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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: August 5, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in baseball
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On Sunday’s Mr. Fantasy and I do 2 hour of fantasy baseball talk on the Sports Time Radio podcast. Now from time to time we’ll talk about what we’re going to do with the money league baseball team we co-manage. Are teams has struggled with injuries and poor pitching for most of the season, but lately it’s been performing better and we have a shot at making the playoffs. Sunday was our trading deadline and we tried to make a deal, but couldn’t get anyone to trade with us. Now there were some minor deals in the league; Arodys Vizcaino for Wellington Castillo, Nathan Karns for David Ortiz and Aaron Hicks for Mike Leake. Nothing to out of the ordinary, but I doubt I would’ve dealt Leake for Hicks, but it was a father and son trading with each other; so that’s how it goes. Now pretty much all season long we’ve had one team that has been head and shoulders about the rest and sure enough they made a deal at the trade deadline. The best team in our league sent Lorenzo Cain and Lance McCullers to what I believe was the worst team in our league for Erasmo Ramirez and Mike Trout. Yes, you read that right; the best team in our fantasy league got the best player in baseball and all they had to give up was a solid outfielder and an average pitcher. It’s a garbage trade and everyone in the league knows it’s a garbage trade, but they have always let these things go unlike our other leagues which have fail safes for ridiculous trades like this one. In the other leagues a trade has to be approved by the other owners and in a worse case scenario the commissioner can step in and veto and bad deal. I can understand letting trades go as is and if one guy can fleece another in a deal that’s the one guys problem for being dumb enough to make that kind of a deal, but this is more than a total fleecing. As an owner that’s just hoping that his team can find a way into the playoffs it’s tough to see the best team in the league add Mike Trout without having to sacrifice anything to get him. It’s hugely frustrating for me and it’s a good thing that I don;t have to make a decision if I’ll return to this league next season because I would probably say no right now. I’m sure when the time comes next season I’ll  be over this embarrassment of a deal and be ready to draft. Sadly there’s nothing I can do but come on here and complain about it, but hopefully this will help me feel better about the trade. If there;s any justice or karma the team that made the deal for Trout will some how get knocked out of the playoffs very early, but since they’ve dominated the league pretty much all season I doubt that will happen.

The New York Mets have taken over 1st place in the National League East from the Washington Nationals. Right now the Mets have a 1 game lead over the Nationals, but Washington has played 2 less games. Now this looks like it’s going to be a pennant race were just the winner makes the playoffs; so it will make it even more interesting to see what the Mets do with their group of young pitchers. There was a little talk about the Mets monitoring the innings of their young pitchers and not allowing them to throw over 180 innings. Jacob deGroom won N.L. Rookie of the Year last season and is the Mets leader in innings at 133 1/3rd. Matt Harvey is right behind him with 133 innings on the nose and since  Noah Syndergaard was called up after the start of the season he’s logged just 94 2/3rd innings. So if 180 innings is the number then deGroom and Harvey would have between 7 and 9 starts left this season. Could or would the Mets actually pull the plug on their young pitchers down the stretch of a pennant race. Remember the Nationals did this with Steven Strasburg is his rookie season and even though they’ve had a good team Washington has yet to win a World Series. It looks like the Mets have 3 very talented young pitchers that may possibly turn into 4 if Zack Wheeler returns from Tommy John surgery next season and is fully healthy, but there’s no guarantees in baseball and if the Mets decide to shut these pitchers down they may not contend next season. It’s a tough decision to make, but with the way they handle pitchers it wouldn’t surprise me at all f they cut deGroom and Harvey’s season short even if the team is in the pennant race. If this does happen I’d be more than interested to see how Mets fans would react to this decision.

Since I seem to be rolling along with baseball today let’s keep going with it.

It caught me off guard yesterday when it was announced that the Detroit Tigers and Dave Dombrowski had parted ways. Dombrowski’s contract was due to expire at the end of this season, but both parties reached an agreement to end their relationship early. Dombrowski had been the Tigers General Manger for 13 seasons. Dombrowski’s longtime front-office assistant Al Avila will take over as general manager in Detroit. He is the father of Tigers catcher Alex Avila. It doesn’t look like Dombrowski will be out of work long unless it’s his choice to take some time off. Dombrowski’s name has already been linked to teams like the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles and Milwaukee Brewers. Would Dombrowski try to rebuild a team like Milwaukee or try to get the Red Sox back on track or take a team like Seattle that people thought would win this season. Maybe he’d like to try and add another World Series title to his resume; so teams like Toronto, Baltimore or the Angels might be more appealing. It would be interesting to see if Dombrowski could get David Price to sign with the Blue Jays as a free agent this off season after he was the guy who traded Price there. That is if he takes a job with the Blue Jays. Where do you have Dombrowski landing his next job at?

