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So the rumors started yesterday that the Los Angeles Dodgers are seriously interested in trading Yasiel Puig. We heard these same rumors last season, but Puig is still with the Dodgers. Is this the season the Dodgers deal him? While it seems as though he’s been around longer this is just Puig’s 4th season in the majors and he is just 25 years old. Remember Puig came out of the gate like a sure fire superstar. Puig came in and played 104 games in 2013. He hit .319 with 19 home runs and 42 RBI’s and added 11 stolen bases. There are some people out there who have identified him as the Rookie of the Year, but he actually finished 2nd to Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins. Puig also picked up some MVP votes that season and finished 15th in that voting. In 2014 Puig played 148 games hitting .296 with 16 home runs and 69 RBI’s and making his first All-Star team. He also picked up some MVP votes after that season and finished 19th in the voting. Puig was injured for much of the 2015 season. He played in just 79 games. He hit .255 with 11 home runs and had 38 RBI’s. The Dodgers where hoping a healthy Puig would bounce back t numbers more like his first two seasons, but he hasn’t. In 76 games Puig is hitting .256 with 7 home runs and 32 RBI’s this season. If the Dodgers do find a taker for Puig; which player will they get? Let’s take a look at some landing spots for Puig.

How about the New York Yankees? Take it easy Yankees fans I don’t think you’ll be getting Aroldis Chapman for Puig, but there are some options for these teams to deal. A more likely trade that could happen between these two teams is Puig for Carlos Beltran. Beltran is 39 years old, but is having a good season. He’s hitting .301 with 19 home runs and 58 RBI’s. If Clayton Kershaw’s return is pushed back with his injury the Dodgers are going to have to find a way to stay in contention for a wild card spot and adding some offense might help. Beltran has been able to stay healthy this season and has appeared in 88 games this season for the Yankees. Another plus for the Dodgers is Beltran is in the last year of his contract and with the young outfielders they have in their system he won’t be in the way. Beltran is owed about $8 million for the rest of this season while Puig is under contract for two more years at $7 million apiece. It’s two teams with plenty of money; so swapping salaries shouldn’t be an issue. The Dodgers could get some offensive help to put between Corey Seager and Adrian Gonzalez while the Yankees can get a young outfielder they can build around.

Another possible landing spot for Puig could be the rebuilding Atlanta Braves. It might sound odd to some people as the Braves are on their way to losing 100 plus games this season and possibly next season as well. It would actually give the Braves a chance t look at Puig and decide if he could be part of their rebuilding as his contract was coming to an end after the 2018 season. If so they could try to resign him or if not they could just let him go into free agency. The tough part would be figuring out what the Braves could send back in return. I don’t think the Dodgers would be interested in Nick Markakis. With the Braves rebuilding they’d want to hang on to their young players. Could the Braves out together a package featuring someone like Chase D’Arnaud or Jace Peterson with a pitcher or two thrown in be enough to get the Dodgers to send them Puig. It’s a deal that the Braves need to look into the question will be can they find a player or players that would interest the Dodgers enough to trade them Puig.

Could another rebuilding team like the Milwaukee Brewers be a team that could step up and tried to add Puig. It could be an easy deal if the Dodgers where willing to accept Ryan Braun and what’s left of his contract for Puig. Braun is signed through 2020 with an option for 20121. He’ll receive $20 million next season and in 2018, $19 million in 2019, $17 million in 2020 with a $15 million dollar option for 2021. Braun is 32 years old and it seems as though his power has been in decline. While Braun is still a home run threat he’s not the same player who hit 41 home runs in  2012. In 77 games this season Braun is hitting .313 with 13 home runs and 44 RBI’s. If the Brewers are going to truly rebuild they need to find a way to move Braun’s contract and this could be the answer they’ve been looking for. The issue may be will the Dodgers who have some talented young outfielders be willing to tie themselves down with Braun until 2020. Don’t forget that the Dodgers are going to be paying off Carl Crawford’s contract for the next couple of seasons.

