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The New York Yankees are 13-6 and have won their last three games in a row. They are in 1st place in the American League East two games ahead of both the Tampa Bay Rays and the surprising Baltimore Orioles.

Now the Yankees where a popular pick to win the World Series before the season started and they’ve looked like a good choice so far, but they’ve had a couple of injuries that could slow them down.

Now the Yankees knew all along that they would be without starting pitcher Luis Severino for the entire  game season. Aroldis Chapman hasn’t pitched this season due to illness, but was scheduled to throw a simulated game yesterday. If Chapman’s simulated game went well he could possibly join the Yankees bullpen soon. That bullpen took a hit earlier this month when set up man Tommy Kahnle injured his elbow. Unfortunately Kahnle is done for the season and will require Tommy John surgery. In almost a flashback to last season the injuries just seem to keep coming for the Yankees. Four days ago the Yankees placed outfielder/designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton on the Injured List. Stanton was diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain of his left hamstring. This injury normally has a recovery time of three to four weeks, but it was reported yesterday that Stanton’s injury is worse than expected and his timetable for return may be long than those three to four weeks. Then yesterday the Yankees added outfielder Aaron Judge to the Injury List. Judge hadn’t played in the last couple of games because of his injury which was diagnosed as a mild calf strain.

Judge has been the Yankees best player this season. He was hitting .290 with 9 home runs and 20 RBI’s. Those 9 home runs lead all of baseball and his 20 RBI’s are tied for the lead in baseball with three other players. Even though Judge had played just 17 games there where quite a few media members who had already awarded him the MVP.

Now last season the Yankees had quite a few injuries and where still able to win the A.L. East. The Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins in the ALDS before being beaten by the Houston Astros 4 games to 2 in the ALCS. Of course the Yankees where able to recover from their injuries last season over the course of a 162 game season. Will they be able to do the same thing this season with just a 60 game season?

In last nights Yankees line up Luke Voit batted 2nd in the Yankees line up; which is where Judge normally hits. Mike Tauchman played rightfield in Judge’s place while Clint Frazier was called up from the teams alternative site and filled in for Stanton as the designated hitter. Thairo Estrada was called up to take Judge’s spot on the roster.

Obviously not just one player can replaced what Judge has given the Yankees on offense this season, but it could soften the blow a little if Gary Sanchez, Gleybar Torres and Brett Gardner start to hit. Currently Sanchez is hitting .113, Torres is hitting .217 and Gardner is hitting .163.

Tauchman and Frazier should get the majority of the playing time in rightfield, but it’s possible that utilityman Tyler Wade might see some innings out there. Even though Frazier filled in at DH last night you have to think that Mike Ford will get some of those DH at bats. The Yankees also have Miguel Andujar at their alternative training site; so it’s possible he could be brought back up and help fill the void left by the bats of Judge and Stanton.

The Yankees currently have a two game lead in the division, but can they hold onto that lead with Judge gone for a minimum of 10 days and Stanton appearing to be gone for a month or more. With the expanded playoffs this season it’s doubtful that even if the Yankees struggle with these players out they’d miss out on those playoffs, but I guess it’s an outside possibility.

With 41 games left on their schedule; where do you think the Yankees will end up?

The St. Louis Cardinals haven’t played a game since July 29th do to a Covid-19 outbreak within the team, but the Cardinals are scheduled to restart their season with a doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox today.

With just five games under their belt this season it’s very doubtful that the Cardinals will be able to play the entire 60 game schedule. It does appear that Major League Baseball is going to try and get the Cardinals to that 60 game mark, but that’s going to entail them playing multiple doubleheaders and you have to think that the strain of that kind of schedule isn’t going into play towards the Cardinals favor of making the playoffs.

How do you think the rest of the Cardinals season goes? When the Miami Marlins came out of their Covid-19 quarantine they played and have continued to play very well. Could St. Louis go on a run like the Marlins did and get themselves into the expanded playoffs? Or is the strain of trying to play 55 games over the remainder of the season just be too much for the team to handle?

The Cardinals four have doubleheaders schedule between now and their next day off which is September 3rd. After that day off the St. Louis has seven doubleheaders on the schedule and just one other schedule day off on September 9th. I doubt that at any other time in baseball history has a team tried to play that kind of a schedule.

Just as the Cardinals are getting ready to return to play it was reported that the Cincinnati Reds had a player test positive for Covid-19 jeopardizing the teams game tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

While this isn’t the first time this season that the Reds have had Covid-19 issues it doesn’t appear as this is the first actual case the team has had. Reds infielder Matt Davidson actually had a positive test results, but all follow up testing came back negative which led to the belief that the first test result was a false positive. Mike Mouatakas and Nick Senzel self reported symptoms and ended up on the injury list until a negative test allowed them to be reinstated. Joey Votto also spent one day on the injury list before being allowed to return.

The Reds will have to go through extensive testing and with that going on you’d have to think that the remainder of their series against the Pirates will be postponed. Hopefully those will be the only postponements the Reds will face, but will have to wait to find that out.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Major League Baseball announced the suspensions from Sunday when the benches emptied in the Oakland A’s/Houston Astros game and I have to say I think they really dropped the ball on this.

Now if you remember there was a lot of concern at the start of spring training that pitchers would throw at Astros hitters because of the cheating scandal. MLB even went so far as to warn teams about excess Astros being hit by pitches. Apparently MLB didn’t happen to mention anything to the Astros about their pitchers hitting batters.

As of now Joe Kelly of the Los Angeles Dodgers appears to be the only pitcher who has intentionally tried to hit Astros hitters. Kelly ended up with an eight game suspension even though he didn’t manage to hit anyone and wasn’t even ejected from the game he was pitching in.

