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Posted: September 17, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Thursday night the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Chargers 27-24. Kansas City improved to 2-0 while the Chargers dropped to 1-1. This early in the season the outcome of the game isn’t too important, but what might factor into the Chargers season is that their franchise quarterback Justin Herbert was injured in the game.

Herbert was injured in the 4th quarter of Thursday night’s game, but only missed one play. It was originally thought the Herbert had broken his ribs, but further medical evaluation discovered that he suffered a fracture in his rib cartilage. While no injury is good it appears as though Herbert suffered the lesser of two evils. If he had broken a rib he might’ve miss some time, but since he’s dealing with a rib cartilage fracture, he is considered day to day and with the extra time it looks as though he’ll play in the Chargers Week 3 game against the Jacksonville Jaquars.

Even while dealing with an injury Herbert still threw for 334 yards and 3 touchdowns. He did however throw 1 interception that was returned 99 yards by Jaylen Watson for a Kansas City touchdown.

On the other side Patrick Mahomes had a very solid game. Mahomes completed 24 of his 35 pass attempts for 235 yards and 2 touchdowns. Not the gaudy numbers that Mahomes sometimes puts up, but he didn’t turn the football over,

Kansas City will take their 2-0 record on the road for a Week 3 match up in Indianapolis against the Colts. The Colts are coming off of a 20-20 tie in Week 1 against the Houston Texans. Indianapolis will look for its first win as they play on the road against the 0-1 Jacksonville Jaquars.

Interestingly in the Week 2 schedule there are two Monday Night football games. ESPN will show the Tennessee Titans at the Buffalo Bills while ABC is showing the Minnesota Vikings at the Philadelphia Eagles. The Tennessee/Buffalo game starts at 7:15 p.m. while the Vikings/Eagles game has a start time of 8:15 p.m.

Now I remember the networks showing two Monday Night football games to start the season, but I don’t remember them doing it in the second week of the season. I guess it’s possible that they’re doing it this way because there was just one Monday Night football game in Week 1.

The Sunday night football game has the Green Bay Packers hosting the Chicago Bears. Green Bay is coming off of a very poor performance in Week 1 that has a lot of people questioning how Aaron Rodgers will handle any struggles with his new young group of wide receivers. The Bears are coming off of a Week 1 upset of the San Francisco 49ers and I guess will see how much the bad weather the Bears played in last Sunday had to do with them winning that game.

I would fully expect the Packers to play better than they did in Week 1 as the more familiar Rodgers and his wide receivers become the better the Green Bay offense should look. You do have to wonder if things would’ve been different for the Packers last week had rookie wide receiver Christian Watson not dropped what would’ve been a sure touchdown pass on their first offensive play of the game.

What is going to become annoying very quickly when it comes to Packers games is if they continue to compare Davante Adams statistics to the Green Bay wide receivers. None of these guys are going to be able to replace Adams and while I’m sure they’ll have their good games this season they’ll never be on the same level as Adams, so there’s really no comparison.

Adams is a true #1 wide receiver who was targeted 17 times in the Las Vegas Raiders Week 1 loss to the Chargers. In total Packers wide receivers where targeted 16 times in their Week 1 game.

Sadly, I think we’re going to have to deal with whatever network is showing the Packers game making these comparisons all season long.

Let me know if there’s anything you’re looking forward to in Week 2 of the NFL season.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: September 14, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Well, Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and it’s time for the media to start overreacting to how things played out.

Teams like the Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and others didn’t look like a lot of people thought they would be coming out of pre-season, but it’s just one game. If we get three or four weeks into the season and these teams still look like they did in Week 1 then it’s a cause for concern.

It’s very possible that the Cowboys could start off the season 0 and whatever with their starting quarterback Dak Prescott on the shelf with a broken thumb. Prescott had surgery yesterday and original reports expected him to be out six to eight weeks, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he thinks Prescott will return in just four weeks. Now it’s very possible that the Cowboys could be 0-5 if Prescott returns under Jones’ timeline, but they could also be 0-9 if Prescott ends up out for eight weeks.

The media was also very quick to jump all over the New England Patriots since they lost to the Miami Dolphins 20-7, but this is nothing new. Any time the Patriots seem to have an issue the media is all over it, but again it’s just one week.

Now there is also the reaction in the other directions when it comes to teams that won and might not have been expected to win.

