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How was your 11/30/13

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I’ll start out this week by wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family had a good time.

It’s Heisman trophy time in college football and a lot of contenders have fallen by the way side. Marcus Mariota of Oregon has struggled later in the season. Johnny Manziel (Texas A & M) has also had some late season struggles. Jameis Winston (Florida State) has still played well on the field but his off the field issue may prevent people for voting for him. The reports coming out say that the investigation against Winston may not be wrapped up by the time the Heisman voting is due. If there hasn’t been a decision made on if Winston will be charged it might be tough for someone to cast a vote for him. I think that leaves you with a couple of choices. Jordan Lynch quarterback (Northern Illinois) and Andre Williams running back (Boston College) as the top two college football players. I’m guessing that neither of these two will get the award but I think one of them should. Lynch just broke his own record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a game. He had 321 yards against Western Michigan on 11/26. For the season Lynch has 1755 yards with 20 rushing touchdowns and is averaging 7.1 yards per carry. He’s also completed 65% of his passes this season for 2457 yards and 22 touchdowns while throwing just 5 interceptions. Lynch has also led Northern Illinois to a 12 – 0 record this season. I know the knock Lynch gets is that he hasn’t played a big time college football team this season. Northern Illinois best win this season may have been week 1 against Iowa a 30 – 27 win. If Lynch doesn’t win the Heisman he should at least get an invite to New York for the awards ceremony. Breaking into the Heisman race late this season is Andre Williams of Boston College. In his last three games Williams rushed for 295 yards against New Mexico State, 339 yards against North Carolina State and 263 yards against Maryland. For the season Williams has 2073 yards rushing and has 16 touchdowns. Boston College is 7 – 4 this season and is on a four game winning streak as I write this. I did find it odd, looking over Williams stats, that he hasn’t caught a pass this season. This shouldn’t affect the way the voters look at him. Williams breaking into the Heisman talk so late in the season may actually be a plus for him but I don’t know if it will be enough to get him the award. As always the award is supposed to go to the best player in college football but we all know better than that. Lets hope this season some voters see the light and actually try to figure out who that best player is and not cast their vote for the most popular or talked about player.

If you’ve listened to the Sunday shows you know that picking winners in the NFL games hasn’t been our speciality. We did make our picks for the Thanksgiving games and did better than we normally do. Mr. Fantasy and Dan the Man went 2 – 1 with Pittsburgh being the only loss for that day. I managed to jump out in front for the day going 3 – 0. Will make the rest of our picks for the week on Sunday mornings show, so will see how we do. For the season Dan the Man is in the lead at 98 – 65 – 1. I’m a couple of games behind Dan the Man at 96 – 67 – 1 while Mr. Fantasy is bringing up the rear at 90 – 73 – 1. Will see how the rest of the season goes for our picks.

The NBA season is about 15 games into it’s run and the Indiana Pacers have the best record at 14 – 1 but there are some teams very close to them record wise. The San Antonio Spurs are 14 – 2. The Portland Trailblazers and the Miami Heat are both 13 – 3, while the Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets are 12 – 5. Teams on the other end of the standings are the Utah Jazz at 2 – 15 and the Milwaukee Bucks at 2 – 13. Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) is leading the league in scoring averaging 28 points per game with Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks) right behind him at 26.5 points per game. Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers) leads the league in assists handing out 12.2 per game. John Wall (Washington Wizards) is next at 8.8 assists per game. Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves) leads the league in rebounding averaging 13.9 rebounds per game with 3.9 of the rebounds being on the offensive side. DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) is second in rebounding with 12.9 rebounds per game with 4.4 of those rebounds being on the offensive rebounds.

The NHL is about a quarter of the way through the season and it looks like the Western conference has the better run of it right now but there’s still a long way to go. The defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks are the top point scoring team with 42. The St. Louis Blues, Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks are all right behind the Blackhawks with 39 points. The top team in the Eastern conference is the Boston Bruins with 36 points but the Pittsburgh Penguins only trail them by one point at 35. Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) is leading the league in points with 36. Alexander Steen (St. Louis Blues) and Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) are leading the league in goals scored with 20. Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) leads the NHL in assists with 25. Dustin Penner of the Anaheim Ducks in the leagues plus minus leader at plus 18.

So, how was your week?

