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Let’s call it Wednesday

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Where you one of the almost six and a half million people who tuned in to watch the NASCAR race on Sunday? I was, but to be fair I’m a fan  of NASCAR; so I would’ve watched anyway. This ended up being the most watched non-Daytona 500 race in three years.

Kevin Harvick picked up the win Sunday at the Darlington Speedway in The Real Heroes 400. Harvick led 154 laps on Sunday including the most important one the last one. Alex Bowman led 41 laps and ended up coming home in 2nd. Kurt Busch finished 3rd while Chase Elliott was 4th with Denny Hamlin coming in 5th to round out the Top 5.

Now if you wanted to watch Sunday’s NASCAR race and maybe forgot it was on or you just plain missed it you won’t have to wait long to get a chance to watch another race. Why is that? Well the next NASCAR race is tonight. The drivers and their teams stayed at Darlington Speedway for tonight’s race. They’ll run the Toyota 500 tonight on the same track that they raced on this past Sunday.

Ryan Preece starts on the pole tonight with Ty Dillion joining him on the front row starting 2nd. Joey Logano starts 3rd; Clint Bowyer will start 4th and Ryan Blaney rounds out the Top 5 starting 5th.

The Top 20 finishers from Sunday’s race were inverted to set the starting lineup for tonight. Drivers lining up in positions 21 through 39 are there as that is where they finished in Sunday’s race.

Due to the possibility of inclement weather NASCAR officials have moved the start time of tonight’s race up. The race was originally scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. Central time. The decision was made to move the stat time of the race up to 5:00 p.m. Central time to try and get the entire race in. The race airs live on FS1 tonight.

The Xfinity race which was originally scheduled to be run yesterday was moved to Thursday because of weather. The Xfinity race will start at Noon tomorrow.

This is the second race at Darlington Speedway in a four day span. This is also just the 6th race of the NASCAR season. This is also the first time since July 4th 1984 that there is a NASCAR race on a Wednesday. That last Wednesday NASCAR race was at Daytona and it was won by Richard Petty. That was Petty’s 200th and final win of his NASCAR career.

While I don’t expect as many people to be watching tonight’s race as they had on Sunday, but it will be interesting to see how many people they do get to watch. Will you be one of those people watching tonight?

Last week the owners in Major League Baseball sent a proposal to restart the season to the players union. I wasn’t surprised when there was some complaining right out of the gate by some players. That’s to be expected because there always is someone who doesn’t like something in these kind of negotiations, but other than the complaints we really haven’t heard anything on if they’ve made any progress on getting the season started.

Now the plan was to get the season restarted on July 4th weekend, but there was also talk of having a spring training that would last about two weeks. Now I don’t think it would take too long for a player to get ready to go back to spring training, but the fact that there’s been no news at all has to be concerning. To be honest I didn’t dig to deep looking for news; so it’s possible there has been some rebuttal  by the players union and would have to guess that the two sides have at least been in contact with each other, but who knows.

Now if you’re a baseball fan or maybe just have casual interest in the game of baseball I’m sure that you’ve heard the incredibly stupid rant that Blake Snell went on while he was on Twitch. I’ve talked about that a couple of times on the Sports Time Radio podcast; so I don’t want to get into it here again, but I do want to look at this from another angle.

Now Snell was crying about not getting all of his money while he’s already been paid $286,500 this season without playing a game and I’m under the impression that most if not all major league baseball players have gotten some type of pay. Now they’re being paid by owner who aren’t having any income come in; so they’re looking at taking big financial losses this season.

Since this involves millionaires and billionaires most people understandably don’t care about this, but there’s a group of players that should care greatly about this and they should want the season to be restarted and the owners to start making money. That group is any player that is going to be a free agent after whatever the 2020 season turns out to be.

Mookie Betts is going to probably be the top free agent on the market this coming off season. Now Betts is in line of a big pay day and could possibly be set to get a contract in the $300 million dollar area like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado did when they hit the free agent market.

Now if an owner loses hundreds of millions of dollars this season like it appears that they’re projected to; are they really going to be doing that much spending in the off season? Now I know that immediately the players union will cry collusion and in most case they’re correct, but will that be the case this coming off season.

Right now the proposal has teams playing just one game over a half a season. Also remember there have been a lot of people who have been either laid off or have lost jobs do to this pandemic. How are ticket sales going to be? Do you think that ballparks will be full right out of the gate? Or is it going to take a little time until people will be able to afford to buy tickets to the games?

This is going to be an interesting situation that players like Snell don’t have to deal with and clearly wasn’t thinking about when he shot his mouth off online. I’m sure his soon to be free agent union brothers are just thrilled that he wants to get all his money when they’ll be looking for there’s in the off season.

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How was your week

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As we hopefully get closer to having sports to watch again I’m interested to now how you spent your time during this pandemic.

I’ve noticed that every television station that shows sports; even the stations that just air sports on he weekend have been showing replays of old events. They’ve shown some kind of game, matches, tournaments or in some cases tournament matches. Have you been watching these?

There’s no real reason for it, but I just don’t enjoy these at all. I’ll stop on one for a few minutes here and there, but they just don’t hold my attention. I’ll try to catch a great play or something of importance that happened in that game, but if I don’t find that play or series it’s just fine. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I know the outcome of the game or what, but I just haven’t enjoyed watching these games.

Now if you’re watching these I’d like to know what you’ve found interesting or what makes you continue to watch. Maybe it’s just one sport that you’re tuning into or maybe you’re someone who covers a large spectrum of sports. Either let me know what you’ve found of interest or maybe you’ve noticed something that you didn’t see the first time you watched the event.

