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How was your week

Posted: December 4, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The marquee matchup in the NBA last night had the Phoenix Suns and their 18-game win streak taking on the Golden State Warriors. These have been the two best teams in the NBA this season, but I had three reasons for not watching this game.

One, it’s the NBA, the game of professional basketball has easily become the most boring sport to watch. The majority of the game is played with guys standing around the 3-point line shooting. What’s fun about watching that? It’s not like anyone is playing defense on them while they’re taking these shots either. Every now and then you get a guy going to the rim for a highlight reel type of dunk, but even when those plays happen there’s no one trying to defend that from happening. Why do I want to watch that?

Two, it’s an NBA regular season game. Even though it featured two of the best teams in the NBA the game itself didn’t mean anything because it’s very early in the regular season and by the time the playoffs come around this game will not have mattered at all. Even Lebron James has mentioned that the NBA regular season isn’t important and whatever James says goes when it comes to this league.

Three, the game started late. Even though it was on a Friday night the game had a start time of 9:00 p.m. locally for me, if it started on time. That means that there was no way it would be over before Midnight. There was no chance that I would be awake to see the end of the game. Hell, I had planned to watch at least the 1st quarter and actually fell asleep before the game even started.

As for the game itself it was pretty clear that the Warriors would snap the Suns winning streak last night and they did relatively easily winning by 22 points 118-96.

The Warriors where 18-3 coming into last night’s game; so, it’s not they were bottom feeding chumps. It was a home game for Golden State; so, they were playing at Oracle Arena. Wait it’s not the Oracle Arena anymore; it’s the Chase Center now; sorry I forgot that. I’m not sure how much being at home is an advantage, but the Warriors where 11-1 at home coming into last night’s game. There also may have been a little bit of revenge on the Warriors mind as the Suns had beaten them on their home court just a few days ago. Finally, the biggest thing that made this clear that Golden State would get a win last night is the fact that Phoenix had to go into the game without their best player, Devin Booker.

Booker exited the Suns win over the Warriors early in that game with a hamstring injury. Booker also didn’t play against the Detroit Pistons on December 2nd. The Suns were able to continue their win streak against a bad Pistons team getting a 114-103 win without Booker but facing a team like the Warriors without him is a different story.

Phoenix found a way to keep the game close for a half as they trailed by just three points 51-48, but Golden State was able to pull away in the second half. The Warriors outscored the Suns by nine points in the 3rd quarter and then put the game away by outscoring the Suns by 10 points in the 4th quarter.

The one thing I found kind of surprising was that there were just two players who scored over 20 points in this game. Steph Curry led the Warriors with 23 points and DeAndre Ayton matched him by scoring 23 points for the Suns. Golden State did have four other players score in double figure while Phoenix had three other players reach double digits in scoring.

Now if and when this is a Western conference playoff match up, I’ll be a lot more interested in this game, but a NBA regular season game with nothing on the line and the best player missing from one of the teams isn’t a draw for me.

Did you watch this game? If you did, I’d be interested to get your thoughts on it. I’d also like to know what drew you to watch this game.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: December 1, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I still hugely surprised by the number of free agents that have signed deal in Major League Baseball so far this off season. Will have to see if we get some more signings today because at Midnight the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires and baseball officially goes into a lockout. That means that player movement will come to a halt until there’s a new agreement in place, but it’s been fun up to this point.

Now there have been a couple of teams that have really grabbed the headlines with the signings they’ve made, but if you’re a fan of one of those teams being either the New York Mets or the Texas Rangers there’s one thing you have to remember. Winning the off season doesn’t mean or count for anything in the standings. As a cautionary tale remember last off season was won by the San Diego Padres and while they competed for a while by the end of the season, they weren’t in contention for a playoff spot.

Even with the signings we’ve had so far there are still some name players out on the free agent market still available. I don’t know if will see any of them sign today, but if they don’t will have something to talk about while the owners and the players union try and work out a new agreement. Hopefully it’s something they can do very quickly.

So, who could be some of these bigger named players that won’t be signed by Midnight? Let’s see, Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, Clayton Kershaw and Kris Bryant are still free agents. There are also some players who might not be quite as big a name as those first four players, but are coming off a very good 2021 season. That would be the likes of Kyle Schwarber, Chris Taylor, Nick Castellanos, Nelson Cruz and I don’t want to forget World Series MVP Jorge Soler.

