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How was your week

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It’s conference championship weekend in the NFL. After tomorrow’s games will know who will be facing each other in the Super Bowl.

The first game tomorrow has a kickoff time of 2:05 p.m. as the Kansas City Chiefs are hosting the Tennessee Titans.

I’m guessing that if you’re not a fan of the Chiefs you haven’t jumped on their bandwagon and you’re rooting for the upstart Titans. No one was expecting the Titans to be here, but they’ve got here by running the football and running the football well. Derrick Henry has carried the football 64 time this post season for 377 yards. Henry is averaging just under 6 yards a carry. Henry has 234 yards more than the next closest playoff rusher. Now even though Henry has racked up all these rushing yards here has scored just one rushing touchdown and it might be a bit odd that he has just as many passing touchdowns. Kansas City gave up 94 yards in their one playoff game and you have to wonder if they have an answer on defense for Henry.

The Chiefs are coming off of a game where they found themselves down 24-0 before they knew what happened. Now for a lot of teams tat would’ve been it and their playoff run would be over, but not for an offense like the Chiefs. Kansas City ran up 51 points in the final 3 quarters of the game and ended up cruising to a 51-31 victory. I’m not sure if the Titans have the type of offense that could score 24 points in a quarter without quite a bit of help from the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes threw for 321 yards and 5 touchdowns in the Chiefs comeback last week and Mahomes will probably be the key for the Chiefs tomorrow as well. Damien Williams had 2 rushing touchdowns last week, but ran for just 47 yards. Of course as quickly as the Chiefs got down they had to go away from the run. The running game hasn’t been the Chiefs strength; so it will be interesting to see how they use it against Tennessee.

This is a rematch of a Week 10 game that the Titans won 35-32. With Tennessee down 32-27 Ryan Tannehill connected with Adam Humphries on a 23 yard touchdown. Tannehill also converted the 2-point conversion to get the game to it’s final score of 35-32. This was Mahomes first game back from injury and he went 36 of 50 for 446 yards and 3 touchdowns. Henry also found success as he carried the football 23 times for 188 yards and 2 touchdowns. Can both these players repeat performances like this?

The second game on Sunday features the top two seeds facing off against one another as the San Francisco 49ers host the Green Bay Packers. This game has a scheduled kickoff tie of 5:40 p.m.

The Packers got out to a 21-3 lead on their way to beating the Seattle Seahawks last week 28-23. the score looks much closer than the game itself actually way.

Aaron Rodgers was solid going 16 of 27 for 243 yards and 2 touchdowns. What Rodgers did was avoid sacks and keep plays alive and while he ran 5 times for just 14 yards he was only sacked 2 times. Rodgers did establish his favorite receiver Davante Adams who had 8 receptions for 160 yards and 2 touchdowns. No other Packers receiver had more than 49 receiving yards. It’s the other Aaron; Jones that will make or break the Packers offense. Jones had 21 carries for 62 yards and 2 touchdowns against Seattle and on the season had 16 rushing touchdowns. Jones may be an even bigger factor against the 49ers as they have the ability to get to Rodgers and Richard Sherman will do his best to take away Adams in the passing game; so if Jones can find success running the football it will make a huge difference in this game.

San Francisco advanced to the conference championship with a 27-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Even though San Francisco had an easier time than expected beating the Vikings there have to be some questions about Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers running game needed to carry them against the Vikings and it did as Garoppolo went 11 of 19 for 131 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Garoppolo looked like a quarterback making his first playoff start, but luckily for San Francisco their running game was great. The 49ers ran the football 47 times for 186 yards and 2 touchdowns. I this game it was Tevin Coleman leading the way with 22 carries, 105 yards and 2 touchdowns while Raheem Mostert kicked in 12 carries and 58 yards. Add in Matt Breida and the 49ers have a three headed backfield monster that Green Bay will have to find a way to deal with. The 49ers will rely on their defense to harass Rodgers, but they’re going to need Garoppolo to play better than he did against Minnesota for them to get another win.

This game just so happens to be a rematch as well. In Week 12 the Packers made a trip to Levi’s stadium and got blown out by the 49ers 37-8. It was the 49ers defense that came through in that game as they held Rodgers to just 104 passing yards and sacked him 5 times. Will have to see if the Packers have made some adjusts for this game. If they haven’t will we see another San Francisco blow out?

As for last week Schaumburg Stu hit on three of his four picks. The only game he lost was the Baltimore Ravens/ Tennessee Titans game. Like the majority of people Stu had Baltimore winning that game. As four this week Stu likes the Chiefs to beat the Titans in the AFC championship game, but over in the NFC championship game Stu sees an upset as he has the Packers beating the 49ers.

Do you agree with Stu’s picks? Feel free to let me know how you think will advance to the Super Bowl. Just leave your picks in the comment section.

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How was your week

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Today starts the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and just like last weekend there will be two games on Saturday and then two games on Sunday. Let’s see who plays when and where.

The Minnesota Vikings are at the San Francisco 49ers and it has a scheduled kickoff time of 3:35 p.m.

Minnesota is coming off of an upset of the New Orleans Saints in the wild card round while the 49ers are the #1 seed in the NFC and have been able to try and get healthy with their week off. This game has a chance to be a big of a slugfest as it seems as tough both teams will try to establish their running game. The biggest issue for the Vikings maybe be the health of their wide receivers. Stephon Diggs missed some practices during the week and Adam Thielen had stiches in his ankle. Both are expected to play today. Now San Francisco may be on the opposite end of the injury situation. The 49ers are expecting linebacker Kwon Alexander and defensive end Dee Ford returning. Of course will look to see how Jimmy Garappolo he does in his first playoffs start.

This should be a good game to start off the divisional round and will have to see if the close run of playoff games continues.

The second Saturday game also has the #1 seed playing as the AFC’s #1 seed the Baltimore Ravens host the Tennessee Titans. This game has a scheduled kickoff time of 7:15 p.m.

