Let’s call it Wednesday.

Posted: February 14, 2023 by Sports Time Radio in sports

So, the Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl champions. Kansas City came back from a 10-point deficit at halftime to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 on a last second field goal.

Now I’m not going to go into any type of game recap since by now if you’ve been looking for one of them you’ve probably found it by now. Sadly, the one thing that I can tell Eagles fans is yes that was holding. You could ask the question of if that penalty should’ve been called at that point in that game, but it was definitely holding.

There was one very interesting stat that caught my attention. I found it very surprising that Kansas City won a game with Patrick Mahomes throwing for just 182 yards, but that’s exactly what they did. There was a prop bet on Mahomes that he would pass for over 200 yards and even against the #1 Philadelphia defense you’d think that number would’ve been easily accessible for a quarterback by Mahomes. I bet the house picked up quite a bit of money on that prop bet.

Now, when it comes to my picks, I had the Chiefs winning and since they were the underdog I took the points as well, so I ended up being 13-9 on my playoff picks which is much better than I normally do. Now, I didn’t get my Most Valuable Player pick correctly, but that’s because I don’t like to pick the quarterback of the winning team. That’s just too easy of a pick to make, so I always like to try and find another player. I didn’t get the score correct, but that’s not really a pick it’s just something we used to do for fun when we were doing the podcast.

So, with the National Football League season over everyone’s attention turns to the draft. The Chicago Bears have the #1 pick in the draft and there’s a lot of speculation on what they might do with that pick.

If the Bears truly believe that Justin Fields is their franchise quarterback, then it might be in their best interest to trade that #1 pick and stock up on draft picks as their rebuild continues.

There are three teams that have 1st round draft picks in the upcoming draft, but it’s doubtful that the eagles or the Detroit Lions would be interested in moving up to the #1 spot since they appear to have their starting quarterbacks. The Seattle Seahawks are the third team that has two 1st round draft picks in this draft and they could be in an interesting situation.

Geno Smith is coming off the best year of his NFL career and is a free agent. I don’t think that the Seahawks would use a franchise tag on Smith because it would cost them close to $30 million dollars and Smith isn’t worth that. It’s also possible that another team might be interested in signing Smith. If that was to happen, then the Seahawks would be in the market for a quarterback.

The Seahawks have the 5th and the 20th pick in the 1st round of the upcoming draft. It’s possible that Seattle could package those two picks along with some future draft picks to move themselves up to the #1 spot and take their future quarterback.

Between here and the draft there will be a lot of talk about teams moving up to that #1 spot. The Houston Texans sit at #2, so it’s doubtful they’d be willing to move up to that #1 spot. It’s more likely that a team like the Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders or Carolina Panthers are the teams that would be the most interested in moving up to the #1 spot in the draft. The question would be what the Bears would want for that #1 draft pick and is there a team out there that is willing to give that up.

The other theory out there has the Bears moving on from Jusitn Fields and keeping that #1 pick for themselves and using it to take a quarterback. That means the Bears would probably have to find a trading partner to move Fields to.

Most mock drafts have Bryce Young from Alabama being the first quarterback selected. Would a quarterback like Young being intriguing enough for the Bears to move on from Fields and take Young with the #1 pick.

Fields is still a very young quarterback; he’ll turn 24 years old in March and is coming off a solid if not spectacular season. Fields did throw for more touchdowns (17) than interceptions (11), but it was really him running the football that drew people’s eye to him. Fields rushed for 1143 yards and averaged 7.1 yards per carry. Those are pretty impressive numbers, but that also means that it gives the opposing defense a lot of chance to hit Fields. Fields started 15 of the Bears 17 games last season and you’d have to wonder if he could play a full season if he has to carry as big of offensive burden as he did last season.

Now in Fields defense he didn’t actually have a lot of weapons to work within the Bears offense. Tight end Cole Kmet was the Bears leading receiver with 50 receptions. Darnell Mooney was expected to be the Bears #1 receiver, but he got injured and only played in 12 games. Even with the injury Mooney still recorded the second highest number of receptions on the Bears, 40.

The Bears did go out and acquire Chase Claypool from the Pittsburgh Steelers mid-season, but he didn’t contribute much to the offense. Claypool played in seven games for the Bears, but only managed to catch 14 passes. It’s doubtful that Claypool will ever turn into a #1 type of receiver.

It makes for an interesting off season for the Bears. If you’re sitting in the Bears front office, what do you do. Are you trading that #1 pick and sticking with Fields as your quarterback? Or do you trade that #1 pick and stick with Fields as your quarterback?

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  1. Although I don’t think that Justin Fields is the reincarnation of Patrick Mahones, I don’t think the Bears will pick a QB for their #1 pick in the upcoming draft. I think they’ll stick with Fields and will make some kind of deal to trade the pick for additional picks and future draft choices.
    There are so many weaknesses they need to address but it appears to be the only way they’ll move forward when the draft commences.


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