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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: July 8, 2020 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, fantasy, sports, Sports Time Radio, Uncategorized

Well since it looks like we’re going to have some sort of a baseball season as of right now it’s probably time to take a look at how your fantasy season is going to go.

There was actually some talk about not playing this year and one of my leagues actually voted not to have a season, but then they changed their minds and are working on a different format. How about you; is your league playing this year?

Now normally at the top of the draft we see a lot of starting pitchers go. I’m talking about pitchers like Max Scherzer, Gerrit Cole, Jacob deGroom, Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander if he’s healthy. It makes sense if you’re in the right position in your draft to grab one of these starters and build your rotation around them. Depending on how your league is set up you’ll get the stats you’re looking for out of these types of starting pitchers, but will it be that way this season?

Now one of the categories in the two Yahoo leagues I’m in are innings pitched. We have to get over innings out of our pitching staffs for the week and that might be much, much tougher to do this year than normal.

Think about the five pitchers I listed above and ever other team #1 starter who will be starting opening day. How many innings do you think that starting pitcher is going to give you in that first start? I honestly think if you’re very lucky you might get a starting pitcher to go  innings at the most. Dave Roberts the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers mentioned that he thought starting pitchers would only go 3 or 4 innings at the start of this season.

Now with there only being 60 games in this abbreviated season if a team uses a five-man starting rotation then you’re looking at 12 starts or maybe 13 if they find a way to skip the 5th starter and give their #1 starter an extra start. How many starts will it take for a pitcher to build up his endurance to go more than the 3 or 4 innings Roberts predicted? Is it possibly that we could see the best starting pitcher on a team only give them 60 to 65 innings at the most.

So when it comes to fantasy; is it going to be worth taking one of these starting pitchers even if it’s a big name starting pitcher in the 1st round? I don’t think it will be, but I’m sure there will be some fantasy players who think they’ll be good options.

So you’ve joined me and you’ve decided to downgrade starting pitching for this season. How do you build you’re pithing staff? Obviously you’ll be looking to take closer much earlier in the draft than you normally would. Since you’re going to be going after these closers early than you normally would target the ones that you think are going to be on playoff contending teams. In a short season like this teams are going to want to use these guys quite a bit even if it’s just for an inning and if you get those closers from winning teams that will equal saves. This is where your baseball acumen is going to have to come into play because you’re going to have to figure out who those playoff contending teams are and that might not be easy with just 60 games this season.

The two teams everyone seems to agree on being in the hunt this season are the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. That would mean you’d be looking at Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen at the top of your closer list. With this shortened season there are going to be quite a few teams that look like they might contend, but the Houston Astros seem to have the third best odds to win the World Series. If you’re buying the Astros then Roberto Osuna is your pitcher.

Now if someone notices that you’re trying to draft multiple closers you may start a run and not end up with as many as you originally planned you’ll need to fill out your pitching staff another way.

Now in my leagues we have Holds as a category; so someone like Jake Diekman of the Oakland A’s might be a good option. Diekman tied for the lead in Holds last season at 31 with Ryan Pressly of the Astros and Craig Stammen of the San Diego Padres. What separates Diekman for me from Pressly and Stammen is his 12.19 strikeouts per 9 innings. It’s always nice to get a bonus out of reliever who’s not getting you saves. Now Stammen did have 13 save opportunities in San Diego last season, but barring an Injury to Kirby Yates it’s doubtful Stammen sees too many closing chances in a shortened season.

In all honesty if you think the Yankees are the team that’s going to win it all it wouldn’t hurt to load up n their bullpen pitchers. If you did manage to land Chapman it might not hurt to have Zack Britton or Adam Ottavino. It might not be a terrible idea to try and land all three as the Yankees can really shorten a game. If you’re in a deep league you could probably add Tommy Kahnle as another Yankees reliever you could justify drafting. There aren’t too many teams where you can go four deep in their bullpen, but the Yankees could be one.

Now this is just one of many strategies that fantasy baseball players are thinking about using for the upcoming season. Do you have a plan heading into your baseball fantasy draft? If you’ve got what you think is a good plan feel free to share it in the comments. Don’t worry I’m the only one who can see them; so no one in your league will find out what you’re planning.

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Earlier this week the National Football League announced that they would be cutting their pre-season schedule to 2 games. With everything going on in the world today that seemed like a good idea and let’s face it all the NFL pre-season isn’t any fun to watch. After this announcement the National Football League Players Association held a vote and what should come as no surprise to anyone they want something different than what the NFL just announced. The NFLPA wants no pre-season this year. Now of course getting the NFL owners and the NFLPA to agree on something is incredibly difficult. I’m sure they’d argue over what color the grass was if you asked them. This shouldn’t be too big of a stumbling point as their has to be some sort of pre-season and I’m sure the NFLPA is just using this as a negotiating tactic.

The one thing that we have to remember is even though these are the sports we love to a lot of owners and players it’s just a business and they’re going to try and use everything and anything they can as leverage. Don’t forget that when baseball was going through their negotiations the Major League Baseball owners tried to use these negotiations to recoup some of the things they gave up in the last collective bargaining agreement. To be fair the Major League Baseball Players Association was any better as they wouldn’t budge off of the players getting 100% of there prorated money.