There where a lot of people on the Tennessee bandwagon last week as they went into Foxboro and beat the New England Patriots. It doesn’t seem as though as many people believe the Titans will be able to pull off the upset this week against the Ravens, but they do have the NFL’s leading rusher Derrick Henry to try to pull it off. Mark Ingram is dealing with a calf injury that has limited him in practice, but he is expected to play. If Ingram is limited in what he can do look for Gus Edwards to pick up his carries. Of course the Ravens are going to go as Lamar Jackson goes. Jackson has looked like a completely different player than the quarterback that started for Baltimore in the playoffs last season, but it may take him a series or two to settle into the flow of the game.

Now I haven’t heard anyone go out on a limb and take Tennessee to win this game and I can’t say I’m surprised by that. Do you think the Titans have a chance tonight?

We move into the Sunday games with the Houston Texans at the Kansas City Chiefs. This game has a scheduled 2:05 p.m. kickoff time.

Back in Week 6 of the regular season the Texans went into Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs 31-24. It’s difficult to judge how much weight to give that won, but it should give the Texans some type of confidence coning into this game. What should also help Houston’s confidence is the return of wide receiver Will Fuller. All signs are pointing to Fuller playing in this game, but it’s going to be a game time decision. What could also have a big affect on this game is the health of Travis Kelce. A sore knee has kept Kelce out of practice this week and while it appears that he will play you have to wonder how much of an affect this injury will have on his performance. Kelce was the Chiefs leader in receptions with 97 and yards with 1229.

This is another game where I haven’t seen anyone say the Texans can repeat what they did in Week 6. Do you give Houston a chance to upset Kansas City?

The divisional round of the playoffs wraps up with the Green Bay Packers hosting the Seattle Seahawks. This game is schedule to kickoff at 5:40 p.m.

Will have to see if the weather has any thing to do with how this game goes. There’s a big storm system that has a chance of dropping a foot of snow in and around Lambeau Field. The Packers have actually asked for volunteers to come out and help shovel the snow at Lambeau Field. We won’t know if weather will play a part in this game until game time, but it could be something that the teams will have to deal with. Both quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers have a similar skill set; so I don’t think the weather will have any affect on how they play. The key to this game may be if and how effectively Seattle can run the football. While the Packers will have to keep a clean pocket for Rodgers to work out of.

This is another game that looks like it might be close. Can Seattle pull off a playoff upset? Or will the Packers hold serve on their home field?

Yesterday on the Sports Time Radio podcast Schaumburg Stu made his picks for these games. Now Stu went 2-2 in the wild card round and here’s what he has for this weekend. Stu likes San Francisco to beat Minnesota on Saturday. In the other Saturday game Stu has Baltimore beating Tennessee. Kicking off Sunday Stu likes the Kansas City to beat Houston. In the final game of the divisional round Stu is taking Green Bay to beat Seattle.

In case you didn’t notice Stu selected all the home teams to win this weekend and he also took all of the favorites to win. Do you agree with Stu? Or do you have one of the road underdogs finding a way to pull off an upset?

There was a lot of talk about the hit Jadeveon Clowney put on Carson Wentz that eventually knocked Wentz out of last weeks games. Clowney came down on Wentz’s upper back and then made helmet to helmet contact as they where going to the ground. There was no penalty on the play as Wentz was ruled a runner and wasn’t giving himself up by the referees. After seeing it in slow motion there where quite a few people who thought it was a dirt hit, but apparently the NFL didn’t see it that way as Clowney was not fined for the hit.

“It was a bang-bang play,” Clowney said. “I don’t intend to hurt anybody in this league, let me just put that out there. I’ve been down the injury road; it’s not fun. My intention was not to hurt him. I was just playing fast.”

Do you think the referees for Sunday’s game will watch Clowney more closely than normal?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I get the impression that there weren’t as many NFL head coaching openings as the pundits thought there would be. It actually started during the regular season when the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins parted ways with their head coaches. At the end of the regular season the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns decided they’d ne making a change at the head coaching position as well. Then finally this week the Dallas Cowboys finally made their decision on Jason Garrett, but they used the term “moving on” instead of firing.

Interestingly it didn’t take very long for four of these five teams to find new head coaches. The Redskins quickly made a move and hired Ron Rivera who was just let go by Carolina. Then even though Dallas was the last of these teams to decide to change head coaches it didn’t take them long to hire a new one. The Cowboys interviewed just two head coaching candidates and they decided that Mike McCarthy the former Green Bay Packers head coach would be their new head coach. Then yesterday the Panthers and the Giants made their choices for head coach. Carolina was the only team so far to reach into the college ranks for their new head coach as they hired Matt Rhule away from the University of Baylor. The Giants made what has the be the hiring that surprised most people as they went with Joe Judge who was the New England Patriots Wide Receiver/Special Teams coach. So we’re just waiting for Cleveland to hire a new head coach and they’ve said they’d like to have someone in place by Saturday.

Coming into the off season it looked like Cleveland was the best of the open positions with Dallas not far behind; so it’s a bit of a surprise that Cleveland is the only team in the NFL without a head coach. There have been a lot of names banded about and it doesn’t seem like there’s a front runner for the job right now. Who do you think the Browns will end up hiring as their new head coach?

The other interesting thing we might see in the NFL when free agency starts is who might be available. It’s actually possible that Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers could all be on the open market.

Tom Brady is 42 years old and is coming off what may have been the worse year of his career. Now it did come out yesterday that Brady was dealing with foot and elbow injuries; so you have to wonder how much those injuries had to do with his down year. Patriots owner Bob Kraft has already come out and said that they’re interested in bringing Brady back. Remember with the way Brady’s contract was structured the Patriots can’t use the franchise or transition tags on him. It would be weird to see Brady in another uniform besides the Patriots, but it looks like that may actually happen.

Drew Brees will turn 41 years old in a week. He set the record for most passing yards in a career this season, but there have been some questions lately about his arm strength. Brees averaged 7.9 yards per passing attempt and while that down a little from his last two seasons it’s actually better than his career average. If the Saints can’t workout a new deal with Brees they could use either a franchise or transition tag on him if they do want to keep him. Even though Brees did start his career with the San Diego Chargers; he’s a Saint and like Brady it would be odd to see him in another uniform.

