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How was your Week? (12/28/13)

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So how many NBA games did you watch on Christmas day? I watched all of the Chicago Bulls win over the Brooklyn Nets. I also watched all of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s win over the New York Knicks. I only made it about half way through the Miami Heat victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. I managed to catch a total of about half of the game where the Houston Rockets defeated the San Antonio Spurs. I was unable to see any of the last game a Golden State Warriors win over the Los Angeles Clippers. The teams also wore jerseys with sleeves. Most of the people I heard talk about the jerseys didn’t like them but I actually did. I’d have to guess that the NBA referees didn’t like the jerseys since there where no numbers on the back and they had to search for the players number to make foul calls. It will be interesting to see if the NBA will pull these jerseys out again this season or if we’ve seen the last of them for now?

It’s week 17 in the NFL and there are two win and you’re in the playoffs games. Aaron Rodgers returns for the Green Bay Packers as they take on the Chicago Bears Sunday at 3:25 p.m. The winner of this game wins the NFC North and gets a playoff spot. While the Packers have Rodgers back, Clay Matthews had surgery on his thumb and is ruled out for this game. The Bears are a slight favorite in this game and a lot of the experts are picking Chicago to win this game and claim a playoff spot. It’s the best rivalry in the NFL in the last week of the regular season with a playoff spot on the line. What more could you ask for? The other win and you’re in-game is for the NFC East division title. The Philadelphia Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys in the Sunday night game for what will be the only playoff spot left by the time this game kicks off. After some game playing by the Cowboys, quarterback Tony Romo had back surgery on Friday and is out of this game. The Cowboys tried to string everyone along during the week and tried to make it seemed like Romo might play in this game. I don’t think anyone believed that at all but I think they where just trying to give the Eagles something to think about. Kyle Orton takes over as quarterback for the Cowboys; they signed Jon Kitna to be his back up. It’s a lot of pressure for Orton to step into but he’s a veteran quarterback and as long as the Cowboys game plan correctly for his skill set he’ll be fine. Now I’m not saying Dallas will win this game just that Orton has a chance to play well. If you want to know who we think is going to win these games listen tomorrow (Sunday) morning (December 29th) at 11:00 a.m. on Sports Time Radio to hear who we’re going with in these two games and all the other NFL week 17 match ups.

Dion Phanuef is in talks with the Toronto Maple Leafs on a seven year deal. The money that I heard was $7 million but I would think for a player like Phanuef it would be much higher. Phanuef is the Maple Leafs leader in minutes played and plus/minus and he does this against the other teams top line most of the time. In 38 games this season Phanuef has 3 goals and 11 assists with a plus minus rating of +10 while racking up 48 penalty minutes.

In the Eastern conference the Boston Bruins in leading the way with 54 points. The Pittsburgh Penguins are on top in the Metropolitan division with 57 points. In the Western Conference the Chicago Blackhawks lead the Central division with 60 points. The Anaheim Ducks lead the Pacific division with 59 points. Sidney Crosby leads the NHL in points with 50 while Patrick Kane is 2nd with 50 points. Alex Ovechkin leads the NHL in goals with 30 while Alexander Steen is 2nd with 24. Joe Thornton leads the NHL in assists with 37 while Nicholas Backstrom and Sidney Crosby are tied for 2nd with 34. Hampus Lindholm is a +22 to lead the NHL in plus minus rating. Tuukka Rask has 4 shutouts to lead all goalies in that category.

Masahiro Tanaka was posted by his Japanese team the Rakuten Golden Eagles on Christmas day. The rumor is Tanaka wants $17 million dollars a season to pitch in the majors. Once a team signs Tanaka his Japanese team will receive $20 million dollar from the team that signs Tanaka. Tanaka was 24 – 0 with a 1.27 era, last season. Tanaka did lose a game in the Japanese World Series but did come back the very next day to close out the championship. There are a long, long list of major league baseball teams looking to sign Tanaka; so now they have 30 days to get his signature on a contract. Let the bidding war start.

So how was your week?

