How was your Week? (8/10/13)

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So many sports stories this week it’s tough to figure out where to start. P.E.D’s, NCAA violations and football started; so here we go.

Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) got himself suspended for 211 games. By far the most out of all the other performance enhancing drug users. He of course appealed the suspension so he could play this season with the New York Yankees. The reports are that they won’t hear the appeal case until the off-season. So, A-Rod will be able to finish this season and then we’ll see. Let’s face it, this guy is guilty. His press conference was a huge joke and he just lied his way through it like every other statement he’s ever given. I think the worst part for me about this guy is he’s been going around speaking to kids about not using steroids and other type of drugs. How frightening is it that this guy would’ve been standing in front of a group of children telling them how bad something is and then turning around and doing it right afterwards. All the other players accepted their suspension which was 50 games for each player. The new story that has just come out and we didn’t get to it on the show was Jack Clark accusing Albert Pujols of using performance enhancing drugs. I’m sure we’ll cover this on Sunday’s show. The Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers made trades to cover the positions where they lost players to drug suspensions. The Tigers got José Iglesias in a three team deal to play shortstop while Jhonny Peralta is gone and the Rangers traded for Alex Rios to fill Nelson Cruz’s spot while he’s gone. I believe these where the only two players that were on contending teams that where suspended during this time.

Johnny Manziel found himself involved in another situation with the NCAA this week. It’s being reported that Manziel was paid for some autographs which is a violation of NCAA rules. Apparently there is a video of Manziel signing some helmets that were sold by a broker. Of course there’s nothing wrong with signing the helmets and there’s no proof on the video the Manziel was paid for the autographs. The Manziel family has hired a lawyer who’s dealt with the NCAA before, so we’ll see what else comes out of this situation. I have heard some legal experts say they doubt the NCAA will ever be able to prove if Manziel was paid for these autographs or not. Jadeveon Clowney and Teddy Bridgewater’s names have also came out during this investigation but no evidence has been found against any of these players. With the college football season just a few weeks away I doubt any of these players will miss any time at all.

Now if you’ve listened to the show you know about “The Bet.” Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy made a bet on the show on who would be the best team in California. Dan the Man took the Dodgers and Mr. Fantasy has all the other teams. Right now the Oakland A’s are the only team standing in Dan’s way of winning. We added that the team that goes the farthest in the playoffs would win “The Bet” as well. The Dodgers are winning the National League West while the A’s are in a battle to win the American League West. It looks like the only way either of these teams will make the playoffs is to win their division. By the way the winner of “The Bet” gets a fitted hat.

The NFL pre-season has started, so football is right around the corner. It can be tough to watch an entire pre-season game. I always watch the first few series of a game but once the starters come out of the game it’s not as entertaining to watch. It looks like the biggest battle in the pre-season is who’s going to be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick and Nick Foles will both get snaps with the first team offense during the pre-season. Teams don’t show a whole lot during the pre-season but we get to sit through these games.

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