With everything sports wise kind of being shutdown and with me not paying a ton of attention I was kind of caught off guard when I realized that Dak Prescott still hasn’t signed his franchise tag contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

With the franchise tag Prescot would make a little over $31 million dollars this season and then would have the opportunity to go back on the free agent market at the end of this coming season. Now of course the Cowboys could use another franchise tag on him and hold onto him for another season as they try to work out a long term contract.

As of now there’s still plenty of time for these two sides to work out a deal to keep Prescott in a Cowboys uniform for a long time, but can they get that done. It seems as though the two sides have been far apart salary wise and right now it doesn’t seem like Prescott isn’t give anything back on his side.

As negotiations go on Prescott will have another option. He can hold out. Now we’ve seen multiple players go this route, but so far Le’Von Bell is the only one that’s held out for an entire season. Could a hold out by Prescott get the Cowboys to move their salary offer higher than what it is now?

Don’t forget the Cowboys just dealt with one of their top skill position players holding out. Ezekial Elliott didn’t report to Cowboys camp last July as he wanted a new contract even though he had two years remaining on the contract he had. Elliott’s hold out lasted about five weeks, but it worked. Dallas signed him to a new 6 year $90 million dollar deal on September 4th.

Even though the Cowboys went 8-8 last season and missed the playoffs Prescott had what was probably his best season. Prescott threw for 4902 yards and 30 touchdowns; both career highs. He also attempted more passes 596 and completed more passes 388 than any other season.

Prescott may have a good case for expecting the Cowboys to give him a big contract. In four seasons with the Cowboys Prescott has never missed a start and the team hasn’t had a losing record with him as their starting quarterback.

Dallas made a coaching change after last season; so this will be the first time in his career that he’ll have to learn a new offense, but he’s going into an offense of a head coach that has a proven track record of having a quality offense in Mike McCarthy. If last season showed that Prescott was on the upswing in his career his numbers might improve even more than they did last season under McCarthy.

It’s difficult to determine what the value of a quarterback is because there’s so much around them that decides if they’re going to be successful or not. Somehow the Cowboys are going to have to try and figure out where Prescott fits salary wise among those quarterbacks.

With Prescott’s situation in flux this may explain why the Cowboys went out and signed veteran Andy Dalton to be Prescott’s back up. If Prescott does make the decision to hold out Dalton gives them a proven NFL quarterback who has started in the NFL. If the Cowboys wouldn’t of signed Dalton they’d be looking at Cooper Rush as their starting quarterback.

Weigh in here. What do you think happens between Prescott and the Cowboys. Does he get a new contract? Does he end up playing this coming season under the franchise tag? Or does he hold out?

The Cowboys should be a contender in the NFC East and some people may see them as the favorite to win that division. The Cowboys are looked at as a 20-1 gamble to win the Super Bowl. That gives them the 6th best odds to win the Super Bowl overall and they’re the 4th best pick in the NFC.

The New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers are the teams that are ahead of the Cowboys odds wise. All three of those teams odds are set at 12-1.

The starting line up for tomorrow’s NASCAR race The Real Heroes 400 at Darlington Raceway has been set.

Brad Keslowski will start on the pole. He’ll be joined by Alex Bowman on the front row. Matt DiBenedetto and Kyle Busch will start in the second row.

Now NASCAR didn’t hold qualifying for this race. The line up for this race was done by random draw. The draw aired live on Fox Sports 1 Race Hub show. Here’s how the draw was structured. Positions 1 thru 12 where determined by a random draw from charter teams in those positions in team owner points. Positions 13 thru 24 where done by a random draw among charter teams in those positions in owner points. Positions 25 thru 36 where done by a random draw among charter teams in those positions in owner points. While positions 37, 38, 39 and 40 will be filled out by open; non-chartered teams in order of owner points.

This will be the first Monster Energy Series NASCAR race since March 8th. If you’re interested in watching this race it will air live on Fox at 2:30 p.m. Central time.

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Lets call it Wednesday

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We’ve waited patiently for sports to return and finally on Sunday we’re going to get one of our sports back. NASCAR returns this Sunday at Darlington Raceway.

Now there will be no fans in the stands for this race or for any race in the foreseeable future, but these races still count in the standings. Now be honest with me; if or when you watch a NASCAR race do you notice the fans?

The NASCAR season was just four weeks old when it was shutdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak; so lets’ recap.

Joey Logano has two wins while Alex Bowman and Denny Hamlin each have a win. You shouldn’t be surprised that Logano was also the points leader with those two early season wins. Kevin Harvick was 2nd in points with Bowman 3rd, Chase Elliott in 4th and Hamlin rounded out the Top 5.

Now I myself am a NASCAR and while I understand that there are a lot of people who don’t enjoy the sport and see it as cars just going around in a circle, but don’t try to say that these drivers aren’t athletes. Now I doubt that any of the drivers I just mentioned in the Top 5 could dunk a basketball, hit a 100 mile per hour fastball, catch or throw a touchdown pass or score a goal on skates and that’s fair. Now just go ahead and flip the script. How many NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL players could drive a car going close to or over 200 miles per hour?

Now if you are a NASCAR fan get ready to have these race come at you fast and furious. Not only will there be a NASCAR race at Darlington on Sunday, but they’ll be back there on Wednesday May 20th for a night race. Then the NASCAR series moves to Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sunday May 24th for the Coca-Cola 600. Then they’ll stay at Charlotte Motor Speedway for another Wednesday race on May 27th. The series gets a little bit back to normal as the series shifts to the Kansas Speedway on Sunday May 31st for the Kansas 400. The races then go back to a week to week event as the next scheduled race is the FireKeepers Casino 400 on June 7th at the Michigan International Speedway.

