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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: May 18, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Last night Boston Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi became the third pitcher in baseball history to give up five home runs inning.

Eovaldi started against the Houston Astros last night and come out of the 1st inning things looked good. Eovaldi worked a three up, three down 1st inning, but in the 2nd inning he ran into some trouble. In the 2nd inning Eovaldi gave up home runs to Yuli Gurriel, Michael Brantley, Jeremy Pena, Kyle Tucker and Yordan Alvarez.

Eovaldi managed just one out in the 2nd inning before being removed with the Red Sox trailing 9-1. Eovaldi gave up 9 runs, 6 of which were earned runs on 8 hits and didn’t strikeout a batter in his 1 1/3rd innings pitched. Eovaldi took the loss to drop his record to 1-2 on the season as the Astros won 12-4.

Eovaldi is looked at as one of the better starting pitchers in baseball, but last night was clearly the worst start of his eight starts this season. Eovaldi’s ERA jumped from 3.15 to 4.32 after last night’s start.

The loss dropped the Red Sox record to 14-22 and they already find themselves 13 games out of 1st place in the American League East. Even this early in the season 13 games is a lot to make up, but the one thing the Red Sox have going for them is they’ve only played 15 games at home so far this season. That should give Boston a chance to make up some ground in the payoff race, but getting back to the division lead might be an overwhelming challenge for the Red Sox this season.

The biggest problem the Red Sox will face is that they’re in probably the best division in baseball and if they’re going to make up any ground, they’re going to have to start winning games against the teams in their division. That means they’re not only going to have to beat the Baltimore Orioles who are the only team the Red Sox are ahead of in the standings, but they’re going to have to beat the Toronto Blue Jays, the Tampa Bay Rays and the division leading New York Yankees.

So what do you think about the Red Sox? Can they actually come all the way back and win the A.L. East? Or can they at least find their way into a playoff spot?

The NBA’s Eastern conference finals started last night with the Miami Heat winning Game 1 118-107 over the Boston Celtics.

Miami used a big 2nd half outscoring the Celtics 64 to 45 in the 3rd and 4th quarter combined. Miami’s big 2nd half helped them overtake the 8-point lead that the Celtics took into halftime.

Jimmy Butler led the way for the Heat with 41 points while Jason Tatum was the Celtics leading scorer with 29 points.

Miami had four other players hit double figures in scoring including Tyler Herro who added 18 points coming off of the Heat’s bench.

Jaylen Brown was one of three other Boston players to hit double figures in points as he added 24 points last night. Brown was also the only player in the game to get double digit rebounds as he had 10.

The Western conference finals starts tonight as the Golden State Warriors host the Dallas Mavericks.

So, Miami has a game in hand, but do you think they’ll win the series against Boston? Also, who do you have winning the Western conference finals Golden State or Dallas?

How was your week

Posted: May 14, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now as you know I’m not watching baseball games this season due to the lockout, but I am still keeping up with wat is going on, so I can make adjustments to my fantasy teams. I’m watching a lot of the MLB Network and I’ve noticed that they like to really call something the best even though teams have played a little over 30 games in a 162-game season.

I think that if they just adjusted their terminology a little bit it would be much easier to get behind what they’re talking about. I think if they just said best right now instead of awarding something as the best and making it seem like the season is coming to an end. It’s as though they forgot that the Atlanta Braves where actually under .500 at the All-Star break last season and they won the World Series. I don’t think that anyone was saying the Braves where the best team after the first 30 games of last season, but by the end of the season they were the best team and that’s what matters.

This came into my mind because the Houston Astros have won 11 games in a row, and they were crowned the best team in baseball yesterday on the MLB Network. It’s not a big surprise that Houston is a good team, they were expected to be. Interestingly the Astros are 22-11, but that’s not the best record in baseball. You’d think that at this point in the season the team that was called the best team would have the best record, but they don’t.

The New York Yankees have the best record in baseball at 24-8 and are the only team that hasn’t lost double digit games this season. The Yankees are currently on their own winning streak having won five in a row including last night’s game against the Chicago White Sox.

