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Heart don’t stop. No Giant leading the vote at his respective position in 2016? Is nothing sacred? With San Francisco in first place, seven games in front of Los Angeles in the NL West, shouldn’t there be at least one? Buster Posey, maybe?

The more important question is, does any serious Giants fan care?

Recent history clearly demonstrates that the Orange and Black have been disrespected since the beginning of their successful binge in the National League, back in 2010. Every single series has listed the Giants as underdogs, including all three of the World Series confrontations.
In the current MLB Power Polls, San Francisco still takes a back seat to Chicago, a team most recently swept in a three-game series by the St. Louis Cardinals. I find this interesting because the 31-9 (77.5%) record posted by the Giants over the past 40 games compares rather favorably to that of the Cubs during the same stretch: 23-17 (57.5%).

And the Cubs are still ranked first?

So now Chicago fans have stuffed the ballot boxes to get their darlings onto the All-Star squad, and Giants fans are supposed to be miffed? 

Speaking for myself, I prefer the bling that is attached to the playoffs, rather than that which is attached to individual accolades. Do I think Buster Posey is the best catcher in the league?

I know he is.

Do I care that he may have to take a back seat to Yadier Molina? 
Not one iota.
Do I care that the Cubs have Anthony Rizzo (1B), Ben Zobrist (2B), Addison Russell (SS), Kris Bryant (3B), and Dexter Fowler (CF) starting the mid-season Classic, ahead of Brandon Belt (1B), Joe Panik (2B), Brandon Crawford (SS), Matt Duffy (3B) and Denard Span (CF)?

Not one iota.
I could look up the names of the Giants All-Stars from 2010, 2012 and 2014, but I could not name one for certain off the top of my head. It all kind of blends together. On the other hand, I haven no problem remembering who won the World Series each of those three years: the Orange and Black.
You get my drift?
It’s the big picture I am focused on, not the immediate one. In July I am thinking only of barbecues, beer and fireworks. I like to watch the All-Star game as much as the next guy, but not to see Giants players. No way. I want to see which league gets home-field advantage during the playoffs, because I prefer October’s Big Stage to July’s.
So let the Cubs bask in the glow of their July fireworks, with all the glitz and glitter of the All-Star game in San Diego, and let their fans enjoy the thrill of their players’ success. Giants players can use the All-Star break to rest up for the second half of the season, one which extends into October, when the smell of wood-smoke lingers in the air. 
I prefer those October nights when I have to bundle up if I want to see major league baseball. I enjoy the fall colors radiating in the late afternoon sun, shadows making their presence known. You know, Orange and Black.
And I love the smell of that wood smoke from the Giants’ victory bonfires.

Mark O’Neill


Take Your Pick

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The San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs are each on a course which will most likely see them oppose one another in the playoffs this coming October. If we are to believe MLB’s power polls, then the Cubs will be winning their first World Series in more than one hundred years.
That is a pretty big “if.”

For the most part power polls reflect the current standings and little more. Yes, the Cubs (45-20) have the better record than the Giants (42-26), but how about if we go back a month or so, and see how each team has done during that span?

In the last 33 games, the Cubs are 20-13 while the Giants have posted a 25-8 record. You can take those power polls and plaster them all over the Cubs’ locker room for all the difference they make in the individual locker rooms.
There are seven reasons why I do not see the Cubs beating the Giants in a head-to-head confrontation in October, despite the overwhelming feeling in baseball that, well, you know, it’s the Cubs’ turn. Giants fans would respond, “It’s an even year.”
Take your pick.

Let’s begin with defense because-on the big stage-defense is what separates the very good from the excellent. The Cubs are nineteenth, overall, in Major League Baseball; that is very good. In 65 games the Cubs have had 2,484 total chances and 1,761 put-outs. They have accrued 683 assists and committed 40 errors, for a fielding percentage of .984
The Giants are second in all of MLB; that is excellent. In three more games (68) than the Cubs, they have had 2,599 total chances with 1,848 put-outs. San Francisco has racked up 722 assists and been charged with 29 errors, for a fielding percentage of .989.