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With the World Series over, the baseball off-season starts to heat up. Yesterday on the show, Start of the weekend; Friday Dan the Man and I discussed free agent demands that Ervin Santana and Rickey Nolasco have made. Santana wants a contract worth $100 million and Nolasco is looking for a contract worth $80 million. Now I know this is a down year for free agent pitching but why would a team consider giving either if these pitchers contracts worth anywhere near that amount. Santana made 32 starts last season and had a 9 – 10 record. He pitched 211 innings and had a good ERA 3.24, but does that make him worth a $100 million dollar contract. Nolasco went 13 – 11 overall, but was 8 – 3 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nolasco made 33 starts and pitched 199 innings total. His ERA with the Dodgers was 3.52, but would that make you want to pay him $80 million dollars over the life of a contract. It will be interesting to see which teams will jump in and negotiation with these two pitchers but I think I’d be very surprised to see either of them get the kind of long-term deals and the kind of money they’re asking for right now. If these two pitchers are worth this kind of money what would a free agent pitcher like Matt Garza would command. Garza is a free agent as well and has always been looked at as a guy with #1 starter type of stuff. I’m not sure the same could be said about either Nolasco or Santana.

The NBA season is getting going and the Indiana Pacers are the only undefeated team at 6 – 0; while the Utah Jazz are the only team that hasn’t picked up a win yet. The Jazz are currently at 0 – 6 as I’m writing this. You’d have to say the biggest surprise to start the NBA season are the 4 – 2 Philadelphia 76ers. While the 76ers may still end up in the draft lottery you can’t say they haven’t gotten off to a surprising start; even getting a win over the Miami Heat. Evan Turner is leading the team in scoring at 22 points a game. While rookie Michael Carter – Williams is averaging 18 points and 7 assists a game. While I’m sure no one is ready to put the 76ers in the NBA finals they are a good story to start the year off.

With the NHL season about a third of the way over the Anaheim Ducks have the most points in the league right now with 29 and lead the Pacific division. The Colorado Avalanche aren’t that far behind with 26 points and are leading the Central division. There is still a long way to go in this NHL season and right now there are 13 teams with 20 points or more and 9 of them are in the Western Conference. The Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby is leading the league in points with 23 while the St. Louis Blues Alexander Steen leads the league with 14 goals; Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks is the league leader in assists with 17.

Tuesday on the show we talked quite a bit about the Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito situation with the Miami Dolphins. I don’t want to go into all the details about what has went on with these two Dolphin players and at this points it’s a no win situation for both guys. At this point in time I’m wondering if either Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito will ever play in the NFL again.

So, how was your week?

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Another special Thursday


Sports Time Radio Pregame Show

The Boston Red Sox are World Series champions. I have to tell the truth I thought the St. Louis Cardinals would end up winning that series. In game 6 Michael Wacha showed that he was a rookie with very limited playoff experience. I thought that the Cardinals would break out and start hitting, but the Red Sox pitching shut them down. John Lackey had a big comeback season and series. Lackey has clinched 2 World series for 2 different teams. As a rookie Lackey got the win in the World Series clinching game for the Angels. I don’t know if they where being called The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim yet or if they where still the California Angeles. Sorry I got a little side tracked there. David Ortiz was the M.V.P. of the World Series; while some experts where pushing for Clay Bucholtz to win the award. I believe they made the right choice as Ortiz put up numbers that only 2 people have done better than in a World Series. After the way Ortiz played in the World Series and with winning the M.V.P., talk started on if he will make the baseball Hall of Fame when his career is over. I don’t really know where I stand on this but I’ve heard everything from he’ll be a first ballot hall of famer to he won’t get in because he didn’t play defense. The Red Sox went from worst to first and now the talk starts on if they’ll repeat in 2014.

So which one of you had the Miami Heat starting the season 1 – 2. I know it’s very early in the season but I’m a little surprised the Heat have dropped 2 consecutive games. I really thought the Heat might struggle opening night against the Chicago Bulls but they handled the Bulls easily 107 – 95. They turned around the next night and lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 114 – 110 and then last night lost to the Brooklyn Nets 101 – 100. Now I don’t think anyone would be surprised if at the end of the playoffs in 2014 the Heat are raising the trophy again. It just shows how odd and long the NBA season can be.

Every Sunday morning Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy and I make are picks for that weeks NFL games and have we had a rough year. We finally had a better week in Week 8. Dan the Man and I where 9 – 3 while Mr. Fantasy went 8 – 4. For the season Dan the Man and I are 70 – 42 while Mr. Fantasy is trailing at 65 – 48. It just seems like it’s been a tough year for us to pick games. We’ll be on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. to make our picks again and talk about the week in fantasy football. I guess will see how this week goes for us.

