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Week 12 in the NFL ended up being our best week of picks so far. Schaumburg Stu and I went 13-3 while Dan the Man was 11-5 with Mr. Fantasy going 10-6. Dan the Man is still in first place overall with a record of 104-72. I’ve moved into 2nd place a game behind Dan the Man with a record of 103-73. Schaumburh Stu has made his way out of the cellar with a record of 98-78; so that means it’s Mr. Fantasy who has found his way to the bottom of the standings with a record of 97-79. Will have to see if we can carry some momentum going into Week 13.

During the Monday Night game the Cleveland Browns lost their starting quarterback Josh McCown to an injury. Austin Davis was the back up quarterback for the game as Johnny Manziel had been demoted to the #3 quarterback spot. Davis was solid in relief of McCown going 7 of 10 for 77 yards and 1 touchdown. Davis also ran the football 1 time for 7 yards. Now as it turned out McCown has a broken collarbone and is done for the season. What do the Browns do? Do you play out the string with Davis as your #1 quarterback? Or is it time to turn the remainder of the season over to Manziel and see what he can do. It appears as though Browns head coach Mike Pettine isn’t a big fan of Manziel. Now if for some reason Davis starts any of the Browns final 5 games at quarterback it’s time for them to trade Manziel. On the Tuesday edition of Sports Time Radio I boldly predicted that Manziel will be wearing a different uniform next season. While there are quite a few teams in the NFL that could use a quarterback the best landing spot for Manziel is with the Dallas Cowboys. Don’t forget that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted to draft Manziel in the 1st round of the 2014 draft. Dallas had the #16 pick; Manziel went #22 to Cleveland who traded up to get him. Jones was talked out of picking Manziel and the Cowboys selected offensive lineman Zack Martin with the 16th pick. Cowboys quarterback is out for the season and as he’s getting older (35) he seems to be getting hurt more often. If Romo is healthy it gives Manziel the opportunity to learn behind him and then take over when Romo retires. The question would be; what would the Cowboys have to give up in a trade for Manziel? At this point I’m thinking the Browns might take a 3rd or possible a 4th round draft pick for Manziel. Maybe it takes a combination of lower round draft picks to get the deal done, but it’s a move the Cowboys need to make. Unless you’re under the impression that Matt Cassell is the Cowboys future starting quarterback. Of course at 33 Cassell isn’t much younger than what Dallas has now in Romo. This may be the first time I’m rooting for Jerry Jones.

Also on the Tuesday edition of Sports Time Radio Dan the Man predicted that the Philadelphia 76ers would get their 1st win of the season and they did. The 76ers beat the Los Angeles Lakers 103-91 to improve there record to 1-18. The Lakers had a 7 point lead 33-26 after the 1st quarter. Los Angeles went into halftime with an 8 point lead 58-50. The 76ers outscored the Lakers by 13 points in the 3rd quarter 30-17 to take the lead at 80-75 after 3 quarters. Philadelphia was able to extend their lead by outscoring the Lakers again in the 4th quarter 23-16 to get the game to it’s final score 103-91. Robert Covington led the 76ers with 23 points. Jerami Grant and Nerlens Noel (off the bench) scored 14 while Isaiah CanaanJahlil Okafor and Hollis Thompson (off the bench) each had 12 points. Noel also grabbed a team high 9 rebounds while T.J. McConnell led the 76ers in assists with 6. This was Kobe Bryant’s last trip to Philadelphia and he led the Lakers with 20 points, but didn’t shoot very well. Bryant was 7 of 26 on the night and 4 of 17 from behind the 3-point line. Jordan Clarkson scored 19 points. Julius Randle had 12 points and a team high 11 rebounds while D’Angelo Russell also had 12 points to go with a team high 4 assists. The Lakers didn’t get a lot of help from their bench. There bench scored 23 points in 72 minutes of play. In comparison the 76ers got 40 points from there bench, but to be fair the Philadelphia bench played 25 more minutes than the Lakers bench did. This was the first of back to back games for Philadelphia. Tonight the 76ers are on the road against the New York Knicks. Will it be 2 in a row for the 76ers?

