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Cubs get Cain’ed

Posted: May 21, 2016 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, post season, sports, Sports Time Radio
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Game 2 in San Fran puts the 4 and 2, Jon Lester against the winless Matt Cain and the best in the west, Giants.  Dexter Fowler would lead off his third game with a single but would be thrown out trying to steal second base.  Kris Bryant would single also but Cain would get out of the inning.  Lester would put Denard Span on with a base on balls, but he would get out of the inning.  Cain would put two men on but neither would cross the plate.  Lester would get the first two batters in the bottom half of the second but would give up a single to Brandon Crawford.  Then he walks Gregor Blanco.  Two men on with the Cain at the plate.  With a 3-2 count, Matt sends a long fly ball just out of reach for Fowler sending both men across the plate giving Cain a double.  Span K’s to end the inning but the Giants are up by 2.  

With one out in the top of 3, Kris Bryant on a 3 and 2 count would send a long fly ball over Span’s head for his ninth homer of the year.  Zobrist would single and Soler would walk but with two outs Javier Baez would fly out.  Joe Panik would lead off the bottom half with a double to left field.  He would move to third on Kelby Tomlinson’s sac bunt that Bryant would pick up and throw to Rizzo.  Buster Posey who at the moment is 1 and 25 takes Lester deep to left center breaking his slump and getting his 5th home run of the year.  Matt Duffy sends a line grounder to Addison Russell that bounces off him to left field.  He would then steal second base.  Trevor Brown would double to left scoring Duffy.  Maddon challenges the tag and it’s overturned giving Brown an RBI single.  Crawford would walk prompting Maddon to visit the mound replacing Lester with Trevor Cahill who gets out of the inning.  Giants up 5 to 1.  Matt Cain would continue to hold the Cubs to 1 run through 6.  

Trevor Cahill would put two runners on in the fourth but would get through the fourth and the fifth.  Clayton Richard would come into the bottom of the sixth for a 1-2-3 inning. Hunter Strickland enters the top of the seventh getting the first two batters out but gives up a single to Fowler and walks Bryant.  Josh Osich would come into the game and strikes out Rizzo to end the inning.  Justin Grimm enters the bottom half and puts Tomlinson and Posey on but after a visit to the mound, gets out of the inning.  

Osich still in gets an out but gives up a double to Soler.  Bruce Bochy decides to go with Cory Gearrin, who gives up an RBI single to Baez.  Russell grounds out.  With two outs Tommy La Stella comes into the game pinch hitting for David Ross and reaches first on a walk.  Bochy makes another change bringing in Javier Lopez to face Tim Federowicz to end the inning. Cubs 2, Giants 5.  

Travis Wood comes into the game giving up a single to Crawford but gets out of the inning unscathed.  Dexter Fowler leads off the top of the ninth against Santiago Casilla sending his 5th home run of the season to right.  Casilla would thrn it around and get Bryant, Rizzo and Zobrist to go down in order to end the game, 5-3 Giants.  

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To the Sky and Back

Posted: May 8, 2016 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, fantasy, sports, Sports Time Radio
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Both the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs sit atop their respective divisions, one-fifth of the way through the 2016 season, the Cubs’ hot start approaching historic proportions. Their 23-6 record to begin the season, is the best since the 1977 Los Angeles Dodgers started off also winning 23 of their first 29 games.
One successful component both of these teams have in common, is a pitching staff that knows its way around the batting cage. Giants pitchers lead all of MLB with eleven RBIs, while the Cubs are right behind with ten. Former Cub Jeff Samardzija leads his staff with five; Jake Arietta and Jason Hammel have three apiece.
Did you see Jeff Samardzija break the bat over his leg, in a game against the Cincinnati Reds last week? It’s not the first time I have witnessed this in an MLB game, but it is the first time I have ever seen a pitcher do it. What it says about Samardzija is threefold: He is a fierce competitor, he will display his emotion in much the same fashion as Jake Peavy and he is one strong individual.

Can you imagine how much that would hurt if the bat did not break?

Speaking of hurt, the Cubs and Giants were among at least twenty teams scouting Tim Lincecum, who spent the off-season rehabbing from a degenerative hip issue. He had arthroscopic surgery last fall and showcased his pitching repertoire Friday in Scottsdale.

