Who ya got? Rookie of the Year

Posted: August 24, 2012 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, sports
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It’s that time in the baseball season where everyone starts talking about who’s going to win what award. I thought I’d start with the Rookie of the Year for each league.

I think the American League is kind of a lock for Mike Trout. There’s a better than average chance that he’ll be a unanimous selection, but who’s next. I think if I had a ballot I’d put Yoenis Cespedes from Oakland 2nd. I know there are people out their that will ay he’s not a rookie since he played professionally in Cuba before this season. According to Major League Baseball he’s a rookie and 2nd on my ballot. Now if anyone had an issue with my 2nd place rookie then they’ll have the same issue with my 3rd place rookie Yu Darvish. Same deal as Cespedes; he played professionally in Japan before this season, but again he’s a rookie here. To fill out my top five I’d vote for Wei-Yin Chen from Baltimore and Jesus Montero from Seattle at four and five.

Now the National League is a tougher choice for myself. I know that everyone wants to give the award to Bryce Harper, but I’m no sold that he’s the Rookie of the Year. Harper is hitting right around .245, but he has played solid defense and his team is in 1st place. I think my 1st place vote would go to Wade Miley from Arizona. He was their only All-Star this season and they’re in contention for the wild card spot in the N.L. He leads all rookie pitchers in wins right now with 14 and his E.R.A. is 2.80. I even think I would lean to putting Yonder Alonso ahead of Harper on my ballot. I know Alonso only has 6 (six) home runs, but he plays his home games in San Diego. I think to fill out my ballot on the N.L. side I’d vote Todd Frazier from Cincinnati 4th; even though he’s making a late run and could move up by the end of the season. I’d give Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs my 5th place vote. He’s only had about half a season to put up his numbers, but he’s hitting in the .330’s and will end up well int double digits for home runs.

Who are your choices?

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