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Let’s call it Wednesday

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It’s been a strange year for the Los Angeles Lakers and some how it got even stranger for them.

The Lakers lost their final game of the season to the Portland Trail Blazers 104-101. The loss capped off a disappointing 37-45 season. While this was just another loss for the Lakers it was what came about afterwards that was quite a surprise.

Pretty much out of nowhere, Magic Johnson resigns as President of the Lakers. There were reports that the Lakers top brass was having a meeting and most if not everyone thought it was to decide the future of head coach Luke Walton. After that meeting broke up Johnson stepped up to the mic choking back tears as he announced his resignation.

I’m not sure if will ever know the real reason why Johnson decided to step down after just two seasons with the Lakers. Johnson said “I want to go back to having fun” and he also said that “he wants to go back to who I was before taking this job”.

What may be the most interesting thing about Johnson’s resignation was the fact that he went to the media first before informing Lakers owner Jeanie Buss or the team general manager Rob Pelinka. It was reported that Buss and Pelinka along with chief financial officer Joe McCormack, chief operating officer Tim Harris and manager of special projects Linda Rambis held an all hands on deck type of meeting in El Segundo California after Johnson’s announcement.

Johnson was the Lakers President for two years and even with the signing of LeBron James, the team improved by just two wins this season. The Lakers where unable to find their way into the playoffs in either of the seasons Johnson was President. The Lakers haven’t actually been to the playoffs since 2013.

Johnson is still the greatest player in Lakers history but he may not of been cut out to be President of an NBA team. It can be difficult for great players to transition into front office or coaching roles and this may just be another case of another player not knowing what he was getting himself into. Johnson is and will continue to be a very public figure and good will ambassador for the game of basketball but he may not of realized how many hours being a team President would require him to put in.

Do you think we’ll ever know the real reason Johnson resigned?


I’m not sure of it was last week or two weeks ago that I wrote about all the injuries the New York Yankees had been dealing with to tart the season off but some how with the news that came out yesterday, it got worse for them.

The Yankees top starter, Luis Severino went down right before the start of the season with an injury to his right shoulder. Severino was placed on the Injured List to start the season but reports were that he had begun throwing long toss.

Apparently, Severino was still having some discomfort after his long toss session. Severino had his shoulder examined yesterday and was diagnosed with a grade two lat strain and will be completely shutdown for six weeks.

Looking at that timetable Severino might be able to start throwing again right around June 1st.  Maybe it’s possible that Severino could be back before the All-Star break.

Severino is in the first year of a four year $40 million dollar contract. He won 19 games last season and was thought to be the Yankees #1 starter coming into this season. Severino is just 25. He has a lot of years ahead of him and just needs to get healthy.

Now Severino wasn’t the only starting pitcher that got some bad news injury wise the last couple of days. Both the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs had a starting pitcher get injured.

Mike Clevinger hasn’t given up a run in his two starts this season for the Indians but he had to come out of his second start this season due to an injury. At first it was thought to be just a minor injury but Clevinger ended up being diagnosed with a right upper back/Teres major muscle strain.  Clevinger will be shutdown for 6 to 8 weeks.

It’s unclear right now who the Indians will use to fill Clevinger’s spot in the rotation but they have some options. It actually looks like Cleveland is considering about six different pitchers for that spot. We could see Adam Plutko, Jefry Rodriguez, A.J. Cole Asher Wojciechowski or Cody Anderson. Ultimately, it might be Anderson who takes over that rotation spot until Clevinger returns but he’s still working his way back from missing the last two seasons with injuries.

Luckily for the Cubs it looks like Jon Lester suffered the most minor injury out of these three pitchers.

On Monday, Lester had to come out of his start against the Pittsburgh Pirates after two innings due to hamstring tightness.

After the game, Lester said that he planned on making his next start.  However, the Cubs aired on the side of caution and put Lester in the Injured List. This appears to be the right move and even though it might cost Lester a couple of starts.  It’s better to let him get back to 100% then make the injury worse trying to pitch though it.

The Cubs will turn to Tyler Chatwood to pick up those couple of starts that Lester will miss.

The Cubs signed Chatwood to a three year $38 million dollar deal in 2018, but he struggled with control and has started the 2019 season in the bullpen. Chatwood has appeared in three games as a reliever this season covering 5 innings but his control issues still appear to be there. Chatwood has walked 4 batters in the 5 innings he’s pitched and walks were the issue he had last season. Last season in 24 games (20 starts) over 103 2/3rd innings, Chatwood walked 95 batters.

With as poorly as the Cubs have gotten out of the gate this season they’re going to need Chatwood to be able to keep them in those games he starts for Lester. Can he find his control?

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How was your week

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Now I still believe that it’s too early to panic if you’re favorite Major League Baseball team has gotten of to a slow start, but you do have to wonder how safe the managers of these teams are. A lot of these guys have won World Series titles, but that doesn’t make them immune to being fired. Let’s take a look and see which manager might be the first to go.

