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On the Wednesday edition of Sports Time Radio, Dan the Man made his predictions for every 1st round NHL playoff series. Too be fair, Dan made his picks before any pucks where dropped in last nights games. Here’s who Dan is going with in the 1st round.

The Detroit Red Wings over the Tampa Bay Lighting. Tampa Bay won Game 1, 1-0

The Pittsburgh Penguins over the New York Rangers. Pittsburgh won Game 1, 5-2.

The Chicago Blackhawks over the St. Louis Blues. St. Louis won Game 1, 1-0.

There are 4 Game 1’s tonight and in those series Dan went with.

The Washington Capitals over the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Florida Panthers over the New York Islanders.

The Dallas Stars over the Minnesota Wild.

The Los Angeles Kings over the San Jose Sharks.

There is also a Game 1 on Friday. For that series Dan has:

The Anaheim Ducks over the Nashville Predators.

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All the talk is just about over and tomorrow (Sunday) the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will meet in the Super Bowl. It looks like neither team will lose any players to injury for the start of the game, but there are some key players listed on the teams injury reports. For New England the biggest injury listed is to center Brian Stork who’s been dealing with a knee injury and has been limited in practice. The Seahawks have three of their four starting defensive backs on the injury report. Safety Earl Thomas is playing with a shoulder injury. Everyone saw Richard Sherman play the end of the NFC championship game with one arm. Sherman injured his elbow against the Green Bay Packers, but the bigger question with Sherman is what will he do if his girlfriend goes into labor before the game. The breaking injury news that came out yesterday was on Seattle safety Kam Chancellor. It’s being reported that  the last play of practice yesterday (Friday) Chancellor injured his knee and left the field with a wrapped left knee. Will the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady be able to take advantage of a banged up Seattle secondary which is considered the best in the league? Finally it won’t be long until we find out on the field instead of just talking about it.

Besides just my predictions on the game I went out and had everyone from Sports Time Radio send me their final score and who they think will win the MVP award. Here’s what we’ve picked for the Super Bowl.

Schaumburg Stu has it New England 30 Seattle 17 with Tom Brady winning the MVP.
Dan the Man has it New England 42 Seattle 34 with Brady as his MVP as well.
Mr. Fantasy has it New England 27 Seattle 17 and he went with Brady as his MVP also.
I have Seattle 27 New England 21 with Kam Chancellor as the MVP.
Greg from our fantasy challenge has it New England 31 Seattle 20 and get also likes Brady as MVP.
I also asked Phil Watson from for a prediction and he went with Seattle 24 New England 23 with Marshawn Lynch as his MVP.
If you’d like to hear who Dylan Smith from Chowder and Champions James Silberman from Emerald City Swagger and Tony Fischer from Detroit Jock City picked to win and who they liked as MVP. Go into Blog Talk Radio and listen to the Friday edition of Sports Time Radio. Mr. Fantasy and I had them all make picks at the end of their interviews last night.

The Chicago Bulls are 30-19 and a 1 1/2 of the Cleveland Cavaliers for 1st place in the Central division of the Eastern conference, but with the Bulls up and down play this season there are people wondering what’s wrong with this team. As with any team that has reported issues the first person everyone looks at is the head coach. In the Bulls case that’s Tom Thibodeau that the spotlight is on right now. there are reports out of Chicago that the relationship between Thibodeau and the Bulls front office; General Manager Gar Foreman and team President John Paxson is “beyond repair”. It seems to be Thibodeau’s intense style of coaching that is causing the issues between him and the front office. This may actually go back to November of 2013 when a report surfaced that the Bulls team executives where telling Thibodeau how to dispense minutes to the players. With Thibodeau’s coaching style the Bulls top players log major minutes, but this season the starting unit of Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy, Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah have played together in 15 of Chicago’s 49 games this season. This of course doesn’t count the last two seasons that Rose lost to injuries. ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy, for whom Thibodeau was an assistant when Van Gundy was head coach of the Knicks and Rockets, blasted Chicago’s front office (and the journalists that cover the Bulls) during last Friday’s Chicago Bulls-Dallas Mavericks game. The Bulls are 4-6 in their last 10 games and dropped their 2nd game in a row last night 99-93 to the Phoenix Suns. The Suns loss follows a tough double overtime loss to the Los Angeles Lakers 123-118 on Thursday. These two  losses come after a big victory in Golden State against the Warriors 113-111. This is the kind of up and down play that has people questioning if Thibodeau had lost the Bulls locker room and if his style was too much for a long-term coach. Thibodeau has two years remaining on his contract and you’d hope before Foreman and Paxson would make a coaching change they’s ask themselves if they could find someone better. To make a change for changes sake would be stupid on the front offices part, but if the relationship between the head coach and the front office is that bad there may be a change coning. The Bulls have six more games before the NBA All-Star break and with all of these reports it looks like the break will be much appreciated.

