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How was your week

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I’ve been a daily fantasy player for a few years now. I play all my games through the FanDuel website and luckily I can say that I’ve managed to win more money than I’ve lost, but not by a very wide margin. I doubt that I would ever be able to play fantasy sports for a living as I’ve never bet more than $2 any fantasy line up I’ve ever done and that’s nerve racking for me. I couldn’t imagine betting a large some on one of my fantasy line ups. My blood pressure is high now with a lot of money on the line that would probably be the end of it for me.

Baseball is the daily fantasy game I’ve played the most with football being the next for me. I’m sure I would’ve spent more money on football, but there aren’t as many options to put line ups in as their is for baseball. I’ve spent a little bit of money on hockey and basketball and every once in a while I’ll get into a NASCAR tournament. I don’t know enough about golf or soccer to wend money on them, but if the website sends me a free entry like they do from time to time I always fill it out. You never know when you might just fall into a winning entry.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a very good player. As a matter of fact I’d have to say I’m well below average as a daily fantasy player, but I enjoy it and I know not to get too crazy with how much money I spend. I could however see it getting out of control for a player very easily.

About a month ago I had a situation in daily fantasy that had never happened to me before. I actually went on a hot streak. It seemed as every daily fantasy baseball line up I entered into a contest won money. Now to be fair I never won more than $3 and their where multiple times when my line landed tied for the finally paid out spot and I won less money than it cost me to enter the contest, but I’m always happy to win something.

My hot streak lasted for about two weeks, but the sad thing is I wasn’t doing anything different with my line ups than I normally did and now that’s it’s been over for a few week now I have no idea what to change or how to change my line up to get it back. I guess that just the price I pay for being a daily fantasy payer and who knows maybe one day I’ll manage to win one of these leagues I enter.

I have to say that so far my experience with daily fantasy has been an enjoyable one, but again I don’t bet very much money on any tournament I enter. While I have entered more than one tournament in a day I don’t do that very often and I don’t bet a lot of money on any line up that I do. I just remind myself that this is just a hobby for me and I don’t have the tie or the ability to compete with the people who play daily fantasy for a living.

Are you a daily fantasy player? If so; which website do you play on? I’d be interested to know what type of player you are. Are you like me where you only spend small amounts on a line up or do you bet big to win big? Please let  me know in the comment section as I’d be very interested to know.

Today is the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby or as it’s been called the greatest two minutes in sports. Now horse racing falls into one of those sports that I know nothing about, but like everyone else I like to pick a horse to win.

I have decided to go with Cutting Humor as my pick. Cutting Humor is currently a 30-1 shot to win, but what made me think that this was a good bet was that they made a jockey change and veteran Mike Smith will ride Cutting Humor in the Derby.

Smith was originally going to ride one of the favorites Omaha Beach, but that horse was scratched and actually underwent successful surgery for a breathing condition after being diagnosed with entrapped epiglottis. This situation left Smith without a ride for the Derby.

Then on Friday morning Cutting Humor’s trainer Todd Pletcher told reporters that Smith would ride the horse in the Derby replacing Corey Lanerie. I thought that the jockey change would make Cutting Humor an interesting pick to win the Kentucky Derby; so that’s who I’m going with.

It appears as Bob Baffert may have the best chance to win today’s Kentucky Derby. If that happens it will be the 6th time that a horse trained by Baffert has won at Churchill Downs.

Baffert has three horses entered in today’s Derby and they all have a good chance to win. Improbable will start in the 6th position while Baffert’s other two horses Game Winner and Roadster will start 15th and 16th respectively.

Now not only was Omaha Beach scratched from this race, but another favorite Haikal was also scratched. Haikal was scratched due to a foot infection.

Omaha Beach was replaced in the field by Bodexpress, but Haikal spot in the Derby was left open for today’s race.

Because of these two horses absences; the post positions have changed a little bit. The horses in the #1 through #10 gates have moved one position to their left; so there will be no horse in the #1 starting gate.

Then since the post positions where already drawn when Omaha Beach was scratched the horses in the #11 through #20 gates moved one spot to their right with Bodexpress taking over the #20 gate for today’s race.

Now besides Baffert’s horses there are a couple of other that I’ve heard have a good chance to win. Both Maximum Security and Tacitus have both beeen talked about as horses to watch today. Both horses have good starting positions as Maximum Security is satrting 8th while Tacitus is starting right next to him in the 9th gate. If it’s a faster pace raced like my pick Cutting Hunor might set it could benefit both of these horses.

That’s probably all I know about the Kentucky Derby today; so please let me know which horse you’re putting your had earned money on. Just one last small tip; it’s always best to stay way from the horse I picked.

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How was your week

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There hasn’t even been a Major League Baseball game that counts for this season and my fantasy year is already a disaster. Here’s how things went for me.

If you’ve listen to the Sports Time Radio podcast on a Sunday during baseball season you may have heard Mr. Fantasy and I talk about what we call our “money” league team. It’s a fantasy team that we co-manage in a league he got us into with some people he knows. This year they couldn’t find a date that worked for everyone to sit down and do a draft. So they decided we’d do the draft online but without time limits to make picks. We started the draft about a week ago as it takes a while to get things done this way as you have to work around everyone’s schedule. Well apparently except mine.

As you can imagine, this draft moves very slowly working around work schedules and then if someone has children they might have school events that might also have to be worked around. We’ve done this style draft before and luckily this season it was moving along at a good pace. We where down to the final six picks for our team and that was where things started to go down the drain for me.

Now I believe I’m the only one in this league that has an odd work schedule, but things where working out alright for Mr. Fantasy and I. We had even managed to work around the test I had to do at the hospital. Then for some reason he just decided to leave me out of our draft process.

We where picking 16th in a league of 16 teams; so we got back to back picks since it was a serpentine style draft.