First it was Jordan Zimmerman getting a 5 years and $110 million from the Detroit Tigers. Then yesterday David Price signs a deal for 7 years and $217 million with the Boston Red Sox. Who’s the next free agent pitcher to sign? There are some reporting that Zack Greinke will make his decision by this weekend. Most reports have Greinke getting a deal similar to Price’s. It’s also being reported that Greinke has narrowed his choices down to the Los Angeles Dodgers or the San Francisco Giants. Could a 3rd team sneak in with a bigger money offer and sign Greinke? Or is he going to stay in the National League West? If Greinke does make a decision and signs with a team this weekend and with Price already locked up will teams start to panic and over pay some of the other top pitchers. Johnny Cueto turned down a 6 year 120 million dollar deal from the Arizona Diamondbacks, With Price and Greinke signed is Cueto in line to cash in big. Then after Cueto; how much extra money could pitchers like Mike Leake, Jeff Samardzija, Scott Kazmir and Wei-Yin Chen end up getting. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who cashing in with what team.

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Week 15 is in the book in the National Football League and with just a couple of weeks left in the regular season Mr. Fantasy has taken the overall lead in our picks. Mr. Fantasy is 148-74-1, I am two games behind Mr. Fantasy at 146-76-1, Schaumburg Stu is 3rd at 145-72-1 while Dan the Man is at the bottom with a record of 140-82-1. In Week 15 Schaumburg Stu and Mr. Fantasy where both 13-3 while Dan the Man was 12-4 and I ended up at the bottom for the week with a record of 11-5. Week 16 starts tomorrow with the Tennessee Titans against the Jacksonville Jaquars and then there are two games on Saturday this week as well.

Let’s check in and see how the Greg vs. Mr. Fantasy challenge went for Week 15. At quarterback Greg went with Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions while Mr. Fantasy choose Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. Stafford finished 17th among quarterbacks for the week with 9.51 points while Brees was the #1 scoring quarterback for Week 15 with 25.45 points. At the running back position Greg went with Jamal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs while Mr. Fantasy’s pick was Arian Foster of the Houston Texans. Believe it or not Charles was actually the 3rd highest scoring running back on the Chiefs in our league for Week 15. Knile Davis with 23.68 points finished 5th for the week and De’Anthony Thomas scored 12.27 points finishing 12th for the week. Charles scored 9.05 points which was good for 42nd place among running backs. Foster scored 21.70 points which was good for 8th place among running backs in Week 15. At the wide receiver position Greg picked T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts while Mr. Fantasy took Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants. Hilton scored 8 points finishing 47th among wide receivers while Beckham was the highest scoring wide receiver in Week 15 with 41.43 points. For tight ends in Week 15 Greg liked Delanie Walker of the Tennessee Titans while Mr. Fantasy liked Larry Donnell of the New York Giants. Walker finished in 8th place with 12.30 points while Donnell scored 2.60 which was good for 34th place among tight ends. At kicker Greg went with Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens while Mr. fantasy took Shaun Suisham of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tucker scored 8 points which was good for a tie for 10th among kickers. Suisham scored 9 points which put him one place ahead of Tucker which was a tie for 9th place for the week. Sleepers is the toughest category to deal with as I have to decide who I actual feel is a sleeper and who isn’t. Since there are only a couple of weeks left in the regular season and then the playoffs; yes they’ll be making picks for the playoffs, but I don’t think Greg or Mr. Fantasy know that yet. I will have sleeper pick guidelines for next season. Anyway for his sleeper pick Greg took New York Jets running back Chris Johnson while Mr. Fantasy went with Carolina Panthers quarterback Derek Anderson. Johnson scored 8 points and finished 21st among running backs while Anderson scored 12.69 points which was good for 8th place among quarterbacks. The scoring system is base off of the Next Year is Here league that we’ve played in for many years and is run through Yahoo.