Unfortunately for fans they’re the ones that pay the price. Baseball could’ve easily given us more than this 60 game embarrassment of a season if the owners would’ve started with a decent opening proposal and the players association had negotiated in good faith on their side. Of course neither side could do that as one of them had to feel like they where getting the upper hand in the negotiations and neither side wanted to look weak with the actual collective bargaining expiring after the 2021 season.

In the end who suffers; the fans. I haven’t seen any team announce that they’ll  lowering ticket prices to help out their fans that may have gotten laid off or completely lost their jobs during the pandemic. It was also made very clear that the one thing the players wanted to make sure of in those negotiations was that they got all of their money. Maybe it’s a good thing that they’ll have to start playing these games without fans.

The toughest part about this entire thing is that no matter what these leagues do to their fans they’re always going to come back. I’m not sure why that is though. Maybe it’s just a pure love for a sport or sports in general, but they’ll come back. Or will they?

I’ve mentioned over and over on the Sports Time Radio podcast that I was done with baseball for the 2020 season and I would see them for spring training in 2021. Well it didn’t take long for me to soften on that stance and say that I might watch some games this year. I can pretty much tell myself anything I want, but once the games return I’ll be in front of the television watching whatever game I can get. How about you?

just last ight I had a good friend of mine explain to me how he was so upset with the NFL that he was done being a fan and he didn’t care about how many pre-season games they played or if they played at all. Now he’s a life long fan and I’m not sure what actually set him off, but he had a list of complaints and had some very good points. Of course in the end when the kickoff the football he’ll be there watching in some form.

I’m sure there are fans of the NBA and the NHL that have said they won’t be watching the restart of those leagues once they get up and running, but we know that’s not going to be the case. I’m thinking that maybe one or two out of every ten fans that say they’re not going to watch might actually stick to that statement.

So fill me in on where you stand. Are you like me and you have or had a strong stance at one point, but it’s beginning to weaken? Or are you staying strong and you’re going to hold the line and not watch whatever sport it is you’re upset with when they start play? If you are thinking that you won’t be watching when your favorite sport gets up and running will it be for the entire season or just a short break from the game? Also if you’re going to stay away from the game will you be strong enough to do it for the entire season? Then what do you do if your favorite team makes a run for the championship; do you get back onboard? or do you still manage to stay away? Would you actually miss out on your favorite team winning a championship? Even though it might be a little impure do to the Covid-19 situation.

Who knew that there was so much to think about and try to process when you’re a true fan of a team or a sport.

I understand that there where a lot of people up in arms yesterday when MLB announced that they had 31 people test positive for Covid-19. There was even quite a bit of talk about not restarting the season, but I think we know that’s not going to happen even if it is just 60 games.

Now I can completely understand that a positive test is something that people should have concerns about, but there are a couple of things you have to think about. Did you honestly think there would be no positive tests and while the mainstream media just threw the number 31 out there the other way you can look at it is that 1.2% of the people MLB tested came back positive. Wouldn’t that have sounded like a much better number if it had just been reported that way.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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At the start of the NFL off season all the talk was about Tom Brady heading into free agency and what the New England Patriots would do at the quarterback position. This was all the media could talk about and how the Patriots needed to move quickly to find their next quarterback. What did the Patriots do; they stood pat.

As the NFL draft rolled around over and over it was said that the Patriots would need to find a way to move up in the 1st round to draft a quarterback or they would have to get lucky and have one fall to them at #23. So what did the Patriots do with that 23rd pick? That’s right they traded it to the Los Angeles Chargers and moved back to the 37th pick. When that pick came around everyone thought for sure that this would be the spot the Patriots took their quarterback, but instead New England took Kyle Duggar a safety from Lenoir-Rhyne. Then pretty much every time it was the Patriots turn to make a pick someone would say they need to take a quarterback here. You know who didn’t think they needed to take a quarterback with any of their picks? That’s right the Patriots.

Then just as Tom Brady settles in with his new team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it looks like New England will go with Jarrett Stidham as their starting quarterback New England decides to add a veteran quarterback to their roster.

Just when everyone stopped talking about the Patriots quarterback situation and had switched over to talking about how the might not win the AFC East for the first time in forever New England adds Cam Newton on a incredibly team friendly deal. Newton was all set to make $19 million dollars in the final year of his contract before he was released by the Carolina Panthers. Instead of collecting that Newton signed and incentive laden deal with New England that can pay him a maximum of $7.5 million dollars.

It’s being reported that the Patriots won’t be handing Newton the starting quarterback job, but it’s difficult to believe that a healthy Newton won’t be their starter come Week 1.

Of course that does bring up another question; is Newton healthy? Newton played in just two games last season and judging by his statistics he probably wasn’t healthy enough to be playing in those two games. up until last season Newton had been a warrior playing in all but five games over his first eight seasons.

Towards the end of the 2018 season it looked like Newton’s injuries where starting to catch up to him, but he’s had quite a bit of time off to rest and rehab; so you have to wonder what kind of Newton the Patriots will get.