Right out of the gate I think the manager who might be in the hottest seat is Joe Maddon of the Chicago Cubs. Just a couple of seasons ago the Cubs won their first World Series championship in 100 plus years with Maddon as their manager. Last season was the first time a Maddon managed Cubs team hasn’t been in the playoffs, but this season they’re off to a 1-6 start.

Last night the Cubs out up 10 runs against one of their top NL Central rivals the Milwaukee Brewers, but that still wasn’t good enough to win as Cubs pitchers gave up 13 runs. This is the third time this season the Cubs offense has scored 10 or more runs, but on the other side the Cubs pitchers have given up 8 or more runs in five of the teams seven games.

The Cubs only win was on opening day in Texas and they have played all of their games on the road; so maybe heading home for the first time this season after this series with the Brewers will help, but will Maddon be the manager when the Cubs play that home opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday.

Since we started with Maddon let’s go down his coaching tree a little bit. Could the Washington Nationals make a change at manager and remove Dave Martinez?

When the Nationals brought Martinez in he was looked at as someone who could relate to the younger players and hopefully help get Bryce Harper to stay in Washington. Obviously Harper got a better contract offer from the Philadelphia Phillies; which is really out of Martinez’s control.

The Nationals finished 82-80 in Martinez’s first season as manager and finished in 2nd place 8 games behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East. With trades and free agent signings the NL East looked to be the most improved and possibly the toughest division in baseball. Washington is off to a 3-3 start, but they’re behind three other teams in the NL East already.

Martinez is in the second year of a three year deal; so right now I think that Martinez’s job is safe, but this is something that could be re-visited around the All-Star break if the Nationals aren’t in the division race.

After winning game 163 last season and getting into the playoffs is it possible that a 3-5 spot has Bud Black of the Colorado Rockies on the hot seat?

Before Colorado named Black as their manager he spent nine seasons with the San Diego Padres and never once made it to the post season. In his first season with the Rockies they where a wild card team. Last season which was Black’s second with the team the Rockies won the NL West. While the team has made it to the post season both season under Black they have yet to advance out of a round.

Now you’d have to think that Black has some job security after signing a three year contract extension this off season, but it seems like you just never know in today’s game.

Now it’s humorous to have these two managers on this list, but to be fair there teams haven’t gotten off to the start everyone expected them to and you know there are people out there blaming them for that. Is it possible that we could actually see Alex Cora of the Boston red Sox or A.J. Hinch of the Houston Astros replaced?

Of course Cora just led the Red Sox to the World Series title last season in his first season as their manager. As Astros manager Hinch led that team to the World Series title in 2017. I doubt that either of these guys are anywhere close to being on the hot seat since they’re recent World Series champions, but you never know.

The Red Sox are off to a 2-7 start while the Astros are off to a 3-5 start.

Of course the Red Sox started the season off with an 11 game road trip; so they haven’t played a home game this season. Boston’s first home game is this coming Tuesday when they host the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Astros just opened their first home series of the season with a 3-2 win over the Oakland A’s. Houston’s offense has been a little slow out of the gate, but maybe the first series at home will help that.

Just like it’s too early to panic about a teams record it’s probably too early to make a managerial change, but it’s possible that one of these managers could be the first to go this season.

Is there a manager out there that I didn’t list? Let me know if you think I should’ve included someone else.

The NCAA Final Four teams play for the chance to go to the title game on Monday. The first game tonight has the Auburn Tigers vs. the Virginia Cavaliers. This game should start around 5:00 p.m. the second game has the Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. the Michigan State Spartans.

It seems like there hasn’t been a lot of talk about this four teams and I’m not sure why that is. For some reason everyone still seems to be focused on Zion Williamson even though Duke was eliminated by Michigan State. While Williamson looks like he’ll be heading into NBA stardom wouldn’t it be nice if someone tried to draw a little interest in the NCAA championship? Now as you know I’m not a college basketball fan and with the way the reporting has went on they haven’t given me a reason to have any interest in these two Final Four games or the championship game.

While we’re on the NCAA tournament how did your bracket play out? I did two brackets as one of my friends challenged me. I have one team left in each of those brackets. I had Virginia getting to the final game in one; losing to Duke. In the other bracket I have Michigan State winning it all.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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We’re only a week into the Major League Baseball season; so it’s still to early to panic if your favorite team didn’t get off to the undefeated start that you thought they would. The one thing that you might have to worry about is if your favorite team got off to a slow start and they’re having to deal with a lot of injuries. Right now the New York Yankees fit into this category and you have to wonder how he healthy they’ll be this season.

The Yankees where a trendy pick to win the American League East this season coming off a 100 win in which they finished 8 games behind the Boston Red Sox in their division and had to settle for a wild card.

Coning into the season the Yankees knew that they’d be without outfielder Aaron Hicks who had a breakout season for them last season. Shortstop Didi Gregorius would also start the season on the injured list as he recovers from Tommy John surgery. Gregorius began his throwing program on Monday and is expected to return in July. Then towards the end of spring training the Yankees #1 starter Luis Severino experienced some shoulder trouble that landed him on the injured list. Add to this the fact that C.C. Sabathia who is pitching in his final season had to start the season off serving a 5-game suspension which was given to him at the end of last season. Then after being down two starters the bullpen took a hit as top set up guy Dellin Betances landed on the injured list with shoulder issues.