So we’re going to get five NASCAR races in 15 days and a total of six NASCAR races in 22 days before their season returns to a more normal schedule.

Darlington will be an interesting track for the drivers to come back to. It’s called “the Lady in Black” or the Track too tough to Tame”. What helps give it these nicknames is the shape of the track as it’s more of an oval configuration than any other track on the NASCAR circuit. Humorously the story goes that one of the reasons the track got this shape was it had to be configured around a minnow pond at one end that the owner refused to move. That leads to the track having different banking. It’s 25 degrees in Turn 1 & 2, but it’s 23 degrees in turns 3 & 4. This can make t difficult for teams to set up the car for this track.

Darlington is always a fun race to watch and I’d like to know if you’ll be watching? and do you think that this race will get a better television ratings than it normally would since it’s the first sporting event returning?

Now the other sport that has suggested a plan for starting it’s season has been Major League Baseball. The owners have sent a proposal to the Players Union for approval to get this season in.

Now like you I’m not really interested on if the owners are trying to sneak anything past the players in this proposal. All I want to know is when the season is going to start and how many games are they going to play.

Well what I’ve heard and none of this is official is that the teams would return to spring training in mid-June with the season starting the weekend of July 4th. What I’ve seen is that the season will be 82 games long. There where a couple of other things that I thought where interesting that are suppose to be in this proposal. The playoffs would expand from 10 to 14 teams and the DH would become universal. I didn’t hear how big the major league roster would be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up being 29 players which was discussed earlier.

Like I mentioned this isn’t official as the players and the players union have to agree on this and I’m sure there will be some bantering back and forth before an actual deal gets done, but I was just happy to hear then talking about the baseball season actually starting.

I’m under the impression that once the National League starts using the DH that it’s going to become a permanent fixture in baseball. There was already a lot of talk about it becoming permanent in the next collective bargaining agreement; so maybe the National League will just get started on using it a couple of seasons earlier than planned.

Let me know what you think of the DH being used in not only this shortened season, but also how or what you think about the DH becoming permanent throughout baseball. Is it or will it be good or bad for the game?

Now I’m not a big fan of just an 82 games schedule. I would’ve liked to seen them try to play over 100 games. I don’t believe that 82 games is going to be enough to find out who the best team actually. Now maybe the expanded playoffs will help that situation play out, but I’m not sure that whoever is crowned World Series champion at the end of this shortened season can actually say they where the best team in baseball.

Please share your thoughts with me about the 82 game season. Do you like it? Or would you have like to see them come up with a different number? Or do you think they should’ve just cancelled this season?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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As cities and states try to get the way of life people are use to back up and running all sports organizations are trying t get their league up and running. Some states have started to reopen businesses that had been closed down due to the pandemic and along with those businesses reopening the NBA has decided to open up it’s facilities to it’s players.

Now there are some new guidelines put in place by the NBA that players and team employees will have to follow. No more than four players would be permitted at a facility at any one time. No head or assistant coaches could participate. Players remain prohibited from using non-team facilities such as public health clubs, fitness centers or gyms. Group activity remains prohibited, including practices or scrimmages. Also lifting weights with a spotter will be prohibited if it forces the player to be within 12 feet of a staffer. Players in team facilities must wear facemasks at all times except during physical activity. Team staffers must also stay 12 feet away from them. The NBA will allow a total of six assistant or player development coaches to supervise these works. Head coaches will not be allowed.

The NBA’s decision to reopen practice facilities was based on Georgia’s plan to slowly reopen its economy. It seemed as players where considered traveling there to facilitate workouts in ways the NBA considered unsafe. The Atlanta Hawks are Georgia’s only NBA team, but they’ve decided to not open their facilities on May 1st.

There was an National Basketball Players Association phone call with it’s players and they invited commissioner Adam Silver to join the call and address the players. There was an audio taped of the one hour long call released.

The NBPA’s executive director Michele Roberts and NBPA president Chris Paul as well as several players asked commissioner Silver questions during the conversation.

The players asked commissioner some difficult questions including how future seasons would be affected and the financial realities of future salary caps and basketball related income. Commissioner Silver also had to handle some difficult questions about how the league would handle players safety.

It was mentioned that returning to play this season at one or two potential sites including Orlando and Las Vegas made the most sense. There was also no mention on if fans would be in attendance for these games.

The commissioner expressed a desire that the NBA complete its season with a traditional playoff structure that includes seven-game series in each round, but he left open the possibility of play in tournaments to accommodate more teams in resumption of a shortened season. Silver also told players that the start of next season could be pushed until December, regardless of whether this season was completed.

Commissioner Silver discussed how the CBA wasn’t built for a pandemic and were issues that needed to be collectively bargained with the NBPA. Among those issues Silver mentioned how future basketball related income and salary caps would be affected by massive decreases in revenue.

As for returning to play this season; Silver indicated discussions around training camp length in the resumption of the season centered on a minimum of three weeks. Silver said the NBA’s hope would be that players who test positive for Covid-19 won’t require shutting down a team or season, but only the removal of a player amid persistent testing of those who had come into contact with him.

It was reported by ESPN that the NBA estimates it would need in the neighborhood of 15,000 tests to resume and complete its season.

Now I’ve said all along that the NBA and the NHL should either end these seasons as is or come back when it’s safe and go right into the playoffs. Something commissioner Silver said that caught my attention and I believe it’s the biggest reason these leagues don’t want to give up these regular season games. Commissioner Silver mentioned that 40% of the NBA’s revenue comes from money built around regular season and playoff games being played in the arenas.