I’ve mentioned before that I live in the Chicagoland area and when I got to work on Monday morning everyone, I ran into had some type of Chicago Bears gear on since they picked up an upset win over the San Francisco 49ers 19-10 in a rain-soaked game.

Obviously, you’d rather have the team that you root for get a win in Week 1 than a loss, but you can’t get too carried away because like I’ve mentioned a couple of times it’s just Week 1.

This week the Bears who were a surprise winner in Week 1 will travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers who were one of the teams that didn’t perform well in Week 1. You’d think after the way both teams played in Week 1 that the betting odds on this game might be close, but they’re really not. Yesterday I saw two betting lines on the game, one had the Packers as a 10-point favorite and the other one had them as a 9 1/2-point favorite. Interesting since the Bears come into the game 1-0 while the Packers come into the game 0-1.

The other game like that is the Seattle Seahawks vs. The San Francisco 49ers. Seattle picked up a Week 1 upset win over the Denver Broncos 17-16 while the 49ers were on the losing end of their game to the Bears.

San Francisco’s young quarterback Trey Lance didn’t look very good against the Bears, but maybe the rain had something to do with that, but you’d think that the betting line on this game wouldn’t be too big after the way they both played in Week 1. Well, the latest line has San Francisco as a 10-point favorite.

All this pretty much tells me is that the people who set the betting lines aren’t overreacting to the losses that Green Bay and San Francisco suffered in Week 1.

So, let me know what you think about Week 1 of the NFL season? Are you all in on the way your favorite team played? Or are you concerned with the way your favorite team played?

Now Week 1 was pretty exciting as there were seven games that were decided by a field goal or less and one of those games ended in a tie. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s more enjoyable to watch a close game than nit is to watch a blowout, well unless the team winning the blowout is the team you root for.

Will see what Week 2 holds for football fans starting tomorrow. Two teams that each won their first games of the season face off as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Los Angeles Chargers. Not only is this a matchup of two teams that most people expect to make the playoffs, but it two teams that are in the same division the AFC West.

Jumping back into those betting lines, Kansas City is currently a 4-point favorite which isn’t a huge surprise especially since they’re at home for this game.

I expect the Chiefs to the win tomorrow night, but let me know who you’ve got winning this game.

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How was your week

Posted: September 10, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Yesterday Major League Baseball announced multiple rule changes that they’ll be making for the 2023 season. Let’s take a look at what they decided.

Pitch Timer: A Pitch Timer will improve pace of play and reduce dead time.  The Pitch Timer Regulations include the following provisions:

  • A pitcher must begin his motion before the expiration of the timer.  Pitchers will have up to 15 seconds between pitches when the bases are empty and up to 20 seconds between pitches with at least one runner on base.  Testing in the Minor Leagues involved 14 seconds with the bases empty and 18 seconds (19 seconds in Triple-A) with at least one runner on base.
  • A pitcher may disengage the rubber (timer resets) twice per plate appearance without penalty.
    • Subsequent disengagements result in a balk, unless an out is recorded on a runner.
    • The disengagement count resets if the runner advances; testing in the Minors had no reset until the following plate appearance. 
  • A hitter must be in the batter’s box and alert to the pitcher with at least eight seconds remaining.  Testing in the Minor Leagues included nine seconds remaining.
  • A hitter receives one timeout per plate appearance.
  • Umpires will have authority to provide additional time if warranted by special circumstances (e.g., the catcher makes the last out of the inning and needs additional time to get into defensive position).

Defensive Shift Restrictions:A set of restrictions will return the game to a more traditional aesthetic by governing defensive shifts, with the goals of encouraging more balls in play, giving players more opportunities to showcase their athleticism, and offsetting the growing trend of alignments that feature four outfielders:

  • Lateral Positioning: Two infielders must be positioned on each side of second base when the pitch is released.
  • Depth: All four infielders must have both feet within the outer boundary of the infield when the pitcher is on the rubber.
  • No Switching Sides: Infielders may not switch sides unless there is a substitution.

Bigger Bases:With the goal of improving player safety, the size of first, second, and third base will increase from the standard 15” square to 18” square. 

  • Bigger bases are expected to have a positive impact on player health and keeping Major Leaguers on the field.

The Pitch Timer has shown success in the minor leagues.

  • Compared to last season, the Pitch Timer has reduced the average nine-inning game time by 26 minutes (from 3:04 in 2021 to 2:38 in 2022) while increasing action on the field.
  • Stolen base attempts per game have increased from 2.23 in 2019, at a 68% success rate, to 2.83 in 2022, at a 77% success rate.
  • In its most recent week of play, Minor League Baseball has averaged just 0.45 Pitch Timer violations per game.