I’m sure there are some players that I missed as well. What I am really interested in especially if the add the universal DH like most people think they will is will a team sign Albert Pujols. The other veteran I’m curious about is Zack Greinke. It’s clear that both of these players are coming to the end of their careers, but they could still help a team either as a part time DH/ 1st baseman or back of the rotation starter. I’m hoping they both get a chance to at least go to spring training with a team and see if they can help that team out.

I’d like to know what you think the best and worst free agent’s signings where so far. I’d also like to know who you think might be the next player signed be it today before Midnight or once teams can start signing players again after an agreement is reached.

Now I know it’s way, way too early in the NBA season to get excited about a team, but I hope there are at least some people that have noticed that the Phoenix Suns have won 17 games in a row.

The Suns 17th win came last night as they defeated the Golden State Warriors 104-96. Even though the Suns have been red hot they’re only tied with the Warriors for the best record in the Western conference. Both the Suns and the Warriors are 18-3 this season.

Now last season for the first time in 9 seasons the Suns made the playoffs and got all the way to the NBA finals before losing four games to two to the Milwaukee Bucks. That was the Suns first trip to the NBA finals since the 1992-93 season and it was the third trip to the NBA finals in franchise history. Obviously being just 21 games into a season it’s tough to proclaim that the Suns will win the Western conference again and go back to the NBA finals, but they’re showing early on that they should be a contender again.

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How was your week

Posted: November 27, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Thursday was Thanksgiving and it’s generally a holiday for where you and your family get together probably eat too much and enjoy whatever other festivities you have planned with your relatives. Of course, there is one more thing that Thanksgiving is known for. It’s a day filled with football.

Now there are two traditional Thanksgiving hosts for these NFL games the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, but a few years back the NFL added a third game and there isn’t really one team that has laid claim to hosting it ever year like the Lions and the Cowboys have.

This Thanksgiving was no different the Lions hosted the Chicago Bears in the first game. Then the Cowboys hosted the Las Vegas Raiders. While the third and final game had the Buffalo Bills at the New Orleans Saints.

Unfortunately, with my work schedule I was only able to watch the first two games this year and while the Cowboys/ Raiders game drew a massive television rating for CBS let’s face it neither of the first two Thanksgiving Day games were very good.

The Bears/Lions game was just flat out boring and the only real drama was would Detroit finally get their first win of the season and would the Bears fire their head coach Matt Nagy after the game. Well neither one of those things happened, but for a brief moment it looked like the Lions might actually find a way to get the first win. The Bears needed a last second field goal to pull out a 16-13 win.

Now at least the Cowboys/Raiders game featured some scoring, but it was marred by 28 penalties being called; 14 on each team. As it turned out one of those penalties; a pass interference call in overtime ended up costing the Cowboys the game as it set the Raiders up for the game winning field goal.

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard how the referees could call a penalty on every play and they almost did in this game. I’m not sure if there were any of those 28 penalties they could’ve overlooked, but it really killed the momentum of the game and made it hard to watch.

The third game seems to have been a blowout as the Bills might’ve gotten themselves back on track with a 31-6 win over the Saints. New Orleans didn’t even put any points on the scoreboard until the 4th quarter and by then the game was pretty much decided.

Now since I didn’t get to watch the Bills/ Saints game you’ll have to fill me in on what kind of game it was because it doesn’t seem like it was a close game at any time.

I’d also be very interested to know what you thought of the first two games. Maybe you enjoyed them because the team you were rooting for or maybe betting on got the win. Or maybe you’re in the same place as I am and just didn’t enjoy them. Please let me know as I’d like to know what you think.

Now growing up even though we lived in the Chicago area I had friends who would root for the Cowboys and Raiders. Both teams won a lot as I was growing up and as a kid you want to root for a winner. Well apparently, those fans and many, many other watched the game on Thursday afternoon.

The Cowboys/Raiders game was the most watched NFL game since 1990 when he San Francisco 49ers played the New York Giants. That game in 1990 drew 41.474 million viewers. The game between the Cowboys and the Raiders drew 38.531 million viewers. That is up 26% from last year’s game.

Where you one of those viewers?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: November 24, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now I’m not the biggest college football fan, but I will watch when the teams in my area are playing. Like last night I watched a little bit of the Northern Illinois vs. Western Michigan before I had to turn in since i work overnight. In case you’re wondering Western Michigan won the game 42-21.

Yesterday was also the day that the new college football rankings come out and for the first time a team from a non-power conference made what would be a playoff spot. Cincinnati grabbed the #4 spot, but the question is can they stay there?