That brings us to last weekend. In the process of being swept in a three game series by the A’s somehow Astros pitchers managed to hit five Oakland hitters while no one from Houston was hit. If you go back to the start of the accusations about Houston’s cheating it was one of their former players Mike Fiers who pretty much confirmed everything and that’s when MLB decided to look into the matter further. Interestingly enough Fiers now pitches for the A’s. Is it possible that the Astros are the team that’s carrying the grudge and not the teams they cheated against? Obviously with Fiers being a pitcher in the American League he’s never going to come to the plate for an at bat; so what’s the next best thing? Go after his teammates and it appears that’s what the Astros pitchers did.

On Sunday after Oakland outfielder Ramon Laureano was hit for the second time in the game he was a little upset on his way to first base and rightfully so. Laureano started jawing with the Astros dugout on his way to first base and things escalated after he got to first base. Houston’s hitting coach Alex Cintron was responding to Laureano from the dugout and from reports was saying some disparaging things about Laureano’s mother. After trading some barbs Laureano had enough and went after Cintron, but Cintron hide behind some of the Astros players and Laureano was cut off by his former teammate now Houston back up catcher Dustin Garneau. Of course the benches emptied, but there where no punches thrown just a lot of pushing and shoving.

Now going back to the start of this 60 game season MLB told each team that they didn’t want the benches to empty in situations like this because of the Covid-19 outbreak. MLB also said there would be harsh penalties if teams didn’t follow this rule. I’m not sure the suspensions they announced would be considered hash.

Yesterday MLB announced that Laureano is suspended for 6 games. He is appealing by the way. Cintron who was really the instigator in this incident was given a 20 game suspension. Being that he’s a coach Cintron doesn’t have the option to appeal and began serving his suspension last night.

Now I think MLB really blew it here, but not with Laureano. I honestly thought that Laureano would get an eight game suspension like Kelly got, but I’m okay with him getting six games. It the Cintron suspension that I have a real issue with.

Now you can’t hear what anyone is saying on the video, but you can clearly see that it’s Cintron who is the main Houston in this case coach who is doing the majority of the bantering with Laureano. You can also see Cintron motion over and over for Laureano to come towards him, but when Laureano did Cintron hide very, very quickly. I’m sorry, but this deserved way more than a 20 game suspension. I really believe that Cintron should’ve been suspended for the rest of the season and the playoffs if the Astros make it into the post season. MLB had said that this is the last thing they wanted to have happen this season and Cintron was the guy who made it happen. You’d think that would make him the perfect guy for MLB to make an example of to make sure no coach does something like this again. I just don’t think 20 games is enough.

If you haven’t seen the video please take the time to take a look at it and then try to tell me I’m wrong. If you’ve seen the video I’d be interested to know what you think about these suspensions. Do you think 6 games was enough for Laureano? Or do you believe he should’ve gotten more or less? What about Cintron was 20 games enough? Or do you believe he should’ve gotten more or less?

How about we wrap the blog up with a nice comeback story.

Last night in the Colorado Rockies 8-7 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks Daniel Bard got his 1st save for the Rockies this season. Not only was that Bard’s first save this season it was his first save since 2011 when he was a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Bard was looked at someone who would be a future closer for the Red Sox and after very good years as a set up man in 2010 & 2011 an injury limited Bard to just 17 appearances in 2012. Unfortunately Bard also struggled with more injuries in 2013 and only made 2 appearances for the Red Sox that season. Bard was always thought to have a good arm; so teams continue to take a look at him. He pitched in the minors with the Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets and teams like the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates had him on their rosters, but he never pitched for them. Bard pitched in 23 games from 2014, 2016 & 2017. He hadn’t pitched the last two seasons or in 2015, but this off season the Rockies signed him. That time off seems to have done Bard some good. He’s appeared in 8 games for the Rockies this season. Bard has an ERA of 3.00; he’s 1-0 with that 1 save and he’s struck out 12 hitters over 9 innings while not walking anyone. Since the media likes to hand out awards early in a season I’d have to say that Bard is definitely the front runner for Comeback Player of the Year.

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How was your week

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For the second time this season NASCAR is going to have a doubleheader weekend. Now it’s not a baseball style doubleheader where both games are played on the same day. A doubleheader in NASCAR means that there’s a cup series race today and then another cup series race tomorrow. Both races are at the Michigan International Speedway. Today’s race is the FireKeepers Casino 400 while tomorrow’s race is the Consumer Energy 400.

NASCAR was the first sport to return during the Covid-19 outbreak and to make up for the missed races they’ve been having races on days that we’re not use to seeing them. While we’ve been getting the Sunday races like we’re use to there have also been races held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and then due to weather Monday.

NASCAR did have a doubleheader earlier in the season at Pocono Speedway the on June 27th and 28th. These two races where on the NASCAR schedule to be run as back to back even before the season was stopped do to the Covid-19 outbreak, but it was still interesting to watch.

At the Pocono Speedway doubleheader Kevin Harvick won the Saturday race while Denny Hamlin was victorious in the Sunday race.

With 6 races left until the playoffs start there are 10 drivers who have won a race and qualified for a playoff spot. Hamlin leads all drivers with 5 wins this season, but there are some names that we’re not always use to seeing in victory lane, but they’ve found a way to win a race this season and they’ll be in the playoffs.

Rookie Cole Cutster, Austin Dillion and Alex Bowman have found their way to victory lane and have taken one of the available playoff spots. Is it possible will see another driver or maybe two that we’re not use to seeing win a race find their way into the playoffs? Even of that doesn’t happen as of now there are only six playoff spots available for drivers to get into the playoffs on points. Could we see some of the drivers that we’re use to seeing in the playoffs not race for a title this season.