Let’s reach out for one more team here and add the Toronto Blue Jays to the list of teams that could be a good spot for Puig. Jose Batista is injured and in the last year of his contract. Don’t forget that Batista is looking for a big payday at the end of the season and adding Puig could allow the Blue Jays to let Batista walk. Edwin Encarnacion is also in the last year of his contract and has been recruited by David Ortiz to sing with the Boston Red Sox and take over his role with them next season.  At 25 Puig along with Devon Travis would be the youngest player on the Blue Jays roster. The difficult part again here is finding someone to send back to Los Angeles in a deal. Ezequiel Carrera has had a solid season for the Blue Jays; so maybe they could add him into a deal with a young pitcher like Drew Hutchinson and a couple of bullpen pieces for Puig. This is the tough part about making a deal. While it looks as though Puig would be a good fit for the Blue Jays and their future it’s difficult to fin the right set of players to send back to the Dodgers to make a deal.

There are four interesting options for Yasiel Puig. Do the Dodgers finally go through with their plan to deal Puig or will he still be there at the end of the season? Remember this is a different front office talking about trading Puig this time; so maybe he ends up being dealt this time. Would you like to see your favorite team acquire Puig? Or do you have a better landing spot than the four I picked for him. If you do let me know.

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Today’s make up game between the Cubs and Atlanta Braves starts late due to rain.  The game gets under way with Jason Hammel taking to the mound against 31 year-old Lucas Harrell making his second start of the season looking for his second win of the year.

Well I wrote everything last night and I didn’t save which is very disappointing to say the least.  So here’s a quick recap.  The Cubs would be held to no runs and four hits by Lucas who makes it 7 and 2/3 innings but after hitting Kris Bryant would be pulled from the game.  Hunter Cevenka comes and hits Anthony Rizzo the Zobrist doubles driving in Kris.  Jim Johnson enters the game to give up a two RBI triple to Wilson Contreras to put the Cubs up by 1.  

Jason Hammel would give up a two run homer in the first to Nick Markakis but would only make it 5 innings.  Wood, Hendricks and Grimm would help preserve it to 2 runs for the Braves but it would be Hector Rondon who blows the save giving up a solo home run to Markakis in the top of the 9th.  He’d close out the 9th and Spencer Patton would enter for extra innings receiving the loss after 11 innings.  With two men on he gives up a single to Tyler Flowers that scores Freddie Freeman for the win.  We wrap up the first half with the Pirates.  

Go Cubs Go!

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They don’t call it HotAtlanta for nothing!  Jake Arrieta would take on 23 year old Matt Wisler.  In the top of the first with one out, former Brave Jason Heyward would take a 1 and 1 fast ball deep to right  field for his fourth home run of the season.  Cubs 1-0.  Jake would put a base runner on because of a missed catch by Jake. The second inning would see both men having a quick 1-2-3 inning.  Addison Russell and Jake would both get singles and advance on a wild pitch but no runs would score.  Jake would give up a single in the bottom half but no runs for the Braves.

Anthony Rizzo would lead off the fourth with his 14th home run of the season.  Ben Zobrist and Chris Coughlan would hit back to back singles.  No outs, Miguel Montero gets into a pitchers count, 1 ball and 2 strikes, he takes Wisler deep to right field for a 3 run homer.  In the bottom half, Jake would give up a 1 out double to Nick Markakis who scores on Adonis Garcia’s line drive to center.   After 4, Cubs are up 5-1.

Eric O’Flaherty enters the game for the Chop Squad but gives up a lead off single to Heyward.  With no outs, Kris Bryant sends a line drive to left field for his 15th home run of the year.  Jake leads off with a strikeout but hits Ender Inciarte before getting out of the inning.  Cubs up 7-1.