As for the Astros. With their 11-game winning streak they have the second-best record in baseball, but Houston only has a 1/2 game lead in the American League West over the Los Angeles Angels. The New York Mets are also just 1/2 games behind the Astros record wise. Then you have teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants who all have either 20 or 21 wins. Isn’t it possible that one of these teams could be the best team in baseball?

It’s just way, way too early in the season to name any team the best team in baseball unless you add right now to that statement. Now who knows, by the end of the season maybe the Astros will be the best team in baseball, but as you can see right now it’s difficult to pick one team as the best.

Unfortunately, the MLB Network likes to do the same thing with awards as I also heard yesterday that Mike Trout is the American League MVP.

Now to be fair any time Trout is healthy he’s a candidate for MVP, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy the past couple of seasons. Maybe they should wait and make sure he stays healthy until they give him the MVP award in May. If Trout stays healthy and has what has pretty much become a normal season for him, he’ll be right there in the MVP conversation and may actually win it.

I’m kind of baffled with the reasoning behind having to hand out awards this early in the season. I get that they’re trying to attract viewers to whatever show is on, but when you start pushing players or teams as the best it’s difficult to take anything that analyst says seriously when that player or team doesn’t come through and that analyst jumps on other players or team’s bandwagon.

It’s one thing to make pre-season predictions which I’m pretty sure we all do, but just a little over 30 games into a season I’m not sure if they should be saying any player or team is the best.

Maybe it’s just me on this one but let me know what you think of teams and players being assigned these types of tags so early in a season.

Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: May 11, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Yesterday a story came out saying that Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets will be named the NBA MVP. Now this has yet to be confirmed by the NBA, but there’s no real reason to believe that it isn’t true. This will be the second year in a row that Jokic has won the MVP award, but I think this year unlike last year the voters got it wrong.

There’s no doubt that Jokic should’ve been in the MVP conversation, he just shouldn’t have won it. Jokic averaged 27.1 points per game, 13.8 rebounds per game and 7.9 assists per game while playing in 74 games for the Nuggets this past regular season. Those are definitely MVP type numbers, but there’s more to be an MVP than just filling in the stats line on a box score.

The Nuggets where 48-34 and finished in 2nd place in the Northwest division of the Western conference. Denver had the 7th best record in the Western conference, so they just missed being part of the NBA’s play-in tournament with an MVP on their team. Isn’t an MVP a player who can lift his team?

I’m not going to say that Jokic was a bad choice, all I’m going to say is that he wasn’t the right choice this season and that has nothing to do with Denver’s early playoff exit as this is a regular season award.

So, if Jokic isn’t the MVP, well then who is? If I had a vote it would’ve went to Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Embiid averaged 30.6 points per game, 11.7 rebounds per game and 4.2 assists per while playing in 68 games for Philadelphia this season. Embiid posted a career high in points per game this season and was the NBA’s leading scorer.

Embiid’s numbers are very similar to Jokic’s even though I think they’re a little better, but there’s another thing that separates these two players for me. Embiid was able to keep the 76ers in contention for the #1 seed in the Eastern conference even though all of the Ben Simmons drama. Now Philadelphia ended up as the 4th seed in the Eastern conference there 51-31 record was just as good as the 2nd seeded Boston Celtics and the 3rd seeded Milwaukee Bucks Philadelphia also finished just two games behind, he #1 seeded Miami Heat while the Nuggets ended up 14 games behind the Western conferences #1 seed the Phoenix Suns.

You would think that someone who helped his team through and accomplish what Embiid did would’ve received more consideration for MVP, but it doesn’t look like he did, and you have to wonder why. It appears as though Embiid isn’t well liked by the MVP voters, and you have to figure that really hurt his chances to win the MVP award because he was clearly the best player in the league this season.

Jokic and Embiid weren’t the only two players who could possibly lay a claim to the MVP award and I’ll be interested to see how the voting went when the award is announced.

Devin Booker was the best player on the best team during the regular season. I’ll be interested to see where the Suns guard finished in the MVP voting. Ja Morant had a breakout season for the Memphis Grizzlies and while he did win Most Improved Player, he should’ve still garnered some MVP votes. DeMar DeRozan had the best year of his career, and the Chicago Bulls probably wouldn’t have been a playoff team without him. That should get him some consideration for MVP.

There are three players who deserve to receive some votes for MVP and I’m sure you have some other players who should’ve been considered, so let me hear them. I’d also like to know who you think should’ve won the MVP award for this season.