That would be a large chunk of money for the NBA to walk away from and you know they’re going to do everything in their power to not have to let that cash go.

What would you like to see? Are you interested in the NBA coming back and finishing the regular season? Or would you like to see them go right into some type of playoff format?

With no games being played and as of right now there are none on the schedule it’s no surprise that these leagues are trying to find a way to save money.

Major League Baseball is going to save itself a little bit of money by cutting the MLB Draft from 40 rounds to 5 rounds.

MLB an the Major League Baseball Players Association have been in discussion about shorten the draft for weeks. The MLBPA had agreed to the 5 round draft, but they where pushing for MLB to do a 10 round draft. The draft usually consists of 40 rounds, but the owners wanted to limit the number of rounds to help cut down on spending during the coronavirus shutdown.

This move will save each team a little less than $1 million dollars and apparently there are quite a few people unhappy about this move. Of course none of these people are paying the bills for these teams and with everything going on it helps each team to save where they can even if it’s looked at as a small amount by people.

While it has to be disappointing for those players who would’ve been drafted in those later rounds it might turn out to be a better situation for them.

Once a player goes undrafted he’ll be allowed to sign with any team instead of just the one team that drafted him. Now while it might not be ideal it will give that player the right to try and sign with a team where he think he fits the best. This may give those players a chance to find a team where they might develop quicker instead of being drafted by a team that might have a long term solution at the position that drafted player plays.

Please let me know how you feel about MLB making this change to the draft. Also let me know if you feel this is good or bad for those players that won’t get drafted.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who was surprised that when the NFL draft was over Andy Dalton was still a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s been clear since the Bengals ended up with the #1 pick in the draft that Dalton’s career with the Bengals was over.

There weren’t a ton of quarterback openings this off season, but it seemed like Dalton might be able to find himself a starting job somewhere, but what would the Bengals want for him. It didn’t seem that there where any real serious rumors about where Dalton might end up, but there was some talk here and there.

In the end you have to wonder if the Bengals held out for too much or if they seriously considered hanging onto Dalton as a back up and to maybe show Joe Burrow the ropes. I guess will never know what Cincinnati was thinking when it came to Dalton.

In the end it turned out that the Bengals ended up getting nothing for Dalton and they just ended up releasing him.

Not surprisingly it didn’t take Dalton to long to find work. The Dallas cowboys signed Dalton to a reported one year $3 million dollar deal. It’s been reported that with incentives Dalton’s deal could reach $7 million dollars.

Obviously it’s clear that Dak Prescott is the Cowboys starting quarterback, but remember Prescott has only been offered the franchise tag; so could the signing of Dalton be looked at as a kind of leverage play by the Cowboys. A lot of people don’t see this as the case. To them it’s just seen as the Cowboys trying to get themselves a highly experience quarterback to back up Prescott. With all of their pieces Dallas looks like a Super Bowl contender; so it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they had what would be looked at as a high quality back up quarterback just in case Prescott was to get injured or in the event that he might possibly hold out.

It appears at least in the media that the talks between Prescott and the Cowboys are going well on a new contract, but as you know that could change rather quickly. Not everyone is sold on Prescott being able to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, but to be fair Prescott has started all 64 games since being drafted by the Cowboys in 2016. Dallas is 40-24 with Prescott as their starting quarterback and they’ve never had a losing season with him under center, but they where 8-8 last season.

Since Prescott is a mobile quarterback and not afraid to run the football when he has to it won’t hurt the Cowboys to have a back up quarterback that has made 133 starts in the NFL and has played in 4 playoff games.

The Cowboys also have Cooper Rush who’s been Prescott’s back up for the last three seasons, but hasn’t had to play much. Rush has appeared in 5 games over those three seasons and hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL regular season game since 2017.

Rush is due to make $2.1 million dollars this season and even though the Cowboys are close to the salary cap they should be able to keep Rush on their roster as the #3 quarterback.

I’m sure you’ve heard at some point and time that the life span of an NFL running backs career is very short. While there are quarterbacks out there that are talking about playing until they’re 45 years old if  running back can get four or five quality seasons in it’s looked at as a successful career. I guess Frank Gore is the exception to this rule.

Gore will be entering his 16th season as an NFL running back as a member of the New York Jets.

Gore will join the Jets as Le’Veon Bell’s back up and will be reunited with Jets head coach Adam Gase. Gore played for Gase in 2018 with the Miami Dolphins and Gase was also with the San Francisco 49ers as an offensive assistant when Gore played there. Apparently Gase tried to get Gore to sign with the Jets last off season, but instead Gore ended up signing with the Buffalo Bills.

Gore played in all 16 games for the Bills last season; starting 8 of them. Gore ran for a career low 599 yards and averaged a career low 3.6 yards per carry, but he still played a significant role in the Bills offense.

Gore is currently 3rd on the all time rushing list with 15,347 yards. Gore is 1379 yards behind Walter Payton for the #2 spot on the all time rushing leaders list; so it’s doubtful he’ll be catching him this season. Gore is also 3rd on the all time list for rushing attempts. He’s carried the football 3548 times in his NFL career so far and while he’ll add to that total this season it’s doubtful that he’ll get the 291 carries required to pass Payton on that list either.

At the end of the 2019 season Gore had indicated that he wanted to play this coming  season, but at 36 soon to be 37 years old it was unclear if a team would have any interest in Gore. It looks like Gore will get his wish to play in 2020, but is it possible that Gore continues to defy logic and comes back for the 2021 season?