Even though Cincinnati is 11-0 they’re ranked behind two 1 loss teams, Alabama and Ohio State. Unfortunately, there’s a better chance of Cincinnati falling out of a playoff spot than there is of them moving up in the ranking even if they win out. That might not sound right, but I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints about Cincinnati’s strength of schedule and that may end up costing them that playoff spot even if they’re undefeated.

Now right behind Cincinnati in the rankings are Michigan at #5, Notre Dame at #6 and Oklahoma State at #7. All three of those teams have a chance to go past Cincinnati in the rankings even though Cincinnati beat Notre Dame early this season.

Michigan’s make or break game is this Saturday against Ohio State. Now Michigan hasn’t had much success against Ohio State, but they’re at home for this game; so that might help them out. If they can find a way to win it would probably push them past Cincinnati in the rankings.

Notre Dame’s best win might have been against #18 Wisconsin, but the thing that may help them get past Cincinnati in the rankings is the fact that they’re beating teams by big margins while Cincinnati is playing close games against weaker opponents. Of course, Notre Dame will have to also win their final game of the season against Stanford on the road.

Oklahoma State may actually be the team that grabs that final playoff spot if they can win the rest of their games. Oklahoma State has wins over three teams ranked in the Top 25 and they have a chance to add a fourth this weekend as they host #10 Oklahoma. If Oklahoma State gets that win over Oklahoma, they would move into the Big 12 championship game where they would meet Baylor who is also a ranked team. Would the championship committee pass up a 1 loss team that would have five wins over ranked teams?

Now it would be terrible if Cincinnati goes through the season undefeated and doesn’t get into the playoff, but you have to remember that this playoff is a made for television event that is not only supposed to draw ratings, but get fans to travel to these games to support their team. While I’m sure if Cincinnati got into the playoff their fans would travel and support the team, but would they draw enough interest from an audience to move those television ratings.

There are actually just three undefeated teams in college football. Georgia is at #1 and is looked at as the best team in college football. Then there’s Cincinnati who is fighting for their playoff lives despite being 11-0. Then there’s the 11-0 UTSA Roadrunners who are nowhere near being talked about as a playoff team. So, what does going undefeated mean? Apparently not much, but again it’s about ratings and money not winning games.

What will be interesting to see is if Alabama picks up a second loss which they might in the SEC championship game would the committee take a two loss Alabama team over an undefeated Cincinnati; sadly, I think they would. It’s just the nature of college football right now. Alabama is looked at as one of the top teams in the sport ever year while Cincinnati isn’t in that category.

Now I’d like to see Cincinnati end up in the playoff just to see how they would do against a team that would probably never schedule them in the regular season.

So let me know how you think this plays out and which four teams you have ending up in the college football playoff.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

How was your week

Posted: November 20, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Unfortunately for me there are times that it seems I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to sports. I just didn’t see any top baseball free agents signing new deals before the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was finalized, but last week we saw Noah Syndergaard and Eduardo Rodriquez sign with teams and sure enough we had another top free agent starting pitcher sign a new deal.

The Houston Astros announced on Thursday that they’re bringing Justin Verlander back on a two deal $50 million dollar deal.

Verlander is coming off an arm injury that cost him all of the 2021 season and almost all of the 2020 season as he only pitched 6 innings that season, but don’t forget that when Verlander was healthy is 2019 he went 21-6 with a 2.58 ERA over 34 starts and won his second Cy Young award.

Verlander’s new contract will take him to the age of 40 and you have to start to wonder if this could be his last contract.

Verlander returning to the Astros starting rotation is a big piece of the puzzle as they try to get back to the World Series.

It’s unclear if the Astro will continue to look for starting pitching on the free agent market as they hope to have Verlander lead their staff with the returning and healthy Lance McCullers, Framber Valdez, Luis Garcia and possibly Jose Urquidy following him. The Astros have multiple young starting pitchers in their minor league system; so it’s possible that one of them may show that they’re ready for the next step and grab one of the spots in Houston’s starting rotation next season. Even if that doesn’t turn out to be the case it looks like the Astro will at least be the favorite to win the American League West next season and that will allow them the opportunity to get themselves back into the World Series.

While there are teams adding free agents there are other teams that are making room on their 40- man rosters for their young players and to do that you have to let go of players that are currently on your 40-man roster. In a lot of cases it’s a player that we haven’t seen at the major league level, but in the case of the New York Yankees they designated three players who’s names you’ll recognize for assignment yesterday.

The Yankees will now have 10 days to trade or release Tyler Wade, Rougned Odor and Clint Frazier. In all likelihood all three of these players will end up being released and will be free t sign with any team.