I knew we where getting close to making a up but when I had gotten home from work and it wasn’t quite our turn, I headed to bed figuring we make our picks when I woke up in a few hours. Now this would mean that the draft would slow down and the other players would have to wait but it’s not the first time this has happened for one reason or another. To my surprise when I woke up we had made our two picks as Mr. Fantasy just grabbed two guys without speaking to me. Now this wasn’t a huge deal as he selected two players that we had talked about the round before and while I felt left out it wasn’t any big deal. Since it was early, I figured that we’d get another pick that day and I guess everyone wanted to get the draft over with, as things seem to move much faster than early. I don’t remember what time the pick came back to us but for some reason I was left out of our next two picks and this time it was two players that I didn’t have an interest in. I was completely lost here and didn’t understand why Mr. Fantasy didn’t wait for me to make these two picks but he didn’t.

Now after a string of text messages that weren’t answered it was time for me to go to bed and wouldn’t you know it my phone rang. I didn’t answer it but it ended up waking me up, so I got up and returned Mr. Fantasy’s call. As it turned out we where up for our final two picks. After having missed the last four picks I don’t understand why my input matter now. I just told him to take whatever two player he wanted and went back to bed. I just wasn’t going to get out of bed bring the website up online and try to find a couple of guys I was interested in at that point.

Then last night I had another fun issue. On the podcast we’ve talked about the two 20 league teams we play in and last night it was time for the first of those drafts to happen.

This was our serpentine style draft and I was set up in the 17th spot to draft. It’s actually a spot that I like to draft in. I prefer to be at the top or the bottom of these type of drafts and not stuck in the middle.

I get my self signed in and as the draft is just getting ready to start I notice that the clock isn’t counting down for me. It started counting down again after a few seconds but it skipped. I didn’t think much of this until the draft itself started. As soon as the draft started I got a message saying that I couldn’t stay in the draft because I had a slow or unreliable Internet connection.

Now I’ve lived in my current residence for coming up on 6 years and I’ve done fantasy sports drafts since I moved in here without any issues until last night.

I tried to sign back in a couple of times and every time it looked like it was going to work for me either my draft room would freeze up or I’d get that message again. Now I’m not the most computer literate person out there but I knew enough to try and reset the modem. Again it looked like that had fixed my problem until it was my turn to draft and I couldn’t select the player I wanted.

After having issues with this on my laptop I tried to use my tablet but had the same issues. By now I had missed four or five picks and I wasn’t happy about it.

I final gave up trying to repair it myself and I called AT&T who is my service provider. They are the 3rd service provider we’ve had since I’ve lived here and far and away they are the worst when it comes to service.

When I finally reach someone in customer service it’s clear that AT&T farms this overseas as I had a difficult time understanding the woman who answered my call. It wasn’t her fault at all, her accent was just very, very thick. I had to have her repeat herself quite a few times and I could tell that she was becoming frustrated with me but no more so than I was with the poor service I got from my AT&T Internet. After going through and trying a couple of things that she suggested which included re-booting the modem again I gave up. Then she told me that for $10 more dollars a month she could increase my Internet speed for me and that might be my best bet in fixing the issue I was having.

Now our Internet and television service is in my roommates name as she has lived here a very long time but when she switched our service to AT&T one of the reasons we made the move is they promised us the fastest Internet service on the market. I was a little confused by this as I didn’t understand why we need to pay that $10 extra dollars a month for faster Internet service when we had already been promise this service. The customer service lady on the phone couldn’t explain it to me but maybe there’s someone out there who can. If you can please feel free to do so in the comments as I’m lost.

To make things even worse for me. I have two drafts that I have to try to do again online. I’m guessing I’m going to have quite a bit of trouble again. Looks like I won’t be winning anything in fantasy baseball this season.

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Okay, I am a day late but wasn’t a dollar short for parking on my commute this weekend. I was really hoping that by this weekend we would have the contracts/signings for Harper and Machado. But noooo!
My prediction is that he will go or stay in DC. Under Armour is headquartered there. I don’t think any team is going to match the supposed 10 year $300 million offer and if they get close, I’m positive the Nationals will counter to keep him. I know, I know but he’s posted on Instagram once a picture of he and Kris Bryant with #backtoback or what about the picture with him wearing a Chicago Bulls hat. He’s not coming to Chicago. I of course would like to see it just like everyone else here but it’s not happening. Tom Ricketts, despite the cancellation of the owners panel at the Cubs Convention shut down that topic as well as Joe Maddon. Cubs fans I ask, who gets left off this roster to make room for Harper? There’s a thousand different scenarios but he’s still not coming here. The one thing I found most interesting is the lack of positioning on behalf of the Scott Boras agency this year as opposed to last years off season. There has not been reports of Boras handing out a 75 page document on why you should sign Harper. The one team aside from the Nationals to be in position to sign Harper, the Dodgers. They opened up right field with the trade that sent Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig to the Reds.
For me personally, his performance in the postseason was a real turnoff. What i saw was a guy swinging for his next contract and not looking at winning a World Series. Of course, I don’t know him, so I could be wrong. He obviously not going back to Baltimore and with the Dodgers already having their short stop, he’s not going there either. With all the buzz surrounding him and what information we have, I think it is narrowed down to the White Sox and the Phillies. I am not a fan of a Mystery Team because every team should be looking at themselves and trying to figure how he works in their system. I would be surprised if a Florida team signed him, but that’s a whole other topic. The Phillies have come out and said they are willing to spend “stupid money.” Which would make it really interesting if in the next two weeks they signed Harper then Machado. They have a relatively young staff and after last year, they look like they are ready for a post season run over the next few seasons. The White Sox are almost their mirror image on the AL side with the hitting being a little subpar. For either team, I think 7 years would be ideal, but then again I don’t think a 10 year contract makes much sense. Options could be added to the end of the 7 years that are incentive based and of course you’ll have to have at minimum one opt out. With the financial position both teams are in, i can see them front loading as much of his contract as possible, especially in this upcoming season, to the tune of minimum $35 million because entering the 2021 season is when both teams will have to re-evaluate team and their contracts going forward. This would also make it slightly easier toward the end of the contract to be able to move him if necessary.
What do I know though, maybe the Tampa Bay Rays will sign Machado and the Miami Marlins will sign Harper.