Now ever team deals with injuries at the start of or during the season, but I’m not sure if there’s a team out there that has paced more talent on the injured list than the Yankees have. Then to make it worse the Yankees weren’t done adding to their injured list.

On April 1st the Yankees added two more players to their injury list and I’m sure there fans where hoping in was a bad April Fools joke, but it wasn’t.

DH/Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton went on the injury list with a left bicep strain. He was joined on the injury list by starting 3rd baseman Miguel Andujar who has a right shoulder strain.

The diagnosis for Stanton seems to be a couple of weeks of rest and he should be good to return, but Andujar may be a different story. There’s a chance that Andujar nay need surgery to correct his shoulder issue and if that is needed his season would probably be over.

Now the Yankees are 2-3; so there’s no need to have a panic attack. Sabathia should be done with his suspension; so he’ll be back in the rotation and may ever get the start against the Detroit Tigers today. Baring any setbacks Severino and Betances should be returning soon and hopefully the projections are right on Stanton and he’ll only miss a couple of weeks. It will take a little linger for Hicks to return as he’s de back towards the nd of the month. The Big question will be Andujar and that will depend on if he needs surgery to fix his shoulder or if just some rehab will take care of the problem.

The AL East is the most top heavy division in baseball; so as long as the Yankees can tread water until the majority of their players return they should still be able to compete not only for the division title, but a wild card spot.

What’s your concern level for the Yankees?

With nothing left to play for this season the Los Angeles Lakers have shut LeBron James down for the remainder of the NBA season.

James numbers where very good as he averaged 27.4 points per game to go with 8.5 rebounds per game and 8.3 assists per game. The only problem with James numbers is the fact that he put them up over just 55 games this season. Those 55 games was the lowest numbers of games James has played in any season though his 16 year career.

Now there have been have been a lot of talking heads on television doing their best to cover for James and pushing the blame off on everybody else except him.

Now it was clear to just about everybody that the Lakers need to find some shooters to put around James. In today’s NBA you need those guys to hit 3’s around a player like James, but James wanted veteran players around him instead of the young core of players the Lakers had.

Los Angeles gave James his wish and signed Rajon Rondo, Lance Stevenson and JaVale McGee as well as adding Tyson Chandler when he became available. While these four are solid veteran NBA players none of them where the outside shooter that the Lakers needed on the court with James.

You also have to wonder how the recruitment of Anthony Davis by James dampen the sprit of the young Lakers players. Reports where that the Lakers would be willing to deal their young core of players who are all 21 or younger to acquire Davis. Will never know what kind of affect this non-deal ended up having on the team, but it seemed as though there was some type of impact. It will be interesting to see if the Lakers end up making a deal for Davis this off season and what they’ll end up giving up to get him.

With four games left in the regular season and since the teams isn’t going to be going into the playoffs this season I guess the best the fans could hope for is that the team drops these last four games and improves their lottery chances. I won’t be surprised at all if the Lakers end up improving their draft position in the lottery, but I’m not saying it’s fixed.

So looking at the Lakers season as a whole James had quality stats, but it was for a non-playoff team. He also put those stats up in his lowest numbers of games ever. It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media spins this Lakers season to cover for James, but I think all in all this has to be considered a failure for James.

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How was your week

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Coming into the 2019 baseball season I wasn’t as high on the Milwaukee Brewers as most people seemed to be. In the majority of the pre-season predictions had the Brewers repeating as NL Central champions. Where do I have the Brewers finishing; well I have them in 3rd place.

Now I know that most everyone is going to say that it’s just an over reaction after two games. Of course if you’ve listened to the Sports Time Radio podcast you know that I’ve been talking about the Brewers bullpen situation all off season and if the first two games are any indication it’s going to play out the way I was afraid it would.

I’ve been saying all along that with the Brewers manager their pitching staff that they would burn out their bullpen in the regular season and they’re on their way to doing that.

In the first game of the season the Brewers got 5 1/3rd innings out of their starter Jhoulys Chacin leaving those final 3 2/3rd innings for the bullpen to cover; which they did as the Brewers picked up a 5-4 opening day win.

Of course it took a great play by Lorenzo Cain for the Brewers to win pick up that win. Cain brought back what would’ve been the game tying home run by Jose Martinez of the St. Louis Cardinals with two outs in the Top of the 9th.

Now I’m not saying that Milwaukee wouldn’t of won the game in the Bottom of the 9th inning or in extra innings, but if the game did go into extra innings the bullpen would’ve had to of been extended in the first game of the season.

As it was Milwaukee’s closer Josh Hader ended up pitching the final 2 innings to get the save for the Brewers. Of course after pitching 2 innings you have to wonder when Hader or Junior Guerra who pitched 1 2/3rd innings would be available to pitch again.