As long as Bell stays healthy Gore will have a very limited role with the Jets, but it’s good that he’s getting a chance to play next season. Bell did miss one game last season; so maybe Gore will get an opportunity here and there to put up some solid rushing numbers with the Jets.

How do you think Gore will end up doing with the Jets this coming season?

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Since there aren’t any sports being played right now I like to flip through article titles online and see if anything catches my attention. This kind of helps me keep up with what’s going on in sports without having to read every single article out there.

While flipping through articles yesterday I ran into one that caught my attention and while I didn’t go through and read the entire thing I  enough of it to get the idea of the article and wonder why.

This article went on to explain that the NHL is planning on returning and finish it’s regular season and playoff for this season. This didn’t make ay sense to me, but as I continued looking into this it was also said that the NHL would be willing to push back the start of next season to finish this one. This article also mentioned that the NHL would have no problems playing games in July or August if they had to. Now I know that the playoffs don’t generally end into early June, but imagine regular season games in July or August.

Once I saw the story in the NHL I went through to see if I could find any new on what the NBA might be planning. I didn’t see anything new on how the NBA might try and finish out it’s regular season and playoffs, but I did see that the NBA has decided to postpone the draft lottery and scouting combine. The actually draft itself had already been moved back until late June.

With the NBA making these moves and postponements it makes me think that the NBA is planning to do the same thing that the NHL is going to do and they’ll try to play the rest of their regular season games as well the playoffs.

Now I don’t think I would have any issues if the NHL and the NBA came back and went right into the playoffs. I could fully understand each league wanting to be able to crown a champion, but at first I didn’t understand why they’d want to come back and play regular season games.

Then it hit me; there’s only one reason that the NHL and the NBA would want to come back and play regular season games; they want that television money. Remember the NBA has a very lucrative deal with ESPN and TNT to televise their regular season and playoff games and while I’m sure that the NHL’s deal with NBA isn’t quite as lucrative I’m sure they’d like to get whatever money they have coming in that contract.

You could also throw Major League Baseball into this mix as they’ve already said that they’re planning on playing as many regular season games as possible. Why would they want to do that: television money.

At least when they start playing MLB games again it will actually be baseball season, but how many people are going to be interested in watching NHL and NBA games in the summer or possibly even in the fall.

To be fair if you’re the first league to come back and start playing games you’d probably draw huge ratings. With as hard up as people are to watch sports I’m sure they’d take anything new to watch. Just look at how well the NFL draft just did in the ratings. Now imagine how well and actually live sporting event would do in the ratings. To be honest I’d probably even tune into an NBA game just to watch sports.

I would really like to get your opinion on this. Would you watch an NHL or NBA regular season game if they came back to play them in July or August? Would it make you more interested to watch these games if your favorite team was in the running to possibly win the title?

Do you like the idea of the NHL and NBA coming back to play regular season games? Or would you like to see them come back and go directly into the playoffs? Or at this point would you like to see hem just end their seasons with no champions and move onto next season?

I would be very interested in what you’d like to see the NHL and NBA do. As I mentioned before I wouldn’t have any issues if they came back and went straight into the playoffs, but I have no interest in any NHL or NBA regular games being played.

As we’re talking about sports returning it looks as though NASCAR will be back on May 17th. NASCAR is planning on running this 400 mile race at Darlington Speedway in South Carolina with no fans.

What may be even more interesting about this is NASCAR is planning on this being the first race of 11 races that they’ll run in seven days. Yes, you read that right; 11 races in seven days.

These races will take place at two different tracks. Darlington Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.

NASCAR has decided to run races here because South Carolina has relaxed coronavirus restrictions and Charlotte, North Carolina; is following suit.

After the May 17th race the NASCAR’s schedule includes a 200-mile Xfinity Series race at Darlington Raceway on May 19 and a 500 kilometer contest at the South Carolina track the following night. NASCAR will then shift to Charlotte for a 600 mile Cup Series race on May 24; with a 300 mile Xfinity Series competition the following day. A 200 mile Gander Trucks race on May 26 and a 500 kilometer race at Charlotte Motor Speedway the next night.

NASCAR, which did not announce any dates past May 27, but it intends to run a full 36 race NASCAR Cup Series slate this year. It also plans to keep its 10 race postseason format and tracks involved unchanged.

Do you like this idea NASCAR has come up with? I guess more importantly; will you be watching any or all of these races?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I asked you on Saturday if you watched the NFL draft and apparently you did. On Thursday the draft won all three hours of the television time it was on. It did slowly decline through the hours, but that was to be expected. Don’t forget that this was just the 1st round of the draft.

Friday night of the draft didn’t do as well as Thursday night, but that’s to be expected since there are a lot of people who just want to know who their favorite team is picking in the 1st round. While the draft didn’t dominate the television ratings like it did on Thursday it still posted solid numbers and finished second for the night. CBS was the network that beat out the draft and to be fair they didn’t beat it by that much.

I did watch all of the first two days of draft coverage and while I did tune in for quite a bit of the Saturdays coverage I found myself flipping channels. Since I’m not a huge college football fan by the time they got into the later rounds I didn’t know who most of the player being picked where and that contributed to me losing interest.

Humorously the one thing I forgot that I don’t like about the NFL draft is the actual coverage itself. Now this year was a completely different animal with it being a virtual draft, but the coverage ESPN provide was sub-par at best. I got the impression that they try to stretch every pick out because they have so much television time to fill and it becomes tedious to watch.

I also did notice this year more than any other year that ESPN really seemed to play up any type of tragedy or other type of event like that the drafted player had to over come. I’m not sure if they where trying to get sympathy for that player or if they where just trying to show that they overcame some type of hardship in their life. It just seemed odd to me that this was the part of certain players life that they decided to highlight.

