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Posted: June 6, 2020 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, sports, Sports Time Radio, Uncategorized

Well it looks like just about every sports league has come up with either a plan for their return or a plan to start their season with the exception of one; Major League Baseball.

If there is no 2020 baseball season there are some things I’m curious about. Since the players didn’t play any regular season games; did they accrue any service time? Now I don’t believe the loss of a season wouldn’t affect any player who’s under contract, but players that are going through arbitration reach free agency by acquiring a certain amount of major league service time.

Remember just last off season Chicago Cubs 3rd baseman Kris Bryant lost a grievance about his service time. Bryant claimed the Cubs intentionally pushed his minor league call up back to allow them one more year of arbitration with him and while this is true the Cubs did exactly that there’s nothing in the collective bargaining agreement that didn’t allow them to; so Bryant lost. That meant at the start of the 2020 season Bryant had two more seasons before he could become a free agent, but now he and any other player who was two seasons away from free agency didn’t play any games and therefore didn’t accrue any service time. Does that mean Bryant and all those other players have to wait until 2023 to become free agents. Mookie Betts is also in this situation. One of the reasons the Boston Red Sox traded him was because he was in his final year of arbitration and would be come a free agent after the 2020 season. What does a missed season do to his free agency? Will the Los Angeles Dodgers actually get some games out of Betts? If he’s granted free agency after no 2020 season the Dodgers could lose him without playing a game for them.

Let’s say that 2020 is counted as a season even though there were no games and Betts is allowed to become a free agent. He’ll be the top free agent on the market and there was talk that he would receive a contract in the neighborhood of $30 million dollars a season.

Now if the owners and the players association can’t work something out teams are going to lose millions of dollars with no games being played. What kind of free agent market do you think there would be after that? I’m guessing a player like Betts would be lucky to get half of his actual value on the free agent market.

Now immediately the players their agents and the players association would cry collusion like they’ve done over and over in the past and while they may have had a case then; would they have one now? After losing millions of dollars it might be difficult for a team to lay out a large money long term deal especially since the collective bargaining agreement is set to expire at the end of the 2021 season.

Now just imagine a scenario where we don’t have a 2020 season because of the pandemic and he shear greed of owners and players. Then baseball returns to play in 2021 only to have a strike or a lockout at the start of the 2022 season. Could Major League Baseball survive that?

Remember after the last time baseball had a stoppage in play back in 1994 when the players went on strike it took quite a while for fans to return to the ballparks. Now at lot of why the fans returned was because of the home run chase between Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. As it turned out both of those players along with quite a few more where using performance enhancing drugs. I know Sosa has never admitted to it like a lot of players, but fans aren’t stupid. Those drugs are now tested for; so players can’t use them. How can baseball get the fans attention back?

Home run numbers where up last year as the baseballs where adjusted from the previous season, but fans still didn’t flock to the ballparks. Baseball has been trying and trying to find ways to get more fans to go to games, but there really isn’t anything you can do with a baseball game to fit it into the short attention span society we now live in. Major League Baseball has tried to speed up play, but we’re talking about taking minutes off a game that will still take hours to play.

My biggest concern since baseball has always been my favorite sport is; are they killing the game? I’ve been wondering since the owner rejected that players associations last proposal and then said that there wouldn’t be a counter offer if I’m watching the death of baseball. I’m just not sure I see a way for baseball to recover from this; do you?

Is it possible we could see some of the smaller market or low drawing teams which in some cases are the same contracted. There are 30 Major League Baseball teams right now. Could we actually see them drop two, four or possible maybe even more teams. If so which teams would it be and how would they make that decision. The longer this goes on even the richest of teams is going to start having cash flow problems. Now add in the idea that we could get a 2021 season and then a walk out or strike. How many teams could handle that loss of revenue after what they’re losing right now?

Do you think this is something that could happen? do you think there’s a Major League Baseball team or teams that might shutdown? If you do let me know which team or teams you think it might be. I’d also be interested to know if you think  Major League Baseball itself would contract a couple of teams to try and save money? I’m really hoping none of this happens, but I’d like to know what you think about the entire baseball landscape right now.

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  1. I’m not concerned about the longevity of baseball but I fear that, if the present no baseball patterns continues, it will no longer be considered as the major sport in the United States. Football will now be number one or maybe they are already.
    Today’s young fans have a short attention span and they certainly doesn’t help baseball. It’s almost mid June, a decision one way or the other has to be by the latest tne end of next week.


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