Wade has spent parts of six seasons with the Yankees while Odor is a major league veteran having played with the Texas Rangers for six seasons before they released him last season and the Yankees picked him up. Out of these three players Frazier is probably the most interesting of them.

Frazier was the 5th pick in the 2013 draft by the Cleveland Indians. Frazier never played at the major league level for Cleveland as he was traded to the Yankees at the 2016 trade deadline with three other minor leaguers for Andrew Miller. Frazier debuted for the Yankees in the 2017 and even though he was considered a top prospect he was unable to claim a regular spot in the Yankees line up.

Frazier looked like he was going to finally find an everyday spot in the Yankees line up after hitting .267 in 2019 and 2020 after being allowed to get consistence at bats. Unfortunately for Frazier his 2021 season didn’t get off to a good start and found himself back in the minor leagues. Frazier played in 66 games for the Yankees and hit just .186 before being sent down. Now you’d think that would be the worst part of Frazier’s season, but it actually got worse for him.

After playing just 3 games in the minors Frazier developed recurring vertigo like symptoms. It’s unclear how other teams currently view Frazier, but he’s just 27 years old; so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if another team claims him even though he is still arbitration eligible.

Will have to wait and see what happens with Frazier as well as with Wade and Odor, but you have to think that they’ll all end up in spring training with a team when that time comes around.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: November 17, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

I have to say that I’m a little surprised that we’ve seen some Major League Baseball players sign new contracts since the Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire on December 1st, but we had some signings this week. I guess when you get the contract you’re looking for you sign; no matter when it is.

There where three signings this week and they where all starting pitchers. Two of these pitchers will be joining new teams while the third resigned with the team that traded for him last season. Well let’s see who signed where and for how much.

The Detroit Tigers made the first signing of the week as they add left hander Eduardo Rodriguez on a five year $77 million dollar deal that could actually reach $80 million dollars if Rodriguez hits all of the incentives in his contract.

Rodriguez pitched 157 2/3rds innings last season. He appeared in 32 games; 31 of which here starts. He had a 13-8 record with an ERA of 4.74 for the Boston Red Sox. Rodriguez didn’t pitch in 2020, but in 2019 he posted the best season of his career. He went 19- 6 with an ERA of 3.81 and finished 6th in the Cy Young award voting.

Rodriguez will turn 29 years old in April and barring any other free agent signings by the Tigers will be looked at as the #1 starter and the pitcher to lead the Tigers up and coming young starting pitchers. That will be a new role for Rodriguez and will have to see how he handles that.

The pitcher who decided to resign with his team was Jose Berrios who inked a seven year $131 million dollar deal to stay with the Toronto Blue Jays. Berrios will be paid $11 million dollars in 2021 which would’ve been his final year of arbitration. After the 2021 season Berrios will then be paid $20 million dollars a year through the remaining six years of his contract. Berrios does have an opt out after the fifth year of his deal.

Berrios was one of the most attractive trade pieces at last years deadline and the Blue Jays gave up two highly regarded prospects to acquire him; so it makes sense for them to resign him and keep him around long term.

Berrios made 12 starts for the Blue Jays season covering 70 1/3rd innings. He was 5-4 with an ERA of 3.58. Overall last season he made 32 starts going 12-9 with a 3.52 ERA while pitching 192 innings. Berrios also threw a complete game last season.

What makes the Berrios signing even bigger for the Blue Jays is the fact that Cy Young award front runner Robbie Ray is a free agent; so having Berrios under contract will help the rotation if Ray ends up signing somewhere else this off season.

Berrios will settle into a Toronto rotation that also has Hyun-Jin Ryu and Alex Manoah. They could possibly be joined by top prospect Nate Pearson who’s been off injured.

The final signing so far this week was made by the Los Angeles Angels who had been rumored to be looking for multiple starting pitchers this off season. If that’s their plan it’s off to a good start as they added Noah Syndergaard on a one year $21 million dollar deal pending him passing a physical.

Now there is some risk in signing Syndergaard as he’s only pitched 2 innings over the past two seasons, but there could also be a big reward if he is healthy and can give the Angels 30 plus starts.

Syndergaard turned 29 years old in August and has spent his entire career with the New York Mets. Syndergaard has pitched in 121 career games with 120 of those games being starts. He has a career record of 47-31 with an ERA of 3.32. Syndergaard has 3 career complete games with two of those being shutouts. Syndergaard has always been looked at as a high strikeout pitcher and he has a Strikeout per 9 inning rate of 9.7 for his career and has posted three seasons of a Strikeout per 9 inning rate over 10.

