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Even though we’re taking a holiday break from doing the Sports Time Radio podcast we¬† still have to make our picks for Week 17 in the NFL. Here’s who we’re going with this we.

We all have:

The STEELERS over the Browns.

The VIKINGS over the Bears.

The PATRIOTS over the Dolphins.

The CHIEFS over the Chargers.

The SEAHAWKS over the 49ers

The FALCONS over the Saints.

Here’s how we have the rest of the games.

Dan the Man likes Cincinnati. Schaumburg Stu, Mr. Fantasy and I have Baltimore.

I have Philadelphia. Stu, Dan and Mr. Fantasy have Dallas.

Dan has Carolina. Stu, Mr. Fantasy and I have Tampa Bay.

Dan has the Jets. Stu, Mr. Fantasy and I have the Bills.

Mr. Fantasy has Jacksonville. Stu, Dan and I have Indianapolis.

Mr. Fantasy has Los Angeles. Stu, Dan and I have Arizona.

Dan has the New York Giants. Stu, Mr. Fantasy and I have Washington.

Stu has Detroit. Dan, Mr. Fantasy and I have Green Bay.

Stu and Dan have the Texans. Mr. Fantasy and I have the Titans.

Stu and Dan have the Raiders. Mr. Fantasy and I have the Broncos.

Going into Week 17:

Schaumburg Stu is 158-82

Mr. Fantasy is 148-92

Dan the Man is 147-93

The Big Jack is 142-98

I think that the NHL playoffs have been pretty exciting this season. The problem I’m having now is the scheduling with the Western conference finals. For some reason they went away from the every other day format and now seem to be working with two days off in between games. In a way I guess it’s good for the teams as players get an extra day of rest, but this will stretch out the playoffs until June. By the time the Stanley Cup finals rolls around I’m not going to care who wins the cup. Now that would be sad because like I said the playoffs have been exciting. The Blackhawks/Kings series is tied at 1 game apiece with the series headed back to Los Angeles for Game 3 tonight. The New York Rangers have a 2 games to 1 lead over the Montreal Canadians in the Eastern conference finals with Game 4 tomorrow in New York. In the Rangers/Canadians series the home team hasn’t been able to win a game in the series.

The NBA playoff scheduling is just as bad if not worse than the NHL’s. The Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers played Game 2 of their series Tuesday night. Then the teams were given three days off to travel to Miami for Game 3 tonight. The series is tied at 1 – 1 and the extra rest might help the Pacers more. Paul George got hit in the back of the head by Dwayne Wade in Game 2 and suffered a concussion. Now with the extra rest George has been cleared to play tonight. Even with George playing the Pacers will have a tough time beating the Heat. In the Western conference finals the San Antonio Spurs have looked like the best team in the playoffs. They have a 2 – 0 lead in their series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. I think everyone thought the loss of Serge Ibaka would be a big issue and the Spurs have taken advantage of this situation. There’s been some reports that Ibaka will be available to play in Game 3 tomorrow. If Ibaka isn’t completely healthy I don’t think he’ll be able to help the Thunder, but just his presence might make a little difference on the mental side for the Thunder. The Spurs/Thunder series resumes Sunday with Game 3 in Oklahoma City.

If you’re a fantasy baseball player injuries are a big concern for you right now. Of course I guess the injuries would be a big concern for major league baseball teams as well. Off the top of my head there where some big name players that ended up on the disabled list (DL) this week. The Cincinnati reds got Jay Bruce back from knee surgery, but Joey Votto went on the DL the day Bruce came off the list. Ryan Braun is on the DL for the 2nd time this season. The Brewers played okay with Braun out the first time, but you can only be without your best player for so long. Prince Fielder went on the DL for the Texas Rangers with season ending surgery on his neck. Fielder has been bothered by a herniated disc in his neck and has opted for surgery to correct the problem. Then just to add to the Rangers injury issues top prospect and projected starting 2nd baseman for this season Jurickson Profar had a set back in his injury rehab and the reports are saying he’ll be out 10 – 12 more weeks. Profar hasn’t even had an at bat this season. Those are just some of the injuries I thought of off the top of my head and I didn’t even get into the injuries pitchers have suffered this season. Just going over the list of pitchers who need Tommy John surgery this season is a long one. Dan the Man, Mr. Fantasy and I are in a couple of large fantasy baseball leagues. One league has 18 teams and the other has 20 teams; this makes injuries tough to deal with. You can’t go out and pick up a star player on the waiver wire when one of your top guys gets injured. To me it makes the leagues fun to play in, but it also will drive a lot of fantasy players away. A lot of fantasy players want the easy smaller leagues to play in where if you lose a player or a guy is having a bad year you just drop him and there’s an all-star out there on waivers waiting for you to pick him up. Dan the Man has told the story on air before where two people he knew got in our 20 team fantasy football league a couple of seasons ago. These guys ended up meeting in the leagues Super Bowl that season. Then the next year neither of them came back to play in the league because 20 teams was too hard and they where looking for easier leagues to play in. This is the first time ever that I’ve been in any type of fantasy league where the top two teams didn’t return the next season. I guess it’s to each his own when it comes to fantasy sports.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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So how was your week?


My First ever NBA game and of course it’s a Bulls game. I could have only wished as a kid to go. I had friends that had gone to Bulls games during the dynasty. One of my friends even went to the playoffs against the Lakers and at 12 years old, his dad bought him a tee shirt that said with asterisks F**k LA. He wore it once to the roller rink and we were told to leave, so we walked down to the sports card store and hung out there till our ride came to get us. Anyways, I get a call from my cousin, “Hey you want to go to a Bulks game?” I told him I had no money and he told me no worries. He had free tickets from his mom who got them from work. Not only are they free but they are in a suite. Now not a bad way to go to my first basketball game, but it did spoil me. The free tickets also included premium parking. Free tickets for a suite and free parking, hopefully there’s free food also. There was but let’s just say it was free so I’m not complaining. Once we arrived to the suite level, I swear if you wanted, you could just walk into any other suite if you felt like it. Now you walk in and first thing I see is a private bathroom and coat closet. Small details but makes me feel like I’m spoiled. Once you turn the corner there’s a small kitchen, mainly with a sink mini fridge and top cabinets that your not supposed to go in but hey you shouldn’t have it unlocked if you don’t want me to open it. A small buffet table is set up with fancy platters but the food inside not so fancy. There was a small lounge but to get to the seating through the glass door and there’s three rows of seating. Sit where you want, so of course, I go straight to the front. I immediately notice that our section is directly behind the cheerleaders. So all game the minute a Pom Pom shakes my eyes are off the court and on them. I’ll be honest with everything being free including the beer and I’m not driving so who cares and that’s why I don’t remember too much about my first Bulls game. I do know it was a blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better time, especially when the desert cart showed up. Now apparently you were only supposed to take one desert but no one told me that. I picked the biggest brownie Sunday and took a large fancy chocolate chip cookie. I encourage my cousins to do the same. Desert was great, the game was great everything was great about this game. Couldn’t have asked for a better time, thanks SuperBad (my cousin). I do plan on going this Easter, so should put together a much better blog about my experience, Rose probably wont be back and they might not be that great but I’m expecting to still have great time.

“Dan the Man”