How was your week

Posted: May 7, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The NFL draft was last weekend, so everyone has had time to see who picked who and how they fit with the team they went to. I kind of understand how everyone wants to know how the experts think that their favorite team did in the draft, but can you really have any idea without seeing them play? To be fair even seeing a guy play in his first year might not be the deciding factor on if he was a good draft pick or not. Some players take more time to develop than others and to be fair it could take three to five seasons before you actually know how a draft turned out for your favorite team.

As always there where some interesting things that happened at the draft. The first five players drafted where all from the defensive side. There was just one quarterback taken in the 1st round and the second quarterback didn’t come off the board until the 3rd round. There were six wide receivers selected in the 1st round including three in a row from picks 10 through 12. The first running back was drafted with the 4th pick of the 2nd round #36.

Now it’s always fun to speculate, so I want to know how you think your favorite team did in the draft. Do you like what they did? Or do you think they missed a player they should’ve taken?

Going into the draft one of the stories to keep an eye on was what would the Cleveland Browns do with Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has made it clear that he no longer wants to be with the Browns and Cleveland made it pretty clear they were moving on from Mayfield when they traded for Deshaun Watson.

There was quite a bit of talk about what teams might step up during the draft and make a trade for Mayfield, but that didn’t happen and now with the draft come and gone you have to ask, what happens to Mayfield now?

Mayfield carries a salary of right around $18 million dollar for this coming season and that could be a tough number for teams to fit into their salary cap right now. It’s possible that could be one of the reasons why Mayfield is still with Cleveland. He also had shoulder surgery and I’m sure any team that would be interested in him would want to make sure he 100% before they acquired him. You also can’t forget that Mayfield didn’t play all that well last season. Now you’d like to think that the injury had something to do with it as he played hurt for quite a bit of the season, but you know that’s in teams’ minds.

I’m not sure if the Browns and Mayfield could actually mend fences and have him be on the team at the start of this coming season, but it may be something they need to do. Don’t forget that Watson has yet to face any type of discipline from the NFL stemming from those charges that were made against him by multiple women in Texas. While it doesn’t appear as though Watson will ever be criminally charged for those accusations there’s still a chance that the NFL could levee a suspension against him. If Watson was suspended for Multiple games to start this season would the Browns turn to Mayfield as their starting quarterback? Cleveland did add veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett this off season, so they could turn to him instead of Mayfield if Watson misses games.

It’s an odd situation in Cleveland, so what do you see the Browns doing? Will they end up trading Mayfield? And if so, where do you see him ending up and what do you think Cleveland gets for him in return. I’ll be interested to see what you think will happen with this situation.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: May 4, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there were no upsets in the 1st round of the NBA playoff. All four top seeds in each conference advanced into the 2nd round, but now it’s possible that will see some of the teams that ended up seeded higher win a series.

In the Eastern conference the Miami Heat won Game 1 of their series against the Philadelphia 76ers 106-92. Now the 76ers are playing at least the first two games of this series without their best player Joel Embiid who is out with a right facial fracture and concussion. Embiid is said to be “feeling better”, but his status is still unclear for tonight’s Game 2.

In the other Eastern conference series, the Milwaukee Bucks took Game 1 101-89 over the Boston Celtics, but the Celtics bounced back and won Game 2 109-86. It seems odd that both of these games ended up being blow outs since both teams are known to be solid defensive teams. Now this series doesn’t resume until Saturday when the Bucks host Game 3.

In the Western conference the #1 seeded Phoenix Suns got their best player Devin Booker back for Game 1 of their series against the Dallas Mavericks. With Booker back the Suns were able to win Game 1 121-114. In their loss Mavericks star player Luka Doncic scored 4 points in his teams’ loss. Phoenix hosts Game 2 of this series tonight.

In the other Western conference series, the Golden State Warriors got a win in Game 1 over the Memphis Grizzlies 117-116. The Grizzlies had a chance to win Game 1, but Ja Morant’s last second drive to the hoop came up short. Memphis however was able to bounce back and even the series at one game apiece with a 106-101 win in Game 2. The series moves to Chase Center as Golden State will host Games 3 & 4 Saturday and Monday.

