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Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: September 4, 2019 by Sports Time Radio in fantasy, football, sports, Sports Time Radio, Uncategorized

It looks like the possible nightmare for the Dallas Cowboys their fans and any fantasy owner who drafted Ezekiel Elliott won’t come true. It’s being reported that early this morning the Cowboys and Elliott agreed to a 6 year $90 million dollar deal with $50 million dollars guaranteed.

Now I found this whole situations quite interesting especially the way the media covered it. I get that Cowboys fans like to call them “America’s team”. There was also the old question; why is there a whole in the roof of Texas Stadium. So God could watch the Cowboys.

It’s understandable that fans get like that about their favorite team, but it almost seemed like this was the only NFL story that the media was covering and the season opens tomorrow. I’m not sure why the media got so caught up in this story, but they not only ignored the opening of the season, but they glossed over another top running back who is holding out as well as a top defensive lineman who forced a trade.

I guess in the end the Cowboys will be the big story because any and everyone in the media knows that their owner Jerry Jones will always give them that quote they need. I don’t think there’s a microphone that Jones wouldn’t talk into and as not only the owner of the Cowboys, but there General Manager he has ample opportunity to talk to the media.

Now with Elliott signed sealed and delivered it will be interesting to see how the Cowboys handle there other two upcoming free agents; quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper. Will have to see if the media will continue to report on these two Cowboys, but I’m guessing since they’re in camp and prepared to play this Sunday against the New York Giants there’s probably no story there.

Let’s go back now and take a look at the two remaining stories that where buried by Elliott’s holdout and signing.

Jadeveon Clowney had refused to sign his franchise tag with the Houston Texans and had demanded a trade. It looked like the Miami Dolphins where the front runner when Clowney met with their head coach Brian Flores. After that meeting it came out that Clowney would like to go to the Seattle Seahawks or the Philadelphia Eagles.

When it was all said and done it was the Seahawks that stepped up and traded for Clowney. Seattle sent a 2020 3rd round pick and a pair of linebackers Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin.

It seems as most experts think that the Seahawks got the better end of this deal, but that may all depend o if they’ll be able to re-sign Clowney. Clowney had to sign the franchise tag before he could be traded and Seattle is unable to sign him until after the season; so they might have some teams competing for Clowney since he’ll be a free agent.

How would you feel about this trade if the Seahawks are only able to keep Clowney for just this season?

The other big holdout is Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon. I’m not sure why Gordon’s name was kept on the back burner with all of the focus going to Elliott, but now Gordon is front and center. The Chargers have told Gordon and his representation that they  can seek a trade, but right now the Chargers are asking for a #1 pick in return. That’s a lot to ask for a for a 26 year old running back who’s only played a full 16 games in one of his four seasons.

It appears that Gordon has no plans to play for the Chargers, but with teams just making final cuts they are pretty much set at their positions; so it may be a while before a trade is made unless there’s an early injury to a staring running back.

Gordon is definitely a top tier running back and you have to wonder which team he might fit with. The teams that are thought to be playoff contenders seem to be set at the running back position. Gordon is also in the final year of his contract; so you’d be asking a team to give up a 1st round draft pick for a player they may only have for one season. Of course if a trade is worked out I’m sure the team that would be acquiring Gordon would insist that he sign a contract extension before the deal is finalized.

I’m thinking of this and I can only come up with three possibly teams that might be interested in dealing for Gordon.

I think that Gordon might be of some interest to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Right now the Buccaneers are going with Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones; so Gordon would be an upgrade for them.

It seems that Leonard Fourette wasn’t going to be the Jacksonville Jaquars starting running back this season after all of the issues he had their last season, but we’re 5 days away from Jacksonville opening their season and Fournette is still their #1 running back. Would the Jaquars be interested in Gordon?

Maybe the Houston Texans would trade for one more running back. The Texans have acquired Duke Johnson Jr. and Carlos Hyde this pre-season, but neither has shown that they’re on the same level as Gordon. Would the Texans be willing to make one more deal for another running back?

You have to wonder if the Chargers and Gordon will be able to find a trading partner or will he end up taking the same route as Le’Von Bell and sit out an entire season and try his luck in free agency.

How do you have things playing out with Gordon. Will he end up being traded? Or will he end up sitting out the entire season?

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How was your week

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The New York Mets found a way to get themselves back into playoff contention earlier this season when everyone had counted them out. It looks like the Mets have put themselves in another hole as they entered last nights game against the Philadelphia Phillies on a 6 game losing streak. The Mets where swept in back to back series first on the road by the NL East leading Atlanta Braves and then at home by the Chicago Cubs; a team they’re batting for a wild card spot.

With a starting rotation like the Mets have they’d hoped that these type of losing streaks would be avoidable, but each starter had a chance to stop the losing streak and couldn’t get it done. Last night it was Zach Wheeler’s second shot at stopping the streak.

Wheeler pitched well as he allowed just 1 run over 6 innings, but Phillies starter Aaron Nola matched him also giving up just 1 run over 6 1/3rd innings. So as it turned into a bullpen game you had to think that the Mets might be looking at another loss with the bullpen issues they had this season.

Mike Morin came out of the Phillies bullpen to start the 8th inning Mori had been pitching very well for the Phillies out of their bullpen as he had given up just 1 earned run in his last 10 appearances, but the Mets where able to get to him.

Pete Alonso and Michael Conforto started the inning off with singles before J.D. Davis popped into an infield fly rule for the first out before Joe Panik walked to load the bases. Amed Rosario singled to centerfield to score Alonso and Conforto to give the Mets a 3-1 lead and end Morin’s night. Jared Hughes came out of the Phillies bullpen and Todd Frazier greeted him with a 3-run home run to leftfield to give the Mets a 6-1 lead. Frazier was the only better Hughes faced as after the home run Edgar Garcia came in and got Wilson Ramos and Juan Lagares to hit into ground outs to end the inning.