So how was your week?

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On Friday’s show Dan the Man and I discussed some fantasy football issues and I thought you’d get a kick out of a situation I found one of my teams in this week. Myself, Mr. Fantasy and Dan the Man are in 2, 20team leagues together. One of the things I like to do is join another random league that has their draft before yours. I found a 14 team league that was having their draft before ours, so I joined. I was on a good run in this league as my team was undefeated through Week 6 but Week 7 turned out to be my first loss and the remainder of the season may be rough for me. Jay Cutler was my #1 quarterback and he hurt his groin and is expected to miss about a month. My other quarterback was Sam Bradford who torn his ACL and is out for the season. Doug Martin was one of my starting running backs, he has a torn labrum and is out anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. Reggie Wayne was my top wide receiver, he torn his ACL and is out for the season. Jermichael Finley was the starting tight end on this team. He took a hit and suffered a bruised spinal column. There’s no time-table for Finley’s return and his injury may be career threatening. Just to add insult to my injuries we have defensive players in this league and my 2 linebackers are Lance Briggs; who is out 4 to 6 weeks with a shoulder injury . My other linebacker was Brian Cushing, who broke a leg and tore his LCL ligament. I’ve played fantasy football for many seasons now and I’ve never seen so many of my players get injured in the same week. I guess it’s just a string of bad luck.

Tonight is the Sports Time Radio fantasy basketball draft. This is the first time we’ve done a fantasy basketball league. It is set up to be an auction draft, so that always add to the draft. The question is how much is someone willing to pay for the top players in the NBA. I’d have to guess that LeBron James and Kevin Durant will garner the highest bids. Of course since we are based in the Chicago area the Chicago Bulls players always go for more money than what the average price is. Dan the Man and Mr. fantasy prefer the auction style draft where I am a fan of the snake style draft we’ve also used. Either way it should be a good time, but the auction drafts do take some time to do.

The Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals are tied at 1 game apiece with the World Series headed to St. Louis for the next 3 games. While I am a big baseball fan and I enjoy watching the World Series what has interested me is the Cardinals pitching staff. Michael Wacha is 22, Trevor Rosenthal is 21, Carlos Martinez is 21 and Shelby Miller who I don’t believe has pitched in the playoffs for St. Louis is 22. This has to put the rest of the National League Central on notice with young pitching like this. Not to mention staff ace Adam Wainwright is 33 years old. With a pitching staff like that St. Louis could dominate their division and make playoff appearance after playoff appearance.

John Scott of the Buffalo Sabres was suspended indefinitely by the NHL for his hit on the Boston Bruins Loui Eriksson. Scott is what NHL teams might call and enforcer but fans would call a goon. Scott went after Phil Kessel in the exhibition season as well. This resulted in David Clarkson coming in to protect Kessel and getting a 10 game suspension. Scott has one career goal, so you know what he’s on the ice for. With concussion issues at the forefront of every major sport is there a place in the NHL for a player with Scott’s skill set? While Eriksson’s injury happened because of a late check it also brings up the issue, is it time for the NHL to ban fighting?

So, how was your week?

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Ryan Braun released an apology this week and at least he admitted to using a performance enhancing drug. He used the injury excuse for turning to drugs but I don’t believe that at all. This apology was better than Jason Giambi’s years ago since Braun said he used drugs. I didn’t read Braun’s statement word for word but I wonder if he apologized to the guy who handle his sample. He killed this poor guy in the media trying to cover up his drug use. Now we’ll see if Braun’s teammate and the Milwaukee Brewers fans will forgive him. If he comes back and puts up good numbers I’m sure all will be forgotten; but if he comes back and struggles you wonder how the fans will react to him. If anyone believes that Braun only started using after he had an injury you’re really giving him the benefit of the doubt there.

On a positive baseball note it was announced yesterday that Vin Scully is coming back to broadcast Los Angles Dodger games next season. Scully is one of my favorite guys to listen to when I get that free MLB Extra Innings preview a couple of times a year. You have to wonder how many more seasons Scully can continue to broadcast games but I hope he sticks around as long as he can.