With the big signing of Max Scherzer the Washington nationals look to have the best starting rotation in the MLB but after they dealt Tyler Clippard to the Oakland A’s I had some questions about their bullpen. The Nationals made a move to address the bullpen by signing free-agent reliever Casey Janssen, to a one year with mutual option, $5 million guaranteed including option buyout. Janssen appeared in 50 games for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2014 saving 25 games. His ERA was 3.94 which was up from 2013 when it was 2.56 and from 2012 when it was 2.54. While the Nationals aren’t looking for Janssen to close; they have Drew Storen set to take that role, but if needed Janssen could fill in as closer if needed. The bullpen will get a boost from Tanner Roark who should move into the bullpen after the Scherzer signing. Will Janssen, Roark, Craig Stammen, Jerry Blevins and Matt Thornton be the bullpen combination that leads the Nationals to the season they’re predicted to have in 2015.

MLB Network built a show around the top prospects in baseball; here are the top 5 prospects. Byron Buxton outfielder Minnesota Twins, Kris Bryant 3rd baseman Chicago Cubs, Carlos Correa shortstop Houston Astros, Francisco Lindor shortstop Cleveland Indians and Addison Russell shortstop Chicago Cubs. Will we see any or all of these player in the major leagues this season who knows. This is the second year in a row that Buxton has been the #1 prospect in MLB so you have to wonder how much longer it will be before the Twins need to bring him up and take a look at him. If you’ve listened to the podcast at ll you know how I feel about Bryant. He should’ve been with the Cubs last season and there;s no reason he shouldn’t be on the major league team at the start of the 2015 season, but the Cubs are trying to hold on to him as long as they can and I’m betting he starts the season in the minor leagues. It’s a huge joke on the Cubs part, but they have control of Bryant and can do that. Most of the reports I’ve read have said that Correa is a season or so away from being the Astros everyday shortstop; so I’d be surprised to see him in the majors this season. Lindor is the next Indians shortstop, but they want to make sure that he’ll play that position everyday when he’s brought up to the majors. Russell is another player who is probably a year away from the big leagues, but if he’s going to be there with the Cubs he might have to switch positions. Russell played some 2nd base in the Arizona Fall League for a short period of time and barring a trade of Starling Castro 2nd base may be Russell’s position at the big league level.

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So how was your week?

Once again we here at Sports Time radio try to predict what will happen this coming NFL season. Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy, Schaumburg Stu and I all made picks on what we think is going to happen.

Let’s start close to our homes with the NFC North.

Stu has 1st Green Bay 2nd Minnesota 3rd Chicago 4th Detroit

Mr. Fantasy has Green Bay winning the division at 11 – 5.

While Dan the Man has Minnesota winning the NFC North.

I have 1st Green Bay (11 – 5) 2nd Minnesota (8 – 8) 3rd Chicago (7 – 9) 4th Detroit (7 -9)

NFC South

Stu 1st Atlanta 2nd New Orleans 3rd Tampa Bay 4th Carolina

Mr. Fantasy has Atlanta (12 – 4)

I have 1st Atlanta (9 – 7) 2nd New Orleans (9 – 7) 3rd Carolina ( 7 – 9) 4th Tampa Bay (4 – 12)

NFC East

Stu 1st Washington 2nd New York Giants 3rd Philadelphia 4th Dallas

Mr. Fantasy has Dallas (10 – 6) and Dan has the New York Giants

I have 1st Dallas (9 – 7) 2nd Washington (8 – 8) 3rd New York Giants (8 – 8) 4th Philadelphia (7 – 9)

NFC West

Stu 1st Seattle 2nd San Francisco 3rd St. Louis 4th Arizona

Mr. Fantasy has Seattle (10 – 6) and Dan has Seattle also.

I have 1st Seattle (11 – 5) 2nd San Francisco (10 – 6) 3rd St. Louis (6 – 10) 4th Arizona (6 – 10)


Stu has Green Bay going to the Super Bowl out of the NFC.

Mr. Fantasy has Chicago (wild card) over Dallas in round one also Seattle over San Francisco (wild card). Then Atlanta over Chicago and Green Bay over Seattle in the next round. Atlanta over Green Bay to advance to the Super Bowl.

Dan has Chicago (wild card) over Minnesota, Seattle over Washington (wild card) in round one. Then New Orleans over Chicago and Seattle over New York Giants and New Orleans over Seattle to go to the Super Bowl.

I have New Orleans (wild card) over Dallas and San Francisco (wild card) over Atlanta in the first round. Then Seattle over New Orleans and San Francisco over Green Bay with Seattle beating San Francisco to go to the Super Bowl.

In the AFC North

Schaumburg Stu has 1st Cincinnati 2nd Baltimore 3rd Pittsburgh 4th Cleveland

Mr. Fantasy has Cincinnati at 10 – 6 winning the division. Dan the Man has Baltimore winning the North.

I have 1st Cincinnati (9 – 7) 2nd Baltimore (8 – 8) 3rd Pittsburgh (7 – 9) 4th Cleveland (4 – 12)

AFC South

Stu 1st Houston 2nd Tennessee 3rd Indianapolis 4th Jacksonville

Mr. Fantasy Houston 1st at 11 – 5 Dan has Houston also.

I have 1st Houston (10 – 6) 2nd Indianapolis (9 – 7) 3rd Tennessee (5 – 11) 4th Jacksonville (2 – 14)

AFC East

Stu 1st New England 2nd Miami 3rd Buffalo 4th New York Jets

Mr. Fantasy has New England at 11 – 5 and Dan also has New England

I have 1st New England (11 – 5) 2nd Miami (8 – 8) 3rd Buffalo (4 – 12) 4th New York Jets (2 – 14)

AFC West

Stu 1st Denver 2nd Kansas City 3rd San Diego 4th Oakland

Mr. Fantasy has Denver at 11 – 5 in 1st, Dan also has Denver winning the West.

I have 1st Denver (13 – 3) 2nd Kansas City (7 – 9) 3rd San Diego (4 – 12) 4th Oakland (3 – 13)


Stu has Denver winning the AFC and going to the Super Bowl.

Mr Fantasy has Baltimore (wild card) over Cincinnati and Houston over Kansas City (wild card) in the 1st round. Then Denver over Houston and New England over Baltimore. Denver beats New England to advance to the Super Bowl from the AFC.

Dan has New England over Cincinnati (wild card) and Baltimore over Indianapolis (wild card) in the 1st round. Then Denver over New England and Houston over Baltimore in round two with Denver beating Houston to go to the Super Bowl from the AFC.

I have Indianapolis (wild card) over Cincinnati and Houston over Baltimore (wild card) in round one. Denver over Indianapolis and New England over Houston with New England beating Denver to go to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

Stu: Green Bay over Denver

Mr. Fantasy: Denver over Atlanta

Dan: Denver over New Orleans

I have Seattle over New England. Place your bets but the way we pick, probably not on us.

We also handed out some awards while we where at it. Schaumburg Stu picked Matt Ryan as his NFC offensive MVP and Peyton Manning as AFC offensive MVP. Defensive MVP Stu has Ndamukong Suh in the NFC and J. J. Watt in the AFC. I didn’t get an NFC offensive Rookie of the Year (RoY) from Stu, but he did pick Deandre Hopkins & Tyler Eifert in the AFC. His defensive RoY’s are Jon Bostic in the NFC and Manti’ Teo in the AFC. Stu’s coach of the year is Marc Trestman.

Mr. Fantasy’s awards MVP’s on offense Peyton Manning, on defense Richard Sherman. Rookie of the Year NFC Tyrann Mathieu, AFC Giovani Bernard and his coach of the year is Andy Reid.

Dan the Man picked Adrian Peterson as offensive MVP and Julius Peppers as defensive MVP. His rookie of the years are Giovani Bernard on offense and Manti’ Teo on defense.

I went with Aaron Rodgers in the NFC and Tom Brady in the AFC as offensive MVP’s. On defense I picked DeMarcus Ware in the NFC and Brian Cushing in the AFC as defensive MVP’s. Rookie of the year on offense. In the NFC I picked Cordarrelle Patterson in the NFC and Kembrell Thompkins in the AFC. Rookie of the Year for defense I picked Desmond Trufant in the NFC and D.J. Hayden in the AFC. My coach of the year is Pete Carroll. Let’s see how these play out for us.