In the bottom of the 8th inning Edwin Diaz was on the mound for the Mets and he worked a 1,2,3 inning picking up two strikeouts in the inning. It looked like it might be a night for Diaz to work 2 innings, but after the Mets top half of the 9th they went a different route.

Jeff McNeil lined out to start the inning, but them Alonso singled again before Conforto hit a 2-run home run to give the Mets a 8-1 lead. Davis drew a walk before Panik doubled to put runners on 2nd and 3rd. Rosario struck out for the 2nd out and that brought up Frazier who proceeded to hit his second 3-run home run in as many innings to make it 11-1. Ramos struck out to end the inning, but it looked like the Mets losing streak was going to end, but they didn’t make it easy on themselves in the bottom of the 9th.

With a 10 run lead Diaz was taken out of the game and Chris Mazza came in out of the Mets bullpen for some hopefully mop up duty. Mazza got the first hitter he face Scott Kingery to line out for the 1st out. Adam Haseley singled and then pinch hitter Logan Morrison drew a walk. Corey Dickerson singled to drive in Haseley and move Morrison over to 3rd making it an 11-2 game. J.T. Realmuto was able to drive Morrison in with a sacrifice fly to make it 11-3, but that was also the 2nd out; so things where looking good for the Mets. Dickerson moved up to 2nd base on defensive indifference before Bryce Harper drove him in with a double to make it 11-4. That wasn’t quite the end for Mets fans as Rhys Hoskins followed Harper’s double with a double of his own to drive in Harper and make it an 11-5 game. Finally Mazza was able to end the Mets losing streak as he got Jean Segura to ground out to 2nd for the final out of the game.

Not the most convincing way to end a losing streak, but on the plus side the Mets did score 5 runs in each of the final two innings. The Mets losing streak official ends at 6 even with an interesting 9th inning.

The Mets will look to extend this new winning streak to 2 games today. Steven Matz (8-8) gets the start for the Mets this afternoon and he’ll face his former teammate Jason Vargas (6-6) who’ll be making the start for the Phillies.

This is a big series as far as the NL wild card race is concerned. It appears as that both the Mets and the Phillies are too far behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East; so winning the division is out of the question. That leaves both teams in the hunt for a wild card spot. Currently the Washington Nationals have a 2 1/2 game lead over the Chicago Cubs for the first wild card spot while the Cubs are 3 1/2 games ahead of the Phillies with the Arizona Diamondbacks 4 1/2 games back. The Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers are still hanging around in the wild card race, but both teams are 5 games back and really can’t afford to lose any more ground.

If the Mets can win or even sweep this series with the Phillies it would allow them to gain quite a few games on a team ahead of them in the wild card race. The Brewers are in a similar position as they are visiting the Cubs this weekend. The Diamondbacks have a tough weekend series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Arizona will need to find a way to stay in the wild card race against one of the best teams in baseball.

All of these teams are chasing the Nationals and they seem to have the easiest weekend series as they’re facing the team with the worst record in the National League the Miami Marlins.

Now you didn’t see the St. Louis Cardinals name come up in the wild card talk and that’s because they currently lead the NL Central. St. Louis has a 1 game lead over the Cubs heading into today’s action, but it looks as though the Cardinals schedule isn’t going to do them any favors over the weekend.

After a rain out last night the Cardinals will host the Cincinnati Reds in a doubleheader to make up that game. While there aren’t a lot of doubleheaders in today’s game they’re not unusual. What makes this whole situation odd is the fact that not only are the Reds and the Cardinals scheduled to pay a doubleheader today, but they are also scheduled to play a doubleheader tomorrow.

This is a huge quirk in the schedule and I’m surprised that the players union hasn’t said something about this. Just imagine of the Cardinals lost all four of these games or even three of four it could be a huge swing in the standings. Of course it could go completely the other way of St. Louis won all four of these games or took three of four.

How do you think this goes for the Cardinals?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard the Andrew Luck retirement story covered from very angle possible, so I don’t want to beat you over the head with anything like that. I was surprised to hear about his retirement, but I don’t think he’s done playing professional football. Now you noticed that I said professional football not the NFL. I have a feeling that when Luck is healthy and he feels he’s ready to play that he’ll sign with an XFL team. Don’t forget that his father Oliver is the Commissioner and CEO of the XFL.

That’s all I’m going to go into on Luck’s retirement, but I did want to take some time at look at the other side of this or should I say who’ll be replacing him.

Jacoby Brissett will take over as the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Brissett was a 3rd round draft pick of the New England Patriots. He played in 3 games as a rookie in New England starting 2 of them. Brissett went 1-1 in his two starts that season. Indianapolis acquired Brissett from New England for wide receiver Phillip Dorsett about a week before the start of the 2017 season.

Don’t forget that Luck ended up missing the entire 2017 season with an injury. Scott Tolzien actually started Week 1 for the Colts, but didn’t make it through the entire game. After coming in as the relief quarterback in Week 1 Brissett went on to start the final 15 games of the season. Brissett went 4-11 as the starting quarterback as the Colts finished the season 4-12.

For a second year quarterback being thrown in with a team that he was traded to just a week before the regular season started Brissett had solid numbers. He threw for 3098 yards and had more touchdowns 13 to interceptions 7. On the downside Brissett definitely needed to learn how to get rid of the football as he was sacked a league high 52 times. It’s a little surprising to see that sack total that high since Brissett is a mobile quarterback. Brissett averaged 4.1yards per rush and scored 4 rushing touchdowns in 2017.

With Luck back and healthy last season Brissett only appeared in 4 games last season throwing just 4 passes. Hopefully it was a chance for Brissett to learn behind Luck since he’ll be taking over as starting quarterback.