Eric is able to get the first two outs of the sixth but gives up a single to Arrieta who scores on Fowler’s double to center.  The Braves get a base runner on a fielding error by Bryant but the inning ends on AJ Pierzynski’s 1-6-3 double play.  Cubs 8, Braves 1.

Ian Krol enters the game for the Braves giving up a lead off double to Bryant but gets out of the inning.  Arrieta gives up a leadoff walk to Jace Peterson.  He gets the next two outs but gives up a triple to Inciarte scoring Jace.  After 7, Cubs 8, Braves 2.

Alexi Ogando enters the game in the 8th making it a quick 1-2-3 inning.  Arreita was pulled from the game and Travis Wood making it a quick 1-2-3 top of the eighth.

Hunter Cervenka comes into hold the Cubs from scoring any more runs by getting Fowler to strike out.  Heyward doubles them intentionally walks Bryant but would strike out both Rizzo and Zobrist to end the inning.  Trevor Cahill enters the game putting two men on but gets out of the inning with out adding more runs to the Braves board and ending the game.

Jake was seemingly in a slump but whatever the issue was, The Great One is back scoring his 10th win of the season.  The series wraps up tomorrow before the Cubs head to Washington for a 3 game series.

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The Cubs are entering game 4 of their 9 game road trip taking on the NL East in Atlanta.  Jason Hammel is looking for his 8th win of the season while the Braves starter Bud Norris is looking to not get his 8th loss of the season.  He starts the game off by striking out the first two batters of the game and a flyout ends the top half of the 1st.  Hammel follows in suit but only getting one strikeout.  Ben Zobrist leads off the 2cd with a single followed by Miguel Montero’s single.  Javier Baez sends a ground ball to short to second to first for a double play.  Russell ends the inning by striking out.  Hammel would get the first out of the bottom half of the second with Nick Markakis’s fly ball into foul territory.  However, he gives up back to back solo home runs to Adonis Garcia and Tyler Flowers.  He does give up singles to Bud Norris and Mallex Smith but gets out of the inning.  Braves up 2-0.

Albert Almora, Jr leads off the top of third with his first double of his career and a wild pitch would push him to third.  Dexter Fowler would ground out to second that scores Almora.  Heyward ends the inning with a ground out.  Chase d’Arnaud reaches on a fielding error by Russell and steals second base.  Hammel would give up one more hit to Adonis Garcia but gets out of the inning striking out Tyler Flowers.  Cubs 1 – Braves 2.

Bud Norris makes the top of the 4ht a 1-2-3 inning.  Jason Hammel hits Jace Peterson who moves to 2cd on Norris’s sac bunt.  Mallex Smith singles pushing Jace to third who then scores on Ender Inciarte’s sac fly to left.  Mallex Smith gets caught trying to advance to second to end the inning.  Cubs 1, Braves 3.  Both men would have easy 1-2-3 innings.  Norris would give up a double to Fowler in the 6th but that would be all the action for the Cubs.  Jason Hamel would give up two singles in the bottom half but after two outs, Maddon would have seen enough and bring Travis Wood into the game to end the inning.  Bud Norris continues with another 1-2-3 inning in the seventh.  Wood would get into to enough trouble putting two men on but with two outs, Maddon  brings in Adam Warren who loads the bases but gets out of the inning.  Jim Johnson replaces Norris for yet another 1-2-3 inning on the Cubs.

Justin Grimm enters the bottom of the 8th loading the bases with two singles and a walk.  Clayton Richard enters the game gives up a single to Inciarte adding to the Braves lead.  Richard old strikeout d’Arnaud but gives up a sac fly to Freddie Freeman but Nick Markakis ends the inning with a ground out.  Cubs 1, Braves 5.  Former Cub, Aroydis Vizcaino comes to close the game and get a win for the Braves and he does so, getting Fowler to ground out and then striking out both Heyward and Bryant to end the game.  This was not the pretties of the Cubs losses this season but that’s why there’s 162 games plus Rizzo is out with some back issues.  The Cubs may have a rough trip East but I wouldn’t worry until after the All Star break.  Go Cubs Go!