As for the Shift rule, defensive alignments that feature four players in the outfield increased nearly 6x across MLB since the start of the 2018 season.

Hopefully larger bases will continue the trend that it showed in the minor leagues.

  •  Base-related injuries decreased by 13.5% in the Minor Leagues this season, including declines at every level of the Minors. 

Bigger bases will reduce the distance between first and second and between second and third base by 4.5”, thereby encouraging offensive Clubs to attempt to steal bases more frequently and generally to be more aggressive on the basepaths.

It will be interesting to see what kind of affect this has on an actual Major League game. I’m not sure if you remember this or not, but a few years ago MLB asked the umpires to enforce keeping hitters in the batter’s box to help speed up the game. Unfortunately, the umpires didn’t do a very good job of enforcing this rule and it didn’t do anything to help speed up the game. If the umpires decide to not truly enforce these new rule changes, then they won’t have any affect at all.

Let me know what you think of these rules’ changes. Do you like them? And do you think that they’ll actually speed up the games?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: September 7, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

We’re just one day away from the start of the National Football League season starting. That means most of the fantasy drafts are done and hopefully you were able to land the majority of the players you had targeted. Now I’m sure there are a few leagues out there that haven’t drafted as they’re waiting to the last minute to get as much information as they can, but those drafts will probably happen tonight.

As for me we’ve had two long time leagues that we do. Now they’re just a couple of free leagues that we’ve run through Yahoo for quite a few years. Well until this year.

These leagues are 20 team leagues with one being a traditional snake style draft and the other league being an auction style league. On Friday we had our snake style draft and there were no issues whatsoever. On Saturday just kind of out of the blue the e-mails started coming in. All of a sudden there were multiple players who had joined the auction league that started complaining about it being an auction league and that they either didn’t want to play or wouldn’t draft and manage their team if they weren’t removed from the league. Now the league had been set up for over a month by this time and these people had been signed up for quite some time, but the day of the draft they decided to start complaining about it. Now I don’t know about you, but before I sign up for any fantasy league I go through and read the set-up of the league, but I guess a month wasn’t enough time for these people to take the time to do that.

Now I had to work Saturday morning, so I didn’t see these e-mails until a few hours before the draft was going to start. There was no way that I could replace all of the people that wanted out of the league, so after all of these years I ended up deleting the league and it’s doubtful I’ll reinstate it next year.

I was a little surprised with the affect that this has had on me. I normally very excited for the start of every fantasy season no matter what sport it is, but sadly that feeling seems to be gone. Now I do still have the team that I drafted on Friday, and I made sure to check the lineup to make sure if I have anyone playing tomorrow that they’d either be in or out of my lineup depending on who it is, but I’m just really not interested in playing fantasy football this season.

Now I’m not sure why this is bothering me so much, but I’m having a real problem just dealing with the fact that all these people waited until the actual day of the draft to decide they wanted out of this league. I almost feel like they sabotaged the league even though I doubts that’s true and believe it or not we’ve had people sabotage leagues on us before.

Now the humorous thing about the entire situation is that these leagues are free. We don’t charge people to play, and we used to use the league as a segment on the podcast when we used to do that. Now the league is just for bragging rights. So, I had multiple people complaining about a league that didn’t cost them anything to join or play in. Now I’m also in a “money” where we pay an entry fee to play in and try to win money and if there was something I didn’t like in that league I’d bring it up, but I’m paying to play in that league this one is free.

So, for the first time in I can’t even remember when I don’t care about the fantasy football season starting and I think that’s kind of sad since I was looking forward to it until all of this came up. Oh well!

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How was your week

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Well, unfortunately I think I may have jinxed myself. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about Aaron Judge getting all of the hype and not having to listen to any Shohei Ohtani Most Valuable Player talk. Sadly, now there seems to be a lot of media members talking about Ohtani winning the MVP award and I heard one media person say he should win it every year because he’ll be hitting and pitching every year.

Now oddly if they wanted to try and make a case for Ohtani to win the Cy Young award I might’ve bought it, but he’s not having a great season swinging the bat. Ohtani is hitting .268 with 30 home runs and 82 RBI’s and while I know this no longer matters to anybody, but he’s struck out 133 times in 128 games. Last season he had a decent number of stolen bases (26), but this season Ohtani only has 11 stolen bases and he’s been caught stealing 9 times. These aren’t exactly what you’d look for offensively from an MVP, but somehow his name surfaced quite a bit these past couple of weeks.