Now humorously there have been quite a few I guess you’d call them fantasy football experts really rushing Brissett from the 2017 season. I’m interested to know how these experts don’t seem to realize that this is an entirely new offensive system than the one he ran in 2017.

In 2017 when Brissett started 15 games and played in all 16 gams the head coach was Chuck Pagano and the offensive coordinator was Rob Chudzinski. After going 4-12 in 2017 Pagano was replaced by Frank Reich and he brought in Nick Sirianni as his offensive coordinator. So I found it interested that these experts where down on Brissett even though he’ll be running a different offensive system.

Now I’m not going to come out and say that Brissett is a better quarterback than Luck was because I don’t think he is and I’m not sure anybody does, but there’s no reason he can’t put up solid numbers in Reich’s offensive system. Luck threw for 4593 yards and 39 touchdowns in this system last season. It will be interesting to see how close to those numbers Brissett can get. The key will be keeping the sack numbers down. Luck was sacked 18 times last season and Brissett will have to be able use his running ability to make sure that number doesn’t go any higher.

I think there’s a chance that Brissett could end up being a Top 15 fantasy quarterback when things are all said and done; so he could be a nice find late in your fantasy drafts.

It looks like Jadeveon Clowney’s as a Houston Texan are numbered. The Texans applied the franchise tag to Clowney, but he has yet to sign the tag. Of course any time a player is franchised tagged there are trade rumors that go along with it, but now Clowney has said he wants out of Houston.

There where reports that Clowney was planning on reporting to the Texans after the 3rd pre-season game, but now that these trade rumors are so strong that now it’s unclear if or when Clowney will report to the Texans.

The Miami Dolphins seem to be the top team in pursuit of Clowney. Brian Flores the Dolphins new head coach recently met with Clowney which kind of made the reports of the Dolphins being the front runner to land Clowney.

What would a deal for Clowney look like? With the Texans just losing #1 running back Lamar Miller for the season after tearing his ACL it’s possible that they’d have some interest in either Kenyan Drake or Kalen Ballage as part of a Clowney deal. You’d have to think there would be some draft picks included in any deal and there have been reports that the Texans have interest in Dolphins offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil, but the Dolphins have said that Tunsil won’t be included in any deal that’s made for Clowney.

Acquiring Clowney would be an interesting move for the Dolphins. I think most everyone thought that the Dolphins where going to be trying to rebuild. Would adding someone like Clowney be the best move for a team that might be rebuilding especially since they’d have to give up at least one high draft pick to get him.

While the Dolphins have actually met with Clowney there are reports that Clowney himself has said that he’d like to be traded to either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Seattle Seahawks.

Now neither the Eagles or the Seahawks have expressed any interest in acquiring Clowney, but maybe now that he’s expressed interest in playing for one of those two teams maybe will hear something from them.

Do you have a preferred destination for Clowney? Do you see him being traded to the Dolphins? the Eagles? or the Seahawks? Or do you think he’ll end up somewhere else.

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How was your week

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I had my first fantasy football draft of the season last night. I had the 5th pick in a 16 team snake style draft. The roster break down for this league is you start 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, 1 flex position which can be a running back or wide receiver in this league, 1 kicker and 1 defense. There are also 8 bench spots to fill.

Sitting at #5 I was interested to see how this draft would shake out since in some of the  rankings on Yahoo I’ve seen quarterbacks rated very high. I this case there where no quarterbacks taken until the last pick of the 1st round when Patrick Mahomes came off the board at #16.

Before I made my first pick there where three running backs and one wide receiver picked. Looking at the draft board I decided to pick Le’Von Bell. He was rated 8th in this draft, but I liked him better than the other running backs they had ahead of him; so he was my pick.

Being that it’s a snake style draft there where 22 players that came off the board before I made my 2nd selection. There where quite a few players that came off the board that I had hoped would be there when it was my pick. After checking things out I decided to pick another running back and I went with Devonta Foreman.

A little bit of a quicker turn around this time as there where only 8 picks before I got to make my 3rd pick. As you can guess the big name wide receivers where long gone, but I saw Robert Woods sitting there and I liked his value as a 3rd round pick; so I went with him.

As it came around to my 4th pick I didn’t see ay player that jumped out at me and I didn’t want to reach for anything; so I ended up taking Tevin Coleman. It’s three running backs in the first four picks, but there’s a flex position and remember Coleman had his most productive seasons when Kyle Shanahan was his offensive coordinator. I understand that he’s in a crowded backfield, but they wouldn’t of signed him if they weren’t going to use him.

Coming back to me in the 5th round was Alshon Jeffery. He’s still the #1 receiver in Philadelphia and it seemed like a good value to me to be able to find a player like him here. If his starting quarterback can stay healthy this season it would make this an even better pick.

I thought I had a pretty solid base to start my draft off and I started to notice that teams where reaching for players. When it came back to me for my 6th pick I went with Lamar Jackson. I thought that it might be a little too early to grab a quarterback, but Jackson was a player I targeted and once his name came up on the board I knew I either had to take him or lose him.

I’m of the belief that if you don’t end up in a position where you get one of the top tight ends you wait on the position. I was hoping to wait a little longer than the 7th pick to take my tight end, but it was another instance where his name appeared on the draft board; so I grabbed him. I went with Jackson’s teammate Mark Andrews in the 7th round.

Now that my starting line up was more or less set I started to look for players I was interested in and I thought where good values. What I noticed between my 7th and 8th and even my 9th pick there was quite a run on defenses, but I didn’t want to get caught up in it.

When my 8th pick came around I took wide receiver Jamison Crowder. Crowder has always been one of those players that everyone likes, but he’s been unable to stay healthy. I was willing to take a chance on him here since I already had two wide receivers.

After watching all of these defenses get drafted I decided to see if I could start another run with my 9th pick. I went with a kicker; yes a kicker. There had only been one kicker taken by this time and that was two picks before I made this one. I went with Stephen Gostkowski.

