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How was your Week (9/7/13)

Posted: September 7, 2013 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, football, sports, Uncategorized
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Again I have to start this week out with apologizing for Friday’s show. More issues came up during the show and I know their where some problems listening to us on and i am very sorry for these problems and hopefully when next Friday rolls around the problems will be worked out.

At the start of Friday’s show I mentioned I had read a couple of articles about the Chicago White Sox. Since Dan was off Friday Mr. Fantasy filled in for the entire show and the White Sox are his favorite baseball team. The articles talked about Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko retiring after this season. I’d be shocked to see Dunn retire, since he still has money left on that big free agent contract he signed with the White Sox. Konerko has had a solid career but I could see him retiring. It’s a lot like rebuilding without selling off your pieces. With the season the White Sox have had it might be good for the team to start looking for younger players to build around. Dunn has pretty much been a bust for the White Sox since they signed him. While he’s put up big home run numbers they don’t make up for low batting average. Dunn seems to struggle every season to stay about .200 and it’s tough to win with that kind of hitter in your line up. There’s still a few weeks left in the regular season, so will see what these two players decide to do with their careers.

The NFL season started on Thursday with the Denver Broncos beating the Baltimore Ravens 49 – 27. Peyton Manning threw for 462 yards and seven touchdowns. So every Peyton Manning fantasy owner was thrilled on Friday when they saw his stats. The rest of the teams are in action Sunday and week 1 wraps up Monday night with a doubleheader. I’m not going to go through all the match ups here as we starting a NFL preview Sunday morning show at 10:00 a.m. on Blog Talk Radio. The show is simply titled NFL preview week 1 if you’d like to listen.

We never had a chance to discuss this on the show but there was a huge deal made in the media about a fight at Philadelphia Eagles practice between cornerback Cary Williams and wide receiver Riley Cooper. Fights happen all the time at NFL training camps and practices, so you’re wondering why this one made news. Well as you know Cooper had a video released in the summer of him using a racial slur at a concert and Williams is a black man. In all the accounts I’ve read of this altercation Williams was the one who used the racial slur during the fight and it had nothing to do with what Cooper said in that video. It was just two players who had a fight at practice but since Cooper was involved it became a big media event. It’s sad that the media is going to try to turn everything Cooper does into a racial issue when it’s just a football play.

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