Before his injuries Newton was the best running quarterback in the NFL and that’s something that New England didn’t have with Brady. Of course Brady knew how to manage the pocket to keep himself out of trouble and to be fair Brady also got a lot more penalty calls from the referees than Newton ever did. Newton averages 5.1 yards per carry when he runs with the football and he’s scored a career 58 rushing touchdowns. Even if he’s not the same runner he once was just the threat of Newton being able to take off with the football adds another dimension for Josh McDaniels and the Patriots offense to show. Not counting last season Newton has ran the football between 90 and 139 times in a season. I don’t expect him to get anywhere close to those numbers with the Patriots. I wouldn’t be surprised if Newton runs the football less than 50 times next season, but teams will have to remember that the possibility of him running will always be there.

Now the signing of Newton in no way means that the Patriots have soured on Stidham as their future quarterback. Remember Newton is only signed for one year in New England at very low money. It’s doubtful that Newton would return to the Patriots on such a low money deal again for the 2021 season and New England doesn’t have a lot of salary cap space to maneuver with. Don’t forget that this is just Stidham’s second season in the NFL; so sitting one more year behind Newton and earning isn’t the worst thing for him.

Now that the Patriots have a quarterback that the mainstream media is happy with do you think they’ll reinsert them as the favorite in the AFC East? Don’t forget that the Buffalo Bills where 10-6 last season and mad the playoffs They also added a top receiver this off season in Stephon Diggs. Do you think the Bills can compete with the Patriots for the AFC East title?

Let me know what you think of the Cam Newton signing by the Patriots. Do you think he was the right choice? Or did you have another quarterback in mind for them.

While we’re talking about the Patriots. The NFL has decided what penalties New England will face for the filming incident during the Cincinnati Bengals/Cleveland Browns game from last season. It’s being reported that the Patriots  be fined $1.1 million dollars and stripped of a 2021 third-round pick.

It was actually Week 14 of last season when the Patriots film crew was in the press box and filmed the Bengals sideline. One of the Bengals staffers noticed and turned the film crew in. New England claimed that the crew was their to film b-roll footage for their online series called “Do Your Job”. The Patriots have admitted that they should have done a better job advising the crew of league protocol and communicating with the Bengals beforehand. It’s prohibited from shooting video of coaches on the sideline and don’t forget that the Patriots have a little thing called Spygate in their history.

Do you think these penalties where fair? If not which side do you fall on? Should New England have been fined more and lost a higher draft pick? Or should they have been fined less and maybe not lost a draft pick? Or do you agree with how the NFL handled this.

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How was your week

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With the big spike in positive Covid-19 test in Florida recently you have to wonder if the restart to the NBA season is in jeopardy. It seems as though the league itself isn’t too concerned and they’re ready to follow the plan they have in place, but you have to wonder if and ho many players have questions.

As we know right now there are two players Avery Bradley of the Los Angeles Lakers and Willie Cauley-Stein of the Dallas Mavericks who have notified their teams and the league that they’ll be skipping the remainder of the season. The NBA stated quite a while ago that there would be no penalty for players that didn’t want to play in these with the exception of a loss of salary.

Nothing against Bradley or Cauley-Stein, but neither is a big name in the NBA and even though Bradley had found his way into the Lakers stating line up neither player will be a big loss for their respective teams. The question now is: could we see a marquee player opt out of going to Orlando for these games?

Kevin Durant now of the Brooklyn Nets did come out and say that if he was healthy he wouldn’t play in these games, but I’m not sure how much I believe that statement. this is pretty easy to say when you know that you’re not capable of playing in these games anyway. Durant missed the entire 2019-20 season with an Achilles injury and he and the Nets have decided to hold him out of the restarted season. There’s also a possibility that Durant is being a good teammate. Remember his Nets teammate Kyrie Irving was trying to rally support for NBA players to skip the restarted season in Florida. Who better to help out you cause than one of the top players in the NBA.

Durant is a two time NBA champion and he also won MVP in both of those finals series; he has also won the league MVP for the 2013-14 season. I think a healthy Durant would be one of the first guys ready to get the season restarted. There where also quite a few people who thought that Durant was the best player in the NBA even better than LeBron James before he got injured and I’m not sure that someone with his kind of talent would actually consider sitting out. Add in the fact that a returning Durant would make the Nets a serious title contender coming out of the Eastern Conference. Would he really walk away from a chance to win another NBA championship?

While I’m not buying the Durant story their is a player who is a big key to his teams success that has been rumored to be considering skipping the games in Orlando and that player is Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Williams might not have the name value as a player like Durant or Irving does, but he is a huge part of what has made the Clippers successful this season. Williams is one of if  not the best sixth man in the NBA. He’s played in 60 games for the Clippers this season coming off the bench in 52 f those games. He averages 18.7 points per game while playing an average of a little over 29 minutes per game. Williams also hands out also averages 5.7 assists per game and shoots 36.3% from behind the 3-point line. The Clippers may be looked at as Kawhi Leonard’s team with Paul George being the second best player on the team, but if they where to lose Williams their chances of winning the NBA title would take a huge blow.

Heading back into the restart of the season the Clippers are the #2 seed in the Western Conference and they’re looked at as the Lakers biggest obstacle to the NBA Finals. he Clippers actually kick off the restart of the NBA season against the Lakers on July 30th, but it looks like we’ll have to wait and see if Williams will be joining his teammates for that games and the remainder of the NBA season.

