11/16/13 How was your Week?

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So major league baseball handed out their awards for the regular season. They gave out The Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, Cy Young award and the MVP award. For the most part I think the voting went as it should’ve. Will Myers and Jose Fernandez won the Rookie of the Year awards for their leagues. Fernandez beat out Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Myers main competition was from his teammate Chris Archer and the Detroit Tigers José Iglesias. These where the two players I thought should’ve won the awards. I think the only award that they handed out that I wasn’t in total agreement with was A. L. Manager of the Year. I thought John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox would get this award, but he finished 2nd to Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona. While the Indians had a good season Farrell and the Red Sox went from worst to first and I think he should’ve won this award. There where a lot of good choices in the national League for manager of the Year, but it was Clint Hurdle of the Pittsburgh Pirates who won the award. You could debate about Mike Matheny, Don Mattingly or Fredi González win this award, but I had no issue at all with the choice of Hurdle. Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw won the Cy Young awards for their leagues. Scherzer won 21 games and was the best choice in the American League. I know a lot of the new experts don’t value wins anymore, but 21 is an impressive total. The only other pitchers getting 1st place votes where Chris Sale and Scherzer’s teammate Anibal Sanchez while Yu Darvish finished 2nd in the voting. Kershaw received 29 out of 30 1st place votes on his way to his 2nd Cy young award in three years. The other 1st place vote went to the St. Louis Cardinals Adam Wainwright. Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez finished 3rd in the voting. Alright the category that drives me crazy M. V. P. Andrew McCutchen won the National League award getting all but two 1st place votes. While I believe McCutchen deserved this award I thought the voting would be much, much closer than it was. Paul Goldschimdt of the Arizona Diamondbacks finished 2nd in the voting and St. Louis cardinals catcher Yader Molina finished 3rd and got the other two 1st place votes. There was a little complaining about Molina’s 1st place votes since they came from two local St. Louis writers. I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal because I believe both writers had McCutchen 2nd on their ballots. Dan the Man mentioned on Friday’s show that Nike already has ads with McCutchen in them running; so I guess they thought he’d win as well. Now in the American League all I can say is here we go again. Miguel Cabrera won the MVP for the second year in a row and he should have. Mike Trout finished 2nd in the voting and I don’t think he should’ve been that high. While I like a lot of experts feel that Trout is the best player in baseball; there’s a difference between best and valuable. Again while Trout is the best; Cabrera is the most valuable. Cabrera got 23 1st place votes while Trout got 5 1st place votes; Chris Davis finished in 3rd place and got one first place vote. While I think Trout will win an M. V. P. award or two he hasn’t deserved to win these last two seasons. I’m glad the voters have been able to see this award the right way the last couple of seasons.

I guess we’re going to see if the Kansas City Chiefs are for real. The Chiefs take their 9 – 0 record to Mile High to take on the 8 – 1 Denver Broncos. More and more it’s looking like one of these teams win the A F C West and the other will claim one of the wild card spots. Denver plays very well at home and the Chiefs will need to use Jamaal Charles running ability to control the ball and keep Peyton Manning and the Denver offense off the field. I do have to wonder if the Dwayne Bowe arrest during the week will be any type of distraction for the Chiefs. There where a couple of drug arrests this week in the NFL as not only Bowe, but Jason Snelling of the Atlanta Falcons was arrested for possession of marijuana. Both players are scheduled to play in their teams games this weekend and you have to wonder if the NFL will step in and administer any type of punishment to either player.

So how was your week?

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