Philip Rivers just turned 38 years old last month and not only are we waiting to see if the now Los Angeles Chargers have any interest in bringing him back, but if Rivers is interested in continuing to play in the NFL. Rivers has thrown for 4200 or more yards in each of the last seven seasons, but this season he only threw three more touchdowns 23 than interceptions 20. Rivers has played in and started all 16 games for the Chargers since 2006 and someone else under center for the Chargers would look strange. Out of these three veteran quarterbacks Rivers seems to be the only one who’s team isn’t sure if they’d like him back.

If these three quarterbacks do change teams; where would they go? Would one of the teams that are going to be drafting a quarterback be interested in bringing one of these quarterbacks in to mentor their rookie quarterback? How many teams that have quarterbacks would be willing to bring in one of these guys and give them the starting quarterback job over the guy they have? There should be a couple of teams that have an opening at the quarterback position and you’d have to think that if they think there in a position to win they’d be interested in one of these three quarterbacks.

Where do you think these three veteran and probably Hall of Fame quarterbacks end up? Do they all end up back with their teams? Or is it at all possible that one or more of them could be wearing a different jersey next season? Whatever happens with these three quarterbacks it will add some intrigue to NFL free agency when it starts.

As far as Schaumburg Stu’s picks went for wild card weekend. Well he ended up spitting his picks going 2-2. On Saturday he correctly picked the Houston Texans, but he also had the New England Patriots on Saturday. His Sunday didn’t start well as he had the New Orleans Saints, but he got his record back to .500 by picking the Seattle Seahawks in late Sunday game. On this Friday’s edition of Sports Time Radio Stu will make his picks for the divisional round.

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How was your week

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It’s wild card weekend in the NFL as the playoffs get started today. With the way the media is covering the Dallas Cowboys coaching situation there may be people out their that don’t know the playoffs are starting.

Since I was dumb enough to start their let’s get it out of the way. Yesterday it was reported that the Cowboys will be moving on from head coach Jason Garrett, but it has yet to be confirmed by Jerry Jones. Apparently there was a source in the Cowboys front office that leaked this news, but until we see Jones in front of a microphone saying that Garrett is no longer the head coach who really knows what’s going on.

I don’t think that this was new or surprising news to anyone, but remember this isn’t official yet; so even though everyone expects their to be a change made Garrett is still the Cowboys had coach.

Enough of that garbage; let’s move on to things that actually matter. There are two playoff games today and two playoff games tomorrow. Let’s take a look at these match ups.

Things kickoff at 3:30 p.m. today as the Houston Texans host the Buffalo Bills. This is a match up of running quarterbacks. Josh Allen was 3rd while Deshaun Watson was 4th among the top quarterbacks in rushing yards. The Texans defense allows more yards per carry to a quarterback than the Bills defense does; so will see the defenses can stay true to that.

The Texans appear to be coming in a little short handed. The jury is still out on if Will Fuller is going to play today. Fuller has been dealing with a groin injury and is still listed as questionable for today’s game. Jordan Atkins also showed up on the Texans injury report with a soft tissue injury and it’s unclear if he’ll play today. On the plus side the Texans will get J.J. Watt back which is huge even if he’s only going to play a limited number of sacks.

Buffalo has to one of if not the healthiest heading into the playoffs. Cornerback Levi Wallace practiced this week and should return from an ankle injury. Shaq Lawson sat out the regular season finale, but should return today from a hamstring injury. If Lawson is back to 100% he could truly be helpful against a quarterback like Watson.

Schaumburg Stu picked the Texans to get the win in this game and while I don’t have a rooting interest one way or another in this game I would kind of like to see the Bills get a win here.

The second game today has a 7:15 p.m. kickoff time as the New England Patriots host the Tennessee Titans. It seems as though most people think that this will be the start of the Patriots demise and have them losing this game. Do you believe that?

Ryan Tannehill has been fantastic since taking over as Tennessee’s starting quarterback. Tannehill has the highest completion percentage in the NFL this season and today he’ll face the defense that allowed the lowest completion percentage this season. The biggest help for Tannehill and the Titans passing game is if Derrick Henry can continue his success running the football. Henry was the NFL’s leading rusher this season and you have to expect that the Titans will use him early and often  in this game.

Wild card weekend is a pace the patriots aren’t use to playing, but they are 6-0 against in Gillette Stadium against Tannehill. It seems as though the Patriots are still waiting for someone to step up ad become that second receiver behind Julian Edelman. While Edelman is listed as questionable with a knee and shoulder injury I don’t believe anyone thinks he’ll miss today’s game. Edelman had 100 receptions this season while the next closest wide receiver Phillip Dorsett had just 29 receptions. Will Dorsett or rookie K’Neal Harry set up and be that guy? Or will James White be that second primary target for Brady today?

There are a lot of people that think the Titans are going to pull off the upset today, but Schaumburg Stu likes the Patriots today and I myself would have a hard time betting against them.

Moving into the Sunday games which have the start times we’re use to start off with the New Orleans Saints hosting the Minnesota Vikings.

The biggest advantage for the Saints may be the fact that they’re playing at home. The Saints went 7-1 at home this season and they seem to be heating up coming into the playoffs. Drew Brees did miss five games this season, but posted the highest passer rating of his career for the regular season at 116.3. Brees also has thrown 15 touchdowns in the month of December while not throwing any interceptions. Leading into this match up the Saints will bring the #1 defense against the run to face Dalvin Cook.

Speaking of Cook he has used the terms “full strength” and “feeling refreshed” to describe his condition; so it looks like he’ll be good to go come game time. If Cook can find success running the football it could change the tempo of the game. Statistically Kirk Cousins has had a quality season, but there always seems to be questions about him in big games. He could easily get that monkey off his back by leading the Vikings to a victory tomorrow.

The Saints are one of the trendy picks to go to the Super Bowl out of the NFC even though they’re playing in the wild card round. Schaumburg Stu has them wining this game and I have to agree with him.