Now as a starting pitcher Ohtani is 11-8 with a 2.67 ERA in 22 starts. He’s pitched 128 innings and has stuck out 176 batters, so these numbers could put him in the running for the Cy Young award.

Now I think you also have to factor in how a player’s team is doing unless that players numbers are just so out of this world that his team won-loss record doesn’t matter. Now since Ohtani’s numbers aren’t off the charts let’s look at where his team the Los Angeles Angels are in the standings. Well, the Angels are currently 57-75 and don’t forget that early in the season the Angels were actually in 1st place and people where excited to see not only Ohtani, but Mike Trout in the playoffs.

Now an MVP doesn’t have to lead his team into the playoffs, but it would be nice if that player could keep his team in the playoff race while he’s racking up some MVP type numbers.

Now Judge should be the clear frontrunner for MVP and should win the award going away deservedly so, but there are some other players that should be on the ballot ahead of Ohtani.

Even though Yordan Alvarez missed some time with injuries he’s still hit 31 home runs and has a batting average of .294 on the team with the best record in the American League the Houston Astros. Alvarez’s teammate Jose Altuve is also having a very good season even though he’s been kind of under the radar. Altuve is hitting .296 with 22 home runs and he has 13 stolen bases while only being caught stealing 1 time. Of course, the fact that Altuve only has 48 RBI’s will more or less kill any kind of MVP candidacy.

The Cleveland Guardians have been a big surprise this season and are in position to win the American League Central, but would they be they’re without Jose Ramirez? The answer of course is no. Ramirez should get some MVP consideration as he’s hitting .286 with 26 home runs and has 106 RBI’s as well as 14 stolen bases.

Now Judge should get all of the 1st place votes for MVP, but players like Ramirez and Alvarez should end up on the ballot ahead of Ohtani, but it’s very, very doubtful that will happen because of the way the media is enthralled with him.

It’s time for me to turn it over to you. I’m giving you the opportunity to put together your MVP ballot. Give me three or four names in the order you have them for American League MVP. Mine would be Judge, Ramirez, Alvarez, Ohtani. How do you have it?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: August 31, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

We’ve been waiting to see what the San Francisco 49ers would do with Jimmy Garoppolo since they decided that Trey Lance would be their starting quarterback. Well yesterday we got an answer.

Garoppolo and the 49ers agreed to restructure the quarterback’s contract. By doing this it now appears as though Garoppolo will be staying with the 49ers.

The deal calls for Garoppolo to make $6.5 million dollars this season, but with incentives the deal could be worth another $9 million dollars. Garoppolo’s deal also includes a no trade clause and he’ll still be a free agent at the end of the season. The 49ers have been working with Garoppolo’s camp for the past week to get this deal done.

Lance is still set to be the 49ers starter come Week 1, but by keeping Garoppolo around it gives San Francisco a backup quarterback that they’re very comfortable with in case Lance struggles or gets injured.

There were a lot of rumors on where Garoppolo might end up, but after things shook out in the quarterback market this off season there appeared to be no landing spot left for Garoppolo. San Francisco gave Garoppolo’s people permission to seek a trade, but there were no takers at a salary of $26.95 million dollars. Now with a more manageable salary if Lance shows that he can handle the starting quarterback position there’s a chance that teams will show more interest in Garoppolo now that he’s scheduled to make just $6.5 million dollars this season.

Garoppolo has had success as a starting quarterback for the 49ers, but he seems too be unable to curry favor with the fans. Garoppolo is 31-14 as a starter for the 49ers and has a playoff record of 4-2. Last season Garoppolo was 9-6 as the starting quarterback for San Francisco. Garoppolo has never put-up huge stats as the 49ers’ starting quarterback, but to be fair he was never asked to be that kind of quarterback.

It will be interesting to see how quick of a hook Kyle Shanahan might have with Lance if he struggles knowing that he has Garoppolo waiting to take over.

What do you see happening with Garoppolo? Will he make it through the entire season as a member of the 49ers? Or do you see them trading him?

The NFL season kicks off in eight days with the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams hosting the Buffalo Bills. Both teams are favorites to get to the Super Bowl in their conference, so it’s possible that we could have the same match up to open and close the season.