Both the Bucks and the Warriors are the higher seeded teams in their series and while it wouldn’t be much of an upset if they did win those series, it would still be a higher seeded team beating a team that had a better record than them in the regular season. Milwaukee is the defending champion and Golden State has been a trendy pick to win this round and advance to the conference finals. Both the Bucks and the Warriors were able to win a game on the road and now hold home court advantage for the remainder of their series. I don’t think it would be a huge surprise to see ether Milwaukee or Golden State advance, but it would be #3 seed beating a #2 seed.

Let’s say that the Bucks and the Warriors win their series and move on, what would that mean for the Grizzlies and the Celtics?

I think for Memphis a loss to a team like Golden State that still has a solid core from their teams that has wo an NBA title would be looked at as a learning experience for a young team, but what about Boston? The Celtics have been looked at as one of the better teams in the Eastern conference for a few years now but have never been able to get through the conference and make it to the NBA finals. It would sadly be another failed season for the Celtics.

So, give me your picks for these series. In the Eastern conference, do you like Miami or Philadelphia? Do you like Boston or Milwaukee? In the Western conference do you like Phoenix or Dallas? Do you like Memphis or Golden State?

The NBA handed out it’s 6th Man of the Year award. Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat is this year’s winner. Herro received 96 1st places votes, 2 2nd place and 2 3rd place votes. Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers finished 2nd in the voting while Cam Johnson of the Phoenix Suns came in 3rd. Herro, Love and Johnson where the only players to receive 1st place votes while 10 other players did receive votes for the award.

Herro played in 66 games this season and averaged 20.7 points per game. Herro shot 44.7% from the field and 39.9% from behind the 3-point line. Herro also averaged 5.0 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game for Miami.

Now to be honest I don’t follow the NBA close enough t know if Herro was a good choice for this award, but his numbers do seem to back up the selection. Let me know if you think there was someone else who should’ve won this award.

How was your week

Posted: April 30, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

More than anything else sports wise I’m a baseball fan even though I’m not watching games this season because of the lockout and the season starting late. Now, I’m still participating in my fantasy baseball leagues and I try to find the highlights and read the box scores to keep up with what is going on I’m just not watching the games themselves, but I’m still a fan and always will be.

Believe it or not I can actually remember when teams had four-man starting rotation. Now there are teams that try and use six starting pitchers in a rotation. They’ll tell you it’s too protect guys from injuries, but in most cases it’s that teams just can’t develop quality starting pitching, so they limit their starters as much as they can to hide them. Don’t believe the sales pitch on a starting pitcher not being able to go through a line up three times. If you know anything about baseball you know that a good pitcher can face batters’ multiple times and still come out ahead in that match up.

This actually leads me to last night. The New York Mets pitched the second no-hitter in team history as they beat the Philadelphia Phillies 3-0, but they needed five pitchers to throw that no-hitter. Now if you’re a Mets fan I’m sure you don’t care how many pitchers they used and all you care about is that they threw a no-hitter, but if you’re a baseball fan on the outside looking in at the game the fact that five guys pitched takes some of the excitement away from a no-hitter.

Tylor Megill made the start for the Mets, and he pitched five innings of no-hit baseball before being removed. Megill struck out five Phillies while walking three and threw just 88 pitches before he was removed from the game. In any other case that would be considered a short outing for a starting pitcher. Why remove him after just 88 pitches?

Last night was Megill’s’ 5th start of the season and in his two starts before this one he pitched 6 innings and 6 2/3rds innings, so he’s went deeper into games than he did last night, and he didn’t have a no-hitter in either of those other two starts. So, what was so different last night that he was limited to 5 innings and 88 pitches? He was on his regular rest, and he threw 92 pitches in the start before this. It’s just baffling to me that Megill wasn’t at least allowed to go out and start the 6th inning with a no-hitter going, but that’s analytical baseball.

After Megill left the game last night it was a parade of Mets reliever to finish things out. Drew Smith pitched 1 1/3rd innings, Joely Rodriguez pitched 1 inning, Seth Lugo pitched 2/3rds of an inning and then Edwin Diaz wrapped up the no-hitter getting the final three outs in the 9th inning. Smith and Diaz recorded all the outs they got via strikeout.