Heading into this weekend Aric Almirola, Kurt and Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, Matt DiBeneditto and William Bryon would make it into the playoffs on Points, but rookie Tyler Reddick is just  points out of a playoff spot. In his last season Jimmie Johnson finds himself 25 points out of a playoff spot. Now if NASCAR was simply going by points like they use to Austin Dillion would be holding on to the last playoffs spot and Cole Custer wouldn’t even be in the playoffs, but since they both have wins they’re in.

So who do you think wins this weekend in Michigan? Will we see a driver who’s already won a race get another win? Or will one of those drivers looking for a win this season get one?

In other NASCAR news it was announced on Thursday that Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) won’t be resigning Erik Jones. Jones has been the driver of the #20 car since joining in 2018.

Jones is just 24 years old and is in his fourth season in the cup series. Jones spent his first season in the cup series driving for the now defunct Furniture Row Racing before moving over to JGR. Those two racing teams had an alliance with each other and after his rookie season Jones took over the #20 car for JGR.

Jones won the Gander Truck series championship in 2015; which was his first season in that series. Jones was moved up to the Xfinity series for the 2016 season; he won four races in what turned out to be his only season in the Xfinity series. As a cup series rookie Jones finished 19th with five Top 5 finishes. In 2018 Jones picked up a win as well as picking up nine Top 5 finishes. Jones finished 15th in 2018. Last season Jones picked up another win and improved his Top 5 finishes with 10. Through 20 races this season Jones has five Top 5 finishes and is 19th in the points standings.

Jones 2018 win came at Daytona International Speedway while his win last season was at Darlington Raceway.

The Professional Golfers Association (of America) is holding the first “major” golf tournament of the season the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco California.

Through two rounds Haotong Li is the leader at 8 under par. Behind Li there are six golfers tied at 6 under par. They are Justin Rose, Daniel Berger, Jason Day, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooks Koepka and Michael Lorenzo-Vera.

Tiger Woods is playing this weekend. He had a solid first round shooting two under par, but he had his issues yesterday shooting two over par. Woods did make the cut and is tied for 44th place heading into the 3rd round. Phil Mickelson also had his issues shooting to over par on Thursday, but bouncing back a little bit yesterday shooting one under par. Mickelson also made the cut and is tied for 60th place heading into today’s 3rd round.

Li is 25 years old and is ranked 114th in the world. Li has seven tour wins, but none have been on the PGA tour. He has two wins on the European Tour, two wins on the OneAsia Tour and three wins on the PGA Tour China. Li’s best finish in a PGA major tournament was when he tied for 16th at the 2018 U.S. Open.

I’m not sure how people if ay have Li hanging on through the final two rounds to win the PGA championship, but if you like to root for the underdog then you’ve got a golfer to cheer for. He’s got quite a few top golfers just two strokes behind him and it will be fun to see if Li can stay atop the leaderboard or if there someone on the course today who’s going to make a run.

Who do you think will win the PGA championship? Do you think Tiger Woods can comeback from eight strokes down and win?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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It’s the start of August and there are plenty of sports on television for fans to watch and while you’d think it’s a good thing I’m not totally sure it is. Now normally this is just baseball season with sports fans getting ready for football, but with the pandemic we also have the NHL and the NBA playing. This can make things difficult to not only watch, but to keep up with. Are you keeping up? I’m not.

As I’ve mentioned many times I don’t enjoy what the NBA has turned into and all I really do is flip on a game to get a score and then I move on. Watching professional basketball players stand around at the 3-point line and shoot doesn’t interest me. I’m also not interested in watching a guy dunk when he has to travel to do it. I thought that’s what the dunk contest was for. It’s just so boring for me to watch a player drive the lane and either dunk or throw the basketball out to the 3-point line so one of his teammates can launch a 3-pointer. I’m not even going to go into defense in the NBA mostly because it’s nonexistent and if a player seems to try to play defense he’ll be called for a foul. I know that the NBA has lots of fans, but I’m just not one of them.

As for the NHL I guess it’s just the fact that it’s August and they should be preparing for next season not just starting the playoffs. I’m sure the fact that it’s summer and not cold and snowy out like I picture the weather being outside when the NHL plays. I’ve tried multiple times to sit down and watch one of these NHL playoff games, but it just doesn’t hold my attention for more than a few minutes. Maybe I’ll find myself more interested as teams get eliminated, but I’m not actually sure if that will happen or not. at least I have a local team to root for in the NHL playoffs, but who knows if the Chicago Blackhawks will even get out of this play in round or whatever they’re calling it. I think if the Blackhawks could get on a run in these playoffs that might peak my interest, but it just seems weird to me to watch playoff hockey in August.

I don’t believe that either the NBA or the NHL has mentioned when they might try to get what would be their 2020-21 season started. There was some talk about the NBA waiting until Christmas day to open their season, but I haven’t heard any rumors about what the NHL might do.

When the next season finally does open for the NHL and the NBA will they allow the players to travel or will they attempt to do another “bubble” type set up. Would either league try to play a full schedule of games next season? There’s no doubt that both the NHL and the NBA seasons for what would’ve been 2020-21 is going to start late. Will either league try to pay a full 82 game schedule? I’m not sure if either league would be willing to try to do that, but if not what number of games would they come up with? Would they set it up along the lines that Major League Baseball did and have teams play mostly within their division. With the geography of the NHL and the NBA it might be best if they have team just play against conference opponents. Of course the NBA would have to figure out what to do with the Memphis Grizzlies since they are in the Western Conference. The Grizzlies ended up in the Western Conference because when they entered the NBA they played in Vancouver.

What do you think about next season. How many games do you think that the NHL or the NBA might try to play next season?