While the season starts with two Super Bowl favorites Week 1 ends with Russell Wilson returning to Seattle as a member of the Denver Broncos to face off against the Seahawks on Monday Night Football.

It will be nice to get the NFL regular season up and running, but it’s always difficult to pick a winner. There are so many things that go into a team having success. They have to manage to stay relatively healthy and things just have to click for them. There were a lot of teams that made a lot of changes this off season so they could get to and win a Super Bowl, so it should be interesting to see who and how they get there in the end.

I’ve never really liked to pick the favorites and I won’t do that this season either. I’m going to go with the Indianapolis Colts meeting the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl with the Packers getting the win and Aaron Rodgers taking home the Super Bowl MVP award. Now it’s your turn, let me know your predictions.

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How was your week

Posted: August 27, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now it seems like it was decided in May that New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge would be the American League Most Valuable Player. Now even though Judge has had some struggles recently he did hit his 49th home run last night and no other player in the American League has really stepped up to challenge him for the MVP. Judge not only leads all of Major League Baseball in home runs, but he also is the leader in RBI’s with 119 and is hitting a very, very respectable .297 this season.

To be honest I think we all know that even if Judge went hitless the remainder of this regular season, he’d still win the MVP award. Since he plays for the Yankees, and he has the New York media behind him it’s a sure bet that he would take home the MVP award no matter what.

Now if you’ve read the blog for a while, you know that when they make this kind of decision with a large amount of the season left it drives me crazy, but I have to say that this one hasn’t bothered me as much as it normally does. With Judge having the season he’s having he’s managed to stop what seems like every talking head on the MLB Network telling how miraculous everything Shohei Ohtani does is.

Humorously one of the reasons Ohtani won the MVP award last season was because everyone kept touting the fact that he not only hit but pitched as well. Now it seems to me that he’s doing the exact same thing this season, hitting and pitching but that doesn’t make him the MVP this season. Why?

This falls into the category of it’s not that Ohtani isn’t a great player, but if any of the people who talk about him every played organized baseball, they would have known that in most cases the best player on the team pitches, plays shortstop and usually hits 3rd.

Don’t forget that just a few years ago the Cincinnati Reds had to decide if Hunter Greene would be a starting pitcher or a shortstop. Is it possible that Greene could’ve done both like Ohtani if allowed? You also have to wonder if a pitcher like Madison Bumgarner or Zack Greinke would’ve been able to do anything close to what Ohtani has done if the rules were different when they came up. Remember the Designated Hitter rule was changed this season and they only reason MLB made the move was so Ohtani could stay in games when he pitched.

So, with the American League MVP wrapped up there’s been more of a focus on who might win the National League MVP and until a few weeks ago there really wasn’t a true frontrunner. Now it seems as though St. Louis Cardinals 1st baseman Paul Goldschmidt has separated himself from the pack.

Goldschmidt is actually in the running to win the triple crown in the National League. Goldschmidt currently leads the national League in batting average at .338 and is the National League leader in RBI’s with 108. Goldschmidt has 33 home runs which puts him just two home runs behind the Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Schwarber for the National League lead. If Goldschmidt does win the triple crown, it will be the first time it’s been done in the National League since Joe “Ducky” Medwick did it in 1937. Medwick also was a member of the Cardinals when he won the triple crown.

Interestingly Goldschmidt’s biggest challenger for MVP might be his teammate, Nolan Arenado. There were some concerns that Arenado wouldn’t be able to put up the same offensive numbers he did when he was with the Colorado Rockies, but Arenado is hitting .300 with 26 home runs and 82 RBI’s. Adding to Arenado’s resume is the fact that he’s the best defensive player in Major League Baseball.

It’s doubtful that Arenado would garner enough support to take the MVP award from Goldschmidt, but he should get his share of votes for the award.

There should be a couple of Los Angeles Dodgers who pick up some MVP votes as well, but again it’s very doubtful that either Freddie Freeman or Trea Turner would pick up enough votes to win the award instead of Goldschmidt.

So, it’s your turn to chime in. Do you think Goldschmidt will win the National League MVP? I’d also like to know if you think Goldschmidt will win the triple crown.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: August 24, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now I’ve never been a fan of jumping on a team’s bandwagon really early in a season, but the media seems to love to do it and then they’ll slowly back away from any statements they made or just flat out deny making them.