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How was your Week 12/14/13

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The NFL Thursday night games aren’t always the best game of the week, but this week the match up had the San Diego Chargers vs. the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have pretty much wrapped up the AFC West while the Chargers are fighting to get into the playoffs. San Diego upset Denver 27 – 20 on Thursday night. The key to this game and what I’ve heard a lot of experts talking about is; did the Chargers show the rest of the NFL how to beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos? Manning was sacked once and threw a late interception to seal the victory for San Diego. The Chargers running game helped them control the game and keep the high-powered Denver offense on the sidelines watching the game. The Chargers ran 44 times for 177 yards and 1 touchdown. Ryan Matthews led the way for San Diego with 29 carries and 129 yards. Do you think the Chargers showed the rest of the NFL something?

We don’t talk a lot of UFC on the show but yesterday there was a big story concerning the UFC. Welterweight champion George St. – Pierre announced he was taking an indefinite leave of absence from the UFC and was vacating his welterweight championship. St. Pierre has long been talked about as the best pound for pound fighter in the world but a lot of people think he lost his last fight. St. Pierre was awarded a split decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 on November 16th. After that fight St. Pierre talked about hanging up his gloves and retiring from UFC. UFC President Dana White talked that there would be a rematch and even said he thought St. Pierre lost the fight. White hasn’t made a statement on this situation yet and I’m interested to see what he has to say. It was announced that Hendricks will fight Robbie Lawler to fill the vacant welterweight title on March 15th 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

While baseballs winter meetings ended this week the Kansas City Royals jumped out and signed 2nd baseman Omar Infante to a four-year deal worth $40 million. It would be difficult to go over ever signing that has happened in the last week; so I’ll just have randomly come up with some of them. A move I found really interesting was the Tigers signing Joba Chamberlain to a one year deal for $2.5 million. This could turn out to be one of the better free agent moves. Chamberlain always had a lot of potential but injuries have really derailed his career and you wonder if a change of scenery will allow him to get back on track. If it does he’ll be a great addition to the Tigers bullpen. Shin – Soo Choo and Nelson Cruz are the two most mentioned names still out on the free agent market. I think I’ve heard Choo’s name linked with just about every team in major league baseball. Cruz hasn’t been has talked about, but once Choo signs Cruz will become more popular on the free agent market. Did your team make a move?

So I have to ask you. How was your week?

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So major league baseball handed out their awards for the regular season. They gave out The Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, Cy Young award and the MVP award. For the most part I think the voting went as it should’ve. Will Myers and Jose Fernandez won the Rookie of the Year awards for their leagues. Fernandez beat out Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Myers main competition was from his teammate Chris Archer and the Detroit Tigers José Iglesias. These where the two players I thought should’ve won the awards. I think the only award that they handed out that I wasn’t in total agreement with was A. L. Manager of the Year. I thought John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox would get this award, but he finished 2nd to Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona. While the Indians had a good season Farrell and the Red Sox went from worst to first and I think he should’ve won this award. There where a lot of good choices in the national League for manager of the Year, but it was Clint Hurdle of the Pittsburgh Pirates who won the award. You could debate about Mike Matheny, Don Mattingly or Fredi González win this award, but I had no issue at all with the choice of Hurdle. Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw won the Cy Young awards for their leagues. Scherzer won 21 games and was the best choice in the American League. I know a lot of the new experts don’t value wins anymore, but 21 is an impressive total. The only other pitchers getting 1st place votes where Chris Sale and Scherzer’s teammate Anibal Sanchez while Yu Darvish finished 2nd in the voting. Kershaw received 29 out of 30 1st place votes on his way to his 2nd Cy young award in three years. The other 1st place vote went to the St. Louis Cardinals Adam Wainwright. Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez finished 3rd in the voting. Alright the category that drives me crazy M. V. P. Andrew McCutchen won the National League award getting all but two 1st place votes. While I believe McCutchen deserved this award I thought the voting would be much, much closer than it was. Paul Goldschimdt of the Arizona Diamondbacks finished 2nd in the voting and St. Louis cardinals catcher Yader Molina finished 3rd and got the other two 1st place votes. There was a little complaining about Molina’s 1st place votes since they came from two local St. Louis writers. I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal because I believe both writers had McCutchen 2nd on their ballots. Dan the Man mentioned on Friday’s show that Nike already has ads with McCutchen in them running; so I guess they thought he’d win as well. Now in the American League all I can say is here we go again. Miguel Cabrera won the MVP for the second year in a row and he should have. Mike Trout finished 2nd in the voting and I don’t think he should’ve been that high. While I like a lot of experts feel that Trout is the best player in baseball; there’s a difference between best and valuable. Again while Trout is the best; Cabrera is the most valuable. Cabrera got 23 1st place votes while Trout got 5 1st place votes; Chris Davis finished in 3rd place and got one first place vote. While I think Trout will win an M. V. P. award or two he hasn’t deserved to win these last two seasons. I’m glad the voters have been able to see this award the right way the last couple of seasons.

