8/31/13 How was your Week?

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I want to start out this week by apologizing for last night’s (Friday’s) show. We had a ton of technical difficulties and ended up having the show get cut off five minutes early then we where suppose to. We didn’t get to our 9:00 p.m. live show ending and didn’t get to do our fifteen minute over run. I don’t know if it was the weather or the web site that where causing our issues but it was a rough night and I want to apologize to our listeners.

Schaumburg Stu filled in for Dan the Man on Wednesday night and we ended up talking quite a bit about professional wrestling. I started watching professional wrestling in the 1970’s and Schaumburg Stu started watching before I did. I think he’s been a wrestling fan since the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Sadly neither of us are big fans of the new style of pro wrestling. Through the years Stu and I have seen some of the greatest pro wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring and the crop of guys wrestling right now don’t seem to be in that class. I don’t know if it’s the style they’re taught or how they’re booked but the sport just doesn’t seem the same to me. It seems like every time I turn on a wrestling show, I seem to end up watching a lot of promos and backstage skits instead of actually in ring wrestling. Stu and I have talked about if wrestling will ever go back to the style he and I used to really enjoy. Sadly, neither of us see this happening.

On Friday’s show, Mr. Fantasy filled in for Dan the Man. Dan went to the Kid Rock/ZZ Top concert, so I let him have the night off. We where trying to cover as many fantasy football topics as we could. We have fantasy drafts tonight (Saturday) and another one tomorrow night (Sunday); so we’re going to be busy. Adrian Petersen seems to be the consensus #1 pick but pretty much after that it’s wide open. Every expert seems to say that running backs will go early and often and that you can wait on a picking a quarterback. I guess we’ll see who I end up with this season. Either way, it’s always fun.

The NCAA wrapped up their investigation of Johnny Manziel and suspended him. Manziel won’t play the first half of Texas A & M’s game today (Saturday) against Rice. It doesn’t seem like much of a punishment and Manziel lawyer released a statement saying Manziel only took the suspension to “get back on the field”. When this story first broke I caught part of an interview a legal expert gave one of the many sports shows out there. He mentioned that the NCAA was going to have a difficult time proving that Manziel did what he was accused of. I’m sorry that I can’t remember this legal experts name because he was right on the money with his statement. I’ve had a lot of my Facebook friends cry about the fact that Manziel will only miss half of a game. They seem to forget that you can’t suspend him for what you think he did but what you can prove. Would I be surprised if Johnny Manziel took money for his autograph; no I wouldn’t be. Can the NCAA prove that he took money for his autograph; NO they can’t. Manziel is an exciting college football player and hopefully his name will just be associated with Texas A & M football for the rest of the season.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates have back to back weekend series. Pittsburgh won the first game last night (Friday) 5 – 0. Francisco Lirano pitched eight shutout inning for the Pirates in last nights victory. Today’s pitching match up Lance Lynn for St. Louis against A. J. Burnett for Pittsburgh. If either team can take advantage of these series they could win the National League central. As long as neither team collapses they should both make the playoffs but you’d rather win the division than have to play the one game wild card playoff game.

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