The NBA released it’s schedule for the restart of the season last night and as I mentioned the Clippers vs. the Lakers is the late game on July 30th. The first game that officially restarts the NBA season is the Utah Jazz vs. the New Orleans Pelicans. As you can see the NBA ha set their return up perfectly for television. In the first game the fans will get to see Zion Williamson and then in the night cap you get the Lakers against their biggest challenger in the Western Conference the Clippers. There’s absolutely k no way that this wasn’t planned, but I’m sure that TNT who will be airing these games on their network is thrilled with these two games.

July 30th gets the NBA season restarted with just those two games, but on July 31st there are six games ready for tip off. You’ll be able to watch the Memphis Grizzlies vs. the Portland Trailblazers on NBATV while ESPN has two games that night. They start off with the Boston Celtics vs. the Milwaukee Buck while the second game features the Houston Rockets vs. the Dallas Mavericks. Interestingly there are five games scheduled for August 1st and four of them will be televised by ESPN; so if you’re a fan of the NBA their are going to be plenty of games for you to watch.

It look like the NBA is set and ready to return; are you excited? Or should the NBA and it’s players have concerns about the recent upswing in positive test for Covid-19 in Florida? Let’s hope that the virus takes a down turn in the time we have now and the NBA season restarting, but will have to see how that plays out.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Once the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown sports all of the fans have been wondering when they would be returning. Now the big three sports have all announced their plans to return, but the National Hockey League was first and we haven’t heard much from them since, but yesterday there was some news.

While the National Basketball Association plans on holding all of it’s game in one place that they describe as a ‘bubble” the NHL is looking for two what they’re calling “hub” cities to play their games in. The NHL had been considering eight cities to host games, but yesterday the list was cut to six cities.

Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver have made the cut so far, with Pittsburgh and Dallas eliminated Tuesday. Columbus was scratched off the list Monday.

The NHL has been hoping to find two cities in different time zones to help with television scheduling. Las Vegas has always been the front runner to be one of the hub cities, but which city will get the other set of games; well it’s wide open.

The NHL is planning on playing the Western Conference playoffs in one city and then have the Eastern Conference playoffs in the other city. It’s currently unclear where the Stanley Cup Finals would be played, but you’d have to think that one of the two hub cities would host it.

Last week the Canadian government told the NHL that they’d be allowed to quarantine internally. This news immediately moved Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver to the front of the NHL’s hub cities list with Las Vegas. There is a very good chance that the NHL playoffs could be played exclusively in Canadian cities.

Even with the list cut to six possible host cities there has been o date set by the NHL on when they might make an announcement of where they’ll be playing. There was an original July date set for the playoffs to start; so the NHL still has some time to narrow down their list, but hopefully will find out soon.

Where do you think the NHL will end up playing their games? It has seemed that they really want to play in Las Vegas, but like I mentioned those three Canadian cities look really good right now. The other two choices would be big cities; Chicago and Los Angeles. Could they offer the NHL what they’ll need to play their?

As for me I honestly don’t care where the NHL ends up playing these games; I just want to be able to watch hockey again.

As the NBA tries to get the remainder of their season played in Orlando Florida one of the things they mentioned was that if a player was uncomfortable returning to play there would be no penalty with the exception of a dock in pay. It appears as though we have one player right now who’s going to skip the restart of the NBA season.

Avery Bradley has informed his team the Los Angeles Lakers and the league that he will not be taking part in the games in Orlando.

Bradley has three children with his wife Ashley and his oldest son Liam Bradley has a history of struggling to recover from respiratory illnesses. This would make it very unlikely that Liam would be cleared to enter the NBA bubble set up.

Bradley is in first year with the Lakers. He’s played in 49 games this season starting 44 of them. He’s averaging 8.6 points per game and playing just a little over 24 minutes a game. Bradley is also averaging 2.3 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game for the Lakers this season.

With Bradley’s decision the Lakers will be allowed to sign a player to replace him and it appears that J.R. Smith is the front runner for that roster spot.

Smith is 34 years old and hasn’t played in the NBA this season. Smith also played in just 11 games for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2018-19 season. Of course since Smith spent time with the Cavaliers during the time LeBron James was their this has given him the upper hand in being signed by the Lakers.

It’s doubtful that Smith would be able to fill the role that Bradley played for the Lakers and it appears as though Kentavious Caldwell-Pope will be the player who takes over Bradley’s starting role. Smith will probably have to settle for a role as a bench player who doesn’t see the flor unless the game is a blow out.

Don’t forget that Bradley was one of the few players that supported Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets idea of not playing when the games restarted.

Sitting out will end up costing Bradley about $650,000 dollars, but don’t feel to bad for him. This season with the Lakers was Bradley’s 10th in the NBA and not counting his salary for the 2019-20 season he’s made a little over $51 million dollars in his career.

Now the question becomes; will any other NBA players follow Bradley lead?

Now it was reported yesterday that Denver Nuggets All-NBA Center Nikola Jokic tested positive for the coronavirus in Serbia and his return to the United States to rejoin his team is temporarily delayed. Now according to the protocol the NBA has in place Jokic will need two negative tests within 24 hours in Serbia before he can receive clearance to travel. Then once he arrives in Denver; he’ll need to undergo a cardiac screening and test negative once for the virus.

NBA teams including the Nuggets are scheduled to return to their team facilities on Tuesday to begin testing protocols before they head to Orlando somewhere between July 7th and 9th to begin training camp. Will Jokic be ready to join his teammates by then? Or is their a chance that he might end up missing games because of his positive test.