Wild card weekend wraps up with a 3:30 kickoff as the Philadelphia eagles host the Seattle Seahawks.

These are easily the two most injured teams coming into the playoffs. Seattle will be without starting left tackle Duane Brown and starting center Justin Britt. Left guard Mike Iupati is also listed a questionable for this game. On the Eagles side they’re missing one of their starting tackles Lane Johnson and starting guard Brandon Brooks is also out. They are still missing wide receiver Nelson Agholor and tight end Zac Ertz remains questionable for this game. This may come down to the team who’s fill-ins play better moves on in the playoffs.

It looks like Quandre Diggs could return to the Seattle secondary and while Jadeveon Clowney has been removed from the injury report it’s unclear if he’ll actually play tomorrow. It looks like the Eagles will have Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard back in their running back rotation; so each teams have some positives to look at.

With all these injuries this is a tough game to pick, but Schaumburg Stu likes Seattle in this game.

Feel free to leave your picks for these games in the comments.

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Let’s call it New Year’s Day

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The Monday after the NFL regular season ends has come to be known a “Black Monday”. It’s become the day when NFL teams fire their head coach.

This season we had the Washington Redskins and the Carolina Panthers fire their head coach during the season. In an interesting twist Carolina’s former head coach Ron Rivera was hired by the Redskins to be their new head coach. What was a bit surprising was their where only two coaches fired on Monday; well technically one was fired Sunday night. On Monday the New York Giants decided to move on from their head coach Pat Shurmur after two seasons. On Sunday night after what can only be described as a disappointing season the Cleveland Browns fired head coach Freddie Kitchens after just one season. Kitchens was informed by the Browns Sunday night after they returned from their Week 17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals that he would be retained. The Browns are not only moving on from Kitchens, but yesterday they decided to make a change at general manager after two seasons.

Now there was also a report out there that the Jacksonville Jaquars would be making a head coaching change, but not it’s being reported that Jacksonville will be keeping Doug Marrone as their head coach. After Jacksonville fired Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin it appeared a though Marrone would also be let go, but the team announced that Marrone would be staying on as head coach. While Marrone is going to return you have to think that he’ll be on the hot seat as the 2020 season starts.

Now will still waiting to see what the Dallas Cowboys are going to do. It seems that after a disappointing 8-8 season the Cowboys would move on from their head coach Jason Garrett, but no announcement has been made. Garrett has met with Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones these last couple of days, but it appears as though nothing has been decided. 

Garrett has been the Cowboys head coach since taking over for Wade Phillips on an interim basis in 2010. He’s went 85-67 as their head coach, but he’s taken the team to just three playoff appearances in his 9 plus seasons on the job.

You have to wonder what the hold up in Dallas is. Jones does have a personal relationship with Garrett who also played for the Cowboys from 1993-1999; so maybe that’s making it tough on Jones. Then there’s just another part of me that sad Jones is enjoying the media attention. Any time there’s an NFL story reported on the Cowboys are the first thing they talk about even though the league is headed into wild card weekend. It’s clear that Jones loves being a media personality and with this going on the media wants to talk to him everyday. Remember Jones is the only owner/general manager that has a weekly radio show; so it wouldn’t be a surprise to me that Jones is stretching this out just to get a little more media attention on himself. Since there aren’t that many coaching vacancies this off season a stunt like this won’t really hurt Jones if he just trying to draw a little more attention to himself.

So now that we have these openings; who’s going to fill them? No surprise that we’re already hearing some names. Josh McDaniels the New England Patriots offensive coordinator is a very popular choice for teams. Eric Bieniemy who is the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator is another name that multiple teams have mentioned as wanting to interview. Former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is also a name that has been mentioned with a couple of these openings. Then there are the college coaches that will be looked at for these openings. Matt Rhule of Baylor has a history with the Giants and has also been mentioned by Carolina as someone they want to interview. Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma is also a name will hear quite a bit; just like last off season. Urban Meyer’s name has also been mentioned, but only in association with the Cowboys.

I’m sure there will be some other names that come out as teams get eliminated from the playoffs. With just 4 actual coaching openings it will be interesting to see how quickly these teams act in hiring a new head coach.

After going 12-4 in 2018 there was a lot of excitement heading into the 2019 season and there was a lot of hype locally about them going to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately most of those people forgot that the Bears played one of the easier schedules in 2018 and they prospered from it. Heading into the 2019 season the Bears schedule would be much tougher and it showed in their record. The Bears couldn’t come anywhere close to living up to expectations as they struggled just to finish 8-8. It took a 21-19 victory over the Minnesota Vikings second stringers in Week 17to get the Bears to .500.

Not surprisingly after a down season there was a lot of outcry from the fans and media to make changes. Interestingly when it comes to the Bears there weren’t as many people calling for a head coaching change. It’s a quarterback change that they wanted.

I guess these stories must’ve found their way into the Bears front office as yesterday their general manager Ryan Pace came out and said that Mitchell Trubisky will be the Bears unquestioned starter in 2020. Pace shot down any talk of their being a quarterback competition in training camp next season and also mentioned that they won’t be bringing in another quarterback which means Chase Daniels should be the back up.

Now it shouldn’t be a shock that Pace has come out behind Trubisky. Pace is the general manager that traded up one spot to select Trubisky with the 2nd pick of the 2017 draft passing on the likes of Patrick Mahomes and  Deshaun Watson.

No the Bears did make some changes, but it was to the coaching staff as they fired four assistant coaches. Offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, offensive line coach Harry Hiestand, tight ends coach Kevin Gilbride and assistant special teams coach Brock Olivo where all let go.

Will have to see if these changes make any difference at all for the Bears next season, but head coach Matt Nagy calls the plays on offense; so it’s difficult to see anything being different.

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Have a Happy New Year

How was your week

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I think everyone and anyone with any type of interest in the NFL made some kind of report when they found out that Antonio Brown was having a workout with the New Orleans Saints. Of course most if not all of them forgot to mention that there where seven other people involved in the same workout with Brown, but like I’ve said before; why let facts get in the way of a good story.