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How was your Week?

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So Troy Tulowitzki met with his agent this week to decide if he would ask the Colorado Rockies for a trade. I don’t know when this meeting took place, but I saw a crawler headline on “Yahoo Sports” that Tulowitzki has decided not to ask to be traded. Now if you;re the Rockies; what do you do with Tulowitzki? He’s the biggest name on your team, sorry Carlos Gonzalez and people buy tickets to Rockies games to see him. If you decided that you’re going to try to deal him; what can you get for an injury prone shortstop who when healthy can be on of the best players in major league baseball. Tulowitzki has appeared in every Rockies game this season (32), but has played in just 264 games from 2012 – 2014. Tulowitzki is off to a solid start; he’s hitting .284 with 2 home runs and 11 RBI’s along with 13 doubles. Now if the Rockies make the tough decision and feel it’s in their best interest to trade Tulowitzki what could they get for him and where might he end up. Now every team in baseball could use a healthy Tulowitzki, but I’ve narrowed it down to 4 possible good landing spots.

Let’s start with the New York Mets. There was quite a bit of talk last off season that these two teams were trying to work out a deal for Tulowitzki, but they couldn’t come to terms. Now that the Mets have come back to the pack in the NL East and are currently on a 5 game losing streak I think it’s time to revisit this deal. While Wilmer Flores has shown some power early this season with 5 home runs he is still hitting .240 and  Tulowitzki would be a huge upgrade at shortstop. Part of the snag in the off season deal was the Mets didn’t want to give up pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard. I’m sure the Mets would still like to hang onto Syndergaard, but they have other pitching prospects they could include in a deal for Tulowitzki. If the Mets where to package Steven Matz, Marcos Molina and Flores in a deal would that be enough for Colorado to give them Tulowitzki. Remember Tulowitzki is signed until 2020 with an option for 2021. If the option on his contract was picked up the total value left on Tulowitzki’s deal is $109 million. That would be a lot of money for a team to take on along with dealing multiple prospects. Would 2 Mets pitching prospects and someone to fill in at shortstop be good enough for Colorado.

How about Tulowitzki to the Houston Astros. The Astros are off to a better start than anyone thought and they are currently in 1st place in the AL West. The Astros are 23-13 and have a 4 1/2 game lead in the division. Now Houston did just promote their top prospect Carlos Correra to Triple A and there is a chance he’ll be brought up to the majors in June. If the Astros were to pick up Tulowitzki and Correra was to come up in June there’s no reason Tulowitzki couldn’t move over to 3rd base in place of Luis Valbuena. There could also be some at bats at Designated Hitter for Tulowitzki. The Astros did sign Jed Lowrie in the off season and he is injured right now. Lowrie has been a utility player before and shouldn’t have any problems going back into that role if the Astros acquired  Tulowitzki. I’d be surprised if the Astros would deal Correra or Mark Appel for Tulowitzki, but could pitching prospects Vincent Velasquez, Michael Feliz, Jandel Gustave and someone like Jonathan Vyllar be enough for Colrado to move Tulowitzki to Houston. If the Astros are ready to contend this season adding a player of Tulowitzki talent level might be what puts them over the top.

Even though they are only in the 4th year of their 5 year plan the Chicago Cubs find themselves in 2nd place in the NL Central with a 20-15 record and 4 games behind the 1st place St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals will be tough to unseat at the top of the NL Central because they’re the Cardinals and they always seem to contend, but adding a player like Tulowitzki could make the Cubs a threat if not to win the NL Central then to grab a Wild Card spot. The Cubs would have to include Starling Castro in a deal for Tulowitzki, but Castro has a decent contract to deal. Castro is signed until 2019 with an option for 2020 and if the contract was player out he would make a little under $41 million. I seriously doubt the Rockies would swap Tulowitzki for Castro straight up, but what if the Cubs added minor league prospect Javier Baez to the deal. It’s believed that the Rockies would be looking for young pitching in any deal for Tulowitzki, but I don’t think the Cubs would part with top pitching prospect C.J. Edwards. Would Colorado accept a deal that had Castro and a couple of the Cubs other pitching prospects say Duane Underwood and Pierce Johnson.