The Giants have proven under the brightest lights, that they can produce the big play. I have seen Joe Panik try that back-handed flip of the ball to second base, while falling away with his back to the play, twice since Game Seven of the 2014 World Series. Once it worked to perfection-once the ball went askew. It’s all about timing.
The second reason the Giants have the advantage is speed. The Giants have out-stolen the Cubs, 41 bases to 28, despite being caught only twice more than Chicago, 18 to 16. Additionally, though both clubs have identical team batting averages (.285), the Giants have 22 triples to the Cubs’ nine.
Speed is deadly because it throws off the timing of the defense. Aside from the in-the-park home run, the triple is the most exciting offensive play in baseball. It electrifies the offense and causes conniption fits on the part of the defense.

Yes, the Cubs have clubbed 78 home runs to the Giants’ 56, but we have already seen San Francisco win a world series with the fewest number of home runs in all of MLB. The year was 2012 when the Giants finished dead last and it wasn’t even close. The Los Angeles Dodgers were second-to-last with 116. 

San Francisco went on to defeat the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. How many homers did Detroit hammer out in 2012? 163, which is sixty more than the Giants. A lot of good it did them in the World Series.
Thirdly, the Giants have a pitching staff that has more savvy when it comes to preventing stolen bases. San Francisco has allowed 24 stolen bases to Chicago’s 51. That would be the influence of one Buster Posey, Esq. I might imagine. 

Together, Posey (14) and Trevor Brown (4) have caught eighteen base-stealers. The Cubs’ Miguel Montego (9) and David Ross (2) have nabbed eleven. I am more interested in the number of stolen bases allowed (51) by the Cubs, compared to the 24 allowed by the Giants. That’s huge.

Fourth, whereas the Giants and Cubs may be on a par as far as front office leadership is concerned, with Theo Epstein and Brian Sabean working behind GM’s Jed Hoyer and Bobby Evans, San Francisco has the best manager in baseball.

I have heard of the wonderful rapport Joe Madden has with his players, and how comfy all the rookies are. How nice for them. How many rings has the man earned? Zero. 

How many rings has Bruce Bochy won? With essentially the same crew as he has this year? Three. 

‘Nuf said.
Fifth, the Giants have experience as a team. They have earned at least 31 world series rings amongst them, with Javier Lopez leading the parade with four. I don’t know how many rings the Cubs have earned, but it does not approach 31.

Sixth, the Giants have that chemistry thing going for them. It doesn’t matter what is happening inside the Cubs’ locker room, or how loosey-goosey Joe Madden has his rookies, the Giants have taken the concept and brought it to a new level. After all, San francisco still has Hunter Pence, even if he is on the disabled list, the best motivator in the game.

Finally, the Giants, as I pointed out above, are the underdogs to the Cubs. It just so happens that San Francisco embraces this concept. They work it to their advantage, as they have done EVERY step of their way to their three recent titles. Madison Bumgarner has helped make this happen, as has Buster Posey.
I am not going to put it all on these two foundation pieces, but if the cap fits, flaunt it, Baby. Not to dis on Jake Arieta and his ongoing streak of quality starts, but Jake’s playoff repertoire is nothing like his regular-season record. 
So I’m fine with MLB and the latest power polls. In fact it works to the Giants’ advantage. Just don’t try to convince me that they mean anything.

Mark O’Neill

Major League Baseball (MLB) held it’s draft this week. Now unlike the drafts in the other major sports it will take three, four or maybe even five years before any of these players make it to the major leagues. There is also a chance that some of the players drafted very high in this draft will never make it to the major leagues. It’s what makes the MLB draft truly different from the other sports as you are really drafting for the future of your team.