Now it’s no surprise that there are teams still interested in Brown. He’s a very talented wide receiver and I’m a little surprised that New Orleans is the first team to take a look at him.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions or starts to report that Brown will be in a Saints uniform tomorrow let’s consider the chances of him actually being signed.

Remember that Brown is still under investigation by the NFL for a domestic violence incident. I have a feeling that if he was signed by New Orleans he’d immediately be placed on the commissioners exempt list and wouldn’t play. You also have to figure that at the end of the NFL’s investigation Brown is going to be suspended.

I am interested to know why a team like the Saints who are locked into the playoffs and seem to have good chemistry would be interested in adding a player with Brown’s track record to their roster. All you have to do is follow how his season has went to question if how he’d be in a locker room. Let’s take a look.

Brown’s troubles started at the end of 2018 season while he was still with the Pittsburgh Steelers. For some reason Brown actually thought it would be a good idea to go live on social media from the Steelers locker room while head coach Mike Tomlin was giving his post game speech. As you can guess this move didn’t go over well. Then even though Brown racked up 104 catches and scored 15 touchdowns he seemed to have a problem with the emergence of Juju Smith-Schuster and then he ended up complaining about quarterback Ben Rothlisberger on social media. The Steelers decided it was time to move on from Brown and they ended up trading him to the Oakland Raiders for a 3rd and a 5th round pick in last years draft. Looking at the trade it might appear that Pittsburgh didn’t get enough in return for Brown, but in the end you can understand why this was the best deal they could get.

Brown’s time in Oakland was much maligned. He actually ended up never playing adown for the Raiders. Between the issues with his foot and then multiple complaints over which helmet he was going to have to wear and jut about anything else you can think of the Raiders actually ended up putting Brown on the non-football injury list and them taking him off of it two days later. The final straw between the Raiders and Brown seemed to be when the team fined him $40,000 for not participating in the teams walk through on August 22nd. Brown then went on to whine his way out of Oakland as the Raiders ended up releasing him.

Brown was then free to sign with any NFL team he wanted which is what most of the experts thought was what he wanted. Brown chose to sign with the New England Patriots. Brown didn’t play in Week 1 for New England, but did get onto the field in Week 2 against the Miami Dolphins. Brown was targeted 8 times and caught 4 of those passes. He had 56 yards on those 4 receptions and did score a touchdown. Not too bad for a guy who really had just about a week and a half of actual practice. Then the final shoe dropped on Brown as the Patriots released him on September 20th after Brown was accused of domestic violence.

There’s no doubt that Brown is a talented wide receiver, but there is also a lot of baggage that comes along with bringing him into your organization. Apparently just for his workout yesterday with the Saints he had a camera crew with him. With New Orleans heading into the playoffs; is it worth the gamble to sign Brown?

The Houston Texans are locked into the #4 seed in the AFC playoffs and it appears as though they’ll try to get their players some rest in the final week of the regular season against the Tennessee Titans.

While Houston is trying to find a way to keep their players healthy there is a chance that they’ll get their best defensive players back for that first round playoffs match up against the Buffalo Bills.

The Texans have officially designated defensive end J.J. Watt to return from the injured reserve list. Watt has been out injured since he suffered a torn pectoral muscle in Week 8, but this move opens the door for Watt to return in the playoffs.

With Watt returning to practice this opens up a 21 day window for him to be added to the active roster. Now Watt just underwent surgery on his pectoral muscle eight weeks ago and it typically requires three to four months to recover from pectoral surgery; so this is a quick turn around for Watt.

Now Watt has had his share of recovering from injuries faster than normal. Watt has already returned from two herniated disc surgeries and then also a tibial plateau operation. At the age of 30; this could be Watt’s toughest return yet.

Now Watt wasn’t putting up the gaudy sack stats the 8 games he played this season. Watt had 4 sacks this season, but Watt is double teamed 30% of the time which is more than any other defense end or edge rusher in the NFL. While Watt may not have been getting sacks he did have 21 credited quarterback hits in the 8 games he played; so even with the double team he’s still getting pressure on the quarterback.

Is it at all possible that just having Watt return is enough to help boost the Houston defense?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Well here is still quite a bit of activity in the baseball free agent marker as Madison Bumgarner ended up being the next top free agent to sign. It’s not surprise that Bumgarner got a sizeable deal 5 years for $85 million dollars, but it was a bit of a surprise that it was the Arizona Diamondbacks that signed him. There where no rumors or anything linking Bumgarner and the Diamondbacks, but they got the deal done.

Bumgarner’s contract is set up very interestingly. He’ll be paid just $6 million dollars next season. His salary jumps to $19 million dollars in 2021. In 2022 and 2023 he’ll be paid $23 million dollars. Then in the final year of his contract his salary drops down to $14 million dollars. Now in the three middle years of his contract $5 million dollars of his salary from each of those years will be deferred. That money will then be paid out to Bumgarner in the years 2025, 2026 and 2027.

There have been some rumors that Bumgarner took less money to sign with the Diamondbacks, but that hasn’t been confirmed. His name had been associated with teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves and Chicago White Sox, but we don’t know if he received any type of offers from these teams.

It seems that the addition of Bumgarner would give the Diamondbacks a really solid big three in their starting rotation. You’d have to figure to would be Bumgarner, Robbie Ray and Luke Weaver in some order, but there are still reports out their that Arizona is still interested in trading Ray.

I’m not sure how much sense it makes for Arizona to bring in a pitcher like Bumgarner and then turn around and trade away Ray. The Diamondbacks do have veteran starter Mike Leake along with Merrill Kelly, Zac Gallen and the two pitchers they acquired from the Houston Astros in the Zack Greinke deal Jon Duplantier and Corbin Martin to fill out the starting rotation if Ray is dealt.

It is possible that Ray could be use to bring back an outfielder that Arizona seems to need unless they’re going to give Yasmany Tomas a chance. Tomas is in the final year of his 6 year $68.5 million dollar deal; so this is the last chance for the Diamondbacks to get anything out of him. Tomas has spent the better part of the last three seasons in the minors, but don’t forget that he did hit 31 home runs in 2016.

