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9/27/14 How was your Week?

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I realized after I posted the blog on Wednesday that I never did go through and see how Mr. Fantasy did picking his high scores at each position. Mr. Fantasy has struggled this year picking high scorers; so let’s look and see what Week 3 was like. He went with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts was the highest scoring quarterback. Rodgers ended Week 3 in 28th place for quarterbacks. At the running back spot Mr. Fantasy went with DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys. Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks was the highest scoring Week 4 running back. Murray ended up tied for 3rd place. Ay wide receiver Mr. Fantasy chose another Green Bay Packers player; Jordy Nelson. Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons was the highest scoring wide receiver in Week 3. Nelson ended the week as the 50th highest scoring wide receiver. At the tight end position Mr. Fantasy’s choice was Delanie Walker of the Tennessee Titans. Walker was the 18th highest scoring tight end in Week 3. Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett was the leading scorer at tight end in Week 3. I even make Mr. Fantasy select a kicker and he went with Mike Nugent of the Cincinnati Bengals. Nugent was the 19th highest scoring kicker in Week 3 while Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts led the kickers in scoring. Mr. Fantasy’s sleeper pick was New Orleans Saints running back Khiry Robinson. Robinson scored 11.40 points in Week 3, carrying the football 18 times for 69 yards, but no touchdowns. Tune in tomorrow (Sunday) from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. to see who Mr. Fantasy’s picks for high scorers for Week 4.

We may have actually watched two of the highest scoring players from Week 4 already play. In the New York Giants 45-14 victory over the Washington Redskins; Giants Quarterback Eli Manning and Tight end Larry Donnell put up some big numbers. Manning was 28 for 39 throwing the football. Manning threw for 300 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 interception. 3 of Manning’s touchdown passes find Donnell who ended the game with 7 catches for 54 yards. Even through Donnell’s yardage numbers are low those 3 touchdowns will put him at the top of tight ends for Week 4. Even Manning’s other touchdown pass went to a tight end as Daniel Fells caught that one. Victor Cruz put up solid numbers with 6 catches for 108 yards. Ruben Randle led the Giants with 8 catches, but for less yardage (89 yards) than Cruz had. Rookie Andre Williams was the Giants leading rusher with 66 yards on 15 carries and 1 touchdown. Rashad Jennings had 55 yards on 13 carries and even Peyton Hillis had 8 carries for 31 yards. Dan the Man was the only one of us to pick the Giants to win this game as Schaumburg Stu, Mr. Fantasy and I all had the Redskins winning. Kirk Cousins struggled for Washington. Cousins was 19 of 33 throwing the football for 257 yards with 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions. Alfred Morris had good rushing numbers for Washington. Morris carried the football 12 times for 63 yards and a touchdown. If the game had been closer Morris would’ve had even better stats. Running Back Roy Helu was the Redskins leading receiver with 5 catches for 78 yards. Niles Paul was on his way to having a good game until he was injured. Paul had 3 catches for 60 yards. Paul was starting for injured Jordan Reed/ 3rd string tight end Logan Paulsen came in for Paul and added 3 catches for 28 yards. Depending on the size of your league the Washington passing touchdown may not have helped you. Cousins threw an 18 yard touchdown pass to Andre Roberts. I’d be surprised to see if Roberts was owned in a high percentage of leagues. So the last two Thursday night games have been blow outs. Week 5’s match up is an NFC North match up as the Minnesota Vikings are at Lambeau Field to play the Green Bay Packers.