How was your week

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Well the second week of the NFL season just kicked off and I’m already confused by who teams are. I mean the Baltimore Ravens came out of the gate in Week 1 and just destroyed the Buffalo Bills while the Cincinnati Bengals had to find a way to make a comeback to get their win over the Indianapolis Colts. With both teams rolling into Thursday nights game it looked as though the Ravens where the better team after one week.  That all went out the window as the Bengals cruised to an easy 34-23 victory. I guess it’s just going to be one of those seasons.

I know the NFL was hoping for a close game being that it was Thursday night, but this one wasn’t. Cincinnati jumped out to a 21-0 lead and I’m sure there where quite a few people who turned the game off and found something else to watch like I did. You have to think that the only people who stayed with the game where Bengals fans and people who had money in the game.

To be fair the Ravens did try to make a game out of it and actually cut the Bengals lead to 5 points at 28-23 on a Joe Flacco to John Brown touchdown pass at the start of the 4th quarter. Cincinnati added a field goal giving Baltimore a chance to tie the game with another touchdown and a 2-point conversion, but Flacco fumbled while being sacked with the Bengals getting the recovery. One more field goal by Cincinnati got the game to it’s final score of 34-23.

Now fantasy wise it was a good night to be playing either Flacco or Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

While Flacco did throw 2 interceptions and he also had that fumble he racked up 376 yards through the air with 2 touchdowns; he even ran for 8 yards. Dalton didn’t throw for as many yards as Flacco did since his team was in the lead, but his total of 265 yards is very respectable. Of course when you add in his 4 touchdown passes it makes his night look much, much better.

Joe Mixon was in and out of the game with some injury concerns, but he still ran for 84 yards on 21 carries while catching 1 pass for 3 yards. There where no rushing touchdowns in the game making Mixon the only running back who was worth playing in fantasy.

If you paired A.J. Green up with Dalton in your fantasy league you week got off to a fantastic start. Green only went for 69 yards on 5 receptions, but 3 of those receptions where for touchdowns. Tyler Boyd also had a good fantasy day for his owner as he was the Bengals leading receiver with 6 catches and 91 yards with 1 touchdown. For Baltimore John Brown had 4 catches for 92 yards ad a touchdown while Michael Crabtree caught 5 passes for 56 yards. I’m not sure how many fantasy owners have Ravens tight end Mark Andrews or how many fantasy owners played Andrews, but he had the Ravens other receiving touchdown. Andrews totaled 3 receptions and 17 yards to go along with that touchdown.

If you have kicker on your fantasy team Baltimore’s Justin Tucker was one of the better kickers to have. Sadly Tucker only had one field goal attempt on Thursday, but he made it and it was from 55 yards out. Tucker also made both of is extra points. While Tucker is one of the top kickers in fantasy it might of been the night to go with Randy Bullock of the Bengals. Bullock made all 4 of his extra point attempts while connecting on both of his field goal tries as well. Bullock’s long field goal in the game was 40 yards.

I am lucky enough to have Green on one of my fantasy teams; so that team got off to a good start. I hope you had the right players in to start Week 2.

As far a our game picks got go for Week 2 Mr. Fantasy was the only one of the four of us who picked the Bengals to win. Schaumburg Stu, Dan the Man and I all thought Baltimore was going to win the game. To hear who else we’re picking to win tune I to Sports Time Radio Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. on

With just a shade over two weeks left to play in the baseball season you have to think that the Washington Nationals will be happy when it’s done. With just a .500 record of 74-74 the Nationals have easily been the most disappointing team in baseball this season. Max Scherzer who along with rookie outfielder Juan Soto have been the only bright spots for the Nationals had his issues last night.

Scherzer came into last nights start against the Atlanta Braves he appeared to have the inside track on another Cy Young award which would the 4th of his career and his 3rd in a row. You have to wonder how much last nights start hurt Scherzer’s chances.

In what may have been his worse start of the season Scherzer lasted just 4 inning against the Braves. He gave up 6 runs. all earned while giving up 7 hits, He did strikeout 6 batters, but he also walked 3 while hitting a batter. Scherzer took the loss making his record 17-7 on the season as the Braves easily beat his Nationals 10-5 last night. Scherzer also managed to throw 102 pitches in his 4 innings of work.

Soto who I mentioned earlier is in a battle for the Rookie of the Year award with Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna and this is looking like it it’s going to be a close race.

Soto hit his 20th home run of the season last night off of Braves starter Kevin Gausman. That home run makes Soto only the third teenager o major league history to reach the 20 home run plateau. Soto Joins teammate Bryce Harper who hit 22 home runs as a 19 year old in 2012 and Tony Conigliaro who hit 24 home runs in 1964 before turning 20 years old that season. It looks like Soto will have a chance to set a new home run record for teenagers.

Acuna also helped his case for Rookie of the Year in last nights game. Acuna went 3 for 4 with a double and a triple, both off of Scherzer. Acuna also drove in 2 runs while scoring 2 runs. With the night he had Acuna improved his batting average to .297.

It’s going to be neck and neck for the NL Rookie of the Year award and these final couple of weeks may determine who wins the award.

If you had a vote, who would you cast it for?

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How was your week

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Why is it that when I see someone on television talking about the NFL who doesn’t work for the NFL Network they always mention that the ratings are down. While it is true that the NFL’s ratings are down what they always seem to forget to mention is that television ratings are down across the board. No matter what your favorite show is the ratings for it are down. I’m sure part of the reason is that there are just so any choices on television now, but you also have to include the fact that there’s no good way to track the audience that’s streaming a show or game. Maybe you watch that show a little later because of your schedule or you’re not at home to catch the opening kickoff; so you pick it up on your phone or other device. While you are watching the game your number doesn’t count in the ratings. I just wish one of those people would mention this when they’re talking about the ratings being down, but I guess they don’t want to ruin a story with facts.

So how did this Thursday game do in the ratings. In the 25-54 demographic; which is the main group advertisers want to reach the game started at a 4.6 and peaked at an 8.3. The next highest rated show had a 1.9 ratings. so while they’re promoting the fact that ratings are down the NFL is still wiping out the competition when it comes to those ratings. I did see that the games ratings where down 0.6 from last season, but there’s a very good chance that the 45 minute weather delay had a lot to do with that.

