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How was your week

Posted: January 15, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

It’s wild card weekend in the NFL. We get six playoff games in total this weekend. There are two to be played today, three to be played on Sunday and for the first time ever there’s a Monday night playoff game.

Let’s take a look at this weekend’s game and make some picks since I didn’t make Schaumburg Stu make picks on the Friday edition of the Sports Time Radio podcast.

Our weekend playoff action starts in Cincinnati where the Bengals will be hosting the Las Vegas Raiders. I honestly think this come be the under the radar game of the weekend. Both teams are 10-7 coming into the game and there’s a chance that will see a lot of points scored. If you like those odd type of stats here’s one for you. Derek Carr is 0-5 in games where the temperature at game time is under 38 degrees and that is forecasted to be the case when this game kicks off. The Bengals are a 5 1/2-point favorite, but I do have some concerns about Joe Burrow’s knee. He left the Bengals Week 16 game because of the injury and didn’t play in Week 17 to rest it. The one thing the Raiders do well is pressure the quarterback. Las Vegas actually leads the NFL in quarterback pressures so if Burrow is having any issues with that knee the Raiders pass rush might give him some trouble.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a betting man, but I like the Raiders to get a win in this one.

The second Saturday game is a matchup of division rivals as the New England Patriots visit the Buffalo Bills. These teams split their two meetings in the regular season, and it was difficult to get a read on either team in those games. The Patriots defense struggled down the stretch especially against the run, but the Bills best running back seems to be their quarterback, Josh Allen. Even though Allen is a big man you don’t want your quarterback to take any extra hits and if he’s going to be the main rushing threat for the Bills that’s kind of inevitable. If New England can have success running the football you know that they’ll stay with it like they did in that odd first meeting between these two teams, but you have to think that Mac Jones is going to have to be smart with the football for New England to have a chance in this game. Buffalo is a 4 1/2-point favorite in this game.

This is a tough game to pick, but I have a tough time going against Bill Belichick in a playoff game so I’m going with the Patriots in this one.

On Sunday we start of our day of football with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting the defense of last season’s Super Bowl win as they host the Philadelphia Eagles. Now on paper this looks as though it should be an easy win for Tampa Bay, but don’t forget that they’ve been battling some injuries and Philadelphia is very good at one aspect of the game that can keep it close. The Eagles have one of if not the best rushing offense in the NFL and if they can have success running the football it keeps Tom Brady on the sidelines and controls the clock. Of course, it’s clear what Philadelphia is going to try to do on offense, so you’d think that the Buccaneers defense will be prepared for it, but you never know. Philadelphia’s only real chance is to do what they do best and run the football even if they don’t have success with it early, they’ll have to stay with it because they can’t try to score with Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay is an 8 1/2-point favorite in this one and while I do think they’ll win the game I’m not sure that they’ll cover the spread.

The second or middle game on Sunday has the San Francisco 49ers visiting the Dallas Cowboys. I’m really not sure how this game will go and that’s because you just never know what Cowboys team is going to show up. Dallas has weapons at their skill positions, but sometimes they don’t click for whatever reason. It will be up to Dak Prescott to get the Cowboys offense rolling against a good 49ers defense. San Francisco is a difficult team to play against since they don’t rush and will stick with the running game no matters what. This game may just come down to quarterback play and if Jimmy Garoppolo can play with Prescott the 49ers might be there at the end of this one with a chance to win. This game has the smallest point spread of the weekend as Dallas is a 3-point favorite.

I know a lot of Cowboys fans and it would be interesting to see their reaction if Dallas lost this game, I think they’re going to get a win here, so I’m taking the Cowboys in a close game.