Obviously the biggest question with Syndergaard will be health, but it’s not a huge gamble for the Angels as he’s just on a one year deal. It actually seems like a bigger gamble for Syndergaard who’s really gambling on himself next season. If he pitches well and looks like his former self he’ll be one of he top free agents on the markets heading into the 2022 season and will be in line for a long term big money contract.

So I’m not only interested in what you think about these three signings, but if you think will see anymore signings before the current Collective Bargaining Agreement comes to an end. Feel free to throw in who the player you think might sign next will be and which team you think that player will sign with.

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How was your week

Posted: November 13, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Depending on when your favorite NFL team has their bye week they’ve either player eight or nine games this season. That means we’re more or less at mid-season. At this point there is normally a team that might be standing out and what I’m wondering is; who is the best team in the AFC?

Now at the beginning of the season it seems as though everybody thought that the Kansas City Chiefs where far and away the best team in the conference, but it hasn’t exactly played out that way so far. Kansas City has had some struggles this season and they are currently one of nine teams in the AFC that has nine wins. In the Chiefs own division headed into this week games every team in the AFC West has five wins. When it’s all said and done Kansas City might end up being the best team in the AFC, but as of right now I don’t think you can say they are.

After the Chiefs the next pick in the AFC seemed to be the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are one of the teams that have played eight games this season. but they’re also in that group of teams that has five wins. Buffalo is also coming off a loss to the Jacksonville Jaquars where they only managed to score 6 points in that loss. Buffalo is leading the AFC East as they have a half game lead on the New England Patriots. There have been times this season where Buffalo has looked like a serious contender and with nine games left on their schedule if they can right the ship they might be there at the end of it.

Once most people got past Kansas City and Buffalo in the AFC there weren’t many other teams being mentioned unless you happened to have a rooting interest in that team, but with Kansas City and Buffalo not dominating like expected there are some other teams in this mix. Of course just like Kansas City and Buffalo these teams have issues too.

The Tennessee Titans currently have the best record in the AFC at 7-2. Of course the biggest question with Tennessee is how do they replace the the best running back in the NFL. Derrick Henry was lost to injury two weeks ago and it appears as though he’s done for the season. They signed veteran running back Adrian Petersen to help with Henry out, but it appears as if the Titans are going to do anything in the playoffs they’ll have to ride quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Can Tannehill be the type of quarterback to navigate a team through the playoffs?

After the Titans sit the Baltimore Ravens at 6-3, but the Ravens are coming off of a Thursday night loss to the Miami Dolphins where they just didn’t look like a serious contender. Of course it just takes one good game for everybody to forget about the bad one; so if they bounce back in Week 11 they might be back on track. The biggest question for the Ravens is will Lamar Jackson hold up? Jackson is not only Baltimore’s starting quarterback, but he’s their main rushing threat. Jackson leads the Ravens in rushing yards with 639 and rushing attempts with 106 that’s a lot of extra touches for a quarterback which leads to more opportunity for him to be hit by defenders. Can a quarterback led running game win the AFC?

When you look at the remainder of the AFC you have the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos all currently with five wins. Out of this group of teams; do you have a frontrunner?

I have heard quite a few people talk up the Patriots because they’re coach by Bill Belichick, but remember they’re also starting a rookie quarterback and in general that doesn’t bring playoff success.

The Raiders have played surprisingly well since Jon Gruden resigned after that e-mail situation he found himself in. Las Vegas is facing Kansas City this week and if they come away with a win maybe they can convince people that they might be the team in the AFC.

Ben Rothlisberger is in what he’s said will be the final season of his career. Is it possible that that might be enough to rally his Steelers teammates and push them into AFC contention? Pittsburgh also has a very good head coach in Mike Tomlin; so maybe that combination gets them going.

The Brown are finally done with the drama that surrounded Odell Beckham Jr. but they have plenty of other issues. Their quarterback Baker Mayfield is playing with an serious injury to his non-throwing shoulder, but if he lands on it wrong will he have to miss more time? Mayfield missed a game earlier this season because of that shoulder. Cleveland will also be missing multiple running backs due to them testing positive for Covid-19.

Cincinnati seems to have something in the Joe Burrow to JaMarr Chase connection and Joe Mixon is a under the radar good running back, but I’m not sure if there’s anybody out there that would pick the Bengals to win the AFC.

The Broncos are probably in that same boat as the Bengals; no one expected them to be here, but here they are. Denver has had an up and down season winning their first three games before losing four in a row and they have won their last two game. Denver is coming off an upset of the Dallas Cowboys; so maybe they can turn that win into another string of victories, but even if they do would anyone pick them to win the AFC?