Now I’m not asking for much here; all I want anyone to do is tell the whole story when they’re talking about NFL ratings. The funny part about this entire thing is while I’m here defending the NFL I actually find myself less interested in it this season. I’m hoping that a full slate of games on Sunday will turn me around and get me excited about the NFL again.

In the season opener the Philadelphia Eagles started their defense of there Super Bowl title with a 18-12 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. For a game that set up as something that could be very offensive and exciting it was anything but that. Besides the 45 minute weather delay to start both offenses still looked as though it was pre-season. I can’t say that’s a huge surprise since not a lot of the starters got quality minutes in the pre-season.

Of course the Eagles where without their starting quarterback Carson Wentz, but they have one of the better back ups in the league in Nick Foles. I’m sure you remember that Foles just happened to win the MVP award in Philadelphia’s Super Bowl victory. I wouldn’t say that Foles looked like a Super Bowl MVP, but his counterpart Matt Ryan was much better for the Falcons.

Foles went 19 for 34 for just 117 yards with 1 interceptions and he was sacked 2 times. Foles did manage to catch another pass like in the Super Bowl, but this one didn’t get into the end zone as Foles was knocked out of bounds after gaining 15 yards. Ryan was a little better going 21 for 43 for 251 yards. He also threw 1 interception and was sacked 4 times.

Sadly for fantasy owners if you started one of these guys in Week 1; especially Foles you’re going to be in a big hole come Sunday. I’m sure every fantasy owner that has these two is finding it hard to believe that neither of them managed to throw a touchdown pass.

All the touchdowns in this game came on the ground and the fantasy player to have was Jay Ajayi. He was the games leading rusher with 62 yards on 15 carries, but more importantly he scored 2 touchdowns. The other rushing touchdown went to Atlanta’s Tevin Coleman and if you started him this week that touchdown may save you. Coleman had 9 carries for just 19 yards; so that touchdown will be huge for fantasy. Coleman did have 1 receptions for 26 yards. Devonta Freeman was the Falcons leading rusher, but he had just 6 carries for 36 yards. Freeman did add 3 receptions for 14 yards. If you happen to be in a deep league and started Corey Clement he racked up 26 yards on 5 carries.

The only receiver who’s going to be big in fantasy this week in going to be Julio Jones; no surprise there though. Jones ended up catching 10 of his 19 targets for 169 yards. Mohamed Sanu had 4 catches, but for just 18 yards while Austin Hooper caught 3 passes for 24 yards. With Alshon Jeffery out with an injury Nelson Agholor was expected to step up and be the Eagles top wide out. Agholor ended up catching 8 of his 10 targets, but managed to gain just 33 yards. Zac Ertz was also targeted 10 times. He caught 5 of those targets for 48 yards. Darren Sproles is back from an injury that cost him all of last season and he caught 4 passes for 22 yards while DeAndre Carter and Dallas Goedert each had a reception.

If your fantasy league scores kickers Jake Elliott made his only field goal attempt and his only extra point as the Eagles went for and converted a 2-point conversion on their second touchdown. Matt Bryant made both of his field goal attempts, but missed his lone extra point attempt.

Not only did the Falcons end up losing a close game, but they’ve also lost their starting safety for the season. Keanu Neal will miss the rest of this season with a torn ACL. Neal was injured I the 1st half of Thursday’s game, but managed to come back and play a little in the 2nd half before having to leave the game for good.

This could end up being a big loss for the Falcons. Neal is a big hitting in the box safety who made his first Pro-Bowl last season. He started all 16 games in 2017; recording 81 tackles and assisting on 32 other. He had 1 interception and forced 3 fumbles for Atlanta last season.

It’s unclear who will try to step in and replace Neal, but it looks like the Falcons have four players to choose from. Nickelback Brian Poole, Damontae Kazee, Jordan Richards and recently acquired Richardo Allen will look to take Neal’s spot.

I’m not sure if any of these four players can be as physical as Neal is at the safety position; so the Falcons might have to make some defensive adjustments with Neal out.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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The NFL season kicks off tomorrow night as the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles host the Atlanta Falcons. We had our fantasy drafts over the weekend and with Week 1 just  day away I was hoping that I’d be more excited about football, but I’m just not. I was so uninterested that I didn’t even bother to ask the other hosts of the Sports Time Radio podcast to send me their season predictions until yesterday. If I get their predictions I’ll add them into the Saturday blog, but to be fair it’s difficult to get Mr. Fantasy to pick anything these days. I am going to go ahead and give you my picks for this NFL season now.

AFC East

  1. New England Patriots 2) Miami Dolphins 3) New York Jets 4) Buffalo Bills

AFC North

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 2) Baltimore Ravens 3) Cincinnati Bengals 4) Cleveland Browns

AFC South

  1. Jacksonville Jaquars 2) Houston Texans 3) Tennessee Titans 4) Indianapolis Colts

AFC West

  1. Los Angeles Chargers 2) Kansas City Chiefs 3) Oakland Raiders 4) Denver Broncos

Wild Card teams

Texans and Ravens

Wild card round

Texans over Chargers and Steelers over Ravens

Conference semi’s

Patriots over Texans and Jaquars over Steelers

Conference Finals

Patriots over Jaquars

NFC East

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 2) Dallas Cowboys 3) Washington Redskins 4) New York Giants

NFC North

  1. Green Bay Packers 2) Minnesota Vikings 3) Chicago Bears 4) Detroit Lions

NFC South

  1. Carolina Panthers 2) New Orleans Saints 3) Atlanta Falcons 4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

  1. Los Angeles Rams 2) Seattle Seahawks 3) San Francisco 49ers 4) Arizona Cardinals

Wild Card teams

Vikings and Seahawks

Wild Card round

Vikings over Panthers and Packers over Seahawks

Conference semi’s

Vikings over Rams and Packers over Eagles.

Conference Finals

Vikings over Packers

Super Bowl

The Minnesota Vikings over The New England Patriots

Let’s see about the individual awards.

