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Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline ended Monday afternoon and there where a lot of players that ended up changing teams. Now I’m not going to try and breakdown every trade that happen, but I want t talk about the way the trade deadline was rated. As you know by now they either rate a team as a trade deadline winner or losers. The one team that everyone seemed to continue to jump on and make sure everyone knew they lost at the trade deadline was the Chicago White Sox. Now the White Sox did trade set up man Zach Duke to the St. Louis Cardinals for minor league outfielder Charlie Tilson. This deal was not enough for the experts or anyone breaking down the trade deadline moves and the White Sox got the brunt of it.

The reason the White Sox where being considered the biggest loser at the trade deadline is the fact that they didn’t trade starting pitcher Chris Sale. This of course is just a huge joke. Sale is one of the top pitchers in baseball and to trade him you’d have to get quite a bit in return. There’s no way the White Sox should’ve traded Sale anywhere unless they could’ve gotten 5 prospects Double-A or higher who are major league ready. Now you’re really limiting which teams you can deal with by handling it that way, but you have to get value if you’re going to move a talent like Sale. So the White Sox couldn’t get a deal done for Sale and I don’t know why it’s such a bad thing for them to hold on to him.

The White Sox are 51-55 and find themselves 10 games behind the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central. They are 7 1/2 games out of a wild card spot, but they have 5 teams they’d need to jump to get one of those spots. It’s starting to look like the White Sox will not be a playoff team; so it’s a viable option to deal Sale, but if and only if your asking price is met. Sake is just 27 years old. He is 14-4 with an ERA of 3.17 in 20 starts. He has 3 complete games this season with 1 of them being a shutout. He has placed in the Top 6 of the Cy Young voting the last 5 seasons and he’s sure to end up there again. He led the American League in strikeouts last season and is currently 2nd this season with 133 strikeouts. So Sale is the best player on the White Sox and would easily bring the most in return if traded, but since the White Sox didn’t trade him they’re losers.

How about a team that is 10 games under .500 at 48-58. They’re 13 1/2 games out in their division and 10 games out of a wild card spot. Now this team didn’t trade it’s best player and they could’ve gotten a lot in return for him maybe even more than the White Sox would’ve gotten for Sale, but I didn’t hear this team lambasted like the White Sox where and put into the loser bracket. Why did no one jump up and down on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for not trading Mike Trout? Aren’t the Angels farther away from competing than the White Sox are and couldn’t a rebuild really get started by dealing Trout for a boat load of prospects. Let’s keep looking for another team.

How about the 43-64 Arizona Diamondbacks. They are probably the most disappointing team in baseball this season. Now they paid big, big money for Zack Greinke in the off season and they also have Paul Goldschmidt on their team. Even though the Diamondbacks are going nowhere this season Greinke and Goldschmidt are still both with the Diamondbacks. It was just laughable that the White Sox where expected to move Sale, but these other under performing teams aren’t expected to move their best players to fix there teams. Are these guys just upset because Sale had that clubhouse freak out and cut up those throw back uniforms and that’s why he has to be moved. Either that or they where secretly rooting for Sale to be dealt to a team they want to see win and he could be the piece that puts them over the top. Anyway the guys breaking down the trade deadline where way, way out of line putting the White Sox where they did and expecting them to just more or less give away a top pitcher in baseball. Stupidity just plain and simple stupidity.

On Sunday the NASCAR race was postponed do to weather and moved to Monday. There where just 21 laps left when the Monday race had to be red flagged because of fog with rookie Chris Buescher in the lead. Buescher had to wait 80 minutes as the NASCAR officials decided what to do. With threats of severe weather and no lifting of the fog, NASCAR decided to end the race and Buescher had his very 1st Sprint Cup victory. Buescher along with 3rd place finisher Regan Smith hadn’t made their final pit stops when the caution flag came out for that fog at lap 132.  The drivers stayed on the track under caution for 7 laps as NASCAR decided to throw the red flag at lap 139. While there was some rain in the area the majority of the drivers pitted either because they needed fuel or because they thought the race would go longer. No one could predict the fog rolling in and ending the race. Buescher became the first rookie to win a Sprint Cup race since Joey Logano did it in 2009. What can be considered an odd win for Buescher had to use an odd Victory Lane. They moved Victory Lane into the garage since NASCAR couldn’t use the real Victory Lane because of the threat of lightning. While Buescher did get the win he hasn’t yet qualified for The Chase for the Sprint Cup. Buescher sits six points behind 30th-place David Ragan in the Sprint Cup standings. A driver has to be in the top 30 to qualify for the Chase via a race victory. Buescher has 5 races to make up those 6 points and get himself into the Top 30 in points and qualify for The Chase. NASCAR Schedule