Coming into last nights game I’m sure the Brewers where hoping to get some innings out of young starter Freddy Peralta, but sadly he lasted just 3 innings in his start. That left the Brewers bullpen 6 innings to cover and they did using 5 different relievers, but Hader and Guerra didn’t appear. On the plus side only one of the Brewers 5 relievers that appeared in the game pitched more than 1 inning; so they should all be able to pitch today if needed.

Now in two games this season and I know it’s just a small sample size the Brewers have gotten just 8 1/3rd innings out of their starting pitcher. That leaves a large amount of inning for the bullpen to cover.

Don’t forget that the Brewers bullpen was battling some injury issues coming into the season and the news didn’t get any better yesterday.

Milwaukee knew that they’d be without starter Brent Suter for the season as he recovers from Tommy John surgery. It looked like Jimmy Nelson was going to be back in the Brewers starting rotation from shoulder surgery that cost him all of the 2018 season. Unfortunately for the Brewers Nelson is starting the season on the Injured List.

The Brewers acquired Bobby Wahl from the New York Mets in the Keon Broxton trade and they where hoping he’d be able to help in the bullpen. Wahl however torn the ACL ligament in his right knee and will miss all of the 2019 season.

Jeremy Jeffress was a big part of the Brewers last season appearing in 73 regular season games picking up 15 saves. Jeffress also appeared in 9 post season games last season. Milwaukee was expecting Jeffress to not only be a big part of the bullpen again, but also help with closing games. Jeffress is another one of the Brewers pitchers who’s starting the season on the Injured List as he recovers from what’s being called shoulder discomfort. The timetable for Jeffress return is listed at two to three weeks.

Then the bad news hit the Brewers yesterday as it was reported that Corey Knebel has elected to have Tommy John surgery and will miss the entire 2019 season. Knebel has apparently been dealing with an elbow issue off and on for some time now and it spears as he just decided it was time to get that elbow repaired.

Knebel has been the Brewers #1 closer for the past two seasons, but injuries limited him to just 57 appearances last season. He did save 16 games in 2018 after picking up 39 saves in 2017. Knebel was healthy enough come playoff time last season. He pitched in 9 post season games and picked up 1 save for the Brewers.

The Brewers bullpen consists of Hader as the closer with Jacob Barnes as the main set up guy. Junior Guerra, Alex Claudio, Taylor Williams, Matt Albers and Alex Wilson will help fill in where needed. The Brewers did move former starter Chase Anderson into the bullpen to serve as the long man.

The Brewers do have veterans Jake Petricka and Josh Fields in Triple-A; so you have to wonder if we’ll see a lot of shuttling relievers back and forth between the major leagues and Triple-A.

The return of Jeffress will be a big help to the Brewers bullpen, but even with him back if the starting rotation can’t cover enough innings the bullpen is going to be out of gas in the second half of the season.

Now just a opening day was coming around there where quite a few reports that the Brewers had been in contact with free agent reliever Craig Kimbrel. There hasn’t been any updates on any talks between the Brewers and Kimbrel, but apparently the talks are “ongoing”.

With Knebel out for the season and Jeffress on the Injured List Kimbrel seems like the perfect fit for the Brewers bullpen, but he’ll com with some questions. Will Kimbrel come off of his demands of a 5 year contract? and then you have to wonder how long would it take Kimbrel to get ready? Then you’d have to wonder if Kimbrel would be installed as the Brewers full time closer or if he’d just ne added to the mix of reliver that close games in Milwaukee. Kimbrel has always been a full time closer; so could he adjust to being just a part of a bullpen mix if he had to.

Will have to wait and see how the Brewers bullpen plays out and if it holds up all season long, but as you know I have my concerns.

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Schaumburg Stu’s 2019 MLB Predictions

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Here’s how Stu see’s the divisions playing out

AL East

1st Yankees 2nd Red Sox 3rd Rays 4th Blue Jays 5th Orioles

AL Central

1st Indians 2nd Twins 3rd Tigers 4th White Sox 5th Royals

AL West

1st Astros 2nd Angels 3rd A’s 4th Mariners 5th Rangers

AL Wild Cards Red Sox & Angels

NL East

1st Phillies 2nd Nationals 3rd Mets 4th Braves 5th Marlins

NL Central

1st Cardinals 2nd Brewers 3rd Reds 4th Cubs 5th Pirates

NL West

1st Dodgers 2nd Rockies 3rd Diamondbacks 4th Padres 5th Giants

NL Wild Cards

Rockies & Brewers

World Series

Yankees over Dodgers

Individual awards:


AL Alex Bregman NL Anthony Rendon

CY Young

AL Gerrit Cole NL Aaron Nola

Rookie of the Year

AL Vlad Guerrero Jr. NL Nick Senzel

Manager of the Year

AL Aaron Boone NL Gabe Kapler

Comeback Player of the Year

AL Miguel Cabrera NL Yu Darvish


Dan the Man’s 2019 MLB Predictions

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Here’s how Dan see’s the divisions playing out.