Offensive MVP: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

Defensive MVP: Luke Kuechly (Carolina Panthers)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Sam Darnold (New York Jets)

Defensive rookie of the Year: Derwin James (Los Angeles Chargers)

Coach of the Year:  Bill O’Brien (Houston Texans)

There you have it. This is what I’m going with for the upcoming 2018 NFL season. Please let me know if you agree or disagree and who you’re going with this season.

It appears as the biggest question heading into Week 1 of the NFL is season is; what is the status of Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell.

Bell has yet to report to the Steelers and it’s being reported that he missed this morning 9:00 a.m. team meeting.

Pittsburgh start practice for their Week 1 game today and you have to wonder how much leeway head coach Mike Tomlin will give Bell. This is pretty much the same ting Tomlin had to deal with last season when Bell held out, but I believe he reported for practice before Week 1 of the 2017 season.

Obviously it’s a bigger concern for the Steelers, but there is also a whole bunch of fantasy owner that need to know what s going on with Bell. He was a Top pick in both of the standard drafts I did over the weekend. I believe he was the first player taken in one draft and the second player taken in the other draft. That’s a big investment for a fantasy owner to make in a player, but right now they’re going to have to wait and see what the Steelers do with Bell for Week 1.

Now if your in a big fantasy football league like mine; 20 teams you have to be able to find a sleeper or two to be successful. Now one of our 20 team leagues we start two tight ends which can be a nightmare if you’re not ready for it. It’s not too difficult to find two tight ends to start, but how do handle the bye weeks? Well this could be of some help.

The Dallas Cowboys are trying to find a replacement for one of the best tight ends in team history Jason Witten. After a 15 year NFL career Witten decided to retire and move into the television booth. So where do the Cowboys go at that position?

The Cowboys released their depth chart and Geoff Swaim was listed as the #1 tight end. Now Blake Jarwin did play more snaps in pre-season than Swaim, but it appears that the Cowboy will go with Swaim because he’s the better blocker. Even though he was arrested Friday night for marijuana possession the Cowboys held onto Rico Gathers. In the pre-season Gathers got the majority of the snaps at tight end on the red zone and if that continues into the regular season he could be the under the radar tight end in a big, big fantasy league. Of course after his arrest Gathers may face a suspension; so you’ll have to pay attention to that. The Cowboys are also carrying rookie Dalton Schultz on their roster, but that may be them just waiting to see if there’s some fall out from Gathers arrest.

Now it’s clear that you don’t want to go into your fantasy football season with one of these Cowboys tight ends as your first tight end, but if you’re in a big league or like our league where one have to stat two tight ends a week one of these names could become very useful for you; especially a tight end who could get red zone targets.

One of the other hot names coming into my drafts this weekend was Tampa Bay running back Ronald Jones. There was quite a bit of talk that Jones was going to be the starter for the Buccaneers, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to go that way.

The Buccaneers have also release their depth chart and there where a lot of fantasy owners that must’ve been disappointed when they saw Jones listed as the #3 running back. Peyton Barber is listed as Tampa Bay’s #1 running back with Jacquizz Rodgers listed as his back up.

Of course these depth charts can change from day to day, but as of right now Jones is starting out as the most over drafted player in my fantasy leagues.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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I jut like a lot of you have a fantasy football draft coming u this weekend; as a matter of fact I have three of them. Most of the time the drafts happen over the Labor Day weekend since it’s the last weekend before the regular season starts and this season is no different. This year my drafts are Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday morning.

I’m not sure why, but this season I’m having a very difficult time getting ready for my drafts. For some reason I’m just not that interested in the NFL, but I’m hoping that will change as the drafts get closer.

As I try to do my research and keep up with which players are injured and which players won’t be starters this season, but I seem to be coming up with more questions than answers. I’m just going to go position by position and see if you can help me answer them.

Quarterback may be the premier position in the NFL, but as far as fantasy goes depending on your leagues scoring system you don’t need to draft one to early. There are always going to be people who’ll grab their favorite quarterback too early, but I find it’s better to wait and see who’s left later in the draft. The issue is; which quarterback to draft?

Is Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts going to be a good gamble?

Luck hasn’t shown much during the pre-season, but he does appear to be healthy; so that’s a plus. He completed 62.5% of his passes, but he only averaged 6.38 yards per attempt; so there have been questions about his arm strength. I’m not sure if I’d want to go into the season with Luck as my starter though.

How about the quarterbacks that went #1 and #2 in the 2015 draft Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans.

Right out of the gate Winston is a tough choice since he’s suspended for the first three games of the season; so if you did decide to go with him you’ll need someone else for the games Winston will miss during his suspension and then his bye week. Winston did put up good pre-season numbers; so he could be a guy to take as the back up to your starter if he’s around longer enough. I smaller leagues he may even go undrafted.

Mariota will be working with a new head coach and new offensive coordinator, but that could go either way. Mariota only attempted 18 passes in the pre-season and while 2 of them went for touchdowns he also threw an interception. Of course Mariota’s mobility makes him and intriguing choice as it gives him the opportunity to turn broken plays into big yardage. I think I’d be willing to go into this season with Mariota as my starter.

How about those quarterbacks that changed teams this off season. Sam Bradford now with the Arizona Cardinals, Alex Smith now with the Washington Redskins, Kirk Cousins now with the Minnesota Vikings, Case Keenum with the Denver Broncos and Teddy Bridgewater now with the New York Jets.

If you’re willing to wait long enough in your draft and focus on other positions there’s a chance that you could end up with one of these quarterbacks as your starter this season.

The biggest question with this group is whether or not Bridgewater will end up being the starter for the Jets or if they’ll go with rookie Sam Darnold. Bridgewater has looked like the better quarterback in pre-season, but Darnold has been making all of the starts. There have also been quite a few reports about the Jets looking into trading Bridgewater. Also with the Jets rebuilding it might be better for them to have Darnold get snaps instead of Bridgewater who’s just on a one year deal. Unless something changes I think I’ll stay away from Bridgewater.

