How was your Week? (7/20/13)

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This is one of the tougher weeks for a sports fan. Early in the week it was just baseball. Sadly I’m not a fan of the home run hitting contest or the actual All Star game itself. I know it counts and all the other things that go along with it but I just can’t get through the entire game. What I did see, may have been the best tribute ever. Even though it was the 8th inning, once the bullpen door opened and Enter Sandman started playing, the greatest closer of all time Mariano Rivera entered the game. He had the entire field to himself as all the other players and coaches stayed in the dugout. He had a 1, 2, 3 inning and was the All – Star game Most Valuable Player (MVP). It was by far the highlight of the game by far.

More baseball. As the trading deadline nears which teams are going to make moves. A lot of talk locally here is where Matt Garza will end up. The Cubs would like to trade Garza before his next start. The Texas Rangers where the front-runner for a long time but today it’s being rumored the deal fell through. A lot of teams have been interested in Garza, so will see what kind of deal the Cubs can get. I guess my question is; why is it a trade deadline when you can actually make trades after the deadline? I guess you have to call it something but deadline sounds so final and then all of a sudden there are more trades. I’ve always wonder how these trades take shape. Sadly I doubt it’s nowhere near how my fantasy trades go. With the extra wildcard spot more teams are in the playoff race, so more teams are looking for players. This should make for an active trade market and we’ll see who ends up where and what they had to give up to get them.

The NHL schedule came out. It seems like the season just ended didn’t it? The Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks open their season October 1st against the Washington Capitals. They also have an outdoor game featured on their schedule this season. March 1st in Soldier Field against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It’s another one of those weeks for me. After the All Star break they come out with another free preview of the MLB Extra Innings package. So it’s baseball, baseball, baseball for me again this week. Does it get any better than this?


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