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Posted: February 18, 2023 by Sports Time Radio in sports

With pitchers and catchers reporting it’s time to look forward to the start of the Major League Baseball season. Since there’s labor peace we shouldn’t have to deal with any delays to the start of this season. Of course, you never know, but let’s hope.

So, what are you looking forward to this baseball season? Obviously, you want your favorite team to do well, but is there a certain player that you might have your eye on be it on that favorite team of yours or maybe someone from another team has drawn your interest.

Just yesterday Manny Machado of the San Diego Padres announced that he will opt out of his contract at the end of the 2023 season. Machado signed a 10-year $300 million dollar deal with the Padres back in 2019, so there are still five years left on his contract after the 2023 season. Machado will make $32 million dollars this season and would make that ever year for the remainder of the contract, but that won’t be the case.

You have to think that with players contracts getting bigger and bigger Machado must think that he’ll do better than that $32 million dollar a season rate on the free agent market. I’m not sure how much better Machado can do, but he’ll need either repeat or improve on the performance he had last season.

Machado hit .298 last season with 32 home runs and 102 RBI’s. he also finished 2nd in the voting for National League Most Valuable Player. Machado is also still a plus defender at 3rd base. Last season he ended up with w fielding percentage of .966.

Machado set a February 16th deadline to work out an extension with the Padres, but the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. San Diego did make one offer to Machado. The Padres offered to add 5 years and $105 million dollars to his deal. Will have to see how this situation plays out, but it appears as of right now that Machado will be one of the top available free agents next off season.

Of course, the biggest name on the free agent market next off season if he makes it there will be Shohei Ohtani. He’s in the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Angels and will make $30 million dollars this season, but you have to wonder what a two-way player would get on the open market.

Ohtani hit 34 home runs and had 95 RBI’s last season while hitting .273. Now he does strikeout a lot he had 161 last season, but that no longer matters in today’s game. On the mound Ohtani made 28 starts and pitched 166 innings, both career highs. He had an ERA of 2.33 and struck out 219 batters.

Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander are the two highest paid players for the 2023 season. Both of those pitchers will make just over $43 million dollars. The highest paid position player for next season is Aaron Judge at $40 million dollars.

How do you access Ohtani’s value? He doesn’t play defense, but with the DH now being universal it doesn’t affect his value as he can fill that DH role on any National League team now.

Ohtani turns 29 years old in July, so it won’t be surprised when teams start offering him 10-to-12-year deals, but for how much money? There has been a lot of talk that Ohtani will get over $50 million dollars a season. How many teams can actually offer him a contract in the neiborhood of $500 million dollars?

It will be interesting to see if the Angels can keep Ohtani in the fold or if he’ll sign somewhere else next off season. Of course, there will be a lot of talk about him going to play for either the New York Mets or the New York Yankees and I’m sure will hear the Los Angeles Dodgers mentioned as well. You’d have to think that if his contract reaches the numbers that are being projected it will be a big market team that signs him, but which one.

When I saw this signing, I got a chuckle out of it, and I had to make sure that Schaumburg Stu knew that his favorite former ex-Cubs player had signed with a team.

Left-handed reliever Justin Wilson signed a one-year deal with an option for 2024 with the Milwaukee Brewers. Wilson spent the 2022 season as a member of the Cincinnati Reds, but only appeared in 5 games and pitched just 3 2/3rd innings due to injury.

Wilson underwent Tommy John surgery last June and it’s still unclear if he’ll be able to pitch this season. The recovery time cis generally a little over a year, so he might be able to return late in the 2023 season. Of course, with the option on his contract Milwaukee will be able to hold onto if they choose to.

I’m sure that Schaumburg Stu will follow Wilson’s recovery closely and he’ll be able to update us on a possible return date for him.

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  1. I’m not sure how accurate the current PECOTA predictions are for 2023. It’s hard to go along, for example, of their prediction of the Brewers winding up ahead of the Cardinals in the NL Central. I just can’t see that happening.
    But there are a lot of other predictions they’ve made that are also iffy. I do agree, however, that Minnesota and Cleveland will battle it out for the AL Central.
    Of course I’m hoping that their estimate of 77 wins for the Cubs will be wrong. Actually, (You heard it here first!) I’m predicting the Cubs to win around 82 games this season.
    But maybe I’ve been drinking the kool-aid and pre season hasn’t even started.


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