Obviously I’m not keeping up with the restarted NBA season, but I don’t believe that they’ve even started their playoffs yet. How long is this NBA season going to go? I get that they brought the league back because they wanted to get their hands on as much television and sponsorship money as they could, but it seems ridiculous that they’re still having what would be considered regular season games. At least the NHL is in some sort of playoff situation.

On the plus side when it comes to the NHL and the NBA it seems as though their “bubble” set up is working as I don’t believe either league has reported a positive Covid-19 test since they’ve been playing in the “bubble”. Let’s hope that continues and neither league has to deal with any kind of virus outbreak like MLB has had to. Don’t forget that the NHL has two “bubble” set ups with no positive Covid-19 tests.

MLB had to deal with another team dealing with a Covid-19 outbreak. This time it was the St. Louis Cardinals. I believe the Cardinals ended up with 13 total members of their traveling party testing positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Yesterday St. Louis placed Paul DeJong, Junior Fernandez, Kodi Whitley, Edmundo Sosa, Rangel Ravelo and Yader Molina on the IL. All players have tested positive for Covid-19. Carlos Martinez was also added to the IL yesterday, but his injury was listed as undisclosed.

Due to this outbreak the Cardinals have canceled a four game series in Milwaukee against the Brewers as well as a four game series in Detroit against the Tigers. Even though that series was in Detroit the Cardinals where scheduled to be the home team in two of those games. Major League Baseball also went ahead and canceled the Cardinals game against the Chicago White Sox on August 13th that was scheduled to be played at Field of Dreams in Iowa. As long as the Cardinals can clear Covid-19 testing they’ll restart their season this Friday as they host the Chicago Cubs for the start of a three game series.

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How was your week

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Major League Baseball returned for a shortened 60-game season on July 23rd. Now with the season just 10 days old the question is; will they be able to get even a 60-game season in?

On Friday MLB commissioner told MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark on Friday that if the sport doesn’t do a better job of managing the coronavirus the season could come to an abrupt end.

MLB’s concerned started with the Miami Marlins. After the Marlins took two of three from the Philadelphia Phillies in Philadelphia they where preparing to return to Miami for their home opener against the Baltimore Orioles.

Unfortunately for the Marlins they where unable to return home as they had multiple players and coaches test positive for the Covid-19 virus. As of now 21 members of the organization tested positive for COVID-19 and they haven’t played a game since July 26th and they’re not scheduled to even try to play again until this coming Tuesday August 4th. AS of now 7 Marlins games have been postponed; 4 against the Orioles and 3 against the Washington Nationals. No make up dates have been announced for these games and it hasn’t even been announced if the Marlins will be able to restart their season against the Phillies on Tuesday.

Then yesterday as the Milwaukee Brewers where getting ready to play their home opener against the St. Louis Cardinals the Cardinals had 2 players test positive for the Covid-19 virus and the game was immediately postponed. As for this game it was announced that it would be made up as part of a doubleheader on Sunday.

If another outbreak was to take place like the one that the Marlins are going through right now commissioner Manfred has the power to shutdown the season and it appears he’d move in that direction if another team suffered an outbreak. It’s possible that commissioner Manfred could shut the season down as early as Monday if the number of positive test continue to rise or if players don’t continue to follow the league protocols.

Not only has union head Clark been briefed, but multiple players have also been told about the situation. Keith Olbermann of ESPN is reporting that Major League Baseball has reached out the the networks that are televising their game and advised them to look at possible alternate programming after this weekend.

It’s difficult to know what players do where they’re away from the ballpark, but one high ranking official has said “There are some bad decisions being made.” Chicago Cubs outfielder Steven Souza took things a step further saying “Every player in this league better take a hard look at what you’re doing off the field, because what you do affects, more than just you and your team.” Souza added “Your decisions off the field will put all of our seasons in jeopardy this year.”

On Thursday Major League Baseball along with the players association announced the results from their Covid-19 testing. There have been 11,895 samples taken by MLB over the past week. 29 of the test came back with a positive result for the Covid-19 virus. 20 of those positive test belonged to players while the other 9 positive test where from team staff members.

When the outbreak happened with the Marlins the media jumped all over Major League Baseball and did everything they could to vilify them and accuse them of not handling the situation properly. In what has to be looked at as a strange turn of events Dr. Fauci who has become the go to guy when it comes to the Covid-19 virus whether he wanted to or not came out and said that Major League Baseball did a good job of handling the Marlins outbreak. Of course none of those media members that destroyed MLB when the outbreak happened haven’t mentioned anything that Dr. Fauci said; of course that’s no surprise.

Do you think that MLB will be able to finish this shortened season?

The National Football League finally announced Antonio Brown’s punishment. In case you don’t remember the NFL has been investigating Brown since he was accused of sexual assault by an artist who was working in his home in 2017. Brown also had an incident in June and ended up pleading no contest to a felony burglary with battery charge and two lesser misdemeanor charges related to a January incident with a moving truck company outside his home in Hollywood, Florida.

For these two incidents Brown was given and 8-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Brown has also been advised by the NFL to continue counseling and treatment.

Brown’s agent Ed Wasielewski said that Brown has no plans to appeal this 8-game suspension.

With this ruling teams now understand what they’re dealing with if they decide to sign Brown. Even with this 8-game suspension Brown would be able to participate in the team that signs him preseason activities. The suspension would take effect after the final roster reduction September 5th and he would be eligible to return after the team plays eight games.

While there have been a few teams that have expressed some interest in Brown there’s also a possibility that he could could be facing another suspension.

The NFL is still investigating Brown as another woman is alleging that she was sexually assaulted by Brown. A former trainer of Brown’s has filed a lawsuit against him over these sexual assault claims. Brown has stated that his sexual relationship with this trainer was consensual and Brown met with the NFL in November as part of this investigation.