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The Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t show any rust coming off their 9 day lay off as they easily handled the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals 115-84. The Cavaliers put up 33 points in the 1st quarter to take a 5-point lead 33-28. They followed that up with a 33 point 2nd quarter to really extend the lead going into halftime to 66-44. Still pressing in the 3rd quarter the Cavaliers added 6 points to the lead by outscoring the Raptors 29-23 in the 3rd. With a 95-67 heading into the 4th quarter the Cavaliers still outscored the Raptors in the quarter 20-17 to get the game to the 115-84 final and a 1-0 lead in the series.

Kyrie Irving led the Cavaliers with 27 points and handed out a team high 5 assists. LeBron James shot 11 for 13 from the field on his way to a 24 point night. Kevin Love was the only other Cleveland player to score in double figures with 14 points. Richard Jefferson came off the Cavaliers bench to lead the team in rebounding with 11. The Cavaliers went 41 of 74 (55.4%) from inside the 3-point line in the victory.

Toronto was led by DeMar DeRozan with 18 points. DeRozan also tied for the team lead in assists with Kyle Lowry at 5 apiece.  Bismack Biyombo made every shot he took as he went 5 for 5 from the field and made both his free throw attempts for 12 points. Biyombo also tied for the team lead in rebounds with Lowry and James Johnson at 4. Johnson also came off the Raptors bench to add 10 points. In comparison to  Cleveland’s 55.4% the Raptors shot just 42.1% from inside the 3-point line going 32 for 76.

Game 2 will be tomorrow (Thursday) night in Cleveland. Do the Raptors have a chance to even the series? or will the Cavaliers make it 10 straight playoff victories this season?

If you listened to the Sports Time radio podcast yesterday (Tuesday) I was convinced that the Los Angeles Lakers would move up in the NBA Draft Lottery and get the #1 overall pick. I was wrong; not only didn’t the Lakers move up no one did. The Philadelphia 76ers had the best chance to get the #1 pick and they did. The Lakers stayed at 2 with the Boston Celtics at #3 on a pick they acquired from the Brooklyn Nets. The Phoenix Suns have two lottery picks and the first one is at #4. The Minnesota Timberwolves are at #5 with the New Orleans Pelicans at #6. The Denver Nuggets will pick 6th as they picked up this pick in a deal with the New York Knicks. The Sacramento Kings will pick 8th while the Raptors have the well traveled 9th pick as it was originally owned by Denver, but was sent to the Knicks and then to Toronto. The Milwaukee Bucks are at #10 with Orlando Magic at #11 and Utah Jazz at #12. The Suns show up again at #13 with a pick they acquired from the Washington Wizards. The Chicago Bulls round out the lottery with the 14th pick. The draft will be held in Brooklyn at Barclays Center on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Both the Eastern and Western Conference finals in the NHL are tied at 1-1. The Pittsburgh Penguins used a quick goal by Sidney Crosby in overtime of Game 2 on Monday to tie up the series with the Tampa Bay Lighting. The series now shifts to Tampa Bay’s Amalie Arena for tonight’s Game 3 and Friday nights Game 4.

Tommy Wingels put the San Jose Sharks up 1-0 in the 1st period of last nights game against the St. Louis Blues. Brent Burns had a power play goal in the 2nd period to make it 2-0 Sharks. Burns added another power play goal at the start of the 3rd period and then a Dainius Zubrus empty net goal made it 4-0 as the Sharks evened the series with the Blues. The series will head out west to San Jose’s SAP Center for Game 3 on Thursday and then Game 4 on Saturday night.