That leaves the Chargers. San Diego has the best quarterback out of all the five win teams in Justin Herbert, but some how the Chargers always seem to find ways to beat themselves in big games. They’ll have to shake that stigma before anyone looks at them as a contender in the AFC.

So who do you have winning the AFC when the season ends? Do you se one of the favorites getting right and winning it? Or do you think there might be an upstart team that will find a way to win? I’ll be interested to see who you like.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: November 10, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Yesterday Odell Beckham Jr. officially became a free agent and can sign with any team he chooses to. Now Beckham has said that he’s looking to sign with a contender and it’s been reported this morning that he’s narrowed his choices down to three teams. Beckham is interested in signing with the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers or Kansas City Chiefs. Now he’d be a good fit for any of those three teams who could all use help at the wide receiver position in one way or another, but let’s go through it and see where he might fit the best.

If Beckham was to sign with New Orleans he’d look like the best wide receiver on the team. Saints running back actually leads the team in receptions and targets. Kamara has 32 receptions and has been targeted 44 times. Marquez Calloway is the top wide receiver with 22 receptions, but he is just one receptions ahead of Deonte Harris who has 21 receptions. Calloway has been targeted 39 times while Harris has been targeted 31 times. Adding Beckham to this receiving group that also welcomed back Tre’Quan Smith from injury and brought back Kenny Stills would make it a respectful group of pass catchers, but there could still be some issues if Beckham signs with the Saints.

You have to factor in that Drew Brees is no longer the Saints quarterback and Jameis Winston is done for the season due to injury. That would make it the responsibility of either Taysom Hill or Trevor Siemian to get the football to Beckham. Hill has only played in 6 games this season due to injury and while he did return to the line up last week against the Atlanta Falcons he only threw two passes as it was Siemian who started at quarterback. Siemian was the Denver Broncos starting quarterback for the 2016 and 2017 seasons and went 13-11 in his 24 starts for them. Since being the Broncos starter Siemian has made two starts at quarterback and appeared in just three games. Here’s where the problem may be. Beckham has a big personality and if Brees or Winston where the Saints quarterback that might not be an issues, but with the inexperience of Hill and Siemian you have to wonder if Beckham would just run them over personality wise.

Now the one thing that could even this all out is if Saints head coach Sean Payton could control Beckham, but so far there hasn’t been a coach that’s been able to. Now Peyton would be the best coach that Beckham has ever played for and that should help the situation, but you just never know how Beckham will react to anything let alone an inexperienced quarterback not getting him the football as much as he wants it.

Now if Beckham was to sign with Green Bay he wouldn’t have the added pressure of coming in and being expected to be the #1 receiver on the team. It’s clear that Davante Adams is the Packers top receiver, but Beckham would slot in right behind him bumping Randall Cobb and Allen Lazard down one spot on the depth chart.

If the Packers could add Beckham it would help make up for the loss of tight end Robert Tonyan who’s out for the remainder of the season due to injury. It would also give the Packers one of the deepest receiving cores in the National Football League.

There would be no issue with the quarterback in Green Bay as Aaron Rodgers is one of if not the best quarterback in the NFL, but their might still be a couple of questions if Beckham chooses the Packers.

Rodgers himself has brought a lot of drama to Green Bay this season and he’s had his ups and downs with head coach Matt LaFleur. Is it possible that Beckham would get caught up in the drama that surrounds Rodgers and have it negatively affect not only his play, but the team. As for LaFleur; he’s in his 3rd season as the Packers head coach and has a fantastic 33-8 won loss record; so he might still be considered a little inexperienced, but he’s been a winner. LaFleur has shown that he’s been able to handle the drama around Rodgers and hasn’t really been drawn into any of it. You’d have to think that would bode well if Green Bay ends up being Beckham’s eventual landing spot.

Now if Beckham signs with the Chiefs he’d again probably be the second best wide receiver on the team, but he’d also probably be the third target in the passing game. Tyrek Hill is undoubtedly Kansas City’s #1 wide receiver, but Travis Kelce is still he NFL’s best tight end and gets a lot of targets in this offense. Beckham would move ahead of Mecole Hardman as the #2 wide receiver in Kansas City, but there’s only one football in play at a time. Would Beckham get enough targets to keep him satisfied?

