How was your Week? (8/3/13)

Posted: August 4, 2013 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, basketball, football
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So I’m actually a day behind getting this week’s How was your Week posted. I had another engagement yesterday that prevented me from getting it written, but I figure it gave you all one (1) more day to check out Mr. Fantasy’s first mock draft of the season.

It looks like the BioGenesis suspension are going to be announced on Monday. Of course, the big player in all this is Alex Rodriguez (A Rod) of the New York Yankees. While nothing has been officially announced yet the reports are that A Rod will receive a suspension that will not only last through this season but all of next season. There are twelve other players that will receive suspensions on Monday as well. The reports are that these twelve players have agreed to take fifty game suspensions. A Rod has denied any involvement in this and he made a statement that didn’t make major league baseball Commissioner Bud Selig happy. Selig was so upset with A Rod’s statement that he cut off all negotiations with A Rod’s camp on an agreement for a suspensions. I guess you have to wonder if this will close the Anthony Bosch, BioGenesis chapter in major league baseball.

The NFL exhibition season starts on Sunday. The Miami Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys in the Hall of Fame game. Reports are that Tony Romo won’t play in today’s game. Romo had off-season surgery and the Cowboys will hold him out of today’s game. Being that these two teams get an extra pre-season game you wonder how much we’ll see the starters play today. I’d guess that we’ll only see the starters for a series or two and that will be it. This means we’re just five weeks away from the NFL regular season starting. Hopefully you have your fantasy draft up and ready to go. Mr. Fantasy posted the first five rounds of his mock draft for you to take a look at. It’s a good guide to start you on your way this season. Of course these will change as we get closer to the regular season. There will be more injuries to deal with as we get closer to the regular season. Hopefully there won’t be to many more season ending injuries. It seems like we have had a few more than usual to start the season.

Something we didn’t really get to cover on the show this week was Greg Oden signing with the Miami Heat. Oden was the #1 overall pick by the Portland Trailblazers. I believe it was the 2007 NBA draft when Oden went #1; of course Kevin Durant was the 2nd player chosen in that draft. Miami is a good landing spot for Oden. He won’t be asked to try to carry a team and he’ll be able to just worry about rebounding and playing defense. Oden has had three microfracture surgeries on his knee to try to get it right. You’d have to think the Heat will monitor his minutes and not ask Oden to do too much.

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