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Even though it is currently snowing where I live the Major League Baseball season starts tomorrow (Sunday) for 6 teams. The season starts with the St. Louis Cardinals at the Pittsburgh Pirates. Adam Wainwright starts for St. Louis while Francisco Liriano gets the opening day start for Pittsburgh. The 2nd game features the Toronto Blue Jays at the Tampa Bay Rays. Marcus Stroman makes the start for the Blue Jays and it will be Chris Archer starting for Tampa Bay. The final game of the day is a World Series rematch as the New York Mets visit the Kansas City Royals. Matt Harvey is starting for the Mets while Edison Volquez is the Royals opening day stater.

As we always do, we’ve made our selection on which teams and player will have success this season. Here’s what we’ve picked for the 2016 baseball season.

We’ll start in the American League East. I have 1st New York Yankees 2nd Toronto Blue Jays 3rd Boston Red Sox 4th Tampa Bay Rays 5th Baltimore Orioles.

Dan the Man has 1st Blue Jays 2nd Yankees 3rd Red Sox 4th Rays 5th Orioles.

Mr. Fantasy has 1st Blue Jays 2nd Red Sox 3rd Yankees 4th Orioles 5th Rays

Schuamburg Stu has 1st Blue Jays 2nd Yankees 3rd Rays 4th Red Sox 5th Orioles.

In the A.L. Central I have 1st Kansas City Royals 2nd Chicago White Sox 3rd Detroit Tigers 4th Cleveland Indians 5th Minnesota Twins.

Dan the Man has 1st Royals 2nd White Sox 3rd Tigers 4th Twins 5th Indians.

Mr. Fantasy has 1st White Sox 2nd Tigers 3rd Royals 4th Indians 5th Twins.

Schaumburg Stu has 1st Royals 2nd Indians 3rd Twins 4th Tigers 5th White Sox.

In the A.L. West I have 1st Texas Rangers 2nd Seattle Mariners 3rd Houston Astros 4th Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 5th Oakland A’s.

Dan the Man has 1st Rangers 2nd Asttos 3rd Mariners 4th Angels 5th A’s.

Mr. Fantasy has 1st Astros 2nd Rangers 3rd Mariners 4th Angels 5th A’s

Schaumburg Stu has 1st Astros 2nd Rangers 3rd Angels 4th Mariners 5th A’s.

My A.L. wild card teams are the White Sox and the Mariners. Dan the Man has the Astros and the Yankees. Mr, Fantasy has the Red Sox and the rangers while Schaumburg Stu is going with the Yankees and the Rangers.

We’ll move into the National League starting in the East. I have 1st Washington nationals 2nd New York Mets 3rd Miami Marlins 4th Atlanta Braves 5th Philadelphia Phillies.

Dan the Man has 1st Nationals 2nd Mets 3rd Marlins 4th Braves 5th Phillies.

Mr. Fantasy has 1st Mets 2nd nationals 3rd Marlins 4th Braves 5th Phillies.

Schaumburg Stu has 1st Mets 2nd Nationals 3rd Marlins 4th Braves 5th Phillies.

In the N.L. Central I have 1st St. Louis cardinals 2nd Chicago Cubs 3rd Pittsburgh Pirates 4th Cincinnati Reds 5th Milwaukee Brewers.

Dan the Man has 1st Cubs 2nd Cardinals 3rd Pirates 4th Brewers 5th Reds.

Mr. Fantasy has 1st Cardinals 2nd Pirates 3rd Cubs 4th Reds 5th Brewers.

Schaumburg Stu has 1st Cubs 2nd Pirates 3rd Cardinals 4th Reds 5th Brewers.

In the N.L. West I have 1st San Francisco Giants 2nd Arizona Diamondbacks 3rd Los Angeles Dodgers 4th Colorado Rockies 5th San Diego Padres.

Dan the Man has 1st Giants 2nd Diamondbacks 3rd Dodgers 4th Padres 5th Rockies.

Mr. Fantasy has 1st Giants 2nd Dodgers 3rd Diamondbacks 4th Rockies 5th Padres.

Schaumburg Stu has 1st Giants 2nd Diamondbacks 3rd Dodgers 4th Padres 5th Rockies.

