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Why is it that when I see someone on television talking about the NFL who doesn’t work for the NFL Network they always mention that the ratings are down. While it is true that the NFL’s ratings are down what they always seem to forget to mention is that television ratings are down across the board. No matter what your favorite show is the ratings for it are down. I’m sure part of the reason is that there are just so any choices on television now, but you also have to include the fact that there’s no good way to track the audience that’s streaming a show or game. Maybe you watch that show a little later because of your schedule or you’re not at home to catch the opening kickoff; so you pick it up on your phone or other device. While you are watching the game your number doesn’t count in the ratings. I just wish one of those people would mention this when they’re talking about the ratings being down, but I guess they don’t want to ruin a story with facts.

So how did this Thursday game do in the ratings. In the 25-54 demographic; which is the main group advertisers want to reach the game started at a 4.6 and peaked at an 8.3. The next highest rated show had a 1.9 ratings. so while they’re promoting the fact that ratings are down the NFL is still wiping out the competition when it comes to those ratings. I did see that the games ratings where down 0.6 from last season, but there’s a very good chance that the 45 minute weather delay had a lot to do with that.

Now I’m not asking for much here; all I want anyone to do is tell the whole story when they’re talking about NFL ratings. The funny part about this entire thing is while I’m here defending the NFL I actually find myself less interested in it this season. I’m hoping that a full slate of games on Sunday will turn me around and get me excited about the NFL again.

In the season opener the Philadelphia Eagles started their defense of there Super Bowl title with a 18-12 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. For a game that set up as something that could be very offensive and exciting it was anything but that. Besides the 45 minute weather delay to start both offenses still looked as though it was pre-season. I can’t say that’s a huge surprise since not a lot of the starters got quality minutes in the pre-season.

Of course the Eagles where without their starting quarterback Carson Wentz, but they have one of the better back ups in the league in Nick Foles. I’m sure you remember that Foles just happened to win the MVP award in Philadelphia’s Super Bowl victory. I wouldn’t say that Foles looked like a Super Bowl MVP, but his counterpart Matt Ryan was much better for the Falcons.

Foles went 19 for 34 for just 117 yards with 1 interceptions and he was sacked 2 times. Foles did manage to catch another pass like in the Super Bowl, but this one didn’t get into the end zone as Foles was knocked out of bounds after gaining 15 yards. Ryan was a little better going 21 for 43 for 251 yards. He also threw 1 interception and was sacked 4 times.

Sadly for fantasy owners if you started one of these guys in Week 1; especially Foles you’re going to be in a big hole come Sunday. I’m sure every fantasy owner that has these two is finding it hard to believe that neither of them managed to throw a touchdown pass.

All the touchdowns in this game came on the ground and the fantasy player to have was Jay Ajayi. He was the games leading rusher with 62 yards on 15 carries, but more importantly he scored 2 touchdowns. The other rushing touchdown went to Atlanta’s Tevin Coleman and if you started him this week that touchdown may save you. Coleman had 9 carries for just 19 yards; so that touchdown will be huge for fantasy. Coleman did have 1 receptions for 26 yards. Devonta Freeman was the Falcons leading rusher, but he had just 6 carries for 36 yards. Freeman did add 3 receptions for 14 yards. If you happen to be in a deep league and started Corey Clement he racked up 26 yards on 5 carries.

The only receiver who’s going to be big in fantasy this week in going to be Julio Jones; no surprise there though. Jones ended up catching 10 of his 19 targets for 169 yards. Mohamed Sanu had 4 catches, but for just 18 yards while Austin Hooper caught 3 passes for 24 yards. With Alshon Jeffery out with an injury Nelson Agholor was expected to step up and be the Eagles top wide out. Agholor ended up catching 8 of his 10 targets, but managed to gain just 33 yards. Zac Ertz was also targeted 10 times. He caught 5 of those targets for 48 yards. Darren Sproles is back from an injury that cost him all of last season and he caught 4 passes for 22 yards while DeAndre Carter and Dallas Goedert each had a reception.

If your fantasy league scores kickers Jake Elliott made his only field goal attempt and his only extra point as the Eagles went for and converted a 2-point conversion on their second touchdown. Matt Bryant made both of his field goal attempts, but missed his lone extra point attempt.

Not only did the Falcons end up losing a close game, but they’ve also lost their starting safety for the season. Keanu Neal will miss the rest of this season with a torn ACL. Neal was injured I the 1st half of Thursday’s game, but managed to come back and play a little in the 2nd half before having to leave the game for good.

This could end up being a big loss for the Falcons. Neal is a big hitting in the box safety who made his first Pro-Bowl last season. He started all 16 games in 2017; recording 81 tackles and assisting on 32 other. He had 1 interception and forced 3 fumbles for Atlanta last season.

It’s unclear who will try to step in and replace Neal, but it looks like the Falcons have four players to choose from. Nickelback Brian Poole, Damontae Kazee, Jordan Richards and recently acquired Richardo Allen will look to take Neal’s spot.

I’m not sure if any of these four players can be as physical as Neal is at the safety position; so the Falcons might have to make some defensive adjustments with Neal out.

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