2/15/14 How was your Week?

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I’m not a New York Yankees fan; I’m not a Derek Jeter fan, but I have respect for him. Jeter announced his retirement earlier in the week by posting it on his Facebook page. After a 2013 season where Jeter played in just 17 games do to injuries and also the fact that he’ll turn 40 years old during the coming season Jeter’s career is coming to an end. Right now Jeter is 10th all time in career hits with 3316. If Jeter can get 121 hits in the 2014 season he’ll move into 6th all hit on the hits list. The question that has come up through out the week is where does Jeter as a shortstop all time. I’ve heard experts who have him as high as 3rd all time and other who have him just outside of the top 10 all time. Those are all debatable issues and it’s up to you where you where you’d rank Jeter. You can say without a doubt that he’s a 1st ballot Hall of Fame selection and one of the greatest player in the modern era of baseball. We haven’t even brought up his legendary love life, but those are stories of a different blog. While the 2014 baseball season hasn’t even started yet and it’s way, way to early to even discuss this I brought up who would replace Jeter at shortstop for the Yankees. On a special Thursday edition of Sports Time Radio this week I mentioned that the starting shortstop for the Yankees in 2015 will be Starling Castro. The Cubs have Castro under a very good contract making him attractive to other teams. They also have top prospect Javier Baez very close to being ready for the majors. Now the Yankees don’t have the top prospects that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer would want in this deal; so a third team would probably have to be involved. There’s no one in the Yankees minor league system ready to come up and take Jeter’s spot. They do have Brendon Ryan on the roster, but he’s proven though his major league career that while he’s a great fielder his hitting just isn’t what teams look for in a starting shortstop. It’s an interesting topic to discuss and I’m sure it will come up through out the season as Derek Jeter takes a well deserved 2014 victory tour.

Michael Sam is gay. The University of Missouri defensive lineman is looking to be the first openly gay man to play in the National Football League (NFL). Sam was named SEC Co – Defensive player of the year last season. He has been projected as a 3rd to a 5th round pick in the upcoming draft. Another topic that has come up on out=r show with this is if Sam’s draft stock falls how many writers will come out and say it’s because he’s a gay man. Sam may be a little under-sized to play on the defensive line in the NFL. He’s listed at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 255 pounds. He did record 11 1/2 sacks last season for Missouri and if he can rush the passer might end up being a specialist along the defensive line. As you can guess there have been both positive and negative reaction to this. What I’m hoping happens is teams judge Sam on his football ability and not on his sexual orientation. For me I don’t care if he’s gay, straight or bi; if he can help an NFL team he should be on an NFL team. The NFL has the combines coming up this month and then the draft in May. I haven’t heard if Sam plans on attending the combines, but he should to try to improve his draft stock. Then will see where Sam is picked in the draft. I just hope the writers are smart enough to make this a football thing and not a gay issue. Sadly I think we all know they’re not.

On Friday’s show Mr. Fantasy and I talked about the release of Ted Wells report on the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying claims. Wells pointed out that it wasn’t just Incognito bullying Martin but two other offensive lineman John Jerry and Mike Pouncey where also involved. This is a tough situation because even with the Wells report out it still more or less one man’s word against another. If you’ve played football at any level you know this kind of behavior right or wrong goes on all the time. I don’t know how far the three Miami Dolphins took this with Martin, but it was enough to make him leave the team. While I’ve never believed that bullying was the right way to describe what happened to Martin that’s the word they chose to use. I still find it hard to believe that a man of Martin’s size could be bullied; maybe harassed is a better term to use. I’m interested to see if and where Martin and Incognito end up playing in the NFL next season, but I’m pretty sure neither will be with the Dolphins. If you’re interested in hearing more of my opinion on this you can go into the archives of http://www.blogtalkradio.com to listen to them. The show title for Friday 2/14/2014 is “I got a new shirt”. If you’re having troubles find the show there you can go to http://www.ultimatesportstalk.com scroll down the right hand side and you can find Sports Time Radio listed with the other shows on the website.

So how was your week?

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