Kansas City would be a place where there shouldn’t be an issue with the quarterback or the head coach. Even though they’re having a bit of a down year so far Patrick Mahomes is still one of the best quarterback in the NFL and head coach Andy Reid is in his 9th season as Chiefs head coach and has a record of 96-41 since being hired by the Chiefs. Don’t forget that the Chiefs have played in the past two Super Bowl winning the title in 2019 before dropping last years game. So Beckham would definitely be coming into a winning culture even though they’ve been a little down through nine games this season.

Kansas City still has ne of the best offenses in the NFL and there’s no reason that shouldn’t continue with or without Beckham. The biggest question if Beckham where to join the Chiefs would probably be would he get enough targets to keep him happy. With Hill getting over 11 targets a game and Kelce getting almost 9 targets a game that wouldn’t leave very many passes to be thrown Beckham’s way. Would Beckham be happy in what might be a lesser role with a team like Kansas City?

So we’ve looked at Beckham’s side and what team he might fit in best with, but what about the teams side of this? What kind of player are they getting if they sign Beckham. Well let’s see what we’ve got there.

At one point Beckham was the best wide receiver in football, but that was back when he was a member of the New York Giants. Since being traded to the Cleveland Browns things haven’t been the same.

After putting up two 1000 plus yard seasons his first two seasons with Cleveland an injury limited Beckham to just 7 games in 2020. This season Beckham was getting a little just a little over 5 1/2 targets a game in the 6 games he played with Cleveland. Beckham had just 17 receptions for 232 yards and he doesn’t have a touchdown. Remember Beckham used to score touchdowns with regularity. He’s reached double digits in touchdowns three times in his career, but the last time he scored that many touchdowns was in 2016.

Beckham just turned 29 years old five dats ago and he is in his 8th NFL season. Beckham has had a couple of injuries in his career; so maybe that has affected his play or it’s possible that the much ballyhooed move to Cleveland was just a bad fit for him. Beckham will be a free agent after this season and if he intends on asking for a big money contract he’ll have to produce for whatever team he decides to sign with.

So let me know; where do you see Beckham signing? Will it be with one of the three teams that where reported this morning? Or is it possible that a “sleeper” team jumps in at the last minute and signs him?

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How was your week

Posted: November 6, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

When the NFL schedule was released there was a lot of anticipation for the Week 9 match up that had the Green Bay Packers at the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately for football fans there have been a couple of things that have taken the shine off of this game.

Surprisingly coming into this game the Chiefs are just a .500 team at 4-4. There could be a lot of reasons for Kansas City’s slower than expected start and most people seem to think that the other NFL teams have figured Patrick Mahomes out, but yet no one has actually explained what that means; so I’m not sure I buy that as an actual reason. Now Mahomes has had his issues this season. Through 8 games Mahomes has thrown 10 interceptions and has fumbled the football 5 times; so that 15 turnovers Mahomes is responsible for this season, but is that figuring him out?

Is it possible that the fact that the Chiefs have almost no running game at all that might be a bigger issue. I know it sounds like an easy explanation and with Mahomes being a big name in the NFL you want to out the blame on him in some way, shape or form, but he can’t win games by himself and with zero support from the running game that leaves a lot on his shoulders.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is actually the Chiefs leading rusher with 304 yards even though he’s only played in 5 of the teams 8 games this season. Edwards-Helaire was Kansas City’s 1st round draft pick last season and was looked at as a player who would be able to provide a solid running game for the Chiefs, but unfortunately he’s been unable to stay healthy in his first two NFL seasons. Edwards-Helaire is clos to returning from his injury, but you have to wonder just how long it will be before he gets hurt again and misses playing time.

Without Edwards-Helaire Darrel Williams has taken over as the Chiefs main running back, but hasn’t found much success. Williams has carried the football 65 times through 8 games and has scored 4 rushing touchdowns, but he managed just 230 yards and is averaging 3.5 yards per carry. Williams is in his 4th season; all with the Chiefs, but this is the most he’s ever carried the football. Getting Edwards-Helaire back is obviously a good thing for the Chiefs, but it would also help Williams who couldreturn to his role as more of a change of pace running back.

On Monday ight against the New York Giants the Chiefs found some success in the running game behind Derrick Gore, but it’s difficult to tell if or what that might mean going forward. Gore had the first 11 carries of his NFL career against the Giants. He ran for 48 yards and scored a touchdown. Gore also caught 1 pass for 7 yards in that game. If Edwards-Helaire is unable to comeback this week against Green Bay maybe Gore can give the Chiefs some type of ground game for the Packers to have to look at.