Now there are always dark horse teams that pop up when these type of deals take place. I think a team that might be able to be that dark horse team in any Tulowitzki deal could be the team across town from the Cubs; the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox have struggled out of the gate. They are 15-17 right now and 6 games out of 1st place, but a deal for Tulowitzki could change that quickly. The Mets and White Sox talked about a deal involving Alexei Ramirez during spring training and he could go to Colorado in a Tulowitzki deal. Now it’s being reported that the Rockies would like to get young pitching in any type of deal involving Tulowitzki. So would Ramirez and a couple of the White Sox young pitching prospects not named Carlos Rodon be enough to get Tulowitzki. Would top White Sox pitching prospects like Francelis Montas, Spencer Adams or Tyler Danish along with Ramirez be enough to get Colorado to send Tulowitzki to the South side of Chicago. The White Sox have always found ways to make these type of deals; so I wouldn’t count them out of a Tulowitzki trade.

I thought it would be fun for Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy and I to do a 5 round fantasy draft of pitchers and use their hitting stats. Of course with us this took a lot longer than of should’ve, but we got it done. Here’s how are teams turned out. Dan the Man has Madison Bumgarner and Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants, Travis Wood, Chicago Cubs, Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies and Jorge De La Rosa, Colorado Rockies. Mr. Fantasy drafted Jason Hammel, Chicago Cubs, Josh Collmenter, Arizona Diamondbacks, Andrew Cashner, San Diego Padres, Shelby Miller, Atlanta Braves and Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati Reds. My 5 pitchers are Kyle Kendrick, Colorado Rockies, Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers, Mike Leake, Cincinnati Reds, Jordan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals and Matt Harvey, New York Mets. We’re going to use Batting Average, Home Runs, RBI’s and Strikeouts. I’ll try to keep you updated as the season moves along and will see who’s team of hitting pitchers does the best at the end of the season. 

The 2nd race of the Triple Crown is today; the Preakness. While none of us picked the winner for the Kentucky derby Dan the Man’s picked did finish in 2nd place. Here’s who we’re going with to win the Preakness. Dan the Man is staying with his Kentucky Derby horse and has Firing Line to win today. Schaumburg Stu Likes the favorite American Pharoah to win. If he does he’ll have won the first 2 races of the Triple Crown. Mr. Fantasy likes the horse with Mr. in his name; that would be Mr. Z and I’m going with Divining Rod to get the Preakness win.

So how was your week?

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How was Your Week?

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The winter meetings this year where a haven for baseball fans. With the trades and the signings it seemed as every team was in on a player or a deal. Not all of them went through, but let’s see which teams did what and where they might go from here.

Let’s start in the National League West with the World Series champions. The San Francisco Giants lost Pablo Sandoval in free agency to the Boston Red Sox and where in the running for Jon Lester, but he signed with the Chicago Cubs. The Giants are still looking for a starting pitcher and possible someone to play 3rd base and another outfielder. There’s been talk of Buster Posey playing 3rd base and the new rumor is that Joe Panik may be moved over there. Marco Scutaro will return from injury and he’ll be in the mix somewhere. If you’ve heard Mark O’Neil from on our podcast you’ve heard the name Matt Duffy as a possibility at 3rd as well. The Giants have also started to take a look at James Shields. While they haven’t made a move they’re looking for guys who fit their system. Remember the Los Angeles Dodgers won the West last season and they went out and changed quite a bit of their roster for next season. Dee Gordon and Dan Haren where traded to the Miami Marlins for left-handed pitcher Andrew Heaney, right-handed pitcher Chris Hatcher, 2nd baseman Enrique Hernandez and catcher Austin Barnes. Heaney was then moved to the Los Angeles Angels for 2nd baseman Howie Kendrick. The Dodgers went out and got Jimmy Rollins from the Philadelphia Phillies to fill to opening at shortstop left by Hanley Ramirez. The long talked about move of an outfielder happened as Matt Kemp was traded to the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers sent Kemp and catcher Tim Federowicz to San Diego, with the Dodgers receiving catcher Yasmani Grandal, righty Joe Wieland, and a third player, likely pitching prospect Zach Eflin. It is being reported that Eflin won’t be a Dodger for long as he is headed to Philadelphia as part of the Rollins deal. The Dodgers are going to look different come opening day, but they added Brandon McCarthy to an already solid starting rotation and good pitching can keep you in a lot of games. The Arizona Diamondbacks where able to land one of the top Cuban free agents in Yasmany Tomas before the winter meetings started, but at the meetings they traded C Miguel Montero to Chicago Cubs for RHP Jeferson Mejia and RHP Zack Godley. Then the Diamondbacks traded LHP Wade Miley to Boston Red Sox for RHP Rubby De La Rosa, RHP Allen Webster and SS Raymel Flores. The Colorado Rockies traded 2B Josh Rutledge to Los Angeles Angels for Jairo Diaz, but the move everyone is waiting for out of Colorado didn’t happen. Will they open the season with Troy Tulowitzski and Carlos Gonzalez on their roster? The Kemp trade was the Padres big move. They did sign Clint Barmes as a free agent.