My idea worked as there where 8 kickers selected between my 9th and 10th pick. I guess every once in a while I do something right.

Since I had locked up a solid kicker and the run on defenses was done I went looking for a defense I like that I thought offered some value. I ended up taking the Tennessee Titans as my defense even though in my mind I knew I would be taking a second defense just in case.

As for picks 11 and 12 I went with players that I wanted to have and I liked the fact that I was able to find them here. In the 11th round I took San Darnold as my back up quarterback. Then in the 12th round I picked up Darren Waller a tight end that there’s been quite a bit of talk about. Hopefully Darnold improves under his new head coach Adam Gase. Waller was a bit of a flyer, but a lot of fantasy experts think he could be an underrated tight end this season and remember he’s just my back up.

At #13 I wanted to add another running back and I know it’s never a good thing to target a position, but I had a good idea how I wanted to wrap this draft up; so I needed a running back here. I took a chance with Chris Thompson here. I am worried that he won’t play as much this season as he did last season if both of the running backs in front of him stay healthy, but I thought it was a chance wort taking here. After all he is my 4th running back.

Since I had a couple of players hiding for my final two picks I decided to shore up my defense and kicker in rounds 14 and 15. In the 14th I took Kansas City’s defense and then in the 15th round I took Graham Gano. I try not to take two defenses or kickers, but I decided to give it a shot this season.

I had saw what I thought was some value at wide receiver starting to fall in this draft as teams where making sure to get back ups at their positions; so I tried to grab some of it to end this draft. In the 16th round I selected Demaryius Thomas and with my final pick I took Andy Isabella. Thomas is coming back from a serious injury, but he landed in New England and I thought he was worth a risk here. Isabella is one of the many receiver the Cardinals added this off season and I’m hoping they like the rookie enough to get him some snaps.

There’s what I ended up with. How do you think I did? I can tell you that Yahoo didn’t like my draft as I received a “D” grade.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I’m not sure how any people remember this and I know that the people who said and wrote it will never admit to it now, but when the New York Yankees signed DJ LeMahieu they didn’t think it would be a good signing. By the time the Yankees had signed LeMahieu they had already added Troy Tulowitzki and believe it or not these people thought that Tulowitzki was the answer at shortstop until Didi Gregorius returned from his injury. How did that work out?

Tulowitzki managed to stay healthy for 5 games and hit just .182 before announcing his retirement. Good thing the Yankees where smart enough to sign LeMahieu as well as Tulowitzki even though there where people out their who thought it was a bad idea.

Of course sign LeMahieu was coming to the Yankees from the Colorado Rockies there was immediately talk about if his stats would translate, but they seem to forget that LeMahieu isn’t a power hitter.

In 7 seasons with the Rockies LeMahieu hit .299 and won a batting title. He only hit 49 home runs in his seven seasons with the Rockies, but he 161 doubles while with them. As a 2nd baseman for the Rockies LeMahieu picked up three Gold Gloves.

There may have been one or two people after the signing who realized that LeMahieu’s swing was going to play really well in Yankee Stadium and it has. LeMahieu is hitting .339 and has set a career high in home runs already with 21. For some reason people seemed to forget that LeMahieu has always been good at hitting the ball to the opposite field and Yankee Stadium has that short porch in rightfield; so that may explain the increase in home runs. LeMahieu is currently sitting at 86 RBI’s; so it looks like he’s on his way to his first career 100 RBI season.

With the injuries the Yankees have had this season imagine if they would’ve listen to some of the people out their and passed on LeMahieu. The Yankees may still be a playoff team if they had made another choice and let LeMahieu sign somewhere else, but they might not have the 10 game lead that they have in the AL East and their road to the playoffs might’ve been a lot tougher.

Pretty much every year they try to stuff Mike Trout down everyone’s throat for AL MVP, but this season there’s no need for that as he is probably going to be a unanimous for that award. If not for Trout having the season he’s having it may be LeMahieu who would be the player being talked about as an MVP. It looks like LeMahieu will finish a strong 2nd in the MVP voting which would be the highest finish in his career.

On the plus side for Yankees fans when they decided to sign LeMahieu they signed him to a two year deal; so he’ll be with the team next season.

Each team in Major League Baseball has a little over 30 games to play and there are still quite a few teams hanging around in the playoff race even if it is just for a wild card spot. We’ve seen wild card teams win the World Series before; so teams just need to get in.

As the Boston Red Sox slowly fade away it looks like there will be three teams in a race to for wild card spots. Right now the Cleveland Indians have one of those wild card spots while the Oakland A’s and the Tampa Bay Rays are pretty much tied for the final wild card spot.

In the National League it’s a different story as you can rightfully say there are seven teams with a legitimate shot at earning one of the two wild card spots. Currently the Washington Nationals and the Chicago Cubs who are holding down the wild card spots, but there are some teams nipping at their heels. The Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets are just 2 games out of a wild card spot. The Milwaukee Brewers are just 3 1/2 games out of a wild card spot. The Arizona Diamondbacks are 4 games out of a wild card spot and even though the San Francisco Giants have cooled off from the way they played in July they are still hanging around just 4 1/2 games out of a wild card spot.

The A’s don’t have any games left against either the Indians or the Rays, but next Friday the Rays will host a three game series with the Indians. Since we are looking at just three games with over 30 games left it might not mean a whole lot in the standings, but it could send one of those teams in a direction they don’t want to go.

Of course with so many teams involved in the wild card race they’re going to have quite a few games against each other. Also the Cubs and the Brewers are still right there in the race for 1st place in the NL Central; so it may be the St. Louis Cardinals as the Central team that’s chasing a wild card berth. The Cubs are just a 1/2 out of 1st place in the NL Central while the Brewers are currently 4 games out of the division lead.