Dan the Man and I did our preview of the NFC & AFC South divisions on Thursday. It was my turn to do the NFC. So of course Dan the Man handled the AFC but I did have to help him a little. Hopefully you got a chance to listen live or you can go into the archives and listen still. The previews are fun to do and it really helps me in my fantasy drafts covering teams like this. There is so much talent in the NFC South on offense that it should be a fantasy players dream if they can land a few of these guys. A lot of the players in this division will go early at their positions. Doug Martin will be the 2nd or 3rd running back off the board. Jimmy Graham should be the 1st tight end selected. Julio Jones will be drafted early and Roddy White shouldn’t be too far behind him. We haven’t even mentioned quarterbacks as Drew Brees is a top three (3) guy with Matt Ryan being a solid fantasy pick and I wouldn’t complain if I had to start Cam Newton at quarterback. You can check out Mr. Fantasy’s mock draft to see where he has these guys going. Also look at his list of top players to see where he has these guys ranked.

There hasn’t been a lot of NBA talk on the show as of late but I saw where Chris Paul was voted president of the players union. I know there was a lot of buzz that LeBron James was going to run for this position. Paul is replacing Derrick Fischer as head of the players union. Paul is the top point guard in the NBA and I don’t know how much time he’ll have to allocate to the union, but hopefully it won’t affect his play on the court.

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Mr. Fantasy on Sunday; Again!!!!
A little early for Wednesday
NFC; AFC South previews
Mr Fantasy is back


After a week off to announce the Sports Time Radio All Stars, we’re back.

I’m a little disappointed that baseball hasn’t gotten more attention on the highlight shows. For whatever reason there seems to be a lot of NBA talk, even though Dwight Howard signed a week ago with the Houston Rockets. While I enjoy the NBA I don’t need to see more highlights from your summer league games than I do from an actual baseball that counts in the standings. I’ll take most of the blame for this as I don’t have the MLB network on my cable package. I guess if I want my baseball highlights I’ll have to breakdown and upgrade my cable package but like almost everyone else out their I’m not looking forward to spending the extra money.

Did you vote for the last spot on the All Star team? I always vote once and I cast my vote for Joaquin Benoit (Detroit Tigers) in the American League and Yasiel Puig (Los Angles Dodgers) in the National League. Out of the ten (10) guys that where on the ballot these where the two (2) players I wanted to see. Of course I didn’t get my wish as Steve Delabar (Toronto Blue Jays) & Freddie Freeman (Atlanta Braves) won the fan voting. The Toronto fans and the Atlanta fans teamed up to vote for each others players and I know there was some issue with this. Dan the Man pointed out on the show that the San Francisco Giants had a team they partnered with, but right now I’m drawing a blank on who that team was. It was a promotion to get you to vote for each others players. This isn’t a big an issue to me as it is to some experts; it’s the All Star game and you’re allowed to vote for whoever on the ballot you want to vote for.

Ilya Kovalchuk walked away from the NHL and a contract that would’ve paid him $77 million. Kovalchuk is from Russia and more or less just wanted to go home. He made $23 million on the contract before leaving and I’m guessing will play in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) next season. A lot of people have called Kovalchuk out for doing this but I don’t see an issue with this. If Kovalchuk wanted to go home and play hockey he should be allowed to be. The New Jersey Devils don’t have to pay off the contract and I don’t believe it will count against their salary cap. While the Devils have to replace Kovalchuk I think they would rather replace him than deal with an unhappy player.

Believe it or not NFL training camps are getting ready to open. I thought I heard the New Orleans Saints open training camp first on July 18th. These aren’t your father’s NFL training camps. With the new collective bargaining agreement teams can still have doubles; two (2) practices in the same day, but their only allowed to wear pads for one (1) of these practices. While I’m sure these practices are very, very tough I’d like to know how they compare to the older training camps? “Are you ready for some Football”



The NHL has only played one (1) Stanley Cup finals game. Game 2 is actually tonight; so I’m a little ahead of the game right now. The NBA Finals just played game 4. For what it’s worth the one Stanley Cup three overtime Chicago Blackhawks victory over the Boston Bruins has been more exciting than the NBA Finals four games. I understand I am way in the minority here but which of any of the NBA Finals games has come close to game one of the Stanley Cup finals. Now from here on out you never know which series will go which way but I’m saying right now it’s the NHL for me.

