Wild Card Surprise

Posted: October 7, 2012 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, sports, Uncategorized
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Wooooooowww. Whether you love it or hate, It’s here The one game wild card to advance to the division series. Being that I pegged the Rangers to win the World Series. Third times a charm. 40 years with no World Series Trophy. I really thought this would be the year even with the slump at the end of the season but the A’s really surprised me as I’m sure every one who loves baseball. Sweeping the Rangers to knock them out of first place in the west. The Rangers held that spot for 176 days straight. Even though I was rooting for Wash to do it, I still like the one game playoff. It definitely adds an element of surprise and makes the last couple weeks more exciting. Of course I can’t say the same for the teams that were knocked out. Under previous rules the Rangers and Braves would own the wild card spot but it didn’t work out that way. The Orioles played a better game as did the Cardinals. Now I can say I was really surprised that the O’s knocked the Rangers out but that’s how it is. How cool would it have been for the Braves to make it to the World Series in Chipper Jones’ last season. I would have loved to have seen that but sadly last year Bobby Cox announced his retirement and this Chipper his and oddly the Cardinals knocked them out two years in a row. Down in the STL it seems to have been a pretty smooth transition year without LaRussa and Pujols but well see tonight when they host the Giants.
Now the incident that caused the Braves fans to toss garbage onto the field after the in my opinion the wrong call was made on the infield fly rule. The announcers were really upset and “this is uncalled for …blah blah blah” It may have been Big Jack didn’t really care for it. But I say let them throw garbage on the field. I’m assuming those tickets were Atleast $75 or more and they paid to see their team win not lose and they were frustrated by how the Braves were playing and when it comes down to it in the 8th every single play & call counts. Do I blame them losing the game on the ump, Chipper caused an error went 1-5 and the opportunity came up for the Braves in the 8th & 9th innings. They didn’t score the points they needed to win. With out this bad call they might have scored one point in the eighth but you never know with momentum they could have taken that game and be hosting the Giants tonight. But they’re not. Just like the infamous Bartman incident in Chicago which caused the Cubs to be knocked out of the playoffs. Everyone remembers that but forgets that the very next play would have ended the game but the ball went under Alex Gonzalezs legs at shortstop and that was it.
MLB may take a look at this rule in the offseason or not.

I have no idea who to pick for the World Series. I don’t think I’ve ever picked a winner and the possibilities. We can witness another Bay Area World Series. The Beltway series at the Big Show for the first time. The Centrals Cardinals Reds and Tigers can’t be counted out. Lets not forget about the Yankees Jeter A-Rod, Granderson, Cano.
But its been the year if the pitcher and after Sabathia & Hughes can the Yankees hold on after they pitch. The possibilities…..I’d like to see the Nats make it but I’m very partial to the Giants. I grew up a fan of Ricky Henderson, loved watching the A’s but it would be cool to see the O’s. I’d love to see the Tigers win it all just to throw it in White Sox fans faces. Sorry guys. Nobody roots for the Yankees but they have a great team. And since the Reds and Cards are in the Cubs division I can’t really get behind them.

I’ll throw these two teams out there Nationals vs Tigers. Well see next week.

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    I think the Reds and Yankees will be the two World Series teams. But there are a lot of strong candidates!


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