Denver’s head coach Mike Malone recently disclosed that he also tested positive for the Corona virus while the league was off due to the pandemic. Malone has since been cleared and will be tested again with his team on Tuesday. Hopefully there will be more issues for Malone.

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How was your week

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After the commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred and the President of Major League Baseball Players Association sat down for a meeting that lasted reported about four hours I thought we’d finally come to a conclusion on something and we’d get to see baseball. Now to be honest I’m to the point where even if they decide to play I’m not sure I’m going to watch, but that’s just me.

Well for a second it did look like we where going to have baseball Manfred announced a 60 game season that could grow into 65 games and most importantly the owners where no longer asking to layers to give back any of their prorated salary. Money seemed to be the players big sticking point in these negotiations and with that issue being taken care of it looked like they’d play baseball.


Now I’m now sure why or what else the players could’ve wanted, but they countered the 60 to 65 game offer with a 70 game offer out of nowhere. It seemed odd to me that the players would make this offer as in the 60 to 65 game plan there where only 10 scheduled days off and by adding games you would think that number would go down. Even without travel and expended rosters not having any days off is tough on players; so I don’t know why the players association proposed more games.

One of the other sticking points the players association had when the season would end. They had more or less refused to play games in October and with the owners 60 to 65 game season games ended by the end of September. Would adding games to this schedule make it possible to accomplish that?

Now I wasn’t surprised at all to see reports that Manfred and the owners where upset that the players made a counter offer and they’ve said the don’t plan to make another counter offer as they liked the 60 to possibly 65 game season.

I’m very disappointed in not only myself, but the players association. I’m disappointed in myself because I always want the players to come out on top any time there’s a negotiation for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, but this time it almost seems like the players aren’t negotiating in good faith. I’m actually to the point where I feel as though the players don’t want to have a season in 2020 and I’m back to thinking we won’t have baseball in 2020.

If we’re going to get a season in 2020 it looks like we’re down to two options. The players can accept the 60 game offer with expanded playoffs which seemed to be the agreement that came out of the meeting between Manfred and Clark. In that agreement that was a  promise by the players not to file a grievance against the owners. The other option would be to force commissioner Manfred to implement a schedule; potentially without extra playoff teams but still with the right to grieve the terms of the March agreement between the two sides.

After spring training was shut down due to the coronavirus in March; the league and the players agreed that when play picked up again players would be paid on a prorated basis. They also agreed to discussed what was call the “economic feasibility” of playing without fans in the stands. The players association has continued to say that discussion has nothing to do with the way they’re being paid, but it seems to have caused quite a bit of tension between the two sides.

In the end none of this may end up mattering as in both Arizona and Florida there has been a spike in the number of positive tests for the Covid-19 virus or Corona virus.

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies shutdown their training facilities after multiple players tested positive for the Corona virus. It’s being reported that all MLB training camps will temporarily close do to these positive tests.

The spring training facilities  both Florida and Arizona will undergo a deep cleaning accord to MLB. According to multiple reports players will now need to test negative for the virus before they’ll be allowed to enter the facilities.

What do you think is going to happen with baseball this season. Will they play that 60 to possibly 65 game schedule that came out of the meeting between commissioner Manfred and the unions president Clark? Will the owners agree to the 70 game schedule that the players association recently proposed? Will commissioner Manfred end up having to force a season? Could the two sides come up with another agreement? Or will their be no baseball at all in 2020?

While we’re on baseball I saw that former Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell is close to signing an one year deal to play for the Kiwoom Heroes of the Korean Baseball Organization.

Towards the end of the 2018 season Russell was suspended 40 games  for violating the league’s domestic abuse policy. Even though he had been suspended the Cubs tendered him a contract for the 2019 season. Russell was suspended for the first 28 games of the 2019 season. He played 27 games in Triple-A before being called up and playing in 82 games for the Cubs last season.

The Cubs non-tendered Russell after the 2019 season allowing hi to become a free agent, but he went unsigned during the off season and into what little spring training MLB had.

After being called up Russell hit .237 with 9 home runs. While his offensive numbers where down Russell was still one of the top defensive shortstop according to metrics.

I was surprised that Russell wasn’t brought into a teams spring training camp on a contract that would’ve included an invite to spring training, but no guarantee of a major league roster spot, but I guess in an game that’s starting to look almost purely at offense there’s just not a spot for a defensive player.

At least Russell will get an opportunity to play in the KBO while his former teammates and other major league players sit around and wait for an agreement between the owners and their association.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Now I’m sure you know someone or maybe you are that person who has a thankless job. Well even though it’s well paying it seems as though being a commissioner of a professional sports league has to fall into this category. Here’s how it went for a couple of these commissioners these past couple of weeks.

Rob Manfred who is the commissioner of Major League Baseball was interviewed two weeks ago and was very positive in saying that their was going to be a baseball season. Now he didn’t go into detail about how many games or any of the other particulars for the season. Then after some more negotiations between the owners and the players association things didn’t look good. Manfred was then interviewed again earlier this week and said that he was now doubtful that there would be a 2020 baseball season. I’m not sure why, but apparently the commissioner isn’t allowed to change his mind and Manfred is just getting killed by the media for this. Now I am completely confused by this since there are people who change their minds on a daily, hourly or even minute to minute basis; so why can’t the commissioner of Major League Baseball change his mind. Now to be fair with the way the negotiations are going I can totally understand why Manfred might think there won’t be a 2020 season.