If you can remember back to the start of the Major League Baseball season the New York Yankees got off to a great start and were able to continue that run until almost the All-Star break. Well, this had the media going out of their minds and they were going on and on about how great the Yankees were and how they’d easily win the World Series. Now I find it surprising how little the media has mentioned the Yankees or their record now.

At one point the Yankees had the best record in Major League Baseball. The Yankees no longer have that as the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record. Since it’s not mentioned that often the Yankees don’t even have the best record in the American League as the Houston Astros have that. Believe it or not the Yankees actually have the fourth best record in baseball as they’re not only behind the Dodgers and the Astros, but their crosstown rival the New York Mets currently have a better record than the Yankees.

Now don’t get the idea that I think that the Yankees are a bad team because I don’t and they’re not. What always bothers me is when the media hands out a championship or award within the first month of the season. You can’t and never have been able to win the World Series in April and while it is important to get the season off to a good start there’s always a lot of baseball to play after that.

Now I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Yankees did win the World Series or represented the American League in the World Series, but it’s not the runaway that the media made it out to be at the beginning of the season.

Everyone seemed to forget just how poorly the Atlanta Braves played the first half of the 2021 season before getting on track. The Braves where the hot team heading into the playoffs last season, and they ended up winning the World Series.

The Yankees had lost seven of eight games until they just swept a short two game series against the Mets. It’s possible that those two games against the Mets could be what gets the Yankees back on track and out of the funk they’ve been in.

Will see how it goes for the Yankees as they head out on the road for 10 games. The Yankees have four games against the Oakland A’s starting tomorrow. Then the Yankees have three games against the Los Angeles Angles before wrapping up their road trip with three games in Tampa Bay against the Rays.

The A’s have the worst record in the American League and the second worst record in all of baseball and the Angels are in the midst of another disappointing season. This gives the Yankees the opportunity to pick up some wins before heading into what should be a tough three game series against a division rival.

The Yankees like every team are dealing with some injuries, but what may be more important to their success is getting their closer role figured out.

It looks like Aroldis Chapman’s time as a dominant closer is over and for a while it appeared as though Clay Holmes was going to be able to step into the closers role and perform, but he had a lot of trouble closing games before going on the Injured List. With bullpens being as important as they are in today’s game the Yankees will have to have this worked out by the time the playoffs roll around.

So, here’s where we are. Do you have the Yankees as the favorite in the American League? Or is there another team you like? If you like the Yankees to come out of the American League and go to the World Series, do you have them winning it? If not which team, do you have winning the World Series?

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How was your week

Posted: August 20, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Earlier this week the national Football League and the National Football League Players Association agreed to extend Deshaun Watson’s suspension to 11 games.

Now remember NFL commissioner Roger Goodell no longer has complete authority to suspend players and Watson case went to arbitrator who ruled that he’d be suspended for 6 games.

I believe the majority of people thought that 6 games was too short of a suspension for Watson and they were trying to blame Goodell and the NFL for it, but it really wasn’t their decision. After the suspension was announced the NFL made it known they’d be appealing that decision and they actually asked for Watson to be suspended for the entire 2022 season. Obviously, the league and the players association where able to get together and work out a number that both sides would be happy with.

Watson was accused by over 20 women of sexual misconduct while with the Houston Texans. The state of Texas declined to charge Watson with any crimes, and he’s settled almost every one of these cases out of court. It hasn’t been made public what any of these women got and I’m sure there’s a non-disclosure agreement in the settlement, so we probably won’t ever find out what they were paid.

With the majority of this behind Watson his new team the Cleveland Browns can start to plan what and how they’re going to handle their quarterback position for the first 11 weeks of the regular season.

The Browns currently have three other quarterbacks on their roster besides Watson. As of right now it looks like Jacoby Brissett would be the starter with Joshua Dobbs backing him up and Josh Rosen as the third quarterback.

The Browns traded for Watson this past off season and you have to wonder if they’ll stick with Brissett as their starting quarterback or if they’ll look to possibly make another trade for a quarterback.

With the regular season starting in just a few weeks there aren’t a ton of options out there for the Browns. Of course, the big-name would-be Jimmy Garoppolo since the San Francisco 49ers have said that Trey Lance would be their starting quarterback and they’ve allowed Garoppolo to actually stay away from training camp. It’s unclear what the 49ers would want in return for Garoppolo, but you’d think that the Browns might to check-in and see.

There are actually still some veterans that are currently not on anyone’s roster, but I’m not sure they’re an upgrade over Brissett.