Then on Sunday night we go from the game with the smallest point spread to the game with the largest point spread as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kansas City comes into this game as a 12 1/2-point favorite and if you heard Ben Rothlisberger’s comments earlier this week it sounds like he agrees with the oddsmakers. There’s really no reason that Kansas City shouldn’t win this game. The Steelers just kind of suck into the playoffs while the Chiefs have been expected to be a Super Bowl contender since losing last year’s game. However, the Chiefs have had their ups and downs this season and at times they’ve played down to the level of their competition. If that’s the case in this one it’s possible that Pittsburgh could steal a playoff win on the road and allow Rothlisberger to continue his career, but I don’t think that will happen.

I’m going with Kansas City to get the win here, but I’m not sure I’d lay the 12 1/2 points as that’s a big number for a playoff game.

As wild card weekend extends into Monday night, we get another division match up as the Los Angeles Rams host the Arizona Cardinals. These teams split their two matchups this season, but Arizona did get their win in Los Angeles and the Cardinals have proven to be a tough road team this season. The Rams have been installed as a 4-point favorite in this game and if Matthew Stafford can avoid those costly mistakes, it seems as though the Rams should advance. It’s clear that Kyler Murray misses DeAndre Hopkins and one of the other Cardinals receivers have stepped up to try and filled that void. The Rams did lose running back Darrell Henderson, but they got Cam Akers back to help carry the load in the backfield. It does look like Arizona will have J.J. Watt back for this game, but you have to wonder how many snaps he’ll be able to play and if he’ll be able to give the Cardinals defense any assistance in this game.

With the way Arizona has played on the road it’s difficult to pick against them, but I think their luck runs out here. I’ve got the Rams in this one.

So, I have the Raiders, the Patriots, the Buccaneers, the Cowboys, the Chiefs and the Rams this weekend. Who do you have?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: January 12, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Once the NFL regular season ends, but before the playoffs start teams seem to make their coaching changes and this year was no exception. Now we already had head coaching openings with the Jacksonville Jaquars and the Las Vegas Raiders, but there were five more teams who decided to fire their head coach and in three of those cases the general manager is also gone.

Four of the five head coaching firings where expected. The Denver Broncos fired Vic Fangio. The Chicago Bears fired Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. The Minnesota Vikings fired Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman. The New York Giants allow Dave Gettleman to retire before firing head coach Joe Judge.

These firings weren’t a surprise even though there was some talk that the Giants were going to keep Joe Judge. The one big head coaching firing came out of Miami as the Dolphins have decided to move on from Brian Flores.

The Dolphins ended the season 9-8 just missing out on a wild card spot. Don’t forget this team was 1-7 having loss 7 games in a row this season. Miami then went on to win 8 of their last 9 games this season. A lot of teams and even coaches would just quit on the season after starting 1-7, but the Dolphins continued to play for Flores which makes this coaching change a little odd.

Flores was the Dolphins head coach for three seasons ad while he does have a losing record overall at 24-25 Miami posted two winning seasons in the three years, he was their head coach. The only negative on Flores two winning seasons is that the Dolphins didn’t make the playoffs in either of them.

Now Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross really didn’t give a reason for Flores’ dismissal, but he did say the team would be looking for a high-profile coach to replace Flores. Now most people took this to mean that the Dolphins would go after University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh since Ross is a graduate of Michigan, but he said that wouldn’t be the case.

So, if Harbaugh isn’t the hire, then what high profile coach is out there for the Dolphins to pursue?

It’s being reported that the Dolphins have asked the Buffalo Bills permission to interview their offensive coordinator Brian Daboll for their head coaching opening, but is Daboll really a high-profile hire? I’d even wonder if he’s a higher profile name than Flores was when he was hired.

Miami is in a tough division that was dominated by the New England Patriots for many years and now the Bills have stepped up and appear to be set up to stay on top of the division for now. So, no matter who Miami hires as head coach it’s going to be an uphill battle to not only catch the Bills, but the Patriots who’ve bounced back after being down last season to grab a wild card spot this season.

So, who do you think Dolphins should hire as their next head coach? And then who do you think the Dolphins will hire as their next head coach? I’d also like to know if you were surprised like I was when you heard the news of Flores being fired.