In case you’re not up to date on the baseball negotiations the owners sent a new proposal to the players association at the end of last week and asked for a reply by Sunday. Well since the proposal included a pay cut it was immediately turned down by the players and their union. The players association then said that there wouldn’t be a counter offer; so that more or less has put an end to negotiations between the two sides.

Now interestingly Manfred has the power to actually force a season, but so far has been unwilling to do this. Now recently some players have come out and have almost dared Manfred to use this power he’s been given. With the way the negotiations are going a forced season by Manfred would give the players exactly what they want. See if Manfred does decide to force a 2020 season the players would be guaranteed their prorated salaries that they agreed to back in March; so the owners wouldn’t be able to ask them to take ay kind of salary reduction in a forced season.

Maybe you find this funny like I do, but I could just see some major league players standing outside Manfred’s office daring him to force a season. It would be something like we use to do when we where kids. I wonder how long it will be before a player or players double dare or maybe even double dog dare Manfred to force a season. Please just picture that in you mind and then try to tell me you didn’t get a chuckle out of that.

Unfortunately I’ve settled on the fact that I won’t get to watch my favorite sport; baseball in 2020. Now that I’ve resigned myself to that; I’m more concerned about if there will be a strike or lock out after the 2021 season.

Are next commissioner who hasn’t been able to catch a break these past few weeks and this will come as no surprise to you is Roger Goodall the commissioner of the National Football League.

Goodall made a big, big change when he said that he supports any player that wants to take a knee during the national anthem. This of course is a stark contrast to where the NFL’s stance when Colin Kaepernick and a few other players started kneeling was it four years ago now. Of course this didn’t dissuade Goodall critics from coming out of the woodwork to take shots at the commissioner for making this change even though it appears that this is what they wanted all along. It’s oddly confusing that you can finally get a resolution in your favor and still find a platform to complain about it, but I guess this is how things go. I can only imagine what we’d be hearing had Goodall came out and didn’t change the NFL’s view on kneeling.

Goodall also mentioned this week that he’d like to see Kaepernick back in the NFL. Now to be fair Goodall has never said that he didn’t want Kaepernick in the NFL, but with the response he got you’d think Goodall was personally responsible for a team not signing Kaepernick.

Now I’m not sure if it’s a lack of understanding or if it’s just the idea that all of the facts could ruin your story, but Goodall can’t force a team to sign Kaepernick. Remember that Goodall works for the owners; so he can’t tell one of them to sign any player let alone Kaepernick. I’m not sure why people and especially people in the media think that Goodall has that kind of power. Oddly Goodall saying that he’d like to see Kaepernick back in the NFL might actually help Kaepernick get signed, but I doubt anyone will mention that.

The question now becomes; is there a good fit for Kaepernick? And if so with which team?

There’s been some noise that the Seattle Seahawks might be interesting in signing Kaepernick, but lately it seems that the team being pushed to the forefront is the New England Patriots. As we know the Patriots will have different starting quarterback for the first since 2008. New England didn’t sign one of the many free agent quarterbacks and they also didn’t use a high draft to bring in a rookie quarterback; so it looks a though the starting quarterback job is Jarrett Stidham’s to lose. Now since this is going to be Stidham’s first shot at being an NFL starting quarterback you have to wonder if Kaepernick would be a good fit as his back up. Don’t forget that the Patriots do have veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer on their roster.

Do you think there’s a spot for Kaepernick in New England? If not with the Patriots; do you have a landing spot for Kaepernick?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard, seen or read that the National Football League has changed it’s stance on players kneeling during the national anthem. It should com as no surprise that the media has been attacking the NFL for not going with this decision as soon as the kneeling started. Now let’s face it no matter what the NFL would’ve decided either at the beginning of this or now with making a change the media would’ve attacked them for one thing or another.

I’m not sure why, but the NFL has always been a target of the media. I’m under the impression the media goes after them because they are the most popular sport in America and someone media member wants to make a name for themselves by trying to take them down. To be fair the NFL hasn’t always made the best decisions on major issues, but now they seem to be doing what everyone wanted them to do in the first place and they still can’t win.

With the NFL under attack their has been one odd thing that quite a few media members have jumped on and I just don’t understand. I’ve heard multiple talking heads on sports television say that the NFL owes Colin Kaepernik a job and that’s something I just can’t buy.

Kaepernick played his last game on January 1st of 2017; so he’s almost three and a half years removed from playing in the NFL. He is still young at 32 years old, but remember he lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert back in 2017. Yes, he did lead a team to a Super Bowl appearance, but if you subtract that 12-4 season from his record he’s 16-26 as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Now as we know quarterbacks get too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when a team loses, but if you’re going to hold other quarterbacks to this Kaepernick has to be held accountable as well.

Don’t forget that their have been teams that have shown some interest in signing Kaepernick, but went in a different direction for one reason or another. The NFL even set up a tryout for him, but it seemed as though he looked at it as a conspiracy and made a bunch of changes to his tryout last minute. Even if it was a conspiracy almost every NFL team was going to be in attendance for that tryout, but after the changes he made to it a lot of teams declined to travel to the new tryout location and he lost out on a lot of teams getting a look at him.