In the N.L. Central the St. Louis Cardinals made their move early getting Jason Heyward in November. The Cardinals did sign free agent Mark Reynolds to a contract. The Pittsburgh Pirates brought back their own when they signed free agent LHP Francisco Liriano. Remember they also signed free agent RHP A.J. Burnett to bolster the starting rotation. The Chicago Cubs got their man. They said going into free agency that Jon Lester was their #1 target and they sign him this week to a six years and $155 million. The deal also includes a $25 million dollar option for a seventh year with a $10 million dollar buyout. Jason Hammel was also brought back by the Cubs to add to the starting rotation and Miguel Montero was brought in from Arizona to catch them. The Milwaukee Brewers didn’t make any moves this week, but remember they did trade Marco Estrada to the Toronto Blue Jays for 1st baseman Adam Lind in November. The Cincinnati Reds on the other hand dealt off a couple of starting pitchers. RHP Alfredo Simon was traded to Detroit Tigers for SS Eugenio Suarez and RHP Jonathon Crawford and RHP Mat Latos to Miami Marlins for RHP Anthony DeSclafani and C Chad Wallach. It was expected that the Reds would move a starting pitcher or two as they where all come up to their free agent years and there was no way they could resign all of them.

In the NL East the Washington Nationals made a minor trade moving LHP Ross Detwiler to Texas Rangers for 2B Christopher Bostick and RHP Abel De Los Santos. All the talk was that we’d see the Nationals deal Jordan Zimmerman or Doug Fister; so they could get in on the Max Scherzer bidding. Now it’s being reported that Washington may take another run at signing Zimmerman to a long-term deal. In Atlanta Braves signed Nick Markakis to replace Heyward. They added Shelby Miller in the Heyward deal and let Ervin Santana go in free agency. The Braves are even going to try to get something out of Jim Johnson; who at one time was a top closer. The Miami Marlins big move of course was getting Giancarlo Stanton to sign a long-term deal to stay with the team. They then went out and proved to him that they where serious about contending. The Marlins added Dee Gordon from the Dodgers and Mat Latos from the Reds without having to move any players in their starting line up. The New York Mets added Michael Cuddyer early in free agency and then this week signed another outfielder in John Mayberry Jr. There’s been a lot of talk about the Mets adding a shortstop, but will have to wait and see if they can get that deal done. Besides dealing Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers and letting A.J. Burnett go in free agency the Philadelphia Phillies also made a minor deal with the Pirates sending middle reliever Antonio Bastardo to Pittsburgh.

For the American League let’ start in the East. The Baltimore Orioles won this division last season. The Orioles didn’t make any moves this week, but remember they signed Nelson Cruz very late in free agency last season and that worked out well for them. The Orioles will also get Chris Davis back from suspension as well as Manny Machado and Matt Wieters returning from injury. After finishing at the bottom of the division last season the Boston Red Sox went out and made moves to change that this coming season. The Red Sox signed both Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez in free agency. Ramirez will move to the outfield this season. The Red Sox then traded for Wade Miley from Arizona, Rick Porcello from Detroit and signed Justin Masterson as a free agent to shore up their starting rotation. If Clay Bucholtz can establish himself as a #1 starter this will be a good rotation. The New York Yankees where another team that made their moves before the winter meetings getting the shortstop they needed in Didi Gregorius and then adding to the bullpen by signing free agent Andrew Miller. Add the Toronto Blue Jays to that list of teams who made moves before the winter meetings. They did claim Chris Colabello off of waivers from the Minnesota Twins this week. Before the meetings they added catcher Russell Martin as a free agent and acquired Josh Donaldson and Michael Saunders in trades. The Tampa Bay rays look to be rebuilding as there are more names leaving the Rays than signing with them. The rays did add closer Ernesto Frieri as a free agent.