So, it was a no-hitter for the Mets who have the best record in baseball at 15-6 heading into today’s games. It was also a win over a division rival in Philadelphia, but when you think no-hitter or at least when I think no-hitter, I think one pitcher out there for nine innings battling against the other team and that wasn’t the case last night and may never be again thanks to analytics.

So, jump in here and help me out. What do you think of combined no-hitters? I’d also like to know if you think Megill should’ve been allowed to start the 6th inning with his no-hitter intact and having only throw 88 pitches? I’m starting to think that maybe I’m just old and that’s why I feel this way.

The 1st round of the NBA playoffs is in the books and there were no upsets even though some of the series may have gone longer than people expected them to. The 2nd round tips off tomorrow with the Boston Celtics hosting the Milwaukee Bucks. Then it’s the Golden State Warriors at the Memphis Grizzlies. On Monday the other two series get started. The first game has the Philadelphia 76ers at the Miami Heat while the second game has the Dallas Mavericks at the Phoenix Suns.

Who do you have winning those series?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: April 27, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Even though they’re only 16 games into a 162-game season you have to wonder if what was thought to be a big yar for the Chicago White Sox is already coming off the rails due to injury.

Fortunately for the White Sox no team in their division the American League Central is off to a great start. The Minnesota Twins currently lead the division with a record of 9-8. the White Sox are 6-10 which puts them 2 1/2 games behind the Twins, but the White Sox are currently on an 8-game losing streak heading into tonight’s game against the Kansas City Royals, who are just a half a game ahead of them with a record of 6-9.

Just this week the White Sox added outfielder Eloy Jimenez to the Injured List with a hamstring strain. Reports are that Jimenez is expected to miss six to eight weeks. Jimenez joins Yoan Moncada who hasn’t played a game this season on the Injury List of White Sox everyday players. Then you throw in that expected #1 starter Lance Lynn hasn’t pitched an inning this season and neither has free agent signing Joe Kelly or versatile bullpen arm Ryan Burr. Then add in lefty Garrett Crochet who will mis the entire season after having Tommy John surgery and that’s quite a collection of injuries to start a season.

You also have to wonder if it’s time to start looking at Jimenez as injury prone. Jimenez is just 25 years old, but he’s been unable to stay healthy these last two season. Last year he played in just 55 games after being injured just before the start of the 2021 regular season. Jimenez hit just .249 when he returned to the White Sox line up last year, but he was better in the playoffs when he hit .294 against the Houston Astros.

Jimenez has been looked at as a potential superstar and a big time middle of the order run producer for the White Sox since his rookie year when he hit 31 home runs and finished 4th in the Rookie of the Year voting. Now you have to wonder if Jimenez will ever stay healthy enough to reach the potential that people predicted for him.

The White Sox have some other talented young players like Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets who need to step up for Jimenez in his absence while Jake Burger is the top prospect who’s been getting some extra at bats with Moncada injured. These three young players may be the key to the White Sox turning their early season issues around, but is it too much to ask from this group?

While Jimenez is a key piece to the White Sox offense it may be even more important for the White Sox to get Lynn healthy and back into the starting rotation.

Dallas Keuchel has struggled in his three starts and has an ERA of 9.00. Vincent Velaquez and Jimmy Lambert have been filling in for Lynn in the White Sox starting rotation, but Velaquez has an ERA of 6.75 in the three starts he made, and Lambert’s ERA is 5.40 in the two starts he made.

Now again, the White Sox are just 16 games into the regular season, so there’s quite a bit of time for them to get healthy and back into the AL Central race as long as they can find a way to get and stay healthy.

What do you think the White Sox chances are of fulfilling the pre-season predictions that were made for them? In case you forgot there were many people who had the White Sox representing the American League in the World Series.

As you know after the delayed start to the season, I decided that I wouldn’t watch baseball this season, but I kind of broke that deal in a way.

I made sure to catch all of Miguel Cabrera’s at bats as he was trying to get his 3000th hit. To be fair I didn’t watch a full game like I said I wouldn’t do, but I did switch over to check and see if the MLB Network was cutting into a Cabrera at bat to see if he got that 3000th hit.

So, I did end up watching some baseball, but I’ve yet to actually sit through an entire game and I don’t plan to do that this season.