In an interesting move the Atlanta Braves claimed outfielder Billy Hamilton off of waivers from the Kansas City Royals. Hamilton struggled with the Royals hitting just .211 in 93 games with the Royals. Now the Braves have suffered some injuries in the outfield as Nick Markakis and Ender Inciarte have recently joined Austin Riley on the Injury List. The interesting thing about the Hamilton signing is the way the Braves had said they’re goin to use him.

Atlanta has more or less said that they have no plans to let Hamilton make any plate appearances. That means he’ll be used exclusively as a defensive replacement and pinch runner. Hamilton has always bee a top base stealer and even in a down season he still had 18 steals which put him 2nd on the Braves as soon as he was acquired.

How do you think the Hamilton signing will work out for the Braves? Do you think that he’ll get any at bats with them?

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How was your week

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Can you name a team in Major League Baseball that doesn’t need help in their bullpen. Go ahead take some time and let me know if you come up with a team. I think if you did find a bullpen you’re comfortable with it was a stretch to get there. Why is this; well I think I have an idea.

As teams began to protect young starting pitchers more and more those inning had to go somewhere. Think about it. Unless you’re a top tier veteran pitcher with a proven track record as soon as you get close to the 100 pitch mark or you’re about to face the teams you’re pitching against line up for the 3rd time the bullpen is up and going. The you add in that even the best pitcher in baseball is going to have a short start to two as the season goes on. Where do those inning go?

Think about this; if a teams starting pitcher averages just 5 innings a game that leaves 648 innings over the course of a season for the bullpen to cover. It’s insane to expect them to be able to do that.

In the American League the division leaders are currently the New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins. In the National League you have the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals leading their respective divisions. The Yankees have 22 blown saves, the Astros have 16 blown saves while the Twins have 17 blown saves. On the other side the Dodgers have 20 blown saves, the Braves have 22 blown saves and the Cardinals have 10 blown saves this season.

Looking at this there seems to be an easy fix to it, but teams don’t seem to want to go that route. Just teach your starting pitchers in the minor leagues how to pitch deeper into games. It sounds simple doesn’t it and you have to wonder why teams don’t want to do it. Instead they’d just rather load their bullpens up with hard throwers an hope they can piece together the end of games.

I’m not sure how many people remember this, but when Nolan Ryan was President and CEO of the Texas Rangers from 2008 to 2013 one of the things he said he wanted the team to do was teach starting pitchers how to work deeper into games and he got killed for it by just about everyone.

In case you don’t know baseball history Nolan Ryan was a first ballot Hall of Famer who received 98.8% of the vote the year he was inducted. That is currently the 4th highest percentage of a player who was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Only Mariano Rivera, Ken Griffey Jr. and Tom Seaver have received more votes than Ryan when they where eligible for the Hall of Fame.

As a pitcher Ryan appeared in 827 games; 773 as a starter, He threw 5386 innings in his career. Oh; Ryan is also the leader in career strikeouts by a pitcher with 5714, but when he suggested starters try to pitch longer in games he was treated like someone who was stuck in his era and didn’t understand the way the game has changed.

I’m sure there’s some sabermetric stat or an algorithm out there to back up the way pitchers are handled in today’s game, but you have to wonder if Ryan was right. I understand that the risk of injury goes up the more innings a starter pitchers, but you could say that about anything in baseball. A manager has a better chance of getting injured with the more trips he has to make to the mound.

Now I’m not talking about a starting pitcher having to go out and pitch a complete game in every starter, but even if he could give his team an average of 6 inning a start he’d be helping to save the bullpen. in a 5-man rotation if each pitcher went one more inning in each start it would save the bullpen 810 innings in a season. you can’t tell me that wouldn’t be a big help.

Sadly there’s probably not a team out their that’s willing to step out of line and allow starting pitchers to work deeper in games. I guess there’s no sabermetric stat that figures out the wear and tear on your bullpen when your starters aren’t throwing any innings.

It looks like the NL Rookie of the Year race just lost one of it’s top contenders. San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. was placed on the IL this week with a stress reaction in his back. Padres manager Andy Green said that Tatis Jr. is “most likely done for the season”.

Tatis Jr. was in the thick of the Rookie of the Year race with Pete Alonso of the New York Mets and Mike Soroka of the Atlanta Braves.

Tatis Jr. missed some games earlier in the season with a leg injury, but he had played in 84 games for the Padres this season. Tatis Jr. was hitting .317 with 22 home runs which is 2nd among rookies. Alonso is the home run leader with 39. Tatis Jr. also had 16 stolen bases which is also 2nd among rookies. Victor Robles of the Washington Nationals leads all rookies with 19 stolen bases.  His .317 batting average was also 2nd among all rookie as Bryan Reynolds of the Pittsburgh Pirates is leading all rookies with a .334 batting average.

If he would’ve stayed healthy and played out the season it’s clear that Tatis Jr. would’ve received serious consideration for the Rookie of the Year award. Even if he does miss the rest of the season as expected he’ll still gets some votes for Rookie of the Year, but he wont be in the running to win the award.

Tatis Jr. is just 20 years old and he is definitely one of the building blocks as San Diego tries to catch up the top teams in the NL West. With a 56-64 record it’s probably a better choice for the Padres to just shut Tatis Jr. down for the rest of the season even if there is a chance he could come back. At this point in their rebuild there’s just no reason for them to take a chance with what is clearly a future superstar.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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ESPN is coming off it’s 24 hours of fantasy football coverage. It’s something they do every year now and there are a few things you can learn from it, but you have to be very, very careful.

I was listening to one of their experts and he said that he won’t be picking a quarterback until the 10th round. Now what this expert forgot to tell you was how many teams where in the league he was talking about. Now me personally I’m in a 20 team league and there’s no way that 180 players will go before a quarterback will be taken. When they give out advice they really need to talk about what size league they’re talking about.