In the ALCentral the Kansas City Royals decided to let Billy Butler go as a free agent and signed Kendrys Morales to fill his spot. The Royals haven’t added any other pieces to a team that went to Game 7 of the World Series last season. Being the prototypical small market team you have to wonder if the Royals will deal one of their three bullpen pieces for what they need this season. The Detroit Tigers add pitching and power to their team. Alfredo Simon was acquired from Cincinnati; they also received Shane Greene from the Yankees in a deal. The Tigers then got Yoenis Cespedes in a deal with the Red Sox to fill Tori Hunter’s spot. The Cleveland Indians only move was trading minor league 2nd baseman Joe Wendle to the Oakland A’s for outfielder, 1st baseman Brandon Moss. The Minnesota Twins went out and added a couple of free agents bringing Tori hunter back to Minnesota and then signing Ervin Santana to a 4 year deal worth 55 million dollars. Do you remember last season when Santana went into free agency and was asking for 18 to 20 million dollars a season. The Chicago White Sox added players early signing 1st baseman Adam LaRoche and lefty reliever Zach Duke, Then at the winter meetings they went out and traded with the A’s for Jeff Samardzija to add to the rotation. The sign free agent David Robertson to close games and also added middle reliever Dan Jennings in a trade with Miami at the end of the winter meetings.

in the AL West the Oakland A’s revamped their roster by adding Billy Butler as a free agent along with Brett Lawrie, Ike Davis, Marcus Semien plus 6 other minor leaguers players in trades. The A’s will look different on the field this season, but should continue to have strong pitching. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim added Josh Rutledge from Colorado, catcher Drew Butera from the Dodgers and top pitching prospect Andrew Heaney in a separate trade from the Dodgers. The Houston Astros addressed their biggest need in free agency signing relief pitchers Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek. The Astros also went after Andrew Miller and David Robertson, but they choose to sign elsewhere. Sergio Romo may still be on the Astros radar to add to the bullpen. The Texas Rangers added Ross Detwiler in a deal with the Nationals and resigned pitcher Colby Lewis. The Rangers also selected Delino DeShields Jr. in the Rule 5 draft. The Seattle Mariners added the power hitting right-handed bat that the experts said they needed signing free agent Nelson Cruz. The mariners also traded for pitcher J.A. Happ from the Blue Jays.

There are still a lot of moves to be made before teams get to spring training, but here are some of them that went down. Who’s a winner and who’s a loser in these deals? I don’t think you cam answer that until you see what else these teams might do and how they play together once the season gets started.

A brief correction from Wednesday’s blog. I credited Greg with picking wide receiver James Jones of the Oakland Raiders in last Sunday’s head to head challenge against Mr. Fantasy. He actually selected Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons as his wide receiver. It was an honest mistake on my part as I wrote down J. Jones at the wide receiver position for Greg. Now I’ve known Greg since high school and he’s always been a Raiders fan; so when I saw J. Jones I thought Raiders not Falcons. Sorry Greg.

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So how was your week?


A quick apology for not having a show Wednesday this week. There was a scheduling mix up and when I went to get the show set up for Dan the Man and I it was too late. I’m sorry about that.

Alex Rodriguez walked out of his arbitration hearing this week after it was ruled that Bud Selig wouldn’t be called to testify. This was all planned by Rodriguez’s legal team to try to get the public on his side. I could only imagine Rodriguez pounding on the table and getting up and leaving and I had a good laugh about it. Rodriguez is never going to admit that he used P.E.D’s and then lied to everyone about it but I think any real fan knows he did. I found it very interesting that his legal team had a press release ready to go right after the walk out happen. Even more proof that this was a planned event. Rodriguez ended up on the radio at WFAN in New York, but that interview was a huge joke as well. It was Rodriguez blaming Selig for everything and then denying any and all of the accusations that have been made against him. I also found it interesting that Rodriguez and his team wanted Selig to testify at the hearing but Rodriguez wasn’t going to testify at the hearing. Why Selig, but not Rodriguez?

