If you’ve listened to the show Sportstime Radio. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. on BlogTalkRadio you know my co-host Dan the man and I live in the Chicago area. Now that the Blackhawks winning streak or as some experts pointed out a points scoring streak has ended the talk has turned to Derrick Rose.

Now I’ve never played a minute in the National Basketball Association (NBA); so I don’t know what that’s like. What I have in common with D. Rose is I have had reconstructive knee surgery three times. Twice on my left knee and once on my right knee. I’ve actually had a total of five knee surgeries, but two where considered minor knee surgeries. What I can tell you about this is sometimes the mental aspect of the recovery is the toughest part and I think that’s where D. Rose may be right now. He’s been cleared by the doctors to return to action, but he hasn’t yet. I don’t have D. Rose’ quote right off-hand, but he more or less said he doesn’t think he’s ready to come back. He also mentioned that he wants to be able to dunk off his left leg with no issues before he returns. Now I have to tell you he may never be able to dunk off that leg the same as he used to, but the only way he’s going to know is to try. I’m sure he’s done this in practice, but has to have the confidence to play in a game and get the chance to try it. D. Rose don’t wait until next pre-season to do this; get out and try it in a game before your season ends. The Bulls aren’t going to do anything negative to D. Rose; he’s their best player and their future. I’m sure they’ll limit his minutes at first and they can even rest him if he can’t play in back to back games. Believe it or not the best thing is to give that knee a try to see how it holds up, but you have to get past that mental block. There is a chance that D. Rose won’t be the same player he was before he got injured, but I think he’ll be just fine as long as he can get started. It’s always in the back of your mind, but once you get into the flow of the game it will become easier and easier to play. D. Rose has been killed in the local media here by a lot of guys and I didn’t want to do that to him. I do believe he needs to find his way back onto the court this season. Not only would it help him mentally and make the off-season less stressful, but it will help his team. It will also make him a good teammate and right now he needs to be a good teammate.

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  1. Stewart Silverman says:

    I don’t know how many of you remember the “old school” athletes. You would have to break their arms to get them out of the lineup. A lot of those athletes adhered to the homeopathic remedy of spitting tobacco juice on the injury and then getting back on the field. Remember how many innings that Jenkins and Bob Gibson would pitch in a season. You wouldn’t dare try to remove Gibson in the 9th inning of a game. He’d rip you a new one, take the baseball, and continue to throw.
    I agree about the psychological problem that Rose has. But unless he gets into an actual game and sees what happens, he’ll never be able to overcome that phobia.


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