We had Jerry Hoover on Sunday night at halftime of the NBA Finals game to break down the game. I hadn’t seen a lot of the 1st half of the game, but he described the game so well it didn’t matter that I hadn’t been able to catch a lot of the game. The San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat are tied at 2 – 2 in the series right now. The Tony Parker injury is the key right now and without him I don’t think the Spurs can win this series. We discussed the series all week long with the big question being is this the Spurs last chance to win a title? LeBron James is far and away the best basketball player in the world and he has to show that he can carry his teammates to a title. Dwayne Wade showed up in game 4, but will Miami get anything else out of him this series. Unless Chris Bosh steps up and does something for Miami you have to look at him as a bust. Besides Parker being healthy the Spurs have to get something more out of Manu Ginobili. Game 5 is tomorrow; so will see which team can take a 3 games to 2 advantage.

Major League Baseball handed down it’s suspensions from the brawl between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ian Kennedy got 10 games; so really 2 starts. Eric Hinske got 5 games, but I’m wondering if they got this right. In the video he doesn’t seem to be throwing any punches, but does take a shot to the back of the head from Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig. Other players and coaches where giving 1 and 2 games suspensions and quite a few players were fined. Now the question is this over?

Mr. Fantasy and I have ventured into the field of daily fantasy baseball. I’ve actually managed to get ahead from my starting point, but to tell the truth I’m afraid to wager more than $1 or $2 on a game. Maybe as time goes on I’ll take more chances, but right now I’m still kind of learning the system. I was very surprised to find out how different it is than managing a weekly fantasy team; even are regular fantasy leagues where we change the line ups daily. These daily leagues are salary cap leagues; so you have to pick and choose where to spend your money. So far I’ve really enjoyed it, but like I mentioned I haven’t taken a big loss yet.

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Are you listening?

Wacky Wednesday

Life is a Fantasy


It’s one of those times in the year where playoff series run over the top of each other. It seems like the NBA playoffs get all the attention, but for me the NHL playoffs are far more exciting. Sadly for Dan the Man and I, our pick for the Stanley Cup (The Chicago Blackhawks) are one game away from being knocked out of the playoffs. In most series the better team will win, but with the NHL I believe there are more upsets by the lower seeded teams. Remember the Los Angels Kings won it all last season as an 8th seed. The Kings still have a chance to repeat this year as they’re ahead in their series 3 – 2 against San Jose. With the strike shortened season, we didn’t get to see a lot of the Eastern Conference teams. Catching up through the playoffs; the Pittsburgh Penguins really look like the best team in the NHL. Pittsburgh closed out the Ottawa Senators last night to move into the conference finals. They’ll take on the Boston Bruins or the New York Rangers. Boston, Detroit and Los Angels have a chance to close out their series and move on to the conference finals.


Oddly I talked last night on the show that if the Indiana Pacers won last night it would be a close game. Well the Pacers won 97 – 94 and LeBron James committed two turnovers in the final five seconds to help Indian win. Looking at this series so far Indiana could really be up 2 – 0 going to Indiana. The Pacers have the pieces that the Miami heat don’t do well against. Of course when you have LeBron James on your team you are the favorite in every game. James is far and away the best player in the NBA and that can be tough for me to write; since I’m a big Kevin Durant fan. The series is headed to Indiana 1 – 1 and they say the series hasn’t started until the home team loses a game. In the Western conference San Antonio is up 2 – 0 on Memphis, but a lot of people are still picking Memphis. Jerry Hoover was on with us Wednesday night and has Memphis in this series. The series is in Memphis for the next two games; San Antonio is a veteran team and they’ve been here before; so we’ll see how the Grizzlies do at home.


The baseball season is rolling along and of course the talk of the show is The Bet. At the start of the year Dan the man and Mr. Fantasy put a fitted hat on the line. Dan the Man had the Dodgers to win it all, but Mr. Fantasy said they’d be the third best team in California. Right now Mr. Fantasy is looking good, but remember #ItsJustMay. The Dodgers are sitting at 19 wins while San Diego and the Angels have 21. The Giants and the A’s each have 26 wins. So the Dodgers have about 7 plus games to make up; so will see how things work out for Dan the Man. It seems to be a Friday night special on the show that we get an update on The Bet.


So Brian Urlacher decided to retire as a Chicago Bear. As much as it seemed like he wanted to try to play this upcoming season there was no team out their willing to sign him. I still believe that if former Bears head coach Lovie Smith would’ve gotten one of the opening coaching positions this off-season Urlacher would be playing for that team. As we know Smith is going to be an analyst; so no one signed Urlachler. There’s no doubt the Urlacher will go into the Hall of Fame, but is he a first ballot hall of famer. On Friday nights show there was a good point brought up. Will they put two middle linebackers in the Hall of Fame in the same year? As good of a player as Urlacher was Ray Lewis was better and he retired at the end of last season as well. I think everyone expects that they’ll both be in the Hall of Fame, but will they go in together is the question?