They other thing that  heard over and over before the draft was how many problems that could come up since this was a virtual draft and everything was going to be done with computers. Oddly it seemed that the only people who had issues with this set up was the ESPN personalities themselves. It seemed like time after time there was a delay as we waited for an ESPN personality to start talking. It was clear that the teams didn’t have any issues making their picks and the commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t appear to have any trouble announcing the picks, but when they went back to the ESPN desk it seemed like there was always a delay before they started talking. I would’ve thought that the network covering the event would’ve been better equipped to televise it.

How did you feel about the virtual draft and it’s coverage? There’s been talk of the NFL involving a virtual aspect to every draft; of course we don’t know what that would be just yet. Would this be something you’d like to see the NFL do?

Now days after the draft everyone looks back an tries to figure out who had the best draft even though it’s really not possible to do that. You just never know how a college player is going to do as he moves up to the next level. Of course there are a lot of people who get paid a lot of money to do that, but I’m not one of them; so I’m not going to try to tell you who had the best draft.

The one thing I can share with you about the draft is what surprised me in the draft. The New England Patriots made 10 picks in this past draft and none of them was a quarterback. New England used their first three draft picks on defensive players. They used their 4th and 5th draft picks on tight ends before taking a kicker with that 6th pick. Their 7th and 8th picks where used on offensive lineman. The 9th picks the patriots made was back on the defensive side before they wrapped up their draft by picking a Center.

Now since we’re not inside the Patriots draft process we don’t know if they where ever planning on drafting a quarterback or if the draft just possibly didn’t fall their way and they missed out on a quarterback they wanted. We also don’t know if New England tried to move up in the draft to try and select a quarterback. All we know is when the draft was all said and done the Patriots didn’t end up drafting a quarterback.

That meant that after the draft the Patriots had two quarterbacks on their roster; Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. Now after the draft the New England did sign two undrafted free agent quarterbacks.

J’Mar Smith and Brian Lewerke where the two quarterbacks the Patriots signed. Smith played at Louisiana Tech while Lewerke played at Michigan State. Smith  threw for 2,977 yards; 18 touchdowns with only 5 interceptions in last season at Louisiana Tech with a 64.3 completion percentage. Lewerke threw for 3,079 yards and 17 TDs in at Michigan State, but he also tossed 13 interceptions.

Smith is a multi-sport athlete and was actually drafted by the San Diego Padres out of high school in the 2015 MLB Draft. However, he decided not to sign but played both baseball and football at Lousiana Tech. Interestingly his father Kenny also played for the Patriots. He was a defensive lineman in the 2000s, but never played a game for New England.

Lewerke is the only player in Michigan State history to throw for 8,000-plus yards and to also rush for 1,000-plus yards, finishing with 8,293 passing and 1,255 rushing yards in his collegiate career.

Will one of these quarterback end up making the Patriots roster as the 3rd quarterback? I guess will have to wait and see.

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How was your week

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Well we’re three rounds into the NFL Draft. Are you watching? If you are watching or just keeping up with the picks; how do you think you’re favorite team is doing?

Honestly I think the best way to describe the way this draft has went would be uneventful. A lot of the possible trade talk that went on before the draft didn’t happen for whatever reason and that may have taken some of the out of the early picks.

Coming into the draft there where a lot of reports that the Detroit Lions who had the 3rd pick in the draft and the New York Giants who had the 4th pick in the draft where both very interested in trading out of those spots to acquire more draft picks. Now obviously it takes two teams to make a trade; so you’d have to think that they couldn’t get what they thought was enough value for those picks or there just wasn’t a player out that a team thought was worth moving up to get.

In the end both teams ended up keeping and using there picks. The lions selected Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah while the Giants used their pick on offensive tackle Andrew Thomas.

Once Joe Burrow officially went #1 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals I’m sure that the Lions and the Giants where hoping there was a team interested in Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. It appeared as though the Miami Dolphins who had the 5th pick in the draft and the Los Angeles Chargers who had the 6th pick in the draft where the two top teams that where thought might be interested in moving up to draft Tagovailoa.

It seems that both the Dolphins ad the Chargers where interested in taking a quarterback with their 1st round draft picks and in the end they both did select quarterbacks and neither team moved up to do it. In the end it was Miami who end up drafting Tagovailoa at #5 while the Chargers stayed at #6 and selected Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert.

In the end there was only one team that moved up in the 1st round to draft a quarterback and it turned out to be a bit of a surprise on which team it was. The Green Bay Packers ended up moving into the 26th spot in the draft to select Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

It’s clear that Love won’t be stepping in as the Packers starter like Burrow, Tagovailoa and Herbert might for their teams, but it’s interesting to see the Packers moving up to take what might be their future quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers is currently the Packers starting quarterback. Rodgers will turn 37 next season and is signed through 2023 season. So it looks like Love will have four seasons to learn under Rodgers before the Packers have to make a decision at quarterback. Oddly if Rodgers does decide to leave Green Bay after the 2023 season the Packers will have to pick up the 5th year option on Love’s contract if he’s going to take over as their starting quarterback in 2023.

This may be the most controversial draft pick of the 1st round. It seemed that the Packers where trading back into the 1st round to possible get Rodgers a wide receiver to throw to. This has been looked at as a wide receiver heavy draft and five of them went in the 1st round before the Packers traded back in to take Love.

What do you think of the Packers moving back into the 1st round to take a quarterback?