Out of the other four quarterbacks in new places it appears as though Cousins is in the best position to succeed. Smith has always had the “game manager” tag hung on him, but he’s shown that he can go downfield. Keenum stepped up last season and does have a pair of good veteran wide receivers to work with. Bradford is just the place holder until Arizona decides that Josh Rosen is ready and with Bradford’s injury history that may be sooner rather than later.

Besides Darnold it looks as though the only other rookie who might start at quarterback is Josh Allen for the Buffalo Bills. While the Baltimore Ravens have said that Lamar Jackson will be used in their offense; I doubt he’ll score enough on a weekly basis to be your starter. There is a chance that Rosen and Baker Mayfield could see playing time, but I don’t think either will be the starter in Week 1.

It probably won’t be a good season for you if you go into Week 1 with one of these rookies as your starter, but if you happen to be in a keeper league it might not be a bad idea to grab one or maybe even two of these quarterbacks and stash them on your bench. In this case you may only have to play him on your starters bye week.

Now the quarterbacks that we didn’t mention with the exception of maybe one or two of them should all be starters; so I don’t think we need to go into too much detail with them.

Now I know that on Sunday my team will be picking 5th in the draft; so that can help plan out an attack. My other two drafts I won’t find out where I’m drafting until about 30 minutes before the draft; so that makes it a little tougher to be prepared.

I’m not sure how much this helped you or me, but hopefully it was some assistance as you head into your draft. There are millions of rankings out there that you can look at; so I didn’t want to go through and give you one more list to read.

Good luck in your draft and let me know how it goes.

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Let’s call it Wednesday

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The NFL season is right around the corner; so hopefully you’ve started getting ready for your fantasy draft. Of course I’m sure there are quite a few fantasy players who have already had a draft; so I hope it went well for you. I did notice one thing as I was looking at the pre-draft rankings and that is the running back is back.

We have two 20 team leagues that we run through and in their pre-draft rankings their Top 4 players are running backs. There are 6 running backs total in the Top 10 with the other four slots going to wide receivers. This is quite a turn of events from the last two or three seasons where the wide receivers dominated the Top 10. Now the question is; are you buying the change? and are you going to take a running back with your first pick?

Todd Gurley II of the Los Angeles Rams is ranked at #1 followed by Le’Von Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers. David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals is returning from an injury that allowed him to play in just 1 game last season, but he’s ranked at #3. Ezekiel Elliott of he Dallas Cowboys is another running back who missed some games last season, but that was due to a suspension. Elliott takes the 4th spot in the rankings. The other two running backs in the Top 10 are New York Giants rookie Saquon Barkely who comes in at #6. Right behind Barkley at #7 is New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

Those are the running backs that found their way into the Top 10, but there are two more running backs that just missed out. Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs is ranked at #11 and Melvin Gordon of the Los Angeles Chargers is ranked at #13.

It will be very interesting to see where these running backs come off the board during our draft and how many actually end up being picked in the 1st round.

Do you like the order that these running backs are ranked in? or would you have them in a different order?

As you start to breakdown the rankings with the running backs making a comeback another position would have to take a fall. It appears as though the quarterback position is the one that took the hit.

The Yahoo draft board is broken into 25 players and there’s not a quarterback on the first board. You actually have to go down to #36 before you’ll run into Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers headlines a group of seven quarterbacks who are ranked close. Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is at #40, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is ranked at #42, you’ll find Tom Brady of the New England Patriots at #44, despite returning from a knee injury Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans is ranked at #48 and then it’s Drew Brees of the new Orleans Saints who’s ranked at #53 that end this pack.

The interesting thing with this is a healthy quarterback who plays in 16 games can rack up some points for you. While Wilson is ranked at #4o this season he was actually the second highest scorer overall in our league last season behind only Gurley II.

Looking back a little more at quarterback scoring from last season and you’ll find Brady was the 7th highest scorer in our league and he was followed by four other quarterbacks. Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles was 8th, Alex Smith is now with the Washington Redskins, but last season he was our leagues 9th highest scorer as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Cam Newton filled out the Top 10 in our league at #10 while Phillip River of the Changers rolled in right behind him as the 11th highest scorer in our league.

There could be a lot of strategy in our league if you can get a player who’s going to end up in the Top 10 or maybe the Top 5 in scoring in the 3rd round or later.

Now we have two 20 teams leagues. One is an auction league and the other is a snake style drafting league. Like I mentioned we run them through and they are both free. If you’re interested in joining here are the links to the leagues. The first link is the auction league; so the second link will be for the snake style draft league. The drafts are over the Labor Day weekend holiday; so make sure you’re available before joining.

Hope to see you in the leagues; good luck.

There have been a couple of more injuries that could impact a couple of playoff teams as the baseball season winds down.

Trevor Bauer of the Cleveland Indians went on the 10-day DL with a small stress fracture in his right fibula.

Bauer was hit in the leg by a comebacker in his last start. Bauer came out of the game after 6 1/3rd innings, but the Indians went on to get him his 12th win of the season as they beat the Chicago White Sox 3-1 on August 11th.

Fortunately the Indians have the largest lead of any division leader in baseball at 12 1/2 games; so they can be extra careful with Bauer and not rush him back.

The biggest issue the Indians face with Bauer is there has been no timetable set for his return. In a perfect world the Indians would get Bauer back in time for him to make a coupe for starts before the Indians head into the post season, but will have to wait and see how his recovery goes.

The Seattle Mariners swept the Houston Astros in a four game series last weekend and had gotten themselves back into the hunt or a wild card spot. Then the Mariners got to add Robinson Cano back onto their roster last night after serving an 80 game suspension. Just while things where seemingly looking up for the Mariners it might have all came crashing down just three hitters into last nights game.

Jed Lowrie of the Oakland A’s was the 3rd batter to face James Paxton last night. Lowrie hit a line drive that went off of Paxton’s left arm. Paxton was removed from the game and luckily the x-rays where negative, but it looks as though Paxton will have to go on the 10-day DL.