AL East

1st Red Sox 2nd Yankees 3rd Rays 4th Blue Jays 5th Orioles

AL Central

1st Indians 2nd Twins 3rd Tigers 4th White Sox 5th Royals

AL West

1st Astros 2nd Angels 3rd A’s 4th Mariners 5th Rangers

AL Wild Cards

Yankees & Angels

NL East

1st Nationals 2nd Phillies 3rd Mets 4th Braves 5th Marlins

NL Central

1st Cubs 2nd Cardinals 3rd Brewers 4th Reds 5th Pirates

NL West

1st Dodgers 2nd Rockies 3rd Giants 4th Padres 5th Diamondbacks

NL Wild Cards

Phillies & Cubs

World Series

Yankees over Cubs

Dan’s individual awards.


AL Mike Trout NL Ronald Acuna Jr.

Cy Young

AL Chris Sale NL Max Scherzer

Rookie of the Year

AL Eloy Jimenez NL Victor Robles

Manager of the Year

AL Alex Cora NL Gabe Kapler

Comeback Player of the Year

AL Carlos Santana NL Kris Bryant

Let’s call it Wednesday

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We’re just one day away from the Major League Baseball season starting. I know, I know there where two games that counted, but we’ve been over this before and you know how I feel about that. Tomorrow all 30 teams are in action and that’s opening day!

Now I’ve seen a lot of predictions for the upcoming season and at Sports Time Radio we have made our picks as well. I decided that I’m going to do something different with our picks this season. Instead of building one giant blog just our picks I’m going to do individual posting of our picks. We had five different people make predictions for the upcoming baseball season and we would have or might have six people if Mr. Fantasy’s predictions show up before I get everything posted. I’m going to try and get them all up here by this weekend; so you’ll be able to see what we think will happen this coming season.

If you’ve made any predictions that you feel like sharing go ahead and leave them in the comment section and I’ll add them in with our predictions.

I saw a couple of interesting or some people might say surprise moves as teams finalized their rosters for the start of the season. Instead of sending their top prospect down to the minors to push back that players arbitration clock both the Chicago White Sox and San Diego Padres decided to start the season off with their best prospects o the major league roster.

With an injury to Jon Jay the White decided that Eloy Jimenez would be on the opening day roster. Of course now that the White Sox have Jimenez signed to a contract and they know he’ll be with the team for the next 8 years I’m sure this decision became much easier for them. Jimenez hit .250 in spring training with 2 home runs. Jimenez is just 22 years old and it will be very interesting to see how he’ll do as an everyday major leaguer.

In San Diego the Padres decided that 20 year old Fernando Tatis Jr. will be the opening day shortstop. I’m sure that it helped Tatis’ cause that Manny Machado has lobbied for him to be on the opening day roster. Tatis had a solid spring hitting .265 with 2 home runs.

It will be a big step as a 20 year old for Tatis to be the everyday shortstop, but he has a lot of veteran support in the Padres infield. Not only will Tatis have Machado next to him at 3rd base, but Ian Kinsler will be at 2nd base and Eric Hosmer will be the 1st baseman. All of these players have won Gold Gloves and will be able to help Tatis.

As big of a surprise as it was that Tatis will be on the San Diego’s opening day roster the fact that Luis Urias was the player who was sent to Triple-A to make room for Tatis.

Urias struggled in spring training hitting .213 with 2 home runs. Urias also struck out 16 times in 47 at bats. Urias played in 12 games at the end of 2018 for the Padres. He hit .208 with 2 home runs, but in 48 at bats he struck out 10 times.

There was some questions on why the Padres kept Jose Pirela and Greg Garcia on the roster instead of Urias. You’d have to think that’s it’s better for Urias to be getting full time at bat at the Triple-A level than sitting on the bench in the majors behind Kinsler.

Urias is just 22; so if he figures things out at Triple-A it probably won’t be long before he’s back in the major leagues.

Here’s a list of ever opening day starting pitcher in the order of the games start times.

Andrew Cashner-Orioles, Masahiro Tanaka-Yankees, Jacob deGrom-Mets, Max Scherzer-Nationals, Miles Mikolas-Cardinals, Jhoulys Chacin-Brewers, Julio Teheran-Braves, Aaron Nola-Phillies, Jordan Zimmerman-Tigers, Marcus Stroman-Blue Jays, Zack Greinke-Diamondbacks, Hyun-Jin Ryu-Dodgers, Justin Verlander-Astros, Blake Snell-Rays, Jon Lester-Cubs, Mike Minor-Rangers, Trevor Cahill-Angles, Mike Fiers-A’s, Madison Bumgarner-Giants, Eric Lauer-Padres, Corey Kluber-Indians, Jose Berrios-Twins, Kyle Freeland-Rockies, Jose Urena-Marlins, Jameson Taillon-Pirates, Luis Castillo-Reds, Carlos Rodon-White Sox, Brad Keller-Royals, Chris Sale-Red Sox, Marco Gonzales-Mariners.

Don’t forget to adjust your fantasy line ups for your weekly leagues and you’ll have to start doing your breakdowns for who you’ll start in daily fantasy tomorrow.