Now the team that everyone thought would draft a quarterback at some point in these first couple of days the New England Patriots didn’t. In a way it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that the Patriots didn’t do what everyone seemed to think they where going to do, but you do have to wonder what their plan at quarterback is.

Now remember Cam Newton and Jameis Winston are both still on the free agent market and as of right now Andy Dalton is still on the Bengals roster. It’s possible that one of these three quarterback could end up being the Patriots starter. It’s also just as possible that Jarrett Stidham or Brian Hoyer who are the current quarterbacks on the Patriots roster could be their starting quarterback.

Of course it’s still possible that the Patriots use one of their remaining draft picks to select a quarterback. Could Jake Fromme, Jacob Eason or Anthony Gordon end up with the Patriots?

New England has six picks left in this draft. Could they use one of those picks to select a quarterback? Or will they package a couple of these picks together to move up in the draft and select a quarterback?

What the Patriots decide to do at quarterback in this draft may be the biggest story still out there.

While we wait to see if the Patriots draft a quarterback I also thought they had the funniest moment of the draft. I thought it was very funny when they switched to the camera that was set up to watch head coach Bill Belichick during the draft and his dog was sitting in the chair. There’s a lot going on during the draft and while I’m sure a lot of fans think that the coaches and other staff sit at the computer and don’t move during the draft I’m sure they have to get up and stretch their legs or other things that just kind of happen in life. I did love the way it appeared as though the dog was watching the computer screen like he was updating Belichick on what picks where being made.

Rounds 4 through 7 wrap up today starting at 11:00 a.m. cst. Will you be watching today? How much of the draft have you watched?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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With the NFL Draft just a day away there was a little focus taken off of the draft as there was a surprising trade made yesterday.

As we all know the big off season NFL story was Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a free agent. In New England Brady’s favorite target was tight end Rob Gronkowski and yesterday the Buccaneers reunited the two.

Now it is true that Gronkowski announced his retirement last year and didn’t play, but apparently he was interested in joining Brady in Tampa Bay and the Buccaneers got the trade done. Tampa Bay sent a 4th round pick #139 overall to the Patriots for Gronkowski and a 7th round pick #241 overall.

Gronkowski turns 31 years old next month and he has one year remaining on his contract at $9 million dollars.

Gronkowski is represented by  Drew Rosenhaus and he said on ESPN Sportscenter that the five-time Pro Bowler has been “really invigorated” physically since he retired from football nearly 13 months ago. Rosenhaus also added that “He tells me he feels fantastic, the best he’s ever felt”. “His weight’s back up to 260. He passed his physical with flying colors today. He’s just really excited about playing football again, and being in Florida is exciting for him.”

Gronkowski himself reached out to Fox Sports in a text message saying.  “I’m back. I always said when I have that feeling and it feels right, I will be ready to take the field again. And I have that feeling. I’m ready.”

When talk of Gronkowski’s return came up it quickly became clear that the only way he’d end his retirement was if he could play with Brady again in Tampa Bay. There where also reports that Gronkowski reached out to Brady himself about joining hi former quarterback in Tampa Bay.

Gronkowski joins a pretty impressive group of receivers in Tampa Bay. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are Pro Bowlers while tight end O.J. Howard is a former 1st round draft pick and Cameron Brate has been very solid at tight end for the Buccaneers.

Obviously a healthy Gronkowski takes over as the starting tight end n the Buccaneers offense and it will be interesting to see wat kind of affect Gronkowski’s presence has on the Tampa Bay offense. Godwin led the Buccaneers with 121 targets and 86 receptions while Evans was targeted 118 times. Brate and Howard had 55 and 53 targets respectively.  Gronkowski had a career high 131 targets in 2014 and in his last season 2018 he had 72 targets while playing in 13 games.

This may be the most talented group of receivers Brady has every been surrounded by in his career, but there’s only one football to be thrown around. Will there be enough targets in this offense to keep all of these receivers happy?

Don’t forget that Jameis Winston tied with Jared Goff for the NFL lead in passing attempts last season with 626. He also led in passing yards with 5109. You’d have to think with the receivers on the Buccaneers roster that Brady will throw the football at least as much as Winston did last season and possibly more than he did last season.

It’s clear that the biggest question facing the Tampa Bay offense is will they be able to run the football well enough to keep defensives from just pinning their ears back and coming after Brady with everything they’ve got.

Ronald Jones was the Buccaneers leading rusher last season with 724 yards on 172 carries. Jones added 6 rushing touchdowns last season and if he can continue his 4.2 yards per carry average from last season it might be enough to keep defenses honest.

Is it possible that the Buccaneers are looking to make another trade? They do have three NFL tight ends on their roster; so it’s possible that either Howard or Brate could be traded for a draft pick.

Howard was the 19th overall pick in the 2017 draft and I don’t think he’s reached the level the buccaneers thought he would when they picked him. He’s never played in more than 14 games in a season due to injuries and he’s never had more than 34 receptions in a season. Now those reception numbers where expected to go up once Brady signed with Tampa Bay, but now that Gronkowski has joined the team is it possible that Howard could be traded?

Brate has always been looked at as a second tight end on a roster and maybe that plays to his advantage as he finds ways to produce. Brate has 27 career touchdown receptions with a career high of 8 coming in 2016. Brate has also stayed healthy as he’s played in all, but one game the past our seasons.

If the Buccaneers are looking to trade one of these tight ends you’d have to think that Howard would have the most value on the trade market. Howard will be 26 next season while Brate will be 29. It’s possible a team could look at Howard and think they could get the potential out of him that he hadn’t shown in Tampa Bay while Brate has kind of shown what he’s got.