It seems that most of the advice they give out is for 10 or 12 team leagues, but they never specify that’s what they’re talking about. They did do a live on air draft with some of their personalities and it was just a 10 team draft.

If you watched any of the coverage maybe they gave you some advice that will help you this season, but they where no help at all to me and anyone in a bigger league.

The quarterback conversation came up because fantasy owners have to figure out where they’re going to be comfortable taking Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

I that ESPN draft that I saw yesterday he was the first player selected, but in the multiple mock drafts I’ve done he wasn’t the first player off the board; it’s been a running back.

Mahomes is rated #1 by Yahoo Sports this year; so he’ll be an early pick in all of their fantasy drafts, but depending o how your league is set up quarterback might not be the way to go in the 1st round.

Besides Mahomes Yahoo Sports has four other quarterbacks ranked in the Top 10. Andrew Luck is at #5, Ben Rothlisberger is at #6, Matt Ryan is at #7 and Drew Brees comes in at #10. So if you’re in a Yahoo fantasy draft it looks like the quarterbacks will be coming off the board very early.

Luckily there aren’t to many quarterback battles; so you’ll know who the starters are heading into your draft. I think the only teams who have to decide on a starter are the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins.

I’m not sure when I’ll end up drafting a quarterback. I just try to play the draft board and if I think that a quarterback is a good value where I’m picking I’ll take him. I’ll let you know who I ended up with after our draft in a few weeks.

Antonio Brown had his hearing with the NFL over his helmet grievance and he ended up losing. Now if you remember Brown threatened to retire if he wasn’t allowed to wear his old helmet. Well to the surprise of no one Brown is schedule to be at Oakland Raiders practice today and won’t be retiring. Did anyone actual think Brown was going to retire over this?

Now we can get to the more serious issues with Brown. Like how are his frost bitten feet? and will they affect him?

You have to wonder how this marriage of Brown and the Raiders are going to work out. How is Brown going to react the first time Derek Carr overthrows him or looks off him and throws the football to another receiver. Brown was spoiled with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team had a winning record while he was with them, but the Raiders aren’t quite yet in a position to win. How is Brown going to handle losing more game than winning. He’s never handled team adversity well; which isn’t a good sign for the Raiders who many be a few years away from winning. As we know Brown is quite volatile and you just never know what will set him off. Are Jon Gruden and the Raiders coaching staff going to have to manage Brown differently than the other 52 players on their roster?

How bad of a spot are the Dallas Cowboys in? Ezekiel Elliott is in the second week of his holdout. They team made a good contract offer to Dak Prescott, but he turned it down and asked for quite a bit more money than offered. Don’t forget that Amari Cooper is also in the last year of his contract.

Tony Rome came out yesterday and said that he believes the Cowboys will sign all three of their players, but I’m not sure how that’s going to be possible.

Prescott was offered $30 million dollars a season by the Cowboys that he turned down and there where some reports that there was a $40 million dollar a year offer that he turned down. Is difficult to imagine Prescott getting anywhere close to the kind of money they’re talking about. I think the only reason the money has gone so high on him is because he’s with the Cowboys.

Where do you rank Prescott among NFL starting quarterbacks?

Cooper seemed to be a better fit with the Cowboys than he was with the Raiders, but I’m not sure he’s shown he’s a #1 wide receiver. Cooper has reached 1000 receiving yards in three of his first four season, but he’s never had a 100 reception season or scored more than 7 touchdowns in a season.

The issue the Cowboys will have in signing him is he’s looked at as a #1 receiver. Can Cooper show he’s a true #1 receiver this season as he plays for a new contract?

We’ve covered Elliott and his numbers here before. So the questions with him really are, how long will he hold out? And will he get that new contract? Do you see Elliott’s hold out going into the regular season? Do you think it’s possible he’ll hold out the entire season?

How do you think this works out for the Cowboys? Will they be able to sign all three of these players like Tony Rome thinks they will. Or will one of them have to be allowed to leave and if so which one do you see leaving?

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How was your week

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If your a member of the Oakland Raiders front office, a teammate or just a fan of the team. How are you feeling about the acquisition of Antonio Brown?

According to the numbers he outs up Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Over the past 6 seasons he’s had no less than 101 receptions, 1284 yards and 8 touchdowns. As you can see contributing on the field isn’t the problem with Brown; it’s just about everything else that comes with being an NFL player.

Brown has yet to be a full participant at Raiders training camp since it opened last week. Now most everybody thought that Brown was out due to a cryotherapy accident that caused severe frostbite to his feet, but apparently there was another issue.

It was reported yesterday that Brown has threatened to retire if he’s not allowed to wear a 10 year old helmet.

The issue with the helmet actually started in May when the NFL announced that they would be ended the one year grace period for certain models of helmets. One of which was a model Brown prefers to wear.

The reason for this ruling by the NFL was that the style of helmet Brown wants to wear fell short in laboratory testing for head impact severity.

As you know the NFL has been hit with lawsuits from former players about the long term affect the physical play of football has had on them and the concussions they’ve suffered.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term CTE which stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. It’s a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated head injuries. CTE is a big complaint in these lawsuits; so you can understand why the NFL would want to improve safety. Part of that would be finding helmets that protects players better.

All equipment mangers where required to remove all of these now banned helmets and players where informed that these helmets would no longer be NFL approved during Phase Three OTA’s which is the first time players are allowed to wear helmets during o field workouts.

On the first day of Raiders OTA’s Brown requested his old helmet and was told that he would no longer be allowed to wear it. As I’m sure you can guess Brown was quite upset by this and seems to be under the impression that he is being single out as he pointed to quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers not being subject to this rule change. Now I did see a small notation in an article that Brady was unhappy with the helmet change, but he hasn’t voiced his displeasure to the extent that Brown has. As for Rodgers I haven’t heard anything from him about the new helmet rules.