Once the NFL concludes it’s investigation into this incident it’s possible that Brown could face another suspension or depending on when the ruling is made it could be another suspension.

Brown played one game for the New England Patriots in September of last season before being released as some of these allegations started to surface.

Brown has shown throughout his NFL career that he is talented, but you have to wonder if there’s a team out there that think he’s worth taking a chance on with all the baggage that comes along with him.

Would you like to see your favorite NFL team sign Brown?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Apparently this is going to be a different type of baseball season for me. When they first put in this 60 game season I had almost no desire to watch any of the games, but then they started. Opening day didn’t really interest me; so I only ended up watching an inning or two of those games, but then my local teams opened up. I don’t know why, but my interest really picked up for opening day of the two local Chicago teams. Now we’re six games into the season and I barely watch either of what turned out to be three games the Chicago games where involved in yesterday. I’m not sure what causing this, but all of a sudden I’m this bipolar baseball fan and I’m wondering if the entire season is going to be like this.

I’m looking for some kind of help here. If this is happened to you or if you have any idea why my interest in this baseball season waned so quickly.

I do know that one of the things that has bothered me the last couple of days is the way the mainstream media has reacted to the Miami Marlins situation.

I’m sure you know that they had multiple players and coaches test positive for the Covid-19 virus and their games have been suspended until at least Sunday.

I found it shocking that there where mainstream media members that where surprised this happened and they went on to call it a nightmare scenario for baseball and there where even some of these goofs calling for an immediate end to the baseball season. Did they honestly believe that we would get through the entire baseball season without one positive test for the Covid-19 virus?

I know that a lot of people and the media want to try and compare Major League Baseball to the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League, but you can’t.

Both the NBA and the NHL have set up “bubble” situations for their players to pay under. If you’re a baseball player you’re more or less living your normal life. If you have a home game you sleep in your own bed and spend time with your family before going to the ballpark. In the case of the Marlins they where on the road; so they where staying in a hotel. Did someone pick up the virus there or did some of the players or coaches go out for dinner and possibly contracted it while they where out. Unfortunately there’s just no way to tell.

Now of course this was played up as a terrible story and everyone wanted to put baseball in a bad light over this. Oddly what very few reporters mentioned was that the Philadelphia Phillies who where the team that was hosting the Marlins had ZERO positive tests for the Covid-19 virus. Do you find it odd that a lot of reporters left this fact out of their story?

Obviously it’s a big deal that these players and coaches got sick and hopefully they’ll all recover quickly and without any issues, but unfortunately this kind of thing can happen when you’re working in normal society. Remember these players are going to work like a lot of people still are; so they’re having interactions with people who aren’t involved with Major League Baseball and they can’t control how or what those people do in their lives. Of course this doesn’t mean that people are out there intentionally trying to infect a sports team all I’m saying is their daily interactions can’t be monitor by Major League Baseball, but a player may run into someone on a plane, in the hotel the team is staying at or quite a few places when a team is on the road.

I’m sure that most of the mainstream media just wants to point the finger at Major League Baseball and say it’s all their fault, but since all of the Phillies players and coaches tested negative you’d have to think that Citizens Bank Ballpark where the Philadelphia plays it’s home games is clean.

Now not only did Major League Baseball postpone all of the Marlins games until Sunday they also postponed the series between the Phillies and the New York Yankees that was scheduled to start last night in Philadelphia. As of now Miami has seven games postponed; four against the Baltimore Orioles and three against the Washington Nationals. The next scheduled game the Marlins might play might be at home oddly enough against the Phillies. Will have to wait and see if Major League Baseball allows the Marlins to play those games.

The one thing that I’m very interested in that Major League Baseball hasn’t announced yet is how are they going to make up these games. I’m sure most people don’t consider the Marlins a playoff contender, but in a shortened 60 game season you never know. Of course the Yankees and the Phillies where considered playoff contenders and they’ll have four games to make up against each other when this is all said and done. Those four games could have huge playoff ramifications; so they’re probably going to need to find a way to play them.

What do you think Major League Baseball should do with these postponed games? Should they make them up? Or just try to go with an unbalanced schedule?

Should anybody be really surprised that the Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers threw inside, over and behind some of the Houston Astros hitters last night?

As I’m sure you all remember that it was the dodgers that the Astros where caught cheating against in the 2018 World Series; so you had to expect that there where going to still be some hard feelings on the Dodgers side. What may be more surprising is the fact that there where no hit batsman in the game.

In the end the Dodgers used a 5-run 5th inning to put the game away winning 5-2. This is just a short two game series and you have to wonder if we’ll see some more inside pitches from the Dodgers staff tonight.

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How was your week

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Well after quite a delay the Major League Baseball season finally got underway Thursday evening with two games. The New York Yankees beat the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals 6-1 in a game that was shortened to 5 1/3rd innings due to rain. In the second game the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 8-1; that game went all 9 innings.

Now if you’ve listened to the Sports Time Radio podcast or just kept up with the blogs right here you know that I’ve been hot and cold or maybe you’d call it here or there on if I was going to watch baseball this season. Like a lot of fans I was very frustrated with the way the negotiations went, but in the end I was right there to watch Max Scherzer throw the first pitch of the season to Aaron Hicks.

What I didn’t expect to happen was how bored I was by the Yankees/Nationals game. Honestly I don’t know what my issue with the game was, but luckily when my two local Chicago teams started the season yesterday I found myself enjoying those games much, much more. Maybe the problem was I’m not really invested that much into this shortened baseball season; so seeing the Yankees and the Nationals start the season didn’t get me excited for baseball. I guess I’ll have to play it by ear and see how it goes today as there will be quite a few games for me to watch, but only two of them will feature the teams in my area.