Will have to wait and see what the Diamondbacks do with Ray and how their outfield shuffles out.

The Milwaukee Brewers made a couple of signings this past week and I think the best way to describe them is they where very Brewers like signings.

First Milwaukee signed outfielder Avisail Garcia to a 2 year $20 million dollar deal. Then the Brewers added 1st baseman/3rd baseman Ryon Healy to  1 year deal. The terms of Healy’s deal haven’t been disclosed yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a minor league deal with an invite to spring training.

With the signing of Garcia and the fact that Milwaukee hasn’t made any real effort to bring back free agent Eric Thames appears to mean that Ryan Braun will be moving to 1st base. There was talk of this happening last season and it didn’t, but with these moves it appears as though it’s almost a certainty this season.

Right now Healy would be the Brewers starting 3rd baseman unless they think that either Lucas Erceg or Blake Allemand might be ready to play full time at the major league level. There’s also a possibility that Milwaukee will bring in another veteran free agent to platoon with Healy at 3rd base.

The Brewers have been very busy in this early off season. Not only have they added Garcia and Healy, but they’ve also added two starting pitchers. Milwaukee has added left hander Brett Anderson to the starting rotation. They’ve also signed Josh Lindblom who’s been pitching in the Korean league the last couple of seasons. Lindblom should also find a spot in the Brewers starting rotation.

These are the kind of interesting under the radar type of moves that help keep the Brewers in the hunt for a playoff spot. Will have to see how these signing workout and if they add anyone else.

As far as big names go it seems that Josh Donaldson is the only one left on the free agent market.

There where reports a few days ago that the Los Angeles Dodgers where out on Donaldson, but yesterday anther report came out that the Dodgers are still interested in signing him. The Washington Nationals have made it clear that they’re interesting in signing Donaldson. National general manager Mike Rizzo came out yesterday and confirmed all these reports. There are also some reports that the Minnesota Twins would be interested in bringing Donaldson on board. Also the team that Donaldson played with last season the Atlanta Braves would also like to have him back.

It seems like the biggest question with signing Donaldson is how many years to give him. There are reports that Donaldson is looking for a 4 year contract. Donaldson just turned 34 years old earlier this month; so teams have to decide how they think Donaldson will be as a 38 year old.

Where do you think Donaldson will end up? and how many years do you think he’ll sign for?

Even with a loss last night the Los Angeles Lakers are still the top team in the Western Conference. At 24-4 the question was posed to LeBron James about the hot new term in the NBA load management and James had some interesting answers. James said “if I’m healthy I play” he added “I mean, that should be the approach. I mean unless we’re getting to like late in the season and we’ve clinched and we can’t get any better or any worse, it could benefit from that, but why wouldn’t I play if I’m healthy? It doesn’t make any sense to me, personally. “I mean, I don’t know how many games I got left in my career. I don’t know how many kids that may show up to a game and they’re there to come see me play and if I sit out, then what? That’s my obligation.”

James has played in all 28 of the Lakers game this season and is averaging 34.7 minutes per game. Now as the season goes on it wouldn’t be a surprise to see James sit out the 4th quarter of blow out games. It’s just common sense for the Lakers to want and James to be healthy for the playoffs, but it is nice to hear an NBA player that actually seems like he wants to play.

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How was your week

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In Thursday nights 42-21 victory over the New York Jets Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson pretty much secured the NFL MVP award for himself. Jackson only threw the football 23 times, but completed 15 of those passes for 212 yards. You might not think those are very impressive number until you see that he didn’t throw an interception and oh yeah also threw 5 touchdown passes. Jackson was also the Ravens leading rusher in the game. He ran the football 8 times for 86 yards and in the process of gaining those yards surpassed Michael Vick’s record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season. The victory also put the Ravens record at 12-2 and clinched the AFC North division title. That 12-2 record also put the Ravens in the drivers seat for the #1 seed in the playoffs. Which means they wouldn’t have to leave M&T Bank stadium until the Super Bowl. Baltimore is currently 6-1 at home this season. They’ll play their final home game next week as they host the Cleveland Browns.

What makes Jackson’s numbers from Thursday night even more interesting is that he was battling a quad injury. Once the injury news broke there where quite a few pundits on the television talking about how they knew this was going to happen with a running quarterback and the Ravens needed to sit Jackson against the Jets. It’s odd, but it almost seems like these people want Jackson to get injured so they can prove their point. I don’t understand that at all, but I guess they need to be right that badly.

Jackson is the clear cut MVP frontrunner and I believe even if he did get injured he’d still win the award. Now besides having an MVP season Jackson still has something to prove come playoff time. I’m sure that will begin to hear quite a bit about Jackson’s dismal performance against the San Diego Chargers in last seasons playoffs and yes they where still the Chargers.

Jackson did throw 2 touchdowns to 1 interception in that playoff game, but he complete just 14 of the 29 passes he threw for 194 yards as the Ravens where beaten 23-17 in a game that wasn’t as close as the score indicated. The Chargers even did a decent job of slowing down Jackson’s running ability. In that game he ran the football 9 times for 54 yards and had 3 fumbles in that game.

There where a lot of people who didn’t understand why Ravens head coach John Harbaugh didn’t make a quarterback change in that game and go to Joe Flacco, but he choose to stay with Jackson and it sure has paid off for him this season. Of course we don’t know if Jackson would’ve played any different this season had he been pulled from that playoff game, but you’d have to imagine it would shake his confidence a little. Plus he had already replaced Flacco as the Ravens starter and it was clear that Flacco’s days with Baltimore where numbered. Can you just imagine the uproar had he led them to a comeback win and then they let him go.

Now that Jackson has pretty much locked down the MVP award the question that came up is will he be a unanimous selection for the award. In 2010 Tom Brady of the New England Patriots was a unanimous selection, but I believe he’s the only one. Could Jackson be the second?

Now there are some other candidates for the MVP award and with the way the voting is done there’s a good chance that one of them will pick up a 1st place vote.