Brown has filed a grievance with the NFL over the league’s enforcement of helmet regulations. He was schedule for a hearing with a neutral independent arbitrator on Friday, but the results of that hearing have yet to be released.

Raiders coaches and Brown’s teammates have called this “honestly the most insane thing I have ever heard of” adding that “I don’t know why it’s so important to him, it doesn’t make sense”.

Would Brown actual follow through with his threat to retire. The Raiders acquired Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers for a 3rd and a 5th round pick this past draft. Oakland then signed Brown to a 3 year $50,125,000 dollar deal. Brown’s deal included a $1 million dollar signing bonus with $30,125,000 of his money being guaranteed. Over the three years Brown will make an average of $16,708,333 per season.

Do you see Brown retiring and walking away from his new contract if he doesn’t get his way?

Now I don’t know about you, but I thought that July 31st would be the end of trades in Major League Baseball, but apparently I was wrong.

It seems that if a player isn’t on a major league deal he can be dealt and while there won’t be any major names traded because they’re not signed to minor league deals there might be a name dealt that you might know.

I’ve seen three of the deals so far. The Los Angeles Angels acquired left handed pitcher Miguel Del Pozo from the Texas Rangers. The Minnesota Twins acquired outfielder Ian Miller from the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners also sent catcher Jose Lobaton to the Los Angels Dodgers for cash considerations.

Like I said I doubt will be seeing any well known names get traded and I think I was more confused than anything else. I was under the impression that the trade deadline meant no more trades.

To everyone’s surprise the New York Mets where actually buyers at the trade deadline, but it seems to be working out their way.

The Mets have won 15 of their past 17 games and have moved themselves to within 1/2 of a National League wild card spot. As of right now the Washington Nationals and the Milwaukee Brewers are holding onto the two National League wild card spots. The Mets are tied with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies just 1/2 game behind.

Remember at the trade deadline the Mets where going to deal Noah Syndergaard and or Zach Wheeler, but instead they added Marcus Stroman. Most people thought that the Mets added Stroman in hopes of flipping him to a contender. Well as it turned out the Mets where that contender.

To be fair the Mets did go on their run against the Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates and Miami Marlins, but you have to beat the teams that are on your schedule and that’s just what the Mets did. Last night the Mets kept their winning streak alive with a 7-6 walk off win over the Nationals.

Do you think that the Mets can keep their momentum going and find their way into a National Playoff spot? Or now that the schedule has change; will they start to return to the way they played earlier in the season?

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I know there are people out their who have already had their fantasy football draft, but for most of us it’s not too far away and we’re in the process of getting ready for it. I have a few fantasy football drafts coning up and as always there are some questions especially at running back.

A few years ago making sure you got a true #1 running back in your fantasy draft became less and less important. For many years you needed that top tier running bac to even contend, but as teams started to go to backfield by committees that changed.

Wide receiver slowly took over as the position to draft in the 1st round and it even got to the point in most if not all leagues that more wide receivers where taken in the 1st round than running backs.

Last year however that changed. In all of the fantasy football drafts that I was in their where more running backs taken in the 1st round than any other position. The question is now; how will it go this season?

It looks like Saquon Barkley and Alvin Kamara will be right their at the top of the draft, but after that the questions can of start.

The obvious one is what will happen with Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon; who are both currently holding out. Both players are looking for new contracts and both have said that they’re willing to sit out the entire season. They’re two of the top running backs in the NFL, but it could be a big risk drafting one of them in the 1st round if there’s a chance that you’ll get nothing from them this season.

Then of course there’s the injury questions. How are Todd Gurley’s knees? It’s been reported that the Los Angeles Rams are looking to limit Gurley’s work load this season. If they do cut down on his carries will that affect his touchdowns? Gurley led all running backs with 17 rushing touchdowns last season. since the Rams won’t show their cards in pre-season on how they’ll handle Gurley you’ll have to pick him and hope that he puts up similar numbers to his former seasons.

James Connor battled injury last season missing three games, but this season he won’t have Le’Veon Bell’s name hanging over his head. As a clear #1 running back coming into this season Connor if healthy could be a top fantasy running back. Chris Carson could be in the same category as Connor. Carson played 11 games last season due to injury and you have to wonder what kind of numbers he’d put up if he can stay healthy. You could add in both Marlon Mack and Aaron Jones into this group of running backs even though they might be a little below Connor and Carson statistically they’re still solid #1 running backs if healthy.

Then there’s the running backs who get injured in camp or are recovering from an injury that happened at the end of last season. Phillip Lindsay was a huge surprise last season. He broke his wrist and missed the final regular season game last season and there are reports that he may be limited to start this season. Adrian Peterson had a sloid bounce back season, but has been dealing with an ankle injury that seems to linger; so there are questions there. Derrick Henry showed that he could be a #1 running back, but it’s unclear if he’ll be giving that chance this season. Henry is currently dealing with a strained calf; so it’s something to keep an eye on.

Then there are the teams that appear to be going with a running back by committee situation. It can be a risky move and you’ll have to find the running back in that group who’s either going to get the most carries or score the most touchdowns.

The Chicago Bears signed Mike Davis as a free agent and drafted David Montgomery to add to Tarik Cohen. The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots have a mix of four running backs in their backfield; James White, Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead and James Devlin. The San Francisco 49ers signed Tevin Coleman this off season to add to their running back core that included Matt Breida and Jerick McKinnon who’s returning to injury. The Buffalo Bills brought in both T.J. Yeldon and Frank Gore with LeSean McCoy already on their roster. You can even add the Cleveland Browns into this mix. It looks as though Nick Chubb will start the season as the #1 running back with Duke Johnson picking up some snaps as a 3rd down type of back. It will be interesting to see how Cleveland will handle the situation in their backfield when Kareem Hunt comes off of suspension in Week 11.