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How was your week

Posted: January 8, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The final week of the NFL’s regular season starts today and while the majority of the playoff spots are set there are still some teams that have chances to either get into the playoffs or fall out of the playoffs.

For me the most interesting of the playoff scenarios has to do with the Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Colts are currently in the playoffs and the winner of the Raiders/Chargers game would get the final AFC playoff spot, but there is a way that both the Raiders and the Chargers could wind up in the playoffs and the Colts could end up missing the playoffs.

If the Colts lose their game Sunday in Jacksonville against the Jaquars and the Raiders/Chargers game ends in a tie both the Raiders and the Chargers would make the playoffs and the Colts would be the team that would miss out on the playoffs.

What really cracked me up about this scenario was there where people in the media that actually were suggesting that the Raiders and the Chargers should get together and agree to tie so both teams could get into the playoffs. Obviously, that was one of the stupidest suggestions ever made, but there where media members out there who were serious about it. Of course, neither team had any interest in doing that and since they’re in the same division and even though they’re not considered rivals I’m sure each team would like nothing better than to keep the other from making the playoffs.

Now this whole situation would have to start with the Jaquars being able to beat the Colts. Now the Colts at 9-7 are the clear favorites to win this game against the 2-14 Jaquars, but Indianapolis has had its struggles in Jacksonville. Believe it or not the Jaquars have actually beaten the Colts five or six consecutive times in Jacksonville so while the Colts are the clear favorite in this game because of this stat I’m not sure you can count the Jaquars out of this game.

Now once this final week of the regular season is over there will be teams focusing on the payoffs and other teams looking to make coaching changes. We already have two openings in Las Vegas and Jacksonville, but there are a few more teams that may be in the market for a new head coach once this regular season ends.

As I’ve mentioned before I live in the Chicago suburbs, and everyone is convinced that this is Matt Nagy’s final game as Bears head coach. There has also been some talk that another NFC North team the Minnesota Vikings may move on from their current head coach Mike Zimmer. There are also some other coaches who could be on the hot seat after Week 18. It’s possible that the Seattle Seahawks will be getting rid of Pete Carroll. It’s been reported that the Denver Broncos could replace their current head coach Vic Fangio and with the way the Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has talked about head coach Matt Rhule you’d think that they’ll be making a change there.

The Jaquars have already started to line up interviews for their head coaching vacancy. They have plans to interview former Houston Texans head coach and current Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. Jacksonville is also interested in interviewing Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich who is a former Jaquars quarterback.

Do you think this is an advantage for Jacksonville that they’re getting their interviews lined up while these other teams are still deciding if they’ll be making a head coaching change? It seems like it’s smart move on the Jaquars part.

Schaumburg Stu’s weekend got off to a good start as he had the Chicago Bulls covering the 5 1/2 point spread against the Washington Wizards, and they did as the Bulls won 130-122. For the rest of the weekend Schaumburg Stu has the Vegas Golden Knights beating the Chicago Blackhawks tonight. On Sunday Schaumburg Stu has the Minnesota Vikings beating the Chicago Bears in their season finale and then on Monday Schaumburg Stu likes the University of Alabama to win the national championship by beating the University of Georgia.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: January 5, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Well, we’re headed into the final week of the NFL regular season. Yes, there are 17 games this season and I’m sure it won’t be ling until they add an 18th, but as for this season this weekend is the end of the regular season. So, with that in mind it’s time that we start hearing talk about who’s going to win the MVP.

Now in most cases the voters don’t seem to look past the quarterback position, but this year there are two non-quarterbacks that deserve some very serious consideration for MVP.

Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts is the NFL’s leading rusher with 1734 yards heading into the final week of the regular season. The Colts need to get a win this weekend to lock in their playoff spot, so Taylor is definitely going to play and add to his yardage total and possible his touchdown total which sits at 18 currently. Those 18 touchdowns also lead the NFL and Taylor also has more carries than any other player with 317. Taylor also has nine games with more than 100 yards rushing with a season high of 185 yards. Taylor currently has a streak of four consecutive 100-yard games and has also gone over 100 yards in seven of the Colts last eight game. Taylor isn’t what you’d call proficient in the Colts passing game, but he has contributed 37 receptions for 342 yards and 2 receiving touchdowns.