While I do believe Jackson will win in a landslide expect Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks to probably finish 2nd. You have to think that the other quarterback from the playoff teams will get votes. So expect to see Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, Kurt Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings and maybe even Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys get some votes. Prescott may seem like an odd choice with the Cowboys hanging around at .500, he’s currently leading the NFL in passing yards and well he is a Cowboy.

I know you’re saying to yourself that I only listed quarterbacks. Well the NFL is a quarterback driven league and while there are some running backs that may pop up o an MVP ballot hear or there they don’t have enough backing to be a contender for this award. The same goes for any receiver even though I did hear someone try to bring Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints into the MVP conversation. I just don’t see that happening Jackson is going to win the MVP award and his closest competition will be another quarterback.

Is Jackson your choice for NFL MVP? Or do you have someone else in mind that you think you’d vote for?

Vic Fangio is in his first season as the Denver Broncos head coach. Actually he in his first season as a head coach anywhere, but he had an interesting idea for the NFL scheduling wise.

Fangio mentioned that the NFL should get rid of the division and just have two conferences. Now this would give each conference 15 teams. As for the scheduling Fangio said that you could play each team in your division one time which would give you 15 games and then if the NFL and their owners wanted to stay with a 16 game schedule that 16th game could be against a natural rival.

I know that I’m way in the minority here, but I like this idea. I remember how much I enjoyed inter-league play in Major League Baseball until they started doing it every week. It would be a throwback to the days when the AFL champion use to meet the NFL champion in the Super Bowl. Not that the NFL needs another reason to build up the Super Bowl anymore than it is imagine what they could do if they knew this was the only time in a season that these two teams would meet.

Now I do see the negatives here, but imagine if the only time Tom Brady played Aaron Rodgers it was in the Super Bowl. Or how about if Lamar Jackson only faced the top defense in the NFC in the Super Bowl. I think it would make the game mean even more than it does now.

I don’t expect anyone to actually consider this, but I have to day that I liked it.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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It seems that every week there’s an NFL coach on the hot seat. Well for the last few weeks that head coach has been Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers. Most people expected the Panthers to make a coaching change since they have new ownership and normally that includes a coaching change, but they thought the change would happen after the regular season. Panthers owner David Tepper decided not to wait until the off season and fired Rivera after Carolina lost 29-21 to the Washington Redskins.

Rivera was in his 9th year as the Panthers head coach and had just coached his 140th regular season game. Rivera had a 76-63-1 in the regular season. Carolina made the playoffs four times under Rivera and the Panthers went to the Super Bowl under Rivera in 2015. Carolina played 7 playoff games under Rivera and went 3-4.

The Panthers are 5-7 this season, but have had their starting quarterback Cam Newton for just two games. Rivera has been dealing with Newton and his injuries for a couple of seasons now and will have to wait and see what Tepper decides to do in the off season with Newton.

Carolina got off to a rough start with Newton as their starting quarterback going 0-2. Kyle Allen took over at quarterback and the Panthers ran off 4 straight wins. Carolina split their next 2 games before dropping 4 in a row and ending Rivera’s coaching stint with the team.

Perry Fewell is taking over as Panthers interim head coach. This is Fewell’s second stint as an interim head coach. In 2009 Fewell went 3-4 after taking over the Buffalo Bills. Fewell is in his 10h year as an NFL coach. He was the Bills defensive coordinator for 4 seasons. He then spent 5 seasons as the New York Giants defensive coordinator. This was his first season on the Carolina coaching staff as defensive backs coach.

With the firing of Rivera Carolina has the first coaching opening in the NFL and they’ll have  the first chance to interview whichever hot college coach they might be interested in hiring. There are yet to be any names linked to the Carolina job, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before we hear a few come up.

With Fewell taking over there are some other changes that Carolina is making to the coaching staff. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner is now the special assistant to the head coach. Quarterbacks coach Scott Turner will move to offensive coordinator. When it comes to the front office it appears as General Manager Marty Hurney will keep his job. Tepper has said that he’ll search for a assistant general manager or a vice president of football operations.

Who do you think the Panthers will hire as their next head coach?

The NFL draft isn’t until April 23rd, but there have already been seven under classmen who have declared for the draft.

There are three wide receivers who’ve declared. Jalen Reagor of TCU, Isaiah Hodgins of Oregon State and Laviska Shenault Jr. of Colorado. Also declaring are Maryland running back Anthony McFarland Jr. along with three players from Missouri defensive lineman Jordan Elliott, offensive lineman Trystan Colon-Castillo and tight end Albert Okwuegbunam

The one player most of not everyone expects to declare for the NFL draft is Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama, but in an interview Tagovailoa has said that he’s unsure if he’ll enter the NFL draft or return to Alabama for his senior season.

Tagovailoa is rehabbing from a hip injury and it’s unclear right now what his health situation will be by the time the draft rolls around or when teams want to work him out and you have to wonder if this will affect his decision. Tagovailoa has a chance to be the first player taken in the draft, but with his hip injury there’s also a chance that he’ll slide down the draft board.

The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin made official what seemed pretty clear after Sunday’s 20-13 win over the Cleveland Browns. Devlin “Duck” Hodges will continue to be the Steelers starting quarterback this week. The Steelers travel to Arizona to face the Cardinals in Week 14.

Hodges was solid in his start against the Browns going 14 of 21 for 212 yards with one touchdown and one interception. This will be Hodges third start this season; the Steelers are 2-0 in his first two starts.

Hodges has completed 67.2% of his passes this season going 41 of 61. He’s thrown for 530 yards with 3 touchdowns and two interceptions.

The Steelers are 7-5 on the season and are currently tied with the Tennessee Titans for the final AFC wild card spot. Pittsburgh currently holds the tiebreaker over Tennessee as they have the better winning percentage in conference games.

Including this weeks games against Arizona the Steelers played three of their final four game on the road. The Steelers only home game left this season is Week 15 when they host the Buffalo Bills. Week 16 Pittsburgh is on the road against the New York Jets before they wrap up the season against their division rival and AFC North leading Baltimore Ravens in Week 17.

