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Unfortunately we still don’t have any actual sporting events to watch yet, but at least this week we’ll get to see the NFL draft. There where three things that I heard this week leading into the draft that I was interested on getting your opinion on; so let’s go over them.

Do you think the Cleveland Browns will trade Odell Beckham Jr.? There have been rumors that since the Minnesota Vikings traded away Stephon Diggs that they’ve been looking for a wide receiver to fill the void and Beckham’s name has came up quite bit.

Beckham played in all 16 games for the Browns last season; starting 15 of them. He ended up with 74 receptions for 1035 yards and 4 touchdowns. That’s a solid season for a wide receiver, but you’d like to see someone with the talent that Beckham has shown to find the end zone more than four times. Of course some of his numbers are due to the offense the Browns where running and it also didn’t help that Cleveland’s quarterback Baker Mayfield had a down year, but will Beckham put up better numbers this year with Kevin Stefanski taking over as Browns head coach.

As odd as this may seem for a team that has Beckham on it, but he wasn’t the leading receiver. Jarvis Landry had 83 receptions for 1174 yards and 6 touchdowns. What may even be more interesting is the fact that Landry was targeted more times by Mayfield than Beckham was. Even though it was just 5 more targets you’d think  that Beckham would easily be the most targeted receiver on whatever team he’s playing for.

Now the Browns have come out and said that they’re not trading Beckham to the Vikings or any other team and according to sources the Browns sources in Cleveland “literally laughed” when asked about the prospect of dealing the wide receiver.

Now there is a bit of a circus atmosphere that seems to surround Beckham, but despite that he is one of if not the most talented wide receiver in the NFL. It is a little odd that even though Beckham is talented that trade rumors have seem to be floating around him for months now even though the Browns have denied them all.

Beckham himself has made no mention of wanting to leave the Browns and hasn’t made any waves with the team like he did when he wanted to be traded by his former team the New York Giants.

You also have to wonder if the Browns did decide to deal Beckham; could they get anywhere close to what they gave up for him? Cleveland sent  1st and 3rd round 2019 draft picks along with Jabril Peppers and Kevin Zeitler to the Giants for Beckham and Olivier Vernon. I’m not sure they’d get that type of value if they sent Beckham to another team.

What do you think; will Beckham be with the Browns at the start of 2020 NFL season?

As we head into the draft you also have to wonder; what the Cincinnati Bengals are going to do with Andy Dalton?

It appears as though the NFL off season quarterback market was a little more oversaturated than the Bengals thought it would be and therefore Dalton is still on their roster. Even now there are quarterbacks like Jameis Winston and Cam Newton who are looking for jobs. Is Dalton a better option for a team than ether of those two quarterbacks?

There has been some rumors of the Jacksonville Jaquars showing some interest in Dalton. Last off season Jacksonville gave free agent quarterback Nick Foles a big contract, but that didn’t work out. Due to injury Foles played in just 4 games for the Jaquars last season and when Gardner Minshew III showed that he could run the Jacksonville offense last season Foles found himself dealt to the Chicago Bears this off season. Joshua Dobbs is currently the only other quarterback on the Jacksonville roster; so you’d think they’d be interested in adding a veteran back up quarterback. That may be where Dalton has an advantage on Winston and Newton; he may be more excepting of a back up role than they would be.

Dalton played i and started 13 games for the Bengals last season, but once it was clear that Cincinnati would have the #1 pick in the draft it was clear that they’d be moving on from Dalton at quarterback.

Dalton spent 9 seasons with the Bengals and took them to the playoffs four times; the last time being in 2014. Dalton holds the Bengals all-time record with 204 career passing touchdowns.

Now it’s possible that Cincinnati could hang on to Dalton since he is under contract for next season. Of course if that happens it appears as though Dalton would have to re-work his contract. He is due $17.5 million dollars next season on his current contract.

What do you think will happen to Dalton heading into next season. Will he be the Bengals back up quarterback? Or do you see him being another teams back up quarterback?

The Denver Broncos have the 15th pick in the 1st round of this weeks draft, but there are a few reports out their saying the Broncos would like to find a way to move up in the 1st round to select a wide receiver.

There is a chance that if the Broncos stay at #15 one of the top three wide receivers will fall to them. I’ve seen quite a few mock drafts that project Henry Ruggs III being selected at #15 by Denver.

If the Broncos would like a shot at either CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy how far would they have to move up? Jeudy seems to be going right around the 10th pick in most mock drafts with Lamb going a couple of picks after him. It seems as if the Broncos would like to try to move up to get  either lamb or Jeudy they should be able to do that.

Wat would it take for the Broncos to move up to the 8th spot in the draft where the Arizona cardinals currently sit. Would the 15th pick and one of the Broncos 10 other draft picks do the trick?

Do you see the Broncos moving up in the 1st round? If you have them moving up; what do you think they’d have to give up to move up?

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  1. I doubt if Beckham will be traded but Dalton could be moved under the right circumstances.
    I think Denver will role the dice and stay at #15. They’ll be plenty of players available who would be a good fit for them.
    By the way, that was a well written article.


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