The suspensions where handed down by Major League Baseball (MLB) for the bench clearing brawl in Sunday’s Texas Rangers/Toronto Blue Jays game. To no one’s surprise Roughned Odor got the longest suspension of anyone at 8 games. I was quite surprised to hear that Jose Bautista received just a 1 game suspension. I really thought that Bautista would end up getting something in the 3 to 5 game area, but it turned out to be just 1. Blue Jays manager John Gibbons got a 3 game suspension. Remember Gibbons had been ejected earlier in the game and came back out on the field during the fight. Blue Jays 1st base coach Tim Leiper also got a 1 game suspension as he was also ejected, but came back out onto the field when the fight broke out. The other suspension I was a little surprised by was the 3 game one Jesse Chavez got. While Chavez did hit Prince Fielder in retaliation I thought 3 games was a little high for that. Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus was the other player to receive a suspension; he got 1 game. While Toronto’s Josh Donaldson and Rangers bench coach Steve Buechele where both ejected during the brawl they weren’t suspended, but where fined. It appears as Odor will be accessed the largest fine at a reported $5000. There where four other players who where just fined for the parts in the brawl. Rangers pitchers San Dyson, A.J. Griffin and Matt Bush; who hit Bautista along with catcher Robinson Chirinos where all fined as was Toronto outfielder Kevin Pillar.

The Rangers series clinching victory Sunday was the final regular season meeting between the two clubs. A feud had been simmering between the teams since Bautista’s bat flip in last year’s American League Division Series.

Fredi Gonzalez became the first manager to get fired this season as the 9-28 Atlanta Braves made the move before their game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday night. Brian Snitker, manager of Atlanta’s Triple-A Gwinnett farm team, will replace Gonzalez as the Braves’ interim manager through the end of the season. Snitker was Atlanta’s third-base coach from 2006 to 2013. Snitker also had two stints with Atlanta as the bullpen coach in 1985 and from 1988 to 1990. Gonzalez learned he was likely to be fired about an hour after Monday night’s loss, when he received an automated email from an airline notifying him that he was scheduled to be on a flight from Pittsburgh to Atlanta on Tuesday, even though the Braves are playing the Pirates through Thursday. Braves general manager John Coppolella and president of baseball operations John Hart had planned to inform him Tuesday morning. Gonzalez, 52, managed the Marlins from 2007 to 2010 and was named manager in Atlanta in 2011 after Hall of Famer Bobby Cox retired. He coached third base for the Braves for four years before landing the Marlins job. Gonzalez wasn’t the only one fired. Braves bench coach Carlos Tosca, an assistant under Gonzalez in Atlanta and Miami, was also let go. First-base coach Terry Pendleton, a former Braves great, will become bench coach, with bullpen coach Eddie Perez moving to first. Gwinnett pitching coach Marty Reed will take Perez’s spot.

Former Braves All-Star Chipper Jones is said to not interested in managing the Braves this season,

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If you’ve listened to Sports Time Radio you know that we’re not a huge fan of the way the major league baseball All Star teams are selected. So I tried to have us put together our own All Star team. Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy, Schaumburg Stu and I all made list of our All Stars. Here’s how we went about it. Each person ranked the top 3 players at 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, Shortstop and Catcher. We ranked 9 outfielders, 6 starting pitchers and 4 relievers. A player got 10 points for a 1st place vote. 8 points for a 2nd place vote. 6 points for a 3rd place vote and then 5 points, 4 points, 3 points, 2 points, 1 point and a half of a point for positions 4th through 9th. Here how are voting came out. The player’s point total is in parenthesis. Others getting votes will be listed.

National League

Catcher: Yader Molina (38)

Buster Posey (34) Wilin Rosario (12) Evan Gattis (12)

1st Baseman: Joey Votto (34) Paul Goldschimdt (34) Tie!

Adrian Gonzalez (16) Freddie Freeman (12)

2nd Baseman: Brandon Phillips (34) Matt Carpenter (34) Tie!