I hope that the voters have been paying attention to the kind of numbers Taylor has put up and give him serious MVP consideration.

The other non-quarterback that I hope the voters are smart enough to include on their MVP ballots is Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp.

Kupp currently leads the NFL in receptions with 138, yards with 1829 and receiving touchdowns with 15. Kupp actually has a chance to set single season records for receptions in a season and yards in a season, but Kupp came out this week and said if he does break those records his accomplishments should have an asterisk because he had 17 games to do it in. Kupp has nine games this season where he’s put up over 100 receiving yards and in two of those games, he’s went over 150 receiving yards. Kupp has also had five games with 10 or more catches and has a season high off 13 catches in a game this season. Don’t forget that Kupp is doing this as the Rams clear cut #1 receiver. The next closest player with receptions on the Rams is tight end Tyler Higbee who has 55 receptions.

Now I’m sure there’s a case to be made for someone like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or even Joe Burrow to win the MVP, but isn’t it time that a non-quarterback gets this award. Sometimes I feel as though the voters take the easy way out and don’t look past the quarterback position. Let’s hope they manage to find a way to do that this season and either Taylor or Kupp picks up the MVP award.

Believe it or not the last time a quarterback didn’t win the MVP award was in 2012, yes ten years ago. Do you remember who won the MVP award in 2012? It was Adrian Petersen who was with the Minnesota Vikings then. Only three running backs have been named MVP in the last 16 seasons. Just in case you’re wondering a wide receiver has never won the MVP award since they started handed this award out in 1957.

So, jump in here and let me know who you think will win the NFL MVP award this season. Do you see either Taylor or Kupp having a serious chance? Or do you think the voters will do what they always do and just give the MVP to a quarterback? I’ll be interested to see how you think the voting will go.

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How was your week

Posted: January 1, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a huge college football fan, but I’m not completely down on the sport like I am the NBA. I don’t sit down and watch every minute of a game, but I’ll watch enough of it to know what’s going on. Yesterday I did have some interest in the college football semifinal games and sadly they were both terrible.

I had some hope that in the first college football playoff game of the day that the underdog non-power conference Cincinnati Bearcats would be able to play with the powerhouse that is the Alabama Crimson Tide, but they couldn’t. I thought the second college football playoff game would be much more competitive as the Michigan Wolverines faced off against the Georgia Bulldogs, but that game turned out to be a bigger joke than the first game.

It was very clear from the first time Alabama had the football that Cincinnati wouldn’t be able to play with them. Alabama went straight down the field running the football on ever play to almost show their dominance before they scored their first touchdown on a short touchdown pass.

After that Alabama touchdown Cincinnati did respond by driving the football down the field, but they had to settle for a field goal. After that drive it looked like there was a possibility that Cincinnati might be able to score against Alabama, but the big question would be could their defense step up and make stops.

Unfortunately, the Cincinnati defense was unable to slow down the Alabama offense and it ended up being the Alabama defense that stepped up as Cincinnati was only able to add one more field goal to the scoreboard and they went down very easily to Alabama 27-6.

With the dominance Alabama showed in this game I’m sure we’re going to have to listen to a lot of people say that a non-power conference team like Cincinnati didn’t belong in the college football playoffs, but the Bearcats did go undefeated this season and they deserved to at least have a shot at a championship even though they were no match at all for Alabama.

Now the second game featuring Georgia vs. Michigan should’ve been a much better match up than the opening college football playoff game, but Georgia made sure that wasn’t the case.

Georgia put up 17 points before Michigan final got on the scoreboard with a field goal, but after Georgia hit on a 57-yard pass play to take a 27-3 lead going into halftime I think just about everyone knew that this game was over.