There’s Ryan Fitzpatrick who announced his retirement this past off season. Maybe for the right opportunity he might come back. Cam Newton is also available, but he’s had still struggles the past two seasons as he tried to re-establish himself as a starting NFL quarterback. Two other veterans available are Mike Glennon and A.J. McCarron, but they don’t have the starting quarterback resume that Fitzpatrick and Newton have.

What do you think the Browns will do? Will they sit tight with Brissett as their starting quarterback and wait for Watson to return in Week 13? Since the Browns have their Bye week on Week 9 Watson doesn’t return until Week 13. Or do you think they try to make a move and bring in another quarterback? If you’re leaning towards them bringing in another quarterback, let me know who you think that might be.

In what has to be just an odd scenario what should be Watson’s first game as Cleveland’s starting quarterback will come in Week 13 when the Browns are on the road against the Houston Texas. Watson was traded by the Texans to the Browns this past off season after spending his first five seasons with Houston.

It’s unclear how Watson’s situation will affect the Browns on the field, but I’m sure that having it settled should help as players shouldn’t be asked to comment about it any longer. It did appear that Cleveland might’ve been in a good position to compete in the AFC North, but that may have changed with Watson out until Week 13.

The division is tough with the Cincinnati Bengals just coming off a Super Bowl appearance and the Baltimore Ravens still being a very good team. There are some questions about the Pittsburgh Steelers this season as it’s the first time since 2004 that Ben Rothlisberger won’t be their starting quarterback. The Bengals and the Ravens have some questions as well. Can the Bengals repeat the success from last season? Or was there playoff run just a fluke? Baltimore may have a bit of a distraction as their quarterback Lamar Jackson is looking for a new contract. Jackosn has said that he won’t negotiate once the regular season has started and if this contract situation drags on into the regular season will it affect Jackson?

So, you can see that every team in the AFC North as some questions that need to be answered coming into the regular season. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Browns will have one of the biggest hurdles to climb as they know they’ll be without their starting quarterback for 11 weeks.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: August 17, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

We have right around 45 games left in baseball’s regular season, and it appears as though half of the division might’ve been decided a while ago. Even with the struggles the New York Yankees have had they still hold a 9-game lead in the American League East. In the American League West, the Houston Astros have opened up an 11-game lead in that division. The Los Angeles Dodgers have the biggest lead out of any of the division leaders as they lead the National League West by 17 games.

That leaves what looks like three divisions up for grabs and the races in the American league Central and the National League Central might be more important since it looks more and more like only the division winner will make the playoffs.

The Atlanta Braves have cut the New York Mets lead to 3 1/2 games in the National League East, but it looks like both teams should make the playoffs barring one of them completely collapsing. The same can’t be said for the teams in both Central divisions.

The American League Central is a three-team race. The Cleveland Guardians lead the division by just one game. The Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox are tied for 2nd place behind Cleveland. Now the Twins and the White Sox are actually just one game out of a wild card spot, but there are more teams that they’d have to pass to get a wild card spot than they’d have to move past to win the division.

Over in the National League Central the St. Louis Cardinals have a two-game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers. The team that doesn’t win this division has a much better chance of grabbing one of those three wild card spots as the Brewers are currently just one game behind the San Diego Padres for that final national League wild card spot. Milwaukee’s cause has been helped by the Padres sliding back to the pack.

With the added wild card teams, it’s also important for the winners of each of the Central divisions as they would host the three-game wild card series. The way the playoffs are set up now that there’s been an extra team added is the lowest seeded division winner and the wild card team with the best record will be the host teams for the wild card round. There are no travel days in this opening round as all three games would be played in the higher seeded team’s ballpark.

I’ve heard discussion on both sides of this set up, but I really think it’s the only way Major League Baseball could add another playoff team. If there was an off day for travel that means the division winners that received byes would sit for almost a week without playing and that’s not exactly fair to them. As it sits now, they could go four or maybe five days without playing a game depending on how the playoffs are scheduled.

Don’t forget that weather could also become a factor as places like Toronto, Minnesota, New York or right here in the Chicago area where I live could easily experience rough weather any time in November. So, the sooner they can get the playoffs started and keep them moving the better off Major League Baseball is.

So, since we have what seems to be three division races still up for grabs it’s time for you to make some predictions. Who do you have winning the American League Central, the Nationals League Central and the National League East? Also, I’d like to know if you think any other teams besides the division winner in both of the Central divisions make the playoffs.

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