Now the Chicago White Sox had the 10th pick in the first round of the draft and they used it to take Zack Collins a catcher from the University of Miami. Collins is a left handed hitter who batted .358 with 15 homers this past season. Collins even walked (71) more times than he struck out (59) in his current season; which is rare in baseball these days. Collins was actually good enough to be drafted right out of high school. The Cincinnati Reds took him in the 27th round of the 2013 draft, but chose to attend Miami instead. Collins has what appears to be good size for a catcher at 6’3 and 230 pounds. His scouting report describes him as a left-handed power hitter with a very patient approach at the plate. I’m sure your wondering by no why I selected the 10th player taken in the draft and decided to write about him. Well after hearing all the positives about Collins from the experts the next thing they would say is that the White Sox would need to find a new position for him because he’s too good of a hitter to catch. Now I’m not sure when this started, but when did baseball teams decide that they didn’t need good hitters at catcher. I would think the fastest way to the major league level would be by being a good hitting catcher. The experts have said that Collins has trouble with his defense especially his foot work behind the plate. Now he’s 21 years old and I would think that the White Sox would have a catching instructor who could work with Collins on this; don’t they. This of course is the way baseball is going now. The Minnesota Twins moved Joe Mauer to 1st base. There’s talk ever season of the San Francisco Giants find a different position for Buster Posey. Even the other Chicago the Cubs looked to have made the decision that Kyle Schwarber was an outfielder before he got hurt early this season. It’s odd that with all the Sabermetrics and Analytics teams use and it seeming that offense is the keys to these stats that teams would sacrifice offense at the catching position. Now I understand that Mauer was moved because of health concerns and that’s why the talk of moving Posey comes up, but when the Cubs where going to develop Schwarber as a catcher we attended one of his minor league games and where did he play in that game; you guessed Designated Hitter (DH); not sure how that helped his catching skills. Now this isn’t the first time this idea has come up. Some of the greatest catchers in baseball where tried at different positions with varying degrees of success. Johnny Bench played 3rd base, 1st base and spent some time in the outfield  Carlton Fisk played a few games at 3rd base, a  few games at 1st base and 41 games in leftfield before the White Sox realized that he was better off behind the plate. Yogi Berra played 260 career games in the outfield. I’m sure there are many more examples of this, but there are three Hall of Fame players who where moved from the catcher position only to end up back there. I ask again; is there a rule against having a catcher who can put up quality offensive numbers? Posey is easily considered the best offensive catcher in baseball, but who’s #2? Do you still like St. Louis’  Yader Molina, but how many more seasons is Molina going to play. He’s 33 right now and in his 13th season. Going to back to back World Series out Salvador Perez of the Kansas City Royals on a lot of peoples radar. Even if they’re your 1, 2 and 3 could you come up with a good Top 5. Besides Posey is there a catcher in the majors right now that you see as an offensive threat. At the start of the season I thought that Devin Mesoraco of the Cincinnati Reds had a chance to join this small group of offensive catchers, but he’s proven that he can’t stay healthy. Do you have a choice? If so I hope it’s better than mine.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying like I have that a playoff series hasn’t started until the home team losses a game. Well if that’s the case then the NBA Finals started last night. It was another double-digit victory as the Golden State Warriors took a 3 games to 1 lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 108-97 victory in Cleveland Friday night. Stephen Curry led the Warriors with 38 points. Curry was 7 of 13 from behind the 3-point line. Klay Thompson scored 25 points while Harrison Barnes was the other Golden State starter with double digit points scoring 14 points. Barnes made 4 of the 5 3-point shots he took. Andre Iguodala came off the Warriors bench to score 10 points and lead the tam in assists with 7. Draymond Green grabbed a team high 12 rebounds for Golden State. Four of the five Cavaliers starters scored in double figures led by Kyrie Irving’s 34 points. LeBron James added 25 points while leading the team with 13 rebounds as well as assists with 9. Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith each scored 10 points while Kevin Love came off the bench to add 11 points for Cleveland. Love is recovering from a concussion; so Richard Jefferson got the start in his place.

Golden State will look to end the series at home on Monday night. Golden State is looking to become back to back champions with a series win. If they don;t close out the series Monday night the teams would return to Cleveland for Game 6 on Thursday night. So do you have the series coming back to “The Land”? Or do the Warriors close it out in 5?





