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Posted: July 11, 2020 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, sports, Sports Time Radio, Uncategorized

We’re just under two weeks away from the return of one of America’s favorite past time. Major League Baseball is scheduled to return on July 25th and you have to wonder how many more players will decide to opt out before that date.

Just yesterday Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants and Michael Kopech of the Chicago Wed that they would be skipping the 2020 baseball season. That brings the number of player who have announced they’ll be opting out of the 2020 season to 11. Mike Leake of the Arizona Diamondbacks was the first player to announce he’d be skipping the 2020 season. Ryan Zimmerman, Joe Ross and Wellington Castillo all from last seasons World Series champions the Washington Nationals joined the opt out list. Tyson Ross who was a free agent and Joe’s brother is also skipping the 2020 season. The Atlanta Braves had two players Nick Markakis and Felix Hernandez who decided to opt out of this coming season. Add Ian Desmond of the Colorado Rockies and David Price of the Los Angeles Dodgers and there are your 11 players who have officially opted out this coming season.

Now I’m sure there are some names that you know on this list, but I’m not sure you’d put any of these players in the superstar category. Now at one time you might’ve considered Posey, Price or Hernandez as superstars, but they’ve had their struggles the last few seasons and while they’re still quality major league players I’m not sure if they would be considered superstars.

That kind of leads me to my question. Will we see a legitimate superstar from baseball announce that he’ll skip the 2020 season before July 25th?

There has been some Talk that Mike Trout could be the superstar who decide to opt out of the 2020 season. Trout’s wife is pregnant with their first child and is due in August I believe. It would make perfect sense for Trout to take the 2020 season of to be with his wife and newborn child and not risk bringing Covid-19 into his home.

Don’t forget that MLB is handling things a little differently than the National hockey League or the Nationals Basketball Association is. MLB players are going to be traveling to and from games while the NHL and the NBA will be living in a “bubble” set up. MLB players will also be going on road trips which adds a whole other level of concern for a player and his family to deal with.

Now I completely understand if a player decides it’s in his best interest to skip the 2020 season. I was sick for about five weeks with what is described as an undiagnosed case of the Corona virus. Unfortunately when was sick I was unable to get tested because I didn’t fit into the proper category. By the time I was able to get tested I was feeling better and tested negative. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I would get tested when I was feeling better; well I needed a negative test to return to work.

This situation can out some players in a difficult spot especially if they have young children at home or in a case like Trout’s have a child on the way. They’re going to have to try to find the proper balance between their job (baseball) and their families.

You also have to realize that if a player like Mookie Betts who was traded to the Dodgers this past off season is just one year away from free agency. If he decides to skip the 2020 season he doesn’t become a free agent. Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs lost an arbitration hearing over his years of service last season; so he’s still two seasons away from being a free agent. Would he consider sitting out the 2020 season and then have to wait to reach free agency until 2023?

Also the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires after the 2021 season and there have been quite a few rumors that we’ll see a players strike or the owners lock out. Depending on how much time might be missed as the two sides work out a new agreement that might push these arbitration players free agency even farther back.

This is just one more thing for a player to add in t his decision on if he’ll be playing starting on July 25th.

In some on the field baseball news the Toronto Blue Jays announced that Vlad Guerrero Jr. will be switching positions. Guerrero spent last season as the Blue Jays 3rd baseman, but Toronto’s manager Charlie Montoyo announced that Guerrero will be playing 1st base and spending time as the Blue Jays DH this season.

Guerrero played in 123 games last season 96 at 3rd base, 24 as a DH and 3 as a pinch hitter. Guerrero hit .272 with 15 home runs last season. He also finished 6th in Rookie of the Year voting.

Guerrero was a solid defensive 3rd baseman last season. In 824 1/3rd innings at 3rd base Guerrero made 17 errors posting a fielding percentage of .936%. Guerrero does come up negative in some of the analytic and sabermetric stats. He was -16 in Total Zone Total Fielding and he was -9 in BIS Defensive Runs Saved. Those numbers may have factored in to Guerrero’s move across the diamond.

Guerrero is 21 years old and he stands 6’2 and his weight is listed at 250 pounds. Guerrero’s size may have also factored in his move to 1st base. While 1st base isn’t an easy position to play it might be a little less stressful on Guerrero’s joints which would help extend his career.

Guerrero’s move to 1st base opens up a spot for Travis Shaw to take over as Toronto’s everyday 3rd baseman.

Shaw is looking to have a bounce back season after hitting just .157 in 86 games for the Milwaukee Brewers. Shaw also spent part of the season in Triple-A. Shaw did put up back to back 30 plus home runs seasons in 2017 & 2018. Shaw also brings a left handed bat to the Blue Jays line up, but will have to wait and see how Shaw plays for Toronto.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this move works out for Toronto. Guerrero should lose some weight. He’s only 6’2″ so 250 is a bit too heavy to him especially if he had remained at 3rd base.
    I have a feeling that Trout will opt out for this season and we’ll see a few more players added to the list as spring training draws to a conclusion.


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