Let’s stick with football. Johnny Manziel got the 1st start of his NFL career against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday and he was bad. They better way to say it is Manziel looked like a rookie quarterback making his 1st start in the NFL. Manziel was 10 for 18 for 80 yards throwing 2 interceptions. Manziel also ran 5 times for 13 yards and was sacked 3 times. Not the start Cleveland Browns fans where looking for out of their #1 draft pick. Brett Favre was 14 for 19 for 210 yards and 2 touchdowns in his 1st start, but remember John Elway was 1 for 8 for 18 yards and was pulled in his first NFL start. Will Manziel be as good as Favre or Elway; no probably not, but you had to expect him to struggle in his 1st start. The thing I’m having a hard time understanding is the fact that most of the experts where calling for the Browns to make a change from Brian Hoyer to Manziel at the quarterback positions. The Browns actually make the change; Manziel struggles and anyone who said Manziel should be the starter denied it and turned on Manziel as quickly as they could. Man; how would you like to be in a fox hole with one of these guys? If you’ve listened to the podcast you know that Dan the Man and I are Johnny Manziel supporters while Mr. Fantasy hates the guy and doesn’t think he belongs in the NFL. I’ll be the first to admit he was bad on Sunday and I even said on the Sunday Sports Time Radio podcast that if you owned him in fantasy you shouldn’t play him, but he didn’t deserve the attacks that he suffered at the hands of people who were supporting him a week before. There are always growing pains with rookie quarterbacks. Look at Blake Bortles, Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater; all rookie quarterbacks who’ve started for their teams this season and have had struggles. Why did the mainstream media decide that Manziel was the guy to parade out in front of everyone and try to embarrass?

There where some more moves made in the baseball off-season. Melky Cabrera signed a 3 years $42 million dollar deal with the Chicago White Sox. Jed Lowrie signed a 3 year $23 million dollar deal with the Houston Astros. Chase Headley is staying with the New York Yankees as he signed a 4 year $52 million dollar deal. The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Brett Anderson for 1 year at $10 million dollars. The Kansas City Royals signed outfielder Alex Rios for 1 year and $11 million dollars. Michael Morse signed a 2 year deal with the Miami Marlins for $16 million dollars. Coming off of an arm fracture that cost him most of the 2014 season Gavin Floyd signed a 1 year $4 million dollar deal with the Cleveland Indians. There was also a trade made as The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have sent reliever Kevin Jepsen to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for outfielder Matt Joyce. Who’s the next guy to sign or be traded? Will or has your favorite team made the moves they need to contend next season?

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For Week 13 Mr. Fantasy was the winner in picking games at 11-5. Dan the Man and I ended the week tied at 10-6 while Schaumburg Stu was 9-7 for the week. Overall I have a one game lead on Mr. Fantasy. I am 124-66-1 so that makes Mr. Fantasy 123-67-1. Schaumburg Stu is holding onto 3rd place by a game with an overall record of 120-70-1. Dan the Man is still in the basement with a record of 117-71-1. Now it’s on to Week 14.

Since there where three games on Thanksgiving I allowed Greg and Mr. Fantasy to use those players in their head to head match up. So here’s how it broke down for Week 13. At quarterback Mr. Fantasy went with Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions while Greg took Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Stafford finished 11th among quarterbacks for the week with 18.05 points. Romo finished with -1.87 points for the week and was behind quarterbacks Tom Savage of the Houston Texans and Jake Locker of the Tennessee Titans. Not the best week for Romo. Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Houston Texans and his six touchdown passes led all quarterbacks for Week 13 with 4.66 points. At running back Mr. Fantasy and Greg both went with Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs. Charles scored 17.40 points and finished 14th among running backs for the week. Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers led all running backs for the week with 42.90 points. Mr. Fantasy’s choice at wide receiver for Week 13 was Charles Johnson of the Detroit Lions. Greg went with Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys. Johnson ended up as the 2nd highest scoring wide receiver of the week with 35.10 points. Bryant scored 10.30 points and finished 43rd among wide receivers for the week. DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans was the only wide receiver to score more points than Johnson in week 13. Hopkins ended the week with 42.80 points. At tight end Mr. Fantasy picked Delanie Walker of the Tennessee Titans. Greg’s choice was Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys. Walker scored 1.35 points for the week and finished 47th among tight ends for Week 13. Witten wasn’t a whole lot better finishing 44th among tight ends with 1.55 points for the week. Coby Fleener of the Indianapolis Colts was the tight end to have in Week 13 as he topped all scores with 27.95 points in Week 13. Everybody needs a kicker so Mr. Fantasy choose “The Leg” Greg Zuerlein of the St. Louis Rams while Greg went with the Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. While the Rams put up 52 points in their Week 13 game Zuerlein got just one field goal attempt in the game, but did kick seven extra points and totaled 10.00 fantasy points for the week. Zuerlein finished 7th for the week among kickers. Tucker put up 15.00 fantasy points for the week and tied for 3rd among kickers for Week 13. It looks like Greg’s strategy of going with the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving didn’t work out for him. It looks like Week 13 goes to Mr. Fantasy.