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Cubs get Cain’ed

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Game 2 in San Fran puts the 4 and 2, Jon Lester against the winless Matt Cain and the best in the west, Giants.  Dexter Fowler would lead off his third game with a single but would be thrown out trying to steal second base.  Kris Bryant would single also but Cain would get out of the inning.  Lester would put Denard Span on with a base on balls, but he would get out of the inning.  Cain would put two men on but neither would cross the plate.  Lester would get the first two batters in the bottom half of the second but would give up a single to Brandon Crawford.  Then he walks Gregor Blanco.  Two men on with the Cain at the plate.  With a 3-2 count, Matt sends a long fly ball just out of reach for Fowler sending both men across the plate giving Cain a double.  Span K’s to end the inning but the Giants are up by 2.  

With one out in the top of 3, Kris Bryant on a 3 and 2 count would send a long fly ball over Span’s head for his ninth homer of the year.  Zobrist would single and Soler would walk but with two outs Javier Baez would fly out.  Joe Panik would lead off the bottom half with a double to left field.  He would move to third on Kelby Tomlinson’s sac bunt that Bryant would pick up and throw to Rizzo.  Buster Posey who at the moment is 1 and 25 takes Lester deep to left center breaking his slump and getting his 5th home run of the year.  Matt Duffy sends a line grounder to Addison Russell that bounces off him to left field.  He would then steal second base.  Trevor Brown would double to left scoring Duffy.  Maddon challenges the tag and it’s overturned giving Brown an RBI single.  Crawford would walk prompting Maddon to visit the mound replacing Lester with Trevor Cahill who gets out of the inning.  Giants up 5 to 1.  Matt Cain would continue to hold the Cubs to 1 run through 6.  

Trevor Cahill would put two runners on in the fourth but would get through the fourth and the fifth.  Clayton Richard would come into the bottom of the sixth for a 1-2-3 inning. Hunter Strickland enters the top of the seventh getting the first two batters out but gives up a single to Fowler and walks Bryant.  Josh Osich would come into the game and strikes out Rizzo to end the inning.  Justin Grimm enters the bottom half and puts Tomlinson and Posey on but after a visit to the mound, gets out of the inning.  

Osich still in gets an out but gives up a double to Soler.  Bruce Bochy decides to go with Cory Gearrin, who gives up an RBI single to Baez.  Russell grounds out.  With two outs Tommy La Stella comes into the game pinch hitting for David Ross and reaches first on a walk.  Bochy makes another change bringing in Javier Lopez to face Tim Federowicz to end the inning. Cubs 2, Giants 5.  

Travis Wood comes into the game giving up a single to Crawford but gets out of the inning unscathed.  Dexter Fowler leads off the top of the ninth against Santiago Casilla sending his 5th home run of the season to right.  Casilla would thrn it around and get Bryant, Rizzo and Zobrist to go down in order to end the game, 5-3 Giants.  

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How was your Week?