Now this is generally the time where I would tell you how to listen to the Sports Time Radio podcast, but I have some news on that. After 10 years of doing the podcast Dan the Man and I have decided to end it. We’d like to thank everyone who agreed to be interviewed on the podcast over that time as well as anyone who stepped in to co-host when asked. This especially applies to Schaumburg Stu who filled in every Friday and whenever else he was needed.

As of now I plan on continuing writing the blogs on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s and who knows maybe I’ll jump on some other days and post blogs depending on how I feel, so I hope you’ll continue to follow along with me here.

I’m still on Twitter if you want to look me up their, I’m @Burketime.

How was your week

Posted: April 23, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Since the NBA doesn’t consider the play-in games part of the playoffs it is now officially the 1st round of the NBA playoffs. All but one series has played three games and at this point you have to wonder if some injuries to top players will have an effect on the teams that met in the NBA Finals last season.

In Game 2 of their playoff game against the New Orleans Pelicans the top seeded and the team with the best regular season record the Phoenix Suns lost their best player Devin Booker to a hamstring strain. With Booker missing part of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter in Game 2 the Pelicans where able to even the series at a game apiece, but last night even without Booker the Suns took a 2 game to 1 lead in the series with a 114-111 win.

With Booker out everyone expected that Chris Paul would have to be the one to carry the Suns and he did last night with 28 points and 14 assists, but he had some help. DeAndre Ayton also scored 28 points for the Suns last night and he added 17 rebounds as well.

Reports on Booker’s injury have him out for what would be the remainder of this opening round series no matter how many games it goes and his availability for the start of Phoenix’s 2nd round series would also be up in the air. That is if the Suns can get by the Pelicans and move into the 2nd round.

With Booker out, do you have New Orleans being able to bounce back and knock Phoenix out of the playoffs? It’s very rare in the NBA that an 8th seed beats a #1 seed, but with the injury to Booker maybe will see that happen.

Now the other injury that might affect a 1st round series or even farther into the playoffs happened to the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks.

Khris Middleton went down in Game 2 of the Bucks series against the Chicago Bulls and was diagnosed with a strained MCL ligament in his knee. Middleton is now expected to miss anywhere between two to four weeks so clearly, he’s out for the remainder of the Bucks series vs. the Bulls and may miss Milwaukee’s entire second round series if the Bucks advance.

Now last night in Game 3 of the Bucks series with the Bulls Middleton’s absence wasn’t noticed as Milwaukee cruised to a 30-point victory 111-81 in Game 3 of their 1st round series.

With Middleton out you’d expect that Giannis Antetokounmpo would take over and while he did have a well-rounded game scoring 18 points grabbing 7 rebounds and handing out 9 assists, he wasn’t Milwaukee’s leading scorer in Game 2. Grayson Allen ended up being the Bucks leading scorer with 22 points. Former Bull Bobby Portis posted a double-double scoring 18 points and pulling down 16 rebounds and Jrue Holiday added 16 points in Milwaukee’s win.

So, last night Milwaukee was able to cruise without Middleton, but what will be the long-term effect of him being out? Can Milwaukee get by the Bulls in this 1st round? If the Bucks do advance into the 2nd round, how will they do with Middleton still being out?

The NBA also named their Rookie of the Year for the 2021-22 regular season. Scottie Barnes of the Toronto Raptors is this year’s Rookie of the Year.

Barnes played in 74 games this season averaging 15.3 points per game to go along with 7.5 rebounds per game and 3.5 assists per game on his way to being named Rookie of the Year.

Evan Mobley of the Cleveland Cavaliers finished 2nd to Barnes in the voting while Cade Cunningham of the Detroit Pistons ended up 3rd with Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets in 4th and Franz Wagner of the Orlando Magic rounded out the Top 5.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: April 20, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

With the Major League Baseball season up and running and the National Basketball Association playoffs in the official 1st round I’ve noticed something interesting. It seems as though when these games are reported on by the media, they seem to want to make sure they focus on the stats first and they at times seem to leave out who actually won and lost the game. This is obviously due to analytics, but apparently this is the way sports is looked at in today’s world.

