Our NFL Predictions 2013 season

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Once again we here at Sports Time radio try to predict what will happen this coming NFL season. Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy, Schaumburg Stu and I all made picks on what we think is going to happen.

Let’s start close to our homes with the NFC North.

Stu has 1st Green Bay 2nd Minnesota 3rd Chicago 4th Detroit

Mr. Fantasy has Green Bay winning the division at 11 – 5.

While Dan the Man has Minnesota winning the NFC North.

I have 1st Green Bay (11 – 5) 2nd Minnesota (8 – 8) 3rd Chicago (7 – 9) 4th Detroit (7 -9)

NFC South

Stu 1st Atlanta 2nd New Orleans 3rd Tampa Bay 4th Carolina

Mr. Fantasy has Atlanta (12 – 4)

I have 1st Atlanta (9 – 7) 2nd New Orleans (9 – 7) 3rd Carolina ( 7 – 9) 4th Tampa Bay (4 – 12)

NFC East

Stu 1st Washington 2nd New York Giants 3rd Philadelphia 4th Dallas

Mr. Fantasy has Dallas (10 – 6) and Dan has the New York Giants

I have 1st Dallas (9 – 7) 2nd Washington (8 – 8) 3rd New York Giants (8 – 8) 4th Philadelphia (7 – 9)

NFC West

Stu 1st Seattle 2nd San Francisco 3rd St. Louis 4th Arizona

Mr. Fantasy has Seattle (10 – 6) and Dan has Seattle also.

I have 1st Seattle (11 – 5) 2nd San Francisco (10 – 6) 3rd St. Louis (6 – 10) 4th Arizona (6 – 10)


Stu has Green Bay going to the Super Bowl out of the NFC.

Mr. Fantasy has Chicago (wild card) over Dallas in round one also Seattle over San Francisco (wild card). Then Atlanta over Chicago and Green Bay over Seattle in the next round. Atlanta over Green Bay to advance to the Super Bowl.

Dan has Chicago (wild card) over Minnesota, Seattle over Washington (wild card) in round one. Then New Orleans over Chicago and Seattle over New York Giants and New Orleans over Seattle to go to the Super Bowl.

I have New Orleans (wild card) over Dallas and San Francisco (wild card) over Atlanta in the first round. Then Seattle over New Orleans and San Francisco over Green Bay with Seattle beating San Francisco to go to the Super Bowl.

In the AFC North

Schaumburg Stu has 1st Cincinnati 2nd Baltimore 3rd Pittsburgh 4th Cleveland

Mr. Fantasy has Cincinnati at 10 – 6 winning the division. Dan the Man has Baltimore winning the North.

I have 1st Cincinnati (9 – 7) 2nd Baltimore (8 – 8) 3rd Pittsburgh (7 – 9) 4th Cleveland (4 – 12)

AFC South

Stu 1st Houston 2nd Tennessee 3rd Indianapolis 4th Jacksonville

Mr. Fantasy Houston 1st at 11 – 5 Dan has Houston also.

I have 1st Houston (10 – 6) 2nd Indianapolis (9 – 7) 3rd Tennessee (5 – 11) 4th Jacksonville (2 – 14)

AFC East

Stu 1st New England 2nd Miami 3rd Buffalo 4th New York Jets

Mr. Fantasy has New England at 11 – 5 and Dan also has New England

I have 1st New England (11 – 5) 2nd Miami (8 – 8) 3rd Buffalo (4 – 12) 4th New York Jets (2 – 14)

AFC West

Stu 1st Denver 2nd Kansas City 3rd San Diego 4th Oakland

Mr. Fantasy has Denver at 11 – 5 in 1st, Dan also has Denver winning the West.

I have 1st Denver (13 – 3) 2nd Kansas City (7 – 9) 3rd San Diego (4 – 12) 4th Oakland (3 – 13)


Stu has Denver winning the AFC and going to the Super Bowl.

Mr Fantasy has Baltimore (wild card) over Cincinnati and Houston over Kansas City (wild card) in the 1st round. Then Denver over Houston and New England over Baltimore. Denver beats New England to advance to the Super Bowl from the AFC.

Dan has New England over Cincinnati (wild card) and Baltimore over Indianapolis (wild card) in the 1st round. Then Denver over New England and Houston over Baltimore in round two with Denver beating Houston to go to the Super Bowl from the AFC.

I have Indianapolis (wild card) over Cincinnati and Houston over Baltimore (wild card) in round one. Denver over Indianapolis and New England over Houston with New England beating Denver to go to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

Stu: Green Bay over Denver

Mr. Fantasy: Denver over Atlanta

Dan: Denver over New Orleans

I have Seattle over New England. Place your bets but the way we pick, probably not on us.

We also handed out some awards while we where at it. Schaumburg Stu picked Matt Ryan as his NFC offensive MVP and Peyton Manning as AFC offensive MVP. Defensive MVP Stu has Ndamukong Suh in the NFC and J. J. Watt in the AFC. I didn’t get an NFC offensive Rookie of the Year (RoY) from Stu, but he did pick Deandre Hopkins & Tyler Eifert in the AFC. His defensive RoY’s are Jon Bostic in the NFC and Manti’ Teo in the AFC. Stu’s coach of the year is Marc Trestman.

Mr. Fantasy’s awards MVP’s on offense Peyton Manning, on defense Richard Sherman. Rookie of the Year NFC Tyrann Mathieu, AFC Giovani Bernard and his coach of the year is Andy Reid.

Dan the Man picked Adrian Peterson as offensive MVP and Julius Peppers as defensive MVP. His rookie of the years are Giovani Bernard on offense and Manti’ Teo on defense.

I went with Aaron Rodgers in the NFC and Tom Brady in the AFC as offensive MVP’s. On defense I picked DeMarcus Ware in the NFC and Brian Cushing in the AFC as defensive MVP’s. Rookie of the year on offense. In the NFC I picked Cordarrelle Patterson in the NFC and Kembrell Thompkins in the AFC. Rookie of the Year for defense I picked Desmond Trufant in the NFC and D.J. Hayden in the AFC. My coach of the year is Pete Carroll. Let’s see how these play out for us.

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