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Since we talk about sports on the podcast, anyone who listens doesn’t know that I’m a sucker for bad horror movies. Last night I got sucked in by a movie title called Sexy Evil Genius. Luckily this terrible movie ended in time for me to catch the last 2 innings of the Los Angeles Dodger/Houston Astros game. I had been receiving updates through my tablet since the top of the 6th inning; so I knew Houston’s Mike Fiers had a no-hitter going. I got to see Carl Crawford strike out swinging for the 1st out of the 8th inning. After Crawford Enrique Hernandez and Joc Pederson both struck out looking. The Astros went down 1, 2, 3 in the bottom of the 8th inning and that may have been a good thing for Fiers as he didn’t have a ton of time to sit in the dugout and think about the 9th inning. Jimmy Roliins led off the 9th inning for the Dodgers and it looked like he was going to break up the no-hitter when he hit a 2-2 fastball to right-center field that looked like it was going to be a hit. Jake Marisnick was tracking it, but was running out of room and it looked as though the ball was going over his head. Marisnick was able to track the flyball down and make the catch for the 1st out of the inning. The recently acquired Chase Utley was next up for the Dodgers. Utley was ahead in the count 2-0. On the 3rd pitch of the at bat Utley flew out to Marisnick, but it was a much easier play than the one he had to make on Rollins flyball. Now it was just Josh Turner standing between Fiers and a no-hitter. Turner had a good swing on the first pitch in his at bat, but fouled it off. The 2nd pitch was a ball and Turner swung and miss at the 3rd pitch; so the count was 1-2. Fiers threw a Cutter that missed to make the count 2-2 and it looked like he was almost over throwing, but who could blame him. The 5th pitch of Tuner’s at bat was a fastball that he swung at and missed for the final out of the game. Fiers improved his record to 6-9; he struck out 10 while walking 3. It took Fiers 134 pitches to record his no-hitter. Obviously it was the 1st no-hitter of Fiers young career, but it was also his 1st career complete game. The Astros gave Fiers all the run support he’d need in the bottom of the 2nd inning when with 2 outs Chris Carter singled to leftfield and Marisnick followed that with his 6th home run of the season to left-center field giving Houston a 2-0 lead. In the bottom of the 6th inning the Astros gave Fiers an insurance run as Evan Gattis hit a solo home run his 19th of the season. Gattis home run also came with 2 outs and making the score 3-0 which is how it ended. Fiers was appearing in his 4th game for the Astros; 3 of which were starts after being acquired from the Milwaukee Brewers along with Carlos Gomez on June 30th. The Astros gave up 4 players, 3 minor leaguers Josh Hader, Adrian Houser and Brett Phillps along with outfielder Domingo Santana who had appeared in 14 games for the Astros Before being traded. Last night was Fiers 75th career pitching appearance 59 of which have been starts. He has a career record of 22-28 with an E.R.A. of 3.57. Fiers no=hitter and Houston win along with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s 9-2 lost to the Toronto Blue Jays helped extend the Astros lead in the A.L. West to 3 1/2 games over the 2nd place Angels.

I heard a really interesting debate on the MLB Network the other day.  It was about catchers and the question was; who would you want Buster Posey or Yader Molina? Since there where no really  parameters set on how anyone had to answer the question it worked out to Posey being the choice, but just because he’s 5 years younger than Molina. I have no issue with that choice as they are both great players and at the top of their position, but what I was wondering was; who’s the next catcher you’d want? Russell Martin was a prized free agent this off season and while he does have 15 home runs which id tied for 5th among catchers this season he is hitting .244. Would you take Martin or how about another veteran like Brian McCann who’s leading all catchers in home runs with 21 and is 2nd in R.B.I.’s with 74, but his average is .241. Maybe you’d like to go with a younger guy; so how about 25 year old Salvador Perez who’s hitting .255 with 17 home runs and 50 R.B.I.’s. Of course you would have to look at their defense and pitch framing, but all 3 Martin, McCann and Perez are very good there. Maybe you would be interested in having a guy like Matt Wieters behind the plate and he is going to be a free agent this off season. Remember that Wieters is coming off of Tommy John surgery and has caught just 34 games this season as the Baltimore Orioles are being very careful with him. Wieters is hitting with 5 home runs in 170 at bats this season. Where would players like Yasmani Grandal, Blake Swihart, James McCann or Travis D’Arnaud rank on your list? They’re all young up and coming catchers, but don;t forget that D’Arnaud has had some injury issues. Oddly there may actually being a choice staring you right in the face; Kyle Schwarber. Schwarber has shown he can hit at the major league level, but the Cubs didn’t think he was going to be able to catch in the majors; so he played a lot of outfield in the minors last season. After being brought up for a short stint as a Designated Hitter (DH) for inter-league play in June Schwarber was called back up on July 17th and his bat has kept him in the majors since. Schwarber has played in 38 games this season; 6 as a DH, 13 as an outfielder, 7 in pinch hitting duty and 12 as a catcher. Schwarber is hitting .294 with 10 home runs, but the question is will he be a catcher down the road? Adding confusing to the Schwarber situation is that the Cubs have Miguel Montero under contract for $14 million next season and they also have Jon Lester’s personal catcher the 38 year old David Ross under contract for next season at $2.5 million. I guess it’s something will have to watch this off season, but the main question still is before you can choose Schwarber is will he catch?