On the late night Friday show, I pointed out how some people just seem to have things go their way. Derek Jeter is one of these people. Thursday night was Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium and the weather forecast all day was predicting rain. Not only was there no rain, but the game had an ending Hollywood would’ve wanted. The Yankees had a 5-2 lead going into the top of the 9th inning. Yankees closer David Robertson is in to finish the game. Nick Markakis walks to start the top of the 9th inning. Alejandro De Aza strikes out for the 1st out. Adam Jones hits a 2 run home run to cut the Yankees lead to 5-4. Nelson Cruz strikes out for the 2nd out and the Yankees are 1 our away from a victory. Steven Pearce is the batter for the Orioles and he hits a solo home run to tie the game 5-5. J.J. Hardy flew out to en the top half of the 9th. Evan Meek came in to pitch the 9th inning for Baltimore. Jose Pirela led off the 9th with a single and Antoan Richardson came out to pinch run for Pirela. Brett Gardner laid down a sacrifice bunt moving Richardson to 2nd base and now who’s up for the Yankees; you got it Derek Jeter. With 1st base open and 1 one you wonder how the crowd would’ve reacted had the Orioles decided to intentional walk Jeter, but they didn’t. Jeter proceed to hit the first pitch he saw to right field for a walk off single in his last game at Yankee Stadium. Now I’m sure if it would’ve been a movie, Jeter would’ve hit a solo home run to win the game, but this has to be just as good and it was real. Now can we please put an end to the pitchers grooving pitches to Jeter. The Orioles where playing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs and I doubt they would’ve wanted to give a game away with that on the line. I have to go on record and say I am not a Yankees fan, but Jeter transcends that and it was a fitting ending to a great career in his home ballpark. Jeter’s career comes to a close in Boston’s Fenway Park. Jeter has said he won’t play shortstop Saturday or Sunday, but should be in the Yankees line up as a Designated Hitter (DH) for the Yankees. Here’s my question for you. In 5 years Derek Jeter will go into the baseball Hall of Fame on his 1st ballot. While I doubt he’ll go in with 100% of the votes because no one does. Will Jeter go in with the highest percentage of votes ever? Tom Seaver is the player who received the highest percentage of votes going into the Hall of fame at 98.84% he is followed by Nolan Ryan at 98.79%. Will Jeter get a higher percentage than that?

So how was your week?

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So this may be the slowest sports week of the year. Major League Baseball is on their All-Star break. Most of the big name free agents in the National Basketball Association have signed with teams. National Football League training camps don’t open until next week for most teams. The National Hockey League gets pushed to the side unless they’re actually playing games. Even the World Cup has ended; oh what to do.

If you’ve been following NBA free agents and where they ended up signing, did you notice that the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t sign any players? Could that be because Donald Sterling still owns the team? This is going to be the case right into the regular season unless something big happens. Even though Sterling was offered a unbelievable $2 billion dollars for the Clippers I don’t think he wants to sell the team and will do everything he can legally to hang on to them. While I don’t side with Sterling or the comments that he made he is allowed due process like any other American is and we have to deal with this. I don’t know why he didn’t take that offer and run; since it was way over what the team is worth, but he didn’t. It looks like his family would like him to take that offer, but that might end up being decided in court as well. As it looks, this will drag out into the NBA regular season and how will this affect the Clippers? Would you go to a Clippers game if Sterling still owns the team? Why would Sterling hang on to this team if attendance drops and the Clippers start to lose money. Who knows when this will wrap up as it looks like Sterling is going to go through every and any legal channel he can find to some how try to hang onto the Clippers. It’s a tough spot for the NBA and new commissioner Adam Silver to be in to start the season.

Did you watch the MLB All-Star game last night? I think the MLB All-Star game is far and away the closest to an actually game than any of the other sports. The American League defeated the National League 5-3. Max Scherzer was awarded the win while Pat Neshek took the loss. Glen Perkins of the hosting team the Minnesota Twins got the save for the American League. Mike Trout won the Most Valuable Player award. Trout was 2 for 3 with a triple and 2 RBI’s in the game. While Trout was a good of choice as any, weren’t you secretly rooting for Derek Jeter to win the MVP in his last All-Star game? I can honestly say that I was and Jeter did enough to win the award, but Trout did a little more. Jeter went 2 for 2; leading off the bottom of the 1st with a double and scored the 1st run for the American League. Maybe it would’ve been overkill had they given Jeter the MVP award, but hey Mariano Rivera won it last season pitching just one inning. Jeter got his moment to say goodbye after 6 innings as Alexei Ramirez came out to replace Jeter after the American League had taken the field. It was a nice moment for the 14 time All-Star as Jeter waved to the fans and tipped his cap. Jeter waved multiple times at the National League dugout and I think he hugged everyone in the American League dugout.

The British Open starts tomorrow (Thursday) or as it’s just being called now The Open. ESPN has the coverage and you know they have to be jumping up and down that Tiger Woods has decided to play. While I think it would be a bit of a surprise if Woods ended up winning this tournament, but it would be a great scenario if it happened. Woods isn’t that far removed from being injured and you have to wonder if he’s 100% healthy. I’m sure Woods is most people’s pick to win this weekend, but there are some other golfers to watch. Lee Westwood should’ve won The Open last year at Muirfield and he may bounce back and win this year. How about Bubba Watson? He can play big in big tournaments or he could go out and double bogey the front nine, but he’s fun to watch. Graeme McDowell may surprise some people this week. He’s from Northern Ireland and should be familiar with the course; so don’t be surprised to see his name high on the leaderboard though the weekend. So there are a couple of other names other than Tiger Woods to look out for over the weekend for you.