The Tampa Bay Lighting are leading the Atlantic division and the Eastern Conference with 37 points. The MontrĂ©al Canadiens trail the Lighting by just one point with 36 on the season. In the Metropolitan both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Islanders have 36 points and are tied for the division lead. In the Western Conference the Vancouver Canucks and the Anaheim Ducks are tied for the lead in the Pacific division and the conference point lead with 35 points. The Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues are just one point behind with 34 points on the season and are tied for the lead on the Central division. The Islanders have the most wins in the National Hockey League at this point with 18. On the other end of the NHL standings the Columbus Blue jackets and the Edmonton Oilers have totaled 16 points on the season and are tied for the most losses in the NHL with 15. Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins leads the NHL in points with 33 and assists with 24 while Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars leads the league in goals with 18. Filip Forsberg of the Nashville Predators is the leagues plus/minus (+/-) leader with a +21. Michael Hutchinson of the Winnipeg Jets leads all goaltenders in Goals Against Average (G.A.A.) at 1.56 and Save Percentage with .947. Pekka Rinna of the Nashville Predators leads the league in wins with 16 while Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury has 5 shutouts to lead all goaltenders. The NHL season is only about 30 games old, but I always enjoy looking at who’s leading what category. I just hope if you’re a fantasy hockey player you saw some players names that where on your team.

In sad NHL news, former Montreal Canadiens great Jean Beliveau passed away at 83. Beliveau spent 18 full seasons with the Canadiens from 1953-71. In 1,125 games, he scored 507 goals, set up 712 others and finished with 1,219 points. He played in 14 NHL All-Star Games, won the Hart Trophy as League MVP twice (1956 and 1964), the Art Ross Trophy as top scorer in 1956, and the inaugural Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 1965. Dwarfing those accomplishments, however, is that Beliveau was a member of 10 Stanley Cup-winning teams as a player and seven more as an executive with Montreal. His name has been engraved on the Stanley Cup 17 times, more than any individual. Beliveau is second all-time in Canadiens history in points and assists, third in goals, and fourth in games played. He became the fourth player in NHL history to reach 500 goals when he scored on Feb. 11, 1971, and was the second player in League history to score 1,000 points, joining Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings in that exclusive club on March 3, 1968, in his 911th game.

While I don’t agree with this move, but it will make Mr. Fantasy happy the Cleveland Browns are sticking with Bryan Hoyer as their starting quarterback against the Indianapolis Colts this week. Hoyer was 18 for 30 against the Buffalo Bills in Week 13 for 192 yards and two interceptions. Hoyer has thrown six interceptions in his last three games. Johnny Manziel relived Hoyer against the Bills and led Cleveland on their only touchdown drive of the game. Cleveland is 7-5 and trying to hang around in the AFC playoff race; so maybe they think staying with the veteran Hoyer is the better choice. While Hoyer is a solid if not spectacular quarterback he’s throwing to many interceptions and Manziel might be able to provide a spark to the Browns. If the Browns drop this weeks game to the Colts will it finally be “Johnny Football” time in Cleveland?

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I need to thank for the stats and awards that Jean Beliveau won during his career. Without that site I wouldn’t have been able to tell you much about Beliveau.

What I’ve noticed when I turn on a highlight show no matter what network it is they have three stories that are always on the show. They mention Tony Stewart and the incident he had about three weeks ago. There’s a story in the show on little league player Mo’ne Davis. They also have an update on Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. So here’s pretty much my take on these three stories.