Felix Hernandez came out of the Mariners bullpen for the first time in his career to replace Paxton. Hernandez went 5 2/3rd innings in relief, He gave up 2 runs on 5 hits while walking 2 and striking out 2. Hernandez was also he losing pitcher as the A’s beat the Mariners 3-2 last night. That was the second straight game the A’s have beat the Mariners. Seattle now finds itself 4 1/2 games behind the AL West leading Astros and they are now 3 1/2 games behind the A’s for the second American League wild card spot.

The Mariners ad the A’s wrap up their 3-game series this afternoon and if Paxton is going to have to make a trip to the DL the Mariners really needs salvage at least one game in this series. Mike Leake is making the start for Seattle while Oakland is starting Brett Anderson.

Can the Mariners stay in contention with Paxton out? and is it Hernandez who fills that rotation spot?

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How was your week

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One of the things my mother use to say when I was growing up was that if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Oddly it seems like this is something I’m dealing with right now.

If you’re a FanDuel player I’m sure you’ve participated in the Home Run Derby they’ve had going on this baseball season. It’s a free contest; so why not play. It’s a simple contest to get in on. You select three players you think are going to hit home runs and the person who’s three man team hits the most home runs wins.

When the contest first started I actually went the first week without hitting a home run. I was trying to find the best match us or the ballparks that seem to allow the most home runs and it just wasn’t working out for me; so I decided to make a change.

About 10 to 12 days ago I switched up my strategy. I decided that as long as they where available I’d use Bryce Harper and Mike Trout as two of the three players I’d enter in the contest. Now my co-host on the Sports Time Radio podcast Dan the Man took it one step further. He uses Harper, Trout and Mookie Betts everyday if they’re all available.

Here’s the humorous thing about this. Since we’ve been doing this none of these players has hit a home run during the contest. Now these three players haven’t been available to pick every contest as FanDuel use night games during the week, but they are available the majority of the time.

Now I’m not sayin that we’re the cause of these players not hitting home runs, but Trout was actually in the longest hitless streak of hit career going into last nights game. Trout was 0 for 19 heading into the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays last night. Trout went 1 for 3 last night an his hit was his 13th home run of the season; so maybe the streak is finally over. Even with Trout’s home run the Angels lost 8-3 to Tampa Bay last night.

Let’s hope that Trout’s home run gets him going and for our sake that Harper and Betts join in.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are just one win away from being the first expansion team in NHL history to make it to the Stanley Cup finals in their first season.

The Golden Knights defeated the Winnipeg Jets 3-2 in Game 4 of their Western Conference finals series last night.

Las Vegas has been trying to set the tone in their playoff games and one of the ways they’re doing that is by scoring first and they did that again last night.

Just 2 minutes and 25 seconds into the game William Karlsson scored the first goal of the game for the Golden Knights on the power play. Karlsson was assisted by Reilly Smith and Jonathan Marchessault.

Karlsson’s goal was the only one of the 1st period as the Golden Knights went into the first intermission with a 1-0 lead.

In the 2nd period it was Winnipeg’s turn to cash in on a power play opportunity. 9 minutes and 29 seconds into the 2nd period Patrik Laine evened things up for the Jets at 1-1 with a power play goal. Laine was assisted by Blake Wheeler and Dustin Byfuglien on his goal.

The tie game didn’t last long as less than 50 seconds later at 10:12 of the period Tomas Nosek gave Las Vegas the lead back at 2-1 with a goal. Nosek was assisted by Pierre-Edouard Bellemare and Luca Sbisa on his goal. Nosek was actually the Las Vegas player who was penalized when Winnipeg tied the game.

The 2nd period ended with Las Vegas holding a 2-1 lead.

Early I the 3rd period the Jets had a power play opportunity that they where unable to cash in on, but with 5 minutes and 34 seconds gone in the 3rd period Tyler Myers tied the game up at 2-2 with a goal. Myers was assisted by Jack Roslovic on his goal.

With the game even at 2-2 neither team wanted to make a mistake that the other could take advantage of. Unfortunately for Winnipeg that mistake came in the form of a Dustin Byfuglien give-away. With a little over 13 minutes gone in the 3rd period Reilly Smith took advantage of that give-away and scored an unassisted goal that put the Golden Knights up 3-2.

Marc Andre-Fleury made Smith’s goal stand up as he stopped 35 of Winnipeg’s 37 shots on goal as the Golden Knights picked up a 3-2 win in Game 4. Connor Hellebuyck was solid in goal for Winnipeg as he stopped 26 of the 29 shots Las Vegas threw at him.

With the win the Golden Knights have a 3 games to 1 lead in the series and will and will have a chance their first chance to close out this series and advance to the Stanley Cup finals Sunday in Winnipeg. That game has a puck drop time of 2:00 p.m. Sunday. The game will be shown on NBC.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are 25-19 and are currently in 1st place in the NL West, but they’re not without their issues.

Jake Lamb has played just 5 games for the Diamondbacks this season before he went on the disabled list with a sprained acromioclavicular joint in his left shoulder. Lamb came off the disabled list last night; going 1 for 4 as the Diamondbacks suffered their 8th defeat in 9 games 3-1 to the New York Mets. Arizona has been struggling offensively and they’re hoping Lamb’s return will help turn that around.

The Diamondbacks hope that Lamb can help replace some of the offense they lost when A.J. Pollock went on the disabled list with a broken left thumb. Pollock broke the thumb trying to make a diving catch and is expected to be out anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

With Paul Goldschmidt off to a slow start this season Pollock has been the Diamondbacks offensive leader. Pollock leads Arizona in batting average at .293, home runs with 11 and RBI’s with 33. Hopefully for Arizona the return of Lamb along with Goldschmidt picking up his pace can off set the loss of Pollock.

Arizona has had some pitching injuries as well. Robbie Ray has started throwing off of flat ground and the Diamondbacks are hoping he’ll be able to return from his oblique strain by the end of the month. Ray returning soon will help boost the Diamondbacks starting rotation, but they’re still looking for someone to take the place of Tajuan Walker in the rotation. Walker is out for the season. Walker suffered a torn UCL in his right elbow and has already under gone Tommy John surgery.

Arizona has tried a couple of pitchers in the 5th spot of their rotation, but haven’t landed on someone they want to keep there.