Then you have running backs who are going into new offenses with new head coaches. You’ll have LeVeon Bell with the New York Jets, Joe Mixon with the Cincinnati Bengals and David Johnson with the Arizona Cardinals. Bell as everyone knows sat out all last season, but is a top NFL running back. Mixon is coming off of the best year of his young career and Johnson has been battling his way back from an injury he suffered two seasons ago, but did play in all 16 games last season. It looks like these three are solid 1st round fantasy picks and may even be Top 5 picks.

Kenyan Drake is in the same category as Bell, Mixon and Johnson, but he hasn’t shown he has the talent those three do. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Drake go in the 1st round in deeper leagues, but depending on the structure of your league he’s probably a late 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Christian McCaffery is going to be a top pick and deservedly so. He had over 1000 rushing and over 100 receptions. If McCaffery can find his way into the end zone a few more times he’ll be right at the top of the running back class this season.

These are just some of the questions coming into your fantasy draft. Will you go running back in the 1st round?

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How was your week

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The one and only trade deadline in Major League Baseball has come and gone. There wasn’t as much movement as the experts predicted there would be and a lot of the bigger name teams didn’t even make any deals.

You might think this is the end of players being able to change teams as there are no more waivers to put players through, but there still is a way a lot of people didn’t think of. I noticed that very soon after the trade deadline teams started to designate players for assignment. Now when a player is “designated” their team has 10 days to either trade or release them. Well since being traded is no longer an option these players will become free agents and can sign with the team of their choosing. A designated player can also accept a minor league assignment, but with the veteran player that I’ve seen get the designation tag they won’t be headed to the minors.

The first veteran player that I saw get the designation tag was Jonathan Lucroy of the Los Angeles Angels. Lucroy signed a one year $3.35 million dollar deal with the Angels this past off season. He played in 74 games this season and was hitting .242. That is a low batting average for Lucroy, but as a catcher he brings other things to the game as he’s a solid defender behind the plate and is very good at handling a pitching staff.

The Angels seem to think that they’re a better team with Max Stassi as their catcher. Stassi was acquired from the Houston Astros at the trade deadline for two minor leaguers. Stassi appeared in 31 games for the Astros this season and was hitting .167. In his major league career Stassi is a .217 hitter.

I’m not sure how those numbers added up for the Angels, but they save themselves some money. Lucroy’s name had came up in some trade rumors before the deadline, but no deal was able to be worked out. Now Lucroy is free to sign with the team of his choice.

Asdrubal Cabrera now formerly of the Texas Rangers was another veteran player who found himself DFA’d after the trade deadline.

The Rangers signed Cabrera this past off season for one year at $3.5 million dollar and he was expected to take over at 3rd base for the retired Adrian Beltre. Cabrera played in 93 games this season and was hitting .235 with 12 home runs.

While Cabrera has exclusively played 3rd base this season in his career he’s spent time at 2nd and short; so I would expect that wherever he signs he’ll be used as a utility player.

While it was a bit of a surprise to see Lucroy and Cabrera get DFA’d I was even more surprised when the Pittsburgh Pirates decided that to designate Jung Ho Kang for assignment.

Kang has really struggled this season. He was hitting .169 in the 65 games he played in, but he had hit 10 home runs.

After what was considered a surprising rookie season in 2014 where he finished 3rd in the Rookie of the Year balloting Kang followed with a solid 2015. Then after the 2015 season Kang who is a from South Korea got into some legal trouble and was permit to travel to the United States for the 2016 season. He did manage to resolve his legal issues; so he could play last season, but he appeared in just 3 games for the Pirates.

Out of the three players that found themselves DFA’d Kang looks to be the only one that might accept a minor league assignment if offered, but I’m not sure the Pirates will make that offer.

It will be interesting to see if there’s another major league team out their that would be willing to take a look at Kang or if he’ll head back to South Korea and possible find a team in the Korean Baseball Organization to play for. Kang spent 9 seasons in the KBO before joining the Pirates in 2015.

Will designating players become the new waiver deal in baseball or are these just three teams moving on from veteran player with one year left on their contracts? I guess time will tell as will have to see if there are anymore veteran players that meet this fate.

At UFC 240 Cris “Cyborg’ Justino defeated Felicia Spencer by unanimous decision, The win improved her MMA record to 21-2-1, but it also appears that it was her last fight for UFC.

On Friday UFC President Dana White appeared on the company’s YouTube channel and stated that the UFC is “out of the Cyborg business”. White went on to say “I’m going to release her from her contract and I will not match any offers. She is free and clear to go to Bellator or any of these other promotions and fight these easy fights she wants. Done; done deal. I will literally, today, have my lawyer draft a letter to that she is free and clear.

Justino originally signed with UFC in 2013. She was signed to fight in the all female promotion Invicta FC. Justino made five appearance in Invicta before moving over to UFC in 2016.

The boat started rocking earlier this week when Justino was on Ariel Helwani’s MMA show and demanded an apology from White for what she described as ‘bullying” earlier in her career. She also mentioned that this damaged her brand. Now even before this Justino had said that she was going to test free agency and would be taking offers from other promotions. Now with White’s announcement she is free to do that.

It’s unclear where Justino will end up. There had been some talk of her possible following Ronda Rousey into professional wrestling, but that has died down as of late. There was also a mention that she might be interested in a professional boxing match. I’m not sure if there’s enough interest or an opponent that could draw attention to a Cyborg boxing match, but I guess it’s possible.

It’s disappointing that we’re not going to get to see a rematch between Justino and Amanda Nunes. Nunes handed Justino her 2nd career loss with a quick 51 second knockout at UFC 232 and it was always expected that they’d fight again. Of course when it comes to UFC I guess you can never really say never; so maybe we’ll get that rematch at some time.

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