So maybe you have Posey #1 and Molina #2 or Maybe you like Molina in the #1 spot and Posey in the 2nd spot. What I want to know is who do you have as your 3rd, 4th and 5th catcher?

So how was your week?

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Who’s the ____ at Catcher

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Most if not all fantasy experts say to wait and draft a catcher lase. It’s not a terrible idea, but if one of the top guys fall to you why pass on him. Here’s a look at who’s, who in 2015. The tough part with catchers is you’re only going to get about 120 games out of even the best catcher.

The Best; Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants. Posey has 3 World Series rings a Rookie of the Year award and an MVP award. With a resume like that how could he not be the best catcher in baseball. I am wondering how the absence of Hunter Pence will affect Posey to start the season. Posey is a career .308 hitter has the power to hit 25 home runs in a season. The question will be how much will the Giants score; so Posey can rack up some RBI’s. He did drive in 89 runs in 2014 and fantasy owners would gladly take that from their catching position. There’s really no one close to Posey at catcher; you just have to decide were you’d be willing to draft him.

Underrated; Yan Gomes, Cleveland Indians. This will be the last season Gomes is underrated; so you’ll have a chance to steal him this season and that will be it. Gomes hit 21 home runs, drove in 78 RBI’s and hit .278 in his first full season as Cleveland’s catcher. Gomes played in 135 games last season catching 126 of them; so he’s going to be in the line up. The negative you have to watch with Gomes is he’s going to strikeout; 120 times last season. So if your league subtracts points for strikeouts adjust your ratings for Gomes. Of course if you can get 20 to 25 home runs, 80 to 85 RBI’s and a .280 batting average out of Gomes in 2015 you can live with the strikeouts especially from a catcher.

Bounce Back; Brian McCann, New York Yankees. I heard an expert say that McCann was shifted against more than any other player in major league baseball last season and his stats suffered for it. McCann hit .232 last season; the second lowest he’s hit in a season. McCann’s power numbers were still good hitting 23 home runs and driving in 75 runs last season. McCann is going to hit home runs playing half his games in Yankees Stadium, but he’s gong to have to make the adjustments to what defenses are doing to him. It seemed like last season McCann was trying to prove he could beat the shift and it hurt his average. Just 10 hits to leftfield last season would’ve raised his batting average 20 points. If McCann is willing to take a few singles the other way he’ll improve in 2015.

Stay Away from; Christian Vázquez, Boston Red Sox. It’s a small sample size for Vasquez; just 55 games last season, but did he show you anything in those 55 games to make you think he’s a quality major league catcher. Vasquez is more of a defensive catcher; he threw out 52% of runners trying to steal last season. That’s great for the Red Sox and their pitching staff, but bad for fantasy owners. Vasquez hit .240 last season with just 1 home run and 20 RBI’s. Again that was in just 55 games and you’d think the power and RBI numbers will go up by playing in more games, but not enough for fantasy owners to draft him.

It may be the 1st day of October, but September went out with one of the most exciting MLB playoff games that I can remember. The American League wild card game had the Kansas City Royals finding ways to come back time after time against the Oakland A’s. The Royals scored 2 run in the bottom of the 12th inning to get a 9-8 victory and advance to face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the divisional playoff series. Salvador Perez’s only hit was the game winner in the bottom of the 12th and reliever Jason Frasor picked up the win as the 6th Royals pitcher to come out of their bullpen. While both starter Jon Lester for Oakland and James Shields for Kansas City will get big money free agent contracts this off-season neither guy pitched like the staff ace that he had been during the season. Lester hung around for 7 1/3rd innings giving up 6 runs on 8 hits while striking out 5 and walking 2. Shields only pitched 5 innings for the Royals; he gave up 4 runs on 5 hits while striking out 6, walking 2 and giving up 1 home run. The Royals had 7 stolen bases in the game and Christian Colon’s in the 12th inning set him up to score the winning run on Perez’s single. Let’s hope tonight’s National League wild card game is just as exciting. The San Francisco Giants are starting left hander Madison Bumgarner who was 18-10 during the regular season. While the Pittsburgh Pirates send right hander Edinson Volquez to the mound. Volquez was 13-7 in the regular season. The Pirates line up is already up and I was surprised to see Gaby Sanchez getting the start at 1st base and Travis Snider making the start in rightfield. I’d like to bill this game as a battle of the last two National League MVP winners; Buster Posey for the Giants and Andrew McCutchen for the Pirates.