Clem Daniels passed away yesterday at the age of 83. Now that name might not mean a lot to people, but if you take the time to look into Daniels you’ll find out that he was the all-time leading rusher in the AFL.

In shot the AFL was the American Football League that was founded in 1959 and went head to head with the National Football League from he 1960 season until the 1970 season before he leagues merged.

Daniels played 9 season in the AFL. He started with the Dallas Texans in 1960, but had just 1 carry that season for -2 yards. In 1961 he joined the Oakland Raiders and sent the next seven seasons in a Raiders uniform. Daniels wrapped up his career after the 1968 season as a member of the San Francisco 49ers after one season with them.

Daniels best season was in 1963 when he rushed for 1099 with the Raiders. Now remember they only played 14 games in a season then.

In his career Daniels had 5138 career rushing yards on 1146 carries; so he averaged 4.5 yards per carry in his career. He played in 110 games in his 9 year career and scored 30 rushing touchdowns. Oddly out of those 110 games Daniels only started in 29 of them. Daniels was also a solid receiver as he caught 203 career passes for 3314 yards an average of 16.3 yards per receptions and he had 24 career touchdown receptions. Daniels also spent some time as a return man. He returned 57 kickoffs for 1206 yards and 8 punt for 103 yards. Daniels retired at the age of 33 after the 1968 season.

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How was your week

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The Major League Baseball season opened this week in Japan with the Seattle Mariners taking both games of a two game series against the Oakland A’s.

Of course the biggest news to co out of this series was that they ended up being the final two games of Ichiro Suzuki’s 19 year career in Major League Baseball.

Ichiro played in both games in Japan getting 5 at bats, but sadly he didn’t record a hit to add to his career total of 3089 in Major League Baseball. Ichiro spent 9 seasons playing in front of the Japanese fans as a member of the Orix Blue Wave; so it gave him a chance to walk away from the game in home country.

Ichiro joined the Seattle Mariners in 2001 and won the MVP and Rookie of the Year award as well as a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger. That was the first of the 10 Gold Gloves Ichiro would win; all in a row. He picked up 3 Silver Sluggers in his career and was named to 10 consecutive All-Star teams while with Seattle.

It’s not much of a stretch to say that Ichiro will be a first Ballot Hall of Famer when his name gets on the ballot. I’ve even heard some baseball people say that he should be a unanimous selection.

In his 19 year career Ichiro posted 3089 hits. He set the records for most hits in a season with 262 in 2004. He had 10 seasons all in a row with 200 or more hits. That’s tied with Pete Rose for the most consecutive. Ichiro won two batting title and has a career batting average of .311. While not a big time home run hitter even though there where people who reported that if he wanted to Ichiro could be a 20 plus home run guy. Ichiro hit 117 home runs in his career with a career high of 15 in 2005. Ichiro spent most of his career hitting at the top of the batting order; so he didn’t have as many RBI opportunities as some players might. He drove in 780 runs in his career, but as a player who was at the top of the batting order he scored 1420 runs in his career. It hasn’t even came up that he had 509 career stolen bases or the fact that he had 123 assists in his career. Ichiro had a career fielding percentage of .993. He assisted on 28 double plays in his career and made just 28 errors in a career that covered 20,030 1/3rd innings in the outfield. Remember this was all after he had out up 1278 hits in the Japanese League where he had a .353 batting average in 9 seasons.

Is there any question that Ichiro is a first ballot Hall of Famer? Do you think  he’ll be unanimous selection?

The other news coming out of the opening series in Japan wasn’t good for the A’s.

A’s first baseman and Gold Glove winner Matt Olson has under gone surgery on his right hand the team announced. The surgical procedure involved a right hamate excision.

As of the announcement there was no timetable for Olson’s return, but there are some comparable cases and the typical return time is between six to eight weeks.

It seems like there have been quite a few of these surgeries in baseball lately. The Hamate bone is an irregularly shaped bone located in the hand close to the wrist. The Hamate bone is wedged shaped that is curved; the curve is described as a hook. Since several players have had the Hamate bone removed the procedure actually has a name; it’s called “Wilson’s wrist”.

It’s unclear right now how the A’s will handle the 1st base spot with Olson injured. Mark Cahna is the only other player on Oakland’s 40 man roster that has extensive experience at 1st base. With opening day just 5 days away for every other team they’ll be trimming down their rosters; so the A’s may be able to find someone to help fill the void Olson’s injury has caused. The A’s could also choose to sign Danny Valencia or Logan Morrison who are still available free agents. Of course neither players has went through spring training and you’d have to wonder how long it would take them to get ready for game action.

Olson may be tough for the A’s to replace. Not only was he a Gold Glove winner last season he played in all 162 games. He’s a middle of the order bat for Oakland and last season he hit 29 home runs and drove in 84 runs while hitting .247.

We should see very quickly what kind of move the A’s will make to replace Olson as they play their next game at home on March 28th against the Los Angeles Angels.

I’m sure that you’ve heard or have been asked the question this time of year; so “how’s your bracket”?