I should have access to a minimum of five games today. At 12:05 p.m. Fox will be showing it’s first game of the season featuring the Milwaukee Brewers at the Chicago Cubs. At 1:10 p.m. the Chicago White Sox will be hosting the Minnesota Twins. At 1:15 p.m. the MLB Network will be showing the Pittsburgh Pirates at the St. Louis Cardinals. Then at 3:10 p.m. Fox will be showing the San Francisco Giants at the Los Angeles Dodgers. The final game that I’ll have a chance to watch will be on Fox Sports 1 at 8:10 p.m. as the San Diego Padres host the Arizona Diamondbacks.

All the listed start times are for the Central time zone; which of course is where I live.

The listed pitching match ups for these games are as follows. Corbin Burnes starts for Milwaukee, Yu Darvish starts for the Cubs. Randy Dobnak is starting for the Twins while Dallas Keuchel stats for the White Sox. Trevor Williams starts for the Pirates while Adam Wainwright starts for the Cardinals. San Francisco has yet to announce their starting pitcher for todays game, but the Dodgers listed start is Alex Wood. In the last televised game in my area the Diamondbacks are starting Robbie Ray while the Padres are going with Dinelson Lamet.

There are your games and your starting pitchers for the televised games; so what I want to know from you is; what are your viewing habits going to be today? The only game you won’t be getting would be the White Sox/Twins game unless you live in that viewing area and if not it would be replaced by your local teams broadcast. Are you planning on watching one game? Or will you watch two games? Is it possible that you’ll watch three or even four games? Or are you just planning on skipping all of the baseball games today?

What I’d also be interested in knowing from you is; what was your highlight from opening day?

As for me I’m not sure if you would call it a highlight, but the thing that I enjoyed the most was watch Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs pitch a complete game shutout against the Brewers. With all the talk coming into this season I wasn’t expecting to see a pitcher throw a complete game in all of the 60 games each team was playing and here Hendricks throws one in the Cub home opener.

Hendricks was allowed to go 9 innings because he kept his pitch count down. Hendricks threw just 103 pitches in his complete game shutout with 74 of them being for strikes. He struck out nine while giving up just three hits. Interestingly all three of Milwaukee’s hits where by Orlando Arcia who was hitting 9th for the Brewers. The 1 through 8 hitters in Milwaukee’s line up went 0 for 27 against Hendricks.

To be fair Hendricks wasn’t the only opening day starter to register a complete game, but he was the only one that went 9 innings. In Thursday nights game Max Scherzer and Gerrit Cole get credit for a complete games. Since the game was rained shorten and they where the only two pitcher to appear for their teams it goes down as a complete game for each pitcher and while Scherzer did strikeout 11 and Cole gave up just 1 hit neither outing was as impressive as Hendricks was.

I wanted to leave baseball for a story that’s been confusing me for the better part of a week now; Antonio Brown.

Brown had been working out with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and there was some talk that Seattle might be interested in signing him. Then kind of out of the blue Brown more or less said that he was retiring from football. Then just two days later Brown backtracked on his retirement and then went on to blame to NFL for holding up his career.

In case you don’t remember the NFL is investigating Brown for about sexual assault and rape allegations. That means Brown is head for a suspension or possible a spot on the Commissioner’s Exempt List. Of course Brown would have to be signed by a team before he could serve out any suspension. Even with this hanging over his head there are multiple teams that have shown some interest in possibly signing Brown.

Brown played in just 1 game last season with the New England Patriots even though he signed a big money deal with the Oakland raiders during the off season. I don’t think we need to rehash all the incidents he had with them before being released. He did catch 4 passes and score a touchdown in his one game with New England last season.

If your favorite NFL team was desperate for a wide receiver would you like to see them sign Brown? He is very talented, but he appears to bring a lot of baggage with him.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Well sports fans we’re right on the brink of getting all four major sports back. NFL training camps open tomorrow, the NBA and the NHL are just about a week and a half away from restarting their seasons, but most importantly starting tomorrow we’re going to get baseball games that count.

Baseball gets rolling with two showcase games tomorrow. Opening the season the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals host the New York Yankees. While the nightcap features old rivals as the Los Angeles Dodgers host the San Francisco Giants.

Both games will be shown on ESPN. The Nationals/Yankees games has a scheduled start time of 6:00p.m. While the Dodgers/Giants game has a scheduled start time of 9:00 p.m. Both start times are for the Central time zone; which is the time zone I live in.

Now there has been some questions about how much starting pitchers will impact these games right out of the gate and we should get an idea tomorrow how teams might handle their starters. Three of the games top four starter pitchers will take the rubber tomorrow. Max Scherzer makes the start for Washington The Yankees will counter with their big free agent signing Gerrit Cole. The Dodgers are going with Clayton Kershaw as their opening day starter and he’ll face off against Johnny Cueto; who’s getting the opening day start for San Francisco.

You have to wonder if these pitchers will be on a pitch count or if they’ll be allowed to work as long as they can. Out of the four opening day starters Cueto may be the one with the most questions since he’s returning from Tommy John surgery. Cueto did make 4 starts last season, but totaled just 16 innings and posted an E.R.A. of 5.06. My guess is that he’ll be on the shortest leash of the four opening day starters, but you never know what a team might have planned.

What would you consider to be a good start for these starters? Do you think it’s possible that we’ll get a “quality start” out of any of these opening day starters? The definition of a quality start is 6 innings pitched while permitting no more than 3 earned runs. Going 6 innings might be too much to ask out of even these big name pitchers to start this odd season.