Lincecum, who reportedly hit 91 on the radar gun, was 7-4 for San Francisco last season, with a 4.13 ERA and a WHIP of 1.48. He has made it clear that he wants to start, so of course, the Dodgers were also at the showcase. 

From Giants fans’ perspective, could anything possibly be worse than seeing a sneering Timmy, throwing scuds at Giants players, while they flailed helplessly? I think not. It would make Juan Uribe’s defection to LA after the 2010 season pale in comparison, and that one was brutal. 

Interestingly, the Cubs first selected Lincecum in the 48th round of the 2003 draft, but he went on to attend the University of Washington and was subsequently selected in the tenth round by the Giants in 2006. 

Timmy’s credentials include back-to-back Cy Young Awards (2008-09), and he was crucial in two of the three Giants World Championships. With both the Cubs and Giants leading their respective divisions, acquiring Lincecum would be as much about preventing him from going to a rival, as it would be about improving the team.

Though earlier when Lincecum expressed the desire to start, Bochy made it clear that he wanted to give both Jake Peavy and Matt Cain as much time as they needed, to pitch their way back into form. Now, with Peavy’s ERA at nine, right where it was all through spring training, and Cain’s at 7.86, Bochy has to be reevaluating his thought process.
One thing in the Giants’ favor is that when asked where he would most like to end up, Lincecum’s immediate choice was San Francisco. Let’s face it, like Pablo Sandoval, Timmy achieved super hero status regardless of how he performed.

San Francisco’s embracing of Timmy as a Bay Area icon, included a spirited campaign following the 2009 season to “Let Timmy Smoke,” following Lincecum’s citation for indulging in cannabis. It was an indication, prior to any of the three title runs, that Giants fans were willing to follow their diminutive pitcher to the sky and back.

After signing a two-year contract for $35 million prior to the 2014 season, Lincecum failed to live up to heightened expectations, but all would be summarily forgotten, were Timmy to don the Orange and Black again.

All fans have to do is think back to that dominating 1-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves in the 2010 NLDS, when Lincecum struck out fourteen batters and helped lead San Francisco to a 3-1 series win over the Braves. 
Or if that doesn’t work, then ponder Timmy’s role as a key reliever in the 2012 World Series.

As a starter or as a reliever, Lincecum was able to disregard the bright lights and distractions that post-season play features, and that is a characteristic that is attractive to all contending teams.
Considering both the Cubs and Giants are contenders, this battle to sign Lincecum may just be the most important one of 2016.
Mark O’Neill

Picks week 10

Posted: November 10, 2012 by Sports Time Radio in football, sports
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Another week for us’ so here they are. Last week I went 10-3; Mr. Fantasy went 8-5 and Dan the Man went 7-6. Overall I am 78-45; Mr. Fantasy is 75-48 and Dan the Man is 72-51.

We all have:

Baltimore over Oakland

Detroit over Minnesota

New England over Buffalo

Denver over Carolina

Tampa Bay over San Diego

Miami over Tennessee

Seattle over The Jets

49ers over St. Louis

Pittsburgh over Kansas City

The games we split on are:

Mr. Fantasy and Dan have Atlanta, I have New Orleans.

Dan and I have The Giants, Mr. Fantasy has Cincinnati.

Mr. Fantasy and I have Dallas, Dan has Philadelphia.

Mr. Fantasy and Dan have Chicago, I have Houston.

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Week 9 picks

Posted: November 3, 2012 by Sports Time Radio in football, sports, Uncategorized
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Dan the Man won last week at 10-3 (his 2nd win in a row) Mr. Fantasy and I where both 9-4. For the year I have a 1 game lead 68-42 Mr. Fantasy is in 2nd at 67-43 Dan the Man is closing in at 65-45.

Here are this weeks picks.

We agreed on:

Green Bay over Arizona

Chicago over Tennessee

Denver over Cincinnati

Washington over Carolina

Baltimore over Cleveland

Houston over Buffalo

Oakland over Tampa Bay

Where we differ:

Dan the Man has Jacksonville, Mr. Fantasy and I have Detroit

Dan the Man has Miami, Mr. Fantasy and I have Indianapolis

Dan the Man has Minnesota, Mr. Fantasy and I have Seattle

Dan the Man has Pittsburgh, Mr. Fantasy and I have the Giants

Mr. Fantasy has Dallas, Dan the Man and I have Atlanta

I have New Orleans, Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy have Philadelphia