I can tell you that through the first set of games this weekend I lost 8 games. To be honest I don’t know if that’s good, but for me it is. More importantly I didn’t lose any of the teams I picked to advance to the Final Four like last season. I think I mentioned that last season after the first weekend I had two of the teams I had picked to make the final four knocked out. Now of course that can still happen to me this time as there are another set of games to be player Saturday and Sunday. Let’s hope my luck is better this year.

Luckily for my the 8 teams that I had get knocked out I didn’t have getting past this weekend; so there’s a chance that my bracket can get back on track if I picked well. Of course since I hadn’t followed much college basketball coming into this tournament I wouldn’t count on that. Of course some people might say that it’s a good thing I didn’t know too much about college basketball before making my picks.

So let me know in the comments how your bracket held up.

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Technically the Major League Baseball seasons has started, but to be honest I think the idea of these two games being played in Japan counting as regular season games is stupid.

It’s the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland A’s that are opening their season in Japan with a two games series. Now after this series wraps up the teams will head back to spring training for about a week before they play another game that’s going to count in the standings.

I know that you’ll hear the term grow the game a lot when it comes to playing these games, but that’s complete b.s. Baseball is already a pretty well established sport in Japan as we see players not only come over form Japan to play in the majors, but players from here go over there all the time to play in their professional baseball league. So how does this grow the game?

Now I think when the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox head over to England for a series later this season that will be more inclined to grow the game. It will be the first time that Major League Baseball has played a regular season game in England; so it should be a real attraction. Unlike a game in Japan where Major League Baseball has played regular season games before and they just toured Japan this off season with a traveling group of what they called All-Stars.

Anyway since the game counted in the standings; here’s what happened. The Mariners beat the A’s 9-7; so at least the crowd which was announced at 45,787 got to see some offense.

Steven Piscotty got the A’s on the board in the bottom of the 1st with a 2 out solo home run. Oakland took a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the 2nd when Marcus Semien singled to left to drive in the A’s 2nd run. The Mariners got their offense rolling in the top of the 3rd inning. Gordon Beckham led off with a single and advanced to 2nd base on a wild pitch. After an out Dee Gordon drove Beckham in with a single to right to make it a 2-1 game. After the second out was made Jay Bruce was hit by a pitch and Edwin Encarnacion drew a walk to load the bases. Carlos Santana unloaded the bases with a grand slam to right to give the Mariners a 5-2 lead. In the bottom of the 3rd Matt Chapman doubled for Oakland with 1 out. After the second out was made Khris Davis hit a 2-run home run center to cut the Seattle lead to 5-4. Seattle added a run back to it’s lead in the top of the 4th. Beckham and Ichiro Suzuki drew back to back walks. Gordon sacrificed the runners to 2nd and 3rd; then Mitch Haniger drove Beckham home with a sacrifice fly to right field to make it a 6-4 game. In the top of the 5th Encarnacion led of with a walk before the next two batters made outs with Encarnacion going to 2nd on a ground out. Ryon Healy doubled to left to score Encarnacion making it a 7-4 game. Beckham then hit a 2-run home run to center to make it a 9-4 game. In the bottom of the 7th Semien led off with a walk for Oakland. Robbie Grossman reached safely on an infield single as Semien moved up the 2nd. After a strikeout Chapman hit a 3-run home run to right to cut the Mariners lead to two at 9-7. That was it for the scoring though as the Mariners held on for  9-7 win.

Marco Gonzales went 6 innings to pick up the win for Seattle. Gonzales gave up 7 hits, 4 runs with 3 of them being earned. He also struck out 4 while walking 1.

Mike Fiers lasted just 3 innings for Oakland and took the loss. Fiers gave up 5 runs; all earned on 4 hits. He struck out 3 while walking 2.

Hunter Strickland worked a perfect 9th inning striking out 2 as he picked up the save for the Mariners.

The teams will wrap up their international series tomorrow. Yusei Kikuchi will make his debut for the Mariners on the mound while Marco Estrada gets the start for Oakland. The game will be carried live in ESPN and has a 4:30 a.m. start time if you’re interested in watching or just happen to be awake. As for me I’ll be at work at that time; so I’m out.

The NCAA tournament officially started last night as there where two play-in games. In the opener Fairleigh-Dickinson beat Prairie View A&M 82-76 to advance. While in the night cap Belmont oved on by beating Temple 80-71.

There are two more play-in games tonight. North Carolina Central will play North Dakota State for the right to move forward while the other game has St. John’s taking Arizona State with the winner advancing.

With their win Fairleigh-Dickinson becomes the 16th seed in the West regional and they’ll face Gonzaga. Belmont moves into the 11th seed in the East regional and they’ll play Maryland. Both these game will take place on Thursday.

