The New Wild Card

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Friday, October 5 2012, sparks the new playoff system that the MLB has put forth for us all to enjoy. It’s exciting its made this last couple of weeks very interesting. There were more teams in the mix this year and it gave a shot to two more teams that would have just been watching the playoffs from home like the rest of us. I have no problem with this 1 game Wild Card. It really makes these four teams the Wild Card. However listening to some people on Chicago’s local ESPN radio, you would think that this 1 game was going to confuse every and anybody. They act like its such a foreign idea that isn’t going to work. “It’s like the game 7, but its only one game.” Well DUH!!!! I mean it doesn’t take a genius to be a talk show host on radio and definetly doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this 1 game wild card is going to win.
Let me break it down in case you were listening to these guys and were a little confused because of them. Each league has 2 Wild Card teams, that’s 4 teams. The Braves will face the Cardinals in a 1 game play-off for the right to face the Washington Nationals in the Division Series that will be the best out of 5. The Rangers and the Orioles will meet for the right to face the Yankees.
The new rule besides this 1 game playoff is that the wild card team will face the team in their respective leagues that has the best win loss record. In the past, in the division series two teams from the same division wouldn’t play each other in the division series. For example, under last years rules, the four AL teams Yanks, A’s, Tigers and Rangers all have playoff spots but since the A’s and Rangers are in the same division they wouldn’t play each other unless they both advanced to the Championship Series.

As you can see this new wild card game is not confusing or demoralizing or anything negative. If your afraid of change then this is probably too much for you to handle like a smart phone. But if your like me, your excited to watch tomorrows Wild Card games. The NL is at 4:00 and the AL is 7:30 pm central. Need more info go to MLB


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