8/17/13 How was your Week?

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So not only is Alex Rodriguez performance enhancing drug (P.E.D.) user, he’s also a snitch according to a report from 60 Minutes. The news show is reporting that A Rod’s camp released the names of Ryan Braun, teammate Francisco Cervelli and other players who were involved in the Biogenesis scandal. Of course Rodriquez denied all of these reports in a press conference yesterday but did you expect him to say anything else. It’s a good thing for Alex Rodriquez that I’m not commissioner of baseball because I would’ve suspended him for life. I caught just a second of a report that said Ryan Braun is going to come out and admit he used P. E. D’s and apologize. This should be interesting because no one has ever really admitted they’ve used anything. Jason Giambi apologized for something when he had P. E. D. issues but he never mentioned what he was apologizing for. I have to wonder how the Yankees are handling all the A Rod garbage. It’s one thing to rat out someone from another team but he threw a teammate under the bus in all this. I also wonder how pitchers from other teams will handle this. Will they throw A Rod a little bit of chin music for snitching on one of their teammates. I’d have to think he’ll be hit by a few more pitches than he normally would be.

The NFL pre-season is up and running. Last night (Friday) Fox had a national game featuring the New England Patriots vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I watched almost half of the game. I don’t know about you but when the third stringers get into the game I normally stop watching. Oddly I caught the highlights of the game later at night and they seemed to want to try to find a way to talk about Tim Tebow. Now being a fantasy football player the big story to me was the injury to Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin. It looked like Martin took a knee to the helmet but was able to walk off under his own power and looked alright walking to the locker room. Martin of course is day-to-day and it’s early enough in the pre-season for him to recover for week 1. Now Martin is a top three pick in most, if not all fantasy football drafts and a serious injury to him would shake up everyone’s fantasy draft board. Hopefully he’ll be fine and end up being the top fantasy player people are counting on. Just a little more on the fantasy front. I heard one fantasy expert say that C. J. Spiller should be the 2nd pick in your fantasy draft right behind Adrian Peterson. This is an interesting pick for me since Spiller has never been the full-time starter. He split time with Fred Jackson last season until Jackson got injured. Spiller is that take it to the house kind of player every time he has the ball in his hands and is very effective in the passing game as well. On my board I had Doug Martin (Tampa Bay) and Arian Foster (Houston) ahead of Spiller. In most fantasy drafts Spiller was going right around pick #6 or #7 but has started to move up most draft boards. With any fantasy football league it depends on what scoring system you use on how these players will work out.

Dan the Man and I did a special show on Thursday previewing the NFC & AFC East divisions. We’re going to continue to do these previews and next week we go through the NFC & AFC South teams. It’s always fun for us to go through and do these previews. I got to do the AFC side of the preview and noticed that two of the teams I previewed had no idea who their starting quarterback will be. It actually also helps me find those sleeper type players that help your team win your league. We’re going through all the divisions with special Thursday show and I hope you’ve had a chance to listen and they help you out.

If you’re a fan of National League baseball a lot of experts are saying your playoffs are set. It’s the Atlanta Braves out of the East. The Los Angeles Dodgers out of the West. The other three (3) playoff teams are out of the National League Central division. Either the Pittsburgh Pirates or the St. Louis Cardinals winning the division and the Cincinnati Reds claiming the 2nd wild card spot. Of course either the Pirates or the Cardinals would be a wild card team depending on who wins the division. Sadly for Schaumburg Stu he has to “wait until next year” for his Chicago Cubs.

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