I guess you could say that the second half of the game was a little more competitive, but let’s face it Michigan was never back in the game. Georgia added a touchdown in the 4th quarter before Michigan finally got themselves into the end zone for a touchdown and two-point conversion to make the final score 34-11.

So, it looks like we’ll have a rematch in the college football championship game.

Georgia and Alabama met in the SEC championship game back on December 4th. The game was pretty close for a half as Alabama had a 24-17 lead at halftime before pulling away in the second half for a 41-24 victory.

That was the win that actually got Alabama into the college football playoff since they had one loss coming into that game and a second loss might’ve knocked them out of consideration for one of the four playoff spots. I do have a feeling that the committee who ranks these college football teams for the playoffs would’ve somehow found a way to get a two loss Alabama team into that four-team playoff.

The college football championship game will be played Monday January 10th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Indiana. The game has a scheduled start time of 7:00 p.m. and it will be broadcast on EESPN, but I think we all know it won’t start on time.

If you’re interested in betting on the game Georgia has opened as a 2-point favorite which is actually a bit of a surprise for me after the way Alabama handled them in the SEC championship. Maybe the opening line is based on the Georgia revenge factor.

I know the game is nine days away, but I still want to know who you’re picking to win this one. Do you see Alabama picking up another national championship or does Georgia get its revenge and win the title?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: December 29, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I’ve noticed this NFL season that if there’s a team that’s not doing as well as the media thinks they should be ding they only have one answer for that team. They need to move on from their starting quarterback either by trading him or just letting him go.

This actually started early this season when the Miami Dolphins where in the process of losing seven straight games. The only thing that the media could think of that would make the Dolphins better would be to move on from starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Remember there where even quite a few rumors that the Dolphins where interesting in trading for Deshaun Watson. Interestingly now that the Dolphins have won seven games in a row and are in contention for a playoff spot the media doesn’t seem to be questioning if Tagovailoa should be the Dolphins starting quarterback.

There are currently two more teams that the media seems to think should make a change at starting quarterback for next season. The Seattle Seahawks who are currently 5-10 on the season and the Cleveland Browns who have a record of 7-8.

Don’t forget this past off season there was a lot of talk about the Seahawks dealing their starting quarterback Russell Wilson when Wilson submitted a list of teams that he would accept a trade to. Now that Seattle is having their share of struggles it seems the media think that it’s time for Wilson to move on.

As for the Browns it seems as though the media is under the impression that their starting quarterback Baker Mayfield isn’t the right quarterback to lead them to a championship. To be fair they may be right about that, but there are a lot of quarterbacks on a lot of teams that could be adding into that category.

It seems as though the media thinks that it’s easy to just go and find a quarterback that can lead you to a Super Bowl, but if Seattle and Cleveland move on from their current quarterbacks they’d have to hit on a player in the draft because there’s no other quarterback on their rosters that appear to be able to step in and lead those teams to a title.

The Seahawks have Geno Smith on their roster as the backup quarterback and Jacob Eason is the 3rd stringer. The Browns have journeymen Case Keenum as their backup quarterback and Nick Mullins is their 3rd stringer. None of those four quarterbacks would be considered an upgrade over Wilson or Mayfield, so that means the Seahawks and the Browns would be taking their new starting quarterback in next year’s draft.

Oddly I wonder if the media who thinks it’s a good idea for the Seahawks to make a change at quarterback have forgotten that they don’t have a 1st round pick in the upcoming draft as they traded to the New York Jets as part of the Jamal Adams trade. That would mean the Seahawks would have to use Wilson in a trade to get into the 1st round high enough to select his replacement, but would Wilson agree to be traded to a team picking that high in the draft?

As for Cleveland I doubt that trading Mayfield would help them move up from where they sit right now at #14. I don’t think Mayfield has much trade value and I doubt that Cleveland would even be able to get a decent draft pick in return for him.

