2006 Pro Football Writers most improved player, but not only did he never play on a Super Bowl team, but he actually never played in a playoff game.

Gore clearly has the numbers to go into the Hall of Fame, but the question that keeps coming up is about how he tallied those numbers. Was it really just a matter of longevity that allowed Gore to put up the numbers he did? Or was he a top running back who just never played on a playoff team?

If I actually had a Hall of Fame vote I would vote for Gore, but that’s me. So, how do you feel? Are you putting Frank Gore in the Hall of Fame?

Yesterday we saw our second manager fired as the Los Angeles Angels decided to move on from Joe Maddon after the team lost 12 games in a row.

Maddon was very successful before arriving in Los Angeles. Maddon spent nine years managing the Tampa Bay Rays and had a record of 754-705 while making four playoff appearances getting to one World Series. After Tampa Bay Maddon moved onto the Chicago Cubs. Maddon went 471-339 in the in the five years he managed the Cubs. The Cubs went to the playoffs in four of the five seasons Maddon was their manager and won the World Series in 2016. Maddon was in his third season as Angels manager and had a record of 130-148.

Despite having the best player in baseball in Mike Trout and the phenom that is Shohei Ohtani the Angels finished in 4th place in both of Maddon’s two seasons.

Maddon hadn’t won a game as Angels manager since May 24th and after the team lost its 12th straight 1-0 to the Boston Red Sox on Monday night Maddon was relieved of his managerial duties. Phil Nevin was named the Angels interim manager.

Maddon is 68 years old and it’s unclear if he’s interested in managing again and after the lack of success with the Angels you have to wonder if there’s a team out there that would have interest in him.

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We’re a little over 50 games into the Major League Baseball season and out of the 30 teams there are only 11 of them that are over .500 going into today’s games. I’m not sure if it’s parity in baseball or if it’s something else, but at this point it’s possible that we might see a team with a losing record in one of the wild card play off spots.

There could be a variety of reasons why there are so many teams below .500. I’m sure a lot of people will point to the late start and missed month of spring training due to the lockout. There are also quite a few teams that have had to deal with multiple injuries to top players and that can have an effect. It’s also possible that teams that were thought to be good just aren’t.

This wouldn’t be the first and I doubt it will be the last were a team is looked at and thought that they had a chance to make it into the playoffs and possibly go to the World Series and they don’t even make the playoffs.

Now since there are still well over 100 games left in the regular season there’s plenty of time for teams to get on the right track and get back over .500 and back into the playoff race. Of course, that also means there’s a chance that it’s just going to be a down season for certain teams and their slide will continue. I guess will have to keep paying attention and see if there are any teams that can get back on track and make a run.

Now, the Philadelphia Phillies are one of the teams that have gotten off to a disappointing start to the season. Even with their win last night the Phillies are 23-29 and find themselves 11 games behind the New York Mets in the National League East.

After the start they had the Phillies decided it was time to make a change, so they fired manager Joe Girardi. This was Girardi’s 3rd season as the Phillies manager. He had a record of 132-141. Girardi’s first season with the Phillies was the Covid-19 shortened season, but in his first full season 2021 Philadelphia went 82-80 and finished eight games out of the playoffs.

Before taking the Phillies job it had been three years since Girardi managed, but he was coming off a successful run as manager of the New York Yankees. Girardi spent 10 seasons as the Yankees manager. He compiled a record of 910-710 while making six playoff appearances and winning one World Series.

With Girardi out as manager Rob Thomson takes over on an interim basis as manager. Philadelphia did announce that Thomson will manage the team the rest of the season.

What do you think of the Girardi firing? Philadelphia did win their first game with Thomson as manager. Will the change give the Phillies a little boost?

Let’s call it Wednesday

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Just like everyone else I like to make predictions at the start of ever season no matter which sport it is. I think the thing that I always laugh at is when people start to back away from their predictions or when they try to jump on a bandwagon after they wrote a team off to start the season. Humorously when you jump on a bandwagon it can blow up in your face and sometimes it happens very fast. This was the case just last week.

Last week the Los Angeles Angels where rolling and I heard quite a few people talk about how they were the American League favorites to make the World Series and that we’d finally get to see Mike Trout in the playoffs. While it would be great to see the best player in baseball finally get a chance to show his skills on a bigger stage the people pushing the Angels may have put the cart before the horse as they say.

Now the Angels are 27-23 and in 2nd place right now in the American League West. The issue is the fact that last week they were 27-16 and in 1st place in the A.L. West. The Angels have stumbled on their recently having lost the final game of their series with the Texas Rangers and then dropping four in a row to the Toronto Blue Jays before losing last night’s opening game in their series with the New York Yankees 9-1.

Noah Syndergaard lasted just 2 1/3rd innings last night. Syndergaard gave up 5 runs on 7 hits and walked 1 before being removed from the game last night. Syndergaard has made 8 starts for the Angels this season and two of the last three have been rough. While I don’t think it’s time to panic with Syndergaard you do have to remember that he is coming off an injury and had only pitched a total of 2 innings over the 2020 and 2021 season combined.

Now, baseball is a sport that ebbs and flows and the Angels could just as easily win their next six games, but if they’re going to start a new winning streak tonight, they’ll have to do it against what has probably been the best pitcher in baseball so far.

Nestor Cortes is scheduled to make the start for the Yankees tonight. This will be Cortes 10th start of the season. He has a 4-1 record with an ERA of 1.70 over his first 9 starts this season. Cortes has pitched 53 innings in those 9 starts and has struck out 61 batters while walking 12.

Reid Detmers is the Angels scheduled starting pitcher tonight and will be tasked with matching up with Cortes. Four starts ago Detmers no-hit the Tampa Bay Rays, but in his four starts since the no-hitter he is 1-1 with two no decisions and hasn’t pitched more than 5 innings in any of those four starts. Detmers is doesn’t turn 23 years old until next month and the shorter starts may just be the Angels protecting him after allowing him to go the distance in his no-hitter, so will have to see how he’s handled tonight against the Yankees.

If you happen to rad the blog before this game start let me know if you think the Angels will break their losing streak tonight or if Cortes continues to pitch like he has all season and hands the Angels, their 7th loss in a row.

I believe that I’ve mentioned here before that I play FanDuel. Now I haven’t played that much this season since I’m not watching baseball, but I do get a weekly NASCAR line up in as well as playing some other games here and there. Well, this week I ran into some really bad luck with my NASCAR FanDuel line up.

On Sunday NASCAR ran the Coca-Cola 600 at the Charolotte Motor Speedway. I made sure to get my line up in and coming down to the final laps I was looking like I was going to manage to win some money, but then there was an accident, and the race went into overtime. That changed everything for me.

As overtime started, my line up looked really good. I had Kyle Larson in 1st, Ross Chastain in 2nd, joey Logano in 3rd, Aric Almirola in 15th. My fifth driver was Kurt Busch, and he was involved in an accident earlier and finished 31st. So, I was set up to have a decent finish.

Then overtime started and Austin Dillion got a big run and made a move for the lead. Dillion managed to get to the front but couldn’t hold his line and started to spin out. Dillion ended up wrecking and he collected all Larson, Chastain and Logano while he was wrecking. Needless to say, my chances of winning anything went away with that accident.

In the end Larson finished 9th with Chastain 15th and Logano 20th. Almirola wasn’t involved in that overtime accident and ended up 17th.

I actually turned the race off after that all three of my drivers where wrecked at the front of the field and I didn’t even know that Denny Hamlin ended up winning until the next day. Oh well, it happens.