The New York Jets finally decided to place linebacker C.J. Mosley on injured reserve and officially end his season.

Mosley signed a 5-year $85 million dollar deal this past off season with the Jets, but played in just two games this season due to his injury.

There has been some talk for a while now that Mosley would under go surgery for his injury which is listed as groin/abdomen. It now appears as though Mosley is going to have the surgery even though he’s done everything he can to try and avoid it.

In his two games his season Mosley made 4 tackles and assisted on 5 others. He also had one interception which he return for a touchdown; he also had one fumble recovery.

To take Mosley’s place on the roster the Jets signed another former Raven defensive back Bennett Jackson.

Jackson was drafted in 2014, but just made his NFL debut this season with Baltimore. The Ravens just waived Jackson this week.

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How was your week

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It’s not a huge surprise that the Golden State Warriors are off to a terrible start this season, but after going to five consecutive NBA Finals and winning three title a 4-16 start to this season might be worse than people thought.

Now the Warriors issues started more or less last season when all the talk was what Kevin Durant would do as a free agent. Of course none of that mattered after Durant went down in the NBA finals with an injury that is going to keep him out the entire 2019-20 season. Klay Thompson also picked up an injury in the NBA finals and while it was first announced that he’d be returning after the All-Star break Golden State’s head coach Steve Kerr has said earlier this season that Thompson wouldn’t be returning this season. Then you add in the fact that Stephen Curry has only played four games this season. Curry broke his hand and is currently rehabbing and should be returning soon. Plus free agent signing D’Angelo Russell is also out with a thumb injury. Then Draymond Green injured his right heel and just returned to action after missing eight days and three games.

Now the Warriors have been watching Green’s minutes all season, but now it looks like there going to be watching his minutes even more carefully. In his return game Green played 24 minutes as the Bulls beat the Chicago Bulls 104-90. Last night Green was limited to just 19 minutes as the Warriors where beat easily by the Miami Heat 122-105.

Don’t forget that while it was the heel injury that caused Green to miss three games he has been dealing with injuries to his finger, back and elbow though the first month of the season.

Green signed a four year $100 million dollar contract extension this summer that will take him through the age of 33. With all of the injuries that Golden State has suffered this season; so it’s more important now then ever for the Warriors to consider Green’s long term health.

It’s really looking like Golden State will end up in the draft lottery even if Curry, Thompson and Russell return fully healthy this season. I don’t think that there will be enough games left for them to make any type of playoff run. It would be very interesting if the Warriors somehow found a way to move up in the draft lottery and added a high draft pick to a healthy roster that included Curry, Thompson, Green and Russell.

While it’s difficult to take anything positive away from a 4-16 start Eric Paschall has been given the opportunity to show his skill set. Paschall is playing 31.3 minutes per game and is averaging 17 points per game which is leading the team in scoring for the currently healthy players.

The Los Angeles Lakers won their 10th consecutive game last night with a 125-103 win over the Washington Wizards.

Anthony Davis led the Lakers in scoring with 26 points while LeBron James added 23 points in the win. Davis also grabbed a team high 13 rebounds while James handed out a team high 11 assists.

Last nights win improved the Lakers season record to 17-2. This is the best start for the Lakers since 2008-09. The Lakers also started 17-2 in 1985-86. That 1985-86 team went on to post the best two loss start of any Lakers team in history as they went 19-2.

This is the first time since 2009-10 that a Lakers team has put together a double digit winning streak. That 2009-10 Lakers team won 11 straight games. This Lakers team will have a chance to get that 11th victory Sunday as they host the Dallas Mavericks.

That 2009-10 Lakers team went on to win the NBA title; something that Los Angeles hasn’t done since that season.

The Lakers are dealing with a couple of injuries. Kyle Kuzma suffered a ankle sprain in the second half of Friday nights game. Kuzma is listed as day to day, but x-rays take last night came up negative according to Lakers head coach Frank Vogel.

Guard Avery Bradley will be reevaluated this weekend to determine his availability. Bradley is recovering from a hairline fracture in his right leg. So far Bradley has missed eight games with this injury.

The Lakers schedule will get a little tougher starting Sunday with their game against the Mavericks. After Sunday the Lakers play three games on the road starting with a back to back set against the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz. The short road trip wraps up with a game Friday against the Portland Trailblazers.

The Philadelphia eagles announced yesterday that they signed left tackle Lane Johnson to a four year contract extension worth $72 million dollars. Johnson’s new contract runs though 2025 and includes $54 million dollars in guaranteed money.

Johnson’s contract now makes him the highest paid tackle in the NFL. Johnson new contract surpasses the deal Taylor Lewan of the Tennessee Titans who has a contract that guarantees him $50 million dollars.

Johnson was Philadelphia’s 1st round pick in 2013; the 4th overall selection in the draft. Johnson has played in 90 games and started all of them for Philadelphia. Johnson has made the Pro Bowl each of the past two season and was voted first team All-Pro in 2017.

Earlier this month the Eagles signed right guard Brandon Brooks to a four year $56 million dollar extension. The Eagles have also inked kicker Jake Elliott and long snapper Rick Lovato to new deals.

Philadelphia has now turned it’s attention get a new deal done with tight end Zac Ertz. The Eagles and Ertz where having preliminary contract talks, but those have seemed to have stalled according to reports.

What do you think of this signing spree the Eagles have been on? Do you like the players they’re locking into new deals? Or would you of like to have seen them spend their money elsewhere?

The Eagles are currently 5-6 heading into Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins. A win on Sunday will put the Eagles in a tie for 1st place in the NFC East with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles and Cowboys meet in Week 17, but besides that the Eagles have four very winnable games on their remaining schedule. The Eagles should beat Miami 2-9 Miami this Sunday. Then Philadelphia has two games remaining against the 2-9 New York Giants and a game against the 2-9 Washington Redskins.

It looks like Philadelphia will have to win the NFC East to get into the playoffs. If they go 4-1 over these final five games; will that be good enough to win their division?

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