Now as an avid fantasy player I’m very interested in stats just like the rest of the people who play fantasy sports, be it daily or weekly. Now I’m sure most fantasy player checks their stats well before it’s ever reported on any television show and since they have shows dedicated to analytics I don’t understand why a show that is supposed to be about highlights spends so much time focusing on the analytic side of the game.

I’m not huge into analytics, but I understand that this is part of the game now and wither you like it or not I’ll have to learn to live with it.

As far as fantasy baseball goes, I was unable to make it to my fantasy drafts this season because of the new position I was moved to at my job. That means that my teams where auto drafted for me by the computer and while I did try to get the players arranged in an order, I liked I had to just settle for what I got. Fortunately for me my teams didn’t end up being too bad, but I did end up with quite a few injured players and I juggled my roster the first chance I got after the draft.

Sadly, I’m not sure if I’ll have a good enough team to win ether of the leagues, I’m in, but I’m going to try and continue to make moves and adjust my roster either through waiver wore pick-ups or trades. I was able to make one trade this season. The computer selected four 1st basemen and I was able to deal one of them for a shortstop since I only had one shortstop on my roster. Hopefully my team can get healthy, and I’ll be able to make some more move, so I can compete in these leagues.

After the first week and a half one of my teams is off to a .500 start and the other one actually won the first week. The first week was an extended week due to the season starting on a Thursday, so this will be the first week that is seven days long. I’ll have to see how my teams do in a regular week.

If you’re a fantasy baseball player let me know what kind of a start your season got off to. Hopefully however many teams you have got off to a strong start.

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How was your week

Posted: April 16, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

We’re a little less than two weeks away from the NFL draft and I think if you tried you could find a brand-new mock draft from someone everyday either online or on television.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of these mock drafts the first two people who come to mind are Mel Kiper and Todd McShay. They’re the two I see the most when it comes to this subject, and I believe at this point in time they’ve each released four different versions of their mock drafts. As of right now they have a 25% chance to hit on a team’s 1st round draft pick and I’m sure they’ll have at least one or two more mock drafts released before the actual draft takes place.

With all of these mock drafts floating around for people to look at it’s difficult to figure out who your favorite team may draft. The other question is when and where will the quarterbacks be drafted this year.

Last year was a big quarterback draft and those guys went early and often, but this year is a little different. It seems as though most of the mock drafts have three quarterbacks going in the 1st round with the fourth quarterback going very high in the 2nd round.

Now you can find some mock drafts that have a quarterback going as early as the #2 pick to the Detroit Lions, but in others the earliest a quarterback is going is #6 to the Carolina Panthers. It’s also possible that a quarterback could go at #8 or #9 to either the Atlanta Falcons or the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe it’s the Washington Commanders who draft the first quarterback with the 11th pick or maybe will have to wait until the 20th pick of the 1st round when the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the clock. Most people expect the Steelers to select their quarterback of the future with that pick. The Lions come up again with the last pick of the 1st round the 32nd and maybe they’ll wait and select a quarterback with that pick instead of taking one at #2.

That gives us six teams with seven picks to try and figure out where a quarterback may be drafted. Now if there are only three quarterbacks that appear to be going in the 1st round which teams will be the ones to take those quarterbacks? Your guess is as good as mine right now.

Even the order of how these quarterbacks will be drafted is up in the air. Will Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh be the first quarterback drafted? Or will it be Matt Corral from Ole Miss come off the draft board first? Malik Willis from Liberty is the third quarterback in this group of 1st rounders and maybe his potential will make a team select him as the first quarterback taken.

The fourth quarterback in this mix is Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati. In some mock drafts he sneaks into the bottom of the 1st round, but in most he’s the fourth quarterback drafted very early in the 2nd round. Now I have seen a couple of mock drafts that have Ridder being selected ahead of corral and Corral is the quarterback that slips into the 2nd round.

As you know taking a quarterback in the 1st round can be a crapshoot. Mac Jones was the only 2021 1st round quarterback who had success and helped get his team into the playoffs and he was the last of the quarterbacks drafted in the 1st round. Of course, a quarterback’s success is based upon the players around him and generally when you’re a highly drafted quarterback you’re headed to a bad team. There’s a reason why no rookie quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl.

So, chime in with your opinion here. When do you have the first quarterback being drafted and by which team?

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