Of course the elephant in the room for this game is the current situation with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. I’m sure you know by now that Rodgers tested positive for Covid-19 and won’t be playing in this game. There’s been a lot of talk about this situation since it was announce and Rodgers himself finally said more about it yesterday on the Pat McAfee show, but after listening to his side it seemed as though he was just making excuses for himself. You’ll have to go and find it online and see what you think about what Rodgers had to say.

No matter what you think about being vaccinated or not Rodgers has put his team in a terrible position and it may cost them a game. It’s one thing to decide not to get the vaccination, but when you have quite a few other people depending on you it might be something you’d want to do for them and to avoid a situation like this. With Rodgers being who he is you know that none of his teammates will come out against him, but behind closed doors there might be some different feelings about this situation.

With Rodgers out that means that Packers fans will get to see their future starting quarterback as Jordan Love will be Green Bay’s starting quarterback against the Chiefs tomorrow afternoon.

Don’t forget that during the off season drama with Rodgers he and the Packers worked it out so this would be his last season under contract with them and in that agreement the Packers aren’t allowed to use the franchise tag on him. It’s almost 100% guaranteed that if Rodgers decides to play next season he’ll be taking snaps for a different NFL teams next season.

As for Love he was the Packers 1st round pick in the 2020 draft; a move that bothered Rodgers as well. Love appeared in the first game of the season for the Packers and did go 5 of 7 for 68 yards in Green Bay’s blowout loss to the New Orleans Saints, but tomorrow will be the first time he’ll be a starter.

The Packers vs. the Chiefs has a scheduled 3:25 p.m. start time and you’d have to think that Fox will show the game nationally; so that means that will get Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling it. If that’s the case it will be interesting to see how many times they manage to work Rodgers name into their call.

The betting line for this game changed greatly after it was announced that Rodgers wouldn’t be playing. The last line I saw had the Chiefs favored by 8 points and the over/under on the game being 48 points. Now I don’t know how accurate these lines will be when you read this as they change almost minute to minute, but that’s what I saw a little earlier this morning.

So let me know how you think this game will go tomorrow. If you where betting on this game would you take the Packers and those 8 points? Or do you see the Chiefs winning by more than that? I’d also be interested to know how you think Love will do in his first NFL start.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: November 3, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

With the Atlanta Braves wining Game 6 of the World Series last night the Major League Baseball season officially came to an end. The off season has technically started, but don’t expect much to happen. With the Collective Bargaining agreement coming to an end on December 2nd there won’t be any player movement and I doubt will even see players re-sign with their own teams. I think the best thing we can hope for is that the owners and the players association are both smart enough to realize that there can’t be a delay in the season because of this.

Now there are same decisions teams will have to make before the current agreement expires though.

November 3rd is the beginning of a five-day period where teams and players must decide whether to exercise or decline contract options and opt-out clauses for the 2022 season. Eligible free agents cannot sign with anyone but their current team for five more days.

November 7th is the deadline for teams to issue qualifying offers to eligible free agents. For a breakdown of the draft choices teams would forfeit by signing a qualified free agent. The qualifying off is $18.4 million dollars for the 2022 season.

November 8th is when free agency officially opens and from November 8th until November 11th is the general mangers meetings in Carlsbad California.

November 17th is the deadline for players tagged with a qualifying offer to accept or reject the qualifying offer.

Then November 19th is the deadline for teams to add players to the 40-man roster to keep them from selection in the Rule 5 draft.

Now there are deadlines that teams have in December, but with the collective bargaining agreement expiring it’s currently unknown if teams will have to make those decisions or if they’ll be delayed until a new deal is in place between the owners and the players.

If there isn’t a new agreement reached the owners could impose a lockout which would freeze a teams ability to make any transactions until a new agreement is reached between the two sides.

Unfortunately until there is a new agreement in place it’s probably the only baseball news we’re going to get and that’s too bad. There are quite a few interesting players headed into free agency especially at the shortstop position, but they’ll have to take a backseat as all we hear about is money and the other changes both sides what to make.

Baseball struggled to recover after the last work stoppage and they’re still recovering from the Covid-19 induced 60 game season hat they played two years ago. you have to hope that this would lead the sides to a quick solutions or possibly just continue to play under the current agreement while they tried to negotiate a new one.

Now you know money is going to come up as both sides are going to want a bigger piece of the pie. As well there are always other technical issues that will come up and I’m pretty sure that two of the changes will see will be an adjustment to the arbitration process and will have a universal designated hitter added. Other than that I’m not sure what else will come up as these negotiations move along.

What do you see happening with these labor talks? Do you think will get a quick resolution? Or are we going to see these talks drag on and impact the start of next season? I’d also be interested to know what if any changes you’d like to see made during these negotiations?

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