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New Era Summer Styles

Posted: June 27, 2013 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, basketball, sports, Uncategorized
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I ran over to New Era to find a pic of the All Star Hats that are supposed to be worn during the Home Run Derby to tweet to Big Jack. It’s Woven and 100% polyester. What really drew me to it was the colors. It reminded me of the old school Mets colors. I’m diggin’ this hat so much. I think I’m going to pick up a National League cap 7 5/8. It’s $35 but since I am an “insider,” it’s $28. One thing I know New Era makes the best caps and they are the only ones I will wear. As I was searching the site I came across several other styles out for the summer.

The Hardwood Classics Camo were the first caps to grab my eye. They are woven with 70% wool & 30% cotton. The bill is in camouflage and the logo is a classic version. I like the classic logos but not a big fan of the camo only on the bill. Which leads us a to a great camo hat.

This style is called YOTS. These hats make it difficult to chose between the All Star caps. I love classic logos. These are 70% wool and 30% polyurethane, woven. I really like the all camo but the black and white draws me. The Diamondbacks cap is just cool and how can you not like the Braves Old School logo.

Youth two tone is woven, 20% wool, 80% polyester and is for sizes, 6 3/8 & 6 3/4. They are a cool for for the kids. If I had kids, I would definitely pick one up and hopefully to plant the seed of college.

The MLB Splatted is woven, 30% polyester and 70% wool. I’m not super in love with this style. I do love the classic logos. The splatted bill looks great with some hats and not so great with other teams. I’m not saying I wouldn’t wear it, of course unless it was a White Sox cap. It has a low priority on my list but hey if say someone somewhere were to give one as a gift. I’d definitely wear it. Hey it’s worth a try.

4th of July Stars & Stripes fitted hats are 100% polyester woven. I can only assume that these caps will be worn by all teams playing on the 4th of July. Many stadiums put on fantastic firework shows, so I can imagine it being a great day to go to a ball game.

If your wondering about New Era’s other styles, you’re going to have to go to their site. I only wear 59Fifty Fitted Cap, so I’m only going to talk about them. Hopefully the Dodgers get out of last place and Mr Fantasy buys me a new 59Fifty 75/8 fitted cap.

Dan the Man