There appear to be three quarterbacks that will be drafted in the 1st round of the upcoming draft. Kenny Pickett seems to be the best of the bunch while Matt Corral should be the next quarterback taken and many people think that Malik Willis will find his way into the back end of the 1st round. Now if teams reach for a quarterback, you might see a team reach for a Sam Howell or Carson Strong at the end of the 1st round or the start of the 2nd round.

Of course, drafting a quarterback doesn’t always lead to success. Don’t forget that Mayfield was the #1 pick in the 2018 draft and there were five quarterbacks selected in the 1st round of last year’s draft. Trevor Lawrence went to the Jacksonville Jaquars, Zack Wilson went to the New York Jets, Trey Lance went to the San Francisco 49ers, Justin Fields went to the Chicago Bears and Mac Jones went to the New England Patriots and it looks as though only one of those quarterbacks has a chance to lead his team into the playoffs. That would be Jones with the Patriots.

Now there is one other option that both Seattle and Cleveland could explore this off season, signing Aaron Rodgers. This is Rodgers last year under contract with the Green Bay Packers. He’ll be a free agent this off season. Is it possible that he’d be interested in going to Seattle or Cleveland? Both teams have weapons that could attract Rodgers and I’m sure there would be players interested in signing with whatever team Rodgers ends up with. Of course, signing Rodgers won’t be easy as any team that thinks they need a quarterback will be interested in him and there is some talk that they think he’ll resign with the Packers after the season he’s had there.

So let me know. What do you think happens in Seattle and Cleveland at the quarterback position?

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How was your Christmas morning?

Posted: December 25, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to start out by apologizing for the lack of blog posts and not being able to do to many podcasts these last few weeks. When Dan the Man had the idea for Sports Time Radio, we thought it would be fun for us to just talk about sports and hopefully if the right person heard the podcast, they might want to give us a paying job talking about sports. Since we’re not being paid to do the podcast as you can guess we both have jobs and unfortunately my job gets very busy around Christmas time. This year with the adjustments they made at my job I worked more hours than I ever worked over a holiday season before. While it was very nice to make the extra money this time of the year or any time of the year for that matter, I was unable to do the podcasts or get the blogs posted. Well with this morning being Christmas my work schedule should return to much closer to normal and Dan the Man and I should be able to resume the podcast on a regular basis.

Here are the scheduled times for the podcast. Dan the Man and I are live on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. then Schaumburg Stu and I handle the podcast on Friday from 5:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. The podcast airs live on, but if you don’t catch the live version of the podcast, you can still listen. All of the Sports Time Radio podcasts are also available on for you to listen to any time you want to.

Now there are other ways to contact us at Sports Time Radio. You can reach out to us through e-mail at You can also reach out to us on Twitter @SportsTimeRadio. You can also find Dan the Man and I on Twitter as well, Dan the Man is @DanZeeeMan and I’m @Burketime on Twitter. Sadly, Schaumburg Stu isn’t on Twitter, but maybe you guys can convince him to join.

Now that we’re caught up on all that let’s go over Schaumburg Stu’s pick for the weekend and then will wrap this up so, you can enjoy your Christmas.

All of Schaumburg Stu’s picks are on Sunday this week. Schaumburg Stu is going with the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Chicago Bears and he also likes the Seahawks to cover the 6 1/2-point spread. Schaumburg Stu also likes the Chicago Bulls to beat the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. For his final pick Schaumburg Stu has DeMar DeRozan scoring more than his season average of 26.8 points in Sunday’s game.

Just to get you up to date Schaumburg Stu has a record of 88-73 on his picks heading into this weekend.

How was your week

Posted: December 4, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The marquee matchup in the NBA last night had the Phoenix Suns and their 18-game win streak taking on the Golden State Warriors. These have been the two best teams in the NBA this season, but I had three reasons for not watching this game.

One, it’s the NBA, the game of professional basketball has easily become the most boring sport to watch. The majority of the game is played with guys standing around the 3-point line shooting. What’s fun about watching that? It’s not like anyone is playing defense on them while they’re taking these shots either. Every now and then you get a guy going to the rim for a highlight reel type of dunk, but even when those plays happen there’s no one trying to defend that from happening. Why do I want to watch that?