On August 8th at Canandaigua Motorsports Park Tony Stewart was racing in the Empire Super Sprints series in upstate New York. As you all know during the race Stewart’s car collided with a car being driven by Kevin Ward Jr. Ward’s car was forced into the wall and he was out of the race. Ward Jr. proceeded to get out of his wrecked race car and started walking in the on coming cars looking for Stewart. I’m sure you’ve seen and or heard what happens from here. Stewart’s car hits Ward Jr. killing him. Stewart hasn’t raced in a NASCAR or any event since the incident. At first Stewart was going to race two weeks ago on the road course at Watkins Glen, but put out a statement on what happen with Ward Jr. and decided not to race. Stewart also missed Sunday’s NASCAR race in Michigan and there’s no time-table as to when he may return to the track. A lot of reports are really going after Stewart for not coming out and doing an interview or making a full statement. Let’s tell the truth here; they don’t care about Stewart or anything like that they’re just looking for a story. They seem to forget that this is an actual ongoing legal investigation and Stewart make have been advised by a lawyer to not comment until the investigation is over. While this is a horrible situation it’s in Stewart’s best interest to wait to talk about the incident. I think what’s worse than anything is that reporter have hounded the Ward family to get them to comment on the accident. I’ve seen comments from Ward Jr’s father and sister and it’s sad that they weren’t even given time to grieve before they were accosted by reporters looking for a quote. The investigation is close to being wrapped up and will see what they find and if Stewart will make a statement. I know the other thing that reporters are going after Stewart for is racing at Canandaigua Motorsports Park that night or at any non NASCAR event. NASCAR is a sport where guys don’t forget where they started off at and a lot of drivers go back to these tracks where they cut their teeth at. It’s also a big deal for whoever owns that certain track a NASCAR guy is going to race at. How many extra fans went out that night just to see Stewart. Of course hindsight is 20/20.

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t watched much of the Little League World Series. There is a local team in the tournament still; so I’ve been checking in on them from time to time, but that’s really about it for me. Of course by the coverage it’s gotten you wouldn’t realize that there is more than one team even playing in this tournament. It seems that all of the attention has been focused on a 13-year-old pitcher from Philadelphia Mo’ne Davis. For whatever reason the first thing that popped into my mind was if she’s 13 years old why is she even in this tournament. The division she is playing in is for ages 10-12, but I know if you turn 13 after a certain date you play at the lower level. It’s weird that I remember that, but when I played in Little League I had to play with the ids a year older than me because I have a July birthday. Since they’re pushing the fact that she’s 13 I’m guessing her age is fine. There are so many issues with this story it’s not even funny and it was announce yesterday that Davis will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. As the competition gets tougher what happens if she goes out and has a bad outing on the mound. It’s not like they can go out there and rip her performance; she’s just a kid. Is she the first girl to play in the Little League World Series? A girl being a talented little league player isn’t new to me at all. When I was playing one of the top players every year I played was a girl by the name of Cathy Wold. It’s been a long time and I hope I got her last name correct. Davis herself has handled all of this new-found fame well. She’s even said that she’d like to play college basketball at the University of Connecticut and play point guard for Geno Auriemma. I believe Davis and her team the Taney Dragons of Philadelphia who represent the Mid-Atlantic region in this tournament play tonight (Wednesday) against the Las Vegas team.

The player who dominates the sports news every time you turn on a major sports only network is Johnny Manziel. If Manziel isn’t living it up and posting photos of himself and some other famous person to his Instagram account he might be flipping off the team he’s playing. With all the so-called outside distractions that reporters love to comment on when it comes to Manziel he’s shown on the field that he’s as good if not better than any other quarterback that was drafted in May. Even though the Cleveland Browns named Brian Hoyer the starting quarterback for Week 1 Manziel made his case on the field and the Browns could’ve easily went with Johnny Football. Manziel completed 63.6 % of his passes this pre-season and rushed for 27 yards on 6 carries and his quarterback rating was a 79. If you look at the stats Manziel outplayed Hoyer, but remember these stats were put up against 2nd team players. Right now Hoyer is the best choice as starting quarterback for the Browns. Cleveland’s first three games would be rough for a player like Manziel and Hoyer’s experience should help them. The Browns open Week 1 in Pittsburgh against the Steelers. They’re home Week 2 and Week 3 against the New Orleans Saints and then the Baltimore Ravens before they get a Bye in Week 4. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if come Week 5 in Tennessee that Manziel isn’t under center against the Titans.