I guess we’re going to see if the Kansas City Chiefs are for real. The Chiefs take their 9 – 0 record to Mile High to take on the 8 – 1 Denver Broncos. More and more it’s looking like one of these teams win the A F C West and the other will claim one of the wild card spots. Denver plays very well at home and the Chiefs will need to use Jamaal Charles running ability to control the ball and keep Peyton Manning and the Denver offense off the field. I do have to wonder if the Dwayne Bowe arrest during the week will be any type of distraction for the Chiefs. There where a couple of drug arrests this week in the NFL as not only Bowe, but Jason Snelling of the Atlanta Falcons was arrested for possession of marijuana. Both players are scheduled to play in their teams games this weekend and you have to wonder if the NFL will step in and administer any type of punishment to either player.

So how was your week?

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With the World Series over, the baseball off-season starts to heat up. Yesterday on the show, Start of the weekend; Friday Dan the Man and I discussed free agent demands that Ervin Santana and Rickey Nolasco have made. Santana wants a contract worth $100 million and Nolasco is looking for a contract worth $80 million. Now I know this is a down year for free agent pitching but why would a team consider giving either if these pitchers contracts worth anywhere near that amount. Santana made 32 starts last season and had a 9 – 10 record. He pitched 211 innings and had a good ERA 3.24, but does that make him worth a $100 million dollar contract. Nolasco went 13 – 11 overall, but was 8 – 3 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nolasco made 33 starts and pitched 199 innings total. His ERA with the Dodgers was 3.52, but would that make you want to pay him $80 million dollars over the life of a contract. It will be interesting to see which teams will jump in and negotiation with these two pitchers but I think I’d be very surprised to see either of them get the kind of long-term deals and the kind of money they’re asking for right now. If these two pitchers are worth this kind of money what would a free agent pitcher like Matt Garza would command. Garza is a free agent as well and has always been looked at as a guy with #1 starter type of stuff. I’m not sure the same could be said about either Nolasco or Santana.

The NBA season is getting going and the Indiana Pacers are the only undefeated team at 6 – 0; while the Utah Jazz are the only team that hasn’t picked up a win yet. The Jazz are currently at 0 – 6 as I’m writing this. You’d have to say the biggest surprise to start the NBA season are the 4 – 2 Philadelphia 76ers. While the 76ers may still end up in the draft lottery you can’t say they haven’t gotten off to a surprising start; even getting a win over the Miami Heat. Evan Turner is leading the team in scoring at 22 points a game. While rookie Michael Carter – Williams is averaging 18 points and 7 assists a game. While I’m sure no one is ready to put the 76ers in the NBA finals they are a good story to start the year off.

With the NHL season about a third of the way over the Anaheim Ducks have the most points in the league right now with 29 and lead the Pacific division. The Colorado Avalanche aren’t that far behind with 26 points and are leading the Central division. There is still a long way to go in this NHL season and right now there are 13 teams with 20 points or more and 9 of them are in the Western Conference. The Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby is leading the league in points with 23 while the St. Louis Blues Alexander Steen leads the league with 14 goals; Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks is the league leader in assists with 17.

Tuesday on the show we talked quite a bit about the Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito situation with the Miami Dolphins. I don’t want to go into all the details about what has went on with these two Dolphin players and at this points it’s a no win situation for both guys. At this point in time I’m wondering if either Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito will ever play in the NFL again.

So, how was your week?

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Another special Thursday


Sports Time Radio Pregame Show

The Boston Red Sox are World Series champions. I have to tell the truth I thought the St. Louis Cardinals would end up winning that series. In game 6 Michael Wacha showed that he was a rookie with very limited playoff experience. I thought that the Cardinals would break out and start hitting, but the Red Sox pitching shut them down. John Lackey had a big comeback season and series. Lackey has clinched 2 World series for 2 different teams. As a rookie Lackey got the win in the World Series clinching game for the Angels. I don’t know if they where being called The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim yet or if they where still the California Angeles. Sorry I got a little side tracked there. David Ortiz was the M.V.P. of the World Series; while some experts where pushing for Clay Bucholtz to win the award. I believe they made the right choice as Ortiz put up numbers that only 2 people have done better than in a World Series. After the way Ortiz played in the World Series and with winning the M.V.P., talk started on if he will make the baseball Hall of Fame when his career is over. I don’t really know where I stand on this but I’ve heard everything from he’ll be a first ballot hall of famer to he won’t get in because he didn’t play defense. The Red Sox went from worst to first and now the talk starts on if they’ll repeat in 2014.