Well our Week 4 NFL picks weren’t that great. Schaumburg Stu and Mr. Fantasy tied for the winning record at 7-6. There’s a quote Schaumburg Stu and I use all the time. It’s from professional wrestling legend Buddy Rogers. In an interview he said “They don’t ask you how you won; they ask you if you won”. Hopefully I got that right; if not Schaumburg Stu will straighten me out. Dan the Man and I finished Week for with 6-7 records. For the season Dan the Man is still holding the lead at 35-26, Mr. Fantasy is just 1 game behind at 34-27 while Schaumburg Stu and I are tied at the bottom with a 32-29 record. Let’s hope Week 5 draws out some better records from us.

Let’s see how Mr. Fantasy did with his individual player picks for fantasy high scorers at each position for Week 4. He went with San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers to be the high scorer at that position. Rivers had a good week, but finished 6th among quarterbacks. It was Eli Manning who was the highest scoring quarterback last week. At the running back spot Mr. Fantasy choose DeMarco Murray as his high scorer. Murray finished 3rd among running backs for Week 4 as he was beat out by Matt Asiata of the Minnesota Vikings who finished 2nd and Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs who bounced back from injury to be the highest scoring running back of Week 4. At wide Receiver Mr. Fantasy went with Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers as his high scorer. Brown finished 2nd at wide receiver in Week 4 being beat out by only Steve Smith Sr. of the Baltimore Ravens. We use the Yahoo scoring system for our leagues and Smith beat out Brown by .46; so Mr. Fantasy missed by not even half of a point. At tight end this week since Larry Donnell put up such big numbers during the Thursday night football game we went with the 2nd highest scoring tight end in Week 4. Mr. Fantasy went with Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. Graham was the 3rd highest scoring tight end in Week 4. Donnell was #1 like we thought he would be. Heath Miller of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the tight end that slipped in and took 2nd place for Week 4. Another close call for Mr. Fantasy as Miller outscored J. Graham by .65 of a point. At kicker Mr. fantasy went with another New Orleans Saints player; Shayne Graham. This Graham didn’t do as well for Mr. fantasy as S. Graham finished as the 19th highest scoring kicker of the week. The highest scoring kicker for Week 4 was Blair Walsh of the Minnesota Vikings. For his sleeper pick of Week 4 Mr. Fantasy went with Minnesota Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater was making his 1st NFL start after coming in to finish the Week 3 game for the injured Matt Cassell. Bridgewater himself got injured in the Vikings 41-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Even with the injury Bridgewater finished as the 13th highest scoring quarterback of the week. I’d have to say this was the best week Mr. Fantasy has had making these picks; so will see if he can keep his momentum going for Week 5.

If you’ve listened t the show you know that we’ve put together fantasy leagues for the upcoming NHL and NBA seasons. We still have a few openings in these leagues. If you’re interested in playing in the hockey league with us follow this link and sign up. If basketball is more your cup of tea use this link to sign up. Dan the Man and I will be in both of these leagues, but Mr. fantasy is just going to play in the basketball league.

The other game, I have Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy playing against each other is picking the winners of the MLB playoff games. I’ll also throw in one other thing to pick. I’m scoring it with 2 points for a correct pick and -1 points for a negative selection. Last nights 2nd question was; who would be the winning pitcher. They could’ve picked any pitcher on the teams roster; not just the starting pitcher. After the 1st wild card game Dan the Man has the lead 1 to -2. Dan the Man had the Royals to win the game and James Shields to get the win. While Mr. Fantasy went with the A’s to win the game and Jon Lester to be the winning pitcher. In about an hour an a half (5:00 p.m. CST) they’ll pick tonight’s game between the Pirates and the Giants; they’ll also have to predict who will get more hits Andrew McCutchen or Buster Posey. They are allowed to make the same picks.

Let’s call this.

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