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If you’ve listened to the show Sportstime Radio. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. on BlogTalkRadio you know my co-host Dan the man and I live in the Chicago area. Now that the Blackhawks winning streak or as some experts pointed out a points scoring streak has ended the talk has turned to Derrick Rose.

Now I’ve never played a minute in the National Basketball Association (NBA); so I don’t know what that’s like. What I have in common with D. Rose is I have had reconstructive knee surgery three times. Twice on my left knee and once on my right knee. I’ve actually had a total of five knee surgeries, but two where considered minor knee surgeries. What I can tell you about this is sometimes the mental aspect of the recovery is the toughest part and I think that’s where D. Rose may be right now. He’s been cleared by the doctors to return to action, but he hasn’t yet. I don’t have D. Rose’ quote right off-hand, but he more or less said he doesn’t think he’s ready to come back. He also mentioned that he wants to be able to dunk off his left leg with no issues before he returns. Now I have to tell you he may never be able to dunk off that leg the same as he used to, but the only way he’s going to know is to try. I’m sure he’s done this in practice, but has to have the confidence to play in a game and get the chance to try it. D. Rose don’t wait until next pre-season to do this; get out and try it in a game before your season ends. The Bulls aren’t going to do anything negative to D. Rose; he’s their best player and their future. I’m sure they’ll limit his minutes at first and they can even rest him if he can’t play in back to back games. Believe it or not the best thing is to give that knee a try to see how it holds up, but you have to get past that mental block. There is a chance that D. Rose won’t be the same player he was before he got injured, but I think he’ll be just fine as long as he can get started. It’s always in the back of your mind, but once you get into the flow of the game it will become easier and easier to play. D. Rose has been killed in the local media here by a lot of guys and I didn’t want to do that to him. I do believe he needs to find his way back onto the court this season. Not only would it help him mentally and make the off-season less stressful, but it will help his team. It will also make him a good teammate and right now he needs to be a good teammate.

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I’ve been on vacation from my regular job and I thought I might be able to get a few blogs written, but as you know that didn’t happen for one reason or another. I think my biggest issue may have been that I just couldn’t pick one topic to write about; so I’m going to try to work some of it out with this post. Please bare with me.

Baseball ended kind of abruptly for me as I didn’t see San Francisco sweeping Detroit in the World Series. I thought for sure we would’ve had a fifth or sixth game in the series, but no. When Dan the man and I first started the show (Sports Time Radio) we made picks for the American and National league and I actually picked the Giants to win it all. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time in my life I’ve ever picked something like that correct. Of course my other pick was the Angels and that didn’t work out to well. Even with as long as the baseball season is I always miss it and look forward to spring training.

It’s football season for sure now; both college and pro. It’s unbelievable just how many college football games are on television. I have a basic Comcast package set up for my television viewing and I think on any given Saturday I can find up too 29 college football games on. It can be tough to keep up with just one or two of these games, but to try to follow them all would be crazy. I’m sure there are some people who can do it, but I’m not one of them. I’ve always been a fan of Notre Dame; so it’s nice to see them back in the national title picture. I wish I could get as many pro games on a Sunday as I do college games, but I don’t even get the Thursday night NFL games.

The NBA season kicked off this week and I;m trying to get back into basketball. I lost a lot of interest in the pro game when it started to be a lot of isolation plays and mostly dunks. For a while I was wondering if I would every see a guy take a jump shot that wasn’t a three pointer. I even got myself involved in a fantasy league to try to help my interest in the game. I had a chance to watch some extra games this week as I have the NBA Pass free preview. It’s nice to look around and see the other teams play. I actually watched James Harden’s debut as a Houston Rocket. I think my toughest part about watching an NBA game is you really just need to see the 4th quarter. I am improving on watching games; so will see how it goes the rest of the season. There are enough NBA games on regular television that I should be able to watch quite a few.

It should also be hockey season right now, but the NHL is still in a lock out. I’ll be very surprised if we have an NHL season this year; which is sad. I thought when the owners made their last offer at 50/50 we’d be close to seeing hockey again, but the players didn’t like the offer. I don’t know what all of the issues are, but I know splitting the revenue is one of the bigger ones. I guess the biggest thing for me is I miss hockey and I’d like them to settle this.

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