A couple of big trades in major league baseball this week. On Wednesday the Detroit Tigers sent 1st baseman Prince Fielder and $30 million dollars to the Texas Rangers for 2nd baseman Ian Kinsler. This may actually be a trade that ends up helping both teams in the long run. With the trade of Fielder; Miguel Cabrera will move back over to 1st base and prospect Nick Castellanos will get a chance to play 3rd base. Also Kinsler can move into the lead off spot in the Tigers batting order and take some of the pressure off of Austin Jackson. With Fielder’s money off the Tigers book they’ll be able to look into resigning Max Scherzer. Cabrera is also getting close to the end of his contract and you have to figure it’s going to cost between $25 – $30 million a season to keep him in Detroit. On the Texas side of the trade Fielder will add power to the line up. I’d guess he’ll split time at 1st base with Mitch Moreland and also be a designated hitter. Fielder plays as close to everyday as any player in the majors; so the Rangers should get a lot of quality at bats out of him. The other trade happened yesterday when the St. Louis Cardinals sent 3rd baseman David Freese and pitcher Fernando Salas to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for outfielder Peter Bourjos and minor league prospect Randal Grichuk. There where a lot of rumors that the Cardinals where looking to make a trade, but that they where trying to acquire a shortstop. By trading for Bourjos I have to wonder if the Cardinals are out of the Carlos Beltran free agent derby. Looking at the trade you have to wonder if it’s the first move for each teams and that they have another trade in the works.

Last night the Chicago Bulls lost 98 – 95 last night to the Portland Trailblazers. Derrick Rose left this game with is what’s being called a non contact knee injury. Bulls fans went through this last season, but this time it was his right knee. He left the stadium on crutches and there hasn’t been any time-table as to this injury. Rose is schedule to have an M.R.I. in Los Angeles on Saturday. Rose was injured in the 3rd quarter and the Bulls went on to blow a 21 point lead in this loss. Rose had 20 points in about 28 minutes last night before getting injured. There was always talk about the Bulls giving the Miami Heat a run at the Eastern Conference and a spot in the NBA Finals. Without Rose it will start to look more and more like last season when Rose was gone for all of it. I guess Bulls fans will hold their breath until the M.R.I. results are known.

Now you know from listening to the show that Dan the Man and I rail on ESPN quite a bit. In week 1 or 2 of the college football season the network decided that the Heisman trophy would go to Florida State red-shirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston. Now Winston has been accused in a sexual assault case where his DNA has been found. Let me state that there have been no charges filed against Winston as I write this and I’m not hear to decide what the verdict here should be. The reason I bring this up at all is I’m interested to see where and or how ESPN gets themselves out of this. It doesn’t matter how this case plays out it looks this situation will cost Winston any chance at the Heisman trophy. I haven’t watched a lot ESPN as of late, so I don’t know if there running away from their early award. I’m guessing they are. The voting is still a few weeks away and I’ll be interested to see who comes out as the front-runner.

So how was your week?

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This is one of the tougher weeks for a sports fan. Early in the week it was just baseball. Sadly I’m not a fan of the home run hitting contest or the actual All Star game itself. I know it counts and all the other things that go along with it but I just can’t get through the entire game. What I did see, may have been the best tribute ever. Even though it was the 8th inning, once the bullpen door opened and Enter Sandman started playing, the greatest closer of all time Mariano Rivera entered the game. He had the entire field to himself as all the other players and coaches stayed in the dugout. He had a 1, 2, 3 inning and was the All – Star game Most Valuable Player (MVP). It was by far the highlight of the game by far.

More baseball. As the trading deadline nears which teams are going to make moves. A lot of talk locally here is where Matt Garza will end up. The Cubs would like to trade Garza before his next start. The Texas Rangers where the front-runner for a long time but today it’s being rumored the deal fell through. A lot of teams have been interested in Garza, so will see what kind of deal the Cubs can get. I guess my question is; why is it a trade deadline when you can actually make trades after the deadline? I guess you have to call it something but deadline sounds so final and then all of a sudden there are more trades. I’ve always wonder how these trades take shape. Sadly I doubt it’s nowhere near how my fantasy trades go. With the extra wildcard spot more teams are in the playoff race, so more teams are looking for players. This should make for an active trade market and we’ll see who ends up where and what they had to give up to get them.

The NHL schedule came out. It seems like the season just ended didn’t it? The Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks open their season October 1st against the Washington Capitals. They also have an outdoor game featured on their schedule this season. March 1st in Soldier Field against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It’s another one of those weeks for me. After the All Star break they come out with another free preview of the MLB Extra Innings package. So it’s baseball, baseball, baseball for me again this week. Does it get any better than this?


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