I actually heard someone claim that if the Jacksonville Jaguars would’ve picked up Kaepernick they would’ve won the Super Bowl in the 2017/18 season. Okay; so let’s take a look at this.

Blake Bortles was the Jacksonville starting quarterback and he threw for 3687 yards with 21 touchdowns and 13 interceptions while completing 60.2% of his passes. This was Bortles 4th season with Jacksonville and he had the advantage of working with  head coach Doug Marrone at the end of the 2016/17 season after he replaced Gus Bradley. Now one of Kaepernik’s strengths in running the football, but that season Bortles ran for 322 yards averaging 5.6 yards per carry and scored 2 touchdowns. Do you honestly see Kaepernik having a better season than Bortles did with just one training camp under his belt?

What you also have to remember is that Jacksonville found success that season by running the football. Jacksonville led the NFL with 2262 yards that season and they where 2nd in rushing touchdowns with 18.

It’s easy to look back and say they would’ve won a Super Bowl, but remember they lost to the lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game and while it was a close game (24-20); do you buy that Kaepernick at quarterback gets Jacksonville a win?

Now before you start calling me names and saying that I’m against Kaepernick that would mean you’ve never listened to the Sports Time Radio podcast where I’ve advocated for teams to sign him. I have no problem with a team signing Kaepernick, but it shouldn’t have to be forced. If a team believes that he’s the best options as maybe a back up quarterback then they should certainly sign him regardless of how it might be looked at.

There have been some people who think that the Seattle Seahawks should be the team that signs Kaepernick and he could be a good fit as Russell Wilson’s back up. I also saw someone insist that the New England Patriots sign him, but these people seem to forget that there’s still a quarterback by the name of Cam Newton available and there are probably a few teams that would take Newton over Kaepernick if they had to make the choice. In all honesty I would be much happier if the Chicago Bears where headed into the 2020/21 season with either Newton or Kaepernick at quarterback instead of Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles competing for the starting quarterback job. Of course both Foles and Trubisky have experience in the style of offense Matt Nagy runs and I’m guessing that’s why they’re here.

It’s time for you to weigh in and tell me what you think. Does the NFL own Colin Kaepernick a job? Do you think will see him on an NFL team this coming season? If you do think that he’ll be in the NFL; which team do you see him signing with? If Kaepernick does sign with an NFL team; do you see him as a back up quarterback? Or do you think there’s a team out their he could start for? It’s an interesting conversation to have and I’d like to know your thoughts.

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How was your week

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Well it looks like just about every sports league has come up with either a plan for their return or a plan to start their season with the exception of one; Major League Baseball.

If there is no 2020 baseball season there are some things I’m curious about. Since the players didn’t play any regular season games; did they accrue any service time? Now I don’t believe the loss of a season wouldn’t affect any player who’s under contract, but players that are going through arbitration reach free agency by acquiring a certain amount of major league service time.

Remember just last off season Chicago Cubs 3rd baseman Kris Bryant lost a grievance about his service time. Bryant claimed the Cubs intentionally pushed his minor league call up back to allow them one more year of arbitration with him and while this is true the Cubs did exactly that there’s nothing in the collective bargaining agreement that didn’t allow them to; so Bryant lost. That meant at the start of the 2020 season Bryant had two more seasons before he could become a free agent, but now he and any other player who was two seasons away from free agency didn’t play any games and therefore didn’t accrue any service time. Does that mean Bryant and all those other players have to wait until 2023 to become free agents. Mookie Betts is also in this situation. One of the reasons the Boston Red Sox traded him was because he was in his final year of arbitration and would be come a free agent after the 2020 season. What does a missed season do to his free agency? Will the Los Angeles Dodgers actually get some games out of Betts? If he’s granted free agency after no 2020 season the Dodgers could lose him without playing a game for them.

Let’s say that 2020 is counted as a season even though there were no games and Betts is allowed to become a free agent. He’ll be the top free agent on the market and there was talk that he would receive a contract in the neighborhood of $30 million dollars a season.

Now if the owners and the players association can’t work something out teams are going to lose millions of dollars with no games being played. What kind of free agent market do you think there would be after that? I’m guessing a player like Betts would be lucky to get half of his actual value on the free agent market.

Now immediately the players their agents and the players association would cry collusion like they’ve done over and over in the past and while they may have had a case then; would they have one now? After losing millions of dollars it might be difficult for a team to lay out a large money long term deal especially since the collective bargaining agreement is set to expire at the end of the 2021 season.

Now just imagine a scenario where we don’t have a 2020 season because of the pandemic and he shear greed of owners and players. Then baseball returns to play in 2021 only to have a strike or a lockout at the start of the 2022 season. Could Major League Baseball survive that?

Remember after the last time baseball had a stoppage in play back in 1994 when the players went on strike it took quite a while for fans to return to the ballparks. Now at lot of why the fans returned was because of the home run chase between Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. As it turned out both of those players along with quite a few more where using performance enhancing drugs. I know Sosa has never admitted to it like a lot of players, but fans aren’t stupid. Those drugs are now tested for; so players can’t use them. How can baseball get the fans attention back?

Home run numbers where up last year as the baseballs where adjusted from the previous season, but fans still didn’t flock to the ballparks. Baseball has been trying and trying to find ways to get more fans to go to games, but there really isn’t anything you can do with a baseball game to fit it into the short attention span society we now live in. Major League Baseball has tried to speed up play, but we’re talking about taking minutes off a game that will still take hours to play.