Two, it’s an NBA regular season game. Even though it featured two of the best teams in the NBA the game itself didn’t mean anything because it’s very early in the regular season and by the time the playoffs come around this game will not have mattered at all. Even Lebron James has mentioned that the NBA regular season isn’t important and whatever James says goes when it comes to this league.

Three, the game started late. Even though it was on a Friday night the game had a start time of 9:00 p.m. locally for me, if it started on time. That means that there was no way it would be over before Midnight. There was no chance that I would be awake to see the end of the game. Hell, I had planned to watch at least the 1st quarter and actually fell asleep before the game even started.

As for the game itself it was pretty clear that the Warriors would snap the Suns winning streak last night and they did relatively easily winning by 22 points 118-96.

The Warriors where 18-3 coming into last night’s game; so, it’s not they were bottom feeding chumps. It was a home game for Golden State; so, they were playing at Oracle Arena. Wait it’s not the Oracle Arena anymore; it’s the Chase Center now; sorry I forgot that. I’m not sure how much being at home is an advantage, but the Warriors where 11-1 at home coming into last night’s game. There also may have been a little bit of revenge on the Warriors mind as the Suns had beaten them on their home court just a few days ago. Finally, the biggest thing that made this clear that Golden State would get a win last night is the fact that Phoenix had to go into the game without their best player, Devin Booker.

Booker exited the Suns win over the Warriors early in that game with a hamstring injury. Booker also didn’t play against the Detroit Pistons on December 2nd. The Suns were able to continue their win streak against a bad Pistons team getting a 114-103 win without Booker but facing a team like the Warriors without him is a different story.

Phoenix found a way to keep the game close for a half as they trailed by just three points 51-48, but Golden State was able to pull away in the second half. The Warriors outscored the Suns by nine points in the 3rd quarter and then put the game away by outscoring the Suns by 10 points in the 4th quarter.

The one thing I found kind of surprising was that there were just two players who scored over 20 points in this game. Steph Curry led the Warriors with 23 points and DeAndre Ayton matched him by scoring 23 points for the Suns. Golden State did have four other players score in double figure while Phoenix had three other players reach double digits in scoring.

Now if and when this is a Western conference playoff match up, I’ll be a lot more interested in this game, but a NBA regular season game with nothing on the line and the best player missing from one of the teams isn’t a draw for me.

Did you watch this game? If you did, I’d be interested to get your thoughts on it. I’d also like to know what drew you to watch this game.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I still hugely surprised by the number of free agents that have signed deal in Major League Baseball so far this off season. Will have to see if we get some more signings today because at Midnight the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires and baseball officially goes into a lockout. That means that player movement will come to a halt until there’s a new agreement in place, but it’s been fun up to this point.

Now there have been a couple of teams that have really grabbed the headlines with the signings they’ve made, but if you’re a fan of one of those teams being either the New York Mets or the Texas Rangers there’s one thing you have to remember. Winning the off season doesn’t mean or count for anything in the standings. As a cautionary tale remember last off season was won by the San Diego Padres and while they competed for a while by the end of the season, they weren’t in contention for a playoff spot.

Even with the signings we’ve had so far there are still some name players out on the free agent market still available. I don’t know if will see any of them sign today, but if they don’t will have something to talk about while the owners and the players union try and work out a new agreement. Hopefully it’s something they can do very quickly.

So, who could be some of these bigger named players that won’t be signed by Midnight? Let’s see, Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, Clayton Kershaw and Kris Bryant are still free agents. There are also some players who might not be quite as big a name as those first four players, but are coming off a very good 2021 season. That would be the likes of Kyle Schwarber, Chris Taylor, Nick Castellanos, Nelson Cruz and I don’t want to forget World Series MVP Jorge Soler.

