How was your Week (8/24/13)

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Ryan Braun released an apology this week and at least he admitted to using a performance enhancing drug. He used the injury excuse for turning to drugs but I don’t believe that at all. This apology was better than Jason Giambi’s years ago since Braun said he used drugs. I didn’t read Braun’s statement word for word but I wonder if he apologized to the guy who handle his sample. He killed this poor guy in the media trying to cover up his drug use. Now we’ll see if Braun’s teammate and the Milwaukee Brewers fans will forgive him. If he comes back and puts up good numbers I’m sure all will be forgotten; but if he comes back and struggles you wonder how the fans will react to him. If anyone believes that Braun only started using after he had an injury you’re really giving him the benefit of the doubt there.

On a positive baseball note it was announced yesterday that Vin Scully is coming back to broadcast Los Angles Dodger games next season. Scully is one of my favorite guys to listen to when I get that free MLB Extra Innings preview a couple of times a year. You have to wonder how many more seasons Scully can continue to broadcast games but I hope he sticks around as long as he can.

Dan the Man and I did our preview of the NFC & AFC South divisions on Thursday. It was my turn to do the NFC. So of course Dan the Man handled the AFC but I did have to help him a little. Hopefully you got a chance to listen live or you can go into the archives and listen still. The previews are fun to do and it really helps me in my fantasy drafts covering teams like this. There is so much talent in the NFC South on offense that it should be a fantasy players dream if they can land a few of these guys. A lot of the players in this division will go early at their positions. Doug Martin will be the 2nd or 3rd running back off the board. Jimmy Graham should be the 1st tight end selected. Julio Jones will be drafted early and Roddy White shouldn’t be too far behind him. We haven’t even mentioned quarterbacks as Drew Brees is a top three (3) guy with Matt Ryan being a solid fantasy pick and I wouldn’t complain if I had to start Cam Newton at quarterback. You can check out Mr. Fantasy’s mock draft to see where he has these guys going. Also look at his list of top players to see where he has these guys ranked.

There hasn’t been a lot of NBA talk on the show as of late but I saw where Chris Paul was voted president of the players union. I know there was a lot of buzz that LeBron James was going to run for this position. Paul is replacing Derrick Fischer as head of the players union. Paul is the top point guard in the NBA and I don’t know how much time he’ll have to allocate to the union, but hopefully it won’t affect his play on the court.

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