Marco Scutaro (16) Daniel Murphy (6) Jedd Gyroko (6)

Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki (36)

Jean Segura (34) Everth Cabrera (26)

3rd Baseman: David Wright (36)

Pablo Sandoval (26) Michael Young (16) Ryan Zimmerman (12) Pedro Alvarez (6)

Outfield: Carlos Gonzalez (28), Carlos Beltran (18) Andrew McCutchen (15)

Dominic Brown (14) Carlos Gomez (14) Dexter Fowler (13) Hunter Pence (11) Michael Cuddyer (11) Bryce Harper (8) Justin Upton (7) Shin Shoo Choo (6) Ryan Braun (5) Gerardo Parra (5) Jay Bruce (4) Norichika Aoki (2) Starling Marte (1) Matt Holiday (1/2) Alfonso Soriano (1/2)

Starting Pitcher: Patrick Corbin (30)

Adam Wainwright (27) Jordan Zimmerman (23) Matt Harvey (22) Clayton Kershaw (13) Shelby Miller (11) Mike Minor (6) Cliff Lee (5) Jeff Locke (4) Travis Wood (3)

Relievers: Jason Grilli (40)

Edwin Mujica (22) Craig Kimbel (14) Rafael Sorinao (10) Aroldis Chapman (8) Sergio Romo (6) Mark Melancon (6)

American League

Catcher: Joe Mauer (40)

Carlos Santana (28) Jarrod Saltalamacchia (8) Matt Wieters (6) Salvador Perez (6)

1st Baseman: Chris Davis (40)

Prince Fielder (28) James Loney (14) Edwin Encarnacion (8) Adam Lind (6)

2nd Baseman: Dustin Pedroia (32)

Robinson Cano (28) Jose Altuve (16) Howie Kendrick (12) Jason Kipnis (8)

Shortstop: Jhonny Peralta (38)

J.J Hardy (32) Alexei Ramirez (8) Elvis Andrus (6) Jed Lowrie (6) Ben Zobrist (6)

3rd Baseman: Miguel Cabrera (40)

Adrian Beltre (16) Manny Machado (14) Josh Donaldson (14) Evan Longoria (12)

Outfielders: Mike Trout (33) Adam Jones (30) Tori Hunter (18)

Alex Rios (15) Coco Crisp (12) Jose Bautista (12) Nate McLouth (9 1/2) Alex Gordon (7) Brett Gardner (6 1/2) Jacoby Ellsbruy (6) Curtis Granderson (4) Nick Markakis (2) Melky Cabrera (1) Nelson Cruz (1) Mark Trumbo (1)

Starting Pitcher: Clay Buchholz (30)

Max Scherzer (27) Yu Darvish (23) Hisashi Iwakuma (16) Bartolo Colon (14) Justin Masterson (10) Justin Verlander (8) Felix Hernandez (7) Matt Moore (6) Chris Sale (3)

Relievers: Mariano Rivera (40)

Joe Nathan (24) Addison Reed (11) Aaron Crow (8) Tony Sipp (6) Jim Johnson (6) Andrew Bailey (6) Jessie Crain (5) Glen Perkins (5)