So which one of you had the Miami Heat starting the season 1 – 2. I know it’s very early in the season but I’m a little surprised the Heat have dropped 2 consecutive games. I really thought the Heat might struggle opening night against the Chicago Bulls but they handled the Bulls easily 107 – 95. They turned around the next night and lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 114 – 110 and then last night lost to the Brooklyn Nets 101 – 100. Now I don’t think anyone would be surprised if at the end of the playoffs in 2014 the Heat are raising the trophy again. It just shows how odd and long the NBA season can be.

Every Sunday morning Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy and I make are picks for that weeks NFL games and have we had a rough year. We finally had a better week in Week 8. Dan the Man and I where 9 – 3 while Mr. Fantasy went 8 – 4. For the season Dan the Man and I are 70 – 42 while Mr. Fantasy is trailing at 65 – 48. It just seems like it’s been a tough year for us to pick games. We’ll be on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. to make our picks again and talk about the week in fantasy football. I guess will see how this week goes for us.

So how was your week?

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How was your Week (9/7/13)

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Again I have to start this week out with apologizing for Friday’s show. More issues came up during the show and I know their where some problems listening to us on and i am very sorry for these problems and hopefully when next Friday rolls around the problems will be worked out.

At the start of Friday’s show I mentioned I had read a couple of articles about the Chicago White Sox. Since Dan was off Friday Mr. Fantasy filled in for the entire show and the White Sox are his favorite baseball team. The articles talked about Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko retiring after this season. I’d be shocked to see Dunn retire, since he still has money left on that big free agent contract he signed with the White Sox. Konerko has had a solid career but I could see him retiring. It’s a lot like rebuilding without selling off your pieces. With the season the White Sox have had it might be good for the team to start looking for younger players to build around. Dunn has pretty much been a bust for the White Sox since they signed him. While he’s put up big home run numbers they don’t make up for low batting average. Dunn seems to struggle every season to stay about .200 and it’s tough to win with that kind of hitter in your line up. There’s still a few weeks left in the regular season, so will see what these two players decide to do with their careers.

The NFL season started on Thursday with the Denver Broncos beating the Baltimore Ravens 49 – 27. Peyton Manning threw for 462 yards and seven touchdowns. So every Peyton Manning fantasy owner was thrilled on Friday when they saw his stats. The rest of the teams are in action Sunday and week 1 wraps up Monday night with a doubleheader. I’m not going to go through all the match ups here as we starting a NFL preview Sunday morning show at 10:00 a.m. on Blog Talk Radio. The show is simply titled NFL preview week 1 if you’d like to listen.

We never had a chance to discuss this on the show but there was a huge deal made in the media about a fight at Philadelphia Eagles practice between cornerback Cary Williams and wide receiver Riley Cooper. Fights happen all the time at NFL training camps and practices, so you’re wondering why this one made news. Well as you know Cooper had a video released in the summer of him using a racial slur at a concert and Williams is a black man. In all the accounts I’ve read of this altercation Williams was the one who used the racial slur during the fight and it had nothing to do with what Cooper said in that video. It was just two players who had a fight at practice but since Cooper was involved it became a big media event. It’s sad that the media is going to try to turn everything Cooper does into a racial issue when it’s just a football play.

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How was your Week? (8/10/13)

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So many sports stories this week it’s tough to figure out where to start. P.E.D’s, NCAA violations and football started; so here we go.

Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) got himself suspended for 211 games. By far the most out of all the other performance enhancing drug users. He of course appealed the suspension so he could play this season with the New York Yankees. The reports are that they won’t hear the appeal case until the off-season. So, A-Rod will be able to finish this season and then we’ll see. Let’s face it, this guy is guilty. His press conference was a huge joke and he just lied his way through it like every other statement he’s ever given. I think the worst part for me about this guy is he’s been going around speaking to kids about not using steroids and other type of drugs. How frightening is it that this guy would’ve been standing in front of a group of children telling them how bad something is and then turning around and doing it right afterwards. All the other players accepted their suspension which was 50 games for each player. The new story that has just come out and we didn’t get to it on the show was Jack Clark accusing Albert Pujols of using performance enhancing drugs. I’m sure we’ll cover this on Sunday’s show. The Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers made trades to cover the positions where they lost players to drug suspensions. The Tigers got José Iglesias in a three team deal to play shortstop while Jhonny Peralta is gone and the Rangers traded for Alex Rios to fill Nelson Cruz’s spot while he’s gone. I believe these where the only two players that were on contending teams that where suspended during this time.

Johnny Manziel found himself involved in another situation with the NCAA this week. It’s being reported that Manziel was paid for some autographs which is a violation of NCAA rules. Apparently there is a video of Manziel signing some helmets that were sold by a broker. Of course there’s nothing wrong with signing the helmets and there’s no proof on the video the Manziel was paid for the autographs. The Manziel family has hired a lawyer who’s dealt with the NCAA before, so we’ll see what else comes out of this situation. I have heard some legal experts say they doubt the NCAA will ever be able to prove if Manziel was paid for these autographs or not. Jadeveon Clowney and Teddy Bridgewater’s names have also came out during this investigation but no evidence has been found against any of these players. With the college football season just a few weeks away I doubt any of these players will miss any time at all.

Now if you’ve listened to the show you know about “The Bet.” Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy made a bet on the show on who would be the best team in California. Dan the Man took the Dodgers and Mr. Fantasy has all the other teams. Right now the Oakland A’s are the only team standing in Dan’s way of winning. We added that the team that goes the farthest in the playoffs would win “The Bet” as well. The Dodgers are winning the National League West while the A’s are in a battle to win the American League West. It looks like the only way either of these teams will make the playoffs is to win their division. By the way the winner of “The Bet” gets a fitted hat.

The NFL pre-season has started, so football is right around the corner. It can be tough to watch an entire pre-season game. I always watch the first few series of a game but once the starters come out of the game it’s not as entertaining to watch. It looks like the biggest battle in the pre-season is who’s going to be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick and Nick Foles will both get snaps with the first team offense during the pre-season. Teams don’t show a whole lot during the pre-season but we get to sit through these games.

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Monday Madness

Dan returns to Wednesday

Friday Evening Lights

Mock Draft Round 1

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Sports Time Radio has asked me to help everyone prepare for the 2013 season of Fantasy Football. I am going to release each week a mock draft. Our mock draft will be a 20 team mock draft and is a PPR league. I will release rounds 1-5. Then based on what has transpired in preseason I will adjust my rankings and redraft each week.

Before I release this week’s mock draft I want to update everyone on key injuries that will affect your draft.

1) Jeremy Maclin – Out for 2013 season

2) Dennis Pita – Out for 2013 season

3) Percy Harvin – Looks like surgery but the time table is not clear. I think it will be significant part of the season. Monitor this closely. He currently has been taken off my board until I see he can play this year.

4) Ben Roethlisberger – Soreness on in his surgically repaired right knee. Nobody has called this a setback, but it is worth watching. He has not fallen on my board yet. He remains number 14 on my board of fantasy QBs.

Let’s start round 1


Round 1




Adrian Peterson




Arian Foster




Doug Martin


Tampa Bay


Calvin Johnson




Marshawn Lynch




Jamel Charles




LeSean McCoy




Ray Rice




Brandon Marshall




Aaron Rogers


Green Bay


Matt Forte




Drew Brees




Payton Manning




Alfred Morris




CJ Spiller








Trent Richardson




Andre Johnson




Dez Byrant




Julio Jones



Round one is dominated by running backs. If you draft at the top of your draft the only decision you need to make is what running back you will take.

This is the deepest QB draft I can remember, so you can wait a little on this position. I do feel the top three QBs are worth taking in the middle to late first round.

Last year Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall scored as many points as the elite running backs did. These two wide receivers are worth taking in the top 10.

I will release round two on Monday 7/29.


After a week off to announce the Sports Time Radio All Stars, we’re back.