After opening the season with two games on Thursday the rest of the league get started on Friday. The Dodgers and Giants will play their second game of the season on Friday, but the Yankees and the Nationals get Friday off.

With just the start of the baseball season a day away; how are you feeling about baseball?

I’ve been back and forth about this shortened 60 game season, but we had our fantasy drafts this past weekend and that helped me start to look forward to baseball coming back. When the first announced that this was the format they where gong with I was less than interested in baseballs return and was convinced that I wouldn’t watch an inning.

My stance has softened on that as the start of the season has gotten closer, but I do have some concerns. I think my biggest issue is; are we going to get spring training baseball to start off with? With expanded roster to start the season and the designated hitter being universal managers are going to have a lot of flexibility. Will we see a lot of situation substitutions? Also if starting pitchers aren’t going to be going deep into games to start the season; how many pitching changes will there be?

Now besides the DH becoming universal and the expanded rosters to start the season there are a few other new rules this season.

We have the three batters minimum for relievers. Instead of teams being able to match up pitchers to hitters this season when a pitcher comes out of the bullpen he’ll have to face three batters. The only way they won’t face three batters will be because the inning came to an end or that reliever became ill or got injured.

Placing a runner on 2nd base in extra innings. This is easily the new rule I dislike the most, but in a shortened season like this Major League Baseball is trying to avoid marathon games; so starting in the 11th inning A baserunner will magically appear on nd to start the inning.

I didn’t remember hearing about this one, but there’s a wet rag rule. Apparently pitchers will be allowed to bring a wet rag with them to the mound. The pitcher will be allowed to use this rag to moisten his fingers instead of licking them. I’m not sure if this rule is just for this year do to the pandemic or if it’s something that will stay on the books.

There is also a no brawl rule for this season. Since MLB is going to try and have players, managers and coaches maintain social distancing it’s understandable why they wouldn’t want teams fighting. MLB has mentioned that the possible penalty for breaking the no brawl rule could be immediate ejection and subsequent discipline, including a possible fine and suspension.

What do you think of these rules? As I’ve mentioned I don’t like the runner being placed on 2nd bae rule, but I’m okay with the other changes.

I’m not a big fan of the DH being universal a I liked the differences between the two leagues, but remember the collective bargaining agreement expires after the 2021 season and there was a very good chance that the Major League Baseball Players Association was going to be asking for the DH to be added to the National League. Let’s face it with al of the complaining that the media does about pitchers hitting this was going to happen sooner or later. This way the media will have one less thing to cry about when it comes to baseball, but I’m sure they’ll still find plenty of other things to whine about.

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How was your week

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While the National Football League will have it’s own set of circumstances to deal with as they try to open their season it does seem that they’ll be able to play that season continuously unlike Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association had to. Of course the NFL will have to figure out a couple of things.

First and foremost testing and player safety will be the most difficult thing to keep up with. The one thing that keeps popping up right now is the number of pre-season games teams will play. The NFL owners want to cut the number of pre-season games to 2 while the National Football League Players Association doesn’t want to play any pre-season games.

When it comes to sports it seems as when it comes to negotiating it’s either that specific league itself or it’s a players union that’s try to take advantage of the situation and get something out of this deal. That’s all this seems to be here. The NFL players union wants something in return for a certain number of pre-season games. In the end they’ll work this out somehow and will probably end up settling on just 1 pre-season game being played.

Now NFL teams don’t take pre-season all that seriously anymore and as for most teams the starters barely play if at all. As odd as it may sound I think it might be important to have the NFL play a couple of pre-season games.

Most importantly playing these pre-season games would give teams an idea of how they’re going to handle the current situation and it may give them an opportunity to see what a game would be like without fans and then what steps they might have to take if a limited number of fans are allowed to return to games later in the regular season.

Then from a pure fans point of view without some type of pre-season game or games being played how many weeks will it take for an NFL team to get up to speed and start playing decent football. It’s not like the starters would be playing ever minute of these two pre-season games, but no matter how much they played it would help improve the games when they get into the regular season. Last season the Chicago Bears hardly played their starters during the pre-season and they suffered for it at the start of the regular season. Everyone is waiting with anticipation for football to arrive, but the last thing any fan wants to see is bad football to start the season.

This of course leads us to the question of; what does the NFL players association want? While I’d like to think that it’s just players safety and how the NFL will handle testing for the Corona virus I know better than that. Unfortunately the NFL players association hasn’t mentioned anything; so we’re going to have to wait and see and just hope that this doesn’t up the season.

The NFL did released the process they’re going to try and follow if and when the season get started. Here’s what the NFL will be trying to do. The league will mandate that team buses cannot be more than 50% full and that there must be at least one open seat between passengers on team planes. Also everyone will get his or her own hotel room on the road and that all players and team personnel must wear face coverings while on the road. Players also are being told that they will not be allowed to leave their hotel rooms to eat in or otherwise use restaurants that are open to the public. Now players will be allowed to use contactless food delivery services and they’ll also be able to use rom service. Everyone has to travel on the team plane and/or bus. While at the hotel, players and team personnel may not be visited in their rooms by anyone who’s not in their traveling party, and no one in the traveling party may use shared hotel facilities such as pools or gyms unless they have been disinfected and are being used only by the traveling party.

The NFL release these guidelines on Friday, but it’s unclear if the NFL players association has agreed to these or if the two sides will have to sit down and come to an agreement on these. I’d like to think that since the NFL released these that they’ve worked this out with the NFL players association.

It doesn’t seem like the NFL is asking too much of it’s players while they’re on the road, but as we have seen with the NBA and it’s “bubble” set up; players are use to a certain lifestyle so there may be some push back, but hopefully the players will see this is for their own health and safety and follow the these guidelines.