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The New York Rangers have advanced to the Stanley Cup finals by beating the Montreal Canadians 4 games to 2 games in the Eastern conference finals. With the exception of one bad game in the conference finals Henrik Lundqvist has carried the Rangers in the playoffs. Now Lundqvist and the Rangers will get a chance to play for the Stanley Cup as they wait for the winner of the Chicago Blackhawks/Los Angeles Kings series. That series is tied at 3 games each with Game 7 being played tomorrow (Sunday) in Chicago. The Kings had a 3 games to 1 game series lead, but the Blackhawks found ways to win Game 5 in double overtime on a Michal Handzus goal and last night (Friday) got a game winning goal from Patrick Kane. Kane has always been considered one of the top players in the NHL, but has really shown his worth against a tough Kings defense. On the show I actually thought the Kings would win last nights game, but did mention if the Blackhawks found a way to win Game 6 they’d win Game 7 at home and go to the Stanley Cup finals again. No matter which way Game 7 goes the Rangers will be facing a team that has won the Stanley Cup recently. The Kings won in 2012 and the Blackhawks won it just last season.

The NBA playoffs are in the same situation as the NHL playoffs. One team the Miami Heat has closed out their series against the Indiana Pacers and are waiting to see of they’ll play the San Antonio Spurs or the Oklahoma City Thunder. San Antonio leads this series 3 games to 2 games with Game 6 being played this afternoon. The game has a 2:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) which is where I live. The home team has won every game in this series; so can the Spurs be the first road team to win a game in this series and close out the Thunder or does Oklahoma City hold serve and go back to San Antonio for a Game 7. Serge Ibaka wasn’t the factor in Game 5 like he was in Games 3 and 4 and some reports have mentioned he’s injured again, but Oklahoma City has denied those reports. While the Miami Heat struggled in Game 5 against Indian they bounced back and closed out the series with a 117 – 92 win in Game 6. It’s looked like through the playoffs that we would get a rematch of last seasons finals, but can Oklahoma City change that outcome or id it Spurs vs. Heat again for the title.

Johnny Manziel went to Las Vegas over the Memorial Day weekend. What did you do? They showed Manziel in the crowd at the UFC fight and you just knew the media would try to turn this into something and they did. Now he didn’t miss any practices with his new team the Cleveland Browns and even if he wanted to go to the Browns facilities he couldn’t because they were closed for the holiday. New Browns coach Mike Pettine pointed out that other players went away for the Memorial Day weekend as well mentioning that South Beach was a destination for some of the players. Was there any media coverage of these players in South Beach? I didn’t see any; so why is Manziel’s trip news? I get it he’s Johnny “Football” or now Johnny “Cleveland” but maybe we should find out if he can play in the NFL before we start reporting every single thing he does. I did find it odd that this story really didn’t start getting reported until the Tuesday after Memorial Day. I guess all the media people where away for the holiday weekend.

On the show yesterday (Friday) I let Mr. Fantasy pick a line up for me that I entered under my Fanduel account. He end up finishing 3034th out of 3910 entries. Sadly not the best showing for Mr. Fantasy, but not ever entry can be a winner.

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So how was your week?


So the NFL draft has pretty much taken over the sports world with round 1 starting Thursday night and rounds 2 & 3 following up on Friday night. This is the first year that I’ve had the NFL network during a draft, so i was interested to watch it on that channel. I have to tell you I thought their coverage was terrible. I get it that they have more or less 10 minutes to fill between first round picks, but that wasn’t an issue. They almost seemed unprepared to cover the draft and they did a lot of stalling for no real reason. They some how even managed to get behind on picks even though there was the 10 minute gap. Maybe I expected to much, but since it is the network that just covers pro football I thought the coverage would be better.