Wooooooowww. Whether you love it or hate, It’s here The one game wild card to advance to the division series. Being that I pegged the Rangers to win the World Series. Third times a charm. 40 years with no World Series Trophy. I really thought this would be the year even with the slump at the end of the season but the A’s really surprised me as I’m sure every one who loves baseball. Sweeping the Rangers to knock them out of first place in the west. The Rangers held that spot for 176 days straight. Even though I was rooting for Wash to do it, I still like the one game playoff. It definitely adds an element of surprise and makes the last couple weeks more exciting. Of course I can’t say the same for the teams that were knocked out. Under previous rules the Rangers and Braves would own the wild card spot but it didn’t work out that way. The Orioles played a better game as did the Cardinals. Now I can say I was really surprised that the O’s knocked the Rangers out but that’s how it is. How cool would it have been for the Braves to make it to the World Series in Chipper Jones’ last season. I would have loved to have seen that but sadly last year Bobby Cox announced his retirement and this Chipper his and oddly the Cardinals knocked them out two years in a row. Down in the STL it seems to have been a pretty smooth transition year without LaRussa and Pujols but well see tonight when they host the Giants.
Now the incident that caused the Braves fans to toss garbage onto the field after the in my opinion the wrong call was made on the infield fly rule. The announcers were really upset and “this is uncalled for …blah blah blah” It may have been Big Jack didn’t really care for it. But I say let them throw garbage on the field. I’m assuming those tickets were Atleast $75 or more and they paid to see their team win not lose and they were frustrated by how the Braves were playing and when it comes down to it in the 8th every single play & call counts. Do I blame them losing the game on the ump, Chipper caused an error went 1-5 and the opportunity came up for the Braves in the 8th & 9th innings. They didn’t score the points they needed to win. With out this bad call they might have scored one point in the eighth but you never know with momentum they could have taken that game and be hosting the Giants tonight. But they’re not. Just like the infamous Bartman incident in Chicago which caused the Cubs to be knocked out of the playoffs. Everyone remembers that but forgets that the very next play would have ended the game but the ball went under Alex Gonzalezs legs at shortstop and that was it.
MLB may take a look at this rule in the offseason or not.

I have no idea who to pick for the World Series. I don’t think I’ve ever picked a winner and the possibilities. We can witness another Bay Area World Series. The Beltway series at the Big Show for the first time. The Centrals Cardinals Reds and Tigers can’t be counted out. Lets not forget about the Yankees Jeter A-Rod, Granderson, Cano.
But its been the year if the pitcher and after Sabathia & Hughes can the Yankees hold on after they pitch. The possibilities…..I’d like to see the Nats make it but I’m very partial to the Giants. I grew up a fan of Ricky Henderson, loved watching the A’s but it would be cool to see the O’s. I’d love to see the Tigers win it all just to throw it in White Sox fans faces. Sorry guys. Nobody roots for the Yankees but they have a great team. And since the Reds and Cards are in the Cubs division I can’t really get behind them.

I’ll throw these two teams out there Nationals vs Tigers. Well see next week.


Friday, October 5 2012, sparks the new playoff system that the MLB has put forth for us all to enjoy. It’s exciting its made this last couple of weeks very interesting. There were more teams in the mix this year and it gave a shot to two more teams that would have just been watching the playoffs from home like the rest of us. I have no problem with this 1 game Wild Card. It really makes these four teams the Wild Card. However listening to some people on Chicago’s local ESPN radio, you would think that this 1 game was going to confuse every and anybody. They act like its such a foreign idea that isn’t going to work. “It’s like the game 7, but its only one game.” Well DUH!!!! I mean it doesn’t take a genius to be a talk show host on radio and definetly doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this 1 game wild card is going to win.
Let me break it down in case you were listening to these guys and were a little confused because of them. Each league has 2 Wild Card teams, that’s 4 teams. The Braves will face the Cardinals in a 1 game play-off for the right to face the Washington Nationals in the Division Series that will be the best out of 5. The Rangers and the Orioles will meet for the right to face the Yankees.
The new rule besides this 1 game playoff is that the wild card team will face the team in their respective leagues that has the best win loss record. In the past, in the division series two teams from the same division wouldn’t play each other in the division series. For example, under last years rules, the four AL teams Yanks, A’s, Tigers and Rangers all have playoff spots but since the A’s and Rangers are in the same division they wouldn’t play each other unless they both advanced to the Championship Series.

As you can see this new wild card game is not confusing or demoralizing or anything negative. If your afraid of change then this is probably too much for you to handle like a smart phone. But if your like me, your excited to watch tomorrows Wild Card games. The NL is at 4:00 and the AL is 7:30 pm central. Need more info go to MLB


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