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Posted: February 12, 2023 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Well, today is the day. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. We’ve got the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles in the big game, today.

In general, the Super Bowl is one of if not the most watch television event of the year. Of course, people have different reasons for watching the Super Bowl. There are the hard-core fans of the Chiefs and the Eagles who actually have a team in the game and wouldn’t miss it for the world. Then of course fans of football will watch the game even though their team isn’t playing because it’s the Super Bowl. There will even be some people who watch the game that aren’t fans, but they bought a square at work or at their favorite watering hole, so they’ll watch the game to see if they win some money. Then you also have the people who have no interest at all in the game and just want to see the commercials or the halftime show. Then there is the other group that doesn’t like football at all, but one of their friends is having a party and they go and just end up hanging out by were the food is or stay close to the drinks. No matter which one of these groups you might fit into this all equals up to one big television rating for the National Football League.

The Super Bowl is also one of the most bet on games in the sports year and today will be no exception. There are many different aspects to wager on in this game, but I’m going to focus on the picks I’ve made throughout the playoffs.

The betting line for the game has moved quite a bit during the time off, but as of right now Philadelphia is favored by 1 1/2-points. I’m going to take Kansas City to win the Super Bowl and I’ll happily take those 1 1/2-points.

Back when we were doing the podcast, we used to pick not only the winner of the Super Bowl, but what would be the final score and who would win the game’s Most Valuable Player award. As you’ve read by now, I’m picking the Chiefs to win the game and in general the quarterback of the winning team gets the MVP award, but I’ve never like to take the obvious pick, so I am going to select Travis Kelce as the game’s MVP. As for the final score I have the Chiefs winning by a score of 31-27.

There are my picks for the Super Bowl, by as always, I want to know yours. Feel free to just pick the winner of the game or jump in and let me know who you think the MVP will be and what the final score of the game will be.

If you’re betting on the game I’m interested to know if you ever take a chance on some of the odder bets that they have for the Super Bowl. You can bet on things like will the coin flip be heads or tails, how long the national anthem will last and what song Rihanna will start the halftime show with it. There are way more than those three, but those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. If there’s a bet out there that you’d take a chance on, please let me know.

Fox has the broadcast of the game this season, but there are various other ways to watch the game now. I saw an ad yesterday that YouTube is televising the game and I’m sure there are quite a few other steaming options. Of course, since I’m old I’ll just sit down on my couch and watch the game on regular broadcast television, but I’m interested to know which way and what device you’ll watch the game on.

Once the Super Bowl ends the off season gets started one of the biggest stories will be what happens at the quarterback position and with some of the bigger name quarterbacks in the league.

To no one’s surprise the Baltimore Ravens have said that they’ll franchise tag their free agent quarterback Lamar Jackson, but there is still a trade possibility with Jackson. As of right now it seems that the Green Bay Packers are actually open to trading Aaron Rodgers. Of course, will have to see if Rodgers make any type of statement after he finishes his four-day blackout retreat. Apparently, this is a real thing as Rodgers will spend four days living in pitch blackness and will be given food and water through a opening in the building. Of course, one quarterback that we know will be on a different team next season will be Derek Carr. The New Orleans Saints have contacted the Las Vegas Raiders and have asked for permission to talk to Carr. It appears as though any deal involving Carr will require the team that acquires him to pick up the $40.4 million dollars left on his contract. There are reports that the Saints don’t have any trouble doing that, so it looks like the deal could move forward once all the other compensation is worked out. Carr does have a no-trade clause, so will have to wait and see if New Orleans would be a team, he’d be willing to play for if a trade can be worked out.

Alright, I hope that you enjoy the Super Bowl tonight and don’t forget to leave me your picks for the game.

As always you can find me on Twitter, @Burketime.

  1. I can’t wait to see the halftime show! (NOT!!!) I never watch that fiasco.
    I will pick Philadelphia to cover the spread and win 27-17.
    Considering Rodgers age, is there actually a team out there who is willing to pay the amount of money he wants?


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