I’m sure there are some players that I missed as well. What I am really interested in especially if the add the universal DH like most people think they will is will a team sign Albert Pujols. The other veteran I’m curious about is Zack Greinke. It’s clear that both of these players are coming to the end of their careers, but they could still help a team either as a part time DH/ 1st baseman or back of the rotation starter. I’m hoping they both get a chance to at least go to spring training with a team and see if they can help that team out.

I’d like to know what you think the best and worst free agent’s signings where so far. I’d also like to know who you think might be the next player signed be it today before Midnight or once teams can start signing players again after an agreement is reached.

Now I know it’s way, way too early in the NBA season to get excited about a team, but I hope there are at least some people that have noticed that the Phoenix Suns have won 17 games in a row.

The Suns 17th win came last night as they defeated the Golden State Warriors 104-96. Even though the Suns have been red hot they’re only tied with the Warriors for the best record in the Western conference. Both the Suns and the Warriors are 18-3 this season.

Now last season for the first time in 9 seasons the Suns made the playoffs and got all the way to the NBA finals before losing four games to two to the Milwaukee Bucks. That was the Suns first trip to the NBA finals since the 1992-93 season and it was the third trip to the NBA finals in franchise history. Obviously being just 21 games into a season it’s tough to proclaim that the Suns will win the Western conference again and go back to the NBA finals, but they’re showing early on that they should be a contender again.

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How was your week

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Thursday was Thanksgiving and it’s generally a holiday for where you and your family get together probably eat too much and enjoy whatever other festivities you have planned with your relatives. Of course, there is one more thing that Thanksgiving is known for. It’s a day filled with football.

Now there are two traditional Thanksgiving hosts for these NFL games the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, but a few years back the NFL added a third game and there isn’t really one team that has laid claim to hosting it ever year like the Lions and the Cowboys have.

This Thanksgiving was no different the Lions hosted the Chicago Bears in the first game. Then the Cowboys hosted the Las Vegas Raiders. While the third and final game had the Buffalo Bills at the New Orleans Saints.

Unfortunately, with my work schedule I was only able to watch the first two games this year and while the Cowboys/ Raiders game drew a massive television rating for CBS let’s face it neither of the first two Thanksgiving Day games were very good.

The Bears/Lions game was just flat out boring and the only real drama was would Detroit finally get their first win of the season and would the Bears fire their head coach Matt Nagy after the game. Well neither one of those things happened, but for a brief moment it looked like the Lions might actually find a way to get the first win. The Bears needed a last second field goal to pull out a 16-13 win.

Now at least the Cowboys/Raiders game featured some scoring, but it was marred by 28 penalties being called; 14 on each team. As it turned out one of those penalties; a pass interference call in overtime ended up costing the Cowboys the game as it set the Raiders up for the game winning field goal.

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard how the referees could call a penalty on every play and they almost did in this game. I’m not sure if there were any of those 28 penalties they could’ve overlooked, but it really killed the momentum of the game and made it hard to watch.

The third game seems to have been a blowout as the Bills might’ve gotten themselves back on track with a 31-6 win over the Saints. New Orleans didn’t even put any points on the scoreboard until the 4th quarter and by then the game was pretty much decided.

Now since I didn’t get to watch the Bills/ Saints game you’ll have to fill me in on what kind of game it was because it doesn’t seem like it was a close game at any time.

I’d also be very interested to know what you thought of the first two games. Maybe you enjoyed them because the team you were rooting for or maybe betting on got the win. Or maybe you’re in the same place as I am and just didn’t enjoy them. Please let me know as I’d like to know what you think.

Now growing up even though we lived in the Chicago area I had friends who would root for the Cowboys and Raiders. Both teams won a lot as I was growing up and as a kid you want to root for a winner. Well apparently, those fans and many, many other watched the game on Thursday afternoon.

The Cowboys/Raiders game was the most watched NFL game since 1990 when he San Francisco 49ers played the New York Giants. That game in 1990 drew 41.474 million viewers. The game between the Cowboys and the Raiders drew 38.531 million viewers. That is up 26% from last year’s game.

Where you one of those viewers?

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