My biggest concern since baseball has always been my favorite sport is; are they killing the game? I’ve been wondering since the owner rejected that players associations last proposal and then said that there wouldn’t be a counter offer if I’m watching the death of baseball. I’m just not sure I see a way for baseball to recover from this; do you?

Is it possible we could see some of the smaller market or low drawing teams which in some cases are the same contracted. There are 30 Major League Baseball teams right now. Could we actually see them drop two, four or possible maybe even more teams. If so which teams would it be and how would they make that decision. The longer this goes on even the richest of teams is going to start having cash flow problems. Now add in the idea that we could get a 2021 season and then a walk out or strike. How many teams could handle that loss of revenue after what they’re losing right now?

Do you think this is something that could happen? do you think there’s a Major League Baseball team or teams that might shutdown? If you do let me know which team or teams you think it might be. I’d also be interested to know if you think  Major League Baseball itself would contract a couple of teams to try and save money? I’m really hoping none of this happens, but I’d like to know what you think about the entire baseball landscape right now.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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As we wait and wait for your beloved sport to return we’ve heard from most of if not all of the leagues with the exception of the NBA which seemed to be more confused than the other leagues on what they might do. Well we finally got some tentative information on what they might do.

There’s a proposal that the NBA will bring before it’s Board of Governors on Thursday for a vote has the season restarting on July 31st. That means the latest the season could end would be October 12th. The details of the plan will likely need to be finalized soon; so they can be presented to the NBPA and see if it’s acceptable to them.

Now if you’re a fan of the NBA don’t make the same mistake I did when the MLB owners sent a proposal to the MLBPA. I started thinking that I was going to see baseball sooner rather than later and now it looks more like I won’t see baseball at all. Of course the NBA has a much better relationship with their players union than MLB has; so hopefully they’ll be able to work this out and will see basketball at the end of July.

Originally the NBA didn’t want to see a restarted season run past Labor day, but obviously with this new proposal they’ve changed their stance on that.

There of course are some questions to be answered like how many teams will be playing come July 31st. Will they be going straight into a playoff format like the NHL has set up or are they going to go back and play what would be considered regular season games. Now if the season does run until early October; when would the draft  be held. Also they’d have to work in when free agency starts and ends. So as you can see there are quite a few questions that still need to be answered before will see an NBA game, but at least it seems like they’re heading in the direction of restarting.

Some of this may clear itself up as there have been some reports that the NBA would be willing to push the start of the 2020-21 season back until Christmas day. Normally the NBA starts their regular season right around Halloween, but that wouldn’t be much down time between the end of the 2019-20 season and the start of the 2020-21 season. Plus it also adds a couple of months to the chance that they might be able to have fans in attendance for the start of the 2020-21 season. The NBA likely won’t be in any rush to begin of the 2020-21 season until states have lifted bans on large gatherings; at least to some extent.

As I’m sure you know I’m not the biggest fan of NBA basketball and I’m probably not going to change my viewing habits when they finally return, but I’m more interested to know what you think. Will you be tuning in more, less or the same when the NBA makes it return.

There was some sad NBA news yesterday as it was announced that former NBA star player, coach and executive Wes Unseld passed away at the age of 74. According to his family Unseld series of health issues, most recently pneumonia.

Unseld, the second overall pick in the 1968 NBA draft, spent his 13-year career playing for the Bullets, first in Baltimore and later in Washington. He earned MVP honors in his first NBA season in 1969, becoming only the second rookie in league history to do so, along with Wilt Chamberlain. Unseld eventually won a championship for Washington and was chosen Finals MVP award in 1978.

Unseld is considered one of the best rebounders of all-time and he was just 6’7″. Unseld averaged 14.0 rebounds per game in 984 career regular season contests to go along with 10.8 points per game. He earned five All-Star nods and was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player in 1988.

Unseld held a role in the Bullets’ front office following his retirement in 1981, then served as the team’s head coach from 1987-94 before becoming the general manager of the newly-renamed Wizards in 1996. He was the franchise’s head of basketball operations until 2000, then again from 2001-03 following Michael Jordan’s departure.

I mentioned MLB a little earlier and I have to say that things don’t look good for baseball actually playing some type of 2020 season. There have been proposal traded between the owners and the players union, but it seems like both sides are far apart in what the 2020 season should be.

While I don’t want to get into the financial aspect of these deals as that’s way too complicated to try to figure out between these two sides, but they don’t even seem to be close on the number of games that would be played. The owners first proposal featured an 82 game season while the players and their union countered with a 114 game season. There are now some reports out their that say the owners have a new proposal that features just a 50 game schedule. It seems as though the number of games is based around what each side thinks salaries should be for the 2020 season.

I’ve said before that at first I was very confident that I’d get to see baseball and they’d be playing a decent number of games, but now I’m thinking that there won’t be a 2020 season and if it’s just going to be a 50 game season; why even bother.

I’m extremely tired of listening to millionaires and billionaires cry about money; how about you?

Please let me know where you stand on these baseball issues. Do you think we’ll have a 2020 season? If you do think we’ll have a 2020 season; how many games will they play? How would you feel if they do play a 50 game season?

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