NFL training camps will be opening very soon and the NFL will be welcome backed by sports fans with open arms. The NFL has always been the most popular of the big four sports here in America. Now the fans have to hope that there’s no interruption of the regular season or playoffs if they get that far. It would be a big plus even if the games had to be played with out fans to see a league be able to play their entire schedule without a stoppage due to the Corona virus.

We’re just a little under two months away from the start of the NFL regular season. Thursday night September 10th the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to host the Houston Texans in the first NFL game this coming season.

Now we have baseball starting in five days. Then will have the hockey and Basketball starting at the end of the month. What I’d like to know is; are you looking forward t the start of one of those three season or are you holding out for the start of the NFL season?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Dak Prescott is represented by Todd France in his negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys. Yesterday there where reports that France has said their would be no new contract between the Cowboys and Prescott by next Wednesday and Prescott would be signing his franchise tender. Once Prescott officially signs that franchise tag contract he’ll make $31.4 million dollars next season.

There where some reports that Prescott and the Cowboys might be close to a deal, but that the contract was for too many years according to Prescott. Now you’d think if both sides had seem to have agreed on a dollar figure you think it wouldn’t of been to difficult to get the years worked out, but apparently they where unable to do so.

Now if you remember as Prescott was headed into free agency he said that he expected to be paid between $30 and $40 million dollars per season and while the franchise tag gets him into that salary area it is on the lower end of Prescott’s original number. There where some reports that France had approached the Cowboys with a deal that was around $34 million dollars a season, but it was never mentioned how long that deal would’ve been for.

Since the Cowboys used the “exclusive” franchise tag on Prescott he’s paid the average salary of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL as of April 2020. Otherwise the Cowboys could’ve paid Prescott 120 percent of his salary from last season. Prescott receives whatever number is greater for his salary.

To be fair Prescott has been a steal for the Cowboys while on his rookie contract, but that’s no fault of the Cowboys like some people have implied. Remember Prescott was a 4th round pick in the 2016 draft and he was paid according to his draft slot. Prescot clearly outplayed his contract, but there was a reason Prescott was selected in the 4th round when he was coming out of college.

Prescott had solid number in college at Mississippi State, but he was spectacular by any means. In his Senior season he threw for 3793 yards with 29 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. In passing yards Prescott ranked 15th. He was also 15th in touchdowns as for interceptions there where only a handful of college quarterbacks that threw fewer than Prescott did.

Prescott didn’t receive a Heisman Trophy vote in his Senior year. Interestingly running back Derrick Henry of Alabama won the Heisman and is now in the same place as Prescott. Henry is currently a free agent and was franchised tagged by the Tennessee Titans after leading the NFL in rushing yards last season.

There where five other quarterbacks that received Heisman Trophy votes when Prescott was a Senior. Deshaun Watson finished 3rd in the voting, Baler Mayfield finished 4th, Keenan Reynolds finished 5th, Connor Cook finished 9th and Trevone Boykin finished 10th in the Heisman voting.

In the voting for the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner Prescott’s future teammate Ezekiel Elliott finished 8th in the voting.

In the end the decision the Cowboys have to make before they sign Prescott to a long term deal is: Is he a franchise quarterback?

Prescott had his best statistical season in 2019. He threw for 4902 yards and 30 touchdowns which where both career highs. Unfortunately there was some bad with that good as the Cowboys had their worst record 8-8 with Prescott as their starting quarterback and they missed the playoffs.

Prescott also has the ability to run the football if needed. Last season he ran the least number of times in his four year career 52; he averaged 5.3 yards per carry and scored 3 rushing touchdowns. Prescott had run for 6 touchdowns in each of his first three seasons with Dallas.

Running less signals that Prescott is becoming more comfortable throwing the football and staying in the pocket and while his interception total did jump to 11 last season he had an interception percentage of 1.8%. There where 13 other starting quarterbacks that threw more interceptions than Prescott did last season.

Prescott has started all 64 games at quarterback for Dallas since they drafted him in 2016 and he has a record of 40-24.

We all know that in the NFL a quarterback gets way too much credit when his team wins and way too much blame when his team loses, but you know there are going to be people pointing out that Dallas hasn’t won a Super Bowl with Prescott as their starting quarterback, but he has taken the team to two playoff appearances in his four seasons. I’m sure there are a lot of teams out their that would like to go to the playoffs with what could be a franchise quarterback that often.

Prescott is always going to be compared to Jared Goff and Carson Wentz who went #1 and #2 in that 2016 draft, but Goff and Wentz where expected to be starting quarterbacks right out of the draft while no one was sure about Prescott.

Goff has been successful as the Los Angeles Rams starting quarterback and while he’s taken them to the playoffs the last two season with one of those playoff runs ending in a Super Bowl loss, but his numbers where down last season and there have been some questions that have come up about Goff’s ability to be a starting NFL quarterback.

Since the Philadelphia Eagles drafted Wentz they’ve been to the playoffs in the last three seasons and won the Super Bowl in 2017. The Eagles have played 6 playoffs games since drafting Wentz and have a 4-2 record, but Wentz has played in just one of those games and in that game only threw 4 passes before being injured.

Goff and Wentz have both been signed long term by their teams. Goff is signed through 2024 and has an average salary of $33.5 million dollars a season. Wentz is also signed through 2024 and has an average salary of $32 million dollars a season.

This is where it gets interesting. Do you feel that Prescott is a better NFL quarterback than Goff and Wentz? Or is he similar to them? Depending on where you sit on that might be how you feel about how much Prescott should be paid.

Prescott and the Cowboys have a little less than 7 hours to come to an agreement on a contract. Do you think they’ll work something out? If so; how much do you think Prescott will be paid? Please leave your answers in the comments.

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