Kris Medlen made a start, but lasted just 4 innings giving up 7 runs on 9 hits while walking 4 and striking out 4. Medlen was sent back to triple-A after his start.

Troy Scribner also made a start which was his major league debut. Scribner pitcher 3 2/3rd innings in his start giving up 2 runs on 4 hits, but he walked 6 while striking out 4. Scribner was also sent back to Triple-A after his start.

So where do the Diamondbacks turn now? How about Clay Buchholtz.

Buchholtz has made 5 minor league starts this season, 1 in Double-A and 2 in Triple-A for the Kansas City Royals before being released by Kansas City. Buchholtz has made 2 starts in Triple-A for Arizona and his numbers look good. In those 5 starts Buchholtz is 1-1 with an ERA of 2.93. He’s pitched 27 2/3rd innings in those 5 starts with 19 strikeouts and 12 walks.

Buchholtz spent 10 seasons with the Boston Red Sox before being traded to the Philadelphia Phillies last season. Buchholtz pitched just 7 1/3rd innings for Philadelphia before an injury ended his season. Buchholtz has pitched in 208 major league games with 190 of them being starts. He is 81-62 with a 4.01 career ERA. Could he be the Diamondbacks answer until Ray returns?

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How was your week

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As we get closer to opening day, we also get closer to our two fantasy drafts. Now we have two leagues that we run through Yahoo. We have a straight up snake style draft league and then we have an auction league. We do have some openings in these leagues, but not too many. If your interested in playing in one or both of these leagues send us an e-mail to and will send you the link to sign up for the league you’re interested in. It is free to play, but I have to warn you these are deep 20 teams leagues; so you have to be a serious fantasy player to get into these leagues.

One of the things that you have to find in our leagues are those middle of or back of the rotation starters that are going to give you some innings and hopefully add up some other stats as our leagues are category leagues. With the addition last season of the 7-day DL teams aren’t afraid to out any player on there let alone a pitcher with a minor issue. With this being the case you have to look closely at any pitching injury that comes up and there where a few late in the week that didn’t look like a big deal, but you never know.

Drew Pomeranz of the Boston Red Sox left his last start with what was described as forearm tightness in his pitching arm. Pomeranz himself told reporters that he’s not concerned about the injury being serious, but at this point of spring training it’s better for the Red Sox to be cautious with him.

Pomeranz made 32 starts for the Red Sox last season going 17-6 with an ERA of 3.32 over 173 2/3rd innings. Those where all career highs for Pomeranz and he also posted the second best strikeout total of his career with 174. It was a big bounce back year for Pomeranz after he started just 13 games, appearing in 14 games in 2016 due to injury. Look for Pomeranz to be slotted as the Red Sox 4th starter where he could get some good match ups and with the backing of the Red Sox offense could put up a good number of wins this season.

Bud Norris made a spot start for the St. Louis Cardinals filling in for Carlos Martinez who missed the start do to a personal matter. Norris lasted 2 1/3rd innings in the start before having to exit with hamstring spasms after allowing 5 runs. It’s unclear right now if this will be an injury that could linger for Norris or if it’s just an early spring training bump in the road.

Until last season Norris had always been a starting pitcher, but after signing with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the 2017 season a myriad of injuries forced Norris into the bullpen. Norris ended up pitching in a career high 60 games last season, but only 3 of those where starts. Norris went 2-6 with an ERA of 4.21, but did pick up 19 saves. It appeared as Norris could fill a significant role in the Cardinals bullpen; so you’ll have to monitor his injury.

While it’s unclear right now what type of injury Los Angeles Dodgers right hander Tom Koehler it could be the most serious of the three we’re talking about here. Koehler was pulled in the middle of the inning in his last appearance and is scheduled for an MRI. Koehler suffered from shoulder bursitis last season which limited him to just 72 2/3rd innings.

Koehler has been a starter for the majority of his career, but the Dodgers where hoping to plug him into their bullpen as a full time reliever. Koehler did have some success coming out of the bullpen for the Toronto Blue Jays last season. The Blue Jays acquired Koehler in August of last season and he made 15 appearances for them with 14 of them as a reliever. Koehler went 0-2 in those 15 games covering 17 innings, but had an ERA of 2.65. It looks like will have to wait for the results of the MRI before we know where to rank Koehler.

Are the Philadelphia Phillies going to try and upgrade their starting rotation? There have been reports that the Phillies talked to Jake Arrieta, but they where only willing to go three years on a contract with him.

The Phillies where also in touch with free agent Lance Lynn, but it doesn’t appear that talks went very far. It’s seems as though the Phillies didn’t want to meet Lynn’s demands of $50 million dollars guaranteed in a contract.

While it hasn’t been reported, but you have to wonder if Philadelphia also checked in on Alex Cobb. Cobb recently said that he’d accept on contract of 4 years at $70 million dollars with $50 million dollars being guaranteed. Cobb has originally stated that he wanted $20 million dollars a season in his contract; so his demands have come down a little, but have they come down enough for a team to sign him.

The Phillies are coming off a disappointing 66 win season in 2017. Right now the average age of their projected starting rotation is just under 26 years old. Jerad Eickhoff is the oldest projected start for the Phillies and he’ll turn 28 in July.

If the Phillies aren’t able to come to contract terms with Arrieta, Lynn or Cobb maybe they could bring back Jeremy Hellickson who was with Philadelphia the past two seasons and was their opening day starter last season before being traded to the Baltimore Orioles at the trade deadline. Hellickson turns 31 in early April; so while he’s not that much older than the projected rotation guys he does have 8 years in the big leagues.

Speaking of the Orioles it’s being reported that they’ve shown some interest in Lynn and Cobb along with the Milwaukee Brewers and the Minnesota Twins. It does appear as Minnesota’s interest in Lynn may be waning. There where some contract talks between the too early, but the Twins offer was considered well shy of what Lynn was looking for in a deal.

We’re slowly running out of time and before you know it opening day will be here. How much longer will it be before Arrieta, Lynn or Cobb sings with a team. How much of a possibility is it that  they could all still be looking for contracts when the season starts?

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