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Posted: March 16, 2019 by Sports Time Radio in fantasy, sports, Sports Time Radio, Uncategorized

There hasn’t even been a Major League Baseball game that counts for this season and my fantasy year is already a disaster. Here’s how things went for me.

If you’ve listen to the Sports Time Radio podcast on a Sunday during baseball season you may have heard Mr. Fantasy and I talk about what we call our “money” league team. It’s a fantasy team that we co-manage in a league he got us into with some people he knows. This year they couldn’t find a date that worked for everyone to sit down and do a draft. So they decided we’d do the draft online but without time limits to make picks. We started the draft about a week ago as it takes a while to get things done this way as you have to work around everyone’s schedule. Well apparently except mine.

As you can imagine, this draft moves very slowly working around work schedules and then if someone has children they might have school events that might also have to be worked around. We’ve done this style draft before and luckily this season it was moving along at a good pace. We where down to the final six picks for our team and that was where things started to go down the drain for me.

Now I believe I’m the only one in this league that has an odd work schedule, but things where working out alright for Mr. Fantasy and I. We had even managed to work around the test I had to do at the hospital. Then for some reason he just decided to leave me out of our draft process.

We where picking 16th in a league of 16 teams; so we got back to back picks since it was a serpentine style draft.

I knew we where getting close to making a up but when I had gotten home from work and it wasn’t quite our turn, I headed to bed figuring we make our picks when I woke up in a few hours. Now this would mean that the draft would slow down and the other players would have to wait but it’s not the first time this has happened for one reason or another. To my surprise when I woke up we had made our two picks as Mr. Fantasy just grabbed two guys without speaking to me. Now this wasn’t a huge deal as he selected two players that we had talked about the round before and while I felt left out it wasn’t any big deal. Since it was early, I figured that we’d get another pick that day and I guess everyone wanted to get the draft over with, as things seem to move much faster than early. I don’t remember what time the pick came back to us but for some reason I was left out of our next two picks and this time it was two players that I didn’t have an interest in. I was completely lost here and didn’t understand why Mr. Fantasy didn’t wait for me to make these two picks but he didn’t.

Now after a string of text messages that weren’t answered it was time for me to go to bed and wouldn’t you know it my phone rang. I didn’t answer it but it ended up waking me up, so I got up and returned Mr. Fantasy’s call. As it turned out we where up for our final two picks. After having missed the last four picks I don’t understand why my input matter now. I just told him to take whatever two player he wanted and went back to bed. I just wasn’t going to get out of bed bring the website up online and try to find a couple of guys I was interested in at that point.

Then last night I had another fun issue. On the podcast we’ve talked about the two 20 league teams we play in and last night it was time for the first of those drafts to happen.

This was our serpentine style draft and I was set up in the 17th spot to draft. It’s actually a spot that I like to draft in. I prefer to be at the top or the bottom of these type of drafts and not stuck in the middle.

I get my self signed in and as the draft is just getting ready to start I notice that the clock isn’t counting down for me. It started counting down again after a few seconds but it skipped. I didn’t think much of this until the draft itself started. As soon as the draft started I got a message saying that I couldn’t stay in the draft because I had a slow or unreliable Internet connection.

Now I’ve lived in my current residence for coming up on 6 years and I’ve done fantasy sports drafts since I moved in here without any issues until last night.

I tried to sign back in a couple of times and every time it looked like it was going to work for me either my draft room would freeze up or I’d get that message again. Now I’m not the most computer literate person out there but I knew enough to try and reset the modem. Again it looked like that had fixed my problem until it was my turn to draft and I couldn’t select the player I wanted.

After having issues with this on my laptop I tried to use my tablet but had the same issues. By now I had missed four or five picks and I wasn’t happy about it.

I final gave up trying to repair it myself and I called AT&T who is my service provider. They are the 3rd service provider we’ve had since I’ve lived here and far and away they are the worst when it comes to service.

When I finally reach someone in customer service it’s clear that AT&T farms this overseas as I had a difficult time understanding the woman who answered my call. It wasn’t her fault at all, her accent was just very, very thick. I had to have her repeat herself quite a few times and I could tell that she was becoming frustrated with me but no more so than I was with the poor service I got from my AT&T Internet. After going through and trying a couple of things that she suggested which included re-booting the modem again I gave up. Then she told me that for $10 more dollars a month she could increase my Internet speed for me and that might be my best bet in fixing the issue I was having.

Now our Internet and television service is in my roommates name as she has lived here a very long time but when she switched our service to AT&T one of the reasons we made the move is they promised us the fastest Internet service on the market. I was a little confused by this as I didn’t understand why we need to pay that $10 extra dollars a month for faster Internet service when we had already been promise this service. The customer service lady on the phone couldn’t explain it to me but maybe there’s someone out there who can. If you can please feel free to do so in the comments as I’m lost.

To make things even worse for me. I have two drafts that I have to try to do again online. I’m guessing I’m going to have quite a bit of trouble again. Looks like I won’t be winning anything in fantasy baseball this season.

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