My N.L. wild card teams are the Mets and the Cubs. Dan the Man has the Mets and the Diamondbacks. Mr Fantasy has the Pirates and the Diamondbacks and Schaumburg Stu has the Pirates and the Nationals.

In the World Series I have the Rangers beating the Nationals. Dam the Man has the Giants beating the Astros. Mr. Fantasy also has the Giants beating the Adtros and Schaumburg Stu has the Cubs beating the Astros.

We also made our picks for some individual awards. For Manager of the Year I have Robin Ventura (White Sox) in the A.L. and Bruce Bochy (Giants) in the N.L. Dan the Man has Jeff Bannister (Rangers) in the A.L. and Terry Collins (Mets) in the N.L. Mr. Fantasy has John Farrell (Red Sox) in the A.L. and Bruce Bochy (Giants) in the N.L. Schaumburg Stu has A.J. Hinch (Astros) in the A.L. and Joe Maddon (Cubs) in the N.L.

For Rookie of the Yaer I went with Jose Berrios (Twins) in the A.L. and Orlando Arcia (Brewers) in the N.L. Dan the Man has Alex Bregman (Astros) in the A.L. and Corey Seager (Dodgers) in the N.L. Mr. Fantasy has Byron Buxton (Twins) in the A.L. and Steven Matz (Mets) in the N.L. Schaumburg Stu has Blake Snell (Rays) in the A.L> and Corey Seager (Dodgers) in the N.l.

For the Cy Young I have Chris Sale (White Sox) in the A.L. and Adam Wainwright (St. Louis) in the N.L. Dan the Man has Dallas Keuchel (Astros) in the A.L. and Zack Greinke (Diamondbacks) in the N.L. Mr. Fantasy has Chris Sale (White Sox) A.L. and Michael Wacha (St. Louis) in the N.L. Schaumburg Stu has David Price (Red Sox) in the A.L. and Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) in the N.L.

To wrap this up our Most Valuable Player picks are. You’ll see a bit of a theme with the N.l. pick. I have Lorenzo Cain (Royals) in the A.L. and Hunter Pence (Giants) N.L. Dan the Man has Nelson Cruz (Mariners) in the A.l. and Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks) in the N.L. Mr. Fantasy has Carlos Correa (Astros) in the A.L. and Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks) in the N.L. Schaumburg Stu is going with Mike Trout (Angels) in the A.L. and yes you guessed right Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks) in the N.L.

There you go; good, bad or indifferent our picks for the 2016 baseball season. Do you agree? Disagree? or did we clearly miss a player or a team that you think we should’ve had winning an award or a division or even the World Series let us know. You can leave a comment here or on Twitter @SportsTimeRadio or go over to and let us know what you think.

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With the baseball season getting ready to start and everyone setting up their fantasy drafts let’s go through the positions and see who’s the best, the underrated, the player who’ll have a bounce back year and the player to stay away from. Will start with 1st baseman.

The Best; Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks. An injured hand limited Goldschmidt to 109 games last season, but don’t forget that in 2013 he led the NL in home runs with 36 and RBI’s with 125. Look for his numbers to do close to that or better this season. Another fantasy plus for Goldschmidt besides the power numbers is he’ll also steal double digit bases a season as well.

Underrated; Justin Morneau, Colorado Rockies. Yes; you can be underrated and win the batting title like Morneau did last season. After concussion issues about 5 seasons ago it looked like Morneau might just be done, but he .319 for the Rockies last season and there’s no reason to think he can’t repeat that average. Fantasy owners would like to get more than 17 home runs out of Morneau, but if it’s later in your draft and you’re looking for a 1st baseman he’s a good pick.

Bounce back; Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins. Mauer had quite a bit of value last season when he could still be used as a catcher, but this season he only qualifies as a 1st baseman. Mauer is a 3 time AL batting champion, but his average fell to .277 without having to catch. While Mauer was never a big home run hitter his total of 4 last season was terrible and he should reach double digits this season. The concerns as always with Mauer is injury, but that was part of the reason he moved to 1st base. Look for Mauer to bounce back in 2015.

Stay away from; Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves. Freeman himself isn’t the problem, but look at the Braves line up and give me one reason you’d pitch to Freeman. Freeman hit .288 with 18 home runs and 78 RBI’s last season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his average stay in that area or be even a little higher, but the Braves are going to struggle to score; so his RBI’s might drop. If your in a league that gives you points for walks Freeman may break the 100 walk total this season; he had 90 last season.

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