I think everybody’s mock draft was shot after the Jacksonville Jaguar’s selected quarterback Blake Bortles at #3. I read quite a few mock drafts and no one I read, had Bortles going to Jacksonville. I give Jacksonville a ton of credit for being able to hide their interest in Bortles for this long. I even heard a report that said Jacksonville had been targeting Bortles when they 0 – 8 last season. I’m not going to go over the draft, pick by pick as there will be enough of that from every other blog out there. I was surprised to see the quarterbacks drop like they did, but three did go in the 1st round like most experts thought. Johnny Manziel went #22 to the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings traded for the last pick in the 1st round (#32) and took Teddy Bridgewater. No running backs were taken in the 1st round as the position has pretty much been devalued by the new rules favoring throwing the football. There was a run on running backs in the 2nd round as three went in four picks. Rounds 4 through 7 are held today as teams fill out there rosters.

I did find it weird that the NFL draft did better ratings wise than playoff games in the NHL and the NBA. I saw a report that said the only place a playoff game beat out the NFL draft in the ratings was Miami. I know Heat fans arrive late and leave early during Heat games, but they did support their team on television. The NFL draft also beat out all of the baseball games that it was up against, but that’s no surprise as it;s still very early in the baseball season. What did you watch?

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On Thursday the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 103 – 81. I think you could call it a statement game for the Heat but the main stream media got way, way to carried away with just this one game. I think they had to fight each other to get off the Oklahoma City bandwagon and give the MVP award back to LeBron James and crown the Heat as NBA champions. Now in the reality of the NBA both of those things could easily happen. James is the best player in the NBA and scored 33 points in the Heat victory. Miami is considered by many the best team in the NBA and hopefully they’ll get to prove it against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern conference playoffs. I think James is a great player but I’m baffled how one game made everyone either realize this or change their mind this season. There are 82 regular season games in the NBA and Miami winning 1 game against Oklahoma City doesn’t make that big of an impact. It was Russell Westbrook’s first game back from injury. Westbrook played close to 24 minutes and scored 16 points. He was 4 – 12 from the field and handed out 2 assists. Do you think it was a good idea for Westbrook”s first game back from injury to be against the Heat?

The NFL combined started this weekend. The big story to start out with was that Johnny Manziel wasn’t measured at 6′ feet tall. What they forgot the mention when they led with this story was that he was just 1/4 of an inch below 6′ feet tall. With the way the different media outlets led with this story you would’ve thought they measured him at 5′ feet 5 inches tall or something like that. It was 1/4 of an inch people. Drew Brees won a Super Bowl and he was under 6′ feet tall. Russell Wilson just won a Super Bowl and he’s under 6′ feet tall. If you’d like to go back in time Fran Tarkenton took the Minnesota Vikings to three Super Bowls and while the Vikings didn’t win any of them Tarkenton still got them their. By the way Tarkenton is also in the pro football Hall of Fame. Does it matter that Manziel is under 6′ feet tall; no it doesn’t. There’s no height requirement to play quarterback in the NFL; at least not that I know of. Will Manziel take a team to the Super Bowl and win it? who knows. Will Manziel have a Hall of Fame career? who knows. Maybe we should let his NFL career play out before we decide that he’s to short to be an NFL quarterback.

After going back and looking over what I’m writing today I realized that I’ve been tough on the mainstream media but sadly they deserve it. After the U.S. woman’s hockey team lost a heartbreaking gold medal game in overtime to Canada there was actual a story written about how sad the woman looked while they where receiving there silver medals. They lost a 2 goal lead with a little over 3 minutes to play. They had a tough penalty called against them in the overtime period. They gave up the gold medal winning goal on that very power play. How where they suppose to look? Do you believe that they wanted to be on the ice watching Canada celebrate a gold medal that Team U.S.A. should’ve won.

Spring training has opened and there are still a couple of free agents out on the market. While Ubaldo Jimenez got a contract with the Baltimore Orioles, but outfielder Nelson Cruz and pitcher Ervin Santana are still unsigned. Cruz has had talks with quite a few teams and I think will end up with a team before to long. Santana on the other hand has actually said he’s willing to wait for the contract he wants. At the beginning of free agency Santana said he wanted a $100 million dollar deal. You have to wonder how long Santana is willing to sit out. Would it help his career if he sat out the entire 2014 season? If he was out all season why would a team by interested in paying him big money in 2015. I guess when you’re a free agent you have to make sure you don’t over play your hand. Maybe Santana should talk to Kendry Morales about that.

So how was your week?

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