I’m a little disappointed that baseball hasn’t gotten more attention on the highlight shows. For whatever reason there seems to be a lot of NBA talk, even though Dwight Howard signed a week ago with the Houston Rockets. While I enjoy the NBA I don’t need to see more highlights from your summer league games than I do from an actual baseball that counts in the standings. I’ll take most of the blame for this as I don’t have the MLB network on my cable package. I guess if I want my baseball highlights I’ll have to breakdown and upgrade my cable package but like almost everyone else out their I’m not looking forward to spending the extra money.

Did you vote for the last spot on the All Star team? I always vote once and I cast my vote for Joaquin Benoit (Detroit Tigers) in the American League and Yasiel Puig (Los Angles Dodgers) in the National League. Out of the ten (10) guys that where on the ballot these where the two (2) players I wanted to see. Of course I didn’t get my wish as Steve Delabar (Toronto Blue Jays) & Freddie Freeman (Atlanta Braves) won the fan voting. The Toronto fans and the Atlanta fans teamed up to vote for each others players and I know there was some issue with this. Dan the Man pointed out on the show that the San Francisco Giants had a team they partnered with, but right now I’m drawing a blank on who that team was. It was a promotion to get you to vote for each others players. This isn’t a big an issue to me as it is to some experts; it’s the All Star game and you’re allowed to vote for whoever on the ballot you want to vote for.

Ilya Kovalchuk walked away from the NHL and a contract that would’ve paid him $77 million. Kovalchuk is from Russia and more or less just wanted to go home. He made $23 million on the contract before leaving and I’m guessing will play in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) next season. A lot of people have called Kovalchuk out for doing this but I don’t see an issue with this. If Kovalchuk wanted to go home and play hockey he should be allowed to be. The New Jersey Devils don’t have to pay off the contract and I don’t believe it will count against their salary cap. While the Devils have to replace Kovalchuk I think they would rather replace him than deal with an unhappy player.

Believe it or not NFL training camps are getting ready to open. I thought I heard the New Orleans Saints open training camp first on July 18th. These aren’t your father’s NFL training camps. With the new collective bargaining agreement teams can still have doubles; two (2) practices in the same day, but their only allowed to wear pads for one (1) of these practices. While I’m sure these practices are very, very tough I’d like to know how they compare to the older training camps? “Are you ready for some Football”


I’ve noticed that there are actually a lot of people drafting for fantasy football already. This is tough for me to do as the season doesn’t start for about three (3) months or so and a lot of things can happen between now and then. Going with the trend we had Sports Time Radio’s fantasy expert Mr. Fantasy rank his top 10 Quarterbacks and wide receivers on Friday nights show.
Here’s his list:

#1 Aaron Rodgers
#2 Drew Brees
#3 Peyton Manning
#4 Tom Brady
#5 Matt Ryan
#6 Matthew Stafford
#7 Cam Newton
#8 Colin Kaepernick
#9 Russell Wilson
#10 Robert Griffin III

Wide Receivers
#1 Calvin Johnson
#2 Brandon Marshall
#3 Andre Johnson
#4 Dez Bryant
#5 Julio Jones
#6 A. J. Green
#7 Larry Fitzgerald
#8 Demaryius Thomas
#9 Roddy White
#10 Vincent Jackson

So the NBA Finals came down to a 7th game. The Miami Heat won their 2nd consecutive title and LeBron James was named finals M.V.P. It was the outcome a lot of people predicted at the start of the season, but it wasn’t as easy as experts thought. Even though Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and James predicted championships and a lot of them I’m not sure this team will get them. You have to wonder if Bosh likes being the forgotten superstar. He was one of the top players in the NBA before signing with Miami. Would you consider him that now? The off-season is always fun as the question have already started for other teams besides the Heat. Will Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett be in Boston at the start of next season? Where will Dwight Howard end up playing next season? Then of course the draft is coming up; so who”s the #1 pick?

The NHL season is coming to a close as well. The Stanley Cup finals are down to the best 2 out of 3 games between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. The series went from great goaltending to an offensive explosion; so you wonder which series will get tonight in game 5. You would think the faster more offensive game would favor the Blackhawks, but the Bruins have found ways to win throughout the playoffs. The goaltenders become key down the stretch and you’d have to think the team with the best goalie will be hosting the Cup in the end.

Baseball is ready to step up and take center stage. How is your favorite team doing? How do you think they’ll do the rest of the season?

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Sunday Night Fever

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