So what do you think the Buccaneers will do with their tight end position? Will all three Gronkowski, Howard and Brate be on the roster when the season starts? Or will one of them be traded? If you think one of them will be traded; which one o you think will be dealt?

Are you looking forward to the NFL Draft? Since I haven’t watched a sporting event in what seems like forever I’m very much looking forward to the draft. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I’ll be tuned in. This may be the year that I end up watching every draft pick.

Round 1 of the NFL Draft starts at 7:00 p.m. cst and for me it’s on ESPN. I’m sure that the NFL Network is also covering the draft live, but thanks to AT&T I no longer get the NFL Network. On Friday Rounds 2 & 3 start at 6:00 p.m. cst. On Saturday the draft starts at 11:00 a.m. cst as they go through rounds 4 thru 7.

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How was your week

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Unfortunately we still don’t have any actual sporting events to watch yet, but at least this week we’ll get to see the NFL draft. There where three things that I heard this week leading into the draft that I was interested on getting your opinion on; so let’s go over them.

Do you think the Cleveland Browns will trade Odell Beckham Jr.? There have been rumors that since the Minnesota Vikings traded away Stephon Diggs that they’ve been looking for a wide receiver to fill the void and Beckham’s name has came up quite bit.

Beckham played in all 16 games for the Browns last season; starting 15 of them. He ended up with 74 receptions for 1035 yards and 4 touchdowns. That’s a solid season for a wide receiver, but you’d like to see someone with the talent that Beckham has shown to find the end zone more than four times. Of course some of his numbers are due to the offense the Browns where running and it also didn’t help that Cleveland’s quarterback Baker Mayfield had a down year, but will Beckham put up better numbers this year with Kevin Stefanski taking over as Browns head coach.

As odd as this may seem for a team that has Beckham on it, but he wasn’t the leading receiver. Jarvis Landry had 83 receptions for 1174 yards and 6 touchdowns. What may even be more interesting is the fact that Landry was targeted more times by Mayfield than Beckham was. Even though it was just 5 more targets you’d think  that Beckham would easily be the most targeted receiver on whatever team he’s playing for.

Now the Browns have come out and said that they’re not trading Beckham to the Vikings or any other team and according to sources the Browns sources in Cleveland “literally laughed” when asked about the prospect of dealing the wide receiver.

Now there is a bit of a circus atmosphere that seems to surround Beckham, but despite that he is one of if not the most talented wide receiver in the NFL. It is a little odd that even though Beckham is talented that trade rumors have seem to be floating around him for months now even though the Browns have denied them all.

Beckham himself has made no mention of wanting to leave the Browns and hasn’t made any waves with the team like he did when he wanted to be traded by his former team the New York Giants.

You also have to wonder if the Browns did decide to deal Beckham; could they get anywhere close to what they gave up for him? Cleveland sent  1st and 3rd round 2019 draft picks along with Jabril Peppers and Kevin Zeitler to the Giants for Beckham and Olivier Vernon. I’m not sure they’d get that type of value if they sent Beckham to another team.

What do you think; will Beckham be with the Browns at the start of 2020 NFL season?

As we head into the draft you also have to wonder; what the Cincinnati Bengals are going to do with Andy Dalton?

It appears as though the NFL off season quarterback market was a little more oversaturated than the Bengals thought it would be and therefore Dalton is still on their roster. Even now there are quarterbacks like Jameis Winston and Cam Newton who are looking for jobs. Is Dalton a better option for a team than ether of those two quarterbacks?

There has been some rumors of the Jacksonville Jaquars showing some interest in Dalton. Last off season Jacksonville gave free agent quarterback Nick Foles a big contract, but that didn’t work out. Due to injury Foles played in just 4 games for the Jaquars last season and when Gardner Minshew III showed that he could run the Jacksonville offense last season Foles found himself dealt to the Chicago Bears this off season. Joshua Dobbs is currently the only other quarterback on the Jacksonville roster; so you’d think they’d be interested in adding a veteran back up quarterback. That may be where Dalton has an advantage on Winston and Newton; he may be more excepting of a back up role than they would be.

Dalton played i and started 13 games for the Bengals last season, but once it was clear that Cincinnati would have the #1 pick in the draft it was clear that they’d be moving on from Dalton at quarterback.

Dalton spent 9 seasons with the Bengals and took them to the playoffs four times; the last time being in 2014. Dalton holds the Bengals all-time record with 204 career passing touchdowns.

Now it’s possible that Cincinnati could hang on to Dalton since he is under contract for next season. Of course if that happens it appears as though Dalton would have to re-work his contract. He is due $17.5 million dollars next season on his current contract.

What do you think will happen to Dalton heading into next season. Will he be the Bengals back up quarterback? Or do you see him being another teams back up quarterback?

The Denver Broncos have the 15th pick in the 1st round of this weeks draft, but there are a few reports out their saying the Broncos would like to find a way to move up in the 1st round to select a wide receiver.

There is a chance that if the Broncos stay at #15 one of the top three wide receivers will fall to them. I’ve seen quite a few mock drafts that project Henry Ruggs III being selected at #15 by Denver.

If the Broncos would like a shot at either CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy how far would they have to move up? Jeudy seems to be going right around the 10th pick in most mock drafts with Lamb going a couple of picks after him. It seems as if the Broncos would like to try to move up to get  either lamb or Jeudy they should be able to do that.

Wat would it take for the Broncos to move up to the 8th spot in the draft where the Arizona cardinals currently sit. Would the 15th pick and one of the Broncos 10 other draft picks do the trick?

Do you see the Broncos moving up in the 1st round? If you have them moving up; what do you think they’d have to give up to move up?

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