2/22/14 How was your Week?

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On Thursday the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 103 – 81. I think you could call it a statement game for the Heat but the main stream media got way, way to carried away with just this one game. I think they had to fight each other to get off the Oklahoma City bandwagon and give the MVP award back to LeBron James and crown the Heat as NBA champions. Now in the reality of the NBA both of those things could easily happen. James is the best player in the NBA and scored 33 points in the Heat victory. Miami is considered by many the best team in the NBA and hopefully they’ll get to prove it against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern conference playoffs. I think James is a great player but I’m baffled how one game made everyone either realize this or change their mind this season. There are 82 regular season games in the NBA and Miami winning 1 game against Oklahoma City doesn’t make that big of an impact. It was Russell Westbrook’s first game back from injury. Westbrook played close to 24 minutes and scored 16 points. He was 4 – 12 from the field and handed out 2 assists. Do you think it was a good idea for Westbrook”s first game back from injury to be against the Heat?

The NFL combined started this weekend. The big story to start out with was that Johnny Manziel wasn’t measured at 6′ feet tall. What they forgot the mention when they led with this story was that he was just 1/4 of an inch below 6′ feet tall. With the way the different media outlets led with this story you would’ve thought they measured him at 5′ feet 5 inches tall or something like that. It was 1/4 of an inch people. Drew Brees won a Super Bowl and he was under 6′ feet tall. Russell Wilson just won a Super Bowl and he’s under 6′ feet tall. If you’d like to go back in time Fran Tarkenton took the Minnesota Vikings to three Super Bowls and while the Vikings didn’t win any of them Tarkenton still got them their. By the way Tarkenton is also in the pro football Hall of Fame. Does it matter that Manziel is under 6′ feet tall; no it doesn’t. There’s no height requirement to play quarterback in the NFL; at least not that I know of. Will Manziel take a team to the Super Bowl and win it? who knows. Will Manziel have a Hall of Fame career? who knows. Maybe we should let his NFL career play out before we decide that he’s to short to be an NFL quarterback.

After going back and looking over what I’m writing today I realized that I’ve been tough on the mainstream media but sadly they deserve it. After the U.S. woman’s hockey team lost a heartbreaking gold medal game in overtime to Canada there was actual a story written about how sad the woman looked while they where receiving there silver medals. They lost a 2 goal lead with a little over 3 minutes to play. They had a tough penalty called against them in the overtime period. They gave up the gold medal winning goal on that very power play. How where they suppose to look? Do you believe that they wanted to be on the ice watching Canada celebrate a gold medal that Team U.S.A. should’ve won.

Spring training has opened and there are still a couple of free agents out on the market. While Ubaldo Jimenez got a contract with the Baltimore Orioles, but outfielder Nelson Cruz and pitcher Ervin Santana are still unsigned. Cruz has had talks with quite a few teams and I think will end up with a team before to long. Santana on the other hand has actually said he’s willing to wait for the contract he wants. At the beginning of free agency Santana said he wanted a $100 million dollar deal. You have to wonder how long Santana is willing to sit out. Would it help his career if he sat out the entire 2014 season? If he was out all season why would a team by interested in paying him big money in 2015. I guess when you’re a free agent you have to make sure you don’t over play your hand. Maybe Santana should talk to Kendry Morales about that.

So how was your week?

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