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I’m not a New York Yankees fan; I’m not a Derek Jeter fan, but I have respect for him. Jeter announced his retirement earlier in the week by posting it on his Facebook page. After a 2013 season where Jeter played in just 17 games do to injuries and also the fact that he’ll turn 40 years old during the coming season Jeter’s career is coming to an end. Right now Jeter is 10th all time in career hits with 3316. If Jeter can get 121 hits in the 2014 season he’ll move into 6th all hit on the hits list. The question that has come up through out the week is where does Jeter as a shortstop all time. I’ve heard experts who have him as high as 3rd all time and other who have him just outside of the top 10 all time. Those are all debatable issues and it’s up to you where you where you’d rank Jeter. You can say without a doubt that he’s a 1st ballot Hall of Fame selection and one of the greatest player in the modern era of baseball. We haven’t even brought up his legendary love life, but those are stories of a different blog. While the 2014 baseball season hasn’t even started yet and it’s way, way to early to even discuss this I brought up who would replace Jeter at shortstop for the Yankees. On a special Thursday edition of Sports Time Radio this week I mentioned that the starting shortstop for the Yankees in 2015 will be Starling Castro. The Cubs have Castro under a very good contract making him attractive to other teams. They also have top prospect Javier Baez very close to being ready for the majors. Now the Yankees don’t have the top prospects that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer would want in this deal; so a third team would probably have to be involved. There’s no one in the Yankees minor league system ready to come up and take Jeter’s spot. They do have Brendon Ryan on the roster, but he’s proven though his major league career that while he’s a great fielder his hitting just isn’t what teams look for in a starting shortstop. It’s an interesting topic to discuss and I’m sure it will come up through out the season as Derek Jeter takes a well deserved 2014 victory tour.

Michael Sam is gay. The University of Missouri defensive lineman is looking to be the first openly gay man to play in the National Football League (NFL). Sam was named SEC Co – Defensive player of the year last season. He has been projected as a 3rd to a 5th round pick in the upcoming draft. Another topic that has come up on out=r show with this is if Sam’s draft stock falls how many writers will come out and say it’s because he’s a gay man. Sam may be a little under-sized to play on the defensive line in the NFL. He’s listed at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 255 pounds. He did record 11 1/2 sacks last season for Missouri and if he can rush the passer might end up being a specialist along the defensive line. As you can guess there have been both positive and negative reaction to this. What I’m hoping happens is teams judge Sam on his football ability and not on his sexual orientation. For me I don’t care if he’s gay, straight or bi; if he can help an NFL team he should be on an NFL team. The NFL has the combines coming up this month and then the draft in May. I haven’t heard if Sam plans on attending the combines, but he should to try to improve his draft stock. Then will see where Sam is picked in the draft. I just hope the writers are smart enough to make this a football thing and not a gay issue. Sadly I think we all know they’re not.

On Friday’s show Mr. Fantasy and I talked about the release of Ted Wells report on the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying claims. Wells pointed out that it wasn’t just Incognito bullying Martin but two other offensive lineman John Jerry and Mike Pouncey where also involved. This is a tough situation because even with the Wells report out it still more or less one man’s word against another. If you’ve played football at any level you know this kind of behavior right or wrong goes on all the time. I don’t know how far the three Miami Dolphins took this with Martin, but it was enough to make him leave the team. While I’ve never believed that bullying was the right way to describe what happened to Martin that’s the word they chose to use. I still find it hard to believe that a man of Martin’s size could be bullied; maybe harassed is a better term to use. I’m interested to see if and where Martin and Incognito end up playing in the NFL next season, but I’m pretty sure neither will be with the Dolphins. If you’re interested in hearing more of my opinion on this you can go into the archives of to listen to them. The show title for Friday 2/14/2014 is “I got a new shirt”. If you’re having troubles find the show there you can go to scroll down the right hand side and you can find Sports Time Radio listed with the other shows on the website.

So how was your week?

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