Now if you’ve listened to the Sports Time Radio podcast you know that I’m not the biggest college basketball fan or basketball fan in general, but like just about everyone else I enjoy filling out a tournament bracket. To be honest my bracket never does very well and if I remember correctly I had two of the teams I had going to the final four last year get knocked out in the first round, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

As I was putting my bracket together this year I ended up with a lot of the top seeds advancing; so I guess I’m not big on the upsets this year. Anyway; here’s who I have in the final four. I have Duke out of the East regional. I have Michigan out of the West Regional. I have Virginia out of the out of the South regional and I went with Houston out of the Midwest regional. I have Duke and Virginia meeting in the championship game with Duke winning the NCAA title. Let’s see if I have better luck this year. What’s your final four look like?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Well NFL free agency is going strong, but wat might’ve come as a bit of a surprise was the trade that was made later in the day.

The New York Giants traded wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. In return the Giants will receive a 2019 1st round pick, a 2019 3rd round pick and safety Jabrill Peppers. It’s clear that the Giants got much, much more that the Pittsburgh Steelers did when they traded Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders, but I guess the question still is; did they get enough in return for Beckham?

Beckham has missed some games with injuries the last two seasons, but he’s still considered one of the best if not the best wide receiver in the NFL. In 12 games last season Beckham put up 1052 yards on 77 catches with 6 touchdowns. With the exception of the last two seasons when injuries cost him a few games Beckham had been putting up 1300 plus yards and 10 plus touchdowns in his first three seasons.

In Cleveland Beckham will reunite with his former college teammate Jarvis Landry who was the Browns leading receiver last season. Landry had 81 receptions, 976 yards and 4 touchdowns. By adding Beckham it should draw coverage away from Landry and up and coming tight end David Njoku; who where Cleveland’s top two receivers last season.

The Browns have added two top offensive weapons in Beckham and running back Kareem Hunt. Of course will have to see what kind of suspension the NFL gives Hunt for his issue last season that the Kansas City Chiefs cut him for. Even without Hunt the Browns will still have Nick Chubb. Chubb took over as the #1 running back when Carlos Hyde was traded to the Jacksonville Jaquars and ended up leading the team in rushing with 996 yards. He also led Cleveland in rushing touchdowns with 8.

It looks like the Browns are set up for success after years of being the laughingstock of the NFL. If Baker Mayfield makes positive strides in his second year under center the Browns might even dare to say make the playoffs. If that does happen for Cleveland it will be the first time in 16 seasons that they’ll be in the post season.

It might be a little early for you to make a prediction, but with the Moves the Browns have made; do you think they’re a playoff team right now?

If you’re a fan of the New York Jets you woke up this morning to the news that the Jets have signed Le’Von Bell to a 4 year $52.5 million dollar deal. The deal includes $35 million dollars in guaranteed money.

As I’m sure everyone knows by now Bell sat out all of last season rather than sign the franchise tag which would’ve pad him $14.4 million dollar. It was the second straight year that bell had the franchise tag placed on him by is now former team the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bell will be an interesting case study. There haven’t been a lot of players who have taken a year off and came back and played well, but Bell has some things going for him. Bell is jut 27 years old and while he did miss 10 games in 2015 due to injury; which I believe was a recurring hamstring injury. So Bell hasn’t suffered a serious injury.

Bell is definitely a workhorse type of running back and with his receiving skills he doesn’t have to be replaced in passing situations. Bell has three 1200 plus yard rushing seasons with 35 career rushing touchdowns and an average of 4.3 yards per carry in his career. Bell has caught over 80 passes twice in his career and has 312 career receptions for 2660 yards and 7 touchdowns.

With the addition of Bell the Jets backfield is quite crowded. Bilal Powell is a free agent; so you have to think the Jets will just let him sign elsewhere, but that leaves Isaiah Crowell, Trent Cannon and Elijah McGuire on the roster. You’d have to think that Crowell is probably the odd man out here and that he’ll end up being released. Cannon and McGuire are both 24 years old and should be able to contribute on special teams either as return men or just cover guys. At this point in his career I’m not sure if Crowell sees himself as a special teams player.

The Jets have been busy this off season. They re-sign two of their own players defensive end Henry Anderson and cornerback Darryl Roberts. They’ve added two free agent wide receivers Josh Bellamy and Jamison Crowder as well as signing linebacker C.J. Mosley. The Jets also acquired guard Kelechi Osemele from the Oakland Raiders in a trade over the weekend.

Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan has been very busy, but will have to see if these moves pay off and if the Jets have improved enough to compete with the New England Patriots in the AFC East.

How vastly different are the NFL off season and the MLB off season. The new NFL season hasn’t even officially started, but teams are allowed to negotiate with players and agreed to deal; so things more very quickly. Now in the MLB it’s a very, very different story. Free agency drags and drags to the point where I was sick and tired of hearing about it. Even right now with the season 15 days away; not counting those two games in Japan there are two top players Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrell that are still unsigned. I think the Major League Baseball could really learn something from the way the NFL off season is handle and bring some excitement to there off season instead of everyone just sitting around for months at a time with nothing to report. I seriously doubt that baseball will do anything or try to do anything about it, but if you’re a fan of both sports you can’t tell me that you enjoyed the MLB off season more than you’ve enjoyed this NFL off season. Don’t forget tat the NFL still has the draft coming up as well.

Please MLB learn something!

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