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It’s getting closer to the trading deadline in major league baseball. Right now the Chicago Cubs are the only team selling off some of their pitching. Scott Feldman went to Baltimore earlier in the season and just this week Matt Garza was traded to the Texas Rangers. There’s still a lot of talk about some pitchers. Jake Peavey of the Chicago White Sox has been talked about and lately so has Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee. Lee actually has been scratched from his start tonight (Saturday) because of a sore neck. Maybe the Phillies didn’t want him to make another start while they try to work out a trade. As I believe we’ve talked about on the show July 31st isn’t the end of trades for your favorite team. After July 31st a player has to go through waivers before he can be traded.

NFL training camps have opened and their’s been a lot of coverage from them. I saw some coverage from the New England Patriots camp and surprise, surprise they found a way to talk quite a bit about Tim Tebow. I guess this is to be expected because the major media can’t let Tebow go, but he’s a 3rd string quarterback. They all went wild when he caught a couple of passes from 2nd string quarterback Ryan Mallet yesterday. I haven’t quite figured out the fascination with Tebow, but the media loves him. On Friday’s show we talked about this and we’re wondering if it’s that he’s a safe story. We didn’t think Tebow would end up on the wrong side of the law and that’s why they like to talk about him. For a guy who probably won’t take a snap from the center all season Tebow makes quite a bit of news.

As we’ve discussed a few times there are quite a few fantasy football drafts that have already happened. I’d love to know what the guy who drafted Aaron Hernandez feels right now. What if you reached and took Percy Harvin early in your draft. There’s a chance Harvin may need hip surgery and it’s been reported he could miss anywhere from two (2) to four (4) months and some reports are saying he’d miss the entire season. Did you draft Geno Smith figuring he’d eventually beat out Mark Sanchez. Did you draft Michael Vick or Nick Foles or even reached farther for Matt Barkley; one of them will start for the Eagles this season. There will be more injuries between now and the season opener and these guys who drafted early are going to be looking back and shaking there heads over these draft picks. I enjoy fantasy football as much as the next guy, but there’s no chance I’d even get into a league with a draft that’s done this early. One (1) or two (2) bad injuries and your season is over before the kickoff of week 1.

I saw where a former employee at the Biogenesis clinic mentioned that there are more major league baseball players who received P.E.D’s from Anthony Bosch whose names haven’t come out yet. This former employee said there are players in all the other major sports and MMA that saw Anthony Bosch. You have to wonder how many more names might come out of this situation.

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As I work through the awards for major league baseball this season, I found this category interesting with the way the pennant races are going this season. I’m starting in the National League and #1 on my ballot is Charlie Manuel the Philadelphia Philles manager. Now I know he won’t win this award but where this team was at the all-star break to where this team is right now, Manuel deserves to win this award. The Philles were written off by everyone and now all of a sudden they have an outside shot at grabbing one of the two wild card spots in the National League. Second on my ballot and the manager I actually think will win this award is Davey Johnson of the Washington Nationals. The Nationals are in first place right now and look like they’ll make the playoffs for the first time since moving to Washington. Washington has the best record in the National League right now and Johnson has done a great job of handling the young talent on that team. Third for me is Fredi Gonzalez of the Atlanta Braves. The Braves look like they’ll end up with one of the two national League wild card spots and are five games out of first place in the National League East. I’m going to give my fourth place spot to Dusty Baker of the Cincinnati Reds. I think a lot of people had the Reds as playoff contenders, but I’m not sure anyone had them winning the National League Central. The Reds have the biggest lead out of any division leader and have clinched a playoff spot. Just a quick side note, Baker went to the hospital in Chicago yesterday and was found to have an irregular heartbeat. He’s supposed to be back with the team tomorrow and I hope he recovers quickly. Last but not least, in my fifth position is Bud Black of the San Diego Padres. No one anywhere expected this team to do anything, but they actually have an outside shot at a wild card spot. I know they have too many teams to jump and it doesn’t look like they’ll get into the playoffs but the fact that their still hanging around is enough for me to make Black number five on my list.

Over to the American League and my winner of the Manager of the Year award is Buck Showalter of the Baltimore Orioles. There are some other guys that are close in this voting, but this is Showalter’s award. The Orioles appear to be headed to a playoff spot this season. They’ve won 15 straight extra inning games and countless one run games. Bob Melvin of the Oakland A’s lands in second place for me. The A’s where another team no one had contending for a playoff spot this season. It looks like they might hang on and get one and Melvin has a whole lot to do with that. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Melvin jump Showalter and win this award. Three for me is Joe Girardi manager of the New York Yankees. I know you can look at the Yankees and you can always expect them to do well. Their pitching staff isn’t filled with great pitchers but Girardi has managed to keep the staff together and has the Yankees in first place. Coming in at number four is Ron Washington of the Texas Rangers. Washington almost seems overlooked but the Rangers have been the best team in the American League most of the season and have the best record right now to prove it. The Rangers don’t really have an ace on their staff but Washington has handled them well and this is why he’s on this list. The fifth place manager for me is Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox. People were shocked when he got the job in Chicago but with no managing experience, the White Sox are in first place right now. It’s a tight race in the American League Central, so we’ll see if the White Sox can